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Great Britain going into lockdown

Pubs ordered to close; people told to avoid public transportation; schools to close for two weeks..

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by Blimey!reply 5710/19/2020

good luck!

by Blimey!reply 110/17/2020

Meanwhile maskless non-locked down Sweden's herd immunity is paying off.

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by Blimey!reply 210/17/2020

[quote]Great Britain going into lockdown

"Great Britain" is not a country. The article you linked says nothing remotely resembling your headline.

by Blimey!reply 310/17/2020

Britain is the Florida of Europe. They were out in crowds getting drunk with no masks on at all hours of the night even with a curfew. Britain is big on the QAnon bullshit.

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by Blimey!reply 410/17/2020


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by Blimey!reply 510/17/2020

R2 your article is over 2 weeks old. And USA is not Sweden.

by Blimey!reply 610/17/2020

R4 What?

The situation at the moment is far worse in Macron's France.

by Blimey!reply 710/17/2020

Britain has become a veritable shithole with a huge welfare class more interested in boozing and running in packs and Little Englanders who are limey Trumpsters. They refuse to isolate or mask up.

by Blimey!reply 810/17/2020

There is no such thing as herd immunity with the different strains. Sweden's standoffish nature has helped them immensely, but they paid a huge toll compared to its neighbors of Norway and Denmark.

And I'll repeat - as someone whose mother is from Sweden and I spent many summers there and have a lot of Swedish relatives - the reports from my cousins are absolutely NOT that life went on as normal.

Most people worked from home, schools were closed, older people didn't leave their homes, my younger relatives did not see their parents or friends for MONTHS. They most certainly had a shutdown and CONTINUE to do so, despite the images being shown.

It's just not true that Sweden is going about their business like New Zealand who has no cases again. They are being very careful and it's really fucked up that people believe that they are beating this with herd immunity. BULLSHIT.

by Blimey!reply 910/17/2020

[quote]They most certainly had a shutdown

They most certainly did not.

by Blimey!reply 1010/17/2020

Has anyone ever seen Great Britain and Wisconsin in the same room together? Because they seem to be the same reckless, drunken idiot.

by Blimey!reply 1110/17/2020

R10 - fuck you - yes they did shut down a LOT. I'll take my relatives first-hand accounts over your bullshit.

Travel was restricted, schools were closed, seniors were advised to stay at home (and they did), most people worked from home.

Give me your first-hand experience and your sources of Sweden's no lockdown policy. It may have not been as severe as Italy, but they certainly restricted a lot of normal, everyday life.

by Blimey!reply 1210/17/2020

[quote]schools were closed

The country never closed schools for children under the age of 16. And school is attendance is mandatory.

Restaurants, bars, businesses and factories remained open.

Peope were given advisories, therefore restrictions, but there was no lockdown.

Sweden doesn't even suggest the wearing of masks.

So please, cut the bullshit.

by Blimey!reply 1310/17/2020

^Peope were given advisories, there where restrictions

by Blimey!reply 1410/17/2020

From the BBC: "Covid: What are the lockdown rules in place across Europe?"

Offsite Link
by Blimey!reply 1510/17/2020

My friend lives in Stockholm. From his Facebook posts (going to gym, going to teach at university, eating out), Sweden seems pretty open to me. And no second wave.

by Blimey!reply 1610/17/2020

[quote]Meanwhile maskless non-locked down Sweden's herd immunity is paying off.

Actually no, Sweden had a very high number of C19 cases and deaths compared to countries who implemented lock down rules. US, UK, Italy, Spain and Sweden occupied the top 5 spots affected by C19.

by Blimey!reply 1710/17/2020

R17 Not true.

by Blimey!reply 1810/17/2020

Trolls gotta troll. Exhibit: the Sweden Did it Right, troll. Pathetic.

by Blimey!reply 1910/17/2020

[quote]US, UK, Italy, Spain and Sweden occupied the top 5 spots affected by C19.

There are still other countries that have had a higher death rate per capita than those listed.

by Blimey!reply 2010/17/2020

Facts are still facts R18, even if you deny them.

by Blimey!reply 2110/17/2020

[quote] Meanwhile maskless non-locked down Sweden's herd immunity is paying off.

