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Queen Elizabeth Will Be Dead Within The Year

Bookmark me. Statistically elderly couples die not far apart.

by Camillareply 311Last Wednesday at 4:52 AM

She will pass when her favorite Corgi dies. I doubt she cared for Phil that much these days.

by Camillareply 104/17/2021

And I care because?

by Camillareply 204/17/2021

QE & Philip were not a typical couple, though. QE is 5 years younger than Philip. She'll live at least as long as he did, IMO.

by Camillareply 304/17/2021

She will never die.

by Camillareply 404/17/2021

R3, that’s not how it works. Doesn’t matter the age. She’s old as dirt. She’ll be plant foot in a few months.

by Camillareply 504/17/2021

I hope not. She has been a part of our history for so long now that she ingrained in our culture. Her passing will be felt globally.

by Camillareply 604/17/2021

[quote] plant foot

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 704/17/2021

I hope the Queen lives long enough to beat France's King Louis XIV's record of 72 years and 110 days. She's closing in on two more men who reigned for over 70 years (a King of Thailand and a Prince of Liechtenstein). She'll celebrate her 70th year next Feb 2022. You go gurl!

by Camillareply 804/17/2021

She’ll shoot up more adrenochrome, and in return, we’ll probably get 4-5 more years out of Her Majesty. Remember, these are the rich and famous!

by Camillareply 904/17/2021

Except she has her duty to country to live for.

by Camillareply 1004/17/2021

Lots of widows live for years after their husbands die and she has a very good life without him. Lots of family, an easy pampered life and good health. What else can you ask for at that age?

by Camillareply 1104/17/2021

Charles looked old and fat today. Hard to connect that to the relatively handsome athletic polo player and surfer.

by Camillareply 1204/17/2021

Queen Elizabeth’s great great grandmother, Queen Victoria, was widowed in 1861 at the age of 42. She survived without her husband, Albert, the Prince Consort, for another 40 years.

by Camillareply 1304/17/2021

[quote]Bookmark me. Statistically elderly couples die not far apart.

While true, it also has a lot to do with things like the spouses being dependent on each other for care and support.

I doubt she depended on for anything.

by Camillareply 1404/17/2021

That is usually due to lack of support and loneliness. I doubt the Queen will have a lack of support even though she will miss Philip.

by Camillareply 1504/17/2021

She has her corgis, horses and family to support her. She will be fine.

by Camillareply 1604/17/2021

She'll of inherited her mother's genes.

She's good for her 100th.

by Camillareply 1704/17/2021

As already stated, Victoria outlived her husband by decades, and the Queen Mother also outlived her husband by decades.

by Camillareply 1804/17/2021

I don't think the Queen is going to outlive Philip "by decades".

by Camillareply 1904/17/2021

[quote] I don't think the Queen is going to outlive Philip "by decades".

Cue the "royal family are reptilians" troll.

by Camillareply 2004/17/2021

I hope not, I don't think I could take all the threads on DL

by Camillareply 2104/17/2021

Queen Elizabeth is made out of good stuff and she will be with us for a number of more years. Her mother, the Queen Mother, lived for years after her husband had died, and passed away at 101 years old.

by Camillareply 2204/17/2021

No. These are lies put out by you know who, the Cocoa Latte Creole Voodoo Priestess of Mentecito. The Queen will not die while the Markle-serpent lives.

by Camillareply 2304/17/2021

I hope the Queen outlives Charles so we won't have the nightmare of a Queen Camilla

by Camillareply 2404/17/2021

I think the queen will reach 99.

by Camillareply 2504/17/2021

Does Camilla become Queen? I thought part of the deal was that she wouldn't. (or that she wouldn't get HRH status whatever that means.)

by Camillareply 2604/17/2021

The longer the Queen lives, the shorter Charles's reign will be, which is a very good thing. Nobody wants to see that monstrous creature, Camilla for a second longer than we have to.

by Camillareply 2704/17/2021

R26 Charles is determined to make her queen

by Camillareply 2804/17/2021

[quote] Bookmark me. Statistically elderly couples die not far apart.

That is true of elderly men in couples, but not elderly women. Elderly women often long outlive their husbands.

by Camillareply 2904/17/2021

I will never accept her as queen, she’s a home wrecking Rottweiler.

by Camillareply 3004/17/2021

They will have to shoot her.

by Camillareply 3104/17/2021

[quote] Does Camilla become Queen? I thought part of the deal was that she wouldn't. (or that she wouldn't get HRH status whatever that means.)

[quote] Charles is determined to make her queen

By law she becomes queen the moment Charles becomes king, which is the moment Queen Elizabeth II dies. Whether she goes by the title of Queen Consort is another matter. Previously it had been said that she wouldn't, but references to that were scrubbed from the royal family's site a few years ago. She is already a Her Royal Highness (HRH).

by Camillareply 3204/17/2021

HRH Rottweiler

by Camillareply 3304/17/2021

Camilla is a lot more accepted in the UK than you clueless Americans think.

by Camillareply 3404/17/2021

If Philip never became "King," how the hell is Camilla going to become "Queen"? I doubt she will be "Queen Camilla."

Philip was Prince and Duke of Edinburgh, not King.

I doubt Camilla will be high-profile as wife of King Charles.

by Camillareply 3504/17/2021

The original deal was when Charles married Camilla, the palace announced that when he was crowned king she would be given the title of "Princess Consort." This was because Diana had died only eight years previously and there was strong feeling for her, and many people thought it would look like she were usurping what should have been Diana's title had she been crowned Queen then.

They've been married now for more than fifteen years, though, and the British public is pretty used to her. They took down years ago from the palace website the language that she would be known as "The Princess Consort" when her mother-in-law died. I don't think anyone expects that anymore, and people are just used to her being there. It's very unlikely she would not be crowned Queen as this point. She's still not easy to like since she's not at all glamorous, but she's apparently quite nice, and the current Queen has grown very fond of her (they both like horses and dogs, and they both supposedly have good senses of humor).

by Camillareply 3604/17/2021

[quote] If Philip never became "King," how the hell is Camilla going to become "Queen"? I doubt she will be "Queen Camilla."

In the UK's system a husband's of a sovereign regnant does not become a king consort, but the wife of a king becomes a queen consort.

by Camillareply 3704/17/2021

R35 How fucking stupid are you?

by Camillareply 3804/17/2021

Expanding on R37 - and a King always out ranks a Queen. Therefore, unless he is King in his own right, a Queen regnant's husband will always be a Prince.

by Camillareply 3904/17/2021

Queen of Rottweilers

by Camillareply 4004/17/2021

Camilla is the lowest of the low. Hopefully, she will get cancer and die soon!

by Camillareply 4104/17/2021

She'll be fine. They may have been spouses but apparently lived apart and didn't see each other that much in the later years. Prince Philip apparently had a longtime mistress named Penny where he lived and likely numerous other mistresses over the years.

by Camillareply 4204/17/2021

[quote] Expanding on R37 - and a King always out ranks a Queen. Therefore, unless he is King in his own right, a Queen regnant's husband will always be a Prince.

Expanding on R39, William III, husband of Mary II (of William and Mary fame), was king in his own right by act of parliament and co-reigned with Mary who was also proclaimed queen in her own right upon the vacating of the throne by her father. He continued to reign as sole monarch after Mary's death and was succeeded by Mary's sister, Anne.

by Camillareply 4304/17/2021

[quote] Her passing will be felt globally.

No, dear. lol

by Camillareply 4404/17/2021

If the Queen happens to die next year, it would be extremely embarrassing if Megs is not invited to her funeral, unless she progenates another satanic crotchfruit.

by Camillareply 4504/17/2021

[quote] By law she becomes queen the moment Charles becomes king, which is the moment Queen Elizabeth II dies.

Isn’t her being divorced a big problem?

by Camillareply 4604/17/2021

'Bookmark me. Statistically elderly couples die not far apart.'

That's because the one left behind pines and neglects their health. That's not going to happen with TQ as she's surrounded by unctuous courtiers and her family, plus kept active by her various engagements.

by Camillareply 4704/17/2021

William was bright red all day. He's clearly inherited that nasty rosacea Charles has.

by Camillareply 4804/17/2021

Time to blow the dust off my dusty muffin!

