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Momma likey!!! A lot!!!

This hung daddy cagemeat has Momma’s mussy hissing and spewing like Old Faithful! Yum!

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by Mommareply 170Last Thursday at 3:44 AM

I believe that he is a murderer, momma.

by Mommareply 102/18/2021

A murderer of Momma’s mussy!

by Mommareply 202/18/2021

You type retarded and desperate for attention, OP.

by Mommareply 302/18/2021

Right, you've also "been arrested 4 times," right op?

by Mommareply 402/18/2021

Edwina you fat stupid whore.

by Mommareply 502/18/2021

One of my fav momma’s wisdoms was when she said her “mussy was twitching like a rat’s nose.” Ah, good times.

by Mommareply 602/18/2021

Statistically, murderers are the category of criminal with the lowest rates of recidivism.

by Mommareply 702/18/2021

My favorite was "like a salted slug."

by Mommareply 802/18/2021

Don't write prisoners OP. Trust me on this

by Mommareply 902/18/2021

^^"but wiser gay

by Mommareply 1002/18/2021

[quote]so if you want to get back and shoot the breeze, stop by (smile). I’m not going anywhere.

Yep, a murderer.

by Mommareply 1102/18/2021

His earliest release date is 2051.

He’s a keeper ladies!

by Mommareply 1202/18/2021

Momma wants to keep him alright, IN HER PANTIES!!!

by Mommareply 1302/18/2021

I just love it when people in prison tell us how honest they are.

[quote] I’m an honest man

by Mommareply 1402/18/2021

Yeah, I'd stick with email and phone calls and letters to a PO box.

by Mommareply 1502/18/2021

Ugh, he should kill you, OP.

by Mommareply 1602/18/2021

This young gentleman is bi, and looks like he could use emotional support.

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 1702/18/2021

[quote]His earliest release date in 2051.

I’d better stock up on Forever stamps.

by Mommareply 1802/18/2021

R17 I have always wanted a Beamer

by Mommareply 1902/18/2021

(R17) ---- Yummy....

by Mommareply 2002/18/2021

This thread should be about Beamer! He’s actually hot.

by Mommareply 2102/18/2021

[quote]One of my fav momma’s wisdoms was when she said her “mussy was twitching like a rat’s nose.” Ah, good times.

My favorite is when her "mussy was snapping like an angry turtle."

by Mommareply 2202/18/2021

I'm in a vile mood. My pipes are frozen and haven't had the hissing of running water in four days inside my home. This thread is the only thing I've found humor in today.

thanks OP

by Mommareply 2302/18/2021

This one is hotter, and gay.

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 2402/18/2021

R23 if you can wait 5-6 months, Beamer can probably unfreeze & clean out your pipes out for you.

by Mommareply 2502/18/2021

R24 “I have numerous tattoos that cover my body but they aren't trashy.”

Incarcerated for: Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Firearm by Felon, Assault, Theft, Wanton Endangerment

by Mommareply 2602/18/2021

Randy certainly looks hot and is my kinda guy too, but incarcerated since 1991? Honey, he has done some crazy murder-y kind of shit!

I do have to say that Porterville is the white trash capital of California. Lots of seriously unbalanced and sexy dudes from that area.

by Mommareply 2702/18/2021

Sorry, boys, but Randy Beamer is from and incarcerated in my state, he has the combination of dark hair & blue eyes that I like, we're only 4 years apart in age AND his profile was started & ends on my birthday. It's fate, fuckers! Leave my man alone!

by Mommareply 2802/18/2021

[quote]I have numerous tattoos that cover my body but they aren't trashy.

James at R24 is a gentleman of quality!

by Mommareply 2902/18/2021

[quote]My favorite is when her "mussy was snapping like an angry turtle."

The classic will always be "Momma's mussy is moister than a snack cake!"

by Mommareply 3002/18/2021

[Quote] I am one that loves attention but I can also enjoy hiding out in a cabin or just the house from time to time.

R17 - Here are some of Randy Beamer’s family’s old home movies:

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 3102/18/2021

Tomorrow/today is Randy Beamer’s 32nd birthday! You know what to do, ladies!!

by Mommareply 3202/18/2021

Marvin is a 39-year-old, green-eyed, Cancer who happens to be a professional massage therapist.

