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Wheel of Misfortune, Port Chuck Edition

The Finn-Chase Family plays a dangerous game of coffee roulette:

Who will chug from the tainted mug?

What cruel blow will said cup bestow?

Will the fiend behind the fouled caffeine finally get his just desserts with that?

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by O Fortuna Cremorareply 253Yesterday at 2:53 AM

Previous thread, now locked:

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by O Fortuna Cremorareply 104/10/2021

I miss Stefan.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 204/10/2021

I miss my crystal tree!

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 304/11/2021

People on Twitter were talking about some Lifetime show where Genie Francis talked about her cocaine use and backstage stuff at GH. Have any of you queens seen it?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 404/11/2021

Gloria Monty used to work them like field hands and made sure that the set was well stocked with coke. All of the actors and anyone else associated with the show has pretty much said the same thing.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 504/11/2021

I'll bet it kept them thin. too.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 604/12/2021

I miss Lucille Weeks.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 704/12/2021

They totally ripped off my LSD-laced ice tea on the Lazy Susan gambit.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 804/12/2021

The revisit to that storyline was great. I miss me some psychic Olivia.

Can't believe they're making Mopey and Dopey a couple again

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 904/12/2021


Mopey and Dopey?

Jason and Sam?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 1004/12/2021

Does Dumb Dylan from SON watch GH yet?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 1104/12/2021

[quote]Mopey and Dopey?

Maybe Michael and Willow, i.e., Bland and Blander. On the Pizzazz-O-Meter they rate somewhere between cold, leftover oatmeal and day-old bathwater. I'd say that should be their signature cocktail, but the very word "cocktail" is much sexier than the situation warrants, therefore wasted.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 1204/12/2021

I think the stuff Peter laced Chase's coffee with might be the same stuff Cassandra laced Sasha's OJ with. IIRC, it was suspected that it may have been provided by Peter.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 1304/13/2021

Could somebody let the people on the "Missions and Mayhem" thread know that it's been paywalled and we've moved the discussion here? Thanks!

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 1404/14/2021

Peter named dropped Sean D. The actor died recently and sounded like they were going to do a tribute episode. Sounds like they'll tie it in to the current Peter storyline

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 1504/15/2021

John Reilly’s real life daughter, Caitlin Reilly has been cast in the role of Anna, now Annie, daughter of Sean and Tiffany. KMcC (Robin) is supposed to return for the tribute, as well.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 1604/18/2021

"I gotta get me some more of that", Genie Francis's comment the first time someone gave her a hit of cocaine. It's mainly what led to her leaving the show the first time.

Lifetime has the Intimate Portrait of Genie Francis. Just search it.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 1704/18/2021

Is this shit still on? I haven't seen it since Luke and Laura, old Lilah and her husband and Monica and the guy who played in R&H's version of Cinderella as Prince Charming. I still remember Robert Scorpio and a brief trajectory with Demi Moore.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 1804/18/2021

I don't believe Christopher Cross' story about not getting paid for the use of "Think of Laura."

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 1904/19/2021

It's a lame ass song that probably would have gotten no traction at all if not for the placement in the show. Maybe he should pay them for free advertising.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 2004/19/2021

Maxie mentioned some company "Caldwell" or "Carlton" wanting to buy The Invader. Is that RoHo's possible new role?

Other rumors are RoHo could be Cyrus' son or Delia's son from Ryan's Hope and Ava's half brother.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 2104/19/2021

At least Christopher Cross didn't have his hit song used as the soundtrack for a rape

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 2204/19/2021

Yeah, I was searching my brain for a possible Llanview connection to a Carlton Group, if it was going to be part of either The Sun's or The Banner's publishing company. Maybe even Kevin or Joey are running the business now with Viki retired, or even better, long-lost Buchanan David Vickers. It's hard to envision anyone but Tuc Watkins in that role, but RoHo could probably have some fun with it.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 2304/19/2021

Shawn Butler appears, looking rather hardened and stern. I guess being held for years after Hayden's real shooter was revealed has put him in a foul mood. Perhaps a chance meeting with former lady love Alexis can lift his spirits. Plus, a little BBC might be just the thing to lead her away from the temptation of Big Hilda's corpulent charms.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 2404/21/2021

R4 Pretty good episode

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 2504/21/2021

Mo's stilted choppy acting is awful.

So obvious when he doesn't know his lines.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 2604/21/2021

But, but...the cowboy hat! The dimples! Jason's old black t-shirt!

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 2704/21/2021

I’d take that over LW’s yelling every line. She is awful.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 2804/21/2021

Why are they writing Nik so weak? He is a fucking Cassadine. He shouldn't need anyone else to protect his aunt.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 2904/21/2021

He's just misunderstood.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 3004/21/2021

Christopher Cross is an asshole who needs publicity. His own fucking website says that GH asked to use Think of Laura. Now he disputes that. Does he have the old timers disease?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 3104/22/2021

At least we now know where Sarah Weber is and what she's doing.

She has a medical practice on the West Coast.

We also now know Elizabeth is estranged from her father.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 3204/22/2021

This is common knowledge R32...

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 3304/22/2021

Could Cameron Mathison be coming in as NuJeff (Webber)? Yesterday’s convo between Liz and Finn may have hinted at something.

Oreo cookie me between Shawn Butler and the guy in Nixon Falls trying to romance Nina and f*ck with Mike.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 3404/22/2021

CM is 51 years old...

