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Tasteful Friends: Palace in the Sky in Las Vegas

$15 million buys a lot of tackiness.

Offsite Link
by Liberace's Ghostreply 32Last Friday at 6:36 PM

Article on it...

Offsite Link
by Liberace's Ghostreply 1Last Wednesday at 5:57 PM

Cristal Conners would love it. But I don't think her "real nice settlement" would even cover the property taxes.

by Liberace's Ghostreply 2Last Wednesday at 6:00 PM

*Cristal CONNORS

by Liberace's Ghostreply 3Last Wednesday at 6:01 PM

$4500/month HOA. Nope.

by Liberace's Ghostreply 4Last Wednesday at 6:02 PM

It's broadcasting Mariah Carey vibes.

by Liberace's Ghostreply 5Last Wednesday at 6:02 PM

Looks more like an event space than a home. Can you rent it out for weddings and bar mitzvahs?

by Liberace's Ghostreply 6Last Wednesday at 6:05 PM eyes!

by Liberace's Ghostreply 7Last Wednesday at 6:14 PM

It is very classy and beautiful. It remind me of lady architect training house in Ljubljana.

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by Liberace's Ghostreply 8Last Wednesday at 6:19 PM

It’s perfect. I’LL TAKE IT!!

by Liberace's Ghostreply 9Last Wednesday at 6:26 PM


by Liberace's Ghostreply 10Last Wednesday at 6:35 PM

My vision of hell is on sale for 15 million, apparently

by Liberace's Ghostreply 11Last Wednesday at 6:55 PM

It’s the ultimate white trash palace in the sky in a city disproportionately devoted to white trash clientele

by Liberace's Ghostreply 12Last Wednesday at 7:17 PM

It would be the perfect setting for a Drag Race spinoff where the queens live together and cunt around all day long.

by Liberace's Ghostreply 13Last Wednesday at 7:19 PM

Was it furnished by Fortunoff?

by Liberace's Ghostreply 14Last Wednesday at 7:28 PM

Even the Jersey Shore crew would find that place tacky.

by Liberace's Ghostreply 15Last Wednesday at 8:00 PM

Words fail to describe this dumpster fire. It looks like Biff's interior designer from the bad timeline did it.

by Liberace's Ghostreply 16Last Wednesday at 8:50 PM

It's dreadful. It can probably be remade into something nice.

by Liberace's Ghostreply 17Last Wednesday at 8:58 PM

Those people have no taste. I, on the other hand, know tasteful, classy decor.

Offsite Link
by Liberace's Ghostreply 18Last Wednesday at 9:25 PM

Funny you should say that, Don. I was just about to ask if the place was your personal pied-à-terre in Vegas, since it's just that tasteful.

Full of 100% certified Trump-level taste*

by Liberace's Ghostreply 19Last Wednesday at 11:45 PM

Well, if they ever decide to film an American version of Sartre's Huis Clos, they'll know just where to shoot.

Second Empire, hold my beer!

by Liberace's Ghostreply 20Last Wednesday at 11:52 PM

You win, OP. I think this is the most awful place we've ever seen in "Tasteful Friends" -- particularly in view of the price/ repugnance ratio.

by Liberace's Ghostreply 21Last Thursday at 12:05 AM

Proof that wealth and taste are strange bedfellows.

by Liberace's Ghostreply 22Last Thursday at 12:22 AM

Thats a hell no from me. Its could have been really nice for 15 mil....... it wasnt

by Liberace's Ghostreply 23Last Thursday at 2:55 AM

Is the city of Las Vegas worth it to buy a panthouse to live in? I wouldn't want to live next to a casino full of drunk and hookers.

by Liberace's Ghostreply 24Last Thursday at 3:02 AM

Liberace just took a spin

by Liberace's Ghostreply 25Last Thursday at 3:51 AM

I do like the chandeliers.

by Liberace's Ghostreply 26Last Thursday at 4:04 AM

R26 I dont - and I'm normally a big fan of chandeliers, would happily have one in every room in the house including the shitter.

But these ones are UGLY, just like everything else in this tackorama in the sky.

I think I saw a dining suite in one pic that MAY be OK, but I'd have to see a better pic.

Its a gut job for me

by Liberace's Ghostreply 27Last Thursday at 1:42 PM

My first thought was Mag-A-Lardo West.

by Liberace's Ghostreply 28Last Thursday at 1:48 PM

R27 - I think it would be a gut job for 99% of the planet. I don't understand the thinking behind creating a space that is this personal, and permanent -- half the "art" in there are tile fucking murals -- and then turn around and try and sell it shortly after it is finished. Did they have a sudden reversal of fortune? Just get bored? Really think their tased is so refined and universal that there would be a bidding war? I'm just confused.

by Liberace's Ghostreply 29Last Friday at 11:10 AM

This is beautiful place!

by Liberace's Ghostreply 30Last Friday at 11:14 AM

Who the fuck owns this shit shack?

by Liberace's Ghostreply 31Last Friday at 6:26 PM

Think of the hookers you could kill there!

by Liberace's Ghostreply 32Last Friday at 6:36 PM
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