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WHET Kimberly Guilfoyle?

She’s been off the campaign trail ever since that girl intern claimed that Kimberly was flashing her puss at her during work hours.

I wonder if the Christian conservative lady voters would find that unappealing in a President’s future daughter-in-law.

Or is it just last month’s news?

by MAGAreply 17717 hours ago

Judging from news reports, OP, she's selling her digs in New York and moving to huge new home in Hamptons with Don Jr. Not to mention decorating for Halloween, getting new house all ready for Xmas etc etc

by MAGAreply 110/31/2020

R1 is clearly not aware of his role in a DL thread.

by MAGAreply 210/31/2020

She's selling her home to buy eightballs of coke.

by MAGAreply 310/31/2020

It's only stupid, naive Democrat snowflakes who give a fuck about this kind of stuff. The Rethugs are all about overlooking these flaws and concentrating on winning. Just keep on lecturing others from the losing side. Be proud to go high.*cackle*

by MAGAreply 410/31/2020

r4 is a cackler...

by MAGAreply 510/31/2020


by MAGAreply 610/31/2020

Doctors told Kimberly she needed to keep her piehole shut for a year to avoid permanent damage to her voice. At the same time, doctors told "DJ" to keep his nose shut for a year to come back down to earth.

by MAGAreply 710/31/2020

You can't slow down the climate change if you're a loser out of the White House.*guffaw*

by MAGAreply 810/31/2020

Kimberly is masterminding Junior’s run for the presidency against Ivanka.

by MAGAreply 910/31/2020

Rehab and plastic surgery

by MAGAreply 1010/31/2020

She is finishing up her sex change operation and finally having her penis reconstructed into a fully functional vagina.

by MAGAreply 1111/04/2020

Don Jr. is talking about going back to his wife and Kimberly is cutting herself.

by MAGAreply 1211/04/2020

Is there any muckraking report about her love story with Gavin Newsom? I was hoping Vanity Fair or The New Yorker do the job. Must be an interesting story.

by MAGAreply 1311/04/2020

[quote] that girl intern

Mr. OP, I have 1971 on the line.

by MAGAreply 1411/04/2020

Well now I guess the best ISN'T yet to come.

by MAGAreply 1511/06/2020

Her contract was only to be Juniors "girldfriend" until the election

by MAGAreply 1611/06/2020


by MAGAreply 1711/06/2020

Facial reanimation, rejuvenation of orifices, Zooming with Satan.

by MAGAreply 1811/06/2020

She was right about the Best being yet to come: The Biden Presidency.

by MAGAreply 1911/06/2020

Probably on the phone taking bids for new boyfriends. I predict she’s out the door at Christmas. She probably had that as a clause in the contract.

by MAGAreply 2011/06/2020

Busy prepping that California pussy for Hunter.

by MAGAreply 2111/08/2020

Didn't she have COVID? Maybe that had something to do with it.

by MAGAreply 2211/08/2020


Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 2311/08/2020

She’s going to be Jason Miller’s new baby mama.

by MAGAreply 2411/08/2020

Guilfoyle? Golddigger, Gargoyle? Whatever, either way she is going to end up supporting Trump Jr. with aspirations of a run for president. Unfortunately for her, he will spend all her money and force her into foreclosure with his addition to blow.

by MAGAreply 2511/08/2020

According to that article on Politico, Gargoyle is absolutely not an asset, and turned off a lot of potential donors. They need to buy Jr. another consort.

by MAGAreply 2611/08/2020

She’s a sentient lucite heel.

by MAGAreply 2711/08/2020

The Hamptons have been ruined yet again by all the arrivistes after Covid. Don Jr and KG are the cherry on that cake. In Sag Harbor yesterday, wall- to- wall traffic in our little town and stiletto boots at the Seafood Shop in Wainscott. Every day is now the new August.

by MAGAreply 2811/08/2020

Elvira, mistress of the dark, was in Atlanta this week with - sniff, twitch - Don, Jr.

by MAGAreply 2911/08/2020

Video of Guilfoyle in a threesome...