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 3504/22/2021

If I'm remembering right Genie previously did a long interview years back and said that being on DOOL was one of the worst acting jobs she has ever had and that many of the other actors on the show bts were awful people except a few like Peggy McCay, Arleen Sorkin,Drake Hogestyn for example. Also that she felt that Deidre didn't try to do anything to stop the Marlena and Jarlena fans from viciously attacking her and blaming her Deidre for not being on the show at that time.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 3604/22/2021

WHET the big meeting of The Five Families? Carly seems to have all this pull lately (not only getting Shawn reassigned, but then given a shiv in Pentonville, REALLY?) that I wondered if she made some allies from the other families. Laura said she had a good relationship with the warden, but I doubt she's requesting deadly weapons to be handed out.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 3704/22/2021


for some reason I thought she said that about AMC

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 3804/22/2021

The way GH uses back ground extras is infuriating. They managed to hire background extras for a dance in Nixon Falls, yet when they had the double wedding they didn't have any and usually the hospital looks deserted.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 3904/22/2021

At least one of those extras turns out to be important, the one with the gun. Rumor is Jax gets shot.

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 4004/22/2021

I cannot for the life of me remember Shawn. What was his connection to Sonny and Carly and Jason or to anyone on the show? Forgive me if my question requires a long answer.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 4104/22/2021

I think he’s TJ’s bio father and worked for Sonny when Jason was “dead.” He also had a relationship with Alexis and a near fling with Carly but the rumor was that LW’s husband didn’t approve so it was dropped. The actor is back on contract though.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 4204/22/2021

It was a double wedding of 4 of the most annoying people in town. They were lucky some people showed up.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 4304/22/2021

R43 They might be annoying, but Anna and Maxie are connected to and "important" in Port Charles, it was stupid that they wouldn't have everyone in attendance.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 4404/22/2021

Thank you so much R42. It rings a bell in my memory.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 4504/22/2021

[quote]I cannot for the life of me remember Shawn. What was his connection to Sonny and Carly and Jason or to anyone on the show? Forgive me if my question requires a long answer.

Here's a pretty good synopsis of Shawn Butler's character arc. There's stuff in there I didn't even remember, like that he worked for The Balkan and was supposed to kidnap Brenda Barrett.

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 4604/22/2021

[quote]Chuck Edition

He hasn't hosted in 40 years!

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 4704/22/2021

Dumb Dylan is just inconsolable because the AMC reboot is not happening. Vee, who’s in the biz, really fucked that up.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 4804/23/2021

Dylan is an exhausting idiot. But allmc2008 is a true dumbass. Dude is taking typing classes at Northwestern and using looney tunes SON posters for research and telling them to scan soap opera digests. What does a. citation look like for “vee is an asshole?” Vee is in the biz, you know.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 4904/23/2021

If that message board annoys you so much, why keep going there or why not just post all of this over there. Why do you think we care?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 5004/23/2021

Gotta love that losers like amc2008 is like 30 and taking typing classes. It just adds to their loser-ship. The execs at all the networks laugh at soap fans. Just read the SON boards and you’ll know why they laugh at the fans. Dumb dumb dumb people. Lead by Dumb Dylan.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 5104/23/2021

They teach typing at Northwestern?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 5204/23/2021

I really want Jason and Britt to get together, if for nothing else it would annoy the hell out of Carly.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 5304/23/2021

Amc2008 should forget typing and use his hands to jerk off for Sospsuds.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 5404/23/2021

Everything annoys the hell out of Carly.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 5504/23/2021

The barn dance bandito with the red bandana over his face had the exact same eyes as Sonny, was it his son?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 5604/23/2021

Watching Finn talk about "his SON" at GH was cringy....It was the epitome of how bad GH has gotten...Speaking of bad---I see Cameron is still doing a lousy job....

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 5704/23/2021

Jonathan Jackson open to returning as Lucky Spencer....Course, the last time he said that he stayed for a few months then skipped out....Also I cannot imagine GH is willing to pay for actual Emmy Winning Talent....

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 5804/23/2021

I don’t ever want JJ back. He did not work as adult Lucky. Everyday was just tears and Emmy bait. He can stay in Ireland.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 5904/24/2021

Vee has not approved of JJ returning so it won’t happen.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 6004/24/2021

Why do characters end up in places like Ireland or London, and not Milwaukee?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 6104/24/2021

I loved teen Lucky. As an adult, each incarnation of the character has been awful.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 6204/24/2021

I would enjoy it if he went sniffing after Liz and she told him to shove it and get lost, but only after forcing him to pony up all those years of back child support. He's a baby manchild.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 6304/24/2021

Bring Lucky back as a man with Greg Vaughan back in the role and give him good writing. Have him go after Sam! ThAt was a hot pairing!

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 6404/24/2021

Didn't ABC unceremoniously dump Vaughn for Jackson? Or am I misremembering?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 6504/24/2021

That’s correct R65

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 6604/24/2021

Tony Geary must've been very frugal with his money and/or made great investments, Amsterdam isn't a cheap city to retire to. Is his partner wealthy?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 6704/24/2021

There was once a rumor that KM asked ABC to never bring back GV to GH and she was supported by MB,SB and allegedly a few other cast members who also don't want GV to ever come back to GH.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 6804/24/2021

Frons is gone so Kelly isn’t a pet anymore.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 6904/24/2021

R67 He got a regular paycheck from GH for decades, and was one of the highest paid people in daytime. Unless he was a big spender, I imagine he has most of his money still.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 7004/25/2021

Tony always knew he’d retire with that big black cocked hubby! Tony liked black meat. Ron Glass. Nuff said.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 7104/25/2021

Is it too late to change their minds and not bring back RoHo as yet another failed character?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 7204/25/2021

RoHo is aces with me, but he does have a quirky edge to him that fits best with a specific type of character.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 7304/25/2021

CM starting off on the right foot and playing the worship MB game.