I've outlived Philip and Porchy and am ready for some new young thing! Give me some big chav dick!

by Camillareply 4904/17/2021

If Philip never became "King," how the hell is Camilla going to become "Queen"?

The two cases have nothing to do with one another because of the genders of the parties involved.

Prince Philip was the husband of a Queen Regnant, and though twice the husband of a Queen regnant was made a king too (in the cases of Mary I and her husband Philip of Spain, and of Mary II and her husband Philip of Orange), in the three other more recent cases of a Queen Regnant (Anne, Victoria, and Elizabeth II), Parliament prohibited making the Queen Regnant's husband a king.

Elizabeth II and Prince Philip didn't even try to get Philip made a king, since Victoria had pressed VERY hard to get Parliament to make Prince Albert the King Consort and they wouldn't budge an inch. Philip of Spain being made co-king was the first time it had ever happened, and since when Mary I died he tried to use his status to assert kingship still over the English people and they didn't want him since he wasn't English, it didn't set a precedent. The case of mary II was also a special case because her husband, William of Orange, was her cousin and very close in the line of succession to the British throne, and they wanted two Protestant monarchs reigning together to outweigh the claims on the throne of the still-living James II (Mary II's father), who had abdicated but was a converted Catholic.

In contrast the wife of a man who becomes King Regnant of UK (or of England or of Scotland before then UK existed) has always, always, always been made Queen Consort. if Camilla were not, she would be the first in recorded history.

Camilla will be made Queen Consort when Elizabeth II dies, and Prince Philip's case in no way sets a precedent for her.

by Camillareply 5004/17/2021

[quote] No, dear.

It will certainly be noted globally. She is truly the last of her kind.

by Camillareply 5104/17/2021

Camilla will never be refered to as 'queen'. She is hated in the nation. She's not called the Princess of Wales and will remain the Duchess of Cornwall.

by Camillareply 5204/17/2021

R50, are you R37, R39 and/or R43?

by Camillareply 5304/17/2021

That's not what they've announced, r52.

At the very least they've announced she will be known as The Princess Consort.

You hardly have your finger on the pulse of the British people.

by Camillareply 5404/17/2021

R52 Doesn't know anything about Britain and has never left the state she was born in.

by Camillareply 5504/17/2021

Wouldn’t it be sporting of Camilla to die first and avoid the whole issue?

by Camillareply 5604/17/2021

'At the very least they've announced she will be known as The Princess Consort.'


by Camillareply 5704/17/2021

Gee, thanks OP, with your non-cited pronouncement.

Maybe you didn't notice the fact that when both spouses are very elderly the death rates for their age group already are extremely high. Or, again, did you find some research papers that located enough deaths of elderly spouses to achieve sufficient power while controlling for age and sex, plus physical and psychological status, and threw in economic status, too?

Lord, these posers.

by Camillareply 5804/17/2021

Charles looks more like her brother at this point than a son

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 5904/17/2021

How many more children need to be sacrificed to keep the lizard Queen alive? The last sacrifice didn't work for Philip.

by Camillareply 6004/17/2021

Drunken whore.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 6104/17/2021

Camila will be titled princess consort.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 6204/17/2021

Long Live Her Majesty The Queen! I will cry like a baby when she dies, hopefully years in the future.

by Camillareply 6304/17/2021

[quote] Her passing will be felt globally

Hardly. As an infinitesimally insignificant plebe from far across the pond, I will feel nothing. And I'm fairly certain that countless masses around the globe will have similar sentiments.

[quote] It will certainly be noted globally. She is truly the last of her kind.

Noted, yes, but felt, not so much. Unless you’re British.

by Camillareply 6404/17/2021

R64 I think you are wrong. No matter if you care about the royals, her death will be felt globally, if for no other reason than the fact that she has reigned for so long. For the majority of the people of the world she has been the Queen of the UK since before we were born. We have seen her on the news, magazines, newspapers, web, our entire life. She has just been someone who was always there, a guide stone that linked all generations. While presidents, prime ministers, dictators, and popes have come and gone, she remained.

Also, you are forgetting that she is the Queen of 16 separate countries and the head of the 54 country Commonwealth of Nations.

by Camillareply 6504/17/2021

I watched a sniped posted by Sky news on youtube of the funeral procession. They showed the Queen's sons marching slowly. They ALL look so OLD, especially Prince Charles.

by Camillareply 6604/17/2021

R65, let me rephrase that from "unless you're British" to "unless you're a subject of Her Majesty".

I don't think you realize how biased your comment sounds. Even though the Queen is the head of state in so many nations, it does not equate to the rest of the world having the same level of affectation for HRH as British subjects may have. I think the statement "felt globally" is hyperbole, and her passing will be a major event of note, not emotion, for the overwhelming and vast majority of the world's peoples.

by Camillareply 6704/17/2021

As stated above Mary I's husband was legally co-ruler as King Philip. Parliament was called in both their names and coins cast. An Act of Parliament limited his powers somewhat and insured he would not be king in his own right.

The English suppress this because of their hatred of Catholics and of the Spanish. And of foreigners in general.

Yoing Philip seemed to a hawt one and eleven years younger than Mary. He called her "Tante", "Aunt".

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 6804/17/2021

R68- That's because the British are JEALOUS because men from Spain are some much HOTTER than British men.

by Camillareply 6904/17/2021

Since the man who licked her pussy nightly is dead, there is nothing to live for

by Camillareply 7004/17/2021

The best thing that could happen would be for Camilla to kick the bucket before the Queen. Hell, even Charles could go too. There would be rejoicing at Camilla croaking and nobody would be too sad about Charles either.

by Camillareply 7104/17/2021

R70- Do you think that Prince Charles LICKS Camilla's PUSSY nightly?

by Camillareply 7204/17/2021

[quote]I hope the Queen lives long enough to beat France's King Louis XIV's record of 72 years and 110 days.

QE II will break that record if she makes it to June of 2024. She will then be the longest-reigning European monarch in history.

by Camillareply 7304/17/2021

R67 And, I think you're wrong. I'm not a subject of Her Majesty, but I know it will be felt emotionally by myself and others around me. She is without a doubt THE most famous woman in the world and has been for 70 years. If you don't think people will feel it when she passes you are wrong. They might not wail and cry about it, but it will be felt simply because we have never known a world without her, she was always there. She is known the world over whether you live in a ghetto, the jungle, the desert, a farm in the middle of Iowa, or in a major city.

Victoria's death was felt globally, even outside her realms, because of longevity. And, she was only at the beginning of global mass media. Elizabeth II has reign has brought us huge advances, so that she hasn't only been in our newspapers, but in our homes through television and computers. We have watched her Coronation(which was the first real global TV event), we've watched as she celebrated family weddings and mourned others. We even watched as she became a Bond girl and opened the Olympics.

by Camillareply 7404/17/2021

R24 Toss off, wanker.

by Camillareply 7504/17/2021

I like Camilla. There. I said it.

by Camillareply 7604/17/2021

I like Camilla too. She would be a great person to sit down and have a few g&t's and fags with. Earthy, unpretentious old broad.

by Camillareply 7704/17/2021

The Queen will be around for many years to come.

Even if she doesn't have places to go and things to do, She's not about to give up the 👑 Crown just yet.

by Camillareply 7804/17/2021

"I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong."

Princess Elizabeth of York, 1947

by Camillareply 7904/17/2021

Is plant foot 👣 like green thumb ?

by Camillareply 8004/17/2021

Charles will make a wonderful King and everyone in the RF likes Camilla. Both William and Harry think of her as a mother. Charles is very pro-gay - his staff has always been mostly gay men - and many of his friends are gay, too. He is extremely well-educated and smart. He loves art, gardens and architecture. His duchy is well-run and profitable. He builds beautiful new classic villages, too.

The story that Charles and Camilla had an affair while he was married to Diana is completely false. It was Diana who had an affair first and she had many lovers before Charles did anything. It is really a shame that the Crown lied about this. Now most people believe Diana was the victim, rather than Charles.

by Camillareply 8104/17/2021

If Charles should predecease Her Majesty, which is becoming increasingly more plausible, what would Camilla become? The Dowager Duchess of Cornwall?

by Camillareply 8204/17/2021

Dowager duchess of Rottweiler

by Camillareply 8304/17/2021

Charles looks almost as old as his mother!

by Camillareply 8404/17/2021

R74, I think you're living in an ivory tower, far from reality.

