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Eldergays, tell me about Donald from That Girl.

I’ve always found him attractive in a dorky kind of way. Was he considered a catch when That Girl was on?

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by Phil Donahuereply 25Last Tuesday at 2:20 AM

Oh the burnt oranges, harvest golds and hunter greens that man wore, I assume he’s the one who inspired home interiors in the 70s.

by Phil Donahuereply 1Last Monday at 7:40 AM

I’m watching That Girl right now on Antenna TV. He deserved much better than Marlo.

by Phil Donahuereply 2Last Monday at 7:44 AM

I always thought it was hilarious that they pretended that she wasn't all over that cock.

by Phil Donahuereply 3Last Monday at 7:57 AM

Ted was one of the kindest men who ever lived.

by Phil Donahuereply 4Last Monday at 8:03 AM

He was considered very attractive in an Ivy League way.

by Phil Donahuereply 5Last Monday at 8:18 AM

My first crush. Handsome and slightly goofy. Same him on broadway back in the 70s and he was just as cute in person.

by Phil Donahuereply 6Last Monday at 8:26 AM

Ted Bessell was very fuckable in a straight laced, adorkable kind of way while on "That Girl". I was born well after the show aired but, when I saw it decades later, I developed a lowkey crush on Ted.

by Phil Donahuereply 7Last Monday at 8:36 AM

Every time I watched that show I thought they were brother and sister. Their relationship seemed so sexless.

by Phil Donahuereply 8Last Monday at 9:10 AM


by Phil Donahuereply 9Last Monday at 9:12 AM

He was cute as MTM's boyfriend in a few episodes.

by Phil Donahuereply 10Last Monday at 10:16 AM

If you watch ever so closely, you can see that Donald and Ann's father are hot for each other and probably having sex on the side.

by Phil Donahuereply 11Last Monday at 12:07 PM

I hated everything about him on MTM, R10. Hideous, with a ridiculous toupee. Mary deserved better than that, especially since he was two-timing her.

by Phil Donahuereply 12Last Monday at 12:16 PM

No one his age wore hair that short during that time.

by Phil Donahuereply 13Last Monday at 12:22 PM

Guys wore their hair that short. I knew guys who would ask barbers to style their hair just like Donald's.

by Phil Donahuereply 14Last Monday at 12:33 PM

As a gayling I never felt any sort of attraction or crush on Donald. He struck me as an asexual nerdy type - probably just right for Marlo.

by Phil Donahuereply 15Last Monday at 12:38 PM

[quote]No one his age wore hair that short during that time.

Men who worked in offices did. Look at the majority of male hairstyles on Mad Men. All very cleancut and short. It wasn't until the 1970s that men got away with longer hair.

by Phil Donahuereply 16Last Monday at 1:02 PM

I recently read a bio about him, and he was in two failed tv series before That Girl. One of them was "It's a Man's World." In the other one he was the father of a chimpanzee.

by Phil Donahuereply 17Last Monday at 1:58 PM

His O face as he gets off!

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by Phil Donahuereply 18Last Monday at 3:48 PM

At the age of seven, I wanted to see him naked. I don't know if I was more infatuated with cock or bush, but I wanted to see both.

by Phil Donahuereply 19Last Monday at 5:57 PM

R17: get your glasses checked. He appeared in "Me and the Chimp" after "That Girl". "It's a Man's World" was about 5 years before and a much better show than "That Girl".

by Phil Donahuereply 20Last Monday at 6:08 PM

I watched the show when it was a network staple and thought he was very handsome. But I was too young at the time to understand what drew me to him.

by Phil Donahuereply 21Last Monday at 7:06 PM

He also was on "Gomer Pyle" on a number of episodes as one of marines and he's in "Captain Newman, MD" in the mental ward, starring Gregory Peck as the eponymous doctor and Bobby Darin in an amazing Oscar-nominated performance.

by Phil Donahuereply 22Last Monday at 7:10 PM

He was never considered anything special at the time, no. Ironically he seems more appealing now than he did then.

by Phil Donahuereply 23Last Tuesday at 12:58 AM

For a 1970's or 1960's guy Ted Bessell was handsome enough, yes that includes his short hair cut.

No he wasn't some sort of Adonis that stopped traffic, but just an attractive (in his sort of way) steady sort of decent guy any girl (or gay guy) of the time would be happy to have.

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by Phil Donahuereply 24Last Tuesday at 2:17 AM

OTOH have always felt Marlo Thomas was lucky to nab Donald. More so that he remained with her crazy behind and constantly putting off getting married.

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by Phil Donahuereply 25Last Tuesday at 2:20 AM
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