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Breakfast Ideas

I am trying to lose weight and, lately, have been seriously running out of breakfast ideas. I used to have a hard-boiled egg and croissant but cut that out due how caloric croissants are. I can't abide cereal of any kind, oatmeal or any other mush with water or milk. Do any of you have any ideas? Everything I Google is the type of stuff that either requires serious cooking or is milky.

by Anonymous reply 9002/23/2021

Auntie needs a sidecar with scrambled eggs au saumon on toast with some ground pepper. Some black coffee and a slow, slow read of the obituaries in the morning paper.

by Anonymous reply 102/20/2021

Why not replace that croissant with an apple or something?

by Anonymous reply 202/20/2021

R2 - really any fruit in the morning makes my ulcerative colitis flare up. Also, yogurt.

by Anonymous reply 302/20/2021

Just make an omelette and skip everything else except more black coffee or tea. This will be a zero carb breakfast or almost.

by Anonymous reply 402/20/2021

I've been eating a cup of red grapefruit slices and a cup of plain Greek yogurt lately. Not a big cereal, oatmeal fan. Not big on eggs either so this fast snack suits me. I have herbal tea with that. No coffee.

by Anonymous reply 502/20/2021

Instead of a hard boiled egg OP, scramble it with some sort of vegetable--spinach, broccoli, kale

by Anonymous reply 602/20/2021

My go to is a slice of whole wheat seeded toast with peanut butter and a little raspberry preserve, and a mug of tea. The bread I get is 70 calories, with the peanut butter and preserves it's a breakfast under 300 calories and it fills be up until lunch time.

by Anonymous reply 702/20/2021

I have two large cups of black covfefe and a peanut butter donut, sometimes also one to go.

by Anonymous reply 802/20/2021

Get some low calorie bread and have with your egg. Or make a turkey sandwich. Peanut butter on toast. French toast with sugar free syrup (or none, just a lot of cinnamon.)

by Anonymous reply 902/20/2021

Yikes. That's almost 400 Calories for that one PB donut r8.

by Anonymous reply 1002/20/2021

I like steel cut oats mixed with some peanut butter and a drizzle of agave syrup.

Maybe some toaster protein waffles, OP? I’ve had birchbenders, they’re decent.

by Anonymous reply 1102/20/2021

In Paris we often have a black coffee and two cigarettes. It keeps us thin.

by Anonymous reply 1202/20/2021

Why not just have half of the croissant, and add some strawberries? Or a whole wheat toasted English muffin with topping of your choice?

by Anonymous reply 1302/20/2021

[quote] I like steel cut oats mixed with some peanut butter and a drizzle of agave syrup.

Ban "drizzle" puhleeezzzzzz. So 80s.

by Anonymous reply 1402/20/2021

Rye is lower on the glycemic index - maybe rye toast or Wasa lite-rye crisps. If you don't like rye flatbread, try sourdough - it's pretty low glycemically as well. So are strawberries - I like to keep frozen ones and microwave a bowl of them for a minute - yum. Peaches are also quite low. But I forgot you can't eat fruit.

Just add a slab of steak to your eggs? And maybe some beans, made without sugar, if you want carbs.

by Anonymous reply 1502/20/2021

[quote] English muffin

Do you cut them open or fork them open?

by Anonymous reply 1602/20/2021

Skip breakfast. Fast until lunch. Then have a healthy dinner and stop eating around 8 or 9. You’ll lose wait.

by Anonymous reply 1702/20/2021


by Anonymous reply 1802/20/2021

R11 Steel-cut oats, also called pinhead oats

by Anonymous reply 1902/20/2021

Eat a nice toilet full of shit

by Anonymous reply 2002/20/2021

[quote] Skip breakfast. Fast until lunch. Then have a healthy dinner and stop eating around 8 or 9. You’ll lose wait.

Unhealthy way of losing wait (sic), even if effective (doubtful). Breakfast like a king... you know the saying.

by Anonymous reply 2102/20/2021

I like to add this syrup to my steel cut oats.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous reply 2202/20/2021

I make my own version of McDonald's Sausage McMuffin, varying the ingredients (sausage, egg, cheese, etc).

R16, Marie, try an angel cake knife for splitting English muffins (or bagels).

