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Why do posters here sometimes complain about gossiping on Datalounge?

It's like going to The Metropolitan Opera and complaining that people are singing when you want to enjoy silence.

And no, you don't get to choose personally who gets talked about and who doesn't. Everyone is fair game, even your personal favorite celebrities.

by Prince Philipreply 1202/21/2021

It's like complaining about posting anime on an anime board.

by Prince Philipreply 102/21/2021

I heard that OP turns tricks at Waffle House.

by Prince Philipreply 202/21/2021

Let me guess OP, you posted your 400th Meghan Markle thread and some Philistine was MEAN to you?

by Prince Philipreply 302/21/2021

It seems very odd when people want to argue with other posters about their tea. Unless they were in the room or have at least a second hand account of something I think they should shut the hell up. What really happens is that they distract the original poster or scares them off before we get a chance for the juicy follow up questions.

For instance, someone will say this actor hooked up with a friend of mine and his wife. My question would me, what's the dick size, did he top or bottom for your friend, did he give head, did he swallow, was it bareback, when did it happen, etc. Instead we get trolls arguing that something didn't occur or so and so is 100% straight. Uh, these DL trolls ruin everything.

This is what made that cocaine tea thread possibly the best I've ever seen on DL. She wasn't scared of the trolls, she stuck around for questions and named fucking names!

by Prince Philipreply 402/21/2021

[quote] about their tea

R4 people only argue with you because you use stupid phrases like that

by Prince Philipreply 502/21/2021

Nope, r3.

I was prompted to create this thread by a poster on the Ronan Farrow/Woody Allen thread, and it reminded me of how often I've seen this behavior here lately.

by Prince Philipreply 602/21/2021

[quote] argue with other posters about their tea.

That is being discussed on the British questions thread linked below.

Offsite Link
by Prince Philipreply 702/21/2021

How is it stupid r5. It's a commonly accepted term for gossip these days. No matter how many strands of your balding head you pull out, tea is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Get over it.

by Prince Philipreply 802/21/2021

DLers are stupid sometimes

by Prince Philipreply 902/21/2021

R8 it's symptomatic of the cult member bubblegum Drag Race-ification of gay culture and it's a stupid, tired, cliched phrase that says far more than is likely intended about the person using it.

by Prince Philipreply 1002/21/2021

Any question involving why posters on here complain could be rephrased, Why do they breathe?

by Prince Philipreply 1102/21/2021

Well, some of the bitchery is SUPPOSED to be pointless ...

by Prince Philipreply 1202/21/2021
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