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Harry Styles is the first male solo cover on Vogue!

Trans is beautiful!

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by TIB trollreply 43216 hours ago

He’s not trans. Fuck off troll.

by TIB trollreply 111/13/2020

That's one of the most ridiculous outfits I've ever seen. Ugh - enough of this stupidity.

by TIB trollreply 211/13/2020

He’s so obvious. He’s desperate for attention.

by TIB trollreply 311/13/2020

OP's logic is classic trans idiocy.

by TIB trollreply 411/13/2020

Love that.

by TIB trollreply 511/13/2020

If you want to be authentic or individual, come out. But he has nothing to come out about, he’s a bland straight guy desperate to be David Bowie for some reason.

by TIB trollreply 611/13/2020

Whatever he's doing, he shoulda been put through a Silkwood shower first.

by TIB trollreply 711/13/2020

He is something that starts with a T -- thirsty.

by TIB trollreply 811/13/2020

Not making momma's messy moist.

by TIB trollreply 911/13/2020

He’s losing his hair.

by TIB trollreply 1011/13/2020

Been there. Still do that. And no drab.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 1111/13/2020

I'm a Harry Styles fan, and I also think androgyny can be cool. This is NOT cool. That actual outfit is fucking atrocious. The dress, ugh with the shirred bodice. It's so "Little House On The Prairie" meets "Best Little Whorehouse In Texas."

He looks like shit.

by TIB trollreply 1211/13/2020

So fed up of this attention-seeking fool

by TIB trollreply 1311/13/2020

Does he have any idea how ridiculous he looks?

by TIB trollreply 1411/13/2020

I am happy he is having his moment but he is fug, with a little pig nose, and he can’t sing.

by TIB trollreply 1511/13/2020

I don't get his drag thing. No one wants it, no one expects it from him. It's not 'edgy'- it's perplexing.

When you're a fey, pretty boy emo crooner- it's probably not a good idea.

by TIB trollreply 1611/13/2020

Harry Styles is trolling gay people and some of the lower IQ gays constantly fall for it.

by TIB trollreply 1711/13/2020

He looks ridiculous. And unintentionally humorous.

by TIB trollreply 1811/13/2020

Did Scarlett O'Hara make that costume for him out of the living room curtains?

by TIB trollreply 1911/13/2020

How quickly we forget. Brian Jones looks quite fetching in a trampy sort of way.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 2011/13/2020

What about meeeeeeeeeeeee?!

by TIB trollreply 2111/13/2020

Swaddled in fabric, no intensity, no interesting poses, no idea how to work it. Now I truly believe he is 100% straight.

by TIB trollreply 2211/13/2020

Victoria Beckham must be shitting herself...Anna Wintour is just trolling her at this point, putting anyone on the cover but her.

by TIB trollreply 2311/13/2020

I want to be Harry or at least do him, he has such a charmed life why is life so unfair.

by TIB trollreply 2411/13/2020

It looks stupid. Not attractive Not appealing Not even comical.

by TIB trollreply 2511/13/2020

The photographer is pitiful.

by TIB trollreply 2611/13/2020

Brad Pitt did it better

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 2711/13/2020

Brad is hawt there.

by TIB trollreply 2811/13/2020

So blech.

I'm glad he's going bald.

by TIB trollreply 2911/13/2020

He's such a handsome guy, but this is all a big joke at this point lol. I mean, he got his first male solo Vogue cover, that's great and will go down in Vogue history - but at what price! So many here have already made good points. Androgyny can be great, but it just doesn't fit him at all - neither his body type (he really doesn't have the lanky frame of David Bowie or Tilda Swinton) nor his whole personality and the vibe he gives off. And in turn it just looks off and makes him and the clothes look weird. When something doesn't fit together at all, it's clear people think only done for attention.

by TIB trollreply 3011/13/2020

Back in my day we called it cross-dressing or transvestitism. Do transvestites even exist anymore or all they now "transexuals?" Asking for a friend.

by TIB trollreply 3111/13/2020

And it's not even just about the dress on the cover - even the other looks feel like he tries so very hard to be the "quirky Englishman" and it ends up looking contrived, when it would be so very easy to dress him fittingly with his face and body. So much lost potential, also because I really like his voice.

by TIB trollreply 3211/13/2020

The pictures are ugly. Why is hyped so much? He seems like a lightweight in terms of talent.

by TIB trollreply 3311/13/2020

This thread is proof that Americans still don't feel comfortable with masculine gender-fuck drag.

by TIB trollreply 3411/13/2020

R34 yes it's Americans only, when half the world is still trying to accept anything remotely outside of sex norms. I honestly don't think it's about wearing a dress either, but wearing an ugly dress just to prove something. It doesn't come across as authentic at all. What good is making a statement when that statement reeks of commercialism?

I personally think the entire gender bending trend is mostly made up of pousers wrapped in attention seeking faux progressiveness. I don't even know why men would think it's a noble fight to be forced into time consuming routines like women have been.

It reminds me of how gillette wanted to sell more razors so they pushed the idea that female body hair is unsightly -- that's exactly what's going on with this movement -- it's about getting that large untapped share of consumers for makeup, clothing, and other products, previously reserved for women only.

It would be different if it was about being yourself, but it's not. It's about being what's in at the moment and giving more money to companies to support vanity. People want to be brave in this world? Be themselves, not pousers, adopting ridiculous trends that have been a time consuming, expensive, dead weight for women.

by TIB trollreply 3511/13/2020

He's been dressing like this for years, how is it it STILL looks like the clothes are wearing him? His team really need to scrap this cosplay of an artist, and actually work out what the actually authentic Harry Styles is, until they do he's still going to be giving 'actor at first costume fitting' looks.

Also, wonder how much Gucci had to pay for this? Must've been a pretty penny, especially given the optics of putting a privileged straight white guy on the cover at this particular moment. I guess they really want him to get that Grammy?

by TIB trollreply 3611/13/2020

He's so incredibly boring.

by TIB trollreply 3711/13/2020

Great to see Harry making history! All he does is win and all the sad fucks here do is whinge about it.

by TIB trollreply 3811/13/2020

'He's so incredibly boring.'

So is your mind and your critiques of Harry and others, over many threads. "He's so boring', 'he looks like he smells' and the homophobic 'he pings to high heaven'. Go and read a few books and get yourself a fucking vocabulary, you dumb slug.

by TIB trollreply 3911/13/2020

Well, now his next truly subversive fashion statement would be to wear a classic, well cut, suit and tie.

by TIB trollreply 4011/13/2020

R39 You definitely have me mixed up with someone else, because I would never say anyone "pings to high heaven." His sexuality doesn't matter to me at all. And who else have I supposedly critiqued?

by TIB trollreply 4111/13/2020

R35 That's an interesting thought about the commercialism of trends and also the difference to people genuinely just being themselves, even if it means going against the grain (with or without dress).

R36 I agree about the "actor at first costume fitting" look. It's hard to say just how much of all of this is authentically him. I was always convinced that if you're truly in your element you fully own your looks, no matter how extravagant. With Harry it doesn't come across like that to me. Maybe it's just me. Or maybe he himself isn't sure these days about all that, which is strange to me, because I didn't have that impression in his younger years.

I'm sure Gucci has good connections with Vogue, but I doubt they paid for Harry on the cover - why him and not any other Gucci testominial like Billie Eilish, Lana Del Rey etc. But Anna Wintour (and Vogue) has spoken highly of Harry for years now, I guess that's also why many of his fans always hoped this would happen. It's also clear that they'll sell TONS of this issue to Harry's fans, so it's a pretty good move for Vogue as well - like Gucci they benefit from Harry, because they can tap into a young, female demographic that is willing to spend money on anything that's connected to him. Many have already ordered a subscription to make sure they get the December issue.

But I really hope he gets his Grammy, maybe ticking that little box will open up the way for not caring about awards in the future.

by TIB trollreply 4211/13/2020

R40 That's actually very true! In the article, next to all the stuff he already said verbatim in other interviews, he also emphasises the need to evolve as an artist and how he admires people like Bowie and the Beatles for their specific eras. If he truly means that, I guess he should do something very different for his next era - both aesthetically and musically, since he also said in another interview he thinks every album should not sound like the last. We'll see...

by TIB trollreply 4311/13/2020

His team don't need to scrap anything about their approach. His second album has been phenomenally successful. Whatever he's selling, people are buying.

by TIB trollreply 4411/13/2020

🎼🎶🎵 The hilllllls are aliiiive with the sound of muuuuuuusic....

by TIB trollreply 4511/13/2020

R44 That's true, he's immensely successful right now. He certainly offers something to his audience that they're crazy for. We'll see if his concept also translates into longevity, music that will withstand the test of time and personal fulfilment.

by TIB trollreply 4611/13/2020

He is not hot or interesting enough to pull this off.

by TIB trollreply 4711/13/2020

He is not hot or interesting enough to pull this off.

by TIB trollreply 4811/13/2020

but he doesn't suck dick ?

by TIB trollreply 4911/13/2020

I like the hint of tattoos peeking through. It gives the, otherwise rather bland, pic an edge.

by TIB trollreply 5011/13/2020

The tranny thing is getting out of control. Men don’t wear dresses. This is sickening

by TIB trollreply 5111/13/2020

He’s cute. This doesn’t bother me.

Also, somewhere in the world, Billy Porter has thrown a chair against a wall and that makes me smile.

by TIB trollreply 5211/13/2020

All you fraus need to get over this gaybaiter. He and all the others are so harmful to the gay community with this obviously fake "is he or isn't he" bs. Anyone who does that deserves to have their career crash and burn.

by TIB trollreply 5311/13/2020

To the old farts on here: you’re not his demographic. Buzz off.

by TIB trollreply 5411/13/2020

[quote] He and all the others are so harmful to the gay community

You’re as ridiculous as the trannys.

by TIB trollreply 5511/13/2020

Seems like he only has one look

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 5611/13/2020

R2 Thank you! First of all he’s super basic. Throwing a dress and some make up on him with a pained expression just isn’t the look! Nope. You’re still dull hun!

by TIB trollreply 5711/13/2020

Young Thug did this in 2016, and he did it with more balls and style than Vogue (the definition of 'shadow of its former self') and Harry Styles could ever dream of. The moment this photo (of Styles) was snapped and chosen for the cover is the moment the 'man in a dress is edgy and cool' thing died.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 5811/13/2020

Young Thug is ugly and practically unknown

by TIB trollreply 5911/14/2020

I think it is very brave of Harry to wear a dress, he is obviously friendly towards the gay community.

by TIB trollreply 6011/14/2020

It has nothing to do with the gay community. Breeders are all about blurring the gender lines, especially men.

by TIB trollreply 6111/14/2020

Seeing him posing in these dresses and such leaves me cold, and strikes me as completely inauthentic. He doesn't look connected to these looks in any way. It comes off as, "Here I am in a crazy outfit, now react." The guys who did that type of thing before him, like Prince, and Bowie, and Jagger actually rocked their looks, for better or worse, and looked completely natural doing so. Methinks he's just baiting.

by TIB trollreply 6211/14/2020

This is why we will lose the Senate races in Georgia.

*just kidding

by TIB trollreply 6311/14/2020

Before reply I googled this and it seems he's on the cover of American Vogue. Which leads to ask if Anna Wintour took a sick day or something. Come back to the five and dime, Anna Wintour, Anna Wintour... Just... no.

by TIB trollreply 6411/14/2020

He’s so plain Jane it’s only white privilege making him some cover boy. See R58 for non poseur look

by TIB trollreply 6511/14/2020

I'm a Harry Styles fan, and I also think androgyny can be cool. This is NOT cool. That actual outfit is fucking atrocious. The dress, ugh with the shirred bodice. It's so "Little House On The Prairie" meets "Best Little Whorehouse In Texas."

That's not one of his better looks; he actually looks good in purples & bright pinks so they should've given him some color. Also, the tats clash with the androgyny thing - he's got the body of some 20 year Marine & he's wearing a dress or a blouse - just making him look like some young guy wearing his sister's clothes

by TIB trollreply 6611/14/2020

But he’s not androgynous. This is all schtick. It’s so fake. Snd insulting.

by TIB trollreply 6711/14/2020

I like the image on the right. The bare chest and straight back gives the image an erotic charge. And his deadpan expression is just right, rather than dead as in most of the other shots. The leather belt and steel (?) attachments give the image a fetish frisson. And the skirt looks like something an angsty 1990s female singer-songwriter might wear, with the torn socks and tennis shoes nicely undercutting the Little Britain "I'm a lady" quality of the other images. I approve.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 6811/14/2020

What a joke.

As another poster demonstrated, Styles has one pose and one pose only. He’s a one-dimensional poseur.

He doesn’t rock women’s clothing. It’s a poorly executed joke.

Anna Wintour has COMPLETELY lost it.

by TIB trollreply 6911/14/2020

So stunning. So brave.

by TIB trollreply 7011/14/2020

So... Men taking things from women again. That's what I'm seeing here.

by TIB trollreply 7111/14/2020

Are you against women wearing trousers?

by TIB trollreply 7211/14/2020

I love him but he's trying way too hard

by TIB trollreply 7311/14/2020

R68 I agree with the pic on the right. I'm not entirely sold on the pose, but at least the skirt is more interesting with the kilt elements and safety pins, which gives it a slight punk edge. The frayed socks and dirty vans add to that. Still don't think it fits Harry's personality, but it's a fashion photo shoot and the photo is better than some other attempts at androgyny, because like R66 I think it's not really for his body type. Or energy. Even the way he moves and carries himself is so very different to someone like Bowie and Prince. And there's nothing wrong with either, why force it? The way he looks like he mentally checked out in most pics doesn't help with the authenticity either.

by TIB trollreply 7411/14/2020

WTF is that

by TIB trollreply 7511/14/2020

He doesn't seem especially comfortable in his body. Even when trying a sassy hand on hip, he doesn't look right.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 7611/14/2020

Even with a more dramatic pose, there's something missing.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 7711/14/2020

R73 Yes, he seems like such a good egg, charming and genuinely nice and well meaning. Nobody who met him personally ever had anything to say, but praise for how lovely he was. Good voice too. I wish he would relax a bit when it comes to his image. And maybe keep his stylist as a friend instead of someone he works with lol.

by TIB trollreply 7811/14/2020

Say what you will about Ezra Miller, but he is COMMITTED!

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 7911/14/2020

I still think Harry was at his best when he hosted SNL

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 8011/14/2020

R80 If SNL was being hosted at The Villages, then sure.

by TIB trollreply 8111/14/2020

R76 Look at stuff from before 2017, for example him on stage in 2015, he seemed pretty comfortable with his body and in general with who he was back then, if you ask me.

by TIB trollreply 8211/14/2020

'So... Men taking things from women again. That's what I'm seeing here.'

This has to be the dumbest thing I've ever read on here. Women claimed ALL men's clothes last century. There's nothing a woman could wear that a man wears that would shock anybody.