Offsite Link
by Anonymous reply 2302/20/2021

Eat a fresh piece of shit. The texture is amazing

by Anonymous reply 2402/20/2021

What R17 said. I did the 16-8 fast and lost 50 lbs.

by Anonymous reply 2502/20/2021

Alternatively, have something to eat first thing, then light lunch around noon, then that's it for the day. Maybe an avocado around 4:00 pm.

by Anonymous reply 2602/20/2021

Tall glass of cold beer (hair of the dog) with a raw egg in it (protein). Cigarette (then a shit in the pan).

by Anonymous reply 2702/20/2021

Intermittent fasting as a lifestyle is very sustainable and healthy. Do you really think our ancestors ate as much as we do now? Breakfast was intended by Kellog.

by Anonymous reply 2802/20/2021

After a cancer diagnosis, anutritionist gave me a diet worksheet. It involved many small meals throughout the day to ensure a balanced diet. Breakfast was a hard boiled egg, one piece of bread/toast, a small orange (Clementines are perfect) and a yogurt of no more than 100 calories. I lost 30 pounds in 3 months and kept it off. Breakfast is still pretty much that though I’ve moved on from the 3 Graham crackers and skim milk at 3:on.

by Anonymous reply 2902/20/2021

[quote] Breakfast was intended by Kellog.

Break Fast means to eat something after the overnight fasting, which should really start about 6pm or 7pm the day before when you are meant only to have a snack.

by Anonymous reply 3002/20/2021

Oatmeal. I don't think breakfast is the problem with weight lost though. Oatmeal is great for an evening snack. It helps you get to sleep too.

by Anonymous reply 3102/20/2021

[quote]Intermittent fasting as a lifestyle is very sustainable and healthy.

My doctor recently recommended intermittent fasting as a way to combat weight gain caused by medication, it’s only been a few days so time will tell.

by Anonymous reply 3202/20/2021

So what happens when you stop intermittent fasting? Let me guess, you can’t stop. Or you gain the weight back.

by Anonymous reply 3302/20/2021

You need nurtrious foods. Can you do huevos racheros in the morning? Eggs, Beans and Salsa. Make the salsa yourself. Chop together tomatoes and clilanto (herbs very good for you). You can add in peppers and onions, if you wish. This is healthy. You get those healthy legumes.

For dinner, lentil soup. ( healthy legumes) For dessert/snack: OATMEAL.

Lunch is where you can eat more, i think.

by Anonymous reply 3402/20/2021

OP is playing the "Yes, But...." game. He doesn't want solutions, he just wants attention. Don't play the game.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous reply 3502/20/2021

Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, Dinner Like a Pauper

by Anonymous reply 3602/20/2021

The idea that you have to eat breakfast is nonsense. Have a couple cups of coffee or tea, and eat a reasonable lunch when you get hungry. If I eat breakfast, I’m starving by 11, if not, I usually start to feel hungry about 12:30.

by Anonymous reply 3702/20/2021

R33, The idea with intermittent is that you aren’t supposed to stop. It’s a lifestyle if you need it to maintain a healthy weight.

by Anonymous reply 3802/20/2021

Do like the French do and have breakfast for dinner. Making breakfast for dinner is easy. It is a real time saver for Dinner time meals. If you have kids, kids love breakfast for dinner. I love a poached egg over sauted veggatables. I like spinach and mushrooms, with light olive oil and fresh garlic. It's feels really healthy to me. Protein and veggies.

by Anonymous reply 3902/20/2021

I make a crustless quiche every Sunday and a have a piece each morning for breakfast. If It’s summer I’ll likely do cottage cheese instead.

by Anonymous reply 4002/20/2021

Depends what you do in the AM

If you wake up early and go workout, breakfast will be very different than if you roll out of bed and get to work without much movement.

by Anonymous reply 4102/20/2021

[quote] If I eat breakfast, I’m starving by 11, if not, I usually start to feel hungry about 12:30.

That is quite normal, your metabolism is boosted by breakfast. That is why you have Elevenses: a snack at 11am these days probably a handful of nuts and a nutrition drink; in my day a glass of chilled sherry and some tasty shortbread.

by Anonymous reply 4202/20/2021

[quote] Do like the French do and have breakfast for dinner.

Never heard such tripe.

by Anonymous reply 4302/20/2021

[r40 ] I would love to have your quiche recipe?

by Anonymous reply 4402/20/2021

Quiche receipts are 19 to the dozen on the web FFS, don't encourage her.

by Anonymous reply 4502/20/2021

Protein drink and get on with your day.

by Anonymous reply 4602/20/2021

Drain my man, shower and off to work .

by Anonymous reply 4702/20/2021

Donuts d'peanut butter.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous reply 4802/20/2021

Cheese toast (a slice of cheddar or whatever type of cheese you prefer on a slice of toasted bread, run under the broiler just enough to melt the cheese a bit. You can add sliced tomatoes and/or pepperoni before broiling as well.

by Anonymous reply 4902/20/2021

Boiled rice with chopped shallot and coriander and steamed egg with garlic.

by Anonymous reply 5002/20/2021

Crustless quiche (keto friendly) 6 eggs 1 cup of whipping cream S&p, 1/2 t. onion powder 1 cup of shredded cheese 2 pieces of bacon, crumbled

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Spray pie dish with nonstick spray. Sprinkle dish with crumbled bacon and shredded cheddar. Beat eggs, mix with cream, add onion powder, s&p. Pour evenly into pie dish. Bake for 30-35 minutes.

by Anonymous reply 5102/20/2021

I've been interested in alkaline vs acidic foods lately, OP. Check this out and plan your meals using this.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous reply 5202/20/2021

[quote] Boiled rice with chopped shallot and coriander and steamed egg with garlic.

