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Road House Whiskey

I have been watching this clip on and off today and laughing my fucking ass off.

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by I lahked it!reply 2601/16/2021

You do edibles I take it.

by I lahked it!reply 101/12/2021

You and Piper Laurie both.

She said when she got the script she assumed it was a comedy, and she played it as a comedy until DePalma took her aside and said it was a horror film.

"Even so, she would constantly burst out into laughter between takes because not only was her characterization and wardrobe laughable in her eyes, but the dialogue itself was humorous for her. To this day, she still refers to and maintains the movie as a black comedy."

Unfortunately, Margaret White is now almost documentary material — her fucked-up view of sexuality and faith is closer to more Trump supporters' than not.

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by I lahked it!reply 201/12/2021

Laugh all you want, OP. I'm guessing you were not yet in high school by 1977?

Carrie movie does have its funny parts, like the doofus/nerd class president, and any scene with Edie McClurg. Every single second of this movie is perfection. DePalma's minor/major masterpiece and. my favorite movie of all time. It's been said that Piper Laurie has a fab sense of humor. Same goes for Gwyneth Paltrow

by I lahked it!reply 301/12/2021

Here’s one of the funniest scenes with Priscilla Pointer and Piper Laurie.

Offsite Link
by I lahked it!reply 401/13/2021

Sadly, no more. Haven’t touched with in going on 5 months. It’s all I had left, too...

by I lahked it!reply 501/13/2021

with = weed

by I lahked it!reply 601/13/2021

Watching it again...

by I lahked it!reply 701/13/2021

I love that scene R4.

I say this to people all the time:

"I pray you find JESUS!"

by I lahked it!reply 801/13/2021

How did this woman not win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress?

by I lahked it!reply 901/13/2021

R9 She really should have

by I lahked it!reply 1001/13/2021

I thought that scene was hilarious. It was a nice touch, too, that Priscilla Pointer and Amy Irving (mother and daughter in real life), played mother and daughter onscreen.

Also, Priscilla Pointer, having an afternoon cocktail, while watching a soap opera, was straight out 1970s middle class suburbia.

by I lahked it!reply 1101/14/2021

Towards the end of this clip, after Mrs. White gets the phone call from the principal's office, she looks upward and says very matter of factly "I know you're listening." This was an early clue that Carrie's mom also had psychic ability.

by I lahked it!reply 1201/15/2021

R12 You think so?

by I lahked it!reply 1301/15/2021

He ate my ass and I liked it! I liked it! All of that filthy ass eating with his long tongue in my ass!

by I lahked it!reply 1401/15/2021

I should have killed myself after the first time Ralph fucked my asshole.

by I lahked it!reply 1501/15/2021

I swear, the second time she says “I LAHKED IT” sends me howling 🤣 Her delivery is perfection: the heaving, the head twist and undulations...

by I lahked it!reply 1601/15/2021

But I was weak and backslidin. I got on my knees to pray for forgiveness but ended up sucking Ralph off again then I ate his load and he pissed in my mouth at the end of it.

by I lahked it!reply 1701/15/2021

R17 Cover yah derty pillohwz, yah filth.

by I lahked it!reply 1801/15/2021


Offsite Link
by I lahked it!reply 1901/15/2021

Piper was disappointed she lost. But back then horror films performers, even laced with black comedy, rarely won. The Academy really went for Network and it’s acting nominees with nearly a clean sweep of the acting awards. Piper has an Emmy to balance out her three Oscar losses though.

by I lahked it!reply 2001/15/2021

R30 Didn’t realize she’d been nominated three times.

by I lahked it!reply 2101/15/2021

R21 yup. The Hustler, Carrie and Children of a Lesser God.

by I lahked it!reply 2201/16/2021

I could smell the ass on his breath...

by I lahked it!reply 2301/16/2021

R23 😂

by I lahked it!reply 2401/16/2021

The way she says Road House Whiskey, though, 😂

“Rehd Hehs Wiskheh.”

by I lahked it!reply 2501/16/2021

Eve ate ass! Say it, woman! Eve ate ass!

by I lahked it!reply 2601/16/2021
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