Styles and many others just want a world where men can also walk around in whatever garmen they fancy without sparking ridicule or discussions about their gender/sexuality. Same as a woman can wear a trouser suit, shirt and tie without sparking discusion about her gender/sexuality.

None of you get that though! Just all conventional.

by TIB trollreply 8311/14/2020

I would love to see him enter into an indie era where he goes back to the slightly punk look he had in 1d around 2014. He could call the album Camden or NW3 and really ramp up all his north London influences. So much great music has come out of there, yet he seems entralled by West Coast Americana and folk at the moment. His writing team are as well.

by TIB trollreply 8411/14/2020

Daily Beast isn't having it

[quote]Of course, as a white cisgender man, Styles has the privilege of not having to “think too much about what it means” to put on a dress. However thirst-inducing these photos may be—and, if you ask stan Twitter, the answer is, very—Styles is still an extremely conventional choice for Vogue’s first man. (The glossy, which has been the subject of a few exposés this summer about its lack of inclusion, has lagged when it comes to promoting authentic diversity.)

[quote]Indeed, most of the men Styles listed as influences were gay, bisexual, or at least promoted visual expressions of queerness at a time when it was genuinely edgy to do so. Styles no doubt knows this but refrained from saying anything meaningful about sexuality or gender identity other than, basically: I like to play dress up.

[quote]This is reminiscent of the time a Guardian reporter asked Styles about his sexuality, and he answered, “It’s: who cares? Does that make sense? It’s just: who cares?” Answer: the many jurisdictions around the world where being LGBTQ is outlawed or subject to harshly enforced stigmatization.

[quote]Vogue does not ask him such things, or about his wider political views, yet Styles is propped up by the magazine as an avatar of cultural revolution. Anyway, the images are gorgeous. It looks like everyone had a great time making the cover. Good on Styles for having some fun with his dressing after a quarantine where he admitted to wearing “sweatpants, constantly.” And congratulations to him for being the first solo man on the cover of Vogue. He is just not, by a long shot, the first man to proudly wear a dress—or to have something to say about it.

Do they mean the quarantine he decided to break by driving across Europe for the incredibly essential work of making a music video?

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 8511/14/2020

90% of Vogue covers are hot young women in their 20s - actresses or models. Harry fits that demographic. They were never going to put 51 year old Billy Porter up there.

by TIB trollreply 8611/14/2020

R84 I'd love that, he looked amazing in his 2014 style and I think indie rock would be a good fit. Seems like half the fan edits floating around are set to Arctic Monkey songs anyway. But in reality I think the chances of that happening are extremely slim. His stylist seems hellbent on pushing for (I quote) "risks" and said to Vogue "If Harry played it safe [the fans] would be upset." So I guess going back to something that we know fits him is out of the question?

In terms of music Harry seems to be into Americana and folk, but to go more for soul and funk recently. Vogue said his holiday playlist was Aretha Franklin, Parliament and Stevie Wonder, also: "In the music he has been working on in 2020, Styles wants to capture the experimental spirit that informed his second album" Who knows what that means, maybe more Sunflower Vol. 6 or - God forbid - TPWK. But I guess it hints at Fine Line 2.0, which I'm sure would also make his record label much happier than a way harder selling indie rock album.

by TIB trollreply 8711/14/2020

he looks like a guttersnipe.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 8811/14/2020

[quote]or to have something to say about it.

...or nothing to say about it.

by TIB trollreply 8911/15/2020

is this trans?

by TIB trollreply 9011/15/2020

[quote]If Harry played it safe [the fans] would be upset

One sentence which says so much

by TIB trollreply 9111/15/2020

R13/R14 has a real issue with gay people who are femme or dress that way. She noted in another thread that a couple of incest-twins showed why people hate gay people, as if they represented gay people as a whole. Oh, they were femme, of course.

F&F this homophobic troll. She has a psychiatric problem full of Trumpian tropes.

by TIB trollreply 9211/15/2020

I don't give a shit about One Direction. But I really enjoy Harry's music, he is kind of like Madonna and Beyonce and assembled a talented team of producers, writers, stylists and promoters to give him an edge. He's a social climber which is the most important thing in the pop industry as it gets you the best resources for your career. I tried listening to the other 1D guys solo stuff and they are all forgettable.

by TIB trollreply 9311/15/2020

Yes, it was already clear in One Direction, that he had the biggest potential and most charisma and he knew how to form clever and lasting connections. However can't help but chuckle about the comparison to Madonna and Beyonce, when in the years leading up to and at the beginning of his solo career he rather wanted to be Jack White lol.

by TIB trollreply 9411/15/2020

Madonna was put together by a committee of one - herself. People forget that she was a dancer who got one single deal. She made it happen. Harry walked into Syco's bosom.

by TIB trollreply 9511/15/2020

*a one single deal.

by TIB trollreply 9611/15/2020

There's a bitch-slapping queen with razors for cheekbones gnawing on some jealous velvet right now.

by TIB trollreply 9711/15/2020

R96 I do agree that Madonna did work hard and unlike Harry and Beyonce had no fame built up from being in a manufactured pop group. Madonna did surround herself with many talented NY artists including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Nile Rodgers, etc. She was very much part of the NY arts culture at the time and her debut album is sonically impressive and quite diverse. She admitted she is not the best singer or dancer but she had passion and ambition and made friends with the right people too.

R94 I made the Madge and Bey comparison because Harry seems focused on this extravagant and glamorous image. Like Beyonce though, Harry's image is very manufactured and calculated, he is media-trained and very good at saying the right thing and not being too offensive to anyone. Madge doesn't give a fuck and does whatever because she worked hard on her own and paid her dues.

by TIB trollreply 9811/15/2020

Stunning and brave trans woman.

by TIB trollreply 9911/15/2020

It's interesting how in the 90s and 2000s, male solo artists had to be dressed down to be taken seriously. Likely the effects of grunge, alternative rock and hip hop which all demanded for authenticity and living through a struggle. Now, it's become about pretty boys wearing makeup and nail polish, being gay-adjacent and being glittery and pastel like unicorns. And unlike the glam, punk, gothic, New Wave and even hair metal movement of the 70s and 80s, where androgyny and makeup was theatrical and part of the personas the artists created or just innate to the individual. This whole wave of boys dressing like girls and being "soft" just seems pandering and gimmicky like a fad and lacks substance just like that hard gangsta image that was dominant throughout the 2000s did.

by TIB trollreply 10011/15/2020

You mustn't remember D'Angelo.

by TIB trollreply 10111/15/2020

R100 Interesting observation and well put.

by TIB trollreply 10211/15/2020

I’d rather see him than Jared Leto. You know he was pissed it, wasn’t him. Being a Fashion icon and all.

by TIB trollreply 10311/15/2020

D'Angelo was masculine and presented as such. Singing about his feelings did not negate that. He was neo-soul which was a throwback to artists like Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke and Donny Hathaway who all had sensitive lyrics. Masculine doesn't mean you aren't emotional. 2pac was pretty sensitive in his lyrics which is why he had a following with many women. Prince was androgynous but still very much male at the same time with his very aggressive and sexual songs.

by TIB trollreply 10411/15/2020

This is just asinine. Dumb, void of any art or shock they were going fit.

by TIB trollreply 10511/15/2020

R98 On some level I can respect a cleverly calculated image and well-oiled management & PR machine. Get that money, while you can, Harry. Although I wonder if it's image or if he's just one of the typical LA types without substance that really buy into every shallow trend - until the next thing comes along.

by TIB trollreply 10611/15/2020

I think this choice has more to do with his contract with GUCCI than anything else. Big nod to R42.

by TIB trollreply 10711/15/2020

Harry is pretty young, he spent almost half his life in the entertainment industry already. Like Miley Cyrus, he may not know what his actual identity is anymore and is just trying out new things. It's extremely hard to maintain a level of super stardom nowadays since nobody buys music and COVID-19 affected concert sales too. If Harry wants to stay in the limelight, he has to keep doing all of these PR stunts even if he isn't really into it. I don't see him wanting to be a more underground artist and losing his celebrity status. He seems to really love being in the spotlight.

by TIB trollreply 10811/15/2020

[quote]because Harry seems focused on this extravagant and glamorous image

Question is, it is him or his team? I think the quote R87 posted from his stylist about his fans getting upset if he played it safe is quite telling. Would make sense that he still doesn't look at ease dressed up in this stuff if it's actually his team persuading him he needs to dress like this to appease his fanbase.

[quote]he is media-trained and very good at saying nothing


by TIB trollreply 10911/15/2020

R100 I really don't think anyone is taking Harry seriously though (stans excluded, obviously). Sure, successful as a pop act, but as some kind of authentic artist? Nah.

by TIB trollreply 11011/15/2020

Saying nothing is the best route. Harry really took some notes from Beyonce. Being an empty vessel that your stans can project a personality onto. Even their song lyrics are vague and can be interpreted anyway. Notice both had more cheerful and outspoken attitudes during their pop group days, now both seem very stoic, impersonal and quiet and let their PR and the media do the talking for them.

by TIB trollreply 11111/15/2020

R110 The media really likes him as well and portrays him as a true artist, who still successfully navigates the pop world. But I wonder if the hyperbole they occasionally use, the comparisons to legends like Bowie or Jagger, might hurt him in the long run for several reasons, also depending on where he'll go with his music.

I actually thought he had potential to become an authentic artist, but maybe that was quite naive.

by TIB trollreply 11211/15/2020

The media in general likes to erase or rewrite history. They will hype up every new artist and minimize the impact of older artists who did the same thing generations ago.

by TIB trollreply 11311/15/2020

I think he’s actually a Good looking kid. Doesn’t seem as damaged has a lot of them.

by TIB trollreply 11411/15/2020

[Quote] Prince was androgynous but still very much male at the same time with his very aggressive and sexual songs.

Prince tooted his ass at the camera while wearing chaps.

by TIB trollreply 11511/15/2020

[Quote] D'Angelo was masculine and presented as such. Singing about his feelings did not negate that.

Interesting how you don't mention his disrobing like a starlet.

by TIB trollreply 11611/15/2020

He looks ridiculous.

by TIB trollreply 11711/15/2020

R114 I think he's cute.

by TIB trollreply 11811/15/2020

R112 Authentic artists don't tend to get tangled up with Simon Cowell. And sure, one could argue he was young or whatever, but he has never repudiated that part of his career.

Besides, authenticity would need him to have a mind of his own, and I'm not all that convinced he actually does.

by TIB trollreply 11911/15/2020

[quote] I don't give a shit about One Direction…

Well don't!

Place it in your own toilet, R93

by TIB trollreply 12011/15/2020

D'Angelo and Prince were men who were confident in their bodies and had no issue sexually displaying themselves. I really don't get what's feminine about that. Ancient Greek and Roman male statues certainly weren't feminine looking and neither were all those Renaissance male nudes. Good-looking men with hot bodies like to show it off too just like women.

by TIB trollreply 12111/15/2020

[Quote] D'Angelo and Prince were men who were confident in their bodies and had no issue sexually displaying themselves. I really don't get what's feminine about that.

[Quote] It's interesting how in the 90s and 2000s, male solo artists had to be dressed down to be taken seriously. Likely the effects of grunge, alternative rock and hip hop which all demanded for authenticity and living through a struggle. Now, it's become about pretty boys wearing makeup and nail polish, being gay-adjacent and being glittery and pastel like unicorns

Add Andre3000 to the list of men who played with feminity, flamboyance etc.

by TIB trollreply 12211/15/2020

His face looks grubby. He's so lacking in testosterone he can't grow a beard.

by TIB trollreply 12311/15/2020

I envy him that. I hate shaving.

by TIB trollreply 12411/15/2020

Andre 3000 and Snoop Dogg had a flamboyant style but they were more influenced by the 70s pimp culture like Rick James was too. Think Superfly and The Mack and the comedian Katt Williams . Neither are really feminine just flamboyant which is different.

D'Angelo was just a hot guy who sang romantic and sexy songs and had no qualms about showing off his hot body to screaming fangirls. Usher was that too. Even rappers like Tupac and Eminem would perform shirtless on stage for the fangirls.

Now Prince had a naturally androgynous appearance, he was short and had big eyes and a pretty face. Prince permed his hair and wore makeup, high heels and clothing that showed off his form. He sung in a falsetto too. But he was an alpha. His speaking voice was low and deep. He was confident, tough, blunt and no-nonsense. He played basketball in high school and was very competitive. His lyrics were very explicit about his sexual desires for women and fascination with them. He even had a female alter ego named "Camille".

by TIB trollreply 12511/15/2020

I am a Larry shipper, a Larry believer if you will.

by TIB trollreply 12611/15/2020

He looks ridiculous.

by TIB trollreply 12711/15/2020

R127 I would exclaim "It's just a photo shoot", but I have seen pics of him IRL carrying women's handbags. I still like him nonetheless. I don't think he really has any interest in wearing dresses on his own time. I think he could rock a kilt for sure.

by TIB trollreply 12811/15/2020

This is why 71 million people voted for Trump. Similar to Caitlyn Jenner in 2015-2016...

by TIB trollreply 12911/15/2020

R129 If you believe there is any correlation between Harry Styles’ clothes and any presidential election then you must be irretrievably stupid aka conservative.

by TIB trollreply 13011/15/2020

R130 There's been more than a fair bit of that around here lately. Anti-Trans non sequiturs, then some blanket or abstract/obtuse political statement is made. Since OP added "Trans Is Beautiful" to the thread, it's attracted the trolls.

by TIB trollreply 13111/16/2020

Nothing trans about that picture, only show that clothes are genderless, rags can't define who you are, men can use pretty dresses and still be men. I think that's why they picked Styles, like I said before, he is not that hot or interesting, but he seems to be masculine even on that picture.

by TIB trollreply 13211/16/2020

R171 whyy would stupid deplorables/rubes care about some gender bending british “musician” ?

by TIB trollreply 13311/16/2020

R133 I haven't the faintest idea, other than they're nutbaggers reacting very badly to androgynous young lads as well, like Damian Hurley. If you post a pic of anyone not rigidly conforming to gender roles, trolls scream trans everywhere. I'm assuming you meant to ask me, R131, as there is no R171 yet.

by TIB trollreply 13411/16/2020

[quote] Damian Hurley

is five times as pretty as the Harry, the beardless ragamuffin playing dress-ups

by TIB trollreply 13511/16/2020

He was so pretty when 1D started but now is the epitome of AWG. He's not aging well and he's only in his mid 20s.

by TIB trollreply 13611/16/2020

R135 Yes, couldn't agree more, Hurley is gorgeous. Styles is cute though.

by TIB trollreply 13711/16/2020

R136 Someone on twitter once said he looks too old to drive but also too young to drink. Is this what you mean with AWG?

by TIB trollreply 13811/16/2020

R136 He was pretty when 1D started in 2010, but he looked like a 12 year old child, sorry. They all looked quite young for 16/17 year old boys. Harry started to really come into his looks about three years later when he was around 19 and he was absolutely hot in the last years of 1D (2014 and 2015). Maybe not a classically beautiful model face like Damian Hurley, but handsome and very charismatic, which combined with his smile and voice did its magic.

