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UK royals in TV head-to-head with Prince Harry and Meghan

LONDON (Reuters) - Queen Elizabeth and other senior British royals will appear in a TV programme to discuss the importance of the Commonwealth on the same day that Oprah Winfrey's interview of her grandson Prince Harry and his wife Meghan is aired.

For almost 50 years, the royal family have attended an annual Commonwealth Day service at London's Westminster Abbey in March, but it has been cancelled this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead, the 94-year-old monarch, who heads the association of 54 nations, will deliver a televised message as part of a programme entitled "A Celebration for Commonwealth Day", which will be broadcast on the BBC on March 7, the Abbey said.

There will also be contributions from heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles and from the next in line, Prince William, with his wife Kate.

That means it will air hours before Harry and Meghan's much anticipated tell-all, their first in-depth interview since they moved to the United States, will be broadcast on CBS.

Winfrey's scoop comes at a time when the couple have been making international headlines with the announcement that they are expecting a second child and news that they are quitting their royal roles for good.

"We are so pleased that this rich and vibrant BBC programme with the Royal Family and the Abbey at its heart will celebrate our global connections at a time when we are all so physically isolated," said David Hoyle, the Dean of Westminster.

Harry and Meghan attended the Commonwealth Day service in person last year. It was their final official royal engagement before they moved to Los Angeles and stepped away from official duties, a decision that sent shockwaves through the monarchy.

Last week, Buckingham Palace announced that the couple would not be returning and that their treasured royal patronages would revert to the queen and be distributed among other family members.

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by Anonymousreply 16910 hours ago

This should be interesting.

I think the Queen is over playing her hand.

It will be quite embarrassing if Harry and Meghan beat out the BRF in the ratings.

by Anonymousreply 1Last Monday at 11:19 PM

OP: I started a similar thread hours ago, but I won't be obnoxious and and refer you to it. But definitely a worthy topic. Let's hear it for the queen.

by Anonymousreply 2Last Monday at 11:22 PM

It's a showdown, bitches!!!

The Queen vs. The Duchess.

Can't wait!

by Anonymousreply 3Last Monday at 11:27 PM

You could be right that the Queen might be overplaying her hand, R1. I can easily imagine the familiar old lady talking about the Commonwealth being beaten many times over in the viewership by Harry and Meghan's latest antics. That being said, I hope that the royals aren't consciously trying to play Meghan's game, because they will lose it every time. Meghan is an absolute narcissist who will stoop to any depth, so the House of Windsor would do well to remember the adage about fighting a pig in mud.

by Anonymousreply 4Last Monday at 11:30 PM

Or it could be this was already planned and M&O are the ones with the ulterior motive.

by Anonymousreply 5Last Monday at 11:33 PM

Who are M&O?

by Anonymousreply 6Last Monday at 11:37 PM

Not watching them. All cunts. Useless cunts

by Anonymousreply 7Last Monday at 11:39 PM

The air date and time of Her Majesty and the other senior royals promoting Commonwealth Day in the UK will be on the afternoon of 7 March. Oprah's interview with the Harkles will air the following day (8 March) in the U.K.

Oprah's interview with the Harkles will air in the U.S. on Sunday evening, the 7th of March. And the queen and other senior royals won't appear on U.S. television (other than maybe on a newscast), so the two television appearance won't be going head-to-head opposite each other.

by Anonymousreply 8Last Monday at 11:44 PM

[quote] the two television appearance(s) won't be going head-to-head opposite each other.

Lucky for the BRF.

They would have gotten smashed in the ratings.

by Anonymousreply 9Last Monday at 11:47 PM

I would not expect anything hard-hitting from Oprah. She tried shock tactics years ago with the Michael Jackson exposé, and she was the one who ended up having a pretty bad fallout from that. This image will be the "authentic self" Oprah from years gone by.

by Anonymousreply 10Last Monday at 11:58 PM

The content matters, not the ratings

by Anonymousreply 11Last Monday at 11:58 PM

So we have the Queen and the Royal Family talking about something they deeply care about, the Commonwealth, and Meghan talking about the only thing she cares about: herself.

I know which one I'd prefer to watch.

by Anonymousreply 12Last Tuesday at 12:02 AM

[quote] So we have the Queen and the Royal Family talking about something they deeply care about, the Commonwealth, and Meghan talking about the only thing she cares about: herself.

Has anyone asked me how I'M doing, R11?

You selfish bastard.

by Anonymousreply 13Last Tuesday at 12:08 AM

The Queen and the rest will be spouting their regular drivel about the importance of the Commonwealth which has likely been planned for months as they generally are. And the other two eejits can spout their drivel on the other side of the Atlantic. The day will pass the tabloids will have their fun about 5% of the population will be up in arms one way or another and the rest will probably not really spend more than a few seconds even thinking about it.

by Anonymousreply 14Last Tuesday at 12:21 AM

Excuse the lack of comma. ^

by Anonymousreply 15Last Tuesday at 12:22 AM

"Eejits": are you Irish, R14?

by Anonymousreply 16Last Tuesday at 12:24 AM

If he were Irish, he would have said "Ye fookin eejits!"

by Anonymousreply 17Last Tuesday at 12:27 AM

No one from the BRF has picked up the phone once to ask if Markle is okay. She's gonna reign holy terror when she talks with Oprah.

by Anonymousreply 18Last Tuesday at 12:32 AM

The intended audience for Oprah's interview is American.

No American gives a shit about the Queen's Commonwealth speech. No US station is going to play the speech.

by Anonymousreply 19Last Tuesday at 12:54 AM

I won't be watching the Commonwealth program, since I'm American. I'll probably watch parts of it on Youtube, though, since I enjoy The Queen's speeches. I can barely stand to watch a minute of the Sussexes without recoiling in horror and second-hand embarrassment. The Queen has been one of the few constant figures in my life, especially since my older relatives are all dead. I can respect and admire her without being a Monarchist. I found myself comforted by her brief words regarding the COVID Crisis.

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by Anonymousreply 20Last Tuesday at 12:55 AM

Give me a fucking break. I love The Queen, but the only speeches of hers I've ever watched are her annual Christmas speeches, and her Diana rememberance...maybe her speech following the London terrorist attack in 2005.

The average person doesn't give a fuck about the Commonwealth (certainly no American). The Oprah interview will be huge, regardless of how one feels about the Sussexes.

by Anonymousreply 21Last Tuesday at 1:33 AM

Oooh catfight! Delish.

by Anonymousreply 22Last Tuesday at 1:45 AM

Harry and Meghan are young, charismatic and sexy. The Queen can’t fight that.

by Anonymousreply 23Last Tuesday at 1:48 AM

I can't imagine Meghan and Harry knew the timing of this TV appearance, and I doubt Oprah's production company even looked into it, because as others have said, the intended audience is American. They aren't going head-to-head and aren't even airing that close to each other; this feels like a strained attempt to generate controversy.

by Anonymousreply 24Last Tuesday at 1:52 AM

^^exactly. Harkles PR are known fior straining, though, because there's no there there

by Anonymousreply 25Last Tuesday at 1:57 AM

Whatever. In their earnest attempts to gain sympathy and understanding, you just know the Sussexes will dig themselves in ever deeper. They can't do right for doing wrong at this point.

by Anonymousreply 26Last Tuesday at 2:02 AM

I should imagine that Oprah's offering is to help heal the huge tear that has happened to H&M's reputation. A tear I attribute more to haters, rumor mongers & envious crazies than to H&M themselves. I can not imagine H&M would do some sort of "we don't need the Royal Family for anything, we can do whatever we want, so there" TV expose. I don't think either of them are careless enough to burn that particular bridge.

by Anonymousreply 27Last Tuesday at 2:13 AM

Commonwealth Day is always the same day every year. Harry and Megs knew well ahead of time what day that would be. The Queen's program has been in the works for months, obviously she was going to do something.