He says, “I love working with my hands. I work out three days a week and run on the others. I have a strong, athletic build, and staying in shape is a priority.

With my parole date coming up in less than two years, I would love to find that special someone to be my possible partner.”

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 3302/18/2021

I'm not opposed to an ex-con taking out his aggression by massaging my pressure points.

by Mommareply 3402/18/2021

Oh R33, honey. With that puka shell necklace?

Where is your self-respect?

by Mommareply 3502/18/2021

Well, nobody’s perfect R1

by Mommareply 3602/18/2021

R33 = I went to Massage Therapy School.....This guy says he is a 'Professional Massage Therapist"---that is alot different than a LICENSED and SCHOOL TRAINED Massage Therapist...However some states do not require a license of any kind...And you can forget getting a license with prison time on your record...

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 3702/18/2021

How come these profiles don't include sizemeat verificatia?

by Mommareply 3802/18/2021

How can we write just to the corporate criminals in the Club Fed type penitentiaries?

I mean, maybe a fallen hedge fund manager would be okay.

by Mommareply 3902/18/2021

Oh, I was clicking through for someone who would meet my cage meat massage fantasy, and eventually found my way to the women's prison. One of the first on the list was the one and only Susan Smith.

Not what I was looking for, but here it is.

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 4002/18/2021

That info is provided on the paid membership OnlyCons website, R38.

by Mommareply 4102/18/2021

I don’t trust anyone who’s had their driver’s license revoked, R40

by Mommareply 4202/18/2021

[quote]My top three attributes include, but are not limited to, honesty, loyalty, and great communication skills.

Marvin is an honest thief!

by Mommareply 4302/18/2021

Randy Beamer, let’s roll !!!

by Mommareply 4402/18/2021

He looks like a short troll.

by Mommareply 4502/18/2021

R44 Did you not see my post at R28?! Back the fuck up, koont! That man is mine!

by Mommareply 4602/18/2021

R28 and Beamer, sitting in a car, B-L-O-W-I-N-G.

You guys are going to have the cutest story to tell at the wedding! And he'll have an inspiring story to share with at risk youths.

This could make a great Hallmark movie.

by Mommareply 4702/18/2021

Aw, Marvin could use someone to help him achieve post release success.

by Mommareply 4802/18/2021

Forget him R46, as a relationship with Randy would only end in tears.

Randy cannot be tamed unless YOU are a Superman

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 4902/18/2021

R31 “We’re the BEAMERS! You’ll never get us!!”

by Mommareply 5002/18/2021

R47: Yaaaassss, bitch!! ::snaps:: I won't just be b-l-o-w-i-n-g that good Beamer dick; I'll be riding that shit 'til the wheels fall off, sis! Only one problem, though: What are we going to do about the fact that he is bisexual, fam? I'm a gay man.

by Mommareply 5102/18/2021

Hey Girls....I'm out in two years....And I like poetry---but in a "straight" way.

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 5202/18/2021

Don’t get ahead of yourself R51.

When Randy has had sufficient he’ll take you on a trip to his favorite spot, the Everglades, and only one of you will return.

by Mommareply 5302/18/2021

I don’t know about Alexander, R52

He ends his poem with “(to be continued)” which makes me suspect that he doesn’t follow through.

by Mommareply 5402/18/2021

R49 The only thing that article tells me is that Randy Beamer has nimble hands. All the better! Stop trying to suppress & diminish our love, god damn it!!! You too, R53! We are *destined* to be together. Did you see his arms in that picture?! Just imagine what the rest of him looks like! Whew, my mussy is getting wetter than an otter's pocket! Wetter than a nun doing squats in a cucumber patch!

Well, that is, unless he has tinymeat, then my ass is gone quicker than a Twinkie at a Weight Watchers meeting. Out the door in one-half less than no time. Any faster and I'd catch up to yesterday.

by Mommareply 5502/18/2021

R52 - I remember seeing Alex Rosa in this riveting documentary:

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 5602/18/2021

This guy looks like an over the hill hustler to me......Bisexual Christopher-----Quote----->>"When I make a decision, I go for it whole heartedly."..........Unfortunately his decision to NOT register as a sex offender was unappreciated by some mean judge.....LoL

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 5702/18/2021

Christopher is dreamy! He said he's looking for a prayer partner. I could be that!

by Mommareply 5802/18/2021

Bi Jacob.....He could have been Low Rent OnlyFans Material..You know he would have been fucking Guys AND Girls on his page...Keep an eye on him in 12 years when he gets out.