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 3011/08/2020

Passed out in a pool of her own sick, after a 3-day coke binge.

by MAGAreply 3111/08/2020

She’s no doubt planning HER exit! She has no use for JR now...

by MAGAreply 3211/08/2020

Here are my tits! They are going to accompany me when I become First Lady of New York City.

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 3311/08/2020

[quote]She’s a sentient lucite heel.

You absolutely sure about that "sentient" part Clitoris?

by MAGAreply 3411/08/2020

Her face has changed so much, I guess surrounding yourself with bad people, shoving coke up your nose and cheap plastic surgery will do that to someone.

by MAGAreply 3511/08/2020

Fascinating decline. From Gavin Newsome to JR?

Poor judgment is to blame.

by MAGAreply 3611/08/2020

Who will she chase next or was Junior her last shot at hooking up with a "rising star"? My guess is she'll work her way down through Congress, blowing old senators or representatives.

It's been downhill since she was fired from the 'leg chair' on The Five at Fox.

by MAGAreply 3711/08/2020

[quote]My guess is she'll work her way down through Congress, blowing old senators or representatives.

She can blow them 3 at a time. Her mouth is big enough.

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 3811/08/2020

[quote]She can blow them 3 at a time. Her mouth is big enough.

Kimbo's pussy is probably big enough to fuck three of them at a time.

by MAGAreply 3911/08/2020

Kimberly Guilfoyle is checked into the Betty Ford Clinic to try to straighten out a few little problems. Donny Jr. will join her shortly.

by MAGAreply 4011/08/2020

She is a man.

by MAGAreply 4111/08/2020

[quote] Kimbo's pussy is probably big enough to fuck three of them at a time.

Well, she was broken in by a champ.

by MAGAreply 4211/08/2020

The best is yet to cum!!!!

by MAGAreply 4311/08/2020

How did she ever get a position on the “leg chair” (The Five) with those legs? Asking sort of seriously.

After reading all the shit she pulled on the campaign I have no doubt that the other allegations are 100% true.

Of all the people on Trump’s team, she’s actually by far the most like him (megalomaniac).

by MAGAreply 4411/08/2020

R44 Regarding the 'leg chair' my guess is that Dana Perino (the other woman on The Five) wasn't interested in being viewed as a slut. Kimbo loved to sit there in her short skirts and Lauboutins, swinging those big legs. Drove those crazy old Fox-viewing dudes wild, especially when she'd uncross her legs and 're-adjust'. I know this because my brother (71 at the time) would almost stroke out at the sight of her.

by MAGAreply 4511/08/2020


by MAGAreply 4611/08/2020

This was the extent of what she did on "The Five"... she sat there and crossed her legs for the camera:

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 4711/08/2020

Didn't she fuck Rush Limbaugh for a time?

by MAGAreply 4811/08/2020

I am so, so disgusted by the mere thought that some gross old geezer is rubbing one out at my expense, but for her it was a daily reality. It was her ROLE! She must have developed her love of cocaine to deal with it.

by MAGAreply 4911/08/2020

It's one of those marriages that I just can't get my head around.

by MAGAreply 5011/08/2020

I thought that Trump was going to make Kimberly the head of the RNC?

There used to be video where she was playing basketball while wearing a short dress . Starts at 2:45.

I saw a clearer image years ago, and I couldn't tell if she had on sheer panties or no panties.

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 5111/08/2020

Pubic lice

by MAGAreply 5211/08/2020

No one has mentioned this? Maybe I missed it.

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 5311/08/2020

[quote]Gavin Newsome


Get it right.

by MAGAreply 5411/08/2020

This is interesting. She was a prosecutor, a news reporter and now she is up for sale. Degraded in status.

by MAGAreply 5511/08/2020

Looks like she's still spewing bullshit about Trump having won the election.

This bitch should know better than anyone to talk shit.