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 7404/25/2021

RoHo is just terrible.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 7504/25/2021

When he tries ROger is great! I’m done with his quirky comedic schtick. I’d like to see him tackle a complex dark character again. Even an angry long lost Q. Just hope they don’t screw it up again if they are serious about keeping him around.

They brought back Michael Easton is thankless roles and brought on family for him. He could leave any day and it wouldn’t matter.

Tie actors to the canvas if not playing core characters bring them in as a recast of a key characters that would work.

Easton could have been the much talked about Valentine. Howarth AJ Q.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 7604/26/2021

Easton would’ve been terrible as Valentin.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 7704/26/2021

I don't find Easton so bad and he can cry on cue which most actors can't do. As for Howarth, I don't think he will ever again put any effort into any character he plays. He put a tiny bit of effort into the molestation disclosure but I give BM (Drew) some of the credit for bringing out a shred of acting muscle in RH. He didn't try on ATWT either. Something happened when he left OLTL in 1998 and he was never the same actor again. And he might think he's good at comedy, but he is not. I'm glad and sad I saw him as Todd from the get go. Glad because it's a rare thing to see that kind of acting and sad that I'll never see it again, at least not from RH, not that he's ever had that kind of writing to act again but still, other actors manage to bring their best to the shitty writing.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 7804/26/2021

I want Howarth inside me quite deeply!

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 7904/26/2021

Maxie's never-ending prenancy...

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 8004/26/2021

I keep trying to figure out how long Maxie's been pregnant - when did she announce it?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 8104/26/2021

RUMOR says Frisco is returning this Friday for the Sean Donnelly tribute episode......Just saying....

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 8204/26/2021

The Sean Donely tribute episode airs May 21st:

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 8304/26/2021

Maxie was pregnant before Covid break. And KSt doesn’t even have a neck anymore. She’s gotten even bigger.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 8404/27/2021

Sean Donely? Really? He doesn’t deserve a tribute episode. Maybe a 5 second in memory of card at the end of an episode.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 8504/27/2021

Though it's throwing hate red meat in here, there's been heavy hints that the short term return will be Robin

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 8604/27/2021

There's a rumor on Twitter that they're going to recast and bring back Jeff Webber. I don't believe it because GH doesn't care about the Webbers.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 8704/27/2021

[quote]There's a rumor on Twitter that they're going to recast and bring back Jeff Webber. I don't believe it because GH doesn't care about the Webbers.

Another is that RoHo could possibly be recast as Steven Lars. It seems like about time he got out of jail.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 8804/27/2021

Cameron more likely Steve Lars- Roger doesn’t work in that good guy thankless role especially since his new character could remain a possible Liz pairing!

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 8904/27/2021

They're not bringing back Jeff Webber. The show already has too many gentlemen of a certain age with no storyline

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 9004/27/2021

And then RoHo would have played Liz's husband and father.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 9104/27/2021

I think they're setting up Finn as Liz' next romantic pairing. It makes sense, they are already connected through Violet and Hayden and are growing closer through shared grief. It comes with built-in potential for triangle drama, too, if Hayden eventually shows up to reclaim Violet. Whether it's Buddig or a recast, that seems inevitable at some point.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 9204/27/2021

Why not have Roger play Lucky? And don't say he's too old, because he's reads younger.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 9304/27/2021

[quote]Why not have Roger play Lucky? And don't say he's too old, because he's reads younger.

I just threw up in my mouth!


by O Fortuna Cremorareply 9404/27/2021

Tristan hasn't been seen in a while, is he in the doghouse over the comments he made about WR?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 9504/27/2021

R95 He hasn't been mentioned as part of the Sean Donely tribute episode.

[quote] “While mourning the death of WSB agent Sean Donely, fan-favorites Felicia Scorpio (played by Kristina Wagner), Malcolm “Mac” Scorpio (John J. York), Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), Laura Collins (Genie Francis) and Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) are pulled into a mystery involving Sean’s daughter, Annie (Caitlin Reilly).”

If it doesn't include Robert, I'm going to be pissed. They were a major part of each other's storylines. Also, Monica should be involved in the show in some way, since she and Sean had a romance before he married Tiffany. I'd also like at least a scene with Bobbie and Lucas, because the storyline with Sean and Tiffany trying to claim Lucas was a strong storyline, that I still remember to this day, even though I was a child myself at the time.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 9604/27/2021

If they're bringing in Sean's daughter Annie, it would be nice if she had a scene with her closest relative in town, Lucas, as they are blood cousins via their birth mothers

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 9704/27/2021

Off topic, I'm watching The Nanny. Sean Kanan is guest starring. I totally forgot how hot he was.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 9804/27/2021

I'm enjoying this Nixon Falls storyline so much, I hope they don't wrap it up during May sweeps.