He is still very handsome, he's only a few years older now, nobody loses looks that fast. But for some reason he often insists on styling his hair in unflattering ways or wearing outfits that look silly on him instead of enhancing his appeal. And he lost part of his rascal charisma for some reason. Maybe it's the new "soft boy" image to make him more palatable for his fans, who are deathly afraid of him being a "womaniser". Maybe it's something else, who knows.

In any case most of the "lost looks" perceptions are based on styling and when the movie he films now comes out, where he's styled by a different team that doesn't try to make him "quirky", people will see that.

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by TIB trollreply 13911/16/2020

Straight as a circle.

by TIB trollreply 14011/16/2020

Nellie Olsen wore that dress better.

by TIB trollreply 14111/16/2020

If he really wants to be brave, he should slick back his hair and let us see where his hairline actually is.

by TIB trollreply 14211/16/2020

His hair looked dreadful long.

by TIB trollreply 14311/16/2020

He's so sassy

by TIB trollreply 14411/16/2020

I liked the photo of Harry on the trampoline, but didn't think the cover was very interesting given the importance around it. He has a lovely face, but the clothes are ill-fitted. These fashion people treat him like a doll to play dress up and he lets them. It's hard to tell what he actually likes, given most days he's papped off the clock, he's in sweats. I mean, he's doing a lot right, given his profile has increased dramatically. It's just at a stark contrast to his whole - he doesn't define charts as success, blah blah. It's interesting to watch his career, but I could understand why his 1D fans are feeling less connected to him now. It's all calculated with big hits and big misses, depending on the audience.

by TIB trollreply 14511/16/2020

As opposed to his time in a boyband, which was all organic.

by TIB trollreply 14611/16/2020

[quote]He's such a handsome guy

He really isn't.

Objectively-speaking, Zayn was the most attractive one of that group, but we live in such a racist society that the obvious is denied.

by TIB trollreply 14711/16/2020

The same racist society that made Zayn a big success until he squandered people's good will?

by TIB trollreply 14811/16/2020

Zayn could be bigger than Harry but he doesn't want it.

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by TIB trollreply 14911/16/2020

Lol threads like this and the Timothee and Froy and BTS threads proves Datalounge is also populated by teenage or college aged girls.

by TIB trollreply 15011/16/2020

Or gay men aren't a monolith.

by TIB trollreply 15111/16/2020

Zayn doesn't seem easy to control or wants to sacrifice his individuality to the crooked music industry. Unlike the Black American population which is powerful enough in the US to support its own artists. Thete isn't large enough Pakistani diasporic population to keep Zayn's career afloat. Also he's a drug addict and not reliable and his music is inconsistent.

by TIB trollreply 15211/16/2020

R152 Oh please, Zayn's no artist either.

by TIB trollreply 15311/16/2020

Zayn recently did a cover of "A Whole New World" from Aladdin. Give me a break about "sacrificing individuality."

by TIB trollreply 15411/16/2020

R145 I DO get much of what you're saying, but he is still in a contract with GUCCI, as a model and product endorser. He only ever travels with GUCCI luggage (customised, monogrammed Mickey Mouse set) and the only handbags and totes he's allowed to be photographed with happen to be only GUCCI.

It may seem unfair that they treat him as a little dress-up dollars, or fashion plate paper doll, but I'll bet they pay him damn good money to do so. There's a lot of work that is much more alienating and soulless than modelling. styles does wear a lot of casual and sport wear, but even much of that is GUCCI.. He says he adores their suits, and the classic 1957 Horsebit loafers. Naturally they were going to force him into one of their new frocks for the Vogue cover. The

R150 Don't be nasty, Styles is only twenty-two years-old, so what if there are teenagers here? I think that would be expected, and perfectly natural considering the thread. I don't think they're all real girls either. I'm fifty-one years-old myself, BTW.

by TIB trollreply 15511/16/2020

He's 26, dear.

by TIB trollreply 15611/16/2020

He still looks like he’s reeking of cigarettes and B.O.

by TIB trollreply 15711/16/2020

^ had meant dress-up doll, but funnily enough, autocorrect changed to "dress-up dollars" weird, it's like AI now!

by TIB trollreply 15811/16/2020

R146 lol true, the boyband was of course manufactured. But the difference is that everyone knew that, nobody expected teenage boybanders from X-Factor to be true artists. Accordingly their concept was focused on fun teenage pop rock, their "friendship" and the personality of the boys - for the latter they had to give them some room to be fairly natural and engaging, because nobody, not even teenage girls, would stan complete robots. It's definitely a difference to his image now as musician and artist.

And of course those boys were nearly constantly in the public eye for 5 years. If he maintained a total fake personality throughout, he's an absolutely incredible actor. So it's not that irrational to assume that those years in the public eye gave people an idea of who Harry Styles is and big differences to now make people wonder.

R147 I didn't even know One Direction when they existed, only heard his solo music last year. But looking at stuff from back then, promo for his first album and now everything for his second album, I wonder as well.

by TIB trollreply 15911/16/2020

R158 "dress-up dollars" is perfect lol

by TIB trollreply 16011/16/2020

[Quote] And of course those boys were nearly constantly in the public eye for 5 years. If he maintained a total fake personality throughout, he's an absolutely incredible actor. So it's not that irrational to assume that those years in the public eye gave people an idea of who Harry Styles is and big differences to now make people wonder.

Well, those people are naive. Performers receive media training. And child/teen pop performers receive it most heavily as they work for the management, not the other way round.

by TIB trollreply 16111/16/2020

R160 Cheers! Something ironically and similiarly funny has happened before like this.

by TIB trollreply 16211/16/2020

R161 Of course they received media training and it's especially apparent in the first 2-3 years. Or when the talked about their "hiatus" lol. But it doesn't automatically turn them 100 % into little Stepford personalities, especially when it comes to things like interests or music they listen to in private, because there's no need to lie about that. It's also hard to media train their humour, wit, charisma and how they act as performers live on stage, because if that would have been possible, the others would have been as interesting as Harry, but they weren't.

by TIB trollreply 16311/16/2020

That cover dress looks like it belonged to Calamity Jane.

by TIB trollreply 16411/16/2020

R155 I wasn't being "nasty" though it was meant to be a humorous observation. Datalounge is technically a gay/lesbian site and tends to skew older. I'm a young gay guy and even I don't know many guys who obsess and swoon over Harry Styles besides girls who were formerly 1D fangirls. I was too old for One Direction when they came out and tried listening to them and think their music is generic and boring and reflects the decline of the industry. However I do like Harry's solo music and he impressed me a lot. Looks wise he is like Uma Thurman, attractive sometimes, homely other times. Depends on the style he wears and camera angle.

by TIB trollreply 16511/16/2020

[Quote] I was too old for One Direction when they came out

So you're in your thirties?

by TIB trollreply 16611/16/2020

which Vogue? Not that it really matters anymore. Vogues are done and dusted.

by TIB trollreply 16711/16/2020

R166 I'm in my late 20s. One Direction came out right after I graduated high school. High school boys were not the target demographic for 1D anyway. Middle school girls were the main demographic. Bieber came out during my high school years and most high schoolers were not listening to him. He was considered wack and was mocked and people were rather homophobic too.

by TIB trollreply 16811/16/2020

Azerbaijan, Rose.

by TIB trollreply 16911/16/2020

R165 That's cool... Sorry Imhad mistaken you for an old troll. I like his penchant for Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, flared-leg trousers, vintage Mercedes Pagodas, his support for LGBT, and find him funny as well. I'm not a stan, or anything creepshow. I only began paying attention to him somewhat recently myself. I'm intrigued he has such similar taste to someone late forties-early fifties.

I'm an ardent defender of gender benders, androgynous types, as well as trans... They take an unnecessary beating here from older intolerant conservative trolls.

by TIB trollreply 17011/16/2020

I'm 31 and the only people I know who actively like One Direction or Harry Styles are women in their late 30s and early 40s. My younger female cousins like/d pop rock, rape, or indie and think Harry Styles is lame.

by TIB trollreply 17111/16/2020

R171 here. yikes. Meant rap, as in rap music.

by TIB trollreply 17211/16/2020

Rap rap?

by TIB trollreply 17311/16/2020

Women in their late 30s and 40s are not the demographic that drive streaming numbers. Harry's are big.

by TIB trollreply 17411/16/2020

Horny single white women in their late 30s definitely are Harry's demographic. That is a huge consumer group.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 17511/16/2020

You missed my point. They are not responsible for his streaming numbers. He has young fans, numerous, in their teens and early twenties.

by TIB trollreply 17611/16/2020

Harry holds some appeal for women in their late 30s, 40s and even older, but his main audience is still 15-25 year old girls and women. They are responsible for his huge streaming numbers as well as getting a hashtag trending on twitter every time he cuts his hair. Some of them were not even in school when 1D started, some of the early 20s fans were never 1D fans, but he still appeals mainly to this demographic, even if they became fans during his solo career.

by TIB trollreply 17711/16/2020

Just my opinion, whether he's for "grown-ups" (or in my case old gits) isn't really any concern of mine, as I'm not a fan of his music per se, just defending him as a person because he seems cool. I don't think he's trans either, despite OP adding that rubbish.

by TIB trollreply 17811/16/2020

Conservatives are outraged over this screaming masculinity is dead and how dangerous it is to live in a society without real men. lol

by TIB trollreply 17911/16/2020

R177 Millennials are a larger demographic group. Gen Z is relatively small in numbers, especially Caucasian Gen-Zers. If he is pulling large numbers with young women, they are largely non-white. It's not unseemly think that most of his fans are older, as there as just a lot more older people. Look at population distributions by age. The mean age on earth is now over 30, especially in Western countries were it's 40-50.

by TIB trollreply 18011/16/2020

R175 A fitting photo from SNL 2017 for that article. The song he debuted there seemed way more suited to the tastes of "grown-ups" than 15-25 year old pop fangirls, so I think he tried to expand his fan base to different age groups at the start of his solo career. It probably didn't work out and with his second album it seems that he focused more on keeping and expanding his fan base in the younger demographic - and through the radio friendly sound also reached some older pop fans.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 18111/16/2020

[Quote] If he is pulling large numbers with young women, they are largely non-white.

You pulled that from out of your ass.

by TIB trollreply 18211/16/2020

He looks stupid.

by TIB trollreply 18311/16/2020

[Quote] It's not unseemly think that most of his fans are older, as there as just a lot more older people.

As people age they stop buying/consuming new music. Nostalgia kicks in pat 33.

by TIB trollreply 18411/16/2020

*past 33

by TIB trollreply 18511/16/2020

R180 He has a lot of non-white fans from all over the world that all stream his music, but most fans I've seen were still younger than him. Every poll on social media results in the 15-25 year olds being the largest group by far. It's also what you see when you look at his concerts - someone with a truly mixed audience also has all kinds of age groups and genders at the concerts, he doesn't.

It's clear what his target audience is if you watch his Behind The Scenes film from his concert at the Forum in December, which (despite the name) mostly features interviews with fans, who attended that concert. They are quite representative of his fan base in general.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 18611/16/2020

Here's a film from his London concert last December, that also features many close-ups of the audience. The only people over 25 are the musicians on stage.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 18711/16/2020

R182. That's just how it is. The US is no longer a white country, especially with the under 30s.

by TIB trollreply 18811/16/2020

R186. I think Harry is more popular in Asia and Latin America than he is in continental Europe. One Direction was truly a global phenomenon.

by TIB trollreply 18911/16/2020

Yes, I agree with that, I think he has especially big markets in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico as well as India and Indonesia. On the other hand I think his debut album was (compared to the population size) a bit better received in continental Europe.

by TIB trollreply 19011/16/2020

[Quote] That's just how it is. The US is no longer a white country, especially with the under 30s.

That's nice. But have you factored in things like disposable income, free time etc. - all of which play into fandom.

by TIB trollreply 19111/16/2020

[Quote] especially big markets in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico as well as India and Indonesia.

None of these are especially big when compared with the biggest markets (the USA and then the UK).

by TIB trollreply 19211/16/2020

R191, single 30 something white women certainly tick those boxes, especially disposable income, lol. They are the biggest consumers.

by TIB trollreply 19311/16/2020

R192 Yes, US and UK are his biggest markets, but I meant those are the biggest markets in Latam and Asia and combined they might not rival the US as his main market (and also where his team focuses their efforts on), but it's a significant chunk.

by TIB trollreply 19411/16/2020

[Quote] single 30 something white women certainly tick those boxes, especially disposable income, lol. They are the biggest consumers.

Of new music? As concert goers? We're not talking about clothes from online retailers and mugs to cradle.

by TIB trollreply 19511/16/2020

R193 In theory they would be an audience, but there's nothing to support this claim that they are - no social media analyses, no concert audience, not his marketing strategies etc. Where are you getting from that they are his biggest audience?

by TIB trollreply 19611/16/2020

[Quote] Yes, US and UK are his biggest markets, but I meant those are the biggest markets in Latam and Asia and combined they might not rival the US as his main market (and also where his team focuses their efforts on), but it's a significant chunk.

Significant on what metric, though? There's certainly money to be made in those places but projects don't live or die on success found there.

by TIB trollreply 19711/16/2020

R197 Yes, the US is certainly the most important market in terms of success and worldwide influence. But actually Indonesia is a very interesting growing market for the music industry/streaming with its 270 million inhabitans and "trigger" citites that can make or break trends. That's not directly connected to Harry Styles of course, but I found it interesting in a general music industry context. Billboard wrote about it last year.

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by TIB trollreply 19811/16/2020


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by TIB trollreply 19911/16/2020

This January, it's ALOK!

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by TIB trollreply 20011/16/2020

Harry isn't campy at all. His speaking voice is deep and kinda monotone and he lacks flashiness and pageantry. He seems bored. The older he gets the more masculine he has become actually because of puberty.

I find it scary how people cannot accept that a skinny boy who wears long hair, skinny jeans and bright floral clothing can be completely straight and cisgender. It's like people forgot about the 1960s and 70s fashion trends. Gay rumors during his 1D days apparently were because he was affectionate and emotionally expressive with other guys.

