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Schitt’s Creek sucks

There. I said it. I am on the LAST episode. I can’t bring myself to finish it. Dragged myself to nearly the finish line, waiting for something interesting to happen. It never did.

by o nearly treply 49a day ago

Why would you watch episodes of a show you don't like?

by o nearly treply 111/20/2020

Thank you, OP. I watched it after reading the rave reviews here. I kept going through the start of season 2 when I gave up. It is contrived and tiresome. Every damn actor delivers every line in the same sing-song voice. There's no character development. The same lines come out of every character's mouth. I hated it so much!

by o nearly treply 211/20/2020

R1 I ask myself that all the time. I was waiting for something to happen until the very end. It is sooooo boring. But I kept watching. Why???

by o nearly treply 311/20/2020

I gave up as well. Don’t understand the raves

by o nearly treply 411/20/2020


Dan Levy is a GENIUS who create a MASTERPIECE.

The comedy is impeccable. Dan Levy is so funny, so handsome, so likable. A STAR!!!!!!!!!!

by o nearly treply 511/20/2020

It so very predictable. It’s like a very generic sitcom. Just very mediocre.

by o nearly treply 611/20/2020

I keep waiting. Everyone keep saying it gets more exciting. I’m on the last episode! Someone tell me what happens at the end because I cannot watch the last bits of it. I am shocked that it won so many Emmys. I watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine and it’s so much better. Not an Advertisement for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I just want some thing that’s funny.

by o nearly treply 711/20/2020

I thought the last season was especially contrived in terms of character development. The Roses are supposed to have found the true meaning of community and family, but apparently they found it not over a steady progression of the previous 5 seasons, but suddenly in the first 3 episodes of season 6. Moira's character's comedic strength was her aloofness and suddenly she's pontificating on relationships and getting glassy-eyed. And puddle-deep Alexis discovers empathy. And Stevie finds her inner strength. It was just ham-handedly sudden, the writers suddenly imposing gravity on the characters.

by o nearly treply 811/20/2020

You hate the show, but somehow made it to the last episode of the final season? Yeah, you must have really hated it a lot. Stop trying to be edgy and rail against something millions of people love. The show is a delight, the actors are all wonderful, the writing is sharp, and it has tons of heart. It's exactly what we've needed since Trump took office and I'm happy it exists.

The only downside is Chris Elliot who I find repulsive in this.

by o nearly treply 911/20/2020

Compare it to Newhart, another show about eccentric characters in a rural setting. Newhart had interesting characters and scenarios. Schitt's Creek is the same thing, week after week, and it's impossible to distinguish between the characters. It's the kind of show that makes we wary of reviews and recommendations.

by o nearly treply 1011/20/2020

Sucks so much I won’t even read this thread.

by o nearly treply 1111/20/2020

i love it though not right away. maybe its an acquired taste. and yes, it deserved its Emmies.

by o nearly treply 1211/20/2020

I skipped the last episode

by o nearly treply 1311/20/2020

R9, I have been watching it for TWO FUCKING YEARS. Honestly? It’s all of the bullshit reviews on sites like THIS ONE that pushed my ass forward. All of a sudden I’m at the end and I can’t fucking believe it.

by o nearly treply 1411/20/2020

Well before Netflix, I pushed myself to watch it on Pop TV. Made it through the first two seasons, but found it too shrill to invest in any further. After it became a hit on Netflix, I picked up where I left off. It has its moments, but I, too, agree with those who are mystified by its seemingly almost universal acclaim.

by o nearly treply 1511/20/2020

Moira Rose is my idol. Love the gurl.

by o nearly treply 1611/20/2020

It’s so so bad, I started it years ago and it is just awful all around. The writing and acting come off like they think they are pulling off camp. The show thinks it is onto its self but it really isn’t, it’s simply written and acted poorly, and this coming from someone who loves Catherine O’Hara

by o nearly treply 1711/20/2020

I tried the first 3 episodes but couldn't get into it. Maybe it got better later, but...

by o nearly treply 1811/20/2020

How many threads on this topic do we need? Is there an anti Schitt's Creek troll?

by o nearly treply 1911/20/2020

[quote] Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Insert vomit emoji.

by o nearly treply 2011/20/2020

I tried to watch it. I love Catherine O’Hara & Eugene Levy. I couldn’t make it through. I don’t like those fake documentary/people embarrassing themselves shows or movies, so it wasn’t for me.

by o nearly treply 2111/20/2020

I just watched the last episodes of the final season earlier today. It's a feel-good show and refreshingly lowkey in many ways. It's not perfect but it's well-written with likeable characters. The actors are pretty much spot on and the world building is almost flawless.

Even though I loved watching the show I do agree that it's a bit of an acquired taste. I tried to start watching it already years ago but had to stop after like two episodes. I returned recently, after their big Emmy win, and binged all seasons in a couple of months but even now I had weeks long pauses between episodes a couple of times because I just didn't feel like going back there. But when I returned I usually ended up watching multiple episodes in a row because I loved what I was seeing.

I'm sure many gay men are totally in love with Patrick Brewer. He's the super nice normal-guy-prince many of us neurotic and cunty Davids are dreaming of.

