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Why is there always a GoFund

I feel sorry for him, but shouldn't he be getting therapy for his self image issues first? They all seem to have stories like this and this is billed as the ultimate solution by peers.


hi my name is suffy you may know me from my twitter @arabthot or dj work under goth jafar i’m a nonbinary black trans woman starting this fund to start medically transitioning as in starting hrt (hormone replacement therapy), and other gender reaffirming procedures such as laser hair removal this fund will also be for document changes such as legally changing my name and sex markers on licenses, ID’s etc and to be fully transparent also to go towards makeup and more feminine clothing (this fund isn’t for surgeries as of yet i want to see how comfortable i am down a year or later down the line). some of you may know that i was cut off financially and kicked out from my parents last year due to homophobia which has been a blessing yet it’s still hard for i’m staying with the only family member i trust and it’s time to move out and create my own space during this journey currently working at a super market but this gofundme is to help speed up the process my goal is to start hrt in late october- november and to move into an apartment that is healing

gender dysphoria is something i’ve struggled with pretty much my entire life, growing up in a strict islamic household has made me repress most of my identity but unlearning & dealing with that trauma during quarantine has been very healing there’s this phenomena going on of so many people questioning their gender identity during quarantine because we don’t have to put up a facade anymore i’ve only been male presenting for safety purposes amongst other things but that’s damaged my soul for too long when quarantine started i couldn’t go to raves and drown in drugs for escapism i’ve been depressed for a long time the mystical being i’ve repressed deep down has clawed its way out and is finally ready to live their life for the first time

a lot of people would ask why i rarely post selfies when i’m so “pretty” but i was never comfortable in my body i’ve wanted to escape this flesh prison for so long, so many factors have been holding me back for years but they don’t matter anymore my friends have known for a while and their love and support has made me so emotional i can’t appreciate them enough and now you guys know i’m finally going to be the bratz doll i fantasized about being as a kid i’m legally changing my name to suffy which is a gender neutral nickname of my deadname that i’ve been using for years i feel like subconsciously just to lead up to this moment

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by Anonymousreply 1Last Wednesday at 4:02 PM


by Anonymousreply 1Last Wednesday at 4:02 PM
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