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 5611/08/2020

Wow. Kimbers is never going to have a job in any official GOP capacity. It's Trump TV or the straight version of Chaturbate or Onlyfans for her! She graduated summa cum laude from UC, went to a good law school and was an ADA in L.A. and SF. Damn coke really does a number on the brain.

[Quote]Senior campaign and GOP officials vented that Trump’s finance team, led by former Fox TV host and Donald Trump Jr. girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, underperformed and was an HR nightmare,” reported Politico. “Trump couldn’t compete with Biden’s small-dollar fundraising machine, and some donors were horrified by what they described as Guilfoyle’s lack of professionalism: She frequently joked about her sex life and, at one fundraiser, offered a lap dance to the donor who gave the most money.”

by MAGAreply 5711/08/2020

She’s a dancer for money!

by MAGAreply 5811/08/2020

[quote]Didn't she fuck Rush Limbaugh for a time?

You either misheard or misread.

She fucked Rush Limbaugh for a dime.

by MAGAreply 5911/08/2020

I don't believe the outgoing administration didn't raise campaign funds, I believe the campaign funds are unaccounted for.

by MAGAreply 6011/08/2020

When you have substance abuse issues, you never have money. It's one of the signs of the problem.

by MAGAreply 6111/08/2020

According to the Politico article linked in the Raw Story article, she and Jr were offering "hot tub parties" as an incentive to big money donors. She also bragged ho Jr enjoyed having her dress up as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Not kidding. She also berated fundraising staff.

I imagine that a lot of the consternation from donors and the RNC has to do with the fact that it was obvious to them that the pair are fueled by drugs. If these two are so careless as to appear on Fox and the convention as coked up to the eyeballs as they were, imagine behind the scenes. It had to be obvious. Only Politico really can't report that, can they.

If, as head of fundraising, Kimberly had access or authority over any funds, I'd bet dollars to donuts that a substantial amount went right up the golden couple's noses.

by MAGAreply 6211/08/2020

She has to be “run out of NYC” the same way Ivanka will (hopefully) be. She has always been such a craven social climber and gold digger, but somehow it worked for her (I have no idea why, everyone I know felt they had to take a shower every time they were in her presence). But now she’s finished. I here there’s a weather girl opening in Tallahassee.

by MAGAreply 6311/08/2020

Her outrageously inappropriate behavior detailed in the Politico article sounds like the same stuff she did at Fox, which had to pay a big settlement to an employee she harassed/

by MAGAreply 6411/08/2020

[quote] She frequently joked about her sex life and, at one fundraiser, offered a lap dance to the donor who gave the most money.”

R53 Thanks for the link! Those old rich guys were her target audience on The Five.

by MAGAreply 6511/08/2020


by MAGAreply 6611/08/2020

R45 Did she learn it from the late Kenny Everett?

by MAGAreply 6711/08/2020

[quote]This is interesting. She was a prosecutor, a news reporter and now she is up for sale. Degraded in status.

Her mental decline over the years is actually pretty compelling to see.

by MAGAreply 6811/08/2020

Is it bad to hope Jr. kills her in a rage fueled coke binge?

by MAGAreply 6911/08/2020

R69 Yes, her occupational slide is amazing. Kimbo was a successful prosecutor - when / how did she make such awful choices? Maybe it all started with that taste of fame with Gavin...being the First Lady of San Francisco gave her whiff of national fame. Sort of like that grasping Nancy Reagan who blew her way into the White House.

by MAGAreply 7011/08/2020

Kids, drugs are bad. Mmmmmkay?

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 7111/08/2020

[Quote]Is it bad to hope Jr. kills her in a rage fueled coke binge?