After suffering a death rate almost as high as the clisterfuck-gripped USA:

[quote] The country’s cumulative death rate since the beginning of the pandemic rivals that of the United States....

The Swedes sneered at masks calling them counterproductive. The Japanese meanwhile uniformly adopted masks and their death rate has only been about a thousand or so. The US death rate is about 80 times higher than Japan’s. Are we catching on yet? If you want to look at a model foreign country, it’s not fucking Sweden.

by Blimey!reply 2210/17/2020

It's that bad again?

The fall spikes will keep getting worse, but for some reason I don't think America will implement as strict of measures as they did in the spring - even if certain areas should.

by Blimey!reply 2310/17/2020

Sorry a thousand or so is not Japan’s death *rate* of course, it’s the absolute number.

by Blimey!reply 2410/17/2020

R21 Your "facts " are wrong. There are still other countries that have had a higher death rate per capita than those listed.

by Blimey!reply 2510/17/2020

Sweden's deaths per million is just slightly lower than Italy's. Herd immunity didn't work out well for Sweden.

Offsite Link
by Blimey!reply 2610/17/2020

Yes it absolutely is true, r18. One in 1,689 people have died in Sweden. One in 8,438 have died in Germany.

Sweden simply doesn’t care that its population is being heavily attritted away by the disease. It’s very Swedish.

by Blimey!reply 2710/17/2020

R27 I was responding to this comment: "US, UK, Italy, Spain and Sweden occupied the top 5 spots affected by C19." Again, I will repeat, it is not true.

And as for Japan. It is a very unusual case.

From the BBC. Scroll down to "Does Japan have special immunity?"

Offsite Link
by Blimey!reply 2810/17/2020

R7 The situation is not worse in France, They just react faster than Boris' UK by instituting a curfew in some big cities. As did Spain and Italy and some cities in Germany. The second wave affects all of Western Europe.

by Blimey!reply 2910/17/2020

I didn't add countries like Peru, Brazil and Ecuador because their health care system is disproportionately worse compared to western countries.

by Blimey!reply 3010/17/2020

R36 Oh, oh I see. You didn't add Belgium either. And what's your excuse for that?

R29 No you're wrong. The current situation, new daily cases, is worse in France and Spain compared to the UK.

by Blimey!reply 3110/17/2020

R31 The situation is not worse in France or Spain, another pos ignorant spreading total bullshit

by Blimey!reply 3210/17/2020

WHO calls herd immunity approach 'immoral'.

Offsite Link
by Blimey!reply 3310/17/2020

R32 Once again: you are wrong.

For the last 5 days daily new cases in the UK have been circa 87,700. France circa 123,500.

And note: France has a smaller population than the UK. And so far France has carried out half the number of tests than the UK.

by Blimey!reply 3410/17/2020

That's great that they're going to close the stable door after the horse has bolted.

They need to implement things that will make life outside of home safer and not resort to just trying to shut it down. FYI, life inside of home is not safe either, since most infections are from family members.

by Blimey!reply 3510/17/2020

Okay fine r35 but the biggest problems is rule following. People are fucking babies and just can't follows rules. Why? Because their mommies and daddies spoiled them and they don't have to listen to anyone. They pass that shit down to their troll kids who behave the same way. That's why this is happening. 80% are fucking asshole babies! And the rest of us have to put up with their bullshit! FACT!

by Blimey!reply 3610/17/2020

R34 Uk population: 66, 83 millions France population: 67,06 millions. Wtf are you talking about???

Covid19 France : Case number of Deaths: 33 303

Covids19 UK: positive case 502 978. Case number of deaths

Hoping to avoid a national reconfinement, the British government is stepping up local actions to try to control the spread of the virus, which has already killed more than 42,350 there (including 33 in the last 24 hours), the heaviest toll in Europe.

by Blimey!reply 3710/17/2020

R13 - you need to get off right-wing websites.

Everything you stated is WRONG.

Tell me how my cousin (a stockbroker) was working from home dealing with an 8 and 6 year old and that the schools were open.

Tell me how his wife - an MD - went to their sommarstuga instead of home so that she didn't pass it on to her husband or kids after working all day trying to save COVID patients.

You're a fool.

by Blimey!reply 3810/17/2020

R34 Just stop the misinformation now; you bullshiter. And since is France has a smaller population?

