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Which senior republican US politicians from senators to house representatives to state governors or mayors are gay closeted out?

British datalounger here who is increasingly interested in US politics and would appreciate the downlow,speculation and gossip on this topic please!

by Anonymousreply 73Last Sunday at 9:17 PM

Miss Senatrice Lindsey Graham (R-SC) -- GAY, CLOSETED, NELLIE BLOTTOM

by Anonymousreply 101/09/2021

[quote] closeted out

by Anonymousreply 201/09/2021

r1 LOL He is the only one I already knew so to speak! Any other senators or cabinet members? I should have said in my opener past or present as wasnt there some sort of rentboy or male escort scandal under George Bush senior involving senior politicians?

by Anonymousreply 301/09/2021

Oh heck ooopss r2 ! I meant to type closeted or out!

by Anonymousreply 401/09/2021

The governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, is openly gay. He previously served in the House of Representatives.

Tammy Baldwin is a Senator from Wisconsin and openly lesbian.

Current openly gay members of the House of Representatives:

David Cicilline of Rhode Island

Mark Pocan of Wisconsin

Mark Takano of California

Sean Maloney, Mondaire Jones, and Ritchie Torres of New York

Chris Pappas of New Hampshire

Sharice Davids of Kansas

Angie Craig of Minnesota

by Anonymousreply 501/09/2021

Of course there's Miss Lindz

Adrian Smith (NE congressman) is also a big question but closeted

by Anonymousreply 601/09/2021

[quote] wasnt there some sort of rentboy or male escort scandal under George Bush senior involving senior politicians?

There have been at least a couple of those. The most recent one was in 2006 under George W. Bush. Mark Foley (Representative from Florida) and Jim Kolbe (Representative from Arizona) got caught up in that one.

I don’t remember one under the senior Bush, but there was one in 1983 that implicated Gerry Studds (Rep. from Massachusetts). He continued to serve in the House until 1997.

Rep. John Hinson of Mississippi was outed in 1981 after he was arrested for giving a blowjob in the House men’s room. He resigned and became a gay rights activist. He died of AIDS in the ‘90s.

There are more stories like that.

by Anonymousreply 701/09/2021

Oh, I missed that you were asking specifically about Republican politicians. All the ones I mentioned at R5 are Democrats.

The ones I mentioned at R7 were Republicans.

by Anonymousreply 801/09/2021

Robert Bauman (Republican) of Maryland lost his House re-election bid in 1980 after being arrested for soliciting an underage male prostitute.

Harris Wofford (Democrat) of Pennsylvania served in the Senate in the early ‘90s. He was married to a woman for 50 years. She died of leukemia shortly after he left office.

In 2016, at the age of 88, he married a man who was 50 years his junior. Wofford died in 2019.

by Anonymousreply 901/09/2021

I’m sorry, but anyone who gets married and has kids in their late 30s or early 40s is suspect to me. That includes:

Tom Cotton

Patrick McHenry

by Anonymousreply 1001/09/2021

Cheers r5 r7 much appreciated

Paradoxically Does there seem to be a higher proportion of Republican politicians who are gay (closeted or not) than Democrats?

by Anonymousreply 1101/10/2021

There are plenty of gay rumors abort Pence, McConnell and Hawley

by Anonymousreply 1201/10/2021

How double dayuh you suh!

by Anonymousreply 1301/10/2021

Hawley r12?? 😲

by Anonymousreply 1401/10/2021

Marco Rubio was arrested years ago at 3am at a well known cruising area in Miami. I believe this was before his Senatorial career.

by Anonymousreply 1501/10/2021


by Anonymousreply 1601/10/2021

And we can’t forget about Gaetz and his “son”

by Anonymousreply 1701/10/2021

Marco "Paulina" Rubio and his Miami foam parties and playground vice busts.

by Anonymousreply 1801/10/2021

You can rule out Cory Booker

by Anonymousreply 1901/10/2021

r18 Oooh please tell me more!!

by Anonymousreply 2001/10/2021

Don't forget Hatch (UT), who is known to have a sex dungeon in his basement for his young male tricks.

by Anonymousreply 2101/10/2021

Well I'm originally from Rhode Island. I know disgraced Speaker Gordon Fox was gay. So too my rep but closeted so I'll respect that. Rep, Frank Ferri too.

