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Let's be the City of Boston

I'm red brick!

Sometimes I am a row of elegant townhouses.

Sometimes I am the largest building at (fill int he blank) college.

Sometimes I am quaint paving cobble.

Sometimes I am a missile heaved through a window in a 1970s hate crime.

by I'm everywhere!reply 344Last Saturday at 5:43 PM

I am the deep, bone-penetrating glacial freeze.

In July, at a gay bar.

by I'm everywhere!reply 108/27/2020

I am the haughty brownstone facade of the Boston Atheneum.

We take education and refinement very seriously here.

Just not for you.

by I'm everywhere!reply 208/27/2020

I am the street grid of downtown Boston.

I was planned by six drunk guys chasing a chicken in 1644.

by I'm everywhere!reply 308/27/2020

I am the left tail fin of a 1959 Cadillac Sedan de Ville backing very slowly into your cannoli in the North End.

by I'm everywhere!reply 408/27/2020

I am the shittiest driving this side of Montreal.

by I'm everywhere!reply 508/27/2020

I’m overrated.

by I'm everywhere!reply 608/27/2020

I am the ridiculousness of the whole "pahk your cah in Harvahd Yahd" thing.

These is no parking anywhere in the greater Boston Metropolitan area.

Those things that look like parked cars? They are site-specific sculptures installed 25 years ago.

I'm certain of this.

by I'm everywhere!reply 708/27/2020

I'm the puffy, booze-bloated, red-faced Catholic priest.

by I'm everywhere!reply 808/27/2020

I'm the extraordinary asses of the Wahlberg brothers.

by I'm everywhere!reply 908/27/2020

Aye, R8, ya mean Father Paddy?

by I'm everywhere!reply 1008/27/2020

R10, yep -- with the roving hands.

by I'm everywhere!reply 1108/27/2020

I am the Twee, toadally orrganic Calliforrrnian visiting his loud, blue collah long-distance bf in Lynn, on the Noth Shah whom, he met at a Bear event in Puerto Vallarta.

When I ask the waitress if the lobsterrr is like rrilly, rrrilly frrree rrange, and locally sourced, she says: "Fuck you, you'll eat it. Prince Chahmin heya is payin for it, OK?".

The bf smirks at me and continues to not pronounce the letter 'R' where they belong, and yet strangely adds the 'R' where they don't belong ("idear", "sawr". etc..).

I am suffering from frostbite while he wears shorts ("shots") outside.

by I'm everywhere!reply 1208/27/2020

I am really overrated. There is nothing in me but hospitals and colleges. Even my colonial history is paltry. I am not beautiful. My natives are rubes. Don't bother with me.

by I'm everywhere!reply 1308/27/2020

My name is Bayonne, New Jersey

by I'm everywhere!reply 1408/27/2020

I'm Beacon Hill. Take for instance a bow-fronted townhouse of 7600 square feet overlooking the private gardens of Louisbourg Square, and more.

I was built only in 1890, one of three houses adjoining houses as a convent for cloistered Episcopal nuns. Posh nuns. It would have been nicer had I been built closer to the start of the 19thC, but so it goes. Architect Charles Bulfinch lived in Louisbourg Square, so did William Dean Howells, so did Louisa May Alcott who died here, Jenny Lind who never stayed anyplace long was married here, John Kerry owns a house here.

Louisbourg Square is lovely. Beacon Hill is lovely.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 1508/28/2020

I am Miss Helen Slingsby. I may have been a partial inspiration for "Eleanor Rigby".

Miss Helen Slingsby was my maiden aunt,

And lived in a small house near a fashionable square

Cared for by servants to the number of four.

Now when she died there was silence in heaven

And silence at her end of the street.

The shutters were drawn and the undertaker wiped his feet —

He was aware that this sort of thing had occurred before.

The dogs were handsomely provided for,

But shortly afterwards the parrot died too.

The Dresden clock continued ticking on the mantelpiece,

And the footman sat upon the dining-table

Holding the second housemaid on his knees —

Who had always been so careful while her mistress lived.

Louisburg Square has been suggested as the location of my residence.

by I'm everywhere!reply 1608/28/2020

I'm the Massholes on I-90.

by I'm everywhere!reply 1708/28/2020

I'm Boston Strong. But I wasn't.

by I'm everywhere!reply 1808/28/2020

I'm Santarpios. I'm what somehow passes for good pizza in this town.

by I'm everywhere!reply 1908/28/2020

I’m Boston Strong 💪 woohoo! The only city to overcome a domestic terrorist attack.

by I'm everywhere!reply 2008/28/2020

I’m the rats nibbling the plump toesies of r15’s posh nuns.

by I'm everywhere!reply 2108/28/2020

Boston is the wart-filled anus of the country.

by I'm everywhere!reply 2208/28/2020

[quote] I'm the Massholes on I-90.

No self-respecting Masshole refers to it as I-90. It's either The Mass Pike or The Pike.