The Oprah program is not being broadcast in the UK. The DM says that ITV is in the lead bidding for it but it hasn't been sewn up yet. There is no broadcast date for the UK yet. Obviously, they will know what Harry and Megs said and many will watch online.

The Oprah show will be flashier but the Queen and the royals will win in the end. Brenda knows her business, as she demonstrated last Friday.

It looks as though the old Duke's about to shuffle off this mortal coil. The sympathy for the Queen will be overwhelming.

by Anonymousreply 28Last Tuesday at 2:55 AM

There are st least 5 existing threads on which this bloody topic is being discussed. What the fuck is wrong with you lot?! Can't count? Can't read?!

And the Queen isn't playing a hand. The Commonwealth programme was planned weeks ago. The RF did6know about the Oprah interview and weren't supposed to know. It was another nasty trick the two kind, compassionate, living, noble Sussexes planned to play on HM.

Unfortunately, ITV got wind of the interview and leaked it. The Queen's response wasn't the Commonwealth programme, which was already planned and s scheduled, but the announcement of the removal of all the couple's remaining royal connections.

Which, of course, the two nasty shites also knew about, but somehow forgot to mention to Oprah during filming, making refilming necessary.

The ratings will be what the ratings will be. But as for "overplaying her hand", please.

One day Meghan will be over, because that's how celebrity works. The Queen will die part of history and the monarchy will still be there.

Those are the only ratings that count in the long term.

by Anonymousreply 29Last Tuesday at 3:10 AM

In my semi-defense, r29, I didn't go looking for all the Harry and Meghan threads and pick one. This was the first (and so far only) one I've seen about this. It was just there in the "recent" threads list.

by Anonymousreply 30Last Tuesday at 3:17 AM

R23 Exactly how is 40 "young"?

And in Britain, the Sussex's charisma has for some reason fallen curiously flat.

Balding snaggle-toothed lecturing Harry has the charisma of a garden slug these days.

His only charisma is the one Meghan married him for: Prince in front of his name and Windsor after it.

She couldn't get more than one decent acting job in her entire career. That's how sexy and charismatic she was.

She'll be 40 this August.

The whole point about the monarchy is that it isn't about one person or politics or charisma or youth. It survived and recovered without Diana who had 100 times Meghan's looks and charisma and who was younger when she died than Meghan is now.

That's what Meghan never got. She's unable to get that.

Because if it isn't all about Meghan it's not worth the effort.

Ratings are temporary measures of temporary celebrity.

The monarchy isn't. Hence, Meghan's total unsuitability for royal life.

by Anonymousreply 31Last Tuesday at 3:23 AM

R30 all you have to do is look down the list after searching for Meghan. There are at least two with Oprah and Interview in the thread title.

by Anonymousreply 32Last Tuesday at 3:25 AM

R32, I've been a DLer for more than 20 years. I know how to do a search if I'm looking for something. I wasn't, most people aren't. We take the threads as we find them.

by Anonymousreply 33Last Tuesday at 3:30 AM

I love that the old broad is wading into the mix! Good for her! Of course, Meghan and Harry will win the ratings. But don't the RF gives a damn about that. It's a shot across the bow: Don't fuck with me, fellas!

Choosing March 7 is bitchy, petty, and glorious!

by Anonymousreply 34Last Tuesday at 3:37 AM

You all should kill each other in a battle Royale! (Tee hee).

by Anonymousreply 35Last Tuesday at 3:37 AM

What r31 said.

I'll watch the Oprah interview. I won't watch the Commonwealth program and I adore Q E II.

That alone, however, is the most damning thing about the Sussexes.

They've nailed their flag to the mast as "celebrities" and I'm unabashedly shallow enough to want to see and experience the brief sugar high of the momentary spectacle.

Q E II, however, endures. And when she dies, and assuming I outlive her, through my TV, I'll be front and center, watching every single moment of her funeral.

by Anonymousreply 36Last Tuesday at 3:55 AM

It's not so much a face-off as the most radiant contrast in destinies imaginable. The Commonwealth programme will feature The Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William: the line of succession in full unarguable majesty. History past present and future. Deep continuity.

Harry and Meghan will - having rejected any role in the above - engage in a chat show with a famous rich American media star, to enhance their brand as misunderstood Royal renegades. Old World contrasted with New World most vividly.

It's possible that in talking largely about Themselves, rather than the vast body of Other People which is The Queen's beloved Commonwealth, Harry and Meghan will attract a strong amount of negative criticism. If their advisers thought they were being clever with this timing, it could well backfire.

by Anonymousreply 37Last Tuesday at 3:57 AM

Yet again, I must point out that the Commonwealth programme was planned for that date long ago. You think the BBC changes dates on a whim?

The way the Queen waded was through the announcement about removal of the royal patronages and military appointments and the Commonwealth positions.

The Sussexes knew that was coming down the pike, and hoped to get ahead of it with the Oprah programme air before it was made public. Everyone knows Commonwealth Day is the second Monday in March, that was no secret. That's why the Sussexes wanted the interview to air the day before. But it's also why the BRF's programme was scheduled for the day before, well in advance of Harry's and Meghan's nasty little attempt to blindside the Queen again.

They got caught this time. They also apparently lied to Oprah, talking about their "work" back in Britain with their royal patronages and then acting shocked and hurt when, after the interview, the truth was made known. They've know all year that the likelihood of them retaining those without returning as full-time working royals was slim to none. They just kept leaking stories about how eager they were to "work" in Britain representing "the Queen's values" when they knew all the time the stories were empty air.

So they lied to the Queen, lied to the public, and lied to Oprah. This time, they got caught, and the only way the Queen "waded in" was to drop the royal connections bomb before they could get in front of the story with their secret interview.

The Queen doesn't give a damn about ratings. In point of fact, the monarchy only matters in Britain. And in Britain, in the ratings game, William, the Queen, and Kate occupy the top three positions of favour with the UK public.

Omid Scobie, Meghan's personal lapdog, has been telling the world for months that Harry and Meghan were planning to return to Britain to work with their royal patronages, and, of course, would be attending stuff like the Trooping the Colour and Remembrance Day.

The only way Meghan Markle gets back on the balcony of Buck House after this last atrocious trick she tried to play on the Queen is if there's a rope from which Meghan is dangling whilst Princess Anne stands over it with a sharp knife.

Yeah, the ratings on 7 March will likely in America go to the Harkles.

Everything else down the years goes to the monarchy, and especially to William and Kate.

by Anonymousreply 38Last Tuesday at 3:57 AM

Oh noes, "head to head" same day, hours apart, on different continents, on channels which broadcast on both network TV and internet? Wow, this could have been a real showdown LAST CENTURY.

In reality the vast majority of people in both the UK and US will watch neither, a bunch will watch one, a sliver will watch both, and most who catch any of it will only watch a few snippets of each.

by Anonymousreply 39Last Tuesday at 4:01 AM

How's this for "ratings"? 49% of the UK public think Harry should be removed from the line of succession (he won't be, I assure you, unless he surrenders his place volunatarily), with the Don't Know's and Nays splitting the other half nearly evenly.

So much for sexy young charisma.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 40Last Tuesday at 4:03 AM

I enjoyed reading your post, r38.

