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You have been granted a wish !!! You may eat your 2 favorite foods with no health, or weight impacts!!

I would choose

A large McDonalds Milkshake

Chicken Rice a Roni

What would you choose ?

by Dr. Bombay reply 109Last Tuesday at 5:57 PM


Pop Tarts

by Dr. Bombay reply 1Last Monday at 4:28 PM

Cheeseburger with a Dr. Pepper

by Dr. Bombay reply 2Last Monday at 4:32 PM


by Dr. Bombay reply 3Last Monday at 4:33 PM

Linguini dressed in cream, butter and Parmesan.

I wouldn’t need a second choice.

by Dr. Bombay reply 4Last Monday at 4:33 PM

Fried chicken. Chocolate chip mint ice cream.

by Dr. Bombay reply 5Last Monday at 4:34 PM



by Dr. Bombay reply 6Last Monday at 4:34 PM

Alcohol (beer & liquor), & Bread/Dough-Based Items

by Dr. Bombay reply 7Last Monday at 4:34 PM

Red wine and croissants.

by Dr. Bombay reply 8Last Monday at 4:37 PM

Double cheeseburger and strawberry cheesecake.

by Dr. Bombay reply 9Last Monday at 4:38 PM

Pizza and soda

by Dr. Bombay reply 10Last Monday at 4:41 PM

Ice cream


by Dr. Bombay reply 11Last Monday at 4:45 PM

Combination Fried Rice.

Appetizer Sampler Platters.

by Dr. Bombay reply 12Last Monday at 4:46 PM

Ice cream

More ice cream

by Dr. Bombay reply 13Last Monday at 4:47 PM

What r10 said

by Dr. Bombay reply 14Last Monday at 4:48 PM

Pasta (all of it) Bread

by Dr. Bombay reply 15Last Monday at 4:50 PM

I choose...



by Dr. Bombay reply 16Last Monday at 4:50 PM

I eat my favorites regularly. Nothing but carbs, sweets, and fried foods.

by Dr. Bombay reply 17Last Monday at 4:51 PM


ice cream

by Dr. Bombay reply 18Last Monday at 4:53 PM

Fettuccine Alfredo

Diet Coke

by Dr. Bombay reply 19Last Monday at 4:54 PM


Pasta with butter sauce and Parmesan

by Dr. Bombay reply 20Last Monday at 5:01 PM



by Dr. Bombay reply 21Last Monday at 5:01 PM

A big thick T Bone steak

A plate of BBQ Ribs

by Dr. Bombay reply 22Last Monday at 5:03 PM

[quote] You have been granted a wish !!! You may eat your 2 favorite foods...

You don't get to choose my wish you damn Genie, get your ass back in that bottle and give me the wish I wanted, it doesn't involve food.

by Dr. Bombay reply 23Last Monday at 5:04 PM

R22- You sound STRAIGHT.

by Dr. Bombay reply 24Last Monday at 5:06 PM

R22- I didn't know you were a Vegetarian.

by Dr. Bombay reply 25Last Monday at 5:09 PM

Cadbury Dairy Milk

Any and all Mexican food

by Dr. Bombay reply 26Last Monday at 5:10 PM

Just two ????? I can't !!!!

by Dr. Bombay reply 27Last Monday at 5:12 PM

Well now that you mention it ....

by Dr. Bombay reply 28Last Monday at 5:14 PM

Chicken Tikka Masala, Tarte Tatin.

You frauds up there, we can see you. "Any and all Mexican food" and "Appetizer Sampler platter" and "all the Pasta" are disqualified. Pick two things.

by Dr. Bombay reply 29Last Monday at 5:15 PM

Pan of lasagne and braised lamb & artichokes doused /very liberally/ with olive oil. a lot--with bread which is not a main dish so doesn't count as one of the two.

by Dr. Bombay reply 30Last Monday at 5:15 PM

pasta and peanut M&Ms

by Dr. Bombay reply 31Last Monday at 5:17 PM

[quote] I didn't know you were a Vegetarian.