Let Sonny have amnesia a while longer. Let Nina really fall for him. Let Carly become a mob Godmother. Let it all play out into the summer.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 9904/28/2021

It sure is better than the Carly/Sonny/Nina stories going on before it, R99, IA. They just need to get Jax out of the story. I still have some hopes that while they're in PA some of my OLTL faves might make an appearance. Hell, I'd settle for Bo at this time but in my heart I want a Viki sighting.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 10004/28/2021

Maura has ruined her face. Ugh.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 10104/28/2021

Kill off Willow. She's literally background/wallpaper.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 10204/28/2021

Rumor is Willow is getting killed off, something happens at the gatehouse...

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 10304/28/2021

Of course Willow is gonna die. Michael WILL NOT be happy. That said, his highlights look fabulous.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 10404/28/2021

Willow is worthless. She contributes nothing. Chase is so feminine I cannot believe anyone would think he is straight....

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 10504/28/2021

Where’s a car bomb for Carly when you need it?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 10604/28/2021

While it does seem like Maxie has been pregnant forever I think it is really only 8-9 months. She hasn't been as long as Ashley on Y&R, who once spent an entire calendar year pregnant.

Also, when it comes to Kristen Storms and why she has managed to remain on GH for so long, despite her many problems, I wonder if it is connected to her Disney Channel background, especially her Zenon movies? There have been many stories of depravity behind the scenes of Disney Channel. Maybe something happened to her or she saw something. And, rather than having to deal with some sort of tell all, Disney has told GH to keep her employed and relatively happy. The whole its better to have people in the tent pissing out than outside pissing in. So a combination of an untouchable actress and an untouchable character(due to show history), could explain why Maxie is still front and center.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 10704/28/2021

Chase belongs with Michael. Can’t that just go there and see...

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 10804/28/2021

They can't really fire her for the drug shit, unless it's really affecting production. There is probably an appearance thing in her contract, but no on wants to fire a woman for getting fat, especially not these days. And especially since the weight, probably is a result of the drugs to keep her off drugs.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 10904/28/2021

As for Michael, I've always thought DoD is hot but I'm not sure why he can't generate chemistry with anyone on camera. More than likely it's because the writers can't write for the character the way they want to write for the character since it will piss off others.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 11004/28/2021

KSt looks like Stay-Puft

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 11104/29/2021

For most female viewers, if they've been watching the show since they were young, there's a female character on the show that they've literally grown up along side watching - whether it's Laura, Robin, Elizabeth or now Maxie.

These characters now have permanent fanbases, have become untouchable on the show and are impossible to recast.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 11204/29/2021

If Michel is the shows younger leading man why haven’t any of his pairings taken off? Where is building the next generation of this show? He’s a Q and a Corinthos yet I can’t think of any of his “romances” that worked!

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 11304/29/2021

[quote]If Michel is the shows younger leading man why haven’t any of his pairings taken off?

Because he lacks Big Dick Swag, which is why I call bullshit on the DoD meme. He comes off as weak and strictly beta.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 11404/29/2021

I was in love with Scorpio. He is still my favorite. The best of GH was Scorpio, Anna, Sean, Tiffany, the Quartermains. Lucy and Allan were hilarious. I will never forget them. Crazy Heather and the Q's Thanksgivings. Monica and Allan, BJ's heart transplant. It had interesting story lines and soap characters you cared about or loved to hate. Whatever happened to Kim Delaney? Blink and you missed her.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 11504/29/2021

Forgot to add--Then Sonny, Carly, and Steve Burton swallowed the show and totally ruined it. The mumbler is unwatchable. Wtf did she do to her face? Maura as well. Isn't nurse Jackie enough of warning against too much plastic surgery? Damn.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 11604/29/2021

R114 -- I think you have it right. I've been looking for BDE in him since I first read about his supposed DoD, but frankly all I've ever seen in SDE. I think whoever started the DoD rumor about him was sharing a private fantasy, since nothing that I've seen supports it, either physically or behaviorally. Thank you, R114, for helping me resolve this bit of cognitive dissonance.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 11704/29/2021

R112 That is partly true with Maxie, but for long term fans there is also the Maxie/BJ story that makes the character untouchable. They could possibly write her out but she could never be killed off.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 11804/29/2021

[quote]Because he lacks Big Dick Swag, which is why I call bullshit on the DoD meme. He comes off as weak and strictly beta.

Check him out on his The Bay episodes. Lots of BDE. The probably is the way the character of Michael is written, not Chad.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 11904/29/2021

Scott and Liesl are awesome together. The scene where they announce their relationship to Britt was a hoot, and Britt's facial expressions were hysterical.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 12004/29/2021

Start tightening up the show's budget, Frankie V.

You need to save up now to give us the big, over-the-top Dr. O wedding that we deserve!

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 12104/29/2021

Yes Scott and Liesl are great. Actually fun to watch.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 12204/30/2021

Michael doesn’t have big dick energy. Morgan did especially in those sweatpants.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 12304/30/2021

But Morgan was ugly AF

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 12404/30/2021

The teens on this show are far too wholesome.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 12504/30/2021

The teens are annoying. None of them can act.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 12604/30/2021

Morgan did NOT have any BDE. He was a whiny little bitch. Both on and offscreen.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 12704/30/2021

I think Kelly Thiebaud had the dick in their relationship.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 12804/30/2021

One of the things with Michael is that Mo allegedly has a certain level of story approval over that character and allegedly has over the years made changes. Like having Michael stories he didn't dropped or changed to his liking.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 12904/30/2021

Finally, GH is having Carly and Ava teaming up to take down a common enemy. Some of my favorite times on soaps is when frenamies/enemies team up against someone they both hate, like Dorian and Vicki on OLTL, Jill and Katherine on Y&R, or Brooke and Stephanie on B&B.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 13004/30/2021

It's an imperfect beast, but GH is the best soap right now. Having the umbrella story with Cyrus & Peter bringing nearly the whole show into each other's scenes to try and take them down (not just Carly & Ava, but also Carly & Anna, Valentin working on Gladys, the Chase-Michael-Willow mess being refocused as Peter's collateral damage) has worked. I don't know how much longer they can sustain this, but it's been fun the last few weeks.