The fangirls seem awfully homophobic for stereotyping his sexuality like that.

by TIB trollreply 20111/16/2020

He's not skinny. He's thick waisted.

by TIB trollreply 20211/16/2020

[Quote] I find it scary how people cannot accept that a skinny boy who wears long hair, skinny jeans and bright floral clothing can be completely straight

You find "gay" scary, hon?

by TIB trollreply 20311/16/2020

Using terms such as "cis" is homophobic r201 and r201 is right, Harry is stocky and has a granddad body.

by TIB trollreply 20411/16/2020

R203 Apparently Harry does if he can't just say if he's gay or not. Shawn Mendes said he was straight and Troye Sivan came out as gay. Brendan Urie is openly pansexual. Harry being quiet wouldn't be so hypocritical if he didn't assign himself to be this queer icon.

by TIB trollreply 20511/16/2020

He looks better in this red dress.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 20611/16/2020

Harry isn't gay. Only a straight guy would wear such ugly, shitty clothes and think he was doing something brave and stunning.

by TIB trollreply 20711/16/2020

R188 The US like Canada and Australia and New Zealand was never a "white country" to begin as the Indigenous people lived there thousands of years prior. The white US population is also not declining rapidly. Maybe the Non-Hispanic white population will drop to 50% but that's still the majority and including white Hispanic it would be up to 60%. White Americans will still have the most power socially and economically of course. They have lower rates of infant mortality and a higher life expectancy too in comparison to Black Americans. Having more money and social advantages would make you a bigger consumer. But also being a minority doesn't mean you're not powerful. Asian, Middle Eastern and Indian Americans tend to be upper class and there is a growing market to target them.

by TIB trollreply 20811/16/2020

R203 Come one, it's clear they meant stereotyping based on being a "twink" is scary. And yes, I find it harmful if certain body types are associated with sexuality, because plenty of young gay men aren't twinks at all and no less gay for it, while it gets pretty old that young, male, straight celebrities get treated like "gay icons" when they are not.

by TIB trollreply 20911/16/2020

[Quote] Apparently Harry does if he can't just say if he's gay or not.

He was asked if he was bisexual and he said "pretty sure I'm not." He could be gay as a goose but he doesn't identify as such.

by TIB trollreply 21011/16/2020

R170 his penchant for Fleetwood Mac is by design. The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, as well as the One Direction boys are both managed by Azoff. Styles was paired with FM, Niall with The Eagles.

by TIB trollreply 21111/16/2020

[Quote] Come one, it's clear they meant stereotyping based on being a "twink" is scary. And yes, I find it harmful if certain body types are associated with sexuality, because plenty of young gay men aren't twinks at all and no less gay for it, while it gets pretty old that young, male, straight celebrities get treated like "gay icons" when they are not.

In a post Frank Ocean world, you don't need to fear. Twinks own their skinny now.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 21211/16/2020

R30, does it matter? Vogue UK is not what it used to be.

by TIB trollreply 21311/16/2020

Whatever happened to the "gang" which tried to mug him? You know, that time when he told the police there was only one guy, but then told Howard Stern is was a gang. No arrests made? Funny that.

by TIB trollreply 21411/16/2020

[Quote] Whatever happened to the "gang" which tried to mug him? You know, that time when he told the police there was only one guy, but then told Howard Stern is was a gang. No arrests made? Funny that.

Little Mix? They're promoting their latest album.

by TIB trollreply 21511/16/2020


[quote] But Anna Wintour (and Vogue) has spoken highly of Harry for years now...

I think it's just Brits helping Brits.

by TIB trollreply 21611/16/2020

R211 One Direction isn't managed by any Azoff. They are managed by nobody right now, because they are on "permanent hiatus", but they were managed by Modest. Only Harry signed with Jeff Azoff's company in 2016 after the band.

And yes, there's a Azoff connection with both Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles, but Harry and Niall have mentioned both of these bands (as well as Pink Floyd by Harry and Bruce Springsteen by Niall) as favourites even before Harry met Jeff Azoff. It's not that surprising, they know these bands from their parents and they're hardly obscure. Every second person in that age group loves them lol.

R213 It's Vogue US and no matter the quality of the magazine, it still has a big influence and being the first male solo cover is certainly something that will be remembered.

R214 It was a random street mugging in the dark. The perps didn't even realise who he was, so I guess visibility wasn't that great. There are rarely arrests made from random muggings in a big city like London, where such things happen daily.

by TIB trollreply 21711/16/2020

Is it bad that I have no idea how Harry Styles looks and sounds like?

by TIB trollreply 21811/16/2020

[Quote] Is it bad that I have no idea how Harry Styles looks and sounds like?

Think "Carleton Carpenter."

by TIB trollreply 21911/16/2020

What the HELL is a "Carleton Carpenter"??!

by TIB trollreply 22011/16/2020

[QUOTE] Objectively-speaking, Zayn was the most attractive one of that group, but we live in such a racist society that the obvious is denied.

Only if you like men who weigh about 125lbs and have tiny spindly arms and legs. Much prefer Harry's taller, broader, more muscular frame. Zayn has terrible dark bags under his eyes these days from all the weed and cigarette smoking.

by TIB trollreply 22111/17/2020


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by TIB trollreply 22211/17/2020

Oooh, is he or isn't he?? PR 101; let's put him in a dress and drum up some interest -- or some outrage at the very least -- and keep this charisma-free, gay-baiting 'talent' in the news. He's as edgy as a butter knife.

by TIB trollreply 22311/17/2020

R170, gender benders and trans are two different and opposing things. Gender bender is about playing with gender, e.g. a man wearing eyeliner but still very much being a man. Trans is some lunatic crap that says if a man wears eyeliner then he can't be a man.

by TIB trollreply 22411/17/2020

Speaking to Esquire magazine, Noel (Gallagher) said: "I'll tell you what's wrong. Fame's wasted on these c***s today.

"Harry Styles has got nothing to say for himself - nothing. 'You alright, mate?' 'Uhhh.' That's it."


by TIB trollreply 22511/17/2020

R224 no transphobia please

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 22611/17/2020

To me, this seems ridiculous and stupid and desperate. VOGUE is a fashion / style / culture magazine, yet by posting that photo on the cover, they seem to make a mockery of themselves. Is VOGUE saying they endorse and celebrate this look, the not-quite-trans not-quite-anything look? If so, they demonstrate how out-of-touch the editorial staff and Harry Styles are. In the age of COVID-19, I think they must be disconnected if they expect people to look to VOGUE for fashion ideas such as this. Foolish, naive, delusional and self-important.

by TIB trollreply 22711/17/2020


Zayn is actually mentally ill. I have similar problems (but I’m much worse) but I have never done drugs. The inability to leave the house, the being so uninterested in food that it’s painful and uncomfortable to eat. Mental illness is no joke and does often manifest in physical form.

by TIB trollreply 22811/17/2020

r228 Mentally ill? Is that what they're calling heroin addicts these days? lol

by TIB trollreply 22911/17/2020

R217 Right on, mate. Thanks for sparing me the need to reply to R211 as well. I've seen Styles and Nicks together with my own eyes, and can tell his affection and admiration is genuine. I also saw him cry a bit giving an introduction... as well as how choked up he became expressing what an honour it was for him to be invited to perform onstage with Fleetwood Mac.

by TIB trollreply 23011/17/2020

Styles and Horan have the same management?

by TIB trollreply 23111/17/2020

Is Zayn still a heroin junkie? isn't he settled with Gigi and they had a kid?

by TIB trollreply 23211/17/2020

R224 Reading is a skill you obviously do not excel in. I never DID say gendder benders and trans are the same thing , you ignorant transphobic cunt. I can easily support both of those types of people as I like. I don't see how your troubled mind sees them as mutually exclusive choices.

Furthermore I have never read anything negative said , or written by transsexuals against rock stars wearing eyeliner, or any blokes wearing eyeliner for that matter. Keep your anti-trans crap confined to the gazillion threads which already exist for that tosh.

by TIB trollreply 23311/17/2020

R222 That video is wild lol. Apparently one of the nutters among Harry's fans, who have been claiming since forever that Harry is actually non-binary trans or on his way to transition or whatever. Not sure how he managed to gather a fandom full of young people, who want him so badly to be gay, bi, trans, non-binary or whatever other sexuality or gender. It would be lovely if they would support actual trans or non-binary artists or out and proud queer artists instead, if that's so important to them.

R231 No, they don't.

R232 Nobody knows if Zayn ever had a heroin problem. It's clear from a leaked video that he did weed and coke and he seemed spaced out during the later years of 1D, when he also got frightingly thin. He said he felt very uncomfortable in the band, especially in later years, due to crippling anxiety and an ensuing eating disorder, but who knows what else. Liam has also spoken about anxiety and said he was prescribed heavy meds, that gave him mental blackouts. If Zayn was given the same meds (maybe benzos), he could have formed a dependency. Even after the band he repeatedly cancelled concerts/promo performances and was eventuall dropped by his management due to "challenging behaviour". His manager said she hoped the split will bring "positive change for everyone", whatever that's supposed to mean. But in the end it all remains speculation.

I hope for him - whatever his problems were - that he has a good grip on them now and is happy and settled with Gigi and their little daughter. Staying away from the limelight seems to have been good for him, he certainly looks healthier these days.

by TIB trollreply 23411/17/2020

Zayn's manager gave HIM the heave-ho. And she worked with Sugababes.

by TIB trollreply 23511/17/2020

[quote]It would be lovely if they would support actual trans or non-binary artists or out and proud queer artists instead, if that's so important to them.

If he ever did actually come out as gay/bi/trans/non-binary or anything like that, you just know most of them would abandon him.

by TIB trollreply 23611/17/2020

R236 Maybe if he came out as trans, because that's a big change, but not if he came out as bi. The majority of fans is already he's bi and has dated men and/or dream about him dating a guy in the future (when he followed Richard Madden on instagram people were over the moon), so I'm sure they wouldn't abandon him. And a large part of the general public thinks he's bi (or gay) as well, so they wouldn't really be surprised either.

I just wondered why the fangirls focus so much on this aspect with a guy, who is vague at best. Every time there's a little ambiguity in terms of sexuality or gender, they obsess over it lovingly, more than his other stuff. And I'm interested in the reasoning or psychology behind this, when the same love isn't shown for openly LGBT artists.

by TIB trollreply 23711/17/2020

Who's an out bisexual male A-List pop star?

by TIB trollreply 23811/17/2020

R238 Brendon Urie?

by TIB trollreply 23911/17/2020

R238 Oh dear, is that a trick question to show that I don't know a whole lot about current pop stars? lol .. I don't know, Brandon Urie? There would probably more A-Listers if the fans would focus more on them. But if you just mean that there's a lack of representation for the fans and that's why they seek it in Harry Styles, then I wonder why they don't get this representation from the many bisexual female A-List pop stars, since most of the fans are female.

by TIB trollreply 24011/17/2020

The fans aren't going to focus on what makes them dry down below.

by TIB trollreply 24111/17/2020

R241 ? What do you mean?

by TIB trollreply 24211/17/2020

[quote]The majority of fans is already he's bi and has dated men and/or dream about him dating a guy in the future (when he followed Richard Madden on instagram people were over the moon), so I'm sure they wouldn't abandon him

There's a big difference between it being their fantasy and it being a fact. If they'd be oh-so-supportive, why aren't they supporting openly gay and bi talents?

They fetishsise gay/bi people and only like it for the stereotypes - there's a troll on here who's "evidence" of Styles being bi is the way he dresses. But an actual gay/bi man wouldn't necessarily follow those stereotypes, and they wouldn't be able to dismiss the bits they don't like as closeting.

by TIB trollreply 24311/17/2020

He is aging like a banana.

by TIB trollreply 24411/17/2020

R243 I see. Kind of like straight men like lesbians as fantasy or in films and porn, but it's not like they're out there in droves supporting actual lesbian women. On the other hand some fans might actually also like openly gay and bi artists, but as R238 pointed out, there might be a lack of artists, who are as handsome and especially as famous as Harry (and for many it's more a celebrity thing than the actual music) and they also won't get more famous without more fans, so it's a bit of a catch-22 situation.

by TIB trollreply 24511/17/2020

If he looks silly it's the stylist's fault...and guess what, he does because Vogue dressed him garishly and made him look like a washed-up thrift store parody.

by TIB trollreply 24611/17/2020

Then again, if you've seen Gucci's recent fashion shows, secondhand-looking trash IS kind of their new aesthetic.

Ever since Gucci hired that new creative director, it's all been downhill from there. He wiped his ass with the label's legacy and now they make overpriced clothing for subcultural schizophrenic greaseballs.

by TIB trollreply 24711/17/2020

R233, you misogynistic, homophobic cunt, I never said you said they were the same thing. I just pointed out that gender benders and transgenders are contradictory to each other, whereas you seem to think they're compatible. You need a bit of updating. Transsexuals apparently don't exist anymore, they are all transgender now. It might be hard for you to grasp, but there is a difference. If you understood the difference and were even aware that today the dogma is transgenderism, you might understand my point about eyeliner.

by TIB trollreply 24811/17/2020

I guess at least this time it's full on Scarlet O'Hara instead of vaguely Amish housewife or whatever the last dress was supposed to be.

I liked some of Alessandro Michele's early Gucci stuff, but it's been a decline imho. This new mix between salvation army chic and childlike elements doesn't work out for me. But I think the male collections of a few fashion houses have gone a bit downhill in recent years.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 24911/17/2020

Harry's been successfully marketed to 15-25 year olds as an artistic, musically original, sensitive, gorgeous hunk, fashion icon and all-round great guy who has all the right positions on the issues of the day and stands up for the LGBTQ++++. The fact his songs are very middle of the road, his singing skills limited, his body is saggy, his actual positions on gender/sexuality issues never articulated and his "fashion icon" status due to a promotional contract with the huge conglomerate that made the once heavenly Gucci incredibly ugly and mass market are by the by.

Harry is hip amongst an age group who want to consider themselves a bit deeper and more thoughtful than their peers. The fact he doesn't represent anything more artistic than, e.g. Shawn Mendes or Justin Bieber doesn't matter to them. Harry is marketed as sensitive and artistic, therefore by identifying as his fans they are making a statement about themselves.

by TIB trollreply 25011/17/2020

He didn't embrace BLM when fans would bring flags to his concerts. That has been noted.

by TIB trollreply 25111/17/2020

It's interesting how this young generation always tries to make their pop stars figureheads of various causes and to push them into activism. In the end this guy is a musician or at least that's how he started out. Personally I don't feel this white man of undisclosed sexuality has to be an articulate and active spokesman for LGBTQ+, BLM, political issues and whatever else, just because he likes to sing. Seems like a lot of people just like to scream at musicians and actors that they're not "doing enough" and "using their platform" when all they do themselves is shitposting on twitter. It's tiresome.

by TIB trollreply 25211/17/2020

Well, lots of musicians like to talk about their love for their gay fans when they have a project to promote so it isn't surprising that fans take things like that to heart. That's why some people were blindsided by how many celebrities, for instance, ignored the Orlando Pulse shooting but didn't hesitate to tweet about the Manchester bombing. The personal is political.

by TIB trollreply 25311/17/2020

R252 I might agree except Harry has used LGBTQ+ to promote himself, so he does owe something back. Also, comparing the average person online to a celebrity is just stupid; the latter has far greater reach and power.

by TIB trollreply 25411/17/2020

Harry's been on BLM marches and tweeted all the mandated tweets. I don't think he's had any concerts in the past months though, so not sure which concerts you're referring to.

by TIB trollreply 25511/17/2020

Oh, he got with the program but he waited to see which way the wind was blowing.

by TIB trollreply 25611/17/2020

R245 There's also the element of them feeling like they're in the know. If you look at the social media of those people who believe he's gay/bi/etc, there tends to be a theme of them being 'real' fans, compared to the normal people who think he's straight; that they're special, and Harry values them more. So much so that many believe he sends them secret messages in what he wears or stuff like that. And this isn't limited to Harry.