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 5902/18/2021

Gay Taylor....18 Y.O....Likes to show jail for MURDER but gets out in 2 years!!??....I want HIS lawyer.. When he gets big on OnlyFans we can say we discovered him. ...

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 6002/18/2021

You don't wanna beat me [bold]or[/bold] screw me? What kind of marriage is this? Bring a book.

by Mommareply 6102/18/2021

Taylor looks like a hot version of Josh Thomas from “Please Like Me”.

by Mommareply 6202/19/2021

For some reason, Alex Rosa’s “earliest release date” is later than his “latest release date.”

by Mommareply 6302/19/2021

Uh Oh.....New DL BadBoy Fave Randy Beamer story....Turns out he might like to stab people.........By the way---he has been incarcerated since 2017 and his picture does not remotely look like a 31 year old....Wait until he finds out CraigsList isn't a hookup thing anymore....LoL

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 6402/19/2021

[quote]moister than a snack cake

But, R8, that phrase was derivative from Jerri Blank. "Writhing like a salted slug" is all Momma.

by Mommareply 6502/19/2021

I find the very existence of these sites so strange. I mean I get it, some want to know where their guy is at all times. But it’s one big “this will end in tears” situation. Some of them are hot though.

by Mommareply 6602/19/2021

Taylor’s birthday is 7/23; he’s a Leo, not a Cancer.

by Mommareply 6702/19/2021

"Add me on JPAY."

You can't make this shit up.

by Mommareply 6802/19/2021

Taylors Booking Photo.....

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 6902/19/2021

Yikes! The OP's guy looks scary. And dear God that outfit he's wearing makes him look retarded.

by Mommareply 7002/19/2021

A lot prisoners have cell phone smuggled in, some use the phone to take jerk off videos then sell them online. A few of them even have pornhub accounts with subscriptions and donation.

by Mommareply 7102/19/2021

I have my eyes set on this Latino twink, arrested two weeks ago in Texas. I'd let him plow his delinquent pinga through my mussy like it's harvest season!

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 7202/19/2021

R24 gets straight to the point, asking people to add him on a site to send him money. I also noted that he is a widower. 10/10 he or she died of a drug overdose.

by Mommareply 7302/19/2021


by Mommareply 7402/19/2021

Like horseplay hmmm...

by Mommareply 7502/19/2021

In this respect, they may be right R74

by Mommareply 7602/19/2021

So many of the gay inmates are from Kentucky. Why?

by Mommareply 7702/19/2021

Gross. You have zero dignity, OP.

Proud of you! 😘

by Mommareply 7802/19/2021

R67, he’s in prison for aggravated battery, murder. I wouldn’t correct him on the astrological sign.

by Mommareply 7902/19/2021

I’m going to venture to say that majority of these prisoners would have participated on the attack on the Capitol had they not been incarcerated.

by Mommareply 8002/19/2021

Where’s Rusty on these pages?

by Mommareply 8102/19/2021

I know most of you are joking about writing these prisoners but some of you might want to read this thread.

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 8202/19/2021

I need a new inmate pen pal now that Phil Spector has passed.

by Mommareply 8302/19/2021

Is Randy Beamer allowed conjugal visits?

by Mommareply 8402/19/2021

Randy enjoys Netflix.

Do we think he watched "The Prom"?

by Mommareply 8502/19/2021

Do any of the prisoners’ profiles ever say, “Hello there gentlemen..”?

by Mommareply 8602/19/2021

The Write a Prisoner logo looks like AOLs old logo

by Mommareply 8702/19/2021

These connections will end in tears. Stay away from these guys. They have friends on the outside that you may not want knocking at your door.

by Mommareply 8802/19/2021

Jon likes to amuse his mess hall mates by eating bananas peeled only on one side with a spoon.

He is hoping to use the entrepreneurial skills he developed as a drug trafficker to lead a life on the straight and narrow upon release.

To sweeten the pot, he enjoys listening to NPR, and he is a voracious reader!