Vegan R50 claims to have invented kedgeree.

by Anonymous reply 5302/20/2021

I like greek yogurt and drizzle honey over it, YUM. Also, I like buying fruit that is already cut up, quick and delicious. Sometimes I'll have a banana with peanut butter spooned onto each slice.

by Anonymous reply 5402/20/2021

You don't have to eat breakfast food for breakfast. What do you eat fior lunch and dinner? Have some of that.

by Anonymous reply 5502/20/2021

[quote] drizzle honey

You can't drizzle honey.

by Anonymous reply 5602/20/2021

Porriidge. Oatmeal , or something else you like. Do oatmeal for snacks and desert.

by Anonymous reply 5702/20/2021

Pork, beef, chicken/turkey, beans, vitamins, eggs, tomatoes, coffee, filter-less cigarette, French Champagne (half-bottle, chilled): then back to bed to rest.

by Anonymous reply 5802/20/2021

Jimmy Dean sounds about right for OP.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous reply 5902/20/2021

Spinach and artichoke heart omelette or scramble. Any sort of veggie-egg dish, including a fritata.

Greek yogurt with a touch of maple syrup to sweeten it slightly, with chopped nuts. If you want yogurt buy plain yogurt and sweeten it yourself with something other than refined sugar, and don't sweeten it much. Just add a teaspoon of something to cut the sourness.

Middle Eastern breakfast with pita bread, cheese or hummus, olives, and nibbly veg like cucumber or pepper slices.

Bigass fruit smoothie, that includes active culture unsweetened yogurt for the protein and probiotics.

Poached egg on buttered English muffin. Little slice of ham or a touch of hollondaise sauce optional.

And of course when I want a big-ass breakfast, I make a modified "Full English" fry-up. Fried egg, fried mushrooms and tomatoes, slice of toast, possibly some beans (I like beans), and meat-eaters will want to add a bit of bacon, ham, or sausage. If this has more veggies than eggs and bacon, and you don't use too much fat in the frying up, it's actually not that calorific, but it sure is hearty.

by Anonymous reply 6002/20/2021

And yes, putting salsa on eggs is a great way to liven up an everyday egg! And salsa is made of vegetables, and is very low-cal!

I like to scramble eggs, and sprinkle with a little cheese and slather with pico de gallo. Mmmm.

by Anonymous reply 6102/20/2021

Kedgeree, you dolt.

--Her Majesty Victoria, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Queen, Defender of the Faith, Empress of India," but just this once you may call me

by Anonymous reply 6202/20/2021

Granola (the non-grain kind) and peanut butter with a squirt of honey.

by Anonymous reply 6302/20/2021

[quote] Granola (the non-grain kind)

The grain is havoc for the teefs

by Anonymous reply 6402/20/2021

R36 you forgot pig out like a fatty after Jeopardy!

by Anonymous reply 6502/20/2021

Tomorrow my breakfast will be: Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, orange, mango , bananas, apple, honeydew , pineapple.

by Anonymous reply 6602/20/2021

Have a salad.

by Anonymous reply 6702/20/2021

Poached egg on whole grain toast. Avocado ...on toast... salmon or ham on toast. Or an English muffin. Or if you want to not eat grain, get a Granny Smith apple and slather it with peanut butter. Or... Fix a nice plate of ham and cheese with crackers and some fresh fruit. Granola will make you fat. And most people always eat more ceral than the recommended portion.

by Anonymous reply 6802/20/2021

I make different egg dishes: omelettes, migas, fried eggs. Instead of bread, I have fruit. I like huevos rancheros on the weekend. In summer, I eat sliced tomatoes with hard boiled eggs and a slice of cheese.

by Anonymous reply 6902/20/2021

I don't care for sweet breakfasts. Late I have been having what I call Eggs Terrazo.

In a mini casserole I put 1/2 cup of salsa, and spread it around.

I had two beaten eggs.

I cut a few thin slices of extra sharp cheddar off a block, place them on top of the egg and salsa mixture, and tuck them under the surface of the egg/salsa mixture.

Bake for 15-20 minutes at 400 in my countertop oven.

When it is done the eggs will be set, but not overly firm, and it will look like yellow and red terrazzo.

