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What's Seattle like right now?

I live in a Dallas suburb and we just got new neighbors from Washington state (I'm assuming Seattle and assuming tech worker/s), but I could be wrong. I'm surrounded by fundies and I'm sort of excited that the new people may not be deplorable. I've seen the man but not the woman. The man is big and bald with a beard.

What sayeth Datalounge about their probable worldview?

by Tell me something good...reply 19Last Sunday at 10:49 AM

ANYONE familiar with the Pacific Northwest?

by Tell me something good...reply 1Last Friday at 9:03 PM


by Tell me something good...reply 2Last Saturday at 11:49 AM

My boyfriend and I met a hot couple from Seattle back in 2016 at a Circuit Festival event in Barcelona.

They were very nice people.

by Tell me something good...reply 3Last Saturday at 11:52 AM

Seattle is great! It’s biggest issue is the cloudy fall and winter—which can get depressing. Food is fantastic, particularly Asian food.

Summers are gorgeous. It’s also close to Vancouver, Canada, another gorgeous city.

by Tell me something good...reply 4Last Saturday at 11:53 AM

R2 I was born and raised in Portland, which has a similar culture to Seattle (and is a few hours south of it). It's difficult to generalize, really—the northwest runs the gamut from Trumpian deplorables to trust-fund slackers who have done the mental gymnastics to convince themselves that they are Marxists. If your neighbors are from Seattle proper, chances are they're probably more progressive than your average Texan. If they are from eastern Washington, though, it's a 50/50—they could be progressives, or they could be borderline KKK (I'm not joking)—eastern Washington/the western edge of Idaho is white supremacist central.

by Tell me something good...reply 5Last Saturday at 11:58 AM

R3, R4, if you lived in a reddish suburb of a blue city in a red state and you got new neighbors from Washington state (assuming Seattle but I assume a lot), would you guess them to be -- progressive but sane victims of circumstance who were transferred here for work (who else moves cross-country during a pandemic?), or are they right-wingers coming to reclaim or hang on to Texas or whatever they think they're doing?

What would you guess? The bald hair and beard is throwing me off.

by Tell me something good...reply 6Last Saturday at 12:02 PM

R5, I had a hunch about the eastern parts of Oregon and Washington, probably from anecdotes gleaned here.

Now, another piece of information. They drive an older sportswagen. How does that tilt them?

by Tell me something good...reply 7Last Saturday at 12:05 PM

R7 this is obviously a generalization, but I'd say that most people from Washington/Oregon who drive Volkswagens, Volvos, or Subarus are likely to be moderate-leaning to highly progressive. If they're driving a BMW, Mercedes, GMC, Ford, or any type of truck, it could go either way.

by Tell me something good...reply 8Last Saturday at 12:08 PM

How large is his cock?

Is he a top or a bottom?

Is he straight, gay or bisexual? Gay or bisexual, I despise him already.

If he’s straight, is he homophobic? That’s a plus, forbidden fruit is hotter.

by Tell me something good...reply 9Last Saturday at 12:11 PM

Verificatia of....

by Tell me something good...reply 10Last Saturday at 12:18 PM

R8, I agree with your brand parsing. It's a BMW. Bearded, bald and BMW. Could be anything.

R9, he's straight. And there's a reason for the expression 'don't shit where you eat.' The house was for sale in the first place because one divorced deplorable started fucking a married deplorable, thus ending her 20 year marriage and breaking up her family with a few kids, and the house was sold to the mystery duo.

The divorced deplorable probably can't move because his house is in mommy and daddy's names.

Personal responsibility! Family values!

by Tell me something good...reply 11Last Saturday at 12:29 PM

^should say one deplorable NEIGHBOR started fucking the married deplorable NEIGHBOR

by Tell me something good...reply 12Last Saturday at 12:31 PM

OP, anyone who willingly moves to (anywhere in) Texas is suspect. Unless they in a witness protection program -- you should just axe.

Since they do not drive a Subaru, you can rule out that they are gender-fluid, or Lesbionic.

Meanwhile, now let's talk about us. There's plenty of room in my California King sized bed for a Libtard from Texas, if he knows how to fix the gas BBQ on my deck with its view of the SF Bay and its boredom at my several attempts to become Vegan. You can lick the sauce off my chest hairs while I grill you the best pork ribs this side of Odessa. Since there's only a 0.0000027% chance that we'll see a deplorable, we can randomly pick off Ralph Nader voters as they pass by, using your many unregistered shotguns. Are you OK with strawberry crepes for dessert?

What say you?

by Tell me something good...reply 13Last Saturday at 1:17 PM

I live in Dallas, and am from the Seattle area. It is not as liberal as everyone likes to think it is. Just around the Sound is the only area that is. The rest of the state can be questionable.

by Tell me something good...reply 14Last Saturday at 1:42 PM

I haven't seen him outside much lately, so maybe they're disoriented and in shock. I haven't seen but a glimpse of her, ever.

by Tell me something good...reply 15Last Saturday at 8:05 PM


Bald with a beard doesn't indicate much in Seattle. Most balding white men in Seattle shave their heads and grow a beard. If anything, he's more likely to be an insufferable leftist, someone who thinks he's cracked the code to all the problems in the world.

by Tell me something good...reply 16Last Saturday at 10:20 PM

I live in eastern Washington and I know LOTS of progressives here. However, outside of urban city limits the rural areas tend to be extremely red. Likewise, Seattle is bluer than blue, but within 40 miles of Seattle you can find pockets of rural backwardness that rival anything in Deliverance.

by Tell me something good...reply 17Last Saturday at 11:37 PM

I lived in Seattle for 5 years, the "Seattle Freeze" is real, mostly because of the lack of sun. You will need to approach and be friendly first because they are likely used to keeping to themselves.

by Tell me something good...reply 18Last Saturday at 11:49 PM

R17, my hopes are buoyed by the fact that the car is sportwagen (sportswagen), a glorified station wagon. It says to me 'I like a nice car but I also don't give a fuck what you think' which is pretty much the opposite message deplorables convey with their vehicle choices.

by Tell me something good...reply 19Last Sunday at 10:49 AM
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