Yes, most of the world has never known life without the Queen being in our lives and in our homes via the media, but she is far from a being an omnipresent beacon, as you seem to imply. Being extremely well-known and ever-present through the decades does not necessarily form an emotional bond among vast amounts of people.

If any one of the remaining Beatles were to die, I would be personally affected and so would many of the people I know, because, for us, they were a "guide" at seemingly turbulent times in our young lives. But, there will be equally as many people, if not more so, despite the Beatles' global fame and influence, who will not care less when that time comes.

I don't doubt her future passing will personally affect you and those around you, but that does not make it universally so. You're just expressing your perspective and the similar perspectives of those like-minded near and dear to you.

by Camillareply 8504/17/2021

The Queen is still relevant and globally famous to people of all ages r85. Only old Boomers could give a fuck about Paul McCartney.

by Camillareply 8604/17/2021

[quote]R22 Queen Elizabeth is made out of good stuff

Then why is her family so across-the-boards fucked up?

by Camillareply 8704/17/2021

I think she will prove you wrong, OP. I think their will be a new love, new career opportunities, and a new love come Lizzie’s way by August.

by Camillareply 8804/17/2021

Sorry, Phil was shooting his load in my tits while I was typing. I meant to say a new love, career opportunities, and a new BABY!!!!

by Camillareply 8904/17/2021

She should somehow be kept alive for another 7 or 8 decades so that she also outlives Wills and Georgy. Kate will explode with fury as will her trolley dolly madam, I mean, mum.

by Camillareply 9004/17/2021

[quote] The Queen is still relevant and globally famous to people of all ages

You're hilarious R86. Being famous in of itself means nothing, and as for the Queen still being relevant, I would have to ask, to whom? Subscribers to People magazine? Readers of the trash-laden British tabloids?

by Camillareply 9104/17/2021

r91 you're a bitter pill. The Queen is still an international figure and in the news all the time. She's famous the world over.

[quote]Subscribers to People magazine? Readers of the trash-laden British tabloids?

She's the head of government of Britain and the Commonwealth.

by Camillareply 9204/17/2021

Elizabeth the Steadfast.

by Camillareply 9304/17/2021

Yeah, People magazine readers and British tabloid readers are the only ones who are going to care when the Queen dies. Christ, you're a fucking idiot.

by Camillareply 9404/17/2021

If the Queen has to live to 112 in order to outlive Charles, then she's fucking well going to do it. Anything to ensure the throne goes straight to William.

by Camillareply 9504/17/2021

The Queen is, without a doubt, the most well-known living woman in the entire world, and perhaps the most well known person, period. Her passing will be noted globally. All of your hissy fits are not going to change that.

by Camillareply 9604/17/2021

Her passing will be noted globally, everyplace. In the UK, Europe, North America, Australia and many Commonwealth countries (past and present) it will be exceptionally noted, huge news dominating the news cycle for days.

by Camillareply 9704/17/2021

The queens passing will break the Internet.

by Camillareply 9804/17/2021

R38 You don’t expect stupid on DL - but you get a few on the Royal threads. They are quite easy to spot.

by Camillareply 9904/17/2021

[quote] She's the head of government of Britain and the Commonwealth.

She isn't. The Prime Minister is the Head of the British Government. The monarch is the Head of State.

by Camillareply 10004/17/2021

The Queen's passing will be a massive global event, regardless of whether it affects particular individuals or not. It will be massive because she's so famous, has been around for so many decades and connects so many parts of the globe. It may also be the trigger for significant changes in countries where she is the head of state. Her death won't have an significant economic or social impact but it will lead to certain political/constitutional changes.

Psychologically, it will have a huge impact on the UK, which in the long run will lead to positive developments. Charles just doesn't have her charisma and is over 70, he will only be king briefly. I can even see Charles being willing to stand down as he gets older in favour of William.

Going from the Queen to Charles to William will help the UK grow up and stop imagining that we are the centre of the world and begin to understand that we're really just a medium-sized country with a certain level of global influence but not anywhere near as much as we imagine.

by Camillareply 10104/17/2021

Head of State, ok.

by Camillareply 10204/17/2021

It will be a Big News Story but the world isn't going to lurch to a complete stop when the old lady dies. People will be sad but....

She's one billion years old.

by Camillareply 10304/17/2021

r101 put it correctly, it will have enormous psychological effect in the UK, and in the West. There will generally be a global outpouring of affection and sadness, not just for the woman herself, but for what she generally represents - loyalty, duty, steadfastness - that is so greatly missing in our current social configuration.

by Camillareply 10404/18/2021

There is nothing more amusing than a bunch of Americans pontificating upon the British monarchy, a subject about which most of you know nothing that you haven’t gleaned from “The Crown”.

by Camillareply 10504/18/2021

Americans know more than you think, r105. Our cultures are intertwined.

by Camillareply 10604/18/2021

Arlene Dahl is not fucking Prince Philip, unless she’s a necrophiliac

by Camillareply 10704/18/2021

R106 Such as thinking that HM is the Head of Government of Britain and the Commonwealth? Questioning why the Duke of Edinburgh wasn’t King? Disputing the announcement from the POW’s office that upon his accession that Camilla will be known as The Princess Consort? Referring to HM in 1947 as “Princess Elizabeth of York”? Referring to her style as “Her Royal Majesty”?

All that cultural intertwining hasn’t had much of an impact on the average American, R106. Most Americans know very little about the USA and much less about anywhere else.

by Camillareply 10804/18/2021

She has very little stress on her life. She will live to be in her hundreds jus like her mum.

by Camillareply 10904/18/2021

From a recent Popbitch email newsletter:

>> Crown jewels << Ask not for whom libel tolls

The drawback of dedicating your life to the service of a country like the United Kingdom is that, once you've carked it, its libel laws absolutely hang you out to dry. Still, now there's less chance of the Royal lawyers getting mad at us for asking, maybe we'll get to find out if there was ever any truth to the many crazy rumours that circulated about Phil over the years.

The rumours that he was the real dad of Valerie Singleton, for instance. Or the real dad of Helen Mirren. Or that he once had an affair with Joanna Lumley. Or that he was the naked waiter tending at Stephen Ward's Profumo Scandal sex parties.

The one we're most curious to know the truth behind though is the rumour that went around the set of The Crown a few years ago. The one suggesting that the reason its writer, Peter Morgan, is so obsessed with the Royals is because Philip once had an affair with his mum.

FYI: The Lumley rumour once made its way into a joke in an episode of Ab Fab (S5E3) where Eddie and Patsy are killing time in a panic room and Patsy admits to having shagged Brad Pitt, Hugh Grant and Prince Philip.

by Camillareply 11004/18/2021

I love all the "The Queen will live well into her 100s because her mother did!" nutters.

They're so good at science.

by Camillareply 11104/18/2021

[quote]Referring to HM in 1947 as “Princess Elizabeth of York”

R108 In 1947, when the Queen gave her 21st birthday speech from South Africa, she was styled HRH The Princess Elizabeth. For the first 10 years of her life, she was indeed known as HRH Princess Elizabeth of York.

by Camillareply 11204/18/2021

The Queen cannot die. This would mean she could no longer covet and wear her dozens of crowns or hundreds of brooches and necklaces. It's all about the diamonds, baby!

by Camillareply 11304/18/2021

She tougher than you think. She's weathered a lot of bullshit, particularly in the past couple of decades. She'll be grieving for Philip, but his death did not come as a shock.

by Camillareply 11404/18/2021

Yes, R112 - she was at one time “Princess Elizabeth of York”, until her father acceded in December 1936, when she was styled and entitled as “HRH The Princess Elizabeth” as a daughter of the Sovereign. As I said upthread, she wasn’t “Princess Elizabeth of York” in 1947.

What’s your point?

by Camillareply 11504/18/2021

[quote] Statistically elderly couples die not far apart.

Well, Duh . . .

by Camillareply 11604/18/2021

[quote]the Cocoa Latte Creole Voodoo Priestess of Mentecito.