I interpreted this to mean that there is another Hope Hicks type vying for Jr's affections and is willing to kill for it. 😆

by MAGAreply 7211/08/2020

look at the career arcs of Kamala and Kimberly. Kamala was the SF district attorney and now she's VP

Kimberly was deputy district attorney in LA and now she's whoring herself out for a campaign that just lost

by MAGAreply 7311/08/2020

Thats what I mean, R73. Kam is VP. This one is soliciting lap dances for her boyfriend's dad's political campaign?


by MAGAreply 7411/08/2020

R73 R74 I wonder if Kimbo is aware of the divergent arcs.

by MAGAreply 7511/08/2020

She is acutely aware, r75. I was googling this article while you were posting. It kinda sounds like Kamala had her number waaaay back when. Kimbers has been harboring a festering resentment since. She certainly saw a rivalry.

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 7611/08/2020

[quote]being the First Lady of San Francisco gave her whiff of national fame

Oh, she has a whiff alright. Definitely a whiff.

by MAGAreply 7711/08/2020

[quote] I don't believe the outgoing administration didn't raise campaign funds, I believe the campaign funds are unaccounted for

Many financial irregularities are going to come out

I always thought that would be a big reason he was afraid to leave office

by MAGAreply 7811/08/2020

Just like the missing $68M in inaugural funds.

by MAGAreply 7911/08/2020

The coming unraveling of the circle of grifting will be epic.

by MAGAreply 8011/08/2020

One thing I have wondered in the middle of all this obvious Kimbo- Don jr. debauchery, is where the heck is her kid in the middle of all this? As shitty a dad as junior has turned out to be, he DOES mention them, you DO see them on family vacations etc, and even the great Orange Bastard himself, supposedly keeps a candy drawer in the Whitehouse for his grandchildren. But I have never ONCE heard Guilfoyle mention/ bring along/ or even seen a snap-shot of that bimbo with her offspring. Where the hell is it? Does it live with the other parent? Can you imagine having a creature like Guilfoyle be your MOTHER??!! * Shiver*

by MAGAreply 8111/08/2020

You can’t say she devolved because she and Harris and two totally different types of women to begin with. One wanted to genuinely work and make a career for herself, while the other just saw jobs/positions as a means to have access to rich powerful men she could attach herself to for more (and more) money, fame, power, and social acceptance. When do you think the last time is she actually paid for something herself. And yet all these Republican golddigging heauxs cry about socialism.

by MAGAreply 8211/08/2020

I respect her son being kept away from her partying.

by MAGAreply 8311/08/2020

Selling her ass to whoever will pay

by MAGAreply 8411/08/2020

I have a feeling the downfall of this family of grifters and whore is going to be even more shocking than anyone suspected. Stock up on popcorn boys, it's going to be years of entertainment.

by MAGAreply 8511/08/2020

Guilfoyle had Covid. She may be better now, but she may have been sicker than anyone let on.

by MAGAreply 8611/08/2020

Maybe those who donated for a lap dance from Kim G have a squashing fetish? Girl is S O L I D.

by MAGAreply 8711/08/2020

So in Datalounge terms, has her career gone straight down the shitter?

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 8811/08/2020

[quote] Can you imagine having a creature like Guilfoyle be your MOTHER??!!

I can.

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 8911/08/2020

Why does someone purposely do that to their face? It's the face of a sumo wrestler.

by MAGAreply 9011/08/2020

R90 because at a certain age (although she’s looked like this for a while, so idk) to get rid of your wrinkles what you really need is a partial face lift. But people are afraid of surgery, so they over inject instead.

She also just has features that lend itself to that look more easily. Her mouth, for example has always been horrible.

by MAGAreply 9111/08/2020

Kimberly has a lot in common with DL eldergays: she's an aging, botoxed/plasticized, drugged/coked out, fucked within an inch of her 51 year old life, pretending she's a fresh faced, 21 year old ingenue that everybody wants to fuck.

by MAGAreply 9211/08/2020

After reading that SFGate article I now completely understand why the Dumps hired her to be in the Dump fold. They were trying to dig for dirt on Kamala this whole time. I’m not from California so I didn’t know about the local inner workings of politics. I feel stupid for not seeing it.

