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Husband Material Sets Guinness World Record

What does DL think of this 30 year-old Raleigh fireman and new record holder? He’s a 6’1” tall, former college hockey player from Chicago. When he’s not saving lives he works as a general contractor. Full of stamina!

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by Tony Woodard reply 1409/16/2020

I like him. I bet he can fuck like a jackrabbit.

by Tony Woodard reply 109/15/2020


by Tony Woodard reply 209/15/2020

If only there was an exercise to make your ears smaller.

by Tony Woodard reply 309/15/2020

Mamma like! This firefighter sets Mamma's mussy on fire! Take out your hose, fireman! Mamma needs a fire put out!

by Tony Woodard reply 409/15/2020

Some people have so much energy. I need nap from just sitting on my ass watching him.

by Tony Woodard reply 509/15/2020

Something about him makes me want to girls can fight it out!

by Tony Woodard reply 609/15/2020

He was cute until they interviewed him and we got a close-up of the face,

by Tony Woodard reply 709/15/2020

R7, I was okay with his face - it was more his tan/brown teeth and that winning personality (was he drugged when tapping)??

by Tony Woodard reply 809/15/2020

Total husband material. No doubt he dampens many a panty in Raleigh just by walking in the room.

If he let me lick his body from head to toe for a couple of months, I'd happily pay for his macrotia surgery.

Offsite Link
by Tony Woodard reply 909/15/2020

Not my type. Ferret face. Looks like he was free balling. Keep it up and his balls will be hanging at his ankles by age 35!

by Tony Woodard reply 1009/15/2020

OMG R10, you are right....but not safe to free ball jumping around. Or, maybe she is quite HUNG!

by Tony Woodard reply 1109/15/2020

Damn. Fine as fuck.

by Tony Woodard reply 1209/15/2020

Verifcatia of sizemeat?

His brothers are both nerdy hot, too.

by Tony Woodard reply 1309/15/2020

Is he gay? Or just a breeder eye candy?

by Tony Woodard reply 1409/16/2020
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