This is some kind of fabulous.

by Camillareply 11704/18/2021

She will die of old age, not because Prince Philip isn't around. I'm sure she will keep herself busy with royal duties like writing letters and shitting on Diana's grave.

by Camillareply 11804/18/2021



You are clearly NOT a royalist and don't know what the hell you are talking about.

So Diana's famous Panorama interview in which she stated their marriage was quite crowded with 3 people = was total delusion?

Charles ADMITTED the affair himself in his own sit down tell-all interview and in a biography he participated with. Not to mention "tampon-gate" caught on tape.

I love Austin but I don't like some ignorant troll from Austin speaking total nonsense and lies.

Will never understand gay men who think it's funny to be pro-Charles & Anti-Diana. Unless you are clueless to the fact that Diana's work in AIDS hospices was monumentally important, not glamorous and the BRF was NOT thrilled with Diana being photographed hugging frail & dying gay men, covered in lesions ! Diana didn't care. She hugged these people at a time when people were fearful of even shaking the hands of someone with AIDS. Nancy Regan certainly wasn't seen in AIDS hospices.

Also, that article above stating Camilla's "rising popularity" was prior to the last season of the Crown (hugely popular in the UK). I'd bet she's much less liked these days.

An interesting fact not covered in the Crown is that at one point Charles made Parker Bowles (Camillas husband) "Head of his Private Security" so that he'd have even more access to her.

by Camillareply 11904/18/2021

What r65 and r74 said.

I adore that old war horse Q E II. But 64 and 74 isn't right because of my subjective reaction to her.

He or she is right from the objective facts- for billions of people, Q E II is the single, living, breathing human repository of the collective memories of historical events and eras over the last 70 plus years.

You look at pix of her and Prince Phillip with every famous person going back to Truman, Eisenhower, the Kennedys, and that's just the Americans.

President Obama described Q E II as "astonishing" and although that word accurately captures her presence on Earth, somehow, it still seems inadequate.

And her fame still is unmatched; a presence that was placed upon her (she didn't ask to be Queen) long before the instant fame that can be achieved via the internet as an "influencer".

by Camillareply 12004/18/2021

I think so too, OP.

by Camillareply 12104/18/2021

HM has much to keep her busy. Plus she's very faithful, she will believe she will meet her loved ones again after death, that should keep her sustained. She is truly a trouper and much loved.

by Camillareply 12204/18/2021

Cicely Tyson was conducting interviews for her new book, and she seemed as sharp and energetic as usual. She died the day before a second round of interviews were planned.

When it comes to old people, every day might be their last. The man she loved for 80 years is gone.

When her father died, she had her mother, husband, sister and grandmother.

When her mother died, she had her sister and husband.

When her sister died, she had her husband.

Now who does she have?

by Camillareply 12304/18/2021

r108 you must love to hear yourself talk. Your opinions are not reality.

by Camillareply 12404/18/2021

Why? She isn't sickly. Why don't you go instead?

by Camillareply 12504/18/2021

The Queen is supposedly going to live at Windsor Castle from now on.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 12604/18/2021

[quote]I hope the Queen lives long enough to beat France's King Louis XIV's record of 72 years and 110 days.


by Camillareply 12704/18/2021

Yes, it's true. When Charles married Diana he was faithful to her and he was not involved with Camilla until after Diana had been sleeping around (she says she started having affairs with other men in 1986). Diana had been fed lies by people like Martin Bashir to incite her to say things like that. It does not make it true. Charles has NEVER said that he was involved with Camilla until after he and Diana were separated. It's in his "official" bio. Although you may not like her, Lady Colin Campbell, has also documented this in her books. The idea that Charles and Camilla were having an affair throughout his marriage to Diana is a complete lie. One of my closest friends or many, many years knew Diana before she married the Prince. He is/was close friends with many members of the RF. He stays with them when he is in GB.

by Camillareply 12804/18/2021

I deeply admire Charles and he supported my work restoring Russian palaces in the 1990's. I am not a royalist but I think he is great great hero when it comes to historical restoration.and support of the arts. He loves gardens and so do I.

by Camillareply 12904/18/2021

Mother dearest died in 100 yr old dad has NEVER been better. He's got a few more good yrs, too

by Camillareply 13004/18/2021

[quote]There is nothing more amusing than a bunch of Americans pontificating upon the British monarchy, a subject about which most of you know nothing that you haven’t gleaned from “The Crown”.

I, personally, as an American, think it's embarrassing and disgraceful that there are so many Americans who care so passionately about Queen Elizabeth and the UK monarchy in general.

What the Brits do with their monarchy is their own business, but Americans who demand to watch Philip's funeral live or obsess over the latest chapter of Harry-and-Meghan are just ludicrous.

by Camillareply 13104/18/2021

And yet here you are commenting.

by Camillareply 13204/18/2021

To each their own, r 131. You obviously felt the need to add you opinion to a subject that you supposedly don't care about. That is fine, but you also don't get to tell others what they should or shouldn't be interested in!

by Camillareply 13304/18/2021

from wiki about the Panorama interview. Bashir showed fake documents to 'prove' that Charles and Camilla had been having an affair. He showed them to her during filming:

In November 2020, 25 years after the interview, the BBC director general Tim Davie apologised to Earl Spencer, the brother of the princess, for the use of fake bank statements falsely indicating people close to her had been paid for spying. The fake bank statements had been created by one of the corporation's freelance graphic designers, Matt Wiessler. However a 1996 internal BBC investigation concluded that the fake documents were not used to secure the interview and cleared Bashir of any wrongdoing. The inquiry, following a Mail on Sunday account of the falsified documents, was headed by Tony Hall, who later became BBC director-general and was succeeded by Tim Davie in 2020. Hall acknowledged having never interviewed Matt Wiessler for the 1996 internal inquiry. Wiessler said in 2020 that work dried up for him after the 1996 inquiry cleared Bashir, and said he had been made the scapegoat.

Earl Spencer, another individual who was not interviewed in 1996, rejected the apology and demanded an inquiry. Spencer told Davie he possessed records of all his contacts with Bashir which apparently imply the journalist told the princess false information to gain her trust. He said that Bashir had made false and defamatory claims about senior members of the royal family and, without the faked documents, would not have introduced Bashir to his sister. Davie announced on 9 November the corporation was in the process of commissioning an independent inquiry. Michael Grade, a former chairman of the BBC, said that the allegations left "a very dark cloud hanging over BBC journalism".

by Camillareply 13404/18/2021

Her Majesty carries on.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 13504/18/2021

r110 Singleton and Mirren look nothing like Philip at all, although they do bear a bit of a resemblance to each other ironically. Singleton was conceived in late 1936 when Philip would have been a 15 year old schoolboy, so I'm not sure how that was supposed to have worked out.

Still, expect the Mail and other yellow tabs to begin with the cutesy coy stories over the coming weeks and months, about his supposed extra-martial friends and activities. They're already up to it, one day post-burial: the Mail put up this cute headline about "bumpy rides" on private planes with younger blondes.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 13604/18/2021

R128- Lady Colin Campbell sounds TRANS to me.

by Camillareply 13704/18/2021

It is.

by Camillareply 13804/18/2021

Wooo child, the RACISM in this thread, in this site, in the gay community, comes through in these anti Meghan threads.

by Camillareply 13904/18/2021

Fat ho OP will croak before the Queen does, mark my words.

by Camillareply 14004/18/2021

It's because of CUNTISM that we hate Megs, not RACISM.

by Camillareply 14104/18/2021

The Meghan haters are also the deranged, anti Diana loons and Camilla lovers. They are one in the same.

by Camillareply 14204/18/2021

“one in the same”, R142?

by Camillareply 14304/18/2021

Other OP predictions:

- It will snow in January

- G will lose the Oscar

- A bottom will call himself verse on Grindr

by Camillareply 14404/18/2021

My Mom got conned into buying a full set of World Book Encyclopedia way back in 1978. I was seven when I first found out that someone named Queen Elizabeth II existed when I browsed to her entry in World Book. This is the first image I ever saw of her, and her picture was given an entire page. Surely, this lady must be a big deal I thought.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 14504/18/2021

Aww, what a sweet memory, r145.

I remember paging through my parent's encyclopedia when I was a kid.

by Camillareply 14604/18/2021

🎂 I know that the Queen tried to steal Mom's birthday, but my Mom claimed it first.

