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Why is Turkish Delight Such a Let Down?

I remember seeing it as kid in Narnia with my siblings and we all thought it looked delicious! We begged our parents to get us some for Christmas and when the moment finally came and we tasted it.... it sucked! Modern candy is far superior.

Even the flavors are lame: Rose Petals, White Walnut, Endreshe?! Wtf is Endreshe? I Googled that shit and even Google is stumped!

Perhaps there is a lesson somewhere in all this.

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by Pass the Skittles!reply 86Last Thursday at 7:07 AM

I actually think Turkish delights a pretty good, but then I didn't let a childhood book give me unrealistic expectations of a candy. I like mint ones.

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by Pass the Skittles!reply 109/15/2020

It isn't a letdown if you aren't expecting it to taste like typical overly-sweet American candy. Its subtle and delicious, I think

by Pass the Skittles!reply 209/15/2020

Yeah I was birdies the first time I tried it. “I was like Turkish delight? More like Turkish nasty!”

by Pass the Skittles!reply 309/15/2020

Oops I meant horrified. Also I felt like the name wrote a cheque the food couldn’t cash.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 409/15/2020

Doesn't the real thing have hashish in it? Maybe you should try that one OP. Or at least an edible.

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by Pass the Skittles!reply 509/15/2020

I had some in Istanbul, and it was not a delight.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 609/15/2020


by Pass the Skittles!reply 709/15/2020

So the overwhelming opinion is that "Turkish Delight" is false advertising from the responses.

Can any Turkish man on DL tell me what "Endreshe" is please? I want to know the English name of another flavor I will hate.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 809/15/2020

In Madonna's song Candy Shop, she's got Turkish delight.

Who wouldn't want Turkish delight from a 62 year old?

Her sugar is RAW!!!

by Pass the Skittles!reply 909/15/2020

Turkish Delight? I prefer Bonomo Turkish Taffy and chocolate covered Halavah sesame bars. YUM!

by Pass the Skittles!reply 1009/15/2020

I love it- I was so excited when I got to try it as I’m also a big narnia fan.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 1109/15/2020

If someone gave Turkish delight to me as a kid, and I knew then what I know now, I would be very sad. It would be like.... a punishment.

And R9, 🤢🤮

by Pass the Skittles!reply 1209/15/2020

OP, the children were sent away because of a war and there was rationing and people were finally fit - though understandably nervous. Children didn’t even have candy or good shoes. No, women who wanted candy had to suck off G.I.s and it was Hershey’s without almonds.

I agree that Lewis sold that shit hard in the book and I expected shit-my-pants ecstasy from Turkish Delight and it sucked. I tried it as an adult and I love it.

I’m thinking of passing out hard candies as pacifiers when people ask for money. I don’t know how Turkish Delight would go over. Crystallized ginger would be great, but the wrappers are awful and I don’t want to torture homeless people.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 1309/15/2020

[quote] Can any Turkish man on DL tell me what "Endreshe" is please?

It may be flower scented/tasting.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 1409/15/2020

Rose Geranium?

by Pass the Skittles!reply 1509/15/2020

R13 = Eustace Scrubb

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by Pass the Skittles!reply 1609/15/2020

[quote] I don’t want to torture homeless people

Yes you do. I know I do.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 1709/15/2020

Thank you R14 and R15. I should have guessed the flavor would be a fucking flower.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 1809/15/2020
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by Pass the Skittles!reply 1909/15/2020

Go watch the movie Turkish Delight with Rutger Hauer instead, it will titillate you more than the crappy dessert ever will.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 2009/15/2020

Is there sour Turkish Delight? Like Sour Patch Turkish Delight? Is that a thing? Should it be?

by Pass the Skittles!reply 2109/15/2020

The chocolate-covered kind is pretty good.

