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Proposing to Your Man

If you're gay and proposing to your boyfriend, do you need an engagement ring like women expect in hetero proposals or can you just present a wedding ring?

by Asking for a friend....reply 21Last Friday at 5:46 PM

You present bleached and waxed hole.

by Asking for a friend....reply 1Last Wednesday at 7:24 PM

That's a damn good question OP.

Also - what do gay engagement rings look like?

R1 has offered one type of ring but I'd like to hear about other suggestions which could be more... widely shown off.

by Asking for a friend....reply 2Last Wednesday at 7:29 PM

Ew no - why? Can’t gay marriage be a teensy bit more intelligent based on an outside perspective? Are you gonna take his name too while you’re at it? And get a joint savings account? Come on now.

by Asking for a friend....reply 3Last Wednesday at 7:35 PM

I know there are married gay DL'ers on here so hopefully they can tell their story R2.

by Asking for a friend....reply 4Last Wednesday at 7:36 PM

R3, right, I've never seen gay men wear rings with giant diamonds on them along with a wedding ring the way some women like to show off the giant "rock" their man gave them.

But just wondering.

by Asking for a friend....reply 5Last Wednesday at 7:40 PM

No, you don't need, not should you do anything the straights do. Period.

by Asking for a friend....reply 6Last Wednesday at 7:48 PM

Be sure to make the proposal the most over-the-top and indulgent production ever, and whatever you do OP, make sure to have it all captured on video so you can post it on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Upstaging a public event to ensure a live audience is paramount, so be sure to interrupt your partner's entire exercise class, or some other crowded affair to ensure that you will receive a round of applause and hugs for the camera to capture, otherwise there is just no point in getting married at all. And for the love of God OP, make sure you snivel and weep and be choking with overwrought emotions to demonstrate to the on-lookers that you simply cannot take another breath in this life until you secure his commitment to marry you, The foregoing is of vital importance to grow your 'likes' and the vastly exaggeratedly encouraging replies on social media. The sincerity and depth of your impending marriage will hinge on all of the foregoing; its simply how its done now, and you will be cheating your partner and more importantly yourself if you do not comply with the norms of our current times.

by Asking for a friend....reply 7Last Wednesday at 10:56 PM

R7=sour grapes

by Asking for a friend....reply 8Last Wednesday at 11:52 PM

My bf would ditch me in a heartbeat if I tried the kneeling with a ring proposal bullshit.

by Asking for a friend....reply 9Last Thursday at 12:21 AM

OP, here’s my advice:

Marriage is a merging of assets. So the decision to marry should be as dry eyed as possible. Not pumped up with romanticism. There should be a good reason to marry - are you buying a property together? Have you been living together and merging assets for a while? Marriage is a civil act to protect the interests of both parties. It needn’t be confused with love or a declaration of love. There should be several mutual conversations that precede this decision. It should never be a surprise.

That said, once the decision has been made and you’ve decided to continue to build a life together, the whole world opens up for all sorts of romantic and loving expression. But signing contracts? No. Just no. Always go into a marriage with your eyes wide open because that is most certainly how you will leave one.

by Asking for a friend....reply 10Last Thursday at 12:58 AM

If my partner ever did that after 24 years, I would be pissed. Agree with R10. Marriage is a legal contract - not a fairy tale. So many peoples loves would be improved if they understood that - especially 20-somethings who believe that marrying and having kids is the purpose of life.

by Asking for a friend....reply 11Last Thursday at 7:07 AM

R11 exactly, it should have a function more tangible than “we love each other and want to have a party”. I am married (to a romantic partner) prompted by an impending visa situation that would have otherwise separated us. Straight people occasionally make very innuendoed comments about it not being “real married” which is so dumb (also who asked?). As if it’s less valid or honest. I like to think that such a major legal contract involved some actual functionality for me rather than just having a party.

I’ve wryly noticed that all three straight weddings I had been invited to have all been postponed because of Covid even thought you can still actually get married, these people want a wedding party, not a marriage.

by Asking for a friend....reply 12Last Thursday at 7:55 AM

The narcissism of weddings is nauseating.

by Asking for a friend....reply 13Last Thursday at 11:06 AM

Gold-plated, fake-diamond encrusted cock ring, of course.

Offsite Link
by Asking for a friend....reply 14Last Thursday at 11:39 AM

I know a gay couple in which the proposer gave the other one a ring along these lines (more like an eternity ring than a traditional engagement one):

Offsite Link
by Asking for a friend....reply 15Last Thursday at 11:52 AM

In Paris near the Eiffel Tower, Gio got down on one knee with a ring for Tommy.

by Asking for a friend....reply 16Last Thursday at 12:56 PM

I’m a total bottom so I will never need to do this.

by Asking for a friend....reply 17Last Thursday at 1:07 PM

I strongly recommend against hiding a ring in a baked potato.

by Asking for a friend....reply 18Last Thursday at 1:37 PM

I'm a romantic. I think I would like wedding bands presented, with the explanation that we could pick out a different set if we wanted to. Maybe he could put on his, and the proposal is that he wants to know if I want to put on mine.

The ritual of having an object that represents the plan would be neat. It's not binding, and it's just a personal touch not everyone cares about, but for me it would make it more special (and fun) than just, "Remember what we talked about last Tuesday?"

by Asking for a friend....reply 19Last Thursday at 1:46 PM

Although I understand the pragmatism others have mentioned, I like yours the best so far R19! 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

by Asking for a friend....reply 20Last Thursday at 2:36 PM

[quote]In Paris near the Eiffel Tower, Gio got down on one knee with a ring for Tommy.

Gawd. then he had to post pictures of the grisly event every six months, or more describing his overwhelmed fourteen year-old girl's feelings about it in his puerile "writing" style!


by Asking for a friend....reply 21Last Friday at 5:46 PM
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