Bet that wasn't mentioned in The Crown.🍴

by Camillareply 14704/18/2021

Charles was sleeping with Camilla before, during, and after Diana.

by Camillareply 14804/18/2021

The family are making arrangements to support the Queen.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 14904/19/2021

I love Camilla. She seems fun to be around. Have a few g&ts and just dish. Also the world is not worth living when the Queen passes.

by Camillareply 15004/19/2021

When HM The Queen dies, I will be devastated. I will never recover. I will consign to a life in the forest. Everyday I will ponder life without HM. What agony this will be.

by Camillareply 15104/19/2021

Her mother lived until 103.

by Camillareply 15204/19/2021

Listen, I don't hate her not do I wish she were dead, by all this she's at the loss of Elizabeth II I'm like, really? This woman lived a great, privileged life, with the mere inconvenience of the public wondering about her private life. She close to 100 years old and is about to break records as the longest reigning monarch. When she dies her funeral will cost more than any house I can ever dream of buying. I'll save my worry and empathy for people who truly need it

by Camillareply 15304/19/2021

Do you think Elizabeth sucked off Philip? Slurping on his big dong?

by Camillareply 15404/19/2021

R154 You mean lately? When they were younger?

by Camillareply 15504/19/2021

Cookie lived to almost 102. Big Liz has many more miles left in her.

by Camillareply 15604/19/2021

R155, younger of course!

by Camillareply 15704/19/2021

Even if The Queen likes her children and grandson’s spouses, why the fuck would she want to spend her free time being coddled by Sophie, Kate and Camilla? Ultimately, they mean noting to her...

by Camillareply 15804/19/2021

The Queen celebrates her 95th birthday on April 21. Here she is through the years.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 15904/19/2021

When a woman is widowed young in life, in her 30s, 40s or 50s, she is likely to be able to survive and go one living for a long time. This isn't the case of a woman in her 80s or 90s where her long time partner dies. It's much more of a trauma, and when you're in your 90s, there's not much more to live for, so it's easier to let go.

by Camillareply 16004/19/2021

[quote]..when you're in your 90s, there's not much more to live for, so it's easier to let go.

Unless you're the fucking Queen of England, etc. Then you have plenty to live for.

Philip always walked behind her. She has always been devoted to the crown and this is not going to turn her from that.

by Camillareply 16104/19/2021

I think Charles might go first.

by Camillareply 16204/19/2021

I used to love that the only world leaders who'd been there, and still in the same position, since I was born were Queen Elizabeth II and Fidel Castro. Opposite ends of the spectrum, but I was entertained by that.

Then Fidel died.

When the Queen goes, I will feel a very weird and very intense sadness.

by Camillareply 16304/19/2021

She’s got a few years left in her.

by Camillareply 16404/19/2021

She'll bury you, OP.

by Camillareply 16504/19/2021

I wonder if Charles will die before Liz. Have you guys seen his hands at the funeral? His fingers were purple and swollen. Did not look healthy and he's only early 70s.

by Camillareply 16604/19/2021

I do not wish her dead. I think she should step back and down though. Way past that actually.

by Camillareply 16704/19/2021

Charles is her insurance policy against calls to step down.

by Camillareply 16804/19/2021

She’s not stepping down because she’s senile and has lost good judgment.

by Camillareply 16904/19/2021

R-52 Sorry to differ. In the UK, in circles that matter, the Duchess of Cornwall is considered to be good for Prince Charles and decent person all around. I hope she becomes Queen Camilla for eons and spends most of her time pissing on the lovely people that have been so kind.

by Camillareply 17004/19/2021

She's not stepping down because she doesn't want it to be just another job, with retirement benefits. She really believes that it is a calling for life. Also doesn't want to be just a Scandinavian monarch, where you kind of do it but are still Queenie from the Block. She hates all that shit and doesn't want it to fall into another category. That is really why.

by Camillareply 17104/19/2021

She isn't senile in the least, there's nothing to indicate that at all. Physically she's much slower, but all accounts her mental faculties are fully intact. She was just out driving by herself yesterday, at Windsor.

by Camillareply 17204/19/2021

If she can’t see she’s not doing her job well and the country is in the throes post Brexit and the BRF is in disarray, yup, she’s senile. And no, she shouldn’t be allowed to drive by herself.

by Camillareply 17304/19/2021

The country being a mess isn't her concern, that's BoJo's and the Cabinet's. The BRF has never been more popular and is in very good shape r173. Why would you say otherwise? Not because of the wayward Sussexes or Andrew, all of whom have been deftly sidelined.

by Camillareply 17404/19/2021


I agree

by Camillareply 17504/19/2021

No we are not r142. I am moderate on Diana and lukewarmish on Camilla, but dislike (I don't "hate" her) the Duchess of Sussex.

by Camillareply 17604/19/2021

[quote]'At the very least they've announced she will be known as The Princess Consort.'

[quote] Source?

Easy enough to find on wikipedia:

[quote] If Charles becomes king, the Duchess would legally and automatically become queen consort, in accordance with English common law. [bold]Clarence House stated on the occasion of their wedding in 2005 that Camilla would adopt the style of Princess Consort instead of that of a queen,[/bold] but there is no legal or historical precedent for such a title. "Princess Consort" mirrors the style of Albert, Prince Consort, husband of Queen Victoria. In 2018, Clarence House removed the statement regarding Camilla's proposed style from its official website. In 2020, however, Clarence House confirmed that plans for Camilla to adopt the style of Princess Consort remain unchanged.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 17704/19/2021

Wow...I bet OP doesn’t get invited to many parties.

by Camillareply 17804/19/2021

I'll give to Lizzy-- She took an anarchronistic position that has no role in modern life and ran with it.

by Camillareply 17904/19/2021

Anyone think the monarchy will die with her, or at least soon after?

by Camillareply 18004/19/2021

R173 - I am sure that all the gay men jailed, beaten and tortured by Castro and his Communist allies who called us degenerates and pedophiles weren't amused at all but knock your ignorant self out.

by Camillareply 18104/19/2021

No one seems to mention - did Prince Philip and Camilla get along?

by Camillareply 18204/19/2021

I'm guessing you meant me, r181. And yes, the Castro regime was one of the 99 percent of places it was truly shitty to be a gay man in the 1950s and 1960s and 1970s and 1980s and 1990s and even on into the 21st century.

Virtue signalled. You win.

by Camillareply 18304/19/2021

I think it's embarrassing that other elderly monarchs have stepped down so that their heirs can reign but this old bag won't. I follow the Spanish Royal Family and it's great seeing King Felipe do the work that a frail Juan Carlos would look exhausted doing now. SMH

by Camillareply 18404/19/2021

Nobody is the Queen of England. Nobody. You can say they are all equally royal, but they aren't. There is nobody with the same prestige and the same background, including the Spanish Royal Family that took a break during the long Franco regime. Nobody. Nobody cares as much about being presented in any other palace or to any other monarch as people clamor for invitations to Buckingham Palace. it's an accident of history, but there it is. No other royal matters as much, not the Japanese Emperor, not the various Arab kings, not this or that European royal, nobody. It doesn't make sense. It doesn't have to. It simply is the way things are right now.

by Camillareply 18504/19/2021

R185 Nobody is the Queen of England because there is no “Queen of England”.

by Camillareply 18604/19/2021

I don't think I'll accept a new monarch. Liz has been the Queen of England my whole life and I don't care about Charly or Wills as king. The monarchy will die with Liz. I felt the same with Pope John Paul II. He had been the pope my whole life and I don't care that much about Francis or that other guy (is he still alive?). I know, silly, but that's how I feel. There is only room for one Queen/King of England and only one Pope in my heart.

by Camillareply 18704/19/2021

Don't be pissy r186. You know what I meant, and you know I am right.

by Camillareply 18804/19/2021

I know what you meant, R188, and I know what you wrote, which was incorrect - there hasn’t been a Queen (or King) of England since 1603.

It’s a common American mistake to not understand that there is a difference between England and The United Kingdom.

You call it “pissy”, I call it “accurate”.

by Camillareply 18904/19/2021

It's just pissy, R189. It's just pissy.