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by Pass the Skittles!reply 2209/15/2020

Turkey needs a new candy

by Pass the Skittles!reply 2309/15/2020

[quote] Turkey needs a new candy

Turkey needs a new name.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 2409/15/2020

R22, that looks disgusting.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 2509/15/2020

R25 you literally have me laughing out loud. Thank you.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 2609/15/2020

I was only aware of the chocolate-covered kind as a child which I thought was disgusting (it's the one that's always in the variety packs with the highest amount too, which sucks), and I couldn't understand why Edmund was so enamoured of it at the time. Plus, I've never been hugely into gelatine sweets. But I have to say when I was in Turkey I tried some proper lokum, and I really did enjoy the standard rose water flavoured one. Maybe it's an acquired taste, or something you grow into? I wouldn't choose it that often, mind you, but I do like it now.

R13's post made me think of that Laurie Anderson song: "I'm thinking back to when I was a child / way back to when I was a tot / when I was an embryo / A tiny speck, just a dot / when I was a Hershey bar in my father's back pocket."

by Pass the Skittles!reply 2709/15/2020

R27 I don't know if you're a gay man, but if you are, is it safe in Turkey being gay?

by Pass the Skittles!reply 2809/15/2020

Fucking disgusting flower flavored candy.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 2909/15/2020

Smelly jelly Of mediocre texture and Taste you jest

by Pass the Skittles!reply 3009/15/2020

Yep, am a gay man, R28. I was only there for about 9 days, so it's hard to say. This was in 2011. Turkey is secular and more open than other places, but I still felt this weird kind of "these topics are off limits" vibe, which was a bit constricting. However with the gay thing it was interesting. My friends who I was staying with made it a point of outing me to their Turkish friends, which I was pretty uncomfortable with, not knowing what to expect. The general feeling wasn't anything but curiosity though, in fact a few of them denied I could be gay because I was masculine and not a cross-dresser. The women wanted me to date them or their daughters. The idea seemed to be that gay=man who dresses as a woman and wants to be a woman basically. So I guess I'm glad that I opened up their mind a bit more to what gay means. And even now, years later, the Turkish men I met still write to me on my birthday and tell me "We love you and miss you".

Just my experience, anyway.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 3109/15/2020

^ Just to clarify, they are straight men - it just shows they really didn't seem to have any issues with it as far as remaining friends and caring about me, so...

by Pass the Skittles!reply 3209/15/2020

Interesting R31, although what kind of friends "out" you in a country where being gay could put you in physical danger? Maybe I'm missing some context or history here but why would your friends so casually disregard your safety?

by Pass the Skittles!reply 3309/15/2020

The same ones that loudly refer problem drinkers to you because you’re sober, R33

by Pass the Skittles!reply 3409/15/2020

I love properly made Turkish delight. It needs to contain lots of chopped walnuts and have real fruit juice like apricot or orange.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 3509/15/2020

Yeah, that was a bit weird, and as strong as I have been even in my own country with being openly gay, I felt quite nervous for a bit. The reason they did it is I think they thought they were helping me. When I went to Turkey, the girls there were throwing themselves at me, quite aggressively. A number of them wanted something romantic from me, and the mothers were getting in on it too, trying to set me up with their daughters. Finally my friends, who are Turkish but grew up in London just said: "Leave him alone, he's gay!" And that's when the conversation started. But there was no violence, or aggression or unhappiness about it. At the most, confusion, because I didn't look like what they thought a gay man looked like. Still, one of the girls did say to her friend afterwards: "I don't think you're right, I think he must like men AND women" and she still chased me a bit.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 3609/15/2020

R13, after you do it, PLEASE come start a thread on how passing hard candy to homeless people went over. You must!

by Pass the Skittles!reply 3709/15/2020

Hmmm, I guess that's more understandable R36. I thought they were maybe doing it because they thought it would be "funny" or something. Still.... you should pay them back and punish them by sending them some Turkish Delight. That'll show'em! Make it geranium flavored.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 3809/15/2020

I love Turkish Delight. But it's nothing like what I expected after reading Narnia. Most candy of that period - divinity, seafoam, pralines, pastilles - doesn't live up to the rather la-de-dah nomenclature.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 3909/15/2020

Turkey is becoming less and less secular under Trump’s mentor Erdogan.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 4009/15/2020

That's true R40. And interestingly, those Turkish people I met, judging from what I've seen them post online in the past few years HATE Erdogan.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 4109/15/2020

R41, same here. Several gay Turkish men have told me that they prefer the secular military, who used to control things behind the civilian governments, to come back into power.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 4209/15/2020

I like aplets and cotlets which are Turkish delight but flavored with apples and apricots respectively. The company has added more flavors in recent years, but they're too sweet for my taste. The blueberry is especially gross.