Unpopular opinion: I've actually been enjoying Carly (and LW) away from Sonny. LW could shout less, though.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 13105/01/2021

R131 She is always better away from Sonny. Not just LW, either, every Carly actress has been better when they weren't around Sonny.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 13205/01/2021

I think the lockdown break gave the writing staff time to come up with interesting long-term story arcs and that the overall writing has been an improvement since the return

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 13305/01/2021

I am really loving Britt. PLEASE don't kill her off. I'll give you one Peter and two Maxies.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 13405/01/2021

Once Britt and the always awful Jason hook up they’ll kill Britt off. They should take the opportunity to kill Sam, keep Britt and have Britt and Jason raise Scout and Danny, that might actually make Jason interesting for a minute or two.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 13505/02/2021

Kelly T. said in Burton and Bradford's podcast that when FV invited her back this time he pitched a storyline and timeframe she agreed to. That tells me she's not going to be around for the long haul.


I imagine the cast has no choice but than to accept invitations to be on SB's podcast and MB's YT show if they know what's good for them. The two highest paid on the show expecting their coworkers to come help them make even more money, SMH.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 13605/02/2021

Obrecht and Scotty are mismatched. Gross! Scotty has gotten so fat.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 13705/02/2021

Is Alexis going to get dicked down by Sean again in prison? She's always getting laid.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 13805/02/2021

They were smart to ditch Jackie. Kim Delaney was awful. The only way to make her interesting is if they brought on Dorthy Lyman as Jackies mother...

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 13905/02/2021

r139 I haven't heard anything about Delaney leaving.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 14005/02/2021

R140 = You don't see her anymore for a reason. Just ask Amy or Lucas how that turns out....

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 14105/02/2021

Is plastic face Jackie Zeman going to get her 2 appearances a year cut down to zero? She was very vocal on The Locher Room on Saturday that every story is about plot plot plot. They write plot and then shoehorn characters into that plot. Miss Frank isn’t going to be too happy with her. She’s not wrong, but Miss Frank has a viscous streak.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 14205/03/2021

Have any of you ever checked out LW's Instagram? She is super-into Wes.

I think Peter's gonna be on for a long time.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 14305/03/2021

Wes eats Laura’s snatch.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 14405/03/2021

r143 Why not get rid of them both?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 14505/03/2021

Carly, Ava and Laura teaming up to take down the big, bad devil Cyrus has a very Witches of Eastwick feel to it.

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 14605/03/2021

Honestly, if we don't get some sort of Jason and Brit romance out of this I'm going to be bummed. She is great and is only the second screen partner I like him with. In the past it always seemed as if the only time he really tried to "act" was in scenes with Monica, but Brit seems to bring something out in him.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 14705/03/2021

The actress who plays Trina will be going to college at UCLA after having received 14 different college acceptance letters. There's no word yet if she will the show.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 14805/03/2021

If the actress leaves, they should keep the character but recast with an Asian actress to show how politically award and diverse they are.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 14905/04/2021

^^politically AWARE

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 15005/04/2021

What about Squirrel teeth Joss or always angry teeth clenching what’s his name? Are they going to leave? Please please please let them leave the show! Pretty please.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 15105/04/2021

Good episode yesterday but I would rather have seen Carly and/or Spinelli get shot.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 15205/04/2021

[quote]If the actress leaves, they should keep the character but recast with an Asian actress to show how politically award and diverse they are.

Her mother, Portia, certainly looks part Asian.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 15305/04/2021

R148 If she is going to UCLA, she'd be stupid not to remain on the show. It's not like she is on everyday, and I'm sure GH will work around her schedule. It would basically be like going to college on an athletic scholarship, except she will actually be making money. She could leave college debt free.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 15405/04/2021

R151 EMc committed to USC a few years ago on a volleyball scholarship. Idk about WL. I hope he leaves too. Sick of Cameron and the Franco worship. What a clown.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 15505/04/2021

Good episodes the last two days.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 15605/04/2021

They should keep Carly as Godmother. She's already hard wired for throwing her weight around and getting in people's faces, now at least it'll have a purpose.

Can't they just do a gunshot residue test on Cam's hands, or does simply handling a freshly fired gun leaves traces behind?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 15705/04/2021

Sounds like Bad Actor Cameron is headed to statesville with (Roger Howarth Re-Cast) Steven Lars Webber. Wait and see...

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 15805/04/2021

Where did it all go wrong with Cameron's acting? He started off pretty strong and now he's almost unwatchable.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 15905/04/2021

It's like he turned a switch one day to very bad soap acting. Maybe they told him that Cameron was going to go down a dark path due to Franco's death and he's been making terrible acting choices since then. It seems to have been most noticeable starting around that time.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 16005/04/2021

I think it's obvious. They thought they had a good little actor in Cameron, decided to challenge him, and he lost the challenge.

