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How long did Janet keep her “love will never do” body?

Janet was arguably at her most fit and beautiful when she shot the herb ritts “love will never do without you” video. Obviously shot to show off her new figure and look. How long did she maintain it and did she ever come close to replicating it?

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by Not JBot reply 103Last Saturday at 4:31 PM

They only rented that body for the video and had to return it when the shoot was over.

by Not JBot reply 110/31/2020

Many have said that the full body shots were actually LaToya and the up-close facial shots were altered to make her head look larger and her body look smaller. Look at the image you posted; her head is huge compared to her body.

by Not JBot reply 210/31/2020

Who posed for the Rolling Stone cover that they superimposed Janet's head onto?

by Not JBot reply 310/31/2020

I love that video and song. Janet still looked like that in her "Janet" album videos.

by Not JBot reply 410/31/2020

long as her baby $ paid for body lipo......fug luv her tater chips n sassy sauce

by Not JBot reply 510/31/2020

This is 2004 so...

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by Not JBot reply 610/31/2020

Oh god. We've had almost two quiet no Jabba weeks here.

by Not JBot reply 710/31/2020

Clearly not her body and photoshopped too, R6.

by Not JBot reply 810/31/2020

She still looked good up until after the Superbowl.

She’s been 🪀 ever since

by Not JBot reply 910/31/2020

She is grossly obese now and has been for most of the past 20 years.

by Not JBot reply 1010/31/2020

Aren’t there any Janet forums out there to post on? No one else cares.

by Not JBot reply 1111/01/2020

R8 “clearly”? Maybe to you, you swivel-eyed loon.

by Not JBot reply 1211/01/2020

Her body went down the shitter shortly after her career.

by Not JBot reply 1311/01/2020

For crissakes PULEASE enough. Janet Fapson was one of the firs, if not the first, pop tard to use computer wizardry to slim her body.

by Not JBot reply 1411/01/2020

She kept it until the shoot was over.

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by Not JBot reply 1511/01/2020

She was thin and fit during the ALL FOR YOU era....she looked great in the HBO concert from Hawaii.

by Not JBot reply 1611/01/2020

OP: The answer is 14 minutes.

by Not JBot reply 1711/01/2020

Thanks R17. Much appreciated.

by Not JBot reply 1811/01/2020

A friend worked at her label for years.

JABBA Jackson was known to pig out in between records. She'd go out in her range rover, no hair or makeup, drive down from her crib in Malibu, and go through the KFC drive through and HOG OUT.

She'd go into crazy diet and exercise mode before her next album and video were to drop. She lost ambition and has been a big old fat person for a long time now. The only thing that has remained THIN is her voice.

by Not JBot reply 1911/01/2020

She's fat right now though, isn't she?

by Not JBot reply 2011/01/2020

R19, you lead a frightening existence. Imagine hating a celebrity so much that you research them to find out very specific details about their life (like what city they live in, or what car they drive) and your sole purpose in seeking out that information is to post made up stories trashing said celebrity on an old dusty gay website. R19, it seems like you don’t have anyone in your life and you might be going through a mental crisis...please seek treatment.

by Not JBot reply 2111/01/2020

You're an idiot, R21. I didn't seek it out. We were besties and he worked at her label and we live in LA. You don't talk about your work with your friends? Oh, that's right - you don't HAVE ANY.

It's sad that you're a stan for a has been fatty whose singing "voice" was a joke in the industry.

by Not JBot reply 2211/01/2020

R22 you’re spiraling and it’s hard to watch...please, help is only one phone call away, it’s not a stigma anymore...

Offsite Link
by Not JBot reply 2311/01/2020

Seeing Jabba call someone mentally ill.... that's rich (unlike Jabba).

by Not JBot reply 2411/01/2020

I agree with R21.

by Not JBot reply 2511/01/2020

Janet's weight has been so up and down over the last 30 years, she should put her brand on elevators.

by Not JBot reply 2611/01/2020

Janet has been fit and toned many times throughout her career post-Control. Other than Love Will Never Do..., she was thin and muscular during the janet. days and its videos (That's The Way Love Goes, If, Again, etc.). She was also tiny during the Design of a Decade era, through early Velvet Rope and later when she got buff for that tour, but she was at her thinnest during the All For You era. She got so tiny that she even lost her famously big ass.

Offsite Link
by Not JBot reply 2711/01/2020

The first three minutes of this video show just how tiny she was during the All For You era. That bod was to DIE for!

Offsite Link
by Not JBot reply 2811/01/2020

Her waist has always been tiny

Offsite Link
by Not JBot reply 2911/01/2020

She opened the 1990 MTV VMAs with this performance about a week before the video for "Love Will Never Do (Without You)" was shot, and you can see here that she'd gotten her body into fantastic shape.

Offsite Link
by Not JBot reply 3011/01/2020

[quote]Many have said that the full body shots were actually LaToya and the up-close facial shots were altered to make her head look larger and her body look smaller.

Guess what? Many were WRONG.