I'm not a vegetarian. I have a condition that prevents my digestive system from processing meat properly. My late father suffered from the same condition and it eventually was primarily responsible for his death. To date no doctor has been above to give me a name for it. I can eat small amounts of most fish and other forms of animal protein such as eggs. I stopped eating meat 30 years ago. But I do still yearn for it.

by Dr. Bombay reply 32Last Monday at 5:20 PM

R32- I was being humorous. Based on your choices I thought you consumed a LOT of flesh food.

by Dr. Bombay reply 33Last Monday at 5:23 PM

Tortellini Alfredo

A vanilla dove bar with a dark chocolate coating

by Dr. Bombay reply 34Last Monday at 5:32 PM

Wine and pizza.

by Dr. Bombay reply 35Last Monday at 5:34 PM

A Bierock and hot loaf of homemade cinnamon raisin bread, with butter, several hours apart.

I know you said two, but I'd like an entire pineapple upside-down cake as well. I fed the birds and have them fresh water several times a day during our week-long deep freeze in Texas, I would like to redeem that for a third food selection. Thank you.

by Dr. Bombay reply 36Last Monday at 5:41 PM

Singapore Mai Fun and Popeye's fried chicken.

by Dr. Bombay reply 37Last Monday at 5:50 PM

Fettuccine Alfredo.

Crusty bread & Kerrygold butter.

by Dr. Bombay reply 38Last Monday at 5:52 PM

Pizza and Ben & Jerry’s NY Superfudge Chunk

by Dr. Bombay reply 39Last Monday at 5:55 PM

Booze and Wine.

by Dr. Bombay reply 40Last Monday at 5:58 PM

Chili cheeseburger and fries. Today, anyway.

by Dr. Bombay reply 41Last Monday at 6:01 PM

All varieties of sushi

Mango sorbet

by Dr. Bombay reply 42Last Monday at 6:01 PM

Alcohol and chocolate

by Dr. Bombay reply 43Last Monday at 6:01 PM



by Dr. Bombay reply 44Last Monday at 6:03 PM

Beer, beer, and more beer.

by Dr. Bombay reply 45Last Monday at 6:05 PM

Fast food.


by Dr. Bombay reply 46Last Monday at 6:05 PM

Pizza, or and Indian meal with garlic naan, those are always gut busters.

by Dr. Bombay reply 47Last Monday at 6:06 PM


Ice cream

by Dr. Bombay reply 48Last Monday at 6:06 PM

Pizza and KFC

by Dr. Bombay reply 49Last Monday at 6:09 PM

Grilled cheese with Spam on Wonder bread and a large vanilla malted made with real malt, if it still exists and if there are genuine ice cream parlors with high quality ice cream still around. Now they wouldn't have Spam only bacon or ham but since this is my fantasy they will have Spam and Wonder bread and really great American cheese and they will pile it on. Oh and with pickles on the side and some pretzel rods on the table to go with the malted. When I was a kid most ice cream parlors had free pretzel rods on the table.

If I couldn't get that my second choice would be a huge Chinese meal with everything fried and lots of sweet dishes and tons of MSG and I would no longer be allergic to it, as it does make food taste better. And nothing with broccoli.

by Dr. Bombay reply 50Last Monday at 6:13 PM

Pepperoni pizza and fettuccine Alfredo

I’m gonna drink the wine and booze anyway so I’m not gonna wish for that.

by Dr. Bombay reply 51Last Monday at 6:15 PM

Isn't this just another way of asking what you'd eat for your last meal if you were getting the death penalty?

by Dr. Bombay reply 52Last Monday at 6:19 PM

[quote]Diet Coke

? What? There's no calories in Diet Coke Dear. If you are one of those Fraus who heard from a friend who read on Facebook from a self proclaimed nutritionist who references speculation from a blog that says a study proves it makes you gain weight, you are seriously delusional.

No study actually proves that. The study that showed some people gained wait noted that people compensated with the free calories by replacing them with more junk food. In other words, Fat Frau says to herself, since diet coke has no sugar, I can probably have a doughnut or piece of cake in place of the sugar I gave up.

by Dr. Bombay reply 53Last Monday at 6:20 PM

Seasoned fries

Lemon Meringue Pie

by Dr. Bombay reply 54Last Monday at 6:25 PM

This is on an ongoing basis, right? Not just one time? I would choose cocktails and Talenti ice cream, a different type and a different flavor every night.

by Dr. Bombay reply 55Last Monday at 6:28 PM

McDonald's french fries, Krispy Kreme donuts.

by Dr. Bombay reply 56Last Monday at 6:28 PM

I thought Diet Coke increased sugar cravings and that's why people ended up eating more, no? I don't drink it, so I don't know.

by Dr. Bombay reply 57Last Monday at 6:44 PM

OP mentioning McD's milkshakes reminded me that the blessed Shamrock Shake is back.

by Dr. Bombay reply 58Last Monday at 6:48 PM

[quote]I thought Diet Coke increased sugar cravings and that's why people ended up eating more, no?