R255 It was his tour for his previous album. It did really seem as though he went out of his way to avoid picking up BLM flags that were thrown onto the stage, etc. It was really the only time his fans criticised him, and after the backlash a BLM sticker was added to his guitar.

by TIB trollreply 25711/17/2020

I agree that Harry has played with sexual ambiguity and queerness in his promo and it's something I side-eye, although I'm not sure him going more activist would make it better. Although in his defense, he was at least always an ally and has also donated a lot of money to LGBT charities.

I didn't know him in 2017 when he was on his first tour, but I heard how people were outraged he didn't give BLM the same attention as his LGBT allyship. And last year they outraged that he isn't a public and outspoken supporter of Palestine. There are ton of important movements, causes and issues in the world and apparently Harry Styles should say something about all of them. He can't really win in this.

by TIB trollreply 25811/17/2020

[quote]And last year they outraged that he isn't a public and outspoken supporter of Palestine

This is because he has, on a number of occasions, waved around an Israeli flag.

[quote]There are ton of important movements, causes and issues in the world and apparently Harry Styles should say something about all of them

He's the one who pretended one of his songs was about everything going on in the world. He's also the one who said he wanted to find the one issue he's really passionate about - and yet still has not come out with anything, suggesting he's found nothing he's passionate about to speak out on. Which is a position only a massively privileged person can be in.

Acting like people are demanding he speaks out on every single issue is just a pathetic stan defence.

by TIB trollreply 25911/17/2020

[Quote] He can't really win in this.

I guess it depends on your definition of win. There aren't just two options - give your opinion on everything OR silence.

by TIB trollreply 26011/17/2020

R259 Stan defence? The stans are usually the ones demanding he speaks up about all the issues all the time. And maybe some parts of woke twitter. But you won't see the general public caring overmuch what Harry Styles speaks about.

Also what are the numerous occasions? I know of one single time in 2013, when he was just 19, that a fan threw an inflatable hammer with a printed on Israeli flag on stage and he picked it up. The fact that this sparked such a reaction among the fans that it fuelled the Palestine debate even six years later, probably shows that there seems to be a ton of scrutiny and readily passed judgement for him.

R260 If complete silence or commenting on everything were the only options, nobody could ever say anything, because it's impossible to speak about and actively support everything. In general I think opinions of celebrities on world issues are vastly overrated, but demanding that they support every cause equally, just because they have spoken about or supported one cause that might be especially dear to their heart (for whatever reason) is weird stance. And you can feel more connected to a certain cause, even if it's not your ultimate mission, that you will dedicate the rest of your life to - which is obviously what he meant in the Guardian interview.

by TIB trollreply 26111/17/2020

Justin Bieber can sing rings around his contemporaries, when he bothers to.

by TIB trollreply 26211/17/2020

[quote]The stans are usually the ones demanding he speaks up about all the issues all the time.

Ugh, fans don't always have to think the same way. There are some who call on him to vocally support issues. And then there are some - like you - who make ridiculous arguments like pretending people are demanding he comment on every single issue.

[quote]Also what are the numerous occasions?

What even is this question? You think I have some kind of spreadsheet of every time he held up an Israeli flag?

[quote]And you can feel more connected to a certain cause, even if it's not your ultimate mission, that you will dedicate the rest of your life to - which is obviously what he meant in the Guardian interview.

And yet he still claims to have not found what that cause is. Seriously, look at the state the world is in right now, and take a moment to think about how much of a bubble someone must live in that with so many injustices going on, someone can still think "nah, still don't feel that important to me".

Also, fuck off with the idea he's under some kind of immense pressure. Look at the shit Taylor Swift got for years before she spoke out. Styles doesn't get even a fraction of that (even when adjusting for her increased popularity), mostly because he's a man.

by TIB trollreply 26311/17/2020

Harry's devoted stans had a listening party when Fine Line dropped last December, pre-COVID.

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by TIB trollreply 26411/17/2020

To a certain extent it's Harry's fault if he can't win because he's the one (with the help of his management) setting himself up as this great aware, caring person for a woke era.

This ugly Vogue photoshoot also caters to BLM issues. The photographer is the hugely over-rated and very pedestrian young black photographer Tyler Mitchell, who was allegedly handpicked by Beyonce for her ugly 2018 September issue cover and editorial. Mitchell's had the kind of meteoric rise even photographers with actual talent and a beautiful aesthetic can only dream of.

by TIB trollreply 26511/17/2020

He could've also shut down his fans when they were acting like he was some great icon for the gay community, and instead pointed to some actual icons and said they deserve your praise.

by TIB trollreply 266Last Wednesday at 1:15 AM

[quote] This whole wave of boys dressing like girls and being "soft" just seems pandering and gimmicky like a fad and lacks substance just like that hard gangsta image that was dominant throughout the 2000s did.

One could say that the Pendulum has swung....the other way.

This cub should have worn jorts with flame decals and a chain paired with a leopard vest from Lane Bryant. Grrrrrr.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 267Last Wednesday at 1:42 AM

R265 That he sets himself up for all kinds of expectations in that regard and it creates this circle, where fans always push for more, sometimes also very aggressively, is a legit and understandable criticism to me.

I didn't know anything about Tyler Mitchell, so I can't comment on his merit as photographer. But I wondered why we ended up with so many photos where Harry has the exact same expression. He's not a professional model, so I don't expect him to work the camera on his own, but then it's usually up to the photographer to create variety by giving instructions or playing with angles, light or putting the model in different poses.

by TIB trollreply 268Last Wednesday at 1:44 AM

R267 oh my god lol (the way this is low-key a bop though...)

by TIB trollreply 269Last Wednesday at 1:59 AM

R269 Steve Carlesi was the greatest unsung lead vocalist of the 1990s. Foundry opened for Godmack. The mark the group left on the Boston scene is indelible. Some respect on their name.

by TIB trollreply 270Last Wednesday at 2:03 AM

R225 what a fantastic statement. Noely has hit it once again. Can we just make him PM?

Speaking of the Gallagher, I did have Liam in mind reading this thread. There is an example of a captivating pop-star who actually does have surprising, androgynous, legendary beauty in tandem with aggressive masculine energy and authentic outspokenness. He can draw the eye, he can prick up ears, and he can mesmerise a crowd, just by being himself. He has been a successful model in the past, too. He is a fascinating person, the kind who bucks stereotypes just by being himself, because by rights a dimwitted chav gobshite with a lovely face and a voice that grabs you by the entrails really shouldn’t exist.

Liam Gallagher brings charisma, attitude, interesting looks, and controversial opinions that Styles wishes he had and that his team want us to believe he has. But you can’t manufacture or conjure up an intangible - the old adage is true, that either you have ‘It’ or you don’t.

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by TIB trollreply 271Last Wednesday at 2:04 AM

Why do people care?

Yes, he is an attention whore. So is every model and every actor and every musician on the cover of Vogue and not on the cover of Vogue. Stirring up controversy is a primary way to sell anything in entertainment. And fashion models are photographed in ways that make them look like idiots all the time. It's just that we are used to fashion magazines and runway shows telling us "she may look like a fool, but that's only because you don't get fashion" for decades. Yes, they made him look like a fool to stir up discussion for their brand and yes he was eager to do it to sell his music and get people talking about him.

Nothing new about this. It's just fucking fabric cut differently. It's so insane people get so, so emotionally worked up. People are so goddamned easy to manipulate it almost makes me want to be Machiavellian just because it would be such a goddamned easy job description.

by TIB trollreply 272Last Wednesday at 2:11 AM

[quote] an actual gay/bi man wouldn't necessarily follow those stereotypes, and they wouldn't be able to dismiss the bits they don't like as closeting.

Years ago, I remember Darren Hayes of Savage Garden saying something to this effect.

Hayes, an openly gay man, said that he was uncomfortable with the way his record label wanted to style him in the early years of the group’s short career. At the time there was still some gunshy feelings about gay celebrities, plus Hayes was young (in his early 20s) and wasn’t out to the public because he was struggling with his sexuality somewhat.

Despite knowing this, his label asked him to keep his hair long, wear makeup, put on womens’ fit clothes, and play up his feminine looks and behaviour as a way to seem approachable and relatable to young female fans (he looked like a lesbian, honestly). Hayes did as he was asked for the sake of his context, but was very uncomfortable with it, and felt that it was an insidiously homophobic & sexist tactic designed to manipulate marketing using harmful stereotypical ideas about gay men.

Nowadays, as an independent solo artist, you won’t catch Hayes out of facial scruff, a close cropped haircut, and suits or loose fit masculine leisurewear.

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by TIB trollreply 273Last Wednesday at 2:33 AM

Savage Garden was underrated and Darren Hayes' solo work is too.

by TIB trollreply 274Last Wednesday at 5:02 AM

I think Styles' pretty much unwavering facial expression in the pics was very deliberate, a way of undercutting the "expressive" femininity.

by TIB trollreply 275Last Wednesday at 8:23 AM

In what universe was Liam Gallagher an androgynous beauty?

by TIB trollreply 276Last Wednesday at 8:32 AM

No universe. And he's never been fascinating either.

by TIB trollreply 277Last Wednesday at 8:45 AM

^^let the man himself tell you about it.

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by TIB trollreply 278Last Wednesday at 9:05 AM

Harry's deadpan expression is very similar to Beyonce's expression in her 2018 Vogue shoot. I think they have the same photographer too.

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by TIB trollreply 279Last Wednesday at 12:42 PM

I think Bey looked way more glamorous during her B'Day and Sasha Fierce era. Mathew Knowles despite being cutthroat and greedy did know what he was doing when it came to marketing his daughter.

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by TIB trollreply 280Last Wednesday at 12:45 PM

If that were true, she'd never have worn House of DerEon.

by TIB trollreply 281Last Wednesday at 12:49 PM

A lot of Beyonce's public outfits are questionable. DC's tackiness was explained by the time period. She's not as bad as Britney though.

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by TIB trollreply 282Last Wednesday at 12:53 PM

R280 But she's not being packaged as a sex object anymore as she was then. She's a Serious Artist and an Icon now. That means a little off kilter, a little odd, a lot melancholy, unapproachable. Wet lips and tousled sex hair are not part of the Serious Artist package.

by TIB trollreply 283Last Wednesday at 12:53 PM


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by TIB trollreply 284Last Wednesday at 12:57 PM

R283 I get what you're saying. That's also why there is a big divide between Beyonce fans. Some prefer her pre-2013 sound and look while others are vice versa. I think the "4" era was the best of both worlds, fun pop songs, powerhouse vocals and great musicianship.

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by TIB trollreply 285Last Wednesday at 12:58 PM

I think most of Beyonce's singles have been snoozes. Nothing equaled "Crazy In Love." And Destiny's Child veered too far into kitsch for me. "Say My Name" is so much better than dreck like "Survivor."

by TIB trollreply 286Last Wednesday at 1:00 PM

Survivor was their worst album for me, way too many stupid songs on it and way too long.

I think Writings on the Wall was their best with Destiny Fulfilled following after. I much prefer LaTavia and LeToya to Michelle.

But let's get real, Spice Girls, DC, Blaque, Total and etc were all created to capitalize on the success of girl power R&B group TLC who gave each member a personality and a color coding.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 287Last Wednesday at 1:04 PM

I relistened to CrazySexyCool recently and Chilli's struggle belts... whoo. She'd be clowned for that now.

by TIB trollreply 288Last Wednesday at 1:17 PM

I think Rihanna has way better singles than Beyonce. Beyonce has more cohesive albums but many of them aren't aging too well. ANTI was much better musically than Lemonade to me. Beyonce relies too much on visuals and created pop culture moments to the detriment of creating truly timeless music. Beyonce's albums flow well but a lot of the time they feel like they are missing something, they really do lack soul. B'Day and 4 were the most complete of her albums and aged well. Her self-titled is still excellent though but a product of its time and Lemonade definitely has aged the worst despite being her most recent. To be fair, Rihanna didn't have a real album until ANTI and that one album shitted on most of Bey's discography.

by TIB trollreply 289Last Wednesday at 1:21 PM

H is in a new video for Gucci, wearing short shorts and a pink t shirt.

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by TIB trollreply 290Last Wednesday at 1:52 PM

Excuse my beauty!

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 291Last Wednesday at 1:57 PM

Having a convo in Italian. Glad he lost the tache.

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by TIB trollreply 292Last Wednesday at 2:02 PM

Liam G uses 'fucking' as punctuation and has a 50 word vocabulary. His voice is also shot from smoking for 30 years, something which won't happen to Harry.

Got to say that it was amusing watching Louis Tomlinson try to turn himself into a clone of Liam Gallagher for the release of his debut album Walls. Louis imitated his stance, walk and accent and the songs on his album were like Oasis tributes, with Noel G insisting on a credit on one of them because it was so similar to Acquiesce. Louis hired the man who made the Liam G documentary to film four of his videos and the guy made sure there were plenty of Oasis references in there, like the chair on the wall.

Floplinson's album went down like a lead balloon in the US. Debuted at ten and then fell off the Billboard 200 completely the next week. Same story in the UK. To this day, Walls has only sold 100k units in the US whereas it was announced today that Fine Line has just gone double platinum there.

100k vs 2m in a similar time period. Guess there really was only one star in that band.

by TIB trollreply 293Last Wednesday at 2:09 PM


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by TIB trollreply 294Last Wednesday at 2:15 PM

Harry reminds me so much of Greg Brady, from awkwardness to the homeliness to the slight creepiness. They even look and move alike.

But then, authentic 70s retro with a heavy touch of camp and mawkish self-awareness is what he's going for anyway, right? So it's far out.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 295Last Wednesday at 2:15 PM

But will Harry ever get to duet with Miss Lorna Luft?

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 296Last Wednesday at 2:17 PM

Styles is desperate for an identity. First he grew his hair out to be Jagger, now he's trying to be Bowie. He used to be cute but he's not aging well and looks pretty rough. My niece, who was a huge 1D fan, can't stand him now.

The only reason Wintour put him on the cover is because she knew it would get people talking about the failing Vogue. Bitch, nobody buys magazines anymore.

by TIB trollreply 297Last Wednesday at 2:21 PM

Even those short shorts are neither here nor there.

by TIB trollreply 298Last Wednesday at 2:25 PM

Peter was the best looking Brady boy and had more swag than Greg. The last season was getting a bit more racy and mature in humor.

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by TIB trollreply 299Last Wednesday at 2:28 PM

Zayn is prettier. still.

by TIB trollreply 300Last Wednesday at 2:33 PM

[quote] Liam G uses 'fucking' as punctuation and has a 50 word vocabulary. His voice is also shot from smoking for 30 years, something which won't happen to Harry.

