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WHET Spice Boys?

In the 1990s-early mid 2000s, the U.K. teemed with overly-tanned, perfumed and groomed young pretty-boys in designer menswear trolling clubs and high streets. Louche, laddy, and a bit lary, these likely lads wanted to live it up and in largesse, the same way that overpaid pro footballers of the time were doing.

Now the subculture has seemingly disappeared, what happened to those young men? (now mostly in their 40s) Is there a similar subculture now? Is or was there a Euro or U.S. equivalent?

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by Babycham on me!reply 1005/07/2021

To clarify, this vintage sociocultural fashion era has nothing to with:

a) prison drugs b) guys who wear Old Spice c) the actual Spice Girls

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by Babycham on me!reply 104/29/2021

"The Spice Boys" were actual footballers. WTH are you going on about. I know the style you refer to, but who called them spice boys?

Circle the Mediterranean from Spain all the way around to Morocco and this style of young man is forever.

by Babycham on me!reply 204/29/2021

R2 thanks, yeah, I am aware the Spice Boys look and moniker did start with actual footballers. I linked the article about it above.

Out of the sartorial and lifestyle choices of those footballers came a small subculture of young men who weren’t famous or athletic trying to emulate their style, and that’s what I’m on about.

One doesn’t really see those types of lads around in the U.K. anymore nowadays, however, so I wondered where they all went and why/how the style fell out of favour—I venture that recession/economic downturn in the mid 2000s, the denigration/selling-out of designer fashion since the Millennium (sweatshop labour and shoddy products are a bit of a turn-off), strife between Europe & the U.K. (culminating of course in Brexit), and the globalisation of the Premier League are all contributing factors.

You’re saying that it’s a perennial Euro-Medtrash fashion, then? Sounds accurate. As a follow-up question, why do you suppose that is? What does it signify? I’m genuinely curious why it didn’t stick in Britain for more than several years, but it’s always been on-trend abroad.

by Babycham on me!reply 304/29/2021

Why does ANY trend come and go? There is no real answer. That is just what trends do. Perhaps this is a partial answer: People are fickle and always in search of something new and different, chasing the next best thing while denigrating things from the past they think are "dated". I think it makes them somehow feel special and superior.

by Babycham on me!reply 404/29/2021

The English Aristocracy would take the Grand Tour from the 17th - 18th Century. In the 18th Century it went through Switzerland. There were brothers on the carriage routes down to the alps, for instance in Lausanne. Swiss farm boys and farm girls were the delicacy. When the grandees arrived in Torino, Venice or Milan, they were serviced by beautiful slick, urban, extremely fashionable Italian thinks, who worked on commissions for all the luxury trades in these cities.

The slick, fashionable, pretty peacock young man is a part of Mediterranean culture for centuries. It's both masculine and feminine - like the peacock - were the male is the beauty of the species. La Bella Figura is a part of most latin cultures to this day - the imperative to look ones best in public, to put out the best possible image of oneself. It is true through the Levant and across North Africa. Young men want to be impeccably groomed, fashionably dressed, clean if possible, alluring, and of course POLITE and CHARMING.

I think one of the few Northern European cultures that place value on charm through the classes is Ireland. Not so much the other parts of La Bella Figura, for the mass of Irish men. Only British of certain classes had a value on charm and fashionability, until recently. If you go further east, past Germany, you'll find it again in the Poles. Occasionally in Bavarian boys, not so much in Central and Northern German boys.

by Babycham on me!reply 504/29/2021

*brothels, not brothers. There were brothels in Switzerland serving the fetish of the alpine twink. But in Italy, you got the peacocks.

by Babycham on me!reply 604/29/2021

I guess there might be something to be researched about catholicism and muslim, as opposed to protestant cultures, which rejected flamboyance. And we know Allah wants his faithful to be clean and tidy.

by Babycham on me!reply 704/29/2021

catholicism and islam. versus protestantism. might be part of it. I don't know for sure.

by Babycham on me!reply 804/29/2021

To be a proper Spiceboy, you need a too-tight department store wardrobe, a too-big flash cunt watch, slicked hair, and a primo tan in a Love Island hue. Even if you’re worth millions, you’ve got to look like you’re only trying to worth that in some ill-conceived tabloid stab at it.

Also, it’s crucial that you act laddy, and prize the Boys/social life above anything else. Your camaraderie and banter is usually homoerotic, but you’ve got to pretend as though you don’t notice that.

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by Babycham on me!reply 905/04/2021

[quote] we know All@h wants his faithful to be clean and tidy

Could someone tell this to my squalid Egyptian BIL? He doesn’t seem to know how to clean a living space, sanitise his gym equipment, or aim for the bowl. He had servants growing up, so he’s way too pampered.

by Babycham on me!reply 1005/07/2021
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