Still, I hope you're not letting Prince Harry off the hook. I see him as having as much, if not more, blame than Markle.

by Anonymousreply 41Last Tuesday at 4:03 AM

Or this for ratings, the survey taken by YouGov in October 2020, just four months ago, and that's BEFORE the nasty little interview and insult response.

The BRF know which ratings matter. And it isn't one evening with Oprah.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 42Last Tuesday at 4:06 AM

R39 - I suspect you're right on that score. Americans care far less about Meghan and Harry than they care to admit, which is why one television executive candidly said this interview was their one chance to prove to entities like Netflix that they've got real drawing power. The American audience was really always their target, it's where the money is. The Sussexes know they are toast in Britain.

Americans also have a great deal else on their minds these days, and that goes for Britons, as well. It remains to be seen how much celebrity two whingeing, complaining, exhaustingly self-absorbed, lecturing, preening duo can muster beyond the latest fracas with the royal family. I've long suspected that they deliberately generate those conflicts because without them, the reminders of their royalty will fade increasingly. They can't any longer utilise working with the family to remind the world of their royalty, so they have to use conflict with the BRF to do so.

I also suspect that the Queen, particularly, is well aware of this and why she has insisted that for the most part, the BRF not Feed the Beast with responses to every nasty leak by the Sussexes.

It is the Sussexes who want to keep this battle going, it's the source of their celebrity. No one cares what they think about climate change, motherhood, philanthropy, etc. The real test will be how much interest they generate AFTER it becomes clear that they no longer have any public connection to things Royal. And you'll be able to gauge that if the Sussexes, despite knowing it's all over for them in Britain and with the BRF, keep flogging the dead horse because when they stop, no one pays attention to them.

by Anonymousreply 43Last Tuesday at 4:19 AM

Yeah, I for one think this interview will be kind of "it" for Harry and Meghan as far as the royal connection, except for future funerals. They really need to move on.

by Anonymousreply 44Last Tuesday at 4:32 AM

Harry, in all likelihood, will see 4 monarchs in his lifetime. Grandson, Son, Brother and Uncle to one.

They will never strip him of his HRH status because of that. He will be a constant familial thorn in the side of each of them. Just like the Duke of Windsor, Harry will court popular support, regardless of his wife, for many years to come. Simply, because he will always be Diana's son.

by Anonymousreply 45Last Tuesday at 5:12 AM

Another sex pest relative of the Queen's - from the maternal line, proving that it's not just the Windsor genes that are defective.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 46Last Tuesday at 5:26 AM

All eyes are on Megan. That woman is fascinating for whatever reason. Out with the old, in with the new.

by Anonymousreply 47Last Tuesday at 5:36 AM

No, r46, the royals are above reproach! It's just the ones that refuse to bow before them like Harry and Meghan that are the problem! The royal bloodline means they can never be sex pests or pedophiles, as they own all the people they molest! You cannot scold one for soiling one's own undergarments!

by Anonymousreply 48Last Tuesday at 5:37 AM

Close enough, R17. Someone from Dublin might say "Yez fookin' eejits" and a person from outside Dublin would say "Ye fuckin' eejits".

by Anonymousreply 49Last Tuesday at 5:38 AM

[quote]Ratings are temporary measures of temporary celebrity.

Basically, the only numbers that matter are regnal numbers, like William V and George VII*.

*Yes, I know that you can choose another name as your regnal name, but that's not going to happen in the PR age. Also, I know that it's far from a foregone conclusion that the monarchy will still be around when George's time comes - on the contrary.

by Anonymousreply 50Last Tuesday at 5:44 AM

[quote] It was another nasty trick the two kind, compassionate, living, noble Sussexes planned to play on HM.


by Anonymousreply 51Last Tuesday at 6:10 AM

Haha Meghan is Harry's dream come true!

I don't think that he could have chosen a better spouse to STICK IT to his family.

I'm sure he's loving all the drama and controversy. He hates his family.

by Anonymousreply 52Last Tuesday at 6:11 AM

LOL, R1... you think this about ratings?

The Queen doesn't do ratings. That's Megantoinette's value system.

This is about the contrast between what the Royal Family talks about and what the Thenardiers talk about.

by Anonymousreply 53Last Tuesday at 6:17 AM

[quote] This is about the contrast between what the Royal Family talks about and what the Thenardiers talk about.

In the UK.

But in the US, it's about ratings.

by Anonymousreply 54Last Tuesday at 6:26 AM

Could you perhaps tell me how a ratings war is conducted when one side isn't shown?

by Anonymousreply 55Last Tuesday at 10:13 AM

The UK media is currently in a bidding war for the Oprah interview. I have said previously the UK tabloids and the BRFs behaviour would fuel the interest. It's basic psychology. They engaged a neutral or indifferent audience. That audience now will watch the interview. The queen has memes being made of her calling her Petty Betty. The rescheduling is being seen as petty. The BRF played this wrong.

by Anonymousreply 56Last Tuesday at 10:25 AM

Unless Meghan spills some really salacious gossip, Americans aren’t going to care that much.

by Anonymousreply 57Last Tuesday at 10:55 AM

R57 - That's the sticking point around which all the discussion spins. The audience wants salacious gossip. Salacious gossip is risky and could seriously backfire on the Harkles, who are (publicly, anyway) really interested in pushing themselves forward as being "relevant" in their own right.

If they cross certain lines, there won't be, any longer, and pretence of welcoming the pair as private members of the family; Charles will cut Harry and his children out of his Will (and do not think for a moment that however much money the Harkles make, they won't resent that); and they won't be able to cross the street in Britain without someone booing or throwing something.

It's my belief that the last remaining shreds of Harry's lines to his family are hanging in the balance.

For all their studied calculations, Harry and Meghan seem curiously at the mercy of their demons, unable to figure out when to stop. If they don't stop, the Queen, who still appears to be in good health, in control, and calling the shots for the family to abide by, may just realise that it's time to pull up the drawbridge and let Harry go.

It's fine for Harry and Meghan, but it's awful I think for their two children, who could have had a loving grandfather (Charles is very good with small children), a loving Uncle and Aunt, cousins to play with . . .

On a strictly familial level, it's a tragedy. And it really didn't have to be this way.

by Anonymousreply 58Last Tuesday at 12:55 PM

They didn't play anything. They don't play. The BBC would have scheduled this previously.

by Anonymousreply 59Last Tuesday at 1:02 PM

The Commonwealth Day service, usually attended by about 2,000 people, is one of the highlights of the Queen’s diary. It was due to be held on Monday 8 March, as it has been every year since 1972.

The decision to replace it with a programme on 7 March was said to have been made at the start of February, before the Harry and Meghan interview with Oprah was announced. A Westminster Abbey spokesperson said: “The decision was taken jointly by the abbey, the BBC and the royal household about three weeks ago.”

Worth pointing out Bonnie and Clod were trying to keep the Oprah thing a secret until it leaked accidentally. There is no competition here.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 60Last Tuesday at 1:08 PM

This is a Commonwealth Day special that was scheduled quite a while ago.