True, suppose such scandalous rockstar behaviour as cursing and smoking cigarettes like some sort of frothing manbeast would rather overwhelm a snooty classist delicate fangurl of a quivering yoga-pants wearing people-pleaser trying to win favour in the court of Twitter.

And you call us Millennials snowflakes....

by TIB trollreply 301Last Wednesday at 2:39 PM

R298 The whole outfit is for a new Gucci ad campaign, sorry, "film festival" lol. Gucci is a pretentious mess with nonsensical clothes anyway, but these film episodes are so over the top, it's actually hilarious.

Harry looked very handsome in it and the film makers know it: lots of close ups, play with light, radiant green eyes, dimpled smile etc. Good thing that the director obviously focused on getting his pretty face on camera, because it's evident the focus wasn't on the dialogue lol.

by TIB trollreply 302Last Wednesday at 5:05 PM

R297 He seems at the same time trying quite hard to be unique and artsy, while also incorporating too much from artists he admires. The long hair wasn't even that much Jagger, more a mix of all kinds of older and younger rock stars imho, I think peak Jagger-ness rather came during his first solo tou (especially in 2018), when he seemed to copy some of his dance moves. Now we're in his Bowie era, but that's also due to his stylist copying some of Bowie's outfits nearly stich for stich. It's not helping at all.

It aggravates me, because I still think he'd be more fun and interesting just being Harry Styles - maybe not a music legend, but he's only 26 after all. Maybe in time he'll find his way. In the meantime whatever he does sells incredibly well, so maybe it's on purpose, I don't know.

by TIB trollreply 303Last Wednesday at 5:16 PM

Harry should just be himself. People loved him when he was goofy, cheerful and had no filter. He seems more 2000s pop rock and pop punk (which makes sense that's what was popular when he was young: Paramore, Blink-182, My Chemical Romance). Not psychedelic 60s/70s rock.

by TIB trollreply 304Last Wednesday at 5:21 PM

I'm sure he grew up with some 90s Brit pop, 2000s pop rock and all kinds of indie rock. He had some pop rock on his old myspace page iirc and it seems he liked Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Black Keys, probably also The Kills and Kings of Leon. However he also has evidently liked 60s/70s rock, even as 16 year old boy. Right from the start he tweeted about Thin Lizzy, The Beatles and said in an interview from 2011 that Pink Floyd's Shine On You Crazy Diamond is his favourite song ever. He also mentioned plenty of other 60s/70s rock and folk back then, from Grateful Dead to Van Morrison.

So his inclination to go for that sound is not fake and I also think his mix tape for Another Man in 2016 was a real representation of his taste at the time (if that stayed the same and how it relates to the sound of Fine Line is another topic). But it doesn't mean he can't be himself in general or has be a "freaky artiste" or copy Bowie's fashion or anything like that. That's where the part starts where I feel he tries too hard, when it's not even necessary.

by TIB trollreply 305Last Wednesday at 6:16 PM

His songs are written by committees to order r305. They're not art, groundbreaking like those artists you mention or expressions of his soul. They're product to supplement the image that has been developed and marketed for him.

by TIB trollreply 306Last Wednesday at 9:43 PM

Motown hits were written by committee. I don't think that makes them not art.

by TIB trollreply 307Last Wednesday at 9:57 PM

R306 I never even suggested that he's making groundbreaking art like those classic rock legends. I just said that he likes that sound, so it would be something that would make sense to naturally go for - no matter who writes the songs. Of course we're in the end in a pop environment, where basically all songs are at least co-written by songwriters - that's no different to any other former 1D members. Or even Adele or Florence and the Machine.

But we know from how the writing credits are split (which you can deduct from the songwriters' different performance-right organisations) that Harry has not only co-written all his songs, but often holds the majority of writing credits, although I think he focuses more on lyrics and melodies than the instrumental parts. And of course he also co-wrote a bunch of songs for other people, like Changes for Cam.

And as R307 pointed out art is art, no matter who wrote it. For example Harry wrote Changes with Lori McKenna, who is in my eyes definitely a "real musician" and great songwriter. I don't see how it should make the music worse if she herself sang it or Cam or Harry.

by TIB trollreply 308Last Wednesday at 10:26 PM

R307, Motown hits were written by songwriters, either individuals or song-writing teams, and the song-writers themselves were acknowledged. They were then recorded and performed by brilliant singers. Motown was highly controlled by Berry Gordy, who wanted a specific sound and feel aimed at a young audience. The Motown vocalists never pretended the songs were something original that they'd created and the songwriters themselves were also hailed and publicly lauded for their work.

Harry has been set up as a great artist who himself is responsible for this supposedly amazing art that he produces, which represents his soul. He gets a song-writing credit for probably the most minimal contribution - as is the case with all "smart" pop singers these days. All the members of One Direction had song-writing credits for One Direction recordings (does anyone even remember any of their songs?). "Sign of the Times", the single that was meant to change Harry's image and give him strong artistic credibility, was written by six people, with a commission to give him an image makeover. He's marketed as a kind of David Bowie, Marc Bolan type character, a serious musician, etc. when they were brilliant, innovative songwriters.

Not only is Harry no David Bowie, he's no Marvin Gaye, he's no Stevie Wonder and he's no Diana Ross. His songwriters are no Holland-Dozier-Holland.

Harry is not art, he's marketing. His music is standard forgettable pop, regardless of the idea his fans have that he's a great artist. This Vogue cover and editorial pretty much sum him up

by TIB trollreply 309Last Thursday at 12:01 AM

And let's not forget Harry's marketing slogan - "Treat People with Kindness!" - which is greatly responsible for his fans' idea that he's a wonderful, caring person.

by TIB trollreply 310Last Thursday at 12:03 AM

[QUOTE] His songs are written by committees to order [R305]

I think you are getting Harry mixed up with Liam Payne, whose label bought songs from various songwriting teams for LP1 and didn't allow Liam any creative input.

Harry wrote with the same small team for both albums. This team lived for two months at a studio in Jamaica for the first album and at a studio in Malibu for the second. Harry has only one other writer credited on Falling, so hardly a 'committee'. He also wrote all the lyrics himself and you can tell. They are a bit artsy, a bit pretentious and try hard but at least they're authentically his.

by TIB trollreply 311Last Thursday at 12:53 AM

His level, in terms of emotional intelligence and performing arts skill, is mid-tier television actor.

We're talking one of the comic relief background regular characters on a popular soap such as Hollyoaks/Emmerdale/Eastenders, perhaps a student or a barman or a local tradesperson, who gets the occasional useful thing to do in a different character's arc. Maybe he could have been a bi or gay character, if visibility truly does mean that much to him. He's even got the right face and speaking voice for the job, and I suspect he might have been quite happy working in that capacity; TV serials aren't even a bad little gig, nowadays (look at David Essex, Richard Blackwood, Martin Kemp from Spandau, Keith Duffy from Boyzone, Duncan & Lee from Blue).

He'd also be a fine fit for ITV non-prestige drama, or Channel 4 presenting. Perhaps after that he could have found an actual voice and a performance style that suits, then segue into bit parts in domestic films (again, no shame in this game, Danny Dyer makes it work), do variety or panel shows (where the good TV contracts are), make kids' telly, present radio or do voiceovers (a la his true predecessor, Emma Bunton), or after a decade or two has gone by slide back into pop with or without 1D. Or, if he dared, he could have hopped across the bond to star in C-movies and reboot shows on Showtime, the type we all wax lyrical about on this board though no-one else has ever seen them.

All this to say: if you take snobbery and pretension and trend-chasing off the table, Harry could have done well and got exactly what he wanted from the public with minimal strain and no smokescreens. There's no shame in knowing one's limits and in making the most of them, having a fun career. It's clear Harry has a need to be liked by an audience and receive consistent positive feedback more than respected for actual artistry, and becoming a public entertainer is the way to go to get that.

Something just doesn't add up when such a bland, pasty, milquetoast and incompetent person who looks miserable as all get out and can't articulate or even locate an artistic M.O. is hailed as the greatest young pop-star of the age. He has nothing to offer, the world of high-concept crossover pop, and I think deep down he knows that. In this milieu he can't be himself, and unfairly he can't keep up at the height he has been elevated. It's the Emperor's New Clothes, and when the delusion crashes down it will hurt Harry more than anyone (which is why I'm surprised his allegedly devoted and concerned fans want him to keep at it).

by TIB trollreply 312Last Thursday at 1:13 AM

[QUOTE] His songs are written by committees to order, R305

'Committees'? Fuck off, you patronising, ignorant cunt. It's clear that you know know nothing about how his two albums were written. It's the same three or four people on every one of his 22 songs.

by TIB trollreply 313Last Thursday at 1:13 AM

He looks and sounds nothing like Bowie. Bowie had a whiny voice and a very slight frame with skeletal legs and arms.

by TIB trollreply 314Last Thursday at 1:15 AM

Fine Line just went double platinum in the US after 11 months. It really is Harry's year.

Poor Louis only sold 100k units in the US in the same period. Seems like the 1d fans have abandoned all the other members. Niall's new album has yet to get a single certificate.

by TIB trollreply 315Last Thursday at 1:41 AM

[quote]But we know from how the writing credits are split (which you can deduct from the songwriters' different performance-right organisations) that Harry has not only co-written all his songs, but often holds the majority of writing credits, although I think he focuses more on lyrics and melodies than the instrumental parts.

Where can we see this? There's some site which shows the percentages or something?

by TIB trollreply 316Last Thursday at 2:05 AM

[quote]Something just doesn't add up when such a bland, pasty, milquetoast and incompetent person who looks miserable as all get out and can't articulate or even locate an artistic M.O. is hailed as the greatest young pop-star of the age.

Connections. Multiple people have said how he's constantly networking at parties, etc. So he makes the right friends, charms the right people, and gets the right press.

by TIB trollreply 317Last Thursday at 2:08 AM

The Weeknd 30yo, Kidnap 29yo, Aaron Maine/Porches 29yo, Troye Sivan (yes, even Troye) 25yo, and Gus Dapperton 23yo all do more artful pop than dull Harry. Not necessarily better but with more creative authenticity and originality.

by TIB trollreply 318Last Thursday at 2:26 AM

And gives his bussy up to the right powerful men.

by TIB trollreply 319Last Thursday at 2:26 AM

Junkie Zayn looking like a cross between a zombie and Pete Doherty.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 320Last Thursday at 3:10 AM

In the end he does something right, I guess, if people who can't even stand him can write whole essays about him, despite him being so boring and bland lol. But for real, no matter if you like his music or even his personality at all or can't stand him. There's no reason why someone with his voice - and he certainly can sing - and who came out of the biggest boyband of the 2000s should do.. kid's telly? That's just trolling.

Will his current, very impressive success last? Nobody can say, especially not in the fast-paced world of pop. And yeah, I can see some dangers in the way he's currently positioning his brand and image, things where I feel they don't fit or don't work to his advantage, feel inorganic, could cause backlash or drown out his actual, authentic charisma and talent. Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm not. I guess we'll see how he'll proceed and if the success of this era and the path he embarked on will shape the rest of his career (positively or negatively).

by TIB trollreply 321Last Thursday at 4:16 AM

R239 He is pan.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 322Last Thursday at 4:30 AM

R316 You have to search the - not always freely available - databases of the different performing rights organisations (PRO) for the songs and they will list the percentages of their own songwriters. So trying to get a picture of how much someone wrote, you need to have songwriters that are represented by different PROs. Most of the time that can be quite tricky (e.g. it's not possible to tell with 1D songs), but Harry is represented by a different PRO than his collaborators, so fans have calculated how much he wrote on which song. You can probably find their collected info somewhere.

Iirc his credits were between 25 and 80 % per song, about 40% of each album overall. However this number can be misleading, because if a song has for example 5 songwriters and Harry holds 40% of the writing credits, then the other 60% are split among 4 songwriters and Harry would still have contributed the most of any writer individually.

by TIB trollreply 323Last Thursday at 4:31 AM

Cute as a button. It appears he is someone's very adorable dress up doll. Perhaps his own. He's not some beefy Scotsman who'd look great in a kilt, so you have to work with what you got.

Chicken legs. Chicken cutlets. Perhaps he can duet with Miley.

by TIB trollreply 324Last Thursday at 4:33 AM

R322 Same thing

by TIB trollreply 325Last Thursday at 4:39 AM

You can tell the supporters posting so vehemently here aren't gay men, or even long-time DL regulars, because why would they discuss Styles when Payne is a massive misogynist, cosplays as a downlow thug, and also looks like this now? Liam is basically DL catnip.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 326Last Thursday at 4:55 AM

From the Vogue shoot - Harry shows off his great singing skills (snigger!).

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 327Last Thursday at 5:03 AM

[quote]so fans have calculated how much he wrote on which song

Oh, so it's bullshit then.

R326 And a homophobe too, judging by that Duck Dynasty stuff.

by TIB trollreply 328Last Thursday at 5:08 AM

Harry's songs are pedestrian r423, so even if he wrote most of them he's still no great artist by any means, certainly not to the degree his fans think he is.

by TIB trollreply 329Last Thursday at 5:20 AM

R328 Just looked it up, Harry is the only one represented by Global Music Rights, so no, the percentages are clearly there for everyone to see, no bullshit. Sorry.

by TIB trollreply 330Last Thursday at 5:22 AM

R330 So...where are the links so we can all see?

by TIB trollreply 331Last Thursday at 8:25 AM

Troye Sivan's music keeps getting better. He is really reaching his potential.

by TIB trollreply 332Last Thursday at 8:26 AM

So Niall is the most musically gifted, Zayn is the most vocally gifted and Harry is the most charismatic. The rest were just there to be there. Liam has a nice body, so there's that.

by TIB trollreply 333Last Thursday at 8:34 AM

R331 Here it is. Just enter "Styles" into the search and it gives you all his registered songs and his respective songwriting percentage (except 1D songs of course, because he wasn't with GMR yet back then).

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 334Last Thursday at 8:39 AM

R334 So, only one song on there has him as the author of more than 50% of it, and you're claiming this proves he writes most of his own stuff. Stans are so tiresome with their lies, no wonder you kept avoiding posting the link.

by TIB trollreply 335Last Thursday at 8:42 AM

he looks like an ugly angry lesbian who's had a double mastectomy

by TIB trollreply 336Last Thursday at 8:51 AM

Some people seem to think writing credits are set in stone. There is no hard rule for how credits are distributed. As someone noted before, smart pop stars *cough* Beyoncé *cough* will ask for partial song writing credit, usually by changing a word or two in the lyrics.

by TIB trollreply 337Last Thursday at 8:55 AM

R335 Get your glasses, and read R323 again. I wrote he has between 25 and 80 % of each song, on average about 40 %. And about this average number:

[quote]However this number can be misleading, because if a song has for example 5 songwriters and Harry holds 40% of the writing credits, then the other 60% are split among 4 songwriters and Harry would still have contributed the most of any writer individually.