You made the accuracy irrelevant with your awful presentation.

by Camillareply 19004/19/2021

r182 at first he and TQ were dismayed by her affair with Charles. Philip initially sided with Diana, believe it or not. As time wore on, they grew to accept and even appreciate her, esp in these past several years.

by Camillareply 19104/19/2021

[Quote] And yes, the Castro regime was one of the 99 percent of places it was truly shitty to be a gay man in the 1950s and 1960s and 1970s and 1980s and 1990s and even on into the 21st century.

Considering Castro took power in 1959 and prior to that America-backed fascist Batista was in power, the shittyness started long before Castro

by Camillareply 19204/19/2021

I can believe that r191. Camilla just fits in a hell of a lot more. I loved Diana but she basically hated everything they loved. I could see Camilla being a much easier daughter in law all around.

by Camillareply 19304/19/2021


by Camillareply 19404/19/2021

Camilla is low life trash, not to mention a horsefaced monstrosity! She and Charles are actually perfect for each other. Diana was way too good for him!

by Camillareply 19504/19/2021

How are the DL klanners going to cope when their ancient idol dies? I think Dex, Surviving Angel, the Titles Troll and the Pet Troll will probably commit suicide. Let's hope so!

by Camillareply 19604/19/2021

Charles and Camilla should've been allowed to marry back in the 70s, they really are the loves of each others' lives. They weren't allowed to because Camilla had a bit of a reputation as a party girl and that was unacceptable back then. It was such a different world.

by Camillareply 19704/19/2021

FWIW I know two people who have met Camilla privately and socially - they both said the same thing, that she is great company, very warm, very friendly, loves a G&T and is absolutely not stuck up or snobbish.

Neither were fans before they met her, and neither knows the other, which is why I trust their judgement.

by Camillareply 19804/19/2021

I find that totally believable r198. Again, I do get why people loved Diana for bringing style and glamor and also actual empathy to the Royal Family, but Camilla grew up with them, knew them, shares their hobbies (which I'm kind of with Diana on, I bet hunting and dogs and horses and Balmoral are actually really, really tedious to most people), but she fits in so much better. And yeah, I bet like the Queen Mother she loves her gin and tonics.

by Camillareply 19904/19/2021

Camilla is dumb as mud. Left school aged 16. Another Diana, brainless but this time servile and docile like Middleton.

by Camillareply 20004/19/2021

Uh oh, were you the Screamer r200?

by Camillareply 20104/19/2021

Her mother rarely bathed.

by Camillareply 20204/19/2021

My guess is that she will live to about 105, give or take. She may even outlive Charles. That bitch looks healthier than some 40 year olds, I know. I don't think she and Philip had the kind of marriage where his death will have some overwhelming affect on her mental well-being and life span. Hell, she might even make it to 110.

by Camillareply 20304/19/2021

How to Spot a Rancid Klan Granny

Always calls Kate 'Catherine' or 'Katherine' to make her chav ass sound more regal

Usually refers to another poster by their R number in a patronising way

Uses puerile nicknames such as Hazbean

Genuinely thinks that Scotland is a fantastic place to spend a few weeks in August

Relates rumours as if they're verified facts

Thinks a 110 lb woman of 5ft 4 is fat

Believes the Queen will live to be 105

Defends Prince Pedophile

by Camillareply 20404/19/2021

How to spot a Meghan supporter: fucking stupid.

by Camillareply 20504/19/2021

r205 Meghan wouldn't piss on their broke asses if they were on fire. She's a classic narcissist with limitless ambition. She's no ally to anyone but herself.

by Camillareply 20604/19/2021

Thanks for reminding me of one trait I forgot, R206 - Klan Grannies always rant about narcissism, grifting, BPD and sociopathy. Endlessly.

by Camillareply 20704/19/2021

2 or 3 years so 2023 probably.

by Camillareply 20804/19/2021

I think the Klan Granny troll is a Sunshine Sachs bot. If not, he's a desperate loser. Meghan Markle isn't your friend, she wouldn't give you the time of day. She's a classic narcissist and grifter of the first order. I can't believe people admire this woman just because of her ethnicity.

by Camillareply 20904/19/2021

“Ethnicity”, R209?

by Camillareply 21004/19/2021

My grandparents were about this age, 94 and 98, and after he died she died in less than a year. The funny thing was she wasn’t happy with him at all. She was just so isolated after his death, I think it’s the isolation that killed her more than losing her partner. They had lived such a steady lifestyle for so long, suddenly everything changed and she was an elderly woman rattling around the house alone. Old people don’t take change well. At least the queen has staff.

I asked her once, how is it living so long. She said, all her brothers and sisters were dead, and all her in laws and friends, and basically everybody she was close with, who really knew her life and history, had died. There were grandkids and kids and all, but it wasn’t the same. When you’re that old, you want people around that have lived through the things you have, and at that age, there aren’t any in your circle of acquaintance.

by Camillareply 21104/19/2021

It's only because of her race r210.

by Camillareply 21204/19/2021

Right r209 and you hate her because of her race

by Camillareply 21304/19/2021

Nope r209 that's a simplistic argument for morons. It's the grifting narcissism. Among other awful personality traits. Her race is the only reason why a lot of people make excuses for her. If she were 100% white she would be universally disliked. And god knows she and her defenders blame everything on "racism" when in fact she's just a toxic personality.

by Camillareply 21404/19/2021

How much is Sunshine Sachs paying the Klan Granny troll?

by Camillareply 21504/19/2021

R215 = Welp Troll who thinks anyone who likes Meghan is a paid bot. Typical Qanon type.

by Camillareply 21604/20/2021

Camilla was not in love with Charles when they first were involved. She was in love with the guy she married. Every young aristocrat woman in England was in love with him. Charles knew this - but was obsessed with her. But anyway, Camilla married the guy, had some kids - but he cheated on her a lot. Openly. That's when she turned back to Charles.

by Camillareply 21704/20/2021

R196 - I was under the impression that Survivinf Angel was a female who had worked in adult entertainment? I mean, I may be confused but....age.

by Camillareply 21804/20/2021

I don't think the country will be much in love with moody William either. He always looks like he got done cursing out his wife or is about to smack someone when he gets old. Just a ball of rage. Such a shame a more warm and personable monarch couldn't be stepping up to the plate. Sweden seemed to have lucked up with a pleasant female heir. She ain't much to look at (like her daddy) but she's warm and loved by her people. All the other houses have boring as dish water middle aged men or a fat princess coming up to bat.

I think the days of Kings should end. Really, Constitutional Monarchy's work better with a female monarch and typically male Prime Minister or government leader. Can be female whatever but with soft power place the traditional softer sex as the head. Rather then a bunch of men looking to prove themselves to get over their mommy or daddy issues.

The press will cover for William and Charles but these men aren't soft, kind, or warm. Neither is Elizabeth but as a woman it works because we assume she's softer or kinder then she is hence the nice old grandma or mother thing. Just hand Charlotte, Anne, or the prettier York sister the throne and be done with these stupid men.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 21904/20/2021

^^^ very very stupid

by Camillareply 22004/20/2021

[quote]The press will cover for William and Charles but these men aren't soft, kind, or warm.

Name one fucking monarch who has ever had those qualities. You're the fucking KING or QUEEN. You're not a warm fuzzy cuddly person.

by Camillareply 22104/20/2021

What was stupid about post? Give examples or shut your whore mouth.

by Camillareply 22204/20/2021

She’ll last another 10 years.....her mother died at 102.

by Camillareply 22304/20/2021

R222 - Constitutional Monarchy where the only heirs to the throne are young attractive females? And the Head of Government is restricted to males only? Beyond stupid. Idiotic, R222.

The plural of monarchy is “monarchies”, not “monarchy’s”. You’re not very well educated, are you, R222?

Females are “the softer sex”, R222? Where are you posting from, 1962?

There’s plenty more stupid in your sophomoric post but that’s a start.

by Camillareply 22404/20/2021

All you Klan cunts are desperate for the grisly Queen to live to 105. I truly think some of you will die too when she expires - you're all SO worshipful. Stupid, servile old women.

by Camillareply 22504/20/2021

Who the hell would want to be Andrew's fiancee?