I didn't know they were Turkish delight when I was a child, and, so, when I read the Chronicles of Narnia, I imagined it to be much more luscious and tempting than the real thing. I would not sell out my family for such a relatively mediocre treat.

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by Pass the Skittles!reply 4309/15/2020

Turkish people can have a very confusing approach to homosexuality. I used to live in Haringey in London, which has a large Turkish community. The men are often sexually available, but they would be very offended if you said they were gay. Their idea of a homosexual is a transvestite bottom. A man who fucks men is a big shot.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 4409/15/2020

Yes R44! That was exactly the impression I got as well on what their idea of a homosexual is.

One of the guys I met whilst there did cling to me quite a bit, but I never knew what it was about because men there are also more physically affectionate on a friendship level anyway. But I do wish we'd been left alone for a bit so I could've found out a bit more... 😉

by Pass the Skittles!reply 4509/15/2020

I could have written OP's post. Read Narnia, begged my mom for Turkish Delight, tasted it, crashing disappointment.

As an adult, I like it, especially with nuts. But now it's free of expectations.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 4609/16/2020

Baklava and Turkish delight is good in Istanbul. All confiseries artisanales are best in the locality. This is important for few ingredient preparations - such as a pain au chocolate or Turkish delight. You can have the ingredients but the result is meh.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 4709/16/2020

The Babish was not a fan:

Offsite Link
by Pass the Skittles!reply 4809/16/2020

Chocolate covered Turkish Delight was one of my dad's favourites. I prefer the sugar coated cubes as in R1, lemon and rose are my favourites. One or two are just enough to satisfy a sweet craving.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 4909/16/2020

Am I the only one who thought that pic in OP's post was pornographic at first glance?

by Pass the Skittles!reply 5009/16/2020

[quote]Wtf is Endreshe? I Googled that shit and even Google is stumped!

I googled it, and came up with "Indrishe or lezetra ( Pelargonium roseum ) is a potted plant of the genus geranium and geranium with a strong, pleasant aroma. Its typical use in Bulgaria is as a spice for flavoring cakes and compotes."

(The Wiki link is in Bulgarian; use Google translate)

Offsite Link
by Pass the Skittles!reply 5109/16/2020


by Pass the Skittles!reply 5209/16/2020

When I first saw the OP's post, I thought he was referring to the Paul Verhoeven film.

Anyway, R20 is right.

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by Pass the Skittles!reply 5309/16/2020

I like it, but one thing I found very puzzling about it after a trip to Cyprus was that you could not bring it back in your hand luggage because it was classified as a liquid, which I thought was stupid.

I made it myself at home once and it was really difficult, and ended up not holding its shape at all.

Rose and Orange Blossom is a nice, subtle and unusual flavour. I don't really like the ones with nuts in it.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 5409/16/2020

I thought he was talking about the movie too. I saw it when I was in elementary school and remember there being a huge skank in it.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 5509/16/2020

Don’t like overly sweet food of any sort so some flavours of it I have tried in Istanbul, which were either delicate or nutty, I thought were great.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 5609/16/2020

LOVE IT! More for me, fat whores!

by Pass the Skittles!reply 5709/16/2020

When I was a kid and read the book, I always imagined Turkish Delight as something chocolately and luscious, like really good chocolate caramels.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 5809/16/2020

My midwestern American school sold Turkish Foot Candy one time. It as a big bomb.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 5909/16/2020

WTF is "Foot Candy," R59?

by Pass the Skittles!reply 6009/16/2020
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by Pass the Skittles!reply 6109/16/2020

Is that DL fave Tilda Swinton in the op?

by Pass the Skittles!reply 6209/16/2020

It’s like any other old-time candy that modern palates don’t enjoy. Like maple sugar candy. Violently sweet (Even for a modern kid) and raw-tasting. Oooh I hated that stuff.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 6309/16/2020

[quote]Is that DL fave Tilda Swinton in the op?

