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WHET Camryn Manheim

Remember when she won an Emmy and said "This is for all the fat girls!"

I hope she's ok!

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by Chrissy Metzreply 77Last Wednesday at 3:48 PM

She has a hot 19-year-old son.

by Chrissy Metzreply 110/17/2020

Chrissy Metz stole her - um - meal ticket.

by Chrissy Metzreply 210/17/2020

Funny you should mention her. For about a second I confused her with that older Conchita when I saw the latter's death notice.

by Chrissy Metzreply 310/17/2020

She played Berta's sister in an episode of two and a half men.

I can see the resemblance not only in size but also in their voice

by Chrissy Metzreply 410/17/2020

R1: omg, her son is 19? I remember when he was a baby when she was on The Practice.

Anyway, she's on the ABC show Stumptown.

by Chrissy Metzreply 510/17/2020

R1: omg, her son is 19? I remember when he was a baby when she was on The Practice.

Anyway, she's on the ABC show Stumptown.

by Chrissy Metzreply 610/17/2020

Thank you R6. I'm going to make a tub of popcorn and binge Stumptown.

by Chrissy Metzreply 710/17/2020

Sometimes I wonder how many of the kaftan bitches who are posting this shit are super fatties.

by Chrissy Metzreply 810/17/2020

Milo Manheim

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by Chrissy Metzreply 910/17/2020

Speak for yourself, R8. I throw up every bit of food I eat!

by Chrissy Metzreply 1010/17/2020

I think she won an award when Faye Dunaway did. Maybe it was the globes? Anyway she was like in her butch glory at the back stage photo shoot going Cmon Faye for them to move some places else and Faye openly rolled her eyes at her! Makes me laugh thinking on it

by Chrissy Metzreply 1110/17/2020

She was so happy to get pregnant. For her it was the big thing about the success of The Practice.

She pointed out that an pregnant actress has to go for a year without income unless she is on a up-and-running TV show.

by Chrissy Metzreply 1210/17/2020

Faye had to SHARE and award, R11? I'm surprised Camryn survived the night.

by Chrissy Metzreply 1310/17/2020

I saw this week that the house keeper from 2 and a Half Men died and was shocked to find it she was not Camryn.

by Chrissy Metzreply 1410/17/2020

Honestly my sister and I used to imitate the scene when growing up- hahaha

by Chrissy Metzreply 1510/17/2020

She was in the revival of Spring Awakening a few years back, I forget why, but something in her background made her fluent in sign language so she was perfect for the adult women parts.

by Chrissy Metzreply 1610/17/2020

Milo's sperm donor daddy is ( was) a hot gay model. Milo has good daddy genes.

Offsite Link
by Chrissy Metzreply 1710/17/2020

Yum, R9. I could eat him up.

by Chrissy Metzreply 1810/17/2020

Just checked IMDB and she has had a very consistent career. Always working and on quite high profile projects. She would have had a bump in pay after her award wins for The Practice too. Wasn’t she at one stage dating Susie Cusack, sister of Joan and John?

by Chrissy Metzreply 1910/17/2020

I just took a monster shit

by Chrissy Metzreply 2010/17/2020

So did I! So much corn.

by Chrissy Metzreply 2110/17/2020

Loved her on Ghost Whisperer ! yes , I watched that show . Dont judge me !

by Chrissy Metzreply 2210/17/2020

R20 R21 save it for Erna

by Chrissy Metzreply 2310/17/2020

She's a lesbian, right? That's what I always thought she was: a fat lesbian.

by Chrissy Metzreply 2410/17/2020

Damn, her son is hot. She is not as fat as fat actresses these days.

by Chrissy Metzreply 2510/17/2020

It's funny that she was considered hugely fat back then.

by Chrissy Metzreply 2610/17/2020

She just got to be so vast she can no longer be comprehended by the human mind. She sends her love.

by Chrissy Metzreply 2710/17/2020

😴 The Chrissy Metz troll is putting us to sleep.

by Chrissy Metzreply 2810/17/2020

I fucked her kids father, NYC back in the late 80's. Now he lives in Wisconsin half the year, and no longer modeling.

