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Why does a pen not write on part of a paper until you scribble it on another part?

It is so frustrating!

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by +reply 27Last Thursday at 8:21 PM

That picture looks like a real life Boris.

by +reply 109/15/2020

I've asked myself this question a million times!

by +reply 209/15/2020

I HAVE asked this question a million times.

by +reply 309/15/2020

I want to meet the photo in OP's post

by +reply 409/15/2020

Defective ball on that pen.

by +reply 509/15/2020

The part of the ball that's exposed to the air is dried out. When you scribble, you roll the ball around and coat the ball with ink.

by +reply 609/15/2020

That sound reasonable, R6, except in practice, it's never just one scribble and it's fine. When you return to the old part of the paper again it may write only for a few seconds then you have to scribble on another part again. It seems to have more to do with the part of the paper/writing surface than the pen.

by +reply 709/15/2020

You’re using crap pens, OP

by +reply 809/15/2020

It’s also greese / fat / oil from your fingers on the paper, and there needs to be a lot more ink to have the pen write out something on these parts, and then that ties in with what r6 is saying.

by +reply 909/15/2020

OP, that's because your pen sucks. Get different ones.

by +reply 1009/15/2020

Fand ich auch.. w

by +reply 1109/15/2020

Ink dries, friction warms.

by +reply 1209/15/2020

The molecules must be in proper alignment.

by +reply 1309/15/2020

Finally, a DL thread of some consequence.

by +reply 1409/15/2020

Warum hast du auf Deutsch geantwortet?

by +reply 1509/15/2020

R15 I’m high, this was supposed to go into my WhatsApp.

by +reply 1609/15/2020

If you want to get rich, invent a new register receipt paper for restaurants that you can actually write on, ball primed or not.

by +reply 1709/15/2020

"I thought the pic would get people's attention."


by +reply 1809/15/2020

Just use a fountain pen.

by +reply 1909/15/2020

Does anyone remember the ritzy pen store from the 80s on Broadway near the WTC? All they sold were fountain pens and the really expensive kind that had you name or initials engraved on it.

I giggle when I think about someone opening up that type of store nowadays.

by +reply 2009/15/2020

I have this problem sometimes too and when it happens I use a pencil as backup.

by +reply 2109/15/2020

What are you quoting, R18?

by +reply 2209/15/2020

You have to flick your Bic.

by +reply 2309/15/2020

I always tell myself that it is due to some kind of wax coating that is on the paper. But in reality I know that I just stole very cheap pens from work.

by +reply 2409/15/2020

Try these Tul gel pens. I like the blue ones, medium point.

Offsite Link
by +reply 2509/15/2020

Use fountain pens and that won't happen again. Yes, you can still buy them (online). In fact, they're currently enjoying a renaissance.

Offsite Link
by +reply 2609/16/2020

vision elite uniball.

by +reply 27Last Thursday at 8:21 PM
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