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 8902/19/2021

If no one upthread appeals to you, there’s always Meet-An-Inmate!

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 9002/19/2021

And, Convict Pen Pals!

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 9102/19/2021
Offsite Link
by Mommareply 9202/19/2021

Rolf is flying high on life, even while in prison.

He’s a former flight attendant who loves music, and he is an aspiring writer.


Offsite Link
by Mommareply 9302/19/2021

Can someone explain why under “Convicted Of”, Rolf has written Lutheran?

by Mommareply 9402/19/2021

I’m glad Momma is back, but I hope she can find better Cagemeat than this.

by Mommareply 9502/19/2021

My favorite part of his bio: "I’m an honest man, and don’t like games."

I guess that's how he wound up in prison.

by Mommareply 9602/19/2021

He's like the Disney prince of my dreams!

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 9702/19/2021

[quote]He's like the Disney prince of my dreams!

He's in prison for aggravated murder. Is it because he killed Maleficent?

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 9802/19/2021

R97 This part of his story sure doesn't sound very Disney-like:

[quote] The 8-year-old daughter of Robert Tester awoke in 2016 to see a masked man plunge a sword into her father. The killer then turned toward the girl with a message: “Stay here, I’m going to kill your daddy,” according to court testimony. [...] The evidence included gruesome photos of the scene in the house in south Spokane County where Tester had suffered more than 66 wounds. He died from a blow with a splitting maul to the back of his head. One detective later said the crime scene was one of the worst bloodlettings he had ever seen. The trial included testimony from Tester’s daughter, who was sleeping in the same bed as her father on the night of the attack. “She will live with the menace of this,” Deputy Spokane County Prosecutor Kelly Fitzgerald said of the now 11-year-old girl. “She awoke to her daddy being stabbed with his hands up. Her daddy was begging for help and was asking to be taken to the hospital.” The killer followed Tester out of his bedroom as he crawled on his hands and knees, Fitzgerald said. “This was not a fight that was mutual,” she said. “This was an execution.”

by Mommareply 9902/19/2021

Close! R98

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 10002/19/2021
Offsite Link
by Mommareply 10102/19/2021

[quote]Jon likes to amuse his mess hall mates by eating bananas peeled only on one side with a spoon.

Does he eat a Snickers with a knife and fork?

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 10202/19/2021

Momma's mussy is hissing like a trapped cat!

by Mommareply 10302/19/2021

Why straight, OP? No gay inmates to lust over?

by Mommareply 10402/19/2021

Damn, John Radavich killed the nephew of U.S. Senator Jon Tester of Montana. He physically looks like he'd be a Republican, but he is, in fact, a Democrat. That makes the murder of his nephew all the more sad (I'm kidding).

by Mommareply 10502/19/2021

Incarcerated For: Bein' slutty

by Mommareply 10602/19/2021

Flight attendant Rolf at R93, who was convicted of being a Lutheran is gay R104

by Mommareply 10702/19/2021

R107 dang. I bet he gets more and higher quality dick than 95% of DLers.

by Mommareply 10802/19/2021

Jeez, what a website (as was said, with logo AOL-like to subliminally affect Elders....). Rummage around and you see cut-and-paste text - same language in multiple profiles... Kentucky scammers.

But also some are simply short stories. 24 - drug trafficking, money laundering..

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 10902/19/2021

Here's a pic of one of the most notorious Kentucky scammers Nate Richardson, who managed to fool quite a few gullible eldergays. And while I do find queens falling for these guys and their tricks extremely pathetic I can also see how he managed to bewitch them - he is a rather purty one (even if his eyes are set a bit too close together for my personal taste).

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 11002/19/2021
Offsite Link
by Mommareply 11102/19/2021

Ryan at R111 was convicted of "criminal sexual conduct."