Too bad Kamala is now VP and will kick that slut’s ass up and down every street in Ny and Washington. It’s like watching Mike Tyson fight a 12 year old boy who’s the best on his school swim team.

by MAGAreply 9311/08/2020

R81, Guilfoyle used to talk about her son all the time when she was on Fox News.

There are some photos of him from October on her Instagram. He's kinda cute, but must look like his dad.

I also agree that it's better for him to be kept away from all of the debauchery!

by MAGAreply 9411/08/2020

She was always cute, beautiful even until the partying caught up with her. Bad make-up, dry assed wigs and bargain basement cosmetic procedures erased the remnants of her good looks.

by MAGAreply 9511/08/2020

Whenever I see that famous photo of her with her arms in a summoning gesture, I always picture a dick in each hand.

by MAGAreply 9611/08/2020

^And one in her mouth

by MAGAreply 9711/08/2020

The first time I recall her getting attention was during a horrible murder trial in San Francisco. This weird lawyer couple kept two dangerous dogs. Not pit-bulls Canaris-something. I forget. The dogs were large and dangerous. The lawyer couple were deeply connected to white supremacists in prison. There were "sexy photos" of the lawyer wife with the dogs and I think they may have been trained to fuck her in addition to being trained to attack.

The dogs got out through the couple's failure to keep them in the apartment. I don't remember if they left the door open or what. The dogs attacked and killed a lesbian school teacher who lived down the hall.

Guilfoyle prosecuted the lawyer couple, the white supremacists. To most of SF she did the right thing and was a decent ADA. Times have changed a lot for her, now she'd be on the side of the white supremacists.

by MAGAreply 9811/08/2020

I found a very long article about Kimberly and the dog mauling trial.

She looks very good in the photo.

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 9911/08/2020

The dogs were Presa Canario

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 10011/08/2020

[quote]The coming unraveling of the circle of grifting will be epic.

R80 I wish it would but it will never happen. There are too many crimes to follow - money will be the least of it.

by MAGAreply 10111/08/2020

Nobody understands what made her leave Newsom for the East Coast.

by MAGAreply 10211/08/2020

R102 Word is Gavin was a pussyhound. I need to know who got his dick out of Kimbo's sugar pussy. Wow!

by MAGAreply 10311/08/2020

Now that Kimmy has seen Hunter's dong will she be wanting some of that?

by MAGAreply 10411/08/2020

I'm sure she swallows.

by MAGAreply 10511/08/2020

It's pretty bad to be a woman who got fired from Fox for committing sexual harassment.

by MAGAreply 10611/08/2020

She is not classy lady.

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 10711/08/2020

R107, you can continue to sign your posts as "Vairst Lady" for another two months!

by MAGAreply 10811/08/2020

r108 I am your First Melania. I order you to call to me First Melania. Vairst Lady poster is imposter with smelly poosey like Kimberly.

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 10911/08/2020

R109, that must have been one of the look-alike Secret Service decoys.

by MAGAreply 11011/08/2020

Sidebar: why did they get fake Melania body doubles? She’s so hard faced, plastic and phony, why didn’t they just hand him a Melania dummy and put it on rollers so he could drag it around. Or put it on a wagon or something.

One way or another, Kim will reup her contract with an option till Junior’s attempt in 2024, but they won’t exercise it because he’ll be in jail or dead. Then she’ll join Melania on the GOP fourth wife ho stroll.

by MAGAreply 11111/08/2020

She reminds me a lot of Ivana.

Remember, of all Fuckface's kids, Donny Jr was the one who didn't speak to Fuckface for a year after what he did to Ivana. He loves his Mom.

by MAGAreply 11211/09/2020

Agreed, R112, and it was probably his mom who insisted he make up with his father and get as much money from him as possible.

by MAGAreply 11311/09/2020

Agreed, R112, and it was probably his mom who insisted he make up with his father and get as much money from him as possible.

by MAGAreply 11411/09/2020

I read this long article in the WP this weekend about both campaigns & what they did right/wrong. I predict Kimmy will be one of the early candidates for the "under the bus" treatment by the GOP establishment for What Went Wrong. Aside from Jared, they seem to hate her the most. Her gross talk and crude behavior even appalled them!

by MAGAreply 11511/09/2020

^. We are not surprised! KG simply don’t have our class and breeding.

by MAGAreply 11611/09/2020

Here she is bonding with her son.