Perhaps he got big coin from her.

by Chrissy Metzreply 2910/17/2020

The Chrissy Metz troll is legion R28

by Chrissy Metzreply 3010/17/2020

Fuck off, OP

by Chrissy Metzreply 3110/17/2020

Oh my GOD! I thought you OD'ed years ago, R31. So glad you're still with us.

Offsite Link
by Chrissy Metzreply 3210/17/2020

Is her son an actor? He looks familiar.

by Chrissy Metzreply 3310/17/2020

God, I hated that awful tv series she was in, "The Practice." Every week it featured the sleazebag lawyers getting guilty as sin clients off, no matter how much evidence there was against them, One of their clients was caught with a severed head in a bag (they got him off). He of course WAS a murderer who liked to dress up as a nun; he later nearly stabbed to death one of the sleazebag lawyers. It was a dumb, soap opera show.

by Chrissy Metzreply 3410/17/2020

Jeffrey never got any “big coin” from Camryn r29. He donated sperm to Camryn because they were, and are, close friends. And he is involved in Milo’s life from the day he was born.

by Chrissy Metzreply 3510/17/2020

Milo was in the Disney Channel movie "Zombies" and appeared on "American Housewife."

Offsite Link
by Chrissy Metzreply 3610/17/2020

She got steamrolled.

by Chrissy Metzreply 3710/17/2020

She was in the recent amazon series fate of god or fate of courage or something . She played a therapist . She needs a makeover . Why do these women hang on to the long hair until they’re almost dead.

It’s starting to look repulsive on Demi Moore.... the hair is thinning..... the face is shrinking from starvation

by Chrissy Metzreply 3810/17/2020

She’s been replaced by Chrissy Metz. I hope she’s happy

by Chrissy Metzreply 3910/17/2020

Stumptown was canceled, unfortunately. A decent network show.

by Chrissy Metzreply 4010/17/2020

Milo was robbed on DWTS, losing to the dreadful Bobby Bones, which caused the rules to be changed.

Offsite Link
by Chrissy Metzreply 4110/18/2020

R40: wow I thought it was renewed.

by Chrissy Metzreply 4210/18/2020

Is her son gay? Considering that both parents are...

by Chrissy Metzreply 4310/18/2020

R42 is was but they reversed the decision

by Chrissy Metzreply 4410/18/2020

Camryn and Milo are both straight

by Chrissy Metzreply 4510/18/2020

R45 That's news to Camryn

by Chrissy Metzreply 4610/18/2020

She helped my cousin win $100K on "Hollywood Squares".

by Chrissy Metzreply 4710/18/2020

I hope they sat her in the bottom tier.

by Chrissy Metzreply 4810/18/2020

An aspiring actor I worked with was a flight attendant, and took care of Camryn and her mom from NY to LA. She quizzed him about work took his details and about a month later flew him out to LA and got him a couple of interviews and studio tours and backstage on some movie sets. He spoke very highly of her.

by Chrissy Metzreply 4910/18/2020

She was just recently in an episode of Amazon's Utopia, looking virtually unrecognizable.

by Chrissy Metzreply 5010/18/2020

[quote]She's a lesbian, right? That's what I always thought she was: a fat lesbian.

I always thought so too (especially with the sperm donor thing), but I remember in the early 2000’s she specifically spoke about this rumor and said she wasn’t gay (not that she would be the first person to deny being gay).

by Chrissy Metzreply 5110/18/2020

She is not gay, but does enjoy a lot of dykey things. (I knew her way back through a shared love of motorcycles.)

by Chrissy Metzreply 5210/18/2020

Yeah - as stated above, the father of her child was a very big male model in the 90's. Gay and lives in Madison, WI and Palm Springs now apparently. Lots of father/son photos on his Instagram.