Meghan and Harry purposefully chose the Commonwealth Day to air their own special to emphasize how vital they are to that patronage. And now it's gone. If egg is on anyone's face it's on that of the Harkles.

by Anonymousreply 61Last Tuesday at 1:09 PM

It would have to be a very special conspiracy to induce Wesmtinster Abbey and the BBC to collude with the Royal Household get spoil Meghan's big self-immolation. Still, it is a marvellous coincidence... The Royal Family acting with dignity in role and... fill in the blank. I've run out of ways to describe that low end wannabe.

by Anonymousreply 62Last Tuesday at 1:11 PM

If Phillip dies between now and 3/7 will Oprah have to reschedule the supposed tell all? Would look really bad to have Meghan bashing the royal family while they’re grieving.

by Anonymousreply 63Last Tuesday at 1:40 PM

The Commonwealth countries - countries where their people were raped and murdered and pilfered by the British. As soon as the Queen dies, Australia will leave the commonwealth and all the rest will follow.

by Anonymousreply 64Last Tuesday at 1:47 PM

Harry and Meghan may need to re-do their Oprah interview after being stripped of royal roles

Buckingham Palace announced on Friday that both Meghan and Harry have officially quit the Royal Family with the Duke, 36, losing his military titles. The pair were interviewed by Oprah last week – shortly before being stripped of their royal roles. The interview has now been “significantly” edited, the Mirror reported.

A source said: “When the Duke and Duchess spoke, it was never envisaged they would have their patronages taken away. “They didn’t see it coming and spoke as they still had roles to play. “Now, however, other than their titles, they are to have no role in royal life – a point producers know was not discussed when Winfrey spoke to them. “Neither the Sussexes nor the TV crew saw the fallout of their interview leading to this. Harry and Meghan thought they would retain their roles.

“But things have significantly changed for them since they eagerly sat for Winfrey and poured their hearts out.”

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 65Last Tuesday at 1:55 PM

They may want to at least film an "update" with the Oprah. Hoo boy.

by Anonymousreply 66Last Tuesday at 1:57 PM

Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview to be ‘re-edited’ following royal exiit

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 67Last Tuesday at 1:58 PM

Harry and Meghan's Oprah interview to be re-edited as rift widens with Royal Family

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey will be re-edited following their explosive rift with the Royal Family. Given the change of events between last week’s filming and the stripping of their patronages, the televised chat will be re-edited. A source told the Mirror: “When the Duke and Duchess spoke, it was never envisaged they would have their patronages taken away. “They didn’t see it coming and spoke as they still had roles to play. “Now, however, other than their titles, they are to have no role in royal life - a point producers know was not discussed when Winfrey spoke to them.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 68Last Tuesday at 2:03 PM

I fully expect this interview to leak...

by Anonymousreply 69Last Tuesday at 2:04 PM

No way, r69. it will still be in the edit room until 20 minutes before airing.

by Anonymousreply 70Last Tuesday at 2:06 PM

R64 You should do better research. The modern Commonwealth is completely voluntary, and several nations that left asked to be readmitted. It also wasn't all rapinf and pilfering and Australia was settled by Britons and is part of the Anglosphere. If, in its maturity, Australia decides to opt for republican government, I really doubt it would be because of raping and pilfering.

This isn't the Commonwealth of pre-WWII. It really isn't as if you lot are sending tribute of 100 virgins each year for Charles's enjoyment.

by Anonymousreply 71Last Tuesday at 2:44 PM

The Commonwealth nations are all better off for being under the British. I mean have you SEEN the former Spanish nations? Oy vey!

by Anonymousreply 72Last Tuesday at 3:23 PM

Truly, r72. the worst of the worst, though, are the former Belgian colonies. The Congo was left a festering mess by the Belgians and has never really recovered.

by Anonymousreply 73Last Tuesday at 3:37 PM

The Belgians were monstrous.

by Anonymousreply 74Last Tuesday at 3:49 PM

Nope, plenty of countries are in the process of ditching the Commonwealth and the white woman leading the commonwealth.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 75Last Tuesday at 4:39 PM

Sorry r75 most of the Commonwealth countries are happy to stay. It's advantageous for them. They get tons of benefits.

by Anonymousreply 76Last Tuesday at 5:14 PM

Barbados has been leaving rhe Commonwealth for what, 20 years? I think they changed their minds again. Oh well, don't tell earnest R75.

by Anonymousreply 77Last Tuesday at 5:29 PM

They can’t see that future accounts will, I believe, record the Queen as having acted poorly when responding to a grandson who adores her. Mean spirited over magnanimous won the day.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 78Last Tuesday at 5:29 PM

I think I read that there is a big sporting event and one of the awards shows (Critics Choice, perhaps) that will air on the same night and at the same time as the OW interview.

Predictions of huge ratings? I wonder.

I admit to following Sparkle and Dim's antics, but how many other Americans care enough to watch? And 90 minutes?? There are her rabid fans, or course, but how many people is that?

And I won't watch because after watching long ago some of the engagement interview, I turned it off because I didn't like how she was so rudely interrupting Harry. And I found the sound of her voice to be grating and irritating much in the same way I feel about the voice of the recently gone and not lamented you know who politician.

Any comments of note will appear in print any way.

by Anonymousreply 79Last Tuesday at 6:15 PM

r78, read the comments below that article. There's only one commenter out of a few hundred who agrees with the man from the BBC who wrote this simpering article.

by Anonymousreply 80Last Tuesday at 6:45 PM

[quote]If Phillip dies between now and 3/7 will Oprah have to reschedule the supposed tell all? Would look really bad to have Meghan bashing the royal family while they’re grieving.

Honey, that's called ratings and gravy!

by Anonymousreply 81Last Tuesday at 7:02 PM

What could the BRF possibly say that’s interesting?

by Anonymousreply 82Last Tuesday at 8:30 PM

[quote]R58 it's awful I think for their two children, who could have had a loving grandfather (Charles is very good with small children), a loving Uncle and Aunt, cousins to play with

Please. Seriously, how often would they have all seen each other?

It’s not like Kate and Wills went out of their way to socialize when Meghan and Harry were newlyweds.

by Anonymousreply 83Last Tuesday at 8:35 PM

It's not about them being interesting, R82. It's about them being dutiful. It's about public service and working together for global goals over many years. It's actually doing what Harry and Smugs only pretend to do.

I predict this will be a triumph for the Windsors and a ratings boom/personal failure for the Harkles.

England doesn't want its royals on Oprah, it wants them in Westminster Abbey, doing good works.

by Anonymousreply 84Last Tuesday at 8:37 PM

Charles would have been great with the kids, r83. Maybe Meghan and Harry burned most of their other Windsor (and other) family bridges, but Charles and the Queen seem consistently willing to reach out to them with good will.

by Anonymousreply 85Last Tuesday at 8:38 PM

You can trace Harry's weiner in OP's pic, hanging right. He's either wearing boxers, boxer briefs or going commando.

by Anonymousreply 86Last Tuesday at 9:17 PM

Charles great with kids? He doesn't even let his wife see her grandchildren at his house, which is said to be kept like a museum. She has to see them at her own place.

The place to be for royal grandchildren is the Middletons'. If Harry had married someone that Kate and Pippa liked, I bet his family would have been warmly welcomed, giving his kids a childhood of wonderful summers and Christmases.

by Anonymousreply 87Last Tuesday at 9:20 PM

[quote] If Harry had married someone that Kate and Pippa liked, I bet his family would have been warmly welcomed

Give me a fucking break!

Who in the hell are "Kate and Pippa" that they have to give their so-called approval to Harry's choice of a wife.


