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Tell Me Your Secrets on Prime

Anyone watching Lily Rabe rabing it up? Hamish Linklater is awesomely creepy. I love that Susan Walters has her natural face. And Amy Brenneman proves that every actress over 50 with fillers and a weave looks like Caitlyn. But seriously, a bit contrived, but okay.

by PR Shillingtonreply 1802/22/2021

No one watching this? It’s rather like Your Honor in terms of writing and plot holes, but it’s a better watch.

by PR Shillingtonreply 102/20/2021

It was okay. I love Lily Rabe, but I have never liked Amy Brenneman.

by PR Shillingtonreply 202/20/2021

What did you think of Hamish, R2?

by PR Shillingtonreply 302/20/2021

half way thru, shit series, boring and predictable, way drawn out......why she in this crap???

by PR Shillingtonreply 402/21/2021

Should have been reduced too 3 episodes....most filler that ive seen in a show. Ridic

by PR Shillingtonreply 502/21/2021

Just watched the first two episodes. They jump from storyline to storyline so quickly, it feels like 20 different plots at once.

by PR Shillingtonreply 602/21/2021

I’m watching it now. I like it, though I don’t understand why the heroine doesn’t brush her hair - - considering she works in a beauty/barber shop.

by PR Shillingtonreply 702/21/2021

Didn’t grab me. I didn’t go back to it after episode five. Just never took off for me.

by PR Shillingtonreply 802/21/2021

She plays it so dykey, and constant crying/whining....

tedious and not worth the time.

by PR Shillingtonreply 902/21/2021

Fortunately Elliott Fletcher doesn’t have a lot of screen time. I hated his characters on The Fosters and Shameless. (Is that literal violence?)

by PR Shillingtonreply 1002/21/2021

i liked miss rabe before this.

by PR Shillingtonreply 1102/21/2021

This is so bad.

by PR Shillingtonreply 1202/21/2021

I didn’t know Hamish and Lily are a couple in real life.

Also this was filmed a few years ago for TNT and they shelved it.

by PR Shillingtonreply 1302/21/2021

Interesting, r13. I didn’t know either of those things.

Hamish is sort of sexy.

by PR Shillingtonreply 1402/21/2021

Oops, I forgot to link the article I read that in. I don't think I'd cite The Undoing as a career highlight.

Like its main characters, Tell Me Your Secrets has a mysterious backstory. It’s been sitting on the shelf for a few years, after TNT decided to cancel it after the entire first season had been shot. Brett Weitz, general manager of TNT, TBS, and TruTV, said that it “wasn’t right” for TNT. But the ready-made thriller series starring TV vet Amy Brenneman and real-life couple Lily Rabe and Hamish Linklater apparently found a second wind (Rabe’s stellar turn in the recent HBO limited series The Undoing probably didn’t hurt). Now the series, created by Call The Midwife’s Harriet Warner, is being released en masse on Prime Video.

Offsite Link
by PR Shillingtonreply 1502/21/2021

They definitely set it up for another season, but after reading that backstory I don’t imagine any of them would want to revisit it.

by PR Shillingtonreply 1602/21/2021

Is the guy the mom is banging her missing daughter’s boyfriend? He made a comment about missing the daughter in one scene so made me think he was.

by PR Shillingtonreply 1702/21/2021

Very contrived storyline, but not totally unwatchable. Although, I’ve been a shut in for 11 months and am running out of viewing options. I really liked Hamish in this, though. He plays creepy well. Brenneman’s character is pretty irredeemable. Doubt there will be a second season.

by PR Shillingtonreply 1802/22/2021
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