Looks like all three of them are having very good lives, including Camryn.

by Chrissy Metzreply 5310/18/2020

R52...please, that woman is not straight.

by Chrissy Metzreply 5410/18/2020

Father and son.

Offsite Link
by Chrissy Metzreply 5510/18/2020

Daddy is beautiful!

by Chrissy Metzreply 5610/18/2020


by Chrissy Metzreply 5710/18/2020

Now that Conchata Ferrell is dead...

by Chrissy Metzreply 5810/18/2020

Camryn became very friendly with Monica Lewinsky after the Clinton scandal.

by Chrissy Metzreply 5910/18/2020

Camryn must be straight. I remember the book she wrote had a boyfriend application that people could tear out and mail in if they wanted to date her. She admitted even as a TV star she had trouble finding men.

by Chrissy Metzreply 6010/18/2020

She needs to rejoin Steamroller and pop out a few more xmas albums.

by Chrissy Metzreply 6110/18/2020

OP, is that her h.s. senior portrait?

by Chrissy Metzreply 6210/18/2020

She is like 1/2 of Chrissy Metz

Offsite Link
by Chrissy Metzreply 6310/18/2020

That's a sweet pic at r55 I remember an interview with Camryn where she said she dabbled with women because lesbians were part of her social sphere, but she ultimately realized she was man crazy. Didn't she date Gregory Hines before he died?

by Chrissy Metzreply 64Last Monday at 12:30 PM

Her son looks like a less retarded Jake Gyllenhaal.

by Chrissy Metzreply 65Last Tuesday at 6:36 PM

Fuck off, Toby!

Offsite Link
by Chrissy Metzreply 66Last Tuesday at 6:47 PM

Jesus Christ R63! That dress is hideous.

She really lucked out with her sperm donor. She could've had a Moore-Willis baby.

Top comment on IG: milomanheim's profile picture milomanheim Verified well i damn sure hope to age like that

Offsite Link
by Chrissy Metzreply 67Last Tuesday at 6:48 PM

"Her son looks like a less retarded Jake Gyllenhaal."

Thank you, Stevie Wonder.

Offsite Link
by Chrissy Metzreply 68Last Tuesday at 6:51 PM

Between fertility treatments, raising a kid alone in LA, and whatever she paid him for his sperm, she mustve A) been very well paid and smart with her money and B) been SO happy when the kid turned out cute.

Offsite Link
by Chrissy Metzreply 69Last Tuesday at 6:58 PM

i doubt very many men wanted to do her. She was/is a fat pig. No wonder she needed a sperm donor to get pregnant.

by Chrissy Metzreply 70Last Tuesday at 7:23 PM

Is the hot gay model still jerking off into cups?

by Chrissy Metzreply 71Last Tuesday at 7:30 PM

R69 and r70, you both are wrong about so many things. The actual situation of Milo’s conception is a warm hearted story. But I’d be invading Camryn and the baby daddy’s privacy to tell it, so why don’t you go one shitting all over yourselves.

by Chrissy Metzreply 72Last Tuesday at 7:37 PM

R72 what's to get? She was single, wanted a baby, turned to a goodlooking gay friend for material.

by Chrissy Metzreply 73Last Tuesday at 7:41 PM

R73 Well, at least unlike Wendy Wasserstein she managed to stay alive.

by Chrissy Metzreply 74Last Tuesday at 9:31 PM

Well, has she been found? People look around, she’s a big girl, she can’t be that hard to miss!

by Chrissy Metzreply 75Last Tuesday at 9:32 PM

Her body doesn't even look that unusual by today's standards. In the age of morbidly obese Chrissy Metz and Gabourey Sidibe, and the big-assed JLos and Kardashians of modern Hollywood.

by Chrissy Metzreply 76Last Wednesday at 3:02 PM

She was reimagined as Hot Fiery LatinX

by Chrissy Metzreply 77Last Wednesday at 3:48 PM
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