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Work From Home Routines

For those of you working from home, what is your routine? I am finding that no matter how hard I try, I can't settle into one and usually spend my lunch hour napping and then wolf something down while working. Also, starting the day is ok but there is an odd "emptiness" to being virtual that somehow zaps my energy so I have to gulp caffeine to focus.

What routines work for you?

by Anonymous reply 402/22/2021

Watch Chaturbate and pretend it's Zoom meetings.

by Anonymous reply 102/22/2021

Be careful, R1. I once got my Chaturbate and Zoom streams mixed up and let’s just say everyone got a show.

by Anonymous reply 202/22/2021

I wake up just before 9, dial into my team call at 9. Check emails and read the news. Shower, get dressed, get my coffee and log in by 10. I try not to schedule anything before 10.

I work solidly until I get hungry, usually about 1:00. Fix lunch and watch some TV while eating. Clean up and get back to work.

Work until 5 and head out for a walk for an hour. We’ve had about 3 feet of snow since late January so I haven’t been walking since then and it sucks. I can’t sleep well and everything is starting to hurt. I definitely have to move more throughout the day. When daylight savings time ended I tried going for a walk in the morning or take a break during the day but that didn’t work out. I started to enjoy my evening walks in the dark. It is very peaceful.

I usually put another hour in after dinner, mostly checking and responding to emails.

by Anonymous reply 302/22/2021

R3 - my walks are at night too but my encrinologsit said to try to get some sunlight for 10 minutes at lunch because many of those that work from home are Vitamin D3 defficient. Also, same with the snow where I am and the cold so I have been inside. I don't really have a dedicated work space cuz European apartments don't have dens so I work at the kitchen table or on my bed on the laptop. My back hurt like hell so I went to the orthopedic surgeon and he recommended a back brace and ergonomic chiar because more and more those of working at home are suffering from spondylosis.

I guess there is a drawback to everything. Let's hope we get through it. Now if I could stop the day drinking...

by Anonymous reply 402/22/2021
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