It's really not that hard to understand and easy to see in the GMR database?

by TIB trollreply 338Last Thursday at 8:56 AM

R337 Sure, but since we have no idea what happened in the recording studio we can only go by what is official data. Or we can just say everything is wrong and make up theories about how he didn't write a single thing that can never be proven or disproven lol.

Between some demanding the exact percentage and link to the GMR database and others saying it's all lies anyway, it's kind of futile to talk about it, right?

by TIB trollreply 339Last Thursday at 8:59 AM

R338 And you're making the assumption the other percentages are split evenly. Checked on that, have you?

by TIB trollreply 340Last Thursday at 8:59 AM

R340 I never said that. I just said it's split among the remaining songwriters, could be unevenly split as well. However if there are for example 4 songwriters left, it seems pretty unlikely that one of them also has 40 % writing credits like Harry or even more, because then the other three would only have 20 % or less together (which would be for example < 6,7 % per writer if evenly split). I thought that's pretty much self-evident.

Of course with songs where Harry has 25 % credit and there are three other songwriters (= 4 total) it's most likely an even split among all of them. In these cases he doesn't have the most individual writing credit, but the same as the others, duh.

by TIB trollreply 341Last Thursday at 9:07 AM

Didn't Elvis demand half of the publishing of songs he consented to record? Publishing tells you business arrangements.

by TIB trollreply 342Last Thursday at 9:09 AM

R341 "I never said that" and then proceeds to restate exactly what I said you said. So to answer my question, you're just assuming that's the case? You haven't looked it up to check?

by TIB trollreply 343Last Thursday at 9:12 AM

R343 No, I've said, I have no idea how the non-Harry writing credits are split - how should I? But for most songs it seems mathematically quite unlikely that another songwriter wrote more on that song than him. Because his percentage is so relatively high in relation to the number of songwriters, that the others would be left with nearly nothing, if that were the case. So yes, it's an assumption, but a fair one unless you want to find every unlikely scenario to say "ha! He didn't write most of it!". But in that case why not just assume all writing credits are wrong anyway.

Trust me, with songs like Treat People With Kindness I'd gladly blame someone else for that. Unfortunately he has actually 50 % writing credit and only two other songwriters, which means it's mathematically impossible that he didn't write most of it. Tragic. But that's what the numbers say.

by TIB trollreply 344Last Thursday at 9:25 AM

And if that didn't come across: for example with a song like TPWK the other two songwriters (Jeff Bhasker and Ilsey Juber) are with BMI. So the BMI database only list the song as written by 50 % BMI songwriters, but doesn't specify what percentage was written by Bhasker and what by Juber. Therefore I can't look it up to check - I can only say for sure what Harry wrote due to the GMR database.

by TIB trollreply 345Last Thursday at 9:30 AM

[quote]it seems pretty unlikely that one of them also has 40 % writing credits like Harry or even more, because then the other three would only have 20 % or less together (which would be for example < 6,7 % per writer if evenly split). I thought that's pretty much self-evident.

And yet two of the writers on Sign of the Times are sharing 9%. Pretty unlikely?

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 346Last Thursday at 9:33 AM

On the same topic - do these external songwriters get an additional payment up front? I can't imagine that once they're at a certain level they work for months on these projects just on the hope of these royalties at the end of it? I vaguely remember something about Styles and the co-writers doing most of the work...somewhere tropical? An island somewhere, I think? Presumably they're not paying their own way for that kind of stuff?

by TIB trollreply 347Last Thursday at 9:46 AM

R346 Yes, in general I find it rather unlikely, especially the less songwriters work on a song, but sure, apparently it's possible. But with SOTT we have a good example: 50% writing by Harry, 9.5% writing by Salibian and Nasci (together) and 40.5% by Mitch, Tyler and Jeff Bhasker. So even if two of them also have about 10% combined writing credit, the third one would have about 30% = less than the 50% by Harry.

But we can split hairs on that forever now, I'm not sure it changes that much about the overall picture. Harry has a good portion of writing credit on every song of his album. And where we can find out more about percentages, he tends to contribute the most per writer - for better for for worse lol.

by TIB trollreply 348Last Thursday at 10:07 AM

R347 I honestly don't know how it works. Interesting question! On the one hand it's hard to imagine that they might spend weeks in some studio writing songs without knowing if they'll even earn something with that, on the other hand they could be self-employed and it could be their business risk - just like the singer's. However since a lot of singers write a ton of stuff with songwriters that never gets released, I somehow doubt it. So maybe expenses for songwriters are part of the general expenses for recording? Pretty sure they'll get at least reimbursed for the cost of their stay.

(It was Jamaica for Harry's first album.)

by TIB trollreply 349Last Thursday at 10:14 AM

'Harry's songs are pedestrian '

The world disagrees with you. Fine Line just passed 3 billion streams. 'Pedestrian' is such an inaccurate way to describe jaunty earworms like Watermelon Sugar and Adore You. Harry is the most popular white male artist on TikTok. Billions of videos of people dancing to his songs. 'Pedestrian' songs like the ones on Niall's Flicker or Walls don't get this kind of attention.

by TIB trollreply 350Last Thursday at 1:05 PM

'So Niall is the most musically gifted, Zayn is the most vocally gifted and Harry is the most charismatic. '

Niall is dumb as a slug and can't even write an accurate tweet without making very basic grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. He can play guitar but has no flair for melody or lyrics. He uses three of the 1d songwriters on every song on Heartbreak Weather. His voice also has an unpleasant tone, like a drunk singing at last orders.

by TIB trollreply 351Last Thursday at 1:07 PM

'As someone noted before, smart pop stars *cough* Beyoncé *cough* will ask for partial song writing credit, usually by changing a word or two in the lyrics.'

Writing 'cough' like that puts an age stamp on you. Tumblr crone aged about 50 is my guess. You used to be a Larrie and feel oh so let down by Styles, so you come to this thread every day to vent your resentment and make comical statements like 'committees write his songs'.

by TIB trollreply 352Last Thursday at 1:10 PM

This blog popfan4ever belongs to the notorious DL Welp Troll.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 353Last Thursday at 3:17 PM

R352. Younger than you you old queen. I don't give 2 shits about One Direction, but I do take offense to imbeciles parading this no talent, ugly slug as the next coming of Bowie or Prince. He's a shitty, manufactured pop star of questionable talent.

by TIB trollreply 354Last Friday at 12:24 AM

Harry's stylist Harry Lambert, who recently also got Emma Corrin as client, has shared some looks they couldn't use due to The Crown's promo being impacted by covid-19. Maybe I don't "get it", but... I don't know, does this look good to fashion people?

Also laughing about her saying “I remember growing up wanting to play with the boundaries of what was considered ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ clothing, but feeling like I couldn’t or shouldn’t for whatever reason,” because it really sounds a lot like Harry promo speak and these looks aren't even particularly gender bending. Seems like they just say things their stylist said about his artistic vision. And Harry's fans are out there pretending he is living his individual, innermost truth through all his public outfits lol.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 355Last Friday at 11:29 AM

I don't agree. Emma Corrin pings big time. I don't think her interest in masc presentation is affected.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 356Last Friday at 11:36 AM

Exhibit B.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 357Last Friday at 11:37 AM

R355 Christ those are awful. Genuinely looks like stuff Edina Monsoon would wear.

Fashion people are just scared of being the odd one out, so they praise everything different because they don't want to be caught out as the only one saying something looks bad. Plus if they did say something looks bad, they get cut off.

by TIB trollreply 358Last Friday at 11:38 AM

"Hello ladies."

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 359Last Friday at 11:38 AM

[Quote] Fashion people are just scared of being the odd one out, so they praise everything different because they don't want to be caught out as the only one saying something looks bad. Plus if they did say something looks bad, they get cut off.

If that were the case, every fashion show would be deemed a success.

by TIB trollreply 360Last Friday at 11:40 AM

Sexy beast but not in that photo spread. Prefer him half naked in ROLLING STONE. Did you know they photoshopped out his hairy armpits on the cover? I bought a still of it and there was plenty of hair so he doesn't shave it. Why would they do that?

by TIB trollreply 361Last Friday at 11:43 AM

R360 No, it would mean the 'critics' generally have the same opinions about the same shows.

by TIB trollreply 362Last Friday at 11:43 AM

R356 It could be, I see what you mean, but she also reminds me quite a bit of young Jodie Foster, so I feel that informs any impression I have on her. In any case, even if her interest in the masculine is very real (and it's not even a thing for all lesbians, while it can also be of interest to straight women) the funny thing is that those outfits don't even portray that. Most of them are just dresses.

R358 I can see that. Doesn't mean they generally agree with everything, but it sometimes feel like they're so afraid to appear "mundane", that they praise everything weird and ugly, to show how innovative and creative they are. And as you said, in this environment of trying to be the artsiest, nobody want's to look like the odd one out, who doesn't "get it".

R361 Doesn't look like they photoshopped it, the hairy pits are still there. Maybe light and depth of field plays a role.

by TIB trollreply 363Last Friday at 12:17 PM

[QUOTE] Emma Corrin pings big time. I don't think her interest in masc

Do people still use the word 'pings'? Why so many grandmas on this thead?

by TIB trollreply 364Last Friday at 12:20 PM

R364 Well apparently "grandmas" are the only ones showing interest in your dull little god.

by TIB trollreply 365Last Friday at 12:32 PM

“As a musician, Harry has moved effortlessly from the boy-pop of 1D to the ‘70s sun-drenched rock and roll of his solo career. As a muse and friend to Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, he personifies a loose, insouciant, and extremely modern way of approaching fashion .”

Anna Wintour

by TIB trollreply 366Last Friday at 4:24 PM

'Well apparently "grandmas" are the only ones showing interest in your dull little god.'

Grandmas haven't given Fine Line 3b streams. Try again.

by TIB trollreply 367Last Friday at 4:25 PM

Ping! Ping! Ping!

by TIB trollreply 368Last Friday at 4:29 PM

How pretentious, he thinks he is different from the others. 🙄

by TIB trollreply 369Last Friday at 4:30 PM

I know genderfluid/non-binary people and usually don't bring attention to them or treat it like it's anything special. I really don't know why people give a shit if a man wears a dress. Who gives a shit? We have COVID-19, an economic crisis and are in a neo-Cold War

by TIB trollreply 370Last Friday at 4:48 PM

Anna Wintour's comment was well written, but I not sure where the "rock and roll" in his second album is. There's like.. one slow rock song and maybe two songs with soft rock influences, but that includes Watermelon Sugar, so I'm generous here.

by TIB trollreply 371Last Friday at 4:49 PM

Harry is "rock" the same way that Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson and Nick Carter were if that answers your question. Well-produced pop music with a rock twist. Unlike the previous, Harry switched it up with more folk and psychedelic sound and a retro 1960s "Mod" cosplay.

But anyway, rock bands like The Killers have a new album and so do The Strokes and Vampire Weekend but none of them will get any attention as they are "old".

by TIB trollreply 372Last Friday at 4:55 PM

"Adore You" is a Steve Winwood crib.

by TIB trollreply 373Last Friday at 4:58 PM

R372 Oh god, his music might not be rock, but at least it's miles better than those lol.

I think his first album can fit into the rock/folk category (which is also why it was certified as rock in the US) and of course I have no problem listening to music that is not rock, even though I think it fits him well. But it's still funny how people act like he's bringing rock back, which has admittedly been in a decline in the last few years. However his new music is literally submitted in all the pop categories of the Grammys and the RIAA certifications are pop as well (even the old certifications, that previously were rock get changed to pop when they're updated). So if anything he left rock for a pop/funk/folk based sound and is not bringing it back.

by TIB trollreply 374Last Friday at 5:16 PM

I think his music has a nice 60s Simon and Garfunkle feel myself. Not what I was expecting. And he definitely looks like a star.

by TIB trollreply 375Last Friday at 5:30 PM

He looks ridiculous.

This is also just an ugly photograph.

by TIB trollreply 376Last Friday at 5:37 PM

[Quote] So if anything he left rock

He was ignored when he submitted his first album to the Grammys as Rock.

by TIB trollreply 377Last Friday at 5:44 PM

R377 Yeah, I know, but doesn't change the album's sound? Or do you mean that you think this was his reason for changing genre?

by TIB trollreply 378Last Friday at 6:20 PM

Who really cares about this? In what universe is Harry Styles considered sexy? He wasn't even the cutest one in his boy band.

by TIB trollreply 379Last Friday at 6:45 PM

Harry's fans, who (at least from social media) are almost all from "authoritarian" countries where what he's doing might appear "radical" but those of us from Harry's own country know is pedestrian product forced onto us with a huge marketing drive, think he's the most amazing person ever. They think he's uber-sexy (they're all about 15 and very likely virgins) and an amazing songwriter, a fashion icon with great charisma, a brilliant performer and just an all-round amazing, wonderful guy. The only other "western" pop celebs they know are Bieber, Beyonce, Rihanna, etc. all that mainstream manufactured pap, so for them Harry is "alternative". They're almost as bad as Gaga's "Little Devils" morons used to be.

by TIB trollreply 380Last Saturday at 8:09 AM

I think the Vogue cover with Harry Styles is hysterical. To me, it's an inside joke, the first man on their cover, and to have him wear a dress. Styles seems to have a sense of humor and agreed to be part of the plan.

I do think the dress should have been something completely different and much more interesting. Not this Little House on the Prairie bullshit.

by TIB trollreply 381Last Saturday at 8:30 AM

R380. Everything is tame nowadays. Even in America people have to pretend Harry Styles is some gender bending revolutionary when straight guys playing heavy metal in the 80s were all dressed like women. Pop culture is a lot more conservative now. Cardi B is just a rehash of ' L'il Kim and Foxy Brown. All new trendy, so called edgy fashion is just aped from Thierry Muffler '92-'97. There seems to be a trend where cultural commentators treat the past as some dark reactionary stain that needs to be saved by modern day transgressive artists like Harry Styles. In reality he is vanilla as fuck and artists from the 70s to the 90s took way more risks. He's Donny Osmond in a dress.

by TIB trollreply 382Last Saturday at 9:12 AM

I'm around the same age as Harry Styles. I don't see anything he's doing as legendary mainly because I wasn't the target demographic for 1D. Now I know people younger usually in their teens or early 20s who see Harry as this amazing musician breaking grounds. Mainly because they are young and want a role model.

I gave Harry props for having sexually ambiguous lyrics because it's refreshing from the "I love pussy" most male singers/rappers do. and being in touch with his feminine side. Male sensitivity is much needed.

However wearing makeup, heels, dresses and colorful clothes are not groundbreaking. In my youth we had Dennis Rodman, Andre 3000, Cam'ron and Kanye doing that type of stuff. We also had Billie Joe Armstrong, Gerard Way, Brandon Flowers and Adam Lambert.