BTW, OP, you watched 79 episodes and then on the 80th stopped watching? You have issues. Are you a David?

by o nearly treply 2211/20/2020

A relative with whom I normally share the same tastes told me I had to watch it. I made it to the middle of S1E5 and had to stop. I love Levy and O'Hara in all the Christopher Guest mockumentaries. I'm just amazed at all those Emmy awards for something so underwhelming.

by o nearly treply 2311/20/2020

R22, I have no idea. Really. I think was just so disappointed that I avoided the finality of it all. But no. Not a David at all.

by o nearly treply 2411/20/2020

Patrick is a dream!

by o nearly treply 2511/20/2020

Who has fucked dan levy

by o nearly treply 2611/21/2020

You watched 6 seasons of a show you hate. Sure, Jan.

by o nearly treply 2711/21/2020

Hah. I did.

by o nearly treply 2811/21/2020

It's SUCH A COMEDOWN for all the actors involved. And Catherine O'Hara needs to quit the booze and cigs. She looks close to 80 in real life...

by o nearly treply 2911/21/2020

Feast on this

Offsite Link
by o nearly treply 30Last Tuesday at 4:10 PM

OP, I gave up after season 3. You have great stamina.

by o nearly treply 31Last Tuesday at 4:38 PM

I tried to watch it again this past week when there was a marathon, I couldn’t make it through one episode. Katherine O’Hara in deep maroon lipstick & green hair was too offensive to watch. I suppose it’s meant to be funny that her character makes her own head look so abhorrent that it’s impossible to look at, but I didn’t laugh. I always liked her, but it’s just too OTT.

by o nearly treply 32Last Tuesday at 4:46 PM

I watched a few episodes, I found it dull

by o nearly treply 33Last Tuesday at 4:51 PM

Yeah, I couldn't make it further than the third episode. It was just trying too hard. And I just want to slap him - what's his name.

by o nearly treply 34Last Tuesday at 5:01 PM

I made it halfway thru season 2 while I was in bed w the flu. Do they ever leave the little motel? Just felt like I was watching the same episode over and over.

I would eat a moose for Catherine O'Hara and I still couldn't do it.

by o nearly treply 35Last Tuesday at 5:54 PM


by o nearly treply 36Last Tuesday at 5:55 PM

OP, you spent two years watching a show because other people said it was good, and you were unable to determine for yourself whether it was worth watching until the very last episode? This sounds like a you problem.

by o nearly treply 37Last Tuesday at 7:38 PM

[quote]There's no character development.

There's plenty. The Rose family as a whole, Alexis, the townspeople vs the Roses, even David.

by o nearly treply 38Last Tuesday at 8:32 PM

I had watched the first season of The Boys waiting to like it, but it never happened, so I was determined not to make that mistake ever again. I knew I would hate Schitt's Creek after watching the first episode, so I didn't watch any others. I hate humor that is based in characters' misery, and that was a large part of why I gave up so easily.

by o nearly treply 39Last Tuesday at 8:54 PM

I don't know, I really enjoyed it. But I can definitely see why some wouldn't. There were definitely some eye rolling moments and some of it was predictable. My only real complaint is I wish they did more flashbacks to their time as a wealthy family. I think that would have made their growth throughout the run of the show more meaningful and apparent. Plus, the few flashbacks they did show were always great, could have used more.

by o nearly treply 40Last Tuesday at 8:59 PM

My god it's just a silly comedy, you all act as if it is a Hollywood epic or something. Never mind it got awards, so somebody liked it. Or is it because there's a gay guy in it and it's popular, and that skeeves you bitter old washed up queens?

by o nearly treply 41Last Tuesday at 9:15 PM

It’s my favorite show ever. And yes, Patrick is a dream!

by o nearly treply 42Last Tuesday at 9:28 PM

Dan a bottom?

by o nearly treply 43Yesterday at 6:30 AM

[quote] My god it's just a silly comedy, you all act as if it is a Hollywood epic or something. Never mind it got awards,

That’s exactly it. It got awards. It lasted for 6 seasons. That *is* epic in Hollywood these days.

And it fucking sucked

by o nearly treply 44Yesterday at 8:23 AM

What do you expect with shows like Housewives and DWTS so popular. American TV is the sludge pot of hell. Let's remember how many voted for the Dump and you see the mentality of the general American populace.

by o nearly treply 45Yesterday at 9:27 AM

I struggled finishing the first episode. Does it get better?

by o nearly treply 46Yesterday at 9:33 AM

I couldn't get past the first episode initially. Then re-watched it and then got hooked. Moira was brilliant in the last episode.

by o nearly treply 47a day ago

Best sitcom in tv history!

by o nearly treply 48a day ago

I really enjoyed the show but I was really turned off by David and Patrick's relationship. Maybe it's because of the undertone of gloom from this year (started watching during the pandemic). Watching a Hallmark style relationship blossom out of a Podunk town almost makes me want to gag.

By the finale the show became all about their relationship with little, lovely written, side adventures for the rest of the cast. My feelings aside it was still beautiful and funny. I just wasn't in the right headspace for "happy ever after".

by o nearly treply 49a day ago
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