Get in line, ladies!

by Mommareply 11202/19/2021

More info on Ryan:

[quote] MUSKEGON, MI -- Ryan David Dominish, 18, of Cedar Creek Township is headed to prison for one to two decades for raping and battering his 18-year-old girlfriend after seeing her dancing with another man. [...] The attack happened early Oct. 28 on a two-track in a wooded area near Ryerson and Schow roads in Cedar Creek Township. Authorities said earlier that the victim’s ordeal began after she tried to leave a Halloween party the two had been attending not far from the site where the attack allegedly happened. Authorities said Dominish drove the two to the two-track where he began beating her up, telling her he was jealous over her dancing with someone else. She tried to exit the car, and Dominish began choking her, getting her onto the ground. She managed to get back in her car and started to drive away, but Dominish punched through a window, shattering it, and pushed himself halfway into the car. The woman crashed into a tree. Dominish got back into the car and continued beating and choking the woman, talking about killing her, then raped her, authorities said. After that Dominish drove the two to his parents’ home around 4 a.m., where he gagged her by pushing a T-shirt in her mouth so she wouldn’t wake his parents. Dominish got a blanket and drove them back to the two-track, where he repeatedly raped the victim, authorities said. Dominish initially admitted to police that he had beaten the woman and held his hand over her mouth at his parents’ house but claimed the sex had been consensual.

by Mommareply 11302/19/2021

Who are these kill joys that keep coming on here? Yes, I know I don't want legit murder/rape/robbery/whatever. SHUT UP. I KNOW. Not everything needs to be a PSA.

by Mommareply 11402/19/2021

Ronnie sounds nice, and he’s expected to be released in September.

He’s gay and it sounds like his brother is gay, too as Ronnie writes,

“He and his partner have been together for over 20 years, and they showed me that it is OK to be who I am and true to myself.”

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 11502/19/2021

Anyone remember a documentary that came out years ago that featured interviews with about 6 different inmates that were all doing time for killing gay men? Can't remember the name, but it was chilling as hell.

by Mommareply 11602/19/2021

R115, there’s something appealing about Ronnie’s photo. That’s looks like an old house he’s in. Cozy. I think I’d let him toss my salad.

by Mommareply 11702/19/2021

While searching for additional pix of Ronnie I came across a much cuter Ronnie...But a much naughtier one too! This blue-eyed cutie killed an elderly couple who wanted to buy a car from him through Craigslist

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 11802/19/2021

Unfortunately prison barbers had no mercy on Ronnie's once luscious hair:

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 11902/19/2021

Todays HOT Convicted Killer Ribbon goes to ------"John Radavich".....Congrats you HOTTE!!!.....Remember everyone on DL who discovered you and appreciated your beauty no matter how many people you chopped up with an axe!!!......

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 12002/19/2021

In his Write a Prisoner profile, John Radavich says he's working on getting his sentence overturned. So, R97, you and your Disney prince may yet find your very own happily ever after!

by Mommareply 12102/19/2021

Write to prisoners? Who do you think you are, Blanche Devereux?

by Mommareply 12202/19/2021

Momma / OP, Randy Schlaepfer says he wants women to be his pen pals, not randy gay men. Even if he were bi, all he'd want from you is money.

by Mommareply 12302/19/2021

[quote] Momma / OP, Randy Schlaepfer says he wants women to be his pen pals, not randy gay men

Do you know how many times Momma’s heard that line? After a few beers, they all come crawling underneath the caftan.

by Mommareply 12402/19/2021

Well, Momma. Send Randy a nude pic and see what happens. Best of luck.

by Mommareply 12502/19/2021

My name is Brandon. I’m a fun, active, and very honest person looking to connect with and meet new people. I’m gay but I will talk to anyone that writes to me, especially like-minded people.

I love music, animals, cooking, and anything to do with flying. Music has gotten me through a lot in my life and I’m almost always singing.

I have quite a few big plans for my future, but until I can get to them I am looking to pass the time by meeting new people from all over. I am an open book and will talk about anything from food, to traveling, to everything in between. Anyone looking to talk to a genuine, fun, high-energy guy should definitely write to me. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 12602/20/2021

R126 = SAME birthday and same name but looks "different"..........And only 14 years left on his sentence!!!..........

