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I have these random ladybugs that show up in my house.

If I release it outside into the cold will it die? I am in New England.

They eventually die inside...

What will give it the kindest send off?

by reply 33Last Wednesday at 11:39 AM

The heel of your shoe, honey.

by reply 101/10/2021

We don’t want to hear about your “ladybugs”, Senatrice.

by reply 201/10/2021

Check with Miz Lindsay.

She's got the same problem.

by reply 301/10/2021

I think I love you, OP.

by reply 401/10/2021

If you have any good-sized houseplants, you could place the ladybug on the plant to enjoy their own little indoor green ecosystem. If it hatched indoors, the extreme cold would probably zap it fast.

And WTF with ladybug hate, R2 and R3? Some of us don't mind the occasional benign distraction when the country in mired in shit.

by reply 501/10/2021

r5 has overt ladybug sympathies and should be exterminated along with the ladybug.

by reply 601/10/2021

^^ I actually love this, R6.

by reply 701/10/2021

Feed your ladybug small amounts of raisins, lettuce, or honey every day. Soak 2-3 raisins in water for a couple of minutes to soften them up. You can also tear half of a leaf of lettuce into small pieces and allow your ladybug to graze.

If you have plants, they may have aphids, tiny green bugs, and ladybugs love to eat them.

by reply 801/10/2021

I'm in New England also OP but I've never seen a ladybug in winter.

by reply 901/10/2021

R5 The country mired in shit?

Have you thought about what the poor ladybugs on the Senatrice's ass are mired in or on?

by reply 1001/10/2021

They seek to hibernate in a warm place.

Offsite Link
by reply 1101/10/2021

May not be ladybugs. If they're Asian lady beetles, let them die.

Offsite Link
by reply 1201/10/2021

R1 A soaked raisin would be at least twice, if not three times, the size of a ladybug! It would be like a baby trying to eat a basketball!

by reply 1301/10/2021

^^meant for R8

by reply 1401/10/2021

R14 They can nibble on them. Ladybugs have surprisingly sharp mouth parts. I was bitten by one, and I was surprised how much it hurt.

by reply 1501/11/2021

R8 / R15 Ladybugs don't bite. It sounds like you were bitten by an Asian Lady Beetle. R12 posted an interesting article about the difference. From reading many of your posts, MissLucy, I know you are a kind person but I hope you are not feeding Asian Lady Beetles.

by reply 1601/11/2021

R16 It's quite possible that I was bitten by an Asian Lady Beetle. They look very similar to ladybugs, and I'm no expert on either one. I did a lookup on them and apparently they invaded Nova Scotia a couple of years ago. I understand that ladybugs are rounder and smaller. I think that it was a couple of years ago that I found a huge number of one or the other in my backyard in a section where they appeared to have hatched or where they were hanging out. I'll be a bit more careful now. No, I don't feed insects, so no worries there. Thanks for the info.

by reply 1701/11/2021

Have your psychopharmacologist adjust the dosing.

by reply 1801/11/2021

That article says that ladybugs are always red. But they can be yellow and orange too.

by reply 1901/11/2021

[quote]What will give it the kindest send off?

Swat the motherfucker in general direction. I'll take care of it.

by reply 2001/11/2021

By chance, I just read for the first time about the Senatrice's "little ladybugs" and now I don't like the insects anymore.

by reply 2101/11/2021

R21 The guy who started the story about the Senatrice's ladybugs admitted it was a joke but the rumor lives on...

by reply 2201/11/2021

R22 - oh, thank goodness, that was gross. Even as a joke, what a strange story to make up!

by reply 2301/11/2021

Why strange? Any stranger than Lady Lindsay's behavior?

It's certainly memorable.

by reply 2401/11/2021

Moles on his ass that he calls ladybugs - that's not strange?

by reply 2501/11/2021

Consider the source, R25

Do you think the Senatrice isn't strange?

by reply 2601/11/2021

Yes, she is. But I'm sorry I derailed this thread from the happy little insects. Resume, nature people!

by reply 2701/11/2021

They add such a nice crunch to my salad!

by reply 28Last Wednesday at 9:03 AM

[quote] [R8] / [R15] Ladybugs don't bite. It sounds like you were bitten by an Asian Lady Beetle.

Ouch! I know from experience that that really hurts.

Oh wait... I thought you said Asian lady[italic]boy.[/italic]

by reply 29Last Wednesday at 9:10 AM

Are they called Damebugs in England?

by reply 30Last Wednesday at 9:50 AM

Asian lady beetles bite and they exude an awful smelling liquid when threatened or killed. I had an infestation in my house one time. If I see one I take it outside. If you see a horde of them, get out your vacuum cleaner. They don't seem to stink as much when you dispose of them that way.

We found where they were getting in and fixed the problem by preventing them from invading.

Asian lady beetles have taken over the ecological niche that ladybugs held, at leaast in my region. I cannot remember the last time I found a true North American ladybug. The most obvious differences between the two are that the Asian beetles are orange and bite, while the native ladybugs are red and don't.

by reply 31Last Wednesday at 9:54 AM

So, they fart. Who doesn't?

by reply 32Last Wednesday at 9:56 AM

R31 There are orange ladybugs. And asian lady beetles are also type of ladybugs.

by reply 33Last Wednesday at 11:39 AM
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