NO. It was fat Fraus thinking since they just skipped 300 calories by drinking a calorie free beverage, why not enjoy yourself consuming more fat food. The same study could have been with bottled water with the same result. But fatties always want to blame someone or something else other than their own eating habits.

by Dr. Bombay reply 59Last Monday at 6:53 PM

I must be related to a bunch of people in this thread.



by Dr. Bombay reply 60Last Monday at 7:04 PM

Fried chicken and waffles.

(I've never had it together, but I know it would be delicious because I love both).

by Dr. Bombay reply 61Last Monday at 7:09 PM

Good cheese, like d'Affinois Good thick bread

by Dr. Bombay reply 62Last Monday at 7:14 PM

Gnocchi with butter and pecorino


by Dr. Bombay reply 63Last Monday at 7:17 PM

French toast made with brioche

Blueberry pie

by Dr. Bombay reply 64Last Monday at 7:27 PM

You make me feel like such a pig, OP!!!! But if I could eat any two things for life and not get fat, there IS. NO. QUESTION.

1. Lettuce 2. Water

I think I just gained 20lbs writing that. Off to the gym!!

by Dr. Bombay reply 65Last Monday at 7:38 PM

Ice cream

Peanut butter

by Dr. Bombay reply 66Last Monday at 8:12 PM

Raw cashews, buckets of them. Garlic bread.

by Dr. Bombay reply 67Last Monday at 8:18 PM

Pasts and potatoes (Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew. French fries).

by Dr. Bombay reply 68Last Monday at 8:27 PM

Man, now I'm fucking hungry!!

by Dr. Bombay reply 69Last Monday at 8:30 PM

Popcorn drenched in butter.

Violet Crumble.

by Dr. Bombay reply 70Last Monday at 8:34 PM

pizza? I eat pizza twicw a week. Just use hgih quality ingredients.

Box of Crossiants

Fetticine Alfedeo

Fresh Fish with hollandaise.

Gallon of gelato

by Dr. Bombay reply 71Last Monday at 8:34 PM

Pizza Pringles Macaroni n cheese

by Dr. Bombay reply 72Last Monday at 8:42 PM

Ribs Fried chicken

(Chinese soup dumplings are a near third.)

by Dr. Bombay reply 73Last Monday at 8:58 PM

Beer and flour (in any form)

by Dr. Bombay reply 74Last Monday at 9:15 PM

Vodka and cold beer

Curry goat with rice and peas.

by Dr. Bombay reply 75Last Monday at 9:27 PM

I think life is so weird and backwards. Just about everything that brings you pleasure is bad for you. Eating the “wrong“ foods; alcohol can cause a host of problems; opioids and recreational drugs; sex and disease, not being monogamous, smoking. Just think if we could indulge in all of these with the only consequence being happiness and contentment. It should be that way, but the world was created the complete opposite. It’s bizarre. We have to strive and work hard for love, happiness and contentment, when it should be a birth right. Life is like working for a big corporation—you have to slave for perks and bonuses, but even then they’re not guaranteed. Then you’re fired.

by Dr. Bombay reply 76Last Monday at 10:05 PM

I suffer from IBS-D.

I would give my left nut to have a vanilla milkshake or a vanilla soft serve (Ice-cream) covered in rainbow sprinkles.

by Dr. Bombay reply 77Last Monday at 10:11 PM

^^^^^ I can make that dream come true for you. I have a shake machine at home, right next to this beautiful antique glass dinning room table that you might enjoy setting on while your IBS kicks in.

by Dr. Bombay reply 78Last Monday at 10:28 PM

Cigarettes and pastries.

by Dr. Bombay reply 79Last Tuesday at 12:23 AM

Pizza and cock. Or coke.

by Dr. Bombay reply 80Last Tuesday at 12:45 AM

Another vote for pizza and ice cream.

by Dr. Bombay reply 81Last Tuesday at 12:59 AM


Um, more cocaine

by Dr. Bombay reply 82Last Tuesday at 1:19 AM

Fried chicken - bone in, none of that chicken tender crap.