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 12702/20/2021

More about R126's Brandon:

[quote]AFOSI initiated this joint investigation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in December 2016 after being notified that Senior Airman Brandon Carrier solicited child pornography and sex from a minor online using the screen name “Jeremy Hayes.” Senior Airman Carrier was arrested by the FBI and interviewed jointly by AFOSI and the FBI. A search warrant executed at Senior Airman Carrier’s on-base dormitory resulted in the seizure of multiple items of digital media. The analysis of this media revealed Senior Airman Carrier solicited child pornography and attempted to solicit sex with a minor. An interview with the victim revealed he met Senior Airman Carrier on an online dating website when the victim was 15 years old. Senior Airman Carrier travelled to the victim’s residence to engage in sex with him and requested nude photographs of the victim, which were later discovered on Senior Airman Carrier’s cellphone. AFOSI and the FBI conducted multiple interviews at local schools and youth centers and of Senior Airman Carrier’s friends, relatives, and coworkers, which did not identify additional victims. On March 24, 2017, in the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Florida, Senior Airman Carrier pleaded guilty to attempting to produce child pornography. On June 30, 2017, Senior Airman Carrier was sentenced to 280 months of imprisonment and supervised release for 10 years, and was required to register as a sex offender.

by Mommareply 12802/20/2021

My gash is gushin'

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 129Last Monday at 11:57 AM

All straight. 🙄

by Mommareply 130Last Monday at 12:10 PM

Disturbing human remains?

Erm....exits thread immediately!

by Mommareply 131Last Monday at 12:16 PM

Momma's mussy is dripping like an Easter ham!

by Mommareply 132Last Monday at 12:21 PM

The vic in Carrier's case @R128 was 15yo. I wonder how many people here had sex with an adult when they were 15 without the law getting involved. I assume most don't get caught. If you get caught, it's very serious indeed: in his case up to 18 years inside; then life on the outside is not going to be easy with a gap like that in his resume.

by Mommareply 133Last Monday at 12:52 PM

Will he be dishonorably discharged?

by Mommareply 134Last Monday at 12:57 PM

My birthday is 7/23 and im a Cancer according to these charts, but had I been born in the States I would have been a Leo.

by Mommareply 135Last Monday at 12:58 PM

Wrong thread R135?

by Mommareply 136Last Monday at 12:58 PM

[quote]I'm looking for someone that I can their brain. My mind state is officially ready to open up to people.


by Mommareply 137Last Monday at 2:03 PM

I know R137, scary. R129: "Incarcerated for: Aggravated Manslaughter, Robbery, Disturbing Human Remains"

by Mommareply 138Last Monday at 2:09 PM

[quote]I'm looking for someone that I can their brain. My mind state is officially ready to open up to people.

Do his hobbies include haiku writing?

by Mommareply 139Last Monday at 2:22 PM

Randy is looking for a lady. I know some of you think you qualify, but Randy may disagree.

by Mommareply 140Last Monday at 2:35 PM

R138 He moved the murder victim's body after he shot him. He didn't cut off body parts to fry them.

He also had to get a friend to help move the victim's car, a Jaguar. It was shift and our boy can't drive a car with a manual transmission. Murderers aren't as butch as they used to be.

by Mommareply 141Last Monday at 2:44 PM

How do you know all this R141?

by Mommareply 142Last Monday at 2:46 PM

R142 I do astral projection into his mind on a regular basis.......

Name, geography, crime.... into Google and you can usually find multiple news articles about these gentlemen and their nefarious activities.

I love this thread and these "pen pal" stories, websites, scams... it's both a hoot, deeply sad, and erotic in a fringe Jean Genet way.

by Mommareply 143Last Monday at 2:52 PM

Many of these stories are tragic.

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 144Last Monday at 2:55 PM

Villani got 40 years because he pleaded guilty.

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 145Last Monday at 3:01 PM

i'm drippin like a cracked watermelon!

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 146Last Monday at 4:10 PM

"Ryder was turned in to police by his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor after confessing the crime to him." The victim had 9 children.

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 147Last Monday at 4:25 PM

[quote]Ryder was turned in to police by his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor

Well, so much for that whole "anonymous" thing.

by Mommareply 148Last Monday at 5:09 PM

After about two or three letters. That’s usually when they ask you to put money on JPay.

by Mommareply 149Last Monday at 5:18 PM

SEXY Inmate Logan Sinclair. Blonde. 20. Model good looks..Buffed. Could have made a fortune in porn....

