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CNN’s Phil Mattingly

Man, he has gotten hotttttt. I would love to see him in a jockstrap, getting spit-roasted by Chris Cuomo and Jake Tapper.

by Jacques Strappereply 52Last Saturday at 10:47 AM

Nah. I doubt he could fill a jockstrap.

by Jacques Strappereply 111/06/2020

Great link

by Jacques Strappereply 211/06/2020

Here you go...

Offsite Link
by Jacques Strappereply 311/06/2020

He needs to get his teeth whitened.

by Jacques Strappereply 411/06/2020

R3 He looks shlumpy. No thanks.

by Jacques Strappereply 511/06/2020

^^^and unhappy.

by Jacques Strappereply 611/06/2020

He was a very cute twink.

Still cute, but not really a twink.

Offsite Link
by Jacques Strappereply 711/06/2020

Phil's dad was a hottie, too.

Offsite Link
by Jacques Strappereply 811/06/2020

Gah, what I wouldn't give to undo those pants and go to town. I don't care if it's a jockstrap, briefs, boxers, a thong, whatever, I just know that it gets to support Phil's penis and balls, it gets to ride up his butt and between his legs, it gets to be quickly seen by lucky CNN employees ...

by Jacques Strappereply 911/06/2020

He was a college athlete too.

Brains and brawn.


by Jacques Strappereply 1011/06/2020

Here you go, R9.

Easy access...

Offsite Link
by Jacques Strappereply 1111/06/2020

From the side, looks like a bit of a bubble.

Offsite Link
by Jacques Strappereply 1211/06/2020

Jake Tapper missed a Blue Wave, so he doesn't stand a chance of finding your hole.

by Jacques Strappereply 1311/06/2020

Do you think that another guy has ever tasted Phil's cock?

Asking for a friend.

by Jacques Strappereply 1411/06/2020

He looks like he could be W's and Laura's son.

by Jacques Strappereply 1511/06/2020

Phil is super cute, but I've been watching him and Cuomo overnight, and I can definitely see Cuomo hate-fucking him. But that's also the impression I get from most anchors who're overly anxious to be the first to scoop election results, as opposed to the math-y pollsters hired to point out the "pathways to victory" for each candidate. Phil looks good for 36, though.

by Jacques Strappereply 1611/06/2020

He's such a cute twunk. I wanna shower with him.

by Jacques Strappereply 1711/07/2020

R16, I've noticed the dynamic between Cuomo and Phill, myself. Mainly, it's Cuomo's alpha dog demeanor directed toward Phil, subtle though it is.

"Position is threatened, must kill! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!"

by Jacques Strappereply 1811/07/2020

Phil is much better off with John Berman this morning. John is safe.

by Jacques Strappereply 1911/07/2020

Yeah he’s hot

by Jacques Strappereply 2011/07/2020

[quote] He needs to get his teeth whitened.

That's one of the most American things I've ever read here on DL. It's not like CNN would put some snuggle-tooth on the air, but for US audiences, you must be physically perfect.

by Jacques Strappereply 2111/07/2020


by Jacques Strappereply 2211/07/2020

Cuomo knows that as he ages he's becoming uglier, like his father. He looks nothing like he did 10 years ago.

I can't stand his over the top macho presentation.

by Jacques Strappereply 2311/07/2020

R23 Me neither.

by Jacques Strappereply 2411/07/2020

Phil Mattingly > Steve Kornacki

by Jacques Strappereply 2511/07/2020

Good article. Nice legs.

Offsite Link
by Jacques Strappereply 2611/07/2020

My tongue would find its way to Phil’s lightly hairy hole for hours at a time.

by Jacques Strappereply 2711/07/2020

R27, Let me know when you're finished.

by Jacques Strappereply 2811/07/2020

I'd gladly be the soggy biscuit for Phil, Jake and Chris.

by Jacques Strappereply 2911/07/2020

I'm guessing he has a short but thick cock.

by Jacques Strappereply 3011/08/2020

He's wee folk.

by Jacques Strappereply 3111/08/2020


I’d like to verify that. I’ve had the hots for him for years.

by Jacques Strappereply 3211/08/2020

I want to put my face between his little bubble butt cheeks and eat away furiously until he comes hands free.

by Jacques Strappereply 3311/08/2020

[quote] until he comes hands free.

Comes where?

Or did you mean cums?

by Jacques Strappereply 3411/09/2020

He's boring, straight and married. Or did you fail to notice that band he wears on his left hand?

I think he even has rug rats. Yuck.

by Jacques Strappereply 3511/09/2020

Yes, he has kids.

by Jacques Strappereply 3611/09/2020

[quote] did you fail to notice that band he wears on his left hand?

That ring only covers one finger. And that ain’t what I’m interested in.

by Jacques Strappereply 3711/09/2020

[quote] He's boring, straight and married. Or did you fail to notice that band he wears on his left hand?

Yeah, we all know NO married men like the sex where the man goes up into the man.

Not one.

by Jacques Strappereply 3811/09/2020

Frau alert at r35.


Wedding band?

Rug rats?

by Jacques Strappereply 3911/09/2020

I don't get a gay vibe from Phil at all.

None. Zero. Zip.

He seems like a typical hetero breeder, "family man," and sports fanatic.

by Jacques Strappereply 4011/09/2020

Chris Cuomo was so aggressive with him throughout election week I kept thinking he was gonna dick him down like or not on live television while we waited for another vote dump.

by Jacques Strappereply 4111/09/2020

His legs are surprisingly hairy. I need to lick them, and anywhere else on his body that has hair.

by Jacques Strappereply 4211/09/2020

Damn that turned me on, r42!

by Jacques Strappereply 4311/10/2020

How tall is he? He looks pretty short.

by Jacques Strappereply 4411/10/2020

After his workout, would enjoy preparing his shower routine, soap, towels, moisturizer making sure the water is just right...helping him out of his sweaty clothes. I'll use a soft washcloth for his back...

by Jacques Strappereply 4511/10/2020

Cuomo is 6'2", so to me PM looks to be about 5'9". Could be wrong, because PM was hunched pointing on the magic wall most of his time on screen.

by Jacques Strappereply 4611/11/2020

Phil posted yesterday that one of his knees popped out of the socket during a workout. Which of us is volunteering to be his nursemaid and give the requisite sponge baths?

by Jacques Strappereply 47Last Saturday at 6:14 AM

Does he shave his legs? That doesn't increase his journalistic integrity, in my book.

by Jacques Strappereply 48Last Saturday at 6:22 AM

I wish they'd spit roast Cuomo. A dick in his mouth might be the only way to get the guy to stop talking.

by Jacques Strappereply 49Last Saturday at 6:28 AM

I have a thing for small masculine men. Usually small means effeminate.

by Jacques Strappereply 50Last Saturday at 6:30 AM

His man flirting with Cuomo during election the coverage was kinda hot. It was like the big excitable horny lug and little Phil calming him down as if to say just put it in slowly and then start pumping softly.

by Jacques Strappereply 51Last Saturday at 8:57 AM

My trainer shaves his arms and legs. Not sure why he does that but it's distracting. Otherwise, he's HOT.

by Jacques Strappereply 52Last Saturday at 10:47 AM
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