They're nothing. They're nobody. Their mother is a fucking flight attendant for fucks' sake!!!

by Anonymousreply 88Last Tuesday at 9:41 PM

Lili222 Dlisted. Go to the Latest Sussex article. Posted yesterday. Not the Prince Phillip one posted today. Scroll through and read Lili222 comments. It is one of three hundred Brf trolls identified definitively within the last week. Dlisted is so infested with the Brf trolls that other sites that affiliate with it are openly in the comments section calling it racist. This is occurring on multiple sites. The BRF are pissing off a lot of people with the troll infestation. A lot.

by Anonymousreply 89Last Tuesday at 9:54 PM

No one said the Middleton siblings have to give their approval to Harry's choice of wife, but if they disliked her, they would hardly invite her to their family home or include her in their celebrations, which are good enough for the future king and his children.

by Anonymousreply 90Last Tuesday at 9:58 PM

R88 is a typical sugar - crying about racism and classism but ignorantly displaying their own when it comes to Kate Middleton.

Also, don't let the flight attendant fool you - it's the same myth they tried to pull when they called Diana Spencer a 'commoner'. Carol Middleton is a Goldsmith and her husband also comes from old money, which it is suspected they launder through their party supplies business. Regardless, the Middletons are loaded, and can afford William & Co the luxury and private getaways they need to escape the limelight.

When Harry Met Meghan, observers pointed out that without any real personal fortune (for their standard of living, at least) they would have to rely on the kindness of strangers - and look at them now, hosted by shady Russian oligarchs and god knows who else.

by Anonymousreply 91Last Tuesday at 10:11 PM

Young, sexy and charismatic? Harry and Meghan? The fug duo? Oh, my lord! Anyone expecting big ratings better go back and check all their previous big "TV specials" in the U.S. All were very low rated and beaten by reruns.

by Anonymousreply 92Last Tuesday at 10:21 PM

At the risk of defending the execrable Sussexes... they don’t choose the time slot. They’re not that powerful. Perhaps Oprah does. I believe (but am happy to be corrected if inaccurate) that network executives decide when a program will air, at least in the US.

by Anonymousreply 93Last Wednesday at 3:08 AM

R91 - Diana was a commoner. The fact is, there's royal, and there's commoners. Anyone without an HRH is a "commoner" as the term is used in Britain. Aristocrats, which is what Diana was, are commoners. The Duke of Westminster, the richest man in Britain, is a commoner. He's "Your Grace". not 'Your Royal Highness". Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, also the daughter of an earl, like Diana, was a commoner.

Aristocrats - are - commoners. Only HRH and above makes one royal. Hence, the battles over Harry's title and "style" of HRH.

And, yes, the Meghanstans are eaten up with envy and hatred of Survivor Kate, who succeeded where Meghan failed. Racism is all they have to fall back on. They forget that Kate also showed backbone, loyalty, and kept her mouth shut when the Queen asked her to.

They think Meghan should have been crowned Queen simply by virtue of having a black Mum - who basically ignored the kid from the time she was 8 years old or so whilst the now-defamed father brought her up, paid for her expensive private middle schools and university, spoilt her, and then got kicked to the kerb by that great humanitarian filled with the desire to promote "kindness".

You couldn't make it up.

by Anonymousreply 94Last Wednesday at 3:19 AM

In the great scheme of things and over the longer-term, I doubt this programme will have much impact beyond another This Year's Meghan Headache for the BRF. Eventually, that kind of thing will die a natural death because there really is only so long Meghan can keep that up without making herself seem redundant, obsessed, and tiring (all of which may really be the case).

But I do agree that it will mark a crossroads of sorts for the Harkles, especially Meghan. You have to be extremely careful what you put out on so public and eternal a record. If Meghan uses this opportunity the way she used "Finding Freedom", as an endless snide rant against the Windsors, that's going to become her public identity. If she and Harry really want to move on and establish themselves as Something Else Besides Pissed Off At The Royal Family, this is their opportunity to do so.

So in a sense I agree that it's a make or break chance for them to show they're something besides fodder for the Mail's, SUN's, Mirror's, etc., headlines.

If Meghan has the brains of an ant, she'll use the interview to fool and foil the tabloids with an anodyne interview in which she establishes herself as something besides Angry and Ill Done By by speaking intelligently on a range of matters that her bloody foundation is supposed to be addressing.

If she doesn't, and she goes for the royal jugular, all Meghan will do is nail her Angry Royal Has-Been flag to the mast. It's not really a good look. It will likely backfire just the way the Panorama interview backfired on Diana.

Were I her PR consultants, that would be my advice: be generous, warm, forward-looking, and give some semblance of being grateful for your good fortune, your wealth, your privilege, and your opportunities.

by Anonymousreply 95Last Wednesday at 3:29 AM

Diana was a 'commoner' before and after her marriage to Charles. When she divorced, her HRH title was removed. Diana was said to be devastated at this demotion, possibly at the insistence of Charles rather than The Queen. Doubtless this won't ever be forgotten by William or Harry. If the same happens to Harry, he'll have a powerful reference point.

by Anonymousreply 96Last Wednesday at 3:42 AM

They cannot and will not remove Harry's royal status as an HRH. He is the son of the heir apparent to the throne.

Diana was the divorced wife of the Prince of Wales. Her royal title was a consequence of her marriage. Once the marriage was over, her royal status was done. Simple.

by Anonymousreply 97Last Wednesday at 3:49 AM

R93 - I'm not sure why March 7 was chosen. I doubt very much it has anything to do with Commonwealth Day. I don't know what time it's going to air, but I suspect it's going into 60 Minutes time slot (~50 year old news program) as a "special" up against the NBA All-Star game and the Critic's Choice awards. The Voice also airs at this time. It doesn't look like it's going to be a ratings killer.

Isn't this also something of a comeback interview for Oprah? When/who was her last big interview?

by Anonymousreply 98Last Wednesday at 4:17 AM

R98 - It has everything to do with Commonwealth Day. Harry and Meghan know that Commonwealth Day is the second Monday in March, and they also knew they were going to lose their Commonwealth position when they set up the interview and scheduled it. Their original intention was to talk about their "work" for the Commonwealth and how they looked forward to continuing it, until the Queen did an end run around them after ITV leaked news of the upcoming interview. This not only frustrated their intention to use the interview to bolster their, "Oh Poor Us We So Were Looking Forward to Continuing to Uphold Her Majesty With Commonwealth Work!" victim card as they assumed the Queen's announcement would follow the interview, but also exposed the fact that they lied to Oprah about their expectations of retaining those positions.

They knew all along that the Queen wasn't going to play ball on that score. They and their PR lapdog, Omid Scobie, just kept that We're Keeping Our Military And Royal Patronages and Honours and We'll Be Back On the Balcony of Buck House for the Tropping the Colour! balloon afloat as long as possible, knowing full well it was NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

Their last public appearance as part of the royal family was last year at that very same Commonwealth Day service in Westminster Abbey, when the entire family essentially ignored them and humiliated them. Even Charles barely nodded at them, and Kate, William, and Sophie totally froze Meghan out. It was the final coup de grace.

You may absolutely be sure that 7 March was chosen specifically for Meghan to try to pay back the BRF for that last humiliation. Unfortunately, their little game was exposed, and the Queen let the cat out of the bag before the Harkles could use the interview to beef up their Poor 'ittle Us! porftolio.

It was no accident, it was entirely intentional, and it had everything to do with Commonwealth Day.

by Anonymousreply 99Last Wednesday at 4:36 AM

BP say that date was chosen three months ago, as they were planning on having to cancel everything the next day due to C-19. They had hope not, but had a backup plan anyway. It was M&H who had a choice for the airdate of their interview, the Queen's was already set. Idk what the truth is.

by Anonymousreply 100Last Wednesday at 4:51 AM

I just read two articles on the Daily Mail, both of which had associates of Diana spouting off about what she'd think today. The first one said Diana would have been horrified by Harry and Meghan's antics, because she wanted her boys to be princes of a "modern monarchy." People insist Diana was a staunch royalist but I'm not sure about that. Remember when she explicitly stated Charles was unfit for the throne? That was some serious fuckery.