Meanwhile, I heard they're bringing back Spencer Cassadine, but aging him with a new actor and he will be the new love interest for Joss.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 16105/04/2021

Oy! Like I don't have enough reasons to ff'd Joss' scenes. Pair her with Spencer and I'll have to close my eyes while ff'ding to not even catch a glimpse. Why not just stop showing these no talent young actors and give more to their already bloated cast.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 16205/04/2021

Children of the CORN!!!

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 16305/04/2021

Cam is a terrible actor.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 16405/04/2021

Carly as Godmother is the most interesting Carly's been in years.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 16505/04/2021

I suspect Cam's behavior was a directorial choice to depict a teen on the verge of a nervous breakdown; unfortunately, it's been skewing more towards dog on the verge of foaming at the mouth.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 16605/04/2021

That Carly scene was laughable today. So corny. I thought the Cam actor did a bit better today. He can’t play angry though. Maybe I’d feel something for the little shit if I cared about Franco.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 16705/04/2021

Maybe like Samson's strength was in his hair, WL's acting ability was in his.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 16805/04/2021

How exactly did Carly have immediate access to O+ blood?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 16905/04/2021

She gave Jason her blood but she had a different type years ago for the Josslyn cancer story.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 17005/04/2021

Anybody else expect that Brit's hand would start shaking uncontrollably and Super Carly would have to complete the surgery while Brit guided her?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 17105/04/2021

This would be a great time for Brenda and her aged up twink son to debut. Let him knock up Joss and watch the drama ensue.

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 17205/04/2021

I was half-watching today at lunch - did Carly open the door to the safehouse and yell out to her bodyguard to "get some blood now"?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 17305/04/2021

R171 I bet the writers wished they had thought of that.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 17405/04/2021

Carly yelled out for blood at a mob safehouse. It's probably a standard request and not the first time that's been needed this month. It's not like she yelled out that she needs blood at a 7-11

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 17505/04/2021

Actress Billie Hayes, who appeared on GH as Agent Brighton O’Reilly has passed away at 96. She was probably best known for playing the role of Witchiepoo, as well as Mammy Yokum.

Tristan Rogers tweeted: "My dear wonderful Billie Hayes has died. Sadly I only got to work with her on GH but it was a magical relationship. Right away Gloria Monty saw something unique and ran with it. I cannot tell you how her passing saddens me."

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 17605/04/2021

Video Clip = I post this to clear up the Alexis speculation about her past.. 1998 = Helena comes to town and explains to Alexis about her tramp mother and how she and Mikkos created the "distant cousin" lie because Kristin saved Alexis life (Helena wanted to kill Alexis that night) and then Mikkos talked Helena into letting her grow up on Cassadine Island.

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 17705/05/2021

GH use to be so good! Can’t miss TV!

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 17805/05/2021

Miss Frank Valentini is saving GH! lololollololololol Fire the fag. Not because he’s a homo, but because he’s incompetent!

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 17905/05/2021

Frank is no Gloria Monty or Jill Farren Phelps!!

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 18005/05/2021

Thanks a lot R177, now I've gone down the Helena rabbit hole. It was criminal how good that storyline was.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 18105/05/2021

r179 and r180 have drunk too many Tan-O-tinis

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 18205/05/2021

I'd love to know if anyone else was considered for Alexis. She and Michael should have sex, odds being they'd both end up dead.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 18305/05/2021

R181 = THIS is how Teenagers and Talent USED to be on GH.....Nicolas (only weeks on the job).....Compare this acting to the lousy Cameron and boring Joss....

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 18405/05/2021

R183 = I think the role was created with NLG in mind. She was coming off the cancellation of Santa Barbara and had been there for years so she had clout on Day One...They wanted an established actor and she fit the bill. Also (as previously covered) they mixed her up with Luke--a pairing that thankfully never stuck).

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 18505/05/2021


Constance was 65 in that clip! She looked amazing!!!

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 18605/05/2021


fuck in that clip, Laura and real Lulu(Julie Marie Berman) really looked like each other

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 18705/05/2021

I thought that Alexis and Luke would've made an interesting couple.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 18805/05/2021

Cam is the worst young actor ever. Joss is the worst younger actress. They should be embarrassed at themselves. Get rid of them.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 18905/05/2021

Dear Nelson Branco: Shut The Fuck up. Thank you!

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 19005/05/2021

I wonder what ever happened to the original Josslyn, the one with the weird corn obsession who played her very dark, almost Wednesday Addams-like. I much preferred that vibe to the wholesome clean-teen Malibu Barbie Josslyn. The other version played especially well off of the darkly conniving, nerdishly evil young Spencer.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 19105/05/2021

JPS gets a new show, but plans on continuing with GH:

[quote]Stuart was quick to jump in to assure his fans that this new venture would not affect his ABC soap role, “We film 15 minutes from the GH stage so, should the show get picked up for series, and while it would create scheduling headaches for some very cool people, I have no plans to hang up Valentin’s dancing shoes any time soon.”

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 19205/06/2021

Who cares about Atkins lifer JPS, I'm waiting for the frau heads to explode over GL alum Kimberly J. Brown as NuRobin.

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 19305/06/2021

Good for JPS, hope his show gets picked up.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 19405/06/2021

JPS is one of the best things about GH these days. Congrats to him for getting the pilot. Hope GH figures out how to keep him around.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 19505/06/2021

How wonderful for him.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 19605/06/2021

Is the role of Robin Scorpio being recast?