Offsite Link
by Blimey!reply 3910/17/2020

^since when

by Blimey!reply 4010/17/2020

R34 Lol This is why I don't trust the British. They always have the need to vomit on France for absolutely no reason.

Here is our official Covid19 case:

In Orange (on the left) confirmed case: 834 770 In purple (on the right) Deaths : 33 303

Also France don't have a smaller population.

Offsite Link
by Blimey!reply 4110/17/2020

Lockdown in England

Coming soon to America. And we all know the situation will be ten times worse in America

by Blimey!reply 4210/17/2020

[quote]This is why I don't trust the British. They always have the need to vomit on France for absolutely no reason.

There's a reason.

by Blimey!reply 4310/17/2020

R43 Oh really ? what's that reason? C'mon go ahead, I'm VERY curious to know "the reason" What, Guillaume the conqueror ??

by Blimey!reply 4410/17/2020

R43 The reason is that you are a fkn Brexshiter and of course it's always France's fault or Germany's fault or other country. Not about your bigotery. Here's upthread, the proof a British was spreading LIES again on French people. Your medias are still on French bashiing while you will never find a French media being this hateful towards the British, never, ever. Tell me your "reason" now?

by Blimey!reply 4510/17/2020

R38 Since when is the BBC a right wing web site? See the link at R15. Scroll down to "Sweden".

by Blimey!reply 4610/18/2020

According to which keeps tabs on the Covid situation world wide:

Population France: 65,316,637

Population UK: 67,992,038

France has a smaller population than the UK.

Total tests Covid:

France: 13,336,528

UK: 28,986,852

New cases last 5 days, see post R34: "For the last 5 days daily new cases in the UK have been circa 87,700. France circa 123,500."

by Blimey!reply 4710/18/2020

Do you think America would actually "lock down" again - non-essential businesses closed, a lot of essential businesses closing early, etc.

I'm not saying it should or shouldn't, but will it?

by Blimey!reply 4810/18/2020

R47 Go fuck yourself imbecile.

Offsite Link
by Blimey!reply 4910/18/2020

R47 Lol really the Far right bigot like you can't handle the true. In Fact the UK is the one having a smaller poputaion than France and even thinking about that can give morons like you them a heart attack. As if the reality was unberreable to you so you need to lie and lie and lie again. To yourself first. I know better than you how many people we ahve in my own country.

France : 67, 19 millions, whether you like or not you MF. Deal with it !

Offsite Link
by Blimey!reply 5010/18/2020

R47 Oh and worldometer. info has never been a viable or official source. Only for brainless like you

Here's the UK demaography.

"By 2031, the United Kingdom is expected to have a total population of 67.1 million, with the majority of the population growth coming from net migration"

Offsite Link
by Blimey!reply 5110/18/2020

US never did a lockdown the first time around. And we'll be paying the price all winter long. 70,000 new cases today.

by Blimey!reply 5210/18/2020

It's not the lockdown that matters the most. It's crucial during the lockdown to test extensively and quarantine all infected people strictly until the virus is gone from their system. But it is probably too late for western countries, since they have let the virus spread far and wide for months and the virus could get back in from neighboring countries who do little or nothing about the pandemic. Just pray for a vaccine before things really get out of control.

by Blimey!reply 5310/18/2020

I'm so sorry for everyone still being affected by this bastard thing. I'm sure it will come back again into our community, but for the time being I hope everyone stays safe.

by Blimey!reply 5410/18/2020

Gee, if we could all get 'herd mentality,' OP, maybe Trump will be re-elected.

Is that your point?

by Blimey!reply 5510/18/2020

/ / sorry, OP, I meant R2. I think.

It's late.

Anyway, herd immunity is code for let the poorest and weakest die off, which I just don't think is what a decent society would do.

by Blimey!reply 5610/18/2020

[quote]In Fact the UK is the one having a smaller poputaion than France and even thinking about that can give morons like you them a heart attack.

The moron is you.

These are the official numbers from the governments of France and the UK as they appear on their government websites.:

Office for National Statistics. Population UK: 66,796,800

République française vie publique. Population France: 66,524 000

The UK has a larger population than France.

If you would like to dispute the official numbers, take it up with their governments.

by Blimey!reply 5710/19/2020
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