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Trump’s Cult

Some not only drink the Kool-Aid, they ask for refills.

by Anonymousreply 509/15/2020

Funny, I've been thinking about this and have some thoughts to share. I live in a progressive area and know only one trump cult member. He's the relative of a friend who've I've met a few times over the years. Total loser. Dropped out of high school, got into drugs, hung with a bad crowd, heavy smoker, had a series of jobs without benefits or health insurance, developed a chronic illness and is now totally dependent of SSDI. Lives out of state now but asked to be my friend on Facebook a while back.

I accepted only because I felt sorry for him, he's not really a friend of mine but he was always personable when I'd see him at events.

Fast forward to recent years and he's become a trump supporter and periodically would send trump propaganda through Facebook Messenger. Mostly I'd ignore and delete but when the messages were particularly egregious I'd respond with links of factual articles written by scientists, scholars, and experts. I rarely post on FB at all and certainly not to him.

So it happened again this week, I assume he was pumped up by the convention. He's spouting crap that Biden will destroy America and other lies told at the RNC. I had enough and wrote back asking him to stop sending me trump crap, then I unfriended him. Somehow he was still able to respond on Facebook messenger and sent a new message to me and copying my friend and others. He said, "Stop sending me links about trump from fake news and MSNBC. They are lies."

So I blocked him but thought, "WTF?" I don't send links to him, only in response to the crap he sent me. Why did he copy my friend and the others? It's like he got a degree in lying and gaslighting from trump university. It's nuts! He's in the cult and totally delusional. Funny thing is that the people he copied all now think he's off the deep end and post progressive stuff on FB often.

Good riddance. It scares me though. There are so many like him. Totally ignorant older white male losers with grievances. He's too dumb to know that the repukes want to cut the programs that keep him alive and sheltered. Between the con men and the cult suckers I am deeply afraid for this country.

by Anonymousreply 108/29/2020

I have a close friend like that. He is really pumped up this week, and now he is essentially pre-bragging about his expectation Trump will win reelection.

by Anonymousreply 208/29/2020

Gross, R2. It's like they drank a freshly poisoned cup of Kool Aid.

I'be been binge watching murder shows on the ID Murder channel because they are so much cheerier than the news. I found an episode, part of the Guilty Rich series, about a trump supporter repuke Scott Rothstein from Florida who developed a huge fortune from a Ponzi schemed developed from his attorney practice representing rich men accused of sexual harassment.

There's a clip of him standing next to trump at a fundraiser for another repuke and trump, not yet fake prez, quips that Rothstein would make a good Attorney General.

The number of con men and grifters that trump knows in astronomical. They will have a hand with trying to steal the upcoming election. It makes me sick.

by Anonymousreply 308/29/2020

[quote]SCOOPLET: Trump's campaign, Republican National Committee, @ NRSC and other @ GOP committees have together taken money from 80+ people representing themselves — potentially in violation of federal law — as QAnon employees and the like.

Dave Levinthal

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 409/15/2020

The world is going to need massive deprogramming from QAnon. It's frightening that it is a very successful Russian psy op campaign that has really taken hold during the pandemic. I remember someone sending me a 5G tower video early on during the shutdown and, I admit, it was intriguing until it tried to paint 45 as a 'light bringer' and I totally snapped out of it Quick. When I got to face carvings and Pizzagate, I was laughing. People really think there is a Satanic cabal after everything we've gone through with the Satanic Panic of the 80's, McCarthyism and the Salem witch hunts? It's the same old shit repackaged for a new generation of gullibles.

by Anonymousreply 509/15/2020
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