Chocolate - any way it comes.

by Dr. Bombay reply 83Last Tuesday at 1:29 AM

What about legal impacts?

by Dr. Bombay reply 84Last Tuesday at 1:29 AM

Mortal Sin dessert

The cheaper red Johnnie Walker

I’d disable all phones, turn off the cable modem, lock myself indoors, and then cry, cry, cry about Oprah leaving ABC without shitting my pants or stepping on a dog’s tail.

by Dr. Bombay reply 85Last Tuesday at 1:42 AM

Wait, you mean there's more than two foods?

by Dr. Bombay reply 86Last Tuesday at 1:46 AM

Fried chicken and spaghetti with bolognese sauce.

by Dr. Bombay reply 87Last Tuesday at 1:59 AM

Chicken Fried Steak with cream gravy;

Blackberry Cobbler

by Dr. Bombay reply 88Last Tuesday at 3:37 AM



by Dr. Bombay reply 89Last Tuesday at 3:42 AM

A bottle of good red wine and freshly made chocolate chip cookies

by Dr. Bombay reply 90Last Tuesday at 3:49 AM

Pizza x 2

by Dr. Bombay reply 91Last Tuesday at 4:38 AM

Coquille St. Jacques and slice of 24-layer, 1001-chocolate-chip-cake for two

by Dr. Bombay reply 92Last Tuesday at 4:47 AM

Ribeye and fries

by Dr. Bombay reply 93Last Tuesday at 5:53 AM

Another one for pasta and potatoes

by Dr. Bombay reply 94Last Tuesday at 6:15 AM

Rice a Roni, OP? Really?

Fried chicken and mashed potatoes; with a bottomless gravy boat, if possible.

by Dr. Bombay reply 95Last Tuesday at 6:28 AM

Unless you have a specific condition that makes you sick if you eat one serving of a certain food, generally you CAN eat whatever you want as long as you do it in moderation. It also helps if you love certain healthy foods. I love ice cream but I'm happy just having it a couple of times a year, whereas I can eat a salad every day.

by Dr. Bombay reply 96Last Tuesday at 6:40 AM

2nd alcohol. It would be wonderful not to have to worry about THOSE calories.

Other choice would be burritos.

by Dr. Bombay reply 97Last Tuesday at 6:46 AM

Wrong thread, r96?

by Dr. Bombay reply 98Last Tuesday at 7:03 AM

Pepperoni pizza and banana pudding.

by Dr. Bombay reply 99Last Tuesday at 7:09 AM

KFC Bucket of Chicken and their biscuits.

by Dr. Bombay reply 100Last Tuesday at 7:14 AM

Pizza and kettle chips

by Dr. Bombay reply 101Last Tuesday at 7:14 AM

Agree with R76, but I still want pepperoni pizza and banana pudding.

by Dr. Bombay reply 102Last Tuesday at 3:47 PM

SO true, R76. Looking just at food, the more delicious it is, the more fattening and unhealthy. Whereas you can have all the nasty vegetables you want.

by Dr. Bombay reply 103Last Tuesday at 4:21 PM

No R52, because for OPs thought exercise, you have to choose something you love so much you would rarely tire of it. For a last meal, you only need to consider what you most want to have for the very last time.

Entirely different thought process. ;)

by Dr. Bombay reply 104Last Tuesday at 4:38 PM

Pizza and Red Robin burgers

by Dr. Bombay reply 105Last Tuesday at 4:46 PM

The fried dumplings at my local AYCE Chinese place and Publix Chocolate Trinity ice cream.

Offsite Link
by Dr. Bombay reply 106Last Tuesday at 4:52 PM

Birthday cake with Crisco icing and a large glass of whole fat cold milk,

by Dr. Bombay reply 107Last Tuesday at 4:54 PM

My two favorites? I would eat a huge stack of pecan pancakes, and I would eat a huge hunk of cheesecake.

by Dr. Bombay reply 108Last Tuesday at 5:51 PM

Deep dish Pizza

Hot fudge brownie

by Dr. Bombay reply 109Last Tuesday at 5:57 PM
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