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 11711/09/2020

I notice that Kellyanne has been quiet since the 5th.

by MAGAreply 11811/09/2020

She’s enjoying the best that has come to pass.

by MAGAreply 11911/09/2020

Just how fucking trashy is this bitch?

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 12011/09/2020

Guilfoyle and Melania are both working double time to find new, wealthy, celebrity dick to ride. Neither of them want to be tied to a Loser. There's no money in that.

by MAGAreply 12111/09/2020

I'm your private dancer, a dancer for money I'll do what you want me to do I'm your private dancer, a dancer for money And any old music will do

by MAGAreply 12211/09/2020

Lap dance for donations? Really? 50 year old fish twat? Shouldn't it be there other way around, donate to Trump or the pants come off and you will see my twat. THE BEST IS YET TO CUMMMMMM!

by MAGAreply 12311/09/2020

BREAKING: Kimberly's twat after Covid 19.

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 12411/09/2020

Maybe Guilfoyle's son (Ronan) is in the basement dungeon with Barron.

Both of them have 'glamorous' mothers who can be viewed on the internet in various poses. I can't imagine the smack talk from their friends...if they have friends.

by MAGAreply 12511/09/2020

She went from Gavin, who was hot back in the day, to Eric Villency is still hot, To Don Don?

by MAGAreply 12611/09/2020

R126 Kimbo actually went up a couple notches with Villency (gorgeous) but then took a deep dive to Jr. Good for her son that Villency is his dad...the most beautiful of the three.

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 12711/09/2020

Eric Villency

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 12811/09/2020

No one can be beautiful with a bad nosejob, Mr. Villency.

by MAGAreply 12911/09/2020

R129 coming on here to say just that. You guys are slipping!

I think Newsom’s much hotter anyway. But it does say a lot about him that he married her (like attracts like; he’s no “victim.”)

by MAGAreply 13011/09/2020

Don Jr. has to stay close to Daddy so that he doesn't get cut out of the will. And he probably has fewer than ten years to go before the payout.

But...wouldn't be funny if there were no money left because of debt. Or if there were some money, but Daddy left it all to Ivana.

by MAGAreply 13111/09/2020

I don't think Newsom is aging well.

by MAGAreply 13211/09/2020

R124, I'm glad I haven't had lunch yet. Maybe I'll skip it today.

by MAGAreply 13311/09/2020

DJT Jr will never marry her now.

by MAGAreply 13411/09/2020

She is fine and sends her love.

by MAGAreply 13511/12/2020

She's looking for more superspreader events.

by MAGAreply 13611/12/2020

The "Christian Conservatives" have exposed themselves as the godless, greedy, power-hungry charlatans that they are. As soon as they got a Rethuglian in the White House they ran with it (I'm sure they're behind the 'transgenders in the military' thing).

Oh well, 48 mos. wasn't that long. 'bye, Felicia!

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 13711/12/2020

Isn't she a little long in the labia to be offering hot tub parties and lap dances??

by MAGAreply 13811/12/2020

"Long in the labia" - Thank you, R138. Well put.

by MAGAreply 13911/12/2020

So what has this horrid bitch been up to since the Great Insurrection? She seems to be awfully silent.

by MAGAreply 14001/10/2021

I don't think most of his cult follower would have a problem with it OP>

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 14101/10/2021

Guilfoyle was yukking it up at the Trump family Capitol riot watch fest. You can see her shaking her booty at :07 in this video.