And of course the 1960s to 1980s had flamboyant front men doing all sorts of gender bending.

What I do take issue is Harry being called this icon for the gay and queer community and being considered part of the community. Harry is an ally and unless he comes out he isn't part of the community. We already have so many openly gay and bi musicians it's not necessary to try to claim him.

by TIB trollreply 383Last Saturday at 10:09 AM

R382 I've often wondered why the entire media seems so unanimously enthralled by Styles, your theory would explain that perfectly.

[quote]I gave Harry props for having sexually ambiguous lyrics because it's refreshing from the "I love pussy"

I mean, he has a whole song which is basically that

by TIB trollreply 384Last Saturday at 10:37 AM

R384. Yes, it's very humorus to see people tie themselves in knots trying to explain how a song about eating pussy is breaking new ground. It just seems like self deception by some of his fans because their favs need to be morally clean and 'unproblematic'. When they are confronted with an aspect of their fav that they find morally dubious they put a spin on the behavior so they don't feel like hypocrites. I said it earlier in this thread, but Harry Styles is a boring, straight white guy who isn't particularly talented. He's the epitome of the 'mediocre white guys' the wokeratti love to hate, yet he's their darling. Many women, especially POC women won't admit it, but they love vanilla ass white boys.

by TIB trollreply 385Last Saturday at 11:08 AM

I can't think of many pop songs that allude to cunnilingus - actual hit pop songs, not album tracks.

by TIB trollreply 386Last Saturday at 11:10 AM

R385 I would've loved to see the reaction of those same fans if Liam Payne had released a song like that

by TIB trollreply 387Last Saturday at 11:10 AM

Most "woke" people are white suburban youth usually hetero too. It's humorous seeing them act condescending to actual minorities.

by TIB trollreply 388Last Saturday at 11:14 AM

I mean, I don't claim to understand his fans at all, but why would a song from a guy (who is known to have dated women) about eating pussy "morally dubious" or even problematic?

by TIB trollreply 389Last Saturday at 11:16 AM

Harry not saying BLM makes no difference to black people.

It's someone like Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber who actually sing R&B music or rappers like Eminem and Post Malone. White people who have popularity in the black community that get the most flack from black people for saying ignorant things or being silent.

Source: black guy.

by TIB trollreply 390Last Saturday at 11:18 AM

I don't understand the second section of your post.

by TIB trollreply 391Last Saturday at 11:20 AM

You had songs like "Back Door Man" by Howling Wolf, "Cherry Pie" by Warrant, "Inside My Love" by Minnie Riperton, "Honey" by Mariah and "Go Deep" by Janet that all are pretty graphic for non-rap songs.

by TIB trollreply 392Last Saturday at 11:23 AM

He looks like shit. I’d you’re going to put men in dresses please still make it flattering

by TIB trollreply 393Last Saturday at 11:24 AM

Personally I don't care if he's mediocre or outstanding, especially not if he's "morally superior" or something like that. That's usually quite tiresome anyway. I just like his voice and music, especially his more rock influenced songs, and he seemed like a charming, funny and nice enough guy. I still think that his current flamboyant woke pop king shtick - no matter if he's truly into it right now or if it's more for image purposes - doesn't really fit him. As already mentioned there are plenty of artists, who have done the whole flamboyant over the top fashion thing before and I wouldn't even mind a repeat, but on him it just seems to me more put on than natural self-expression like for those artists. But what do I know, maybe that's just my impression.

by TIB trollreply 394Last Saturday at 11:27 AM

R389 Because they want to believe he's super-woke and so would never reduce women to just being sex-objects.

by TIB trollreply 395Last Saturday at 11:36 AM

Not sure how a song about something as nice as oral sex, especially for the receiving partner, is "reducing women to sex objects", but it seems generation z is afraid of having fun anyway. They'd also cancel all the songs of R392 and probably half of music history.

by TIB trollreply 396Last Saturday at 11:41 AM

But it's about pussy juice. The woman isn't an object.

by TIB trollreply 397Last Saturday at 11:41 AM

R397 What part of super-woke is confusing you?

by TIB trollreply 398Last Saturday at 11:43 AM

R396 The woke crowd is low key conservative. In another era they would be church ladies. They clutch their pearls at everything that doesn't live up to their high standards. Make one mistake and you are excommunicated. Aziz Ansari was literally cancelled for being bad at sex.

by TIB trollreply 399Last Saturday at 11:48 AM

R399 lol sounds spot on though. But why appeal to pearl clutchers as your main audience? Seems like asking for problems sooner or later.

by TIB trollreply 400Last Saturday at 12:16 PM

No pop star's main audience is pearl clutchers. Some of you take "controversy" too seriously.

by TIB trollreply 401Last Saturday at 12:17 PM

R401 Yes, that's true, big streaming numbers only happen if the general public likes you. But I wondered more about the appealing to the pearl clutchers part, no matter if they make up the majority of his audience or not, because it seems like he's very consciously positioning himself as the new, super woke kind of pop/rock star, that embodies all their ideals. That makes it seem easier to trip and not meet expectations.

by TIB trollreply 402Last Saturday at 12:32 PM

And that' probably why he stays vague in his statements.

by TIB trollreply 403Last Saturday at 12:33 PM

I wonder if Harry was actually gay like Troye Sivan, Adam Lambert and Rufus Wainwright would he be as popular and mainstream as he is now. Lil Nas X was a fad and one-hit wonder. Elton John and George Michael were closeted during their peaks, so after they came out the public liked their music and they were insanely taleneted so much they kept their careers alive.

by TIB trollreply 404Last Saturday at 2:19 PM

George Michal's career was dead in the biggest music market PRIOR to his men's room antics.

by TIB trollreply 405Last Saturday at 2:21 PM

R401 the average teenage girl is very prudish. If a guy doesn't text them back, they think they're being abused. If they regret sex, it's rape. They are so emotionally fragile.

by TIB trollreply 406Last Saturday at 2:24 PM

R405 I don't think the scandal completely killed his career. His mental issues, drug abuse and lack of musical releases did too.

by TIB trollreply 407Last Saturday at 2:26 PM

Prudes regret sex and cry rape? Are you insane?

by TIB trollreply 408Last Saturday at 2:26 PM

R404. Of course not. If he was an out gay man he wouldn't be marketable to straight women. 75% of fame is marketing.

by TIB trollreply 409Last Saturday at 2:26 PM

George Michael's career was knocked off the A List by his struggles with his record label. He wanted to stop appearing in his music videos. All of this combined to diminish his commercial fortunes. He remained a star elsewhere and his Greatest Hits after coming out did well. But he was creatively spent in the aftermath and he never recovered. His mother's death has been implicated in that.

by TIB trollreply 410Last Saturday at 2:28 PM

John Barrowman's music was marketed to straight women. His success was on a much smaller scale, of course. But he was able to tour his music.

by TIB trollreply 411Last Saturday at 2:29 PM

R400 You have to remember he pre-dated wokeness. But as it came in, his fanbase jumped on it, and decided he must be woke too - despite little evidence that he is. So it wasn't so much a case of trying to appeal to them as much as not wanting to alienate his obsessive fans - the type who leave his album on repeat on Spotify when they're at school so his streaming numbers go up (seriously, they do this). He's actually not really done anything to build that image himself, but he's also done nothing to correct people when they attribute those elements to him.

There's been a few different occasions over the years where his lack of wokeness has been made pretty clear, and yet his fans overlook all of this. The only time they slightly rebelled was over the BLM stuff. But there's been plenty more stuff which they'd gladly cancel others for, whereas when Harry does it they just pretend he hasn't.

by TIB trollreply 412Last Saturday at 2:41 PM

R404 that's a good question, I actually got into an argument with a homophobe on Facebook last week, he said "any man who dresses like a woman has mental issues" and then he brought up Boy George, to which I replied, "It was fashionable in the 70s and 80s for men in pop and rock regardless of their sexual orientation to dress up as women look at early Motley Crue, they looked like drag queens"

To which his response was, " Motley Crue were real men who got tons of pussy don't compare them to a little fag like Boy George! "

So his point is, men are mentally disturbed if they dress up as women except if you're straight guys who get pussy like Motley Crue than its ok and even makes them "real men"???

Jeez, straight guys are fucking ridiculous....

by TIB trollreply 413Last Saturday at 2:42 PM

That anecdote rather indicates that homophobes don't just hate effeminacy. They're aren't "good"/normal gays and bad/femme gays to them.

by TIB trollreply 414Last Saturday at 2:51 PM

R412 I can see that maybe it developed as a fan demand, since 1D as a band wasn't yet as concerned with wokeness, just normal charity work basically every UK artist does. And even to this day Niall doesn't have this image to the same extent as Harry (and also doesn't get cancelled for perceived oversights). On the other hand Harry made Treat People With Kindness his whole brand, so he definitely has this element present and as you said, is also content with the way his fans fill in the gaps of what he doesn't specify and accordingly run this ship.

Although I wouldn't necessarily agree that these fans are more lenient with him than any other fans with their fav. I actually saw more outrage by them over multiple matters in the short span of just 1.5 years than I've ever seen anywhere else. His luck (?) is just, that most of these fans stayed even after they semi-cancelled him, possibly, because they just wanted to get a reaction and he always gives them that at least in some form (validation, wokeness, queer aesthetics, room for gay/straight fantasies etc.)

by TIB trollreply 415Last Saturday at 4:13 PM

Outrage, or "outrage" is a marketing tool now.

by TIB trollreply 416Last Saturday at 4:18 PM

Since the fan outrage I meant was at times close to damaging his career, I doubt it was a marketing tool - apart from his team probably learning from it what there is demand for.

by TIB trollreply 417Last Saturday at 4:40 PM

Fan outrage of cunnilingus was never going to damage his career. It just gets fans fighting, and thus talking about him, to drum up some noise for the song.

by TIB trollreply 418Last Saturday at 4:43 PM

Yeah, that was a minor blip and I feel mostly among Larries and fans of the other 1D boys. I rather meant outrage where they contacted the media in order to create negative press and public pressure on him and such things.

by TIB trollreply 419Last Saturday at 5:25 PM

[QUOTE] Harry's fans, who (at least from social media) are almost all from "authoritarian" countries where what he's doing might appear "radical"...

His fans are mainly from the US, UK, Europe and Australia. His album is double platinum in the US, platinum in the UK and Australia.

It's Zayn who is popular in the Middle East, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, not Harry.

by TIB trollreply 420Last Saturday at 11:45 PM

[QUOTE] rather meant outrage where they contacted the media in order to create negative press and public pressure on him and such things.

Harry has so many stans who want to chide and school him that they have a name - Educators. These 'fans' have called him out for agreeing to play a Pepsi pre show and twice for not clarifying his position on Palestine. On all three occasions they had 'Harry Styles is cancelled' trending for hours.

by TIB trollreply 421Last Saturday at 11:48 PM

Harry is 26. So he is aging out of teen stardom. He's got to go for a mature sound for his next album. Usually at this age you have to really win over adult fans.

Britney had Blackout/Circus at 25/26.

Beyonce had Sasha Fierce at 27.

Justin Timberlake had FS/LS at 25.

So far Harry has done well and older women do adore him just they do with Timberlake, Bieber and Chris Brown.

by TIB trollreply 422Last Sunday at 4:59 AM

Also homophobes hate gay/bi men regardless of how they present themselves. "Straight-acting" (a term I personally hate) guys will be tolerated more but still will be seen as "defective" and will be told to "find the right girl".

Axl Rose, Bret Michaels and Bon Jovi despite makeup and long hair were very hetero and had aggressive macho lyrics. "Cock rock" as they say. Prince butched it up in the 90s and Bowie butched it up in the 80s.

by TIB trollreply 423Last Sunday at 5:16 AM

R409 makes a ridiculous statement, and he well knows it.

Little Richard? Barry Manilow? Ricky Martin? All legends of the pop world, attracting scores of female fans even after they came out or it became obvious beyond shadow of a doubt they were gay.

by TIB trollreply 424Last Sunday at 5:39 AM

R423 is clearly unfamiliar with GRAFFITI BRIDGE, and the NPG Era. But go off, I guess.

Offsite Link
by TIB trollreply 425Last Sunday at 5:57 AM

R425 Good point those were in the early 90s. I guess it's more apt to say he started dressing down and became less flamboyant after he married and divorced Mayte and became involved with the Jehovah's Witness religion.

by TIB trollreply 426Last Sunday at 6:32 AM

[QUOTE] Harry is 26. So he is aging out of teen stardom. He's got to go for a mature sound for his next album. Usually at this age you have to really win over adult fans

Both his albums have a mature sound, perhaps too mature in the case of HS1, which alienated quite a few stans. Have you listened to the songs She and Fine Line? You couldn't get more serious.

26 is still very young in popstar terms anyway.

by TIB trollreply 427Last Sunday at 7:55 AM

I agree, if anything the HS1 sound was too mature for the fan base he had. That's why there were whispers in the music industry that the record label wasn't too happy he didn't go for a more palatable sound for these fans.

Fine Line has some radio friendly hits and - as a whole - sounds a bit "younger" or whatever you want to call it. He has mostly forgone rock, wrote more easily approachable lyrics for the folky songs, upped the production and seemed soundwise more inspired by more recent artists (for example Bon Iver and Vampire Weekend instead of 70s classic rock). Still reached quite a few adult fans, because while most may be pop, it's hardly teen pop.

She is the song that musically stands out to me the most, probably my favourite. Fine Line is lyrically the most interesting.

by TIB trollreply 428Last Sunday at 1:31 PM

Grammy nominations are announced tomorrow. Got a nasty feeling that Harry will be snubbed in favour of black artists. Fine Line is at 4 on Global Spotify, the only 2019 album in the top 20, and above After Hours and Folklore.

Harry won Best Rock and Pop Album at the AMAs last night, beating the other candidates After Hours and Folklore, but decided to do his aloof thing by not even recording a thank you video.

by TIB trollreply 429Yesterday at 2:33 PM

I think he will get 1-3 Grammy nominations despite the focus on black artists this year, Fine Line's success is hard to ignore and he's far less connected to his boyband past in people's minds than during his first era (even though musically HS1 was actually more of a departure). Winning on the other hand might not happen, I think Abel will sweep most categories.

Harry doing his aloof thing amuses me, especially since it was a fan voted category. Between this and leaving that radio guy hanging, who got promised an interview by the record label (the first one since March?), but Harry is too "busy"... yeah, looks like he prefers to keep away from being public Mr. Harry Styles and the fans. As would I tbh.

by TIB trollreply 430a day ago

Harry's music is much better than the dreck that Mendes and Bieber are putting out. Bieber is the biggest waste of talent ever because he can sing and is a great performer but his music just sucks. His highest point was with Purpose and even that wasn't even that good.

by TIB trollreply 43118 hours ago

i got a good chuckle at "He's Donny Omond in a dress." R382, that there would be a better, edgier Vogue cover.

by TIB trollreply 43216 hours ago
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