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 19705/06/2021

Are we having a Nurses Ball this year?

GH usually does it in May, although the pandemic production shutdown pushed last year's Nurses Ball to August.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 19805/06/2021

I can't imagine Robin being recast and we always wonder who these mystery castings are and they are NEVER who we want them to be! They are always some one without any history to the show

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 19905/06/2021

Lady Geary is such a curmudgeonly cunt.

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 20005/06/2021

When this thread gets pay-walled (which could be soon) I'm going to revert back to the "Dateline Port Charles" format to help make it easier to find. Alright?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 20105/06/2021

Thanks OP/r201.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 20205/06/2021

WTF happened to Kin Shriner

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 20305/06/2021

Kin got FAT!

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 20405/06/2021

I mentioned on another thread, if Kimberly McCollough makes it clear on social media that it was her choice not to return, fans "might" accept and respect it. As she seems to be focusing on directing, now, maybe Disney/ABC/GH can agree to throw her some directing assignments to get her cooperation.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 20505/06/2021

R200 Here is the music video

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 20605/06/2021

The show has so many fraus that they had to put one of them in a coma. They're not going to bring back another frau Robin, whether KMcC plays her or not

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 20705/06/2021

R207 Since it appears that Brit has only returned for a set amount of time, and Cyrus' run as GH CEO is coming to an end, I could see them bring Robin in as the new Chief of Staff. Have Monica decide that she doesn't want to be reinstated.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 20805/06/2021

I never understood why Valentin didn't take Helenas maiden name (Romanov). He is not a Cassadine, despite thinking he was. Why subject Charlotte to a family name she isn't a part of? By the way--Charlottes Grandmother Laura was married to her uncle Stavros--so wait until that crazy turns into a teenager.

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 20905/06/2021

I missed the entire Charlotte storyline. How did she come to be?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 210Last Friday at 4:15 AM

Just saw the CDC poster in the scene with Anna. I was surprised to see that Covid exists in Port Charles.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 211Last Friday at 11:17 AM

Ditto, R211. I paused on that scene to see if I could read the particulars, but it didn't really help. I think it might have been vaccination campaign related, like a little subliminal PSA?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 212Last Friday at 4:57 PM

I DETEST the character of Carly but she has been good the last couple of days and I hate to say she’s looking beautiful.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 213Last Friday at 6:03 PM

The Finn/Chase dynamics are creeping me out and I hate their scenes together. If Chris and Dan weren't going to write Jackie and Gregory more heavily into the story, then they should never have gone there in the first place.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 214Last Saturday at 3:19 AM

Kimberly J. Brown isn't playing Robin. She starts next week and is likely the nurse that Peter is hiring to spy on Maxie.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 215Last Saturday at 11:11 PM

R215 Probably, I didn’t know when she was starting. They should’ve just got Barbara Garrick to come on as her OLTL character Allison Perkins. She was fabulous and her history would’ve fit perfectly. She is one of the top evil loonies in the history of soaps.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 216Last Saturday at 11:17 PM

R214 = You are spot on.....Watching Finn tell Elizabeth he has to "save his son" --- is cringeworthy. I heard a rumor that Willow is going to be preggers--not know who the daddy is---and Finn is going to fix the DNA test to help Chase get Willow....Time will tell...

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 217Last Sunday at 12:46 AM

Is there a link to the next thread anywhere? I searched for anything with the word "Dateline" and couldn't find any new thread. TIA

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 218Last Sunday at 8:03 AM

Did Willow and Chase have sex? If so, I missed that episode.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 219Last Sunday at 10:03 AM

Willow and Chase have slept together. I think they lived together at some point?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 220Last Sunday at 11:01 AM

R220 I think the poster meant, recently so as to be the possible father of a Willow baby. I don't remember that happening.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 221Last Sunday at 11:12 AM

I can’t believe Frank allows KSt to appear like that on camera.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 222Last Sunday at 7:33 PM

It's either looking like that or Meth.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 223Last Sunday at 8:06 PM

Frank is gay. He cares about his men, not women.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 224Last Sunday at 8:55 PM

LW is probably encouraging KSt to continue to look like that as long as she's sharing scenes with WR.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 225Last Sunday at 10:21 PM

If Willow and Chase slept together after one of their recent dates, they sure as hell didn't show it or even talk about it. On the other hand, Sasha sure looked nervous and acted all dodgy when she ran into Brando at the hospital. She's probably the preggo.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 226Last Sunday at 11:08 PM

If Willow and Chase slept together after one of their recent dates, they sure as hell didn't show it or even talk about it. On the other hand, Sasha sure looked nervous and acted all dodgy when she ran into Brando at the hospital. She's probably the preggo.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 227Last Sunday at 11:09 PM

The actor who plays Brando better be saving his money. I know he isn't on contract but his days are numbered. Watching his scenes trying to pretend his Flamboyant son Dev was straight is a testament to how bad this show will avoid dealing with blatantly gay actors...

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 228Last Sunday at 11:48 PM

I'm surprised they didn't make Brando or Sasha a child of Cyrus. But they also didn't follow through with Dev being gay and in love with Cam, or Joss being groomed by her crush, mild-mannered school teacher Dustin.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 229Last Monday at 3:13 AM

Scorpio isn't mentioned in the spoilers for the week of Sean Donely's storyline.

I suspect Tristan done got himself into some hot water with the comments about WR being miscast as a villain. ITA with TR.