Offsite Link
by Not JBot reply 3111/01/2020

The Goldbergs just had an episode last week that paid homage to Control. The episode was called "It's All About Comptrol" and it was hilarious.

Offsite Link
by Not JBot reply 3211/01/2020

Teeny tiny at the 1995 Essence Awards.

Offsite Link
by Not JBot reply 3311/01/2020

IMO, she has an eating disorder. What other celebrity yoyos that drastically? She seems like a nice person and I hope she can learn how to eat and exercise and keep her weight steady.

These album covers and non-candid photos don’t help that much to determine what she really looks like.

by Not JBot reply 3411/01/2020

r30 that is one my favorite performances from her

Janet was extremely tiny during the All for You era.

1995 Scream era her body was nice.

Offsite Link
by Not JBot reply 3511/01/2020

All those videos are fake. It's La Toya. And honestly, it should have been La Toya all along. She's got more talent than Janet.

by Not JBot reply 3611/01/2020

It's La Toya as R36 factually states.

Yes R20.

by Not JBot reply 3711/01/2020

Time was not kind to the bodies in that video.

by Not JBot reply 3811/01/2020

R36 and R37 are both too stupid to live.

by Not JBot reply 3911/01/2020

Janet had such a long run on so little talent because she was a puppet. Like Britney.

I'm no Madonna fan anymore, but at least she had control over her image, her music (even if she was stealing it).

Janet is a pop-bot version of a ROOMBA.

by Not JBot reply 4011/02/2020

Janet only became successful because she was a female copy of her brother. If Michael wasn't so fucking lazy and had released a new album in 1985, we wouldn't have Janet Jackson today.

by Not JBot reply 4111/02/2020

^That stupid statement doesn’t make sense now, and it didn’t make sense in the other dozens of Janet threads you’ve said it in.

But you already knew this.

by Not JBot reply 4211/02/2020

Add R40 to the “too stupid to live” brigade.

by Not JBot reply 4311/02/2020

No it wouldn't have. Janet had two flops and no one was looking for that fat, no-talent bitch. Even a tiny moron brain in a fat body like yours should be able to comprehend that, Jabba.

by Not JBot reply 4411/02/2020

Gorgeous thick or thin.

by Not JBot reply 4511/02/2020

STAR magazine used to well-document her many frantic late-night drive-through pigout sessions where she couldn't shovel the burgers and KFC in fast enough.

by Not JBot reply 4611/02/2020

This post just seems like Janbot baiting.

She’s a naturally curvy girl who starved herself and worked out when she had to. But why would she do it now? She’s a legacy act and allowed to age. (Madonna could take a cue here)

by Not JBot reply 4711/02/2020

R46 also probably believes that there’s a face on the surface on the moon.

by Not JBot reply 4811/02/2020

This is how Janet usually looks - grossly obese like the back end of a bus:

Offsite Link
by Not JBot reply 4911/02/2020

This is how Janet usually looks — gorgeous.

Offsite Link
by Not JBot reply 5011/02/2020

Until Diana Ross decoded to blatantly impersonate Janet’s video image in Ross’s “Secrets Of A Sparrow” ‘90s autobiography cover photo. 🤨

by Not JBot reply 5111/02/2020

That's a body double and 4 noses ago R50.

by Not JBot reply 5211/02/2020

^Uh, no, darling.

Offsite Link
by Not JBot reply 5311/02/2020

Q: What kind of cow gives chocolate milk?

A: Janet Jackson

by Not JBot reply 5411/02/2020

Sorry. Was it 5 noses ago R53?

by Not JBot reply 5511/02/2020

My first thought upon seeing this thread was, “good god, who cares about such trivia?” but the replies have been quite entertaining.

by Not JBot reply 5611/02/2020

[quote]STAR magazine used to well-document her many frantic late-night drive-through pigout sessions where she couldn't shovel the burgers and KFC in fast enough.

Correct R46. We all saw those pictures of all the KFC fast food wrappers and MacDonald's wrappers in her Range rover trunk and on the floor and seats. The wrappers were flying out the windows while she tried to get away from the paps. It was obvious to the whole world that she had a serious eating disorder. The one where she couldn't stop eating.

That's why she had to end up wearing tents.

by Not JBot reply 5711/02/2020

R57 is obviously in the final throes of AIDS.

by Not JBot reply 5811/02/2020

Awwww. Did the [bold]facts[/bold] strike an unpleasant note with you Janbot/R58?

How terrible for you.

by Not JBot reply 5911/02/2020

Longer than she kept her career

by Not JBot reply 6011/02/2020

A pitiful final last words from R59.

by Not JBot reply 6111/03/2020

Janet Jackson is the American equivalent of Big Claire from Steps.

by Not JBot reply 6211/03/2020

Princess of Pietopia.

by Not JBot reply 6311/03/2020

Drive-thru Diva?

by Not JBot reply 6411/03/2020

That Antonio Sabàto, Jr.?

by Not JBot reply 6511/03/2020

R65 Yes. Back when he was hot as hell and not a fucked up MAGAt.

by Not JBot reply 6611/03/2020

R20 Holy fuck, that's the most vicious thing I've read on here. Great Cuntess. We bow down to youse.

by Not JBot reply 6711/03/2020

Cripes. she had access to money and to the best cooks to make the most nutritious AND delicious meals available. Plus exercise trainers and gyms! Her body should be on point most of the time!

by Not JBot reply 6811/03/2020

This goes for Janet too

Offsite Link
by Not JBot reply 6911/03/2020

[quote]. she had access to money and to the best cooks to make the most nutritious AND delicious meals available. Plus exercise trainers and gyms! Her body should be on point most of the time!