The second associate claimed Diana would have been thrilled about Meghan and Harry's move to California, since she herself had been looking at getting a place in Malibu. Supposedly she wanted to give the boys the "freedom" of living in Malibu. Yeah, right. Privileged kids like them would have gotten up to all kinds of no good in that environment. If that's true, it shows how clueless she could be at times.

by Anonymousreply 101Last Wednesday at 6:01 AM

[quote] and then got kicked to the kerb

Oh, dear!

You're an idiot AND a bad speller.

by Anonymousreply 102Last Wednesday at 6:07 AM

Sweetie, kerb is a British spelling of curb. Now you tell that poster you're sorry, right now!

by Anonymousreply 103Last Wednesday at 6:09 AM

[quote] The second associate claimed Diana would have been thrilled about Meghan and Harry's move to California, since she herself had been looking at getting a place in Malibu. Supposedly she wanted to give the boys the "freedom" of living in Malibu.

I didn't know that. How interesting.

Harry would have been pretty young at the time (maybe 10-12 years old?) but I'll bet it was imprinted in his memory.

It could have a lot to do with who he married, and where he ended up.

Kids never forget things like that, especially when they side with their mother in a divorce. He seems to have been very attached to Diana.

And who really knows the things she put in his head when he was a child?

People tend to discount his relationship with his mother, now that he's an adult.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 104Last Wednesday at 6:12 AM

Mommy's boy.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 105Last Wednesday at 6:14 AM

R104 I remember hearing it back then, but who knows if it's true. Diana seemed all over the place in those days, trying to find her footing. It was sad.

by Anonymousreply 106Last Wednesday at 6:15 AM

Diana and Harry even acted alike.

But William was always the serious one.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 107Last Wednesday at 6:15 AM

Diana and William are so alike here. The posture especially.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 108Last Wednesday at 6:17 AM

R103 I was about to tell him. Thanks.

by Anonymousreply 109Last Wednesday at 6:18 AM

I think Diana did damage his relationship with TRF, whether intentional or not.

by Anonymousreply 110Last Wednesday at 6:20 AM

I always loved this photo.

I feel sad about the rift between William and Harry.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 111Last Wednesday at 6:20 AM

We can only speculate about Diana's reaction, of course, but I think it's fair to assume she would have been competitive with any women the boys married. I'm guessing Kate would have sucked it up and cleverly deferred to her, guided by wiley Carole. Not sure Meghan could have managed that.

by Anonymousreply 112Last Wednesday at 6:20 AM

This photo clearly illustrates why Harry will always be the "bad guy."

Harry EXTERNALIZES everything, while William INTERNALIZES everything.

Which means that if William is happy, sad, angry, or whatever... no one will really know. He keeps it all inside.

However, with Harry you'll always know what he's thinking because he'll say it and you'll see it written all over his face.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 113Last Wednesday at 6:31 AM

As an American, when we are having problems I always advise everyone to read what they are saying overseas because then they will get a much better idea of what is really going on.

As an American, from this view you are coming across as so petty. I'm sick of hearing about how much you hate Markle. I know some think it is because she is black but it isn't. It's because she is American and any other American would have gone thru the same thing. All you people had to do was be nice to her. That's all. you didn't have to bow to her or serve her, just be nice. ...You weren't, so they left. Did you think they were going to stay there and just take it day after day, month after month, year after year? So what that she said no one has asked about her. After what you guys put her thru I am sure she felt so alone and detached, so what the the hell did you expect her to say? You convinced yourselves she was horrible before you even gave her a chance.

I think a lot of you are not only mad that she is an American, but that you won't get to watch Harry fucking anyone else on tv again.

He didn't abdicate the throne for her so give them both a fucking break.

by Anonymousreply 114Last Wednesday at 6:42 AM

"All you people had to do was be nice to her...,"

The £30M pound white wedding, £1M clothes budget. engagements with the Queen and then abroad! You Brit whores, if only you were nice to poor weak Sparklez.

by Anonymousreply 115Last Wednesday at 6:57 AM

Did it come out of YOUR pocket, you stupid fuck R115?

by Anonymousreply 116Last Wednesday at 8:20 AM

Who is the biggest cunt around? The one that makes us all frown? It's Smuggsy! R116

by Anonymousreply 117Last Wednesday at 8:23 AM

The Brf trolls have scripted trolling. There is a simple method to determine this. The top 10 or so sites that have sussexes posts have their comments analysed. Certain words and phrases keep appearing. In the same order and within a certain time frame. Yesterday and todays script allegedly involves: The race card, Removal from line of succession and Don't watch the interview watch it the next day on youtube. Now go to the major sites that have a Sussex post. Include UK tabloid article comments and check.

by Anonymousreply 118Last Wednesday at 8:41 AM

I'd actually admire H&M if they were capable of thinking more than 2 steps ahead.

by Anonymousreply 119Last Wednesday at 8:47 AM

This interview is going to be a disaster for the Sussexes and the BRF. In trying to gain sympathy, they will play the victim card for all it's worth, which they can only do by painting the BRF as villains. When the dust settles, the Ss will have burnt every bridge, and the prestige of the BRF will have taken a pounding.

There are no winners here, only losers.

by Anonymousreply 120Last Wednesday at 9:07 AM

R114 Pure codswallop. No one gave f.a. that she was American, and she was heartily welcomed by the British and its monarchy.

And if you're so bloody sick of hearing about it, what the fuck are you doing HERE? No one forces you to read this.

"Petty"? Your objection to all this on one of the pettiest, meanest, shallowest sites on the planet, is that it sounds "petty"?

Where the fuck have you been for the last twenty years?!

by Anonymousreply 121Last Wednesday at 9:24 AM

R114 - Harry fucked someone on TV??!!

Link please - and fast.

by Anonymousreply 122Last Wednesday at 9:26 AM

Heavens to Betsy, don't you worry punkin. The FBI will be here soon to arrest the "Brf trolls."

by Anonymousreply 123Last Wednesday at 9:38 AM

r121 these threads are always about hate. always. nothing to do with DL.

by Anonymousreply 124Last Wednesday at 10:07 AM

The Harkles are like the "breakout star" of a tv show who leaves to make it in movies or get a show of his/her own. Sometimes it works, usually it doesn't.

I don't see this interview turning out well for them here or over in the UK.

by Anonymousreply 125Last Wednesday at 10:09 AM

Excellent analogy, R125. Will they be Rhoda or David Caruso? Sorry, can't think of a reference that isn't 30+ years old.

by Anonymousreply 126Last Wednesday at 10:22 AM

After this year, I think Americans are so fucking done with these two. Even from over here, it is obvious TQ was exceedingly generous to these two selfish, ungrateful and exhausting twats.

by Anonymousreply 127Last Wednesday at 10:53 AM

Everyone Save The Date!

We'll be having a cast party on March 7, and popping the champagne when we DESTROY the Queen in the ratings!

by Anonymousreply 128Last Wednesday at 11:39 AM

Diana said Harry was like her, an airhead (her word) and William was deep like his father (also her word).

by Anonymousreply 129Last Wednesday at 12:03 PM

I'm not sure how the Harkles and the Queen are ratings rivals. One isn't going to be shown in the UK until whenever and the other one isn't going to be shown here.