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 14201/10/2021

I hope that skank overdoses. So these people were literally growing a riot watching party? All this just keeps getting worse. It’s a miracle Americans haven’t rounded up and hung that entire family yet.

by MAGAreply 14301/10/2021

She's now comfort woman for the Proud Boys.

by MAGAreply 14401/10/2021

She sends her love! She’s still doing the Sedition Shuffle, poor thing is still high as a kite and doesn’t realize the party is over. KIIIIIIIMBERLEEEEE🥳

by MAGAreply 14501/11/2021

Who can Kimberley Guilfoyle "trade up" for at this point? Kevin Sorbo?

by MAGAreply 14601/11/2021

She has Melania's slitty eyes. Must've had the same procedure.

by MAGAreply 14701/11/2021

R142 Thanks for the video! Kimbo quickly responded to some guy calling her name by shaking her booty. She looked lifeless before then.

by MAGAreply 14801/11/2021

Who could or would follow after Cocaine Jr? With her old worn out ass? 🤢

by MAGAreply 14901/11/2021

R142 that was Jr Mint asking for a pole dance

by MAGAreply 15001/11/2021

Doubt Jr Mint can get his pole up for that. Plus, coke.

by MAGAreply 15101/11/2021

Newsom was fucking her.

by MAGAreply 15201/11/2021

I doubt cokedick Don Jr. fucks her very much.

by MAGAreply 15301/11/2021

Never again. She will never a hot guy like him again. She ruined her looks. She used to be a respected lawyer and very pretty. Then she showed up on Fox News and was fired for sexual harrassment. Smh.

by MAGAreply 15401/11/2021

Emergency liposuction!

by MAGAreply 15501/11/2021

What’s her damage?

by MAGAreply 15601/11/2021

She sold her soul to pussy grabbers.

by MAGAreply 15701/11/2021

Kimberly was hoping to live in the WHITE HOUSE and be a powerful political wife. When it didn't appear that Gavin Newsom would take her there, she traded up. I think twice. She may have to trade up again. It's doubtful she'll stay with the family unless DJTJ runs for the presidency in 2024.

by MAGAreply 15801/11/2021

[quote]She used to be a respected lawyer


by MAGAreply 15901/11/2021

Is Gym Shorts Jordon single? Or straight? Probably too poor for her tacky taste.

by MAGAreply 16001/11/2021

Come on over here, baby, you can ride me to the stars!

by MAGAreply 16101/11/2021

I’m find her fascinatingly disgusting. I would watch a movie about her sordid life.

by MAGAreply 16201/11/2021

Hopefully she had inside involvement with the Insurrection, and gets charged.

by MAGAreply 16301/13/2021


by MAGAreply 16401/13/2021

I’m find her fascinatingly disgusting. I would watch a movie about her sordid life.

Me too; behind the veneers, fake tits and air of respectability, Ivanka is a conniving snake, whereas Kimmy is just an old, slutty pig that wants money, dick and drugs - not necessarily in that order

by MAGAreply 16501/13/2021

R30. Wow, she is unrecognizable in that footage.

by MAGAreply 16601/13/2021

Gross big-mouthed pig.

by MAGAreply 16701/16/2021

She danced her portly bottom straight down to Florida!

by MAGAreply 16801/16/2021

Found dead in a Queens parking lot mouth open lungs flooded with cum.

by MAGAreply 16901/16/2021

I'm sure she practices mentally screaming "SEIZE THEM, YOU FOOLS!" to herself at random, just in preparation for one day winning her dream job.

by MAGAreply 17001/16/2021

Probably head first in Junior Mint's lap

by MAGAreply 17101/20/2021

Hey r4, still winning?

by MAGAreply 17201/20/2021

Shouldn’t make fun of her big ass. She’s Irish AND Puerto Rican? Holy shit.

by MAGAreply 17301/20/2021

She swallows, right?

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by MAGAreply 17421 hours ago

Kimberly will be showing all her rolodex dic pics to all the neighbors.

Some prudish neighbors will be appalled.

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 17520 hours ago

^link failed.

This is another source.

Offsite Link
by MAGAreply 17620 hours ago

^ they both look crazy

by MAGAreply 17717 hours ago
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