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Miles Heizer & Connor Jessup (Part 27)

Updates: They're still together, and Miles calls on American citizens to vote.

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by Princereply 6611 hours ago

What happened to the old threads?

by Princereply 110/13/2020

they're all getting deleted for some reason and this will probably be too.

by Princereply 210/13/2020

I've made another thread without directly using their names,we can use it when this one gets deleted

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by Princereply 310/13/2020

Miles, get your man!

Offsite Link
by Princereply 410/13/2020

Brenda commented on Miles’ post.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 510/13/2020

You realize that posting multiple threads at a time is part of why these threads are getting deleted, right?

by Princereply 610/13/2020

R6 Except there weren't multiple threads before the great purge. In fact, the last Connor & Miles thread was so dead it hadn't had a new post for weeks.

by Princereply 710/13/2020

But it hadn't been deleted... had it...?

by Princereply 810/13/2020

R8 The old threads that existed before this one seem to be all gone. But Part 16 survived the massacre.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 910/13/2020

Let's hope this one lasts beyond today

by Princereply 1010/13/2020

R10 Muriel must have gone back on her meds.

by Princereply 1110/13/2020

R5 Brenda, do you love me too?

by Princereply 1210/13/2020

Troye hasn't liked Miles' picture yet, Connor must be thrilled!

by Princereply 1310/13/2020

I think Troye's going through a muscle phase. I wonder if he's banged any of Sean Ford's "friends."

by Princereply 1410/13/2020

My guess is that it's Miles' pr people that are behind this 🤷‍♂️

by Princereply 1510/13/2020

Don't be silly. Miles is in the papers as the consort of Connor.

by Princereply 1610/13/2020

Will their relationship survive to 2021?

by Princereply 1710/14/2020

R17 It depends on how long they can go without sex. Unless they have agreed on a clause where you’re allowed to fuck other people when separated in other countries due to a global pandemic.

by Princereply 1810/14/2020

They'll have to settle for Zoom sex for now.

by Princereply 1910/14/2020

R19 Who else is in those Zoom sessions?

by Princereply 2010/14/2020

R20 Hey.

by Princereply 2110/14/2020

The ugly fucking dogs, of course.

by Princereply 2210/14/2020

R20, hopefully not Brenda!

by Princereply 2310/14/2020

Connor’s going to have to marry Miles or it looks like they’ll never see eachother again.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 2410/15/2020

Mae posted a photo with Crouton in support of LGBT Spirit Day. Miles so obviously took the photo and yet remains completely silent about any LGBT issues himself.

He sucks.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 2510/15/2020

R25 Anyone else feel uncomfortable with Mae flaunting that dog’s sexuality?

by Princereply 2610/15/2020

Crouton is a lesbian? *gasps*

by Princereply 2710/16/2020

Connor posted 👄

Offsite Link
by Princereply 2810/16/2020

[Quote] Miles so obviously took the photo and yet remains completely silent about any LGBT issues himself.

There's some little gay boy getting his life to Miles' Season 4 13RW storyline as I type. There's more than one way to inspire, dearie.

by Princereply 2910/16/2020

Was this posted that Connor has another season of work? It seems unusual for Netflix to renew this soon, is it just because it shoots in Canada and may not be too expensive?

Offsite Link
by Princereply 3010/16/2020

I wonder if an early renewal affects his bargaining power? The 13RW cast got pay bumps because of the success upon airing.

by Princereply 3110/16/2020

I think that was posted in one of the deleted threads but didn’t really get much discussion (for obvious reasons). I’m still kind of surprised, given Netflix has been canceling good shows left and right, but at least it means more Connor on our screens

by Princereply 3210/16/2020

This kind of show has legs. It's not faddy type of material. It will be streamed consistently for years.

by Princereply 3310/16/2020

R31 13RW was a huge hit and got major media/cultural attention. That’s why the cast got the huge pay days. Locke & Key is not even close to the same level.

by Princereply 3410/16/2020

i think miles might have unfollowed and refollowed brandon.

by Princereply 3510/18/2020

Hmm. I wonder if Miles was one of the people to whom Brandon apologized as part of the 12 Steps.

by Princereply 3610/18/2020

I think so, R36.....I'm sure Brandon was a nightmare to work with after the break up, real Mean Girl vibes 🤔

by Princereply 3710/18/2020

[Quote] I'm sure Brandon was a nightmare to work with after the break up, real Mean Girl vibes

Offsite Link
by Princereply 3810/18/2020

R38 perfect gif is perfect.

by Princereply 3910/18/2020

So adorable

Offsite Link
by Princereply 4010/20/2020

Wish there were new photos

by Princereply 4110/20/2020

Is it just me or is HelixStudios' pornstar Kody Knight looking alike Miles Heizer

by Princereply 42Last Wednesday at 10:47 AM

Who are they? Brandon's family?

Offsite Link
by Princereply 43Last Thursday at 7:38 AM

Connor looks great here

Offsite Link
by Princereply 44Last Thursday at 2:25 PM

R43 They’re fans who probably spotted them on a date.

by Princereply 45Last Friday at 4:01 AM

Connor just posted an IG Story photo of Crouton.

by Princereply 46Last Friday at 2:26 PM

Connor posted 👀

Offsite Link
by Princereply 47Last Friday at 3:30 PM

Not this bitch again....

by Princereply 48Last Friday at 3:31 PM

Hmmmm, feeling hungry for Caesar Salad!

by Princereply 49Last Friday at 3:34 PM

Well at least this confirms they’re still together.

I bet Connor schedules daily Zoom dinners with Miles.

by Princereply 50Last Friday at 5:32 PM

And Zoom sex sessions 👀

by Princereply 51Last Friday at 5:37 PM

It's still quite awhile before Locke and Key finishes filming right?

by Princereply 52Last Friday at 5:38 PM

R24 Yes, they’re filming until March.

by Princereply 53Last Friday at 6:02 PM

Will they spend Halloween apart? They seemed to love spending past Halloweens together.

by Princereply 54Last Saturday at 1:17 PM

R54 They’ll be lucky to spend New Year’s together.

by Princereply 55Last Saturday at 4:56 PM

New photo of Connor.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 56Last Sunday at 9:51 AM

That guy is way too close to my man 🙄 bitch

by Princereply 57Last Sunday at 4:05 PM

r57 Griffin is str8. Miles doesn't have to worry.

by Princereply 58Last Sunday at 7:16 PM

r22 You shut up. Crouton and Girl are adorable!

by Princereply 59Last Sunday at 8:54 PM

Didn't Griffin get in trouble for liking problematic posts? Connor would never.

by Princereply 60Last Sunday at 11:40 PM

I think he liked homophobic,racist and misogynistic posts and his girlfriend apologized on his behalf...

by Princereply 61Last Sunday at 11:54 PM

R61, yikes

by Princereply 62Yesterday at 9:34 AM

r61 Griffin loves to be edgy.

by Princereply 6312 hours ago

Griffin is ugly.

by Princereply 6412 hours ago

r64 I think he's okay, but he's no Connor or Miles!

by Princereply 6512 hours ago

No. Just... No.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 6611 hours ago
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