We'll see both online and so will a lot of other people. Unless ITV has closed the deal and will be broadcasting it up against the Queen which they would never do, they're not in the same ratings space. It may be weeks before the Harkles run over there. The Queen's Commonwealth Day service never runs here.

The US has a much larger viewing audience than the UK, obviously more people will see the Harkles and Oprah. I still don't think it's going to do them much good.

by Anonymousreply 130Last Wednesday at 12:11 PM

BBC and ITV passed.

by Anonymousreply 131Last Wednesday at 1:02 PM

This article says ITV are most likely to air it, r131.

Can't see Channel 4 doing it.

Channel 5 would be just about perfect for the tacky Harkles, though.

by Anonymousreply 132Last Wednesday at 1:18 PM

Interesting, R131, I figured the BBC wouldn't touch it but I figured the ITV rumors were true.

Maybe the pricetag was too high.

by Anonymousreply 133Last Wednesday at 2:54 PM

Prince William & Kate Middleton Are 'Utterly Aghast' at Meghan & Harry's Oprah Interview

We knew this was going to be the reaction, didn’t we? Prince William and Kate Middleton are not at all on board with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s “nothing off-limits” interview with Oprah Winfrey on Sunday, March 7. With the ongoing family feud, and a pandemic to keep them apart, there was only going to be one reaction from the royals and this is it.

“It’s just beyond the pale for William and Kate, especially in light of the dreadful timing with [Prince] Philip in the hospital,” a source told US Weekly. “They are utterly aghast.” And the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge do have a point because there is a family health emergency going on, but CBS probably won’t take the interview off their scheduled programming just for a hospital stay.

For Meghan and Harry, it’s an opportunity to get their side of the story out — especially after the British media has driven a narrative that isn’t always fair to the former royals. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had to be patient and wait for the right time to tell their tale. Of course, the monarchy would probably argue that there’s never a right time to share such intimate details about senior royal life.

But no one seems to want to respect Meghan and Harry’s life choices. It may be different than serving under Queen Elizabeth, but they aren’t abandoning their passions for service toward their community, establishing Archewell Foundation has been a big part of their exit plan. The stateside couple also wants to mend fences with William and Kate, that’s a priority for them.

“They won’t talk negatively about Prince William and Duchess Kate,” a second source said to Us Weekly. “They don’t want to put any more fuel on that fire.”

The problem is that the royals don’t want any aspect of their private lives aired to Oprah, and they certainly don’t want to look bad for not trying to protect Meghan from the harsh glare of the British press. They’ve been there once before with Princess Diana, so a second time around isn’t the best look.

The only way this feud might be put to rest is an in-person, behind-closed-doors meeting. The brothers need to battle it out and come to an understanding that they both made different choices in life — and neither choice is a bad one.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 134Last Wednesday at 11:26 PM

"Utterly aghast," huh? Toldja we were hardcore.

by Anonymousreply 135Last Wednesday at 11:50 PM

"The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had to be patient and wait for the right time"--- they've never done that before, why start now?

And they talked plenty negatively about Kate in Finding Freedom, why stop now?

by Anonymousreply 136Last Wednesday at 11:52 PM

ITV leaked the interview story that prompted the Queen's bombshell announcement so inconveniently early for the Harkles, so I suppose ITV airing the interview in the UK has a certain symmetry.

It's one thing to get big ratings because lots of people tuned in. It's another thing for the interview to do you real long-term good publicly.

The Panorama interview got huge ratings, too. It left Diana with egg all over face, no more marriage, booted out of the royal family, de-HRHd, and I strongly believe was a factor in her early death.

Interviewers aren't interested in making you look good if they know controversy will get them better ratings. What happens to you afterward is your problem.

The Harkles not only want to be rich and famous: they want to be loved. Using the interview as yet another venting platform to expose their breathtaking sense of entitlement isn't likely to generate love.

You can't hide on stage.

by Anonymousreply 137Last Thursday at 1:35 AM

The phrase "utterly aghast" will mean something to Harry, r135, even if it means nothing to you.

It's rarely used.

by Anonymousreply 138Last Thursday at 2:07 AM

It won't be much of a ratings puller in the UK for whoever manages to air it. Oprah isn't that big a deal here and no-one is interested in Meghan. I'd imagine ITV saw the price tag and burst out laughing.

by Anonymousreply 139Last Thursday at 2:16 AM

[Quote]So what that she said no one has asked about her.

So what that she said this in one of the most impoverished countries on earth with staggering rates of infant mortality, loss of limbs in children due to an ongoing land mine problem, and a nasty problem with rapes. So what?

by Anonymousreply 140Last Thursday at 2:26 AM

R136 Well said. FF was on long self-aggrandising work that everyone knew Meghan directed. It was also loaded with hate toward William and Kate. It was supposed to "set the record straight" and show Meghan as the warm, sweet, generous, noble creature she is.

Instead, it became a joke, showed Meghan exactly as really is, hot a burst of PR and sales for a couple of weeks, and then sank. The only thing the book unintentionally showed was how shallow, whingeing, resentful, and tone deaf she and Harry are. And, it nearly came within shooting distance of embarrassing her publicly if that trial had gone forward.

She's poor at long-term strategy. What she loves is getting the boot in when her entitled feathers are ruffled.

The upcoming interview is as much a trap as an opportunity, with potentially disastrous fallout for Harry should this marriage go south.

It will be interesting to see if, this time, Meghan breaks her usual pattern and takes the advice of cooler heads.

by Anonymousreply 141Last Thursday at 2:35 AM

[quote]Using the interview as yet another venting platform to expose their breathtaking sense of entitlement isn't likely to generate love.

[quote]The upcoming interview is as much a trap as an opportunity, with potentially disastrous fallout for Harry should this marriage go south.

Not only Diana's jaw-dropping Panorama interview but also Uncle Andrew's recent effort might have given Harry some pause, to lie low and play a longer game. Best not to make a bad situation much worse. But to quote Deep Throat, the truth is that these aren't very bright people.

by Anonymousreply 142Last Thursday at 3:06 AM

"The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had to be patient and wait for the right time"

That's a really bad joke. They've been leaking nasty stories about William and Kate and the "toxic" atmosphere of the BRF and Britain since that mind-bogglingly tone-deaf performance of Meghan's in Botswana.

Where do you think Omid Scobie got that story about how Harry threw the Queen's working-class dresser under the bus for not giving Meghan her tiara to try on when they showed up demanding it without making an appointment and how Harry then screamed at his grandmother over it?

From HM herself?

They've done nothing but do their best to paint themselves as victims of Capo William, Cold Kate, Stuffy Queen, and Racist Press since the day Meghan got her foot in the door.

She'd made an enemy of Kate before the wedding ring was on, and of Andrew (who I still think leaked the Tiaragate story to Robert Jobson to pay Meghan back for using his daughter's wedding to announce her pregnancy), had had to be taken aside by the Queen re which tiara she got and for (erroneously) screaming at the wedding banquet chef because he'd found an egg substitute that [gasp!] actually tasted like egg.

"Meghan, dear, we don't talk to people like that here," the Queen said.

Hey, no one tells Meghan she can't lash out at staff, throw cups of tea at people, and behave like . . . well . . . like Someone died and made Meghan Queen.

The backchat on how atrociously she behaved on that tour, including to her husband, is still there.

One of these days, one of those people (including the staffer who was paid off by the Palace to keep shtum about Meghan throwing the cup of hot tea at her), is also going to "set the record straight".

by Anonymousreply 143Last Thursday at 3:10 AM

"these threads are always about hate. always. nothing to do with DL."