Tasty, full of protein and vibrant flavor, lots of vegetables, and pretty low in calories. You can add a little cooked turkey sausage or turkey bacon if you want.

by Anonymous reply 7002/20/2021

Add two beaten eggs - not had

Also stir lightly after adding the eggs to the salsa

by Anonymous reply 7102/20/2021

Cheese grits. Yum.

by Anonymous reply 7202/20/2021

People don’t realize how much iron grits have. They are very healthy. My family makes cheesy grits with stewed tomatoes.

by Anonymous reply 7302/20/2021

Hot soup,

by Anonymous reply 7402/20/2021

Never buy fruit already cut up, it's bacteria city. Unless you can cook it.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous reply 7502/20/2021

During summer, when it's too hot to cook, I make a lot of sandwiches for breakfast, open-faced or with two slices. Peanut butter and jam, avocado and cheese, cheese and chutney, hummus and tomato (or cucumber or radish), whatever. Back when I ate meat it was ham and cheese or chicken and chutney, with iced tea that I'd put in the fridge the night before.

People in South America eat sandwiches for breakfast, when I was in Chile hotels would put out breakfast buffets of bread and sliced meats and cheeses, all the sandwich fixings. Plus cake, of all things.

by Anonymous reply 7602/20/2021

Dry cottage cheese is low fat and sugar. It's good with berries or chopped celery.

by Anonymous reply 7702/20/2021

I broil half a grapefruit - I put a little sweet n low on it to make it sweeter. Coffee and toasted protein bread. If you find a bread that takes really good then you won't need a topping.

I also used to put some peanut butter on a slice of toast. With some fruit like an orange - orange & peanut butter is a great combo. Plus coffee.

During the pandemic I have afded a cupcake with chocolate icing with my breakfast. I deserve it.

by Anonymous reply 7802/20/2021

R35 = DL's Gay Jung.

For the rest, thanks for the ideas. Intermittent fasting sounds great BUT (R35 = busy taking notes) I have to eat for my meds so i can maybe do a 8/15 and see how it goes. Also, I found some excellent crustless quiche recipes and have most of the ingredients. The rest are awesome ideas I wrote down. For today, did 1/2 croissant and a hardboiled egg with some mozzarella cheese next to it.

by Anonymous reply 7902/20/2021

Even when I'm dieting, I do about 1/3 of calories at breakfast. Otherwise, I'd be dragging all morning. I often make chilquiles or sausage gravy and biscuits on weekends, and that works fine with portion control. Oatmeal and a small omelette, a breakfast egg sandwich, they're on the menu, too.

by Anonymous reply 8002/21/2021

R75- I NEVER buy cut fruit. The night before I spend 10 to 15 minutes chopping, slicing etc my fruit for breakfast the next day.

by Anonymous reply 8102/21/2021

OP, the first step to losing weight is to stop thinking about food constantly. That you even made this thread indicates you will fail at any attempts to lose weight until you get your mind under control. You are fixated on food.

by Anonymous reply 8202/21/2021

I always had a problem with breakfast because i was hungry a couple of hours later. I finally got a handle on the cravings. Now I eat scrambled eggs every morning with either bacon, a small steak, or a small piece of salmon. I avoid eating bread, dairy, fruit and coffee for breakfast. I drink water for breakfast and will have tea later in the morning. I have zero cravings.

It’s the carbs and the sugars that are problematic.

by Anonymous reply 8302/21/2021

Ulcerative colitis? What did you do to yourself over the years to end up with that?

by Anonymous reply 8402/21/2021

Skip breakfast.

The least important meal of the day.

by Anonymous reply 8502/21/2021

R84 - I got proteus when I was a newborn in the maternity ward. Couldn't have even my mom's milk as a baby so I had to live on formula. My folks pretty much did all they could but by 17, it was so bad I had to stay home a year from school. Luckily, when I was 18 I found a really good doctor that helped me with diet and natural medicine (nothing had worked until then) and I got it under control but to this day I have to be careful.

by Anonymous reply 8602/21/2021

Today's breakfast was what I call a "Omelette Margarita", an omelette stuffed with halved cherry tomatoes, fresh mozerella, grated paremesean, and chopped basil leaves.

Tasty, luxurious, and as low-carb as anyone could want!

by Anonymous reply 8702/23/2021

I’m losing weight too. I use a non stick skillet and use a spray. An egg, some eggs beaters too, so w water packed canned tuba, diced tomato, mushrooms. A little greater cheese. I put it in a LOW heat with a lid, by the time I’m through with shower and shave it’s cooked, fluffy, not watery and with a tuna it’s a shot of lean protein that keeps me buzzing all day, even after lunch and into dinner, I do better having this breakfast

by Anonymous reply 8802/23/2021

Avocado toast and green tea

by Anonymous reply 8902/23/2021

If you follow the instructions as stated, these come out quite good. Wrap in paper towel, microwave at 30% power for 90 seconds, then 100% power for 50 seconds. A cup of black coffee, no sugar, and I'm good to go.

I could skip or cut back on lunch or dinner most days, but I'm a big time breakfast person.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous reply 9002/23/2021
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