Will we ever be rid of WR?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 230Last Monday at 3:50 AM

Wes eats my snatch. He ain’t going anywhere.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 231Last Monday at 3:58 AM

WOW. I'm caught up with last week's episodes. I get the Cameron hate now. Haven't seen acting THAT bad in a minute.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 232Last Monday at 4:48 AM

The one who plays Cam is horrible. I laugh at his ‘acting’.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 233Last Monday at 6:56 AM

The actor playing the mob goon that Cyrus stabbed looked just like a younger version him.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 234Last Monday at 9:24 AM

Wlliam Lipton was impressive when he first started. Showed potential of being a really good actor.

Don't know what's happened, but in the past six months, his performances have been going downhill. The past two weeks of threatening Jason, and then picking up the gun and being interogated by the police were shockingly bad.

Has the show fired the acting coach they had for the teen set? Did they even have an acting coach before?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 235Last Monday at 12:49 PM

R235 I think it's because he is very much in the old All-American mold like Tony Dow as Wally Cleaver, he isn't a James Dean Rebel Without a Cause type. They are just trying to have him fit the story, rather than craft a story to fit him.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 236Last Monday at 1:25 PM

This is the reason why Steve Burton only blew up as Jason after AJ ran the character into a tree. Soap fans want heartthrobs with an edge. They want Jagger Cates or Sonny Corinthos or Luke Spencer. Those freshly scrubbed good guys always get screwed over.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 237Last Monday at 3:58 PM

They had an acting coach for many years but I’m not sure what happened to him. I remember quite a few actors mentioning him in articles. His name is John Homa.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 238Last Monday at 4:41 PM

I Googled John Homa, R238, because your post reminded me of him and made me wonder if he was dead, retired, or simply replaced by that greatest of all actors and mentors Maurice Benard. His website mentions him being at GH for 18 years, but didn't note start/end dates, so I couldn't suss out whether his departure coincided with the beginning of everyone having to praise Mo for his advice, attention, support, etc. In any case, Mr. Homa is alive and still an acting coach.

On a side note, my search results also revealed that his son is Max Homa, a PGA golfer who won the 2021 Genesis Invitational tournament at Riviera Country Club, after which host Tiger Woods crashed the sponsor's SUV.

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 239Last Monday at 6:07 PM

GH was genuinely creepy today. That scene with Peter disposing the real Chloe's belongings in the dumpster, with the assumption that she's in one of those trash bags. Reminiscent of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer......There's no going back now!

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 240Last Monday at 10:33 PM

R240 if he lasts past the end of May I’m going to be upset. Even though I find WR hot(I just watched Latter Days) I want Peter gone!

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 241Last Monday at 10:53 PM

Will the ringer nurse turn out to be evil? Is she even a nurse at all, or just a spy?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 242Last Monday at 10:57 PM

How soon till they age Sams brats?.....If it's anything like their GHs other teenagers Danny will be super feminine but have a "crush" on Joss?....Video Clip = Jake and Cameron proving GH hires GAYS to play STRAIGHT ROLES but they are too effeminate to pull it off.....LoL

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 243Last Monday at 11:28 PM

If Hudson West (Jake Webber) was smart he would come out and try to get "gay teenager" roles from the publicity. He needs an agent because he isn't going to be famous staying on GH. Even people who can act (like Nathan Parson or Bryan Craig) are not landing starring roles...

Offsite Link
by O Fortuna Cremorareply 244Last Tuesday at 12:15 AM


FUCK Cam is flaming in that clip

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 245Last Tuesday at 1:04 AM

R245 = I know....That's why I posted it...Cam used to really girl it up....

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 246Last Tuesday at 1:18 AM

Wait...who's "the real Chloe" R240?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 247Last Tuesday at 4:32 AM

No need to age Sam’s brats. Send them off screen along with her. KM is miserable.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 248Last Tuesday at 5:39 AM

I am almost close to being able to tolerate Jason, thanks to Britt.

I was hoping for a Floating Rib-type explosion at the Corinthos home when Carly and mini-Carly were having their ♥️to❤️ In the kitchen. Those scenes annoy me.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 249Last Tuesday at 8:15 AM

I’m never one to say someone is gay just because of their mannerisms. Also, many straight Gen Z guys act in ways we might consider “flaming.” I think that generation is going to screw up any use of gaydar.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 250Last Tuesday at 8:22 AM

Yeah, who's the real Chloe? Anybody?

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 251Last Tuesday at 11:26 AM

Sorry Jordan, every Police Commissioner of Port Charles, including you, has been shit for years, regardless of race. Every single one of you have failed to keep the city safe from mobsters and international terrorists.

Also, I'm tired of the "trope" that white kids aren't told to be respectful of cops. Is it some kind of upper-middle class white thing? I was told to ALWAYS be respectful and compliant. I was never told, oh it'll be alright because you are white. No, I was told be respectful and compliant because they have guns and can use them, it's better to fight a charge later than be dead. Last year 457 white people were shot dead by cops, 241 blacks. By focusing on race instead of the overall high rate of cop shootings/killings, I think we are retarding reform rather than marching toward it. Because you are telling white people, it's just a black problem instead of just being a problem which affects everyone.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 252Last Tuesday at 6:29 PM

The Portia and Jordan scenes were extremely well written yesterday. Same with Cameron and Trina. Good stuff.

by O Fortuna Cremorareply 253Yesterday at 2:53 AM
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