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 22604/21/2021

The Queen is 95 years old today and she has released a statement.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 22704/21/2021

R226 - Fergie?

by Camillareply 22804/21/2021

R228 - Fergie already lives there.

by Camillareply 22904/21/2021

R1, she just got 2 new puppies that she walks daily.

by Camillareply 23004/21/2021

That's not necessarily true; my stepfather who was utterly dependent on my mother outlived by nearly 2 years; up to that point, he could barely make it to the grocery store & back without her direction. People are more resourceful than you think. Also, all this Harkle/Andrew drama might have the unintended consequence for QEII of making sure Charles & William have a clear plan going forward so things won't fall into turmoil once she's gone. Her health appears to be strong & she's got a reason to keep going, so who knows how much longer she'll last.

by Camillareply 23104/21/2021

[quote]R197 Charles and Camilla should've been allowed to marry back in the 70s, they really are the loves of each others' lives.

Think how ugly their kids would have been, tho.

by Camillareply 23204/21/2021

[quote]R221 Name one fucking monarch who has ever had those qualities. You're the fucking KING or QUEEN. You're not a warm fuzzy cuddly person.

But we’re in a different time now.

Despot lookalikes don’t sell.

by Camillareply 23304/21/2021

[quote] The Queen is 95 years old today and she has released a statement.

What did she say? "I am 95 but I look 59. I have more money than any of you and I can still get any man I demand and desire for my pleasure. Jealous, bitches?"

by Camillareply 23404/21/2021

IMO, Charles was having a sexual relationship with Camilla before, during, and after Diana. Also, Camilla was not the only side woman he had. IMO, it’s naive to think that Camilla and Diana were the only women he was with (sexually) during the time he was married to Diana. When Charles was younger, he was the equivalent of a rock star. Groupies exist in all social circles.

by Camillareply 23504/21/2021

R232, that they are “the loves of each others’ lives” is a lot of romanticized press hooey. The first thing Camilla ever said to Charles was to point out her great grandmother was the mistress of Edward VII. She planted the idea in his mind. She tried to manipulate him into marrying her, but unlike Kate, wasn’t willing to be a doormat and wait endlessly. She knew he fucked around a lot and figured sooner or later she could be his mistress. She fucked him for years, and eventually broke up his marriage. It doesn’t matter if you hate Diana and think she was worthless, he married her and back then no heir to the throne had divorced since Henry VIII, period. So getting him to actually go so far as to divorce her and not even attempt to repair the rift was an extraordinary accomplishment. It’s likely Charles continued to fuck around for years after Camilla was his mistress, and it’s likely she didn’t care one bit, because she manipulated him into their relationship in the first place. He’s a dumb, easily led sucker with a manipulative wife, like Harry. Camilla probably thinks of him as a ticket to a crown, not a human being, and doesn’t care who he fucks. All she cares about is living in luxury and having status, which she does, and drinking breakfast, lunch and dinner. She’s a narcissist. All that “I don’t care about anything but you” codswallop is for the little people to digest.

by Camillareply 23604/21/2021

I've read that when Diana made her famous comment about there were three of them in that marriage, she was referring to Squiggy, the boys' nanny. Diana was convinced he was banging her too.

by Camillareply 23704/21/2021

R237, maybe he was. Charles fucked everything in a skirt for years and only got married because his family wanted him to produce some children. In those days, most people were trying to get married in their twenties, and he had more pressure than most to get on with it. And the women of his class were all trying to get a rich important husband, they weren’t going to wait around until they were forty to have kids. They were going to grab the best husband they could before they were all taken.

So waiting to marry until his peers were past the age of childbearing was never going to work out, because they would all be married. That’s why Diana was so young. All the women Charles’ age were married long before.

by Camillareply 23804/21/2021

Martin Bashir gave fake information to her brother the Earl of Spencer and then to Diana "proving" that Camilla and Charles had been having an affair during her marriage and that the RF was out to get her. Bashir and his co-conspirator even made fake documents. The Earl of Spencer now knows that he and Diana were deceived. The BBC just got into a huge amount of trouble for the Panorama interview. Charles has always told the truth about this.

by Camillareply 23904/21/2021

[quote]All she cares about is living in luxury and having status, which she does, and drinking breakfast, lunch and dinner. She’s a narcissist.

Camilla actually isn't that much of a luxury person. She's known to be into horses, her kids & grandkids, her house in Chippenham, cooking and imbibing the odd hot toddy. She was perfectly happy to continue on as Charles's gf, staying in the background and keeping her family out of the spotlight. It was Charles who insisted on bringing her forward to the public as his official partner, and later marry her.

Camilla isn't all that self-centered. A bit dim and simple perhaps, but not power-grabbing.

by Camillareply 24004/21/2021

Camilla is a sleazebag, she and Charles deserve each other.

by Camillareply 24104/21/2021

Not sure I agree they have/had that much power.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 24204/22/2021

I find this implausible. It would be a most unusual gift for a toddler.

A first word being "crocodile" not dada or mama would also be quite unlikely.

Shame the impact Harry and his choice of wife are having on his grandparents final days.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 24304/22/2021

If the kids first word was crocodile than that says a lot about what he thinks of his parents.

by Camillareply 24404/22/2021

In all reality, the kid's *real* first word was likely "nanna" as in "nanny"

by Camillareply 24504/22/2021

The selfish little shit has never asked me how I am.

by Camillareply 24604/22/2021

Queen Elizabeth's mother lived 50 years after her husband died to the age of 102.

by Camillareply 24704/22/2021

And she was a drunk to the end!

by Camillareply 24804/22/2021

The first word is not going to be a 3 syllable word. No way. Mama, Dada or cookie. Top 3

by Camillareply 24904/24/2021

From the waffle iron article, this quote cracked me up:

[quote]As for himself, Harry likes to top his waffles with yogurt, jam, berries, honey, or syrup. "I don't know if that's the right thing to do," he said.

Of course this spoilt bint wouldn't know how to eat waffles.

by Camillareply 25004/24/2021

Yogurt on waffles? Gross. Maybe ice cream on waffles for dessert? What happened to butter or syrup?

No way the Queen gave a toddler a waffle maker, unless it was requested by the weirdo parents.

by Camillareply 25104/24/2021

^ R251 To be honest it’s not the yogurt on waffles I find weird, as I grew up with a father who put sour cream (and fruit syrup) on his pancakes and waffles.

It’s so weird to me that he can’t even be confident eating waffles! Why be so uncertain?

Unlike most here, Harry is the one I really judge. Such a stupid spoiled idiot.

by Camillareply 25204/24/2021

Quick nows the time to stage my comeback... 💅🏾

by Camillareply 25304/24/2021

New Philip biography will be out soon. It's written by Gyles Brandreth.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 25404/25/2021

New Philip biography will be out soon. It's written by Gyles Brandreth.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 25504/25/2021

^ Sorry about the double post.

by Camillareply 25604/25/2021

R243 It reminds me of the dirty diaper video where Harry’s wife was reading a book to Archie. He says “dada” at the end, and you see her face clecnch and look straight into the camera to insist the kid said “duck rabbit,” the title of the book. No bitch, he said dada like every other normal one-year old.

by Camillareply 25704/25/2021

*face clench

by Camillareply 25804/25/2021

The Queen is back at work holding two virtual audiences.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 25904/27/2021

Lady Colin Cambell is going to do a vid on the new Philip bio for anyone interested.

Archie seems to have no connection to MeAgain whatsoever. Does not hold onto her, look at her, etc. Toddlers are usually very affectionate.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 26004/27/2021

The Harkles seem to be solidifying support for the senior working royals.

by Camillareply 26104/27/2021

Duck Rabbit is recommended for ages 4+. No wonder the kid was not really engaged by it. The "joke" of the book is not one a 1 year old would either "get" or enjoy. MeAgain was merely merching an Oprah connected book club, no? Shit mother just like she was a shit member of the royal family on either a "working" scale or as a family member. Harry better be praying he lucks out like Corey and Trevor and that she moves on.

by Camillareply 26204/27/2021

They solidify support for anyone with a steady personality and work ethic.

by Camillareply 26304/27/2021

R52 Camilla could hardly remain Duchess of Cornwall, as that would be one of the new Princess of Wales’ other titles. I doubt whether Catherine would be amused. Camilla will be known as Queen when and if Charles succeeds. And succeed he will - despite the chattering classes endlessly belting on about William ‘taking over’. For pity’s sake, dears - it’s not young Mr Grace trying to oust old Mr Grace.

by Camillareply 26404/27/2021

These Royal threads have become tedious with the oh so predictable sniping. Just fuck off back to those magazine posts or wherever you lot usually hang out.

by Camillareply 26504/27/2021

R264 is obviously one of the Camilla loving, anti Diana loons. Dreaming of eating Camilla's snatch.

by Camillareply 26604/28/2021

Yeah - look at the Queen Mother. She lived to almost 102.

