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The People of CNN

Election week is the most CNN I have watched since 2014.

My top 5:

1. Dr Sanjay Gupta

2. Boris Sanchez

3. Jake Tapper

4. Chris Cuomo

5. Don Lemon

Honorable mention to thicc John King

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by Australianreply 39Last Thursday at 4:40 PM

There are more cuties on MSNBC.

by Australianreply 111/12/2020

We don't get MSNBC 😢

by Australianreply 211/12/2020

I did not know that CNN analysts Margaret Hoover and John Avalon were married until they appeared together on TV today.

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by Australianreply 301/10/2021

I watch MSNBS because of Steve K and his khaki pants.

by Australianreply 401/10/2021

Don is my personal fave.

by Australianreply 501/10/2021

Jeremy Diamond is this gay's best friend.

by Australianreply 601/10/2021

Miss OP hunny we have a thread series for all things CNN

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by Australianreply 701/10/2021

I'm pretty sure Brianna Keilar is a DL-er.

by Australianreply 801/10/2021

Phil Mattingly yummm

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by Australianreply 901/10/2021

Sanjay Gupta is looking a bit more like his own granny these days. Eat something and get a fucking haircut.

I can't stand anyone on CNN but Erin Burnett and a bit of Anderson Cooper.

Cuomo and Lemon are unbearable. They are ripe for parody. They should do some politically incorrect opposites attract talk show skit about them on SNL - like the one the Nora Dunn and Jan Hooks used to do. You can tell that Cuomo uses the fag word and that Don loves being humiliated by white men. Don is not even an honorary black gay. Such a prissy snow queen. What Don and Chris have in common is this inflated sense of themselves. They really should do a passive aggressive piss off where Don Lemon is drinking the piss. They're not sexy at all.

by Australianreply 1001/10/2021

Phil Mattingly was on Reliable Sources today, he was at the capitol during the attack and Brian Stelter said something about Phil was just off crutches after having leg surgery. Not from the attack something earlier.

by Australianreply 1101/10/2021

CNN was ok. It got a bit melodramatic in parts with its analysis, but it was generally ok.


by Australianreply 1201/10/2021

Brianna, John King, Jake, Erin.

by Australianreply 1301/13/2021

I think Jim Acosta is cute.

by Australianreply 1401/13/2021

Sassy old broad Gloria Borger

by Australianreply 1501/13/2021

Jake Tapper!

by Australianreply 1601/13/2021

No love for Van Jones?

by Australianreply 1701/13/2021

My faves are Anderson Cooper, Dana Bash, Jake Tapper, John King, Ana Cabrera(wish she’d get a plum weekday spot), Abby Phillip and Gloria Borger. I like(not love) Erin and Cuomo(in doses). I can’t watch Acosta(I feel he embellishes about his so caller sources. They, rather coveniently, always seem to have the most insulting remarks about Trump, which he then gets to repeat and you can see the self pleasure he gets from it) or Lemon(not a smart guy. I know someone who has met him and said he’s a douchebag).

I watch MSNBC more during the day(work from home). I love Stephanie Ruhle, Andrea Mitchell(she’s slipped a bit, but I’ve always loved her) and Katy Tur. I like some of their field reporters like Garret Haake, Morgan Chesky, and Vaughn Hilliard.

by Australianreply 1801/13/2021

There’s a bit of a shake up at CNN and Fox . Jake Tapper coming out of it well. Let me see if I can get the article. It was on wash post a couple days ago

by Australianreply 1901/14/2021

I love Jake's perpetually furrowed brow.

"You're making me stay for THIS?!", it seems to be saying.

by Australianreply 2001/14/2021


Martha McCullum is out a 7. She will have a show at 3. The 7:00 time slot will have rotating anchors for a while. John Roberts to have a show from 1 - 3. Bill Hemmer back to mornings with Dana Perino.


Jake Tapper gets two hours from 4 to 6. Wolf reduced to 1 hour at 6. Tapper named CNN's lead anchor for all things Washington. He will keep his Sunday State of the Union show but share time with Dana Bash. Each get two anchor slots per month.

Abby Phillip will host Sunday morning Inside Politics and has been named senior political correspondent. John King will continue to host Inside Politics on weekdays.

Acosta moved out to be a weekend anchor and Kaitlan Collins in at White House

See more details at Wash Post, Jan 11.

by Australianreply 2101/14/2021

Glo Borger has to be a DLer or at least an honorary one.

by Australianreply 2201/14/2021

Jake Tapper's disapproving weariness is my religion

by Australianreply 23Last Tuesday at 1:17 PM

1. Dr Sanjay Gupta - said no one ever.

He and Wolf are annoying as hell. instantly turn the channel with I see either of their shows. I can only handle Wolf when he's yelling "Breaking" election night updates.

by Australianreply 24Last Tuesday at 2:01 PM

Anderson Cooper, ever the silver tongue devil, just said Trump imposed an erection on the capitol

by Australianreply 25Last Tuesday at 3:44 PM

R25 I caught it too! Freudian slipping...

by Australianreply 26Last Tuesday at 3:46 PM

That piece of shit, chuck todd is already talking about how 'the Biden Administration has failed with Covid"

by Australianreply 27Last Tuesday at 3:53 PM

"Mmmm, Big Macs"

by Australianreply 28Last Tuesday at 4:00 PM

Former FBI agent and Jim Comey protegee, now CNN reporter and gay married man Josh Campbell

Offsite Link
by Australianreply 29Last Tuesday at 4:04 PM

Why does Cuomo have the same people on his show night after night? Always with David Gregory and Michael smerconish. Do others refuse to do it?

by Australianreply 30Last Tuesday at 4:16 PM

Brianna Keilar is the best far. Gupta is like Zelig...he’s on every show. Cuomo has become humorless. Don Lemon won’t let his guests answer his canned questions. I need sunglasses to watch Brooke Baldwin. Erin Burnett keeps staring at her notes or fingers. Can’t stand smarmy Santorum, Scott “Heehaw” Jennings, openly black Van Jones. My favorites are Bakari Sellers, Jeremy Diamond and Nick Paton-Walsh, the sexiest foreign correspondent ever.

by Australianreply 31Last Tuesday at 4:35 PM

I have a crush on camerota. She exudes nice and she’s a solid anchor. And I really want to touch Bermans hair.

by Australianreply 32Last Tuesday at 4:38 PM

Does Don Lemon use shoe polish on his greys?

by Australianreply 33Last Tuesday at 5:01 PM

Don Lemon is so giddy tonight, his eyes are twinkling twice as much as they normally do. I know he will be having celebration sex later!

by Australianreply 34Last Tuesday at 5:47 PM

What kind of name is Smerconish? Irish?

by Australianreply 35Last Wednesday at 12:40 PM

Brianna was out in the field interviewing people today.

by Australianreply 36Last Wednesday at 5:52 PM

Little Phil got a promotion too

by Australianreply 37Last Wednesday at 5:54 PM

Why does Cuomo ask every question so aggressively? He' starting to just grate my nerves. Almost shouting questions and follow up questions. He stresses me out with the nervous intensity.

by Australianreply 38Last Thursday at 4:23 PM

[quote] Jake Tapper's disapproving weariness is my religion

I’m having this tattooed on my left butt cheek.

by Australianreply 39Last Thursday at 4:40 PM
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