Obviously. From the shitty Narnia movies.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 6409/16/2020

It's something that kids who don't have readily available fast food and candy bars crave. The subtle sweetness and rarity of it made it special.

Now, we can get almost anything we want when we want it. So small things like unusual desserts have lost their magic. It's sad really. Wonder and anticipation have faded in the world.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 6509/16/2020

Mmmm. R64, isn't it true that 'Narnia' is to stories what 'Turkish Delight' is to candy?

by Pass the Skittles!reply 6609/16/2020

R65, in one of the Little House books, the kids were overjoyed to get a precious orange in their Christmas stockings! That amazed me as a kid, because we would get a crate of them shipped to us every winter and were pretty much required to eat them.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 6709/16/2020

Aplets and Cotlets used to be ubiquitous, but I don't recall having seen them too much lately (or maybe I just haven't been looking hard enough.)

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by Pass the Skittles!reply 6809/16/2020

The people who started Aplets and Cotlets were Armenian immigrants, so I guess it's understandable why they wouldn't call them Turkish Delights.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 6909/16/2020

[quote] I’m thinking of passing out hard candies as pacifiers when people ask for money. I don’t know how Turkish Delight would go over.

Just be sure when you pass it out, you say scornfully, "Turkish Delight for the little prince! HA!"

by Pass the Skittles!reply 7009/16/2020

[quote] [R65], in one of the Little House books, the kids were overjoyed to get a precious orange in their Christmas stockings!

Well, remember both how poor they were, and also how exotic an orange would be for them. In the 19th century it was hard to ship fruit from Florida or California to the Midwest.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 7109/16/2020

R51 : I.e. Rose Geranium.

Also used in Greek food.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 7209/16/2020

IMO, it’s sweet and lacking complexity. It’s probably made to eat with that really strong Turkish coffee. Some Japanese sweets are like that, made to be eaten with unsweetened matcha.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 7309/16/2020

OP Are you the American who comes abroad an asks the rest of us “why don’t you speak English?”

by Pass the Skittles!reply 7409/16/2020

I really dislike exotic sweets. Indian sweets are too much too.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 7509/16/2020

Has anyone ever tried Greek spoon sweets? My mother's side of the family is Greek, but I don't recall anyone ever making them.

Offsite Link
by Pass the Skittles!reply 7609/16/2020

They look lovely but too sweet for me, R76.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 7709/16/2020

[quote] Am I the only one who thought that pic in OP's post was pornographic at first glance?

It IS pornographic.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 7809/16/2020

[quote] The people who started Aplets and Cotlets were Armenian immigrants, so I guess it's understandable why they wouldn't call them Turkish Delights.

Much like it's understandable that we don't call it "genocide".

by Pass the Skittles!reply 7909/16/2020

So nasty. I’ve given it’s three chances now and it always disappoints

by Pass the Skittles!reply 8009/16/2020

R80 and now I'm picturing Darth Vader crushing a box in one vast gloved hand and snarling "You have disappointed me for the last time, Turkish Delight..."

by Pass the Skittles!reply 8109/16/2020

Turkish Delight (1973) is an excellent Dutch film starring a very young and hot Rutger Hauer. Erotic, lots of male and female nudity, hilarious, and sad. Nominated for the foreign language film Oscar. So glad I have the DVD!

by Pass the Skittles!reply 8209/16/2020

Didn’t that bitch Olga die at the end?

by Pass the Skittles!reply 83Last Thursday at 6:23 AM

Had some during a brief stay in Istanbul and it defines mediocre. The numerous coffee house/bakeries selling fresh baked baklava, however, is a very fond memory -- incredible. And needless to say, the fascinating [old] Istanbul Airport has mountains of Turkish Delight for sale. Along with an "evil eye" it's a ubiquitous souvenir to bring back from Turkey.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 84Last Thursday at 7:00 AM

I have my "evil eye" sitting on the bedside table next to me right now, haha. We were given them at a wedding I went to in Turkey. Many of my friends swear by them - Turks, Greeks, Italians, Maltese, Egyptians... so I figure it can't hurt!

by Pass the Skittles!reply 85Last Thursday at 7:03 AM

I thought it was just seafoam candy.

by Pass the Skittles!reply 86Last Thursday at 7:07 AM
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