Don't have the lowdown here in Georgia yet. But I will.

by Anonymousreply 2201/10/2021

Jeff Gannon, WH 'Reporter', during the "W" administration.

by Anonymousreply 2301/10/2021

Leave me alone guys.

Think of me as chopped liver.

by Anonymousreply 2401/10/2021

Miz Lindz is NOT gay. She is a lady and prefers men.

by Anonymousreply 2501/10/2021

Representative Barney Frank, MA, served until 2013. He publically came out in 1987.

by Anonymousreply 2601/10/2021

Forgot to add that Gov. Kate Brown, Oregon, is bisexual (not in closet) and currently married to a man.

by Anonymousreply 2701/10/2021

You bitches are slipping!

by Anonymousreply 2801/10/2021

The Marco Rubio thing was when he was a teenager caught drinking in a park. Allegedly. A park that's also known for cruising. Now, I remember going to parks when I was a teenager to drink or smoke pot and having no idea there were cruising around.

However, his wife talks about how being married to a politician is like being a single mother because Marco was in Tallahassee or DC all the time.

There's something off about him. He's definitely not a very intelligent person - he barely graduated from high school and then supposedly turned it around in college.

by Anonymousreply 2901/10/2021

Thank you r22 can't wait!

by Anonymousreply 3001/10/2021

Republican Larry Craig, the Idaho toe tapping (former) Senator.

by Anonymousreply 3101/10/2021

Does Dennis Hastert count?

by Anonymousreply 3201/10/2021

r10, Patrick McHenry is definitely gay

by Anonymousreply 3301/10/2021

r33 Photographs of him certainly ping my gaydar

by Anonymousreply 3401/10/2021

There was some kind of scandal involving one of McHenry's "roommates" back in the day

by Anonymousreply 3501/10/2021

r35 Can you remember any details please r35?

by Anonymousreply 3601/10/2021

Do historical exempla count?

by Anonymousreply 3701/10/2021

Not Rep Patrick McHenry, (R) N. Carolina?!?

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 3801/10/2021

Yes r37!

by Anonymousreply 3901/10/2021

There was a bunch of gossip here about Adrian Smith when he first ran for Congress - supposedly he had a bf who was a flight attendant

by Anonymousreply 4001/10/2021

No ones mentioned me?? I’m schocked!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 4101/10/2021

Not Lindsey Graham. He is a very heterosexual manly man.

by Anonymousreply 4201/10/2021

R5, you forgot Kyrsten Sinema, Senator from Arizona.

by Anonymousreply 4301/10/2021

r40 Thanks for the information. I am wondering why so many Republican politicians seem to be gay?It seems statistically higher than the national average as a proportion. I understand why so many are closeted although I don't agree with it or rather I am not encouraging it but I wonder if there is something about being drawn to a career conservative politics and governanance that disproportionately attracts gay men?

by Anonymousreply 4401/10/2021

[quote]but I wonder if there is something about being drawn to a career conservative politics and governanance that disproportionately attracts gay men?


by Anonymousreply 4501/10/2021

R44, we're all just waiting for the right girl to come along

by Anonymousreply 4601/10/2021

r45 I'm sure there is some of that but even in countries were gay men don't closet as much there seems to be a high proportion of gay men involved in conservative politics.

by Anonymousreply 4701/10/2021

John Thune

by Anonymousreply 4801/10/2021

R36 I'm not R35, but there's a rundown of McHenry's "web of intrigue" at the linked-to website. .. One of his roommates was Scott G. Silver, and this article mentions a scam involving senior citizens. The more interesting material is near the end of the article involving a porn producer, a male escort, and a rentboy service said to have "entertained closeted GOP luminaries and elected officials." .. Murder, suicide, scandal galore! .. It's unfortunate that due to the age of this article (2013), most of the links appear to be gone now, including the podcast wherein much of this material was apparently discussed.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 4901/10/2021

There have always been plenty of closet queens in the British parliament (not all have been conservatives, though)

by Anonymousreply 5001/10/2021

R49 edit note ..

