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The DL Dream Journal

Let's start a dream journal to keep track of our subconscious hopes, dreams, and fears. We can analyze each other's dreams, too. It'll be fun. I'll go first.

Last night, I dreamt that I was hanging out with a wild "party" friend. Looking back, it was a 20 year old Soon Yi (but in my dream she was just a random fun, crazy friend). (Symbolic how?)

Then for some reason I went to a cemetery, and it was eerily quiet and very mystical (death, loss?).

Then I came back home, and Soon Yi was now a six year old Asian girl. I was concerned for her well-being, so I decided to take care of her myself and become her parent (taking charge?). Then we went to a loft apartment somewhere in Manhattan. It was Woody Allen's. (In the dream he did not know Soon Yi). I knew who he was, and was very excited to be there. I think we shared a mutual friend and so he invited me through this third friend. He was making dinner, and we talked. It was mundane yet totally wild, because I'd been a fan for so long. I remember thinking "Wow, I did not see any of this coming! Life is so full of surprises. You just never know. Wow." And then I woke up.

by Armchair analysts welcomereply 801/13/2021

Sheltering Sky - Other peoples dreams are boring Kit.

by Armchair analysts welcomereply 101/12/2021

R1 Not to me

by Armchair analysts welcomereply 201/13/2021

This is the best distraction you could come up with, a fake dream designed to get the Woody Allen trolls up in arms again?

by Armchair analysts welcomereply 301/13/2021

Young party Soon Yi -> My guess is that you are sympathetic towards her and Woody. You see her as having a good time when she hooked up with Woody and associate that free spirit with your own indulgences around that age.

The cemetery was transitional. Death reeks of consequences for your actions. You were being reminded of this. The young Soon Yi was guilt from the part of you that still questioned whether or not it was pedophilia. So you became caretaker.

Having now escaped the perceived quagmire of his relationship with her, Woody was able to lead a relatively normal life doing things like a home meal with mundane conversation.

Hope your not a troll

by Armchair analysts welcomereply 401/13/2021

R3 No this was literally my dream. I don't know if it's symbolic about the political situation or what, but that's what my dream was. Not trolling.

by Armchair analysts welcomereply 501/13/2021

R4 [quote] You see her as having a good time when she hooked up with Woody and associate that free spirit with your own indulgences around that age.

That is very interesting and I can totally relate to that. In which case then, I would say that the cemetery representing the death of that old me and then Soon Yi turning into a helpless child that I decide to take responsibility for, represents holding myself accountable and wanting to be a responsible person for others and for my inner child, too, perhaps. Learning how to be responsible and to care for others and not just be immature and wild, thinking only of myself.

by Armchair analysts welcomereply 601/13/2021

I have this recurring dream where I am on a roller coaster in space with a bunch of chickens.

by Armchair analysts welcomereply 701/13/2021

Outer Space: Space symbolizes your search for deeper meanings in your life; Space in a dream can also represent the thinking of mainstream society. When you dream of space this can mean you need to overcome any feelings of being trapped by the collective mentality.

Roller Coaster: often thought to represent feeling a lack control. Perhaps you feel you're not in the driving seat of your own life.

Chickens: .........................

by Armchair analysts welcomereply 801/13/2021
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