She has a mental disorder. She’s addicted to food the same way some people are to heroin or alcohol. She just wants to shovel garbage in her mouth because it satisfies something in her brain.

by Not JBot reply 7011/03/2020

Please, she undid her late night drive thru binges with coffee enemas the next morning sort of like Madonna undid her hookups with abortions.

by Not JBot reply 7111/03/2020

Love Will Never do, I want FOOD.

by Not JBot reply 7211/03/2020

^Lame. An utter embarrassment.

by Not JBot reply 7311/03/2020

"Crank it up, give it to me, come on

Crank it up give it to me, come on

I want a feedbag, feedbag

Feedbag, feedbag"

by Not JBot reply 7411/03/2020

Gross. She looks worse than Chrissy Metz in R49's pic.

by Not JBot reply 7511/03/2020

^Isn’t Chrissy the spitting image of your mother?

by Not JBot reply 7611/03/2020

I know I cannot sing, But I can whisper coo I can whisper coo Way better than you

by Not JBot reply 7711/03/2020



by Not JBot reply 7811/03/2020

"The only thing that has remained THIN is her voice." -r19

As Karen Waker would say "It's funny 'cause it's true".

by Not JBot reply 7911/03/2020

She just posted this pic to her social media yesterday. She looks GREAT.

Offsite Link
by Not JBot reply 8011/12/2020

R80 Janet has learned the "lie on your back and take a selfie" secret. Everything falls when you're lying down, so the wrinkles and fat pockets slide away.

by Not JBot reply 8111/12/2020

Her peak was the "That's the Way Love Goes" video. The hair at the OP is way too wiggy.

by Not JBot reply 8211/12/2020

What’s wrong with her nose in r80 ‘s photo?

Oh, right...badrhinoplastycoughcough.

by Not JBot reply 83Last Thursday at 8:00 AM

i beg you no more pix, my puke bucket is full

by Not JBot reply 84Last Thursday at 5:21 PM

[quote]my puke bucket is full

You should stop taking off your clothes in front of a mirror.

by Not JBot reply 85Last Thursday at 7:47 PM

poor old whore, do she get any on michaels $185 million bux a year income?

by Not JBot reply 86Last Thursday at 7:48 PM

She has her own, darling.

by Not JBot reply 87Last Thursday at 7:59 PM

the queen who blindly defends her in ev way is out of touch.....git real mary.

by Not JBot reply 88Last Thursday at 8:07 PM

Even tho that pic is photoshopped, she looks like a old sow.

by Not JBot reply 89Last Thursday at 8:08 PM

She looked amazing when she returned for her next album ("janet.") in 1993 but she must have put on a bit of weight in between because she was heavier for Poetic Justice which also came out in 1993.

by Not JBot reply 90Last Thursday at 8:33 PM

she has being part cow in her DNA

by Not JBot reply 91Last Thursday at 8:54 PM

LaToya, stop hating on your sister! We love her, not you.

by Not JBot reply 92Last Friday at 10:52 AM

Baroness of Baja Fresh...

by Not JBot reply 93Last Friday at 4:51 PM

R81=Dorothy Zbornaik

by Not JBot reply 94Last Friday at 4:59 PM

She's been eating for her and Michael.

by Not JBot reply 95Last Saturday at 5:42 AM

They made her put on weight for "Poetic Justice" because it wouldn't look natural for a 'homegirl' to be L.A.-svelte.

Offsite Link
by Not JBot reply 96Last Saturday at 7:12 AM

Relatedly, how long did Antonio Sabato, Jr. keep his “love will never do” body? And face?

by Not JBot reply 97Last Saturday at 7:21 AM

Not long r97. But being a Trumpster is murder on a boy’s complexion.

by Not JBot reply 98Last Saturday at 8:56 AM

She is in hiding, getting her face jowls, buttocks and in general all blummer sucked out, will be bruised for 3 months.

by Not JBot reply 99Last Saturday at 9:37 AM

She posted this sexy clip last night on her social media.

Offsite Link
by Not JBot reply 100Last Saturday at 1:03 PM

The Rethugs are trying to keep the enthusiasm up for the Georgia run-offs. Giving the Deplorables something to win.

by Not JBot reply 101Last Saturday at 2:52 PM

R101, thanks, Janet for being politically astute. You go, gurl!

by Not JBot reply 102Last Saturday at 4:29 PM

We tremendously fat people people hereby thank Janet Jackson for showing the world that even a Jackson can be a tremendous, tremendously fat person!

by Not JBot reply 103Last Saturday at 4:31 PM
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