Poster missed the intro about pointless bitchery.

It's okay to post bitchery about Armie Hammer, Donald Trump, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Kanye and Kim, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Timberlake, Meryl Streep, Diana, Eugenie and Beatrice and their dreadful clothes, William and Kate . . . but the moment a GOSSIP SITE posts gossip about one of the greatest gossip stories on the planet, the Harry and Meghan Dog and Pony Show . . . it's "hate".

Nothing to do with DL, nothing whatever.


You fucking moron. Go back to the Sussex Squad calling for the death of the Queen. That's where you'll find REAL hate.

by Anonymousreply 144Last Thursday at 3:19 AM

[quote] Oprah isn't that big a deal here and no-one is interested in Meghan

And we all know why that is.

[quote] They've done nothing but do their best to paint themselves as victims of Capo William, Cold Kate, Stuffy Queen, and Racist Press since the day Meghan got her foot in the door.

Or in other words, they've told the truth.

by Anonymousreply 145Last Thursday at 11:01 AM

Haha looks like the BRF is trying to make Sophie "happen." Guess they're trying to compete with Meghan.

"Sophie, Countess of Wessex is sharing a rare look inside her home.

Queen Elizabeth's daughter-in-law, 56, took part in a virtual event with the British Fashion Council on Wednesday to present the 2021 Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design to Priya Ahluwalia. She showed off the printed Victoria Beckham dress she wore for the occasion in a photo that provided a peek at the Bagshot Park home she shares with Prince Edward and their two children.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that to the right of the photo, sitting on a china cabinet, appears to be a black-and-white photo of Prince Edward with Lady Louise at Prince William and Kate Middleton's 2011 wedding. Lady Louise, now 17, was a bridesmaid at the event, matching other bridesmaids in a white dress and flower crown.

On a side table placed under a painting, it seems Sophie has childhood photos of Lady Louise and son James, Viscount Severn, now 13.

Inside the china cabinet are ornately decorated plates, while a model ship is also displayed on the piece.

Sophie talked fashion during the video call, revealing that her style icons include Angelina Jolie — "I always think she looks amazing," Sophie said — and Queen Rania of Jordan, who she said "always looks stunning."

The royal humbly described her own style sense as a "work in progress."

"Britain is an island – albeit a big island – and if you look at what royal women have worn over generations they have made huge fashion statements reflected from foreign shores, and that's what helps make our style," she said.

On Thursday, the Countess of Wessex, Grand President, St John Ambulance, undertook Her Royal Highness' first shift as a St. John Ambulance Care Volunteer at an NHS vaccination center. Sophie has joined a growing team of over 10,000 volunteers who have been trained and deployed to NHS vaccination centers across England, as part of the extraordinary collective effort.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 146Last Thursday at 11:18 AM

Sophie looks to have lost a bit of weight. I think someone here commented on her weight gain a while back. Maybe she's lurking and took it to heart!

by Anonymousreply 147Last Thursday at 11:40 AM

R142 has obviously spent little to no time in the UK. It's more racially progressive than the US in many ways. Mixed marriages have been widely accepted for generations, and black people are well represented on television.

by Anonymousreply 148Last Thursday at 12:19 PM

I meant R145, apologies.

by Anonymousreply 149Last Thursday at 12:21 PM

R148 - Blacks are not only "well-represented" on British television, they are represented at 10% OVER their actual UK population, which is 4%. Yet they appear on British television at 14% according to a recent survey of progamming. In fact, it's gotten to the point where despite the fact that Britain is still nearly 80% white, you take your life in your hands with a programme that is all-white even if it is aligned with historical fact.

Every time someone whinges that casting must represent "the way Britain looks today" they omit that Britain "looks" 80% white.

by Anonymousreply 150Yesterday at 3:32 AM

R147 - Sophie is extremely progressive and an ally. She just doesn't keep reminding the world of it the way some of her husband's relatives do.

by Anonymousreply 151Yesterday at 3:34 AM

Nobody cares about Sophie, R151.

by Anonymousreply 152Yesterday at 5:23 AM

Sophie is the heart and soul, r152

by Anonymousreply 153Yesterday at 5:49 AM

Sophie seems to be doing a nice job for the Queen. They're also buddies, Sophie and the Queen hang out and watch WWII documentaries. She seems perfectly fine, if quite bland. That's sort of what they're looking for anyway.

When she first married in, she thought she'd be Diana 2.0. That didn't work out, obviously, and it's hilarious she thought she'd be able to replace Diana.

by Anonymousreply 154Yesterday at 5:52 AM

Sophie is amazing.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 155Yesterday at 6:25 AM

Harry and Meghan look so relaxed and happy. I think being free of the burden of being an official member of the BRF agrees with him. And who cares if Meghan is calling the shots? She’s obviously way more savvy than him. He’s spent his life having everything done for him. He wants to be as normal as possible. Good for him.

by Anonymousreply 156Yesterday at 6:31 AM

You think he looks relaxed and happy, r156?

He's looked miserable ever since Smugs showed up in his life. Always scowling or looking adrift while Smugs pushes on, brittle smile at the ready.

by Anonymousreply 157Yesterday at 6:54 AM

Not to me...r157. He will be find. Obviously there’s a period of adjustment.

by Anonymousreply 158Yesterday at 7:10 AM

Sure, R158, he's "having a period of adjustment" which is why he looks drugged/out of it/rumpled/pasty/scowling/miserable/etc.

by Anonymousreply 159Yesterday at 7:12 AM

"relaxed and happy"

And still trying to worm their way back in

by Anonymousreply 160Yesterday at 7:55 AM

[quote] Sophie is the heart and soul

Sophie is the heart and soul.... for Klan Grannies.

by Anonymousreply 161Yesterday at 9:13 AM

Sophie is a Klu Klu Klanner?

Is that what r161 is saying?

Does anyone have a link?

by Anonymousreply 162Yesterday at 9:29 AM

Meghan and Harry are so much better looking than William and Kate.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 163Yesterday at 9:46 AM

She looks like a preying mantis in r163's pic

by Anonymousreply 164Yesterday at 1:01 PM

Meghan's increasingly fake looking hair is very off-putting. It seems to become more exaggerated with each Zoom appearance.

Whoever said Octomom on whichever thread hit the nail on the head. I'd been previously thinking a Morticia Adams/Angelina Jolie hybrid.

by Anonymousreply 165Yesterday at 1:12 PM

Think of all the impoverished Uigher slaves whose hair she is actually wearing, r165

by Anonymousreply 166Yesterday at 1:22 PM

I still say Meghan should make a dramatic move and chop her hair into a classic Natalie Wood style. I honestly think she'd look amazing and "classy," and would highlight how, really, Kate is too old to be wearing her (admittedly gorgeous) hair so long. Meg, honey, if you're lurking....quit copying your sister-in-law and the Kardashians and be a trendsetter!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 16711 hours ago

I mean, look at her. Anyone else think this 'do would suit Meghan very well?

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 16811 hours ago

R168 - Jesus, sometimes I forget how beautiful Wood was when young, with a gorgeous, petite yet hourglass figure.

That hairdo would be the absolute BOMB on Meghan. It would take five years off her face, and make her look chic, modern, and confident instead of like a caricature of a woman trying to be something she isn't. Her hair would only need to be slightly relaxed, and it would likely recover some of its strength instead of the thinning and brittleness caused by the last 20 years of brutalising it to look like something Meghan never had and never will have.

She's a fool not to do it. It would look sensational.

by Anonymousreply 16910 hours ago
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