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 150Last Monday at 5:22 PM

UNsexy Inmate Logan Sinclair....Got fat....Stopped coloring his blonde hair..It's always sad when a hottie lets himself go downhill......LoL

Offsite Link
by Mommareply 151Last Monday at 5:24 PM

Is Logan looking for a gay pen-pal/moneybags?

by Mommareply 152Last Monday at 5:27 PM

Oh, Logan....You could have made a fortune. Who knows how many vile TikTok videos of you lipsyncing and prancing the world will be deprived of...

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by Mommareply 153Last Monday at 5:43 PM

[quote]Some of my favorite activities are downhill skiing, swimming, biking and hiking. I am a practicing Pagan. I studied Wiccan for 1 year and also Odinism and numerology. I am getting into palm reading now. I am also trying to find some info on Ogam.

Wiccan? Odinism? (I guess that's different from Onanism.) Palm reading? I think I need someone a little more down to earth.

by Mommareply 154Last Monday at 5:47 PM

I date an ex con, but he was out of jail when I met him. He was a hot as shit latino - very muscular, picks me up at a bar in the valley, we go back to my place clothes come off and woof he is stacked but...wah wah not much there in the dick department. He said he wanted to top me but not with that thing so I convinced him to let me eat his ass which put his legs up and me in the driver seat. Fuck the hell out of him and he turned into a purring pussy cat. Two years of dating. Still friends today.

by Mommareply 155Last Monday at 5:51 PM

I mean, who hasn't bopped a hooker over the head with a clock at least once in their life?

by Mommareply 156Last Monday at 6:02 PM

R154 I think in correctional institutions there is a lot interest in white supremacy groups... Aryan Nation most well known. I lot of those white supremacists (like heavy metal, death metal, black metal music fans) are attracted to pagan ideas... Odinism certainly an example. Norse gods and all that. There was thread of that in Nazi Germany too....

by Mommareply 157Last Monday at 6:16 PM

Single gay male, former LPN with higher education as ADN, seeks to find friendship correspondences. I am 5’ 10” tall, black hair, brown eyes, at about 195 pounds. Would especially love to communicate with anyone employed in a medical position, especially those with past records affected by drug/alcohol use, and strive to no longer do so. Also anyone else in life period, who also has a past or not criminal or otherwise. Cocaine addict - free of use 9 years.

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by Mommareply 158Last Monday at 6:36 PM

Couldn't find Rackover nor Dilione.

by Mommareply 159Last Monday at 6:45 PM

Gay Killer Kai the Hitchhiker.

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by Mommareply 160Last Monday at 6:52 PM

Gay Couple try to turn a craigslist male prostitute into a Trouple. As with every throuple, it goes badly.

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by Mommareply 161Last Monday at 7:02 PM

R160 Does anyone buy his story about the dead eldergay?

by Mommareply 162Last Monday at 7:07 PM

R162 = No. I never did. Kai always had a street hustler vibe going on. He clearly chopped up the old guy so he could rob him. My theory is that the street hustlers and grifters hook up with a guy and by the second or third time they know the layout of the guys place and rob them. I have known many guys that got robbed off hookups but it always seemed to be after multiple visits. ......Read the link below = an "acquaintance". .Alot of these stories go unreported.

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by Mommareply 163Last Monday at 8:24 PM

R83, My mom and I have wanted to be Betty Broderick's pen pal for years.......🤣

by Mommareply 164Last Monday at 8:30 PM

What’s going on in John Radavich’s profile picture at R97? Is trying out for a local production of “Eating Raoul”?

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by Mommareply 165Last Tuesday at 12:11 PM

Momma---he is NOT in jail. But he IS in the barracks and showers....Do you approve?

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by Mommareply 166Last Wednesday at 3:41 AM

Someone create a thread for this HOTTIE....He needs to be a star....

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by Mommareply 167Last Wednesday at 3:48 AM

r166 r167 What is your obsession with this guy and why do you keep posting him in multiple irrelevant threads?

by Mommareply 168Last Wednesday at 4:38 AM

R168 = awww.....Did you come to a thread about HOT guys and become offended by seeing HOT guys--knowing YOU will never be one?....LoL

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by Mommareply 169Last Wednesday at 4:35 PM

This thread isn't about hot servicemen. Get lost, loser! Momma needs her cagemeat! You're makin' momma's pussy dry.

by Mommareply 170Last Thursday at 3:44 AM
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