The name of McHenry's roommate should actually have been "Scott G. Stewart" .. I'm sure I typed "Silver", because I actually know someone with that name. Blip.

by Anonymousreply 5101/10/2021

Very true r50 But there are plenty of openly gay mps in the UK parliament at Westminster these days from all parties and lots of other openly gay politicians away from Westminster. It does not seem as taboo here.

by Anonymousreply 5201/10/2021

Many thanks r49

by Anonymousreply 5301/10/2021

[quote] Does there seem to be a higher proportion of Republican politicians who are gay (closeted or not) than Democrats?

I don’t think so. The ones who are always arrested for soliciting male prostitute or sucking dick in public restrooms are self-loathing closet cases who are (usually) married to women. They tend to be Republicans. And they get the most attention.

Openly gay politicians are a relatively recent phenomenon, for the most part.

by Anonymousreply 5401/10/2021

Matt and Nestor

by Anonymousreply 5501/11/2021

r55 The secret adult son thing is very strange admittedly.

by Anonymousreply 5601/12/2021

[quote]The secret adult son thing is very strange admittedly.

That's the thing you find most strange about Matt Gaetz?

by Anonymousreply 5701/12/2021

r57 😁 I'm British I know little about him!

by Anonymousreply 5801/13/2021

Any potential closet cases spotted today speaking in the debate in the house of representatives?

by Anonymousreply 5901/13/2021

There is speculation about Chief Justice John Roberts but nothing has been proven. David Souter, previous justice was almost certainly gay but I don't think he ever came out.

The rumor is that Mitch McConnell was kicked out of the Army for a gay sex offense and it was all covered up by powerful friends. The records all mysteriously disappeared from Pentagon files.

The scandal first referred to was in 1989 under Bush 41s administration and involved a male escort service, a lobbyist named Craig Spence and illicit White House tours by Secret Service agents.

There was speculation that 'Jeff Gannon', who was obviously servicing someone in the Bush 43 White House (thought possibly to be Karl Rove or Bush himself) was actually famous missing child Johnny Gosch but that's been debunked. His real name was James Dale Guckert and he's been living quietly under the radar for the last fifteen years.

by Anonymousreply 6001/13/2021

Thank you r60 !! I felt sure that I had not imagined the gay scandal under Bush seniors presidency!

by Anonymousreply 6101/13/2021

I hope Jeff Gannon tells all one day

by Anonymousreply 6201/13/2021

R60 My friends in KY tell me that Moscow Mitch was gay when he was young, but he became pretty asexual because his drive for power overwhelmed his drive for sex.

It's said that Hatch has a dungeon in his DC basement for men who like slings and torture.

by Anonymousreply 6301/13/2021

Intriguing r63! That seems like a high proportion of Republican senators who are suspected to be gay.

by Anonymousreply 64Last Thursday at 8:35 AM


by Anonymousreply 65Last Saturday at 4:14 PM

[quote]There is speculation about Chief Justice John Roberts but nothing has been proven.


Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 66Last Saturday at 4:31 PM

r66 When did Roberts marry ?Before or after he was appointed to the supreme court?

by Anonymousreply 67Last Saturday at 4:33 PM

He married in 1996 at the age of 41. He had been around Republican legal circles for a dozen or so years at that point. He was appointed to the supreme court in 2005

by Anonymousreply 68Last Saturday at 4:56 PM

Thank you r68

by Anonymousreply 69Last Saturday at 5:01 PM

When Bush first nominated Roberts there was a poster who worked at Roberts' old law firm who spilled a bunch of details. Apparently most people who worked with him thought he was gay, then when his star started to rise he all of a sudden got married and adopted some kids

by Anonymousreply 70Last Saturday at 5:24 PM

r70 Your phrase all of a sudden sounds very cynical!!

by Anonymousreply 71Last Sunday at 4:50 AM

That picture at R66 looks like a scene from The Boys in the Band.

by Anonymousreply 72Last Sunday at 10:06 AM

Indeed r72 Good description!

by Anonymousreply 73Last Sunday at 9:17 PM
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