It's time for Lilibet to update her Tindr profile and get back out there! I would love to see a second marriage to some 20 something commoner who looks suspiciously gay.

by Camillareply 26704/28/2021

The Trump years changed my view of ceremonial monarchies. I can now see the value of having the nation’s traditions embodied by a neutral, bland third party—someone whose only job is to meet and greet and carry on—rather than by a political figure. It’s better to think, well, prime ministers and presidents just come and go. Someone else is on the throne and wearing the jewels, and as long as he/she is there, there’s some continuity with the old days.

by Camillareply 26804/28/2021

Statistically, people in their 90s don't last another year.

by Camillareply 26904/28/2021

R268 - you think wearing jewels and bestowing titles on people while symbolizing a corrupt classist society is a good thing? England's class system is thick and suffocating, unless you're born into the upper classes.

I don't think that's a good reason to perpetuate a medieval oligarchical system.

by Camillareply 27004/28/2021

R264 Camila is no queen and will not be anyone’s queen unless you count her as queen of Rottweilers.

by Camillareply 27104/28/2021

The US President is the Executive and Head of State. The positions are combined into one individual. In GB, however, the positions are designated to the Monarch and Prime Minister separately. The President parties with the Queen, and then goes to discuss important matters with the Prime Minister.

by Camillareply 27204/28/2021

Does the Queen know what kind of company she's rewarding? LOL.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 27304/29/2021

The Queen was seen inspecting her late husband's horses and carriages.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 27404/30/2021

I dread her death because I adore her, but also because she is such a living history and has always been there, comforting to me even as an American. I don't like change because there has been too much in the last ten years or so and none of it good or promising, imo. The income disparities, crime, rotten, dirty politicians, and climate change. No land. It is all concrete and hideous buildings. No musical or real acting talent, just mind numbingly boring attention whores. She is beyond celebrity, but she has remained a consistent, dignified presence. Sorry to go off the rails, but her death will cause me a lot of sadness for many different reasons. Mary! ETA-- And oh, how I will miss her colorful outfits and glorious royal jewels!

by Camillareply 27504/30/2021

word for word with r275.

I feel exactly the same way about Q E II.

by Camillareply 27604/30/2021

The Queen's niece, Lady Sarah Chatto is 57 years old today. She is the late Princess Margaret's daughter. I think Princess Charlotte resembles her when she was a youngster.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 27705/01/2021

Lady Sarah or Princess Charlotte?

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 27805/01/2021

I get R275's point. That's just how I felt about Jackie Kennedy.

But the earth keeps spinning. And we find a way to endure it all another day.

by Camillareply 27905/01/2021

Nothing can or will ever compare to losing the most beloved human being in the history of civilization, Princess Diana.

by Camillareply 28005/03/2021

Uhhh, I’m right here!

by Camillareply 28105/03/2021

Yes, R277! I thought the same thing when I saw Charlotte's picture in the papers.

As for the Queen, I have a feeling she might even live to be 110. She has the genes from her mother, she's stable emotionally, in good condition, doesn't drink/smoke excessively, has all the social and physical support she could ask for.

by Camillareply 28205/03/2021

The Queen Mother made it to 101 and she drank like a sailor until the very end. The Queen has never been the lush her mother was, so she could live a few years longer.

by Camillareply 28305/03/2021

OP, what are you on about? Her mother lived long past the death of her father. She took an oath to serve and she's still upright. Stop trying to bury her.

by Camillareply 28405/03/2021

Today is the birthday of Princess Eugenie's husband Jack. Also, Autumn Phillips celebrates her birthday too on this day.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 28505/03/2021

"I'm still not dead yet. I send my love".

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 286Last Monday at 4:42 AM

R286- Don't I know it! Tick tock, old bitch.

by Camillareply 287Last Monday at 4:52 AM

r274, I believe that she is giving some of his collection to Edward's daughter Lady Louise.

I wonder if she is going to gift Edward with the complete Edinburgh Duchy?

First anniversary of Phil's passing?

Will James finally be Prince James, Earl of Wessex?

by Camillareply 288Last Monday at 4:54 AM

They should just have a countdown clock running on her when ever you see her in video or photos.

by Camillareply 289Last Monday at 5:19 AM

Not unless they take her out back ahd shoot her.

Bitch ain't going anywhere.

by Camillareply 290Last Monday at 5:21 AM

Keep in mind the stress wears heavier on the Queen, than anything her mother went through. The latter half of the Queen Mother's life was just showing up. The Queen had to go through with the death of her spouse late in life, which is much harder to do than when you're younger. She has family troubles, constant duties, she's in her 90s. Her will to live may be dissipating.

by Camillareply 291Last Monday at 6:00 AM

The Queen will be opening Parliament tomorrow and taking an MP hostage as is tradition. I don't think she wears her huge crown anymore just a tiara.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 292Last Monday at 6:14 AM

Dead Queen Walking!

by Camillareply 293Last Monday at 6:16 AM

Harry has caused much turmoil to his family and while they are grieving PP's death. It was a very cruel thing to do. Harry has no conscious.

by Camillareply 294Last Monday at 6:17 AM

PP = Pop Pop?

by Camillareply 295Last Monday at 6:19 AM

Prince Philip

by Camillareply 296Last Monday at 6:34 AM

There are more important questions such as will Josh O'Connor be showing peen in upcoming The Crown episodes?

by Camillareply 297Last Monday at 6:36 AM

I love this thread. So OP is predicting that a 95 year-old may not live much longer! What are the odds?!

by Camillareply 298Last Monday at 7:04 AM

The Queen opened Parliament today. Here is some of her speech. It seems strange that she's not wearing all of her royal regalia.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 299Last Tuesday at 4:21 AM

The Imperial State Crown has its own car and guard. LOL.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 300Last Tuesday at 4:26 AM

Oh please R294, give it a rest already. Prince Philip over stayed his welcome by a good 10-20 years. The grieving period should be quite short.

by Camillareply 301Last Tuesday at 2:27 PM

Sociopath or cleaner at R301.

by Camillareply 302Last Tuesday at 2:28 PM

R301-- That has nothing to do with their disrespectful behavior. Merching a damn funeral wreath 10 minutes into the funeral, just for starters. It was disgusting and unforgivable.

by Camillareply 303Last Tuesday at 2:36 PM

[quote]The Queen opened Parliament today. Here is some of her speech. It seems strange that she's not wearing all of her royal regalia.

Maybe because she's in mourning? Speaking of which, what happened to the rule that the royals all wear black during a mourning period?

by Camillareply 304Last Tuesday at 2:37 PM

She looks so frail. Which at her age is expected, she just looked so good that it is a bit shock . It seemed to happen overnight.

by Camillareply 305Last Tuesday at 2:40 PM

The Queen stopped wearing robes and regalia to the State Opening a few years ago. I think it happened at the same time as Charles started accompanying her. The crown is said to be very heavy, probably too heave for a woman her age. She has complained that you can’t actually move your head while wearing it, as it will either fall off or injure you.

by Camillareply 306Last Tuesday at 3:16 PM

I wonder if she’s had those chair lifts added to all the staircases at the various and sundry palaces, and I hope she’s wearing her medic alert jewelry with her Crown Jewels.

by Camillareply 307Last Tuesday at 3:23 PM

Well, Her Majesty (2 minutes into this video) is aware that there are at least 2 lifts at Buckingham Palace.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 308Last Tuesday at 3:35 PM

R308 That wasn’t very funny for a parody video.

by Camillareply 309Last Tuesday at 4:31 PM

Except that it’s not, R309. Which is why it is funny.

by Camillareply 310Last Tuesday at 4:36 PM

William paying his respects to a fallen policeman.

Offsite Link
by Camillareply 311Last Wednesday at 4:52 AM
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