Now go back to New Hampshire you inbred fucktard.

by I'm everywhere!reply 2308/28/2020

I’m Southie. The less said about me, the better.

by I'm everywhere!reply 2408/28/2020

We're the hundreds thousand college students who descend on the city every non-COVID year.

We can't drive for shit, especially when drunk, we take over large sections of the city and refer to the locals as "Townies" because few of us bother to learn enough about them to understand that "Massholes" is a more appropriate term.

by I'm everywhere!reply 2508/28/2020

I'm the throngs of poorly dressed tourists on Newbury Street.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 2608/28/2020

I’m Chickopee, on the outskirts of Boston. I have the best weed and more tourists visit me.

by I'm everywhere!reply 2708/28/2020

[quote]Now go back to New Hampshire you inbred fucktard.

That's COW Hampshire. And it's only good for skiing when Nashoba doesn't have snow cover.

by I'm everywhere!reply 2808/28/2020

I'm the Cocoanut Grove, site of the worst nightclub fire in US History. I'm the reason there are now outward-swinging doors next to any revolving door.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 2908/28/2020

I'm the reading room of the Boston Public Library.

At any given time, I'm comprised mainly of local university students studying, with some photo-snapping tourists and unwashed homeless tossed in to keep things interesting.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 3008/28/2020

I belong to Joe Kennedy III.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 3108/28/2020

I'm the shitty warmed over version of an average city in the UK

by I'm everywhere!reply 3208/28/2020

I blame all my problems on tourists and students.

by I'm everywhere!reply 3308/28/2020

I'm a concert at the Hatch Shell and a moonlit night

by I'm everywhere!reply 3408/28/2020

[quote]R360 I'm the reading room of the Boston Public Library.

I am called Bates Hall.

by I'm everywhere!reply 3508/28/2020

I'm the pedantic Bostonians on this thread.

by I'm everywhere!reply 3608/28/2020

I was the Combat Zone, an area of lower Washington Street where both straight and gay sex once thrived for years.

by I'm everywhere!reply 3708/28/2020

I'm taking your life in your hands every time you drive your car.

by I'm everywhere!reply 3808/28/2020

I'm the drunk college students staggering all over the place.

by I'm everywhere!reply 3908/28/2020

I am the racists—I mean, suburbanites—who have avoided me since the early sixties.

by I'm everywhere!reply 4008/28/2020

I'm Dunkin Donuts. To find me, turn left at the Dunkin Donuts, take the first exit on the rotary just past the Dunkin Donuts, and I'm on the right just across from the Dunkin Donuts.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 4108/28/2020

Most Boston thing ever then.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 4208/28/2020

I am R40, posting from the year 1983

by I'm everywhere!reply 4308/28/2020

I am the full set of Tiffany windows in the Arlington street church.

by I'm everywhere!reply 4408/28/2020

>>>When I ask the waitress if the lobsterrr is like rrilly, rrrilly frrree rrange, and locally sourced, she says: "Fuck you, you'll eat it. Prince Chahmin heya is payin for it, OK?

That is hilarious.

She would call it a lobstah.

by I'm everywhere!reply 4508/28/2020

r43, Nope. Lived there from 1999-2007.

by I'm everywhere!reply 4608/28/2020

I'm a depressed drunk Irish Catholic man who is married but having an affair

by I'm everywhere!reply 4708/28/2020

I am Santa's Village, formerly housed in the windows of Jordan Marsh, and now but a memory of eldergay Bostonians.

Along with Paragon Park, of which only the carrousel remains.

by I'm everywhere!reply 4808/28/2020

I am the Boston Public Gardens, probably the most beautiful park in the United States.

by I'm everywhere!reply 4908/28/2020

I'm the gay guy who moved into Southie in the late 80s when rents were cheap, and there was So. Much. Irish. Dick to be had. All ages, frequently cute and hung, too. Then they'd run back to their families in the triple deckers on E. 8th.

by I'm everywhere!reply 5008/28/2020

I am the parking for the harbor cruise that costs more than the harbor cruise itself.

I am the capital of "a liberal state that is open-minded enough to vote for a Republican governor" (as explained by a Bostonian to this poster)

I am listening as Deval Patrick claims in 2013 that "Massachusetts invented America." My response: "Boston Strong!" Rest of the country: "Hey, wait a minute..."

I am the woman in her 80s proudly stating that she has never been outside Massachusetts in her entire life.

I am all the cartographers who went blind designing maps of Boston.

I am the all-white church, coming up with every reason except the real one to not allow a Haitian congregation to rent space, even though we could really use the income. Now we're dying. Huh.

But I'm pretty in the springtime.

by I'm everywhere!reply 5108/28/2020

We’re all the tourists who came to drink at Cheers when the actual bar that inspired the TV show is The Bull and Finch Pub.

by I'm everywhere!reply 5208/28/2020

I'm a lawn chair marking a parking space laboriously dug out after a snowstorm.

Don't fuck with me.

by I'm everywhere!reply 5308/28/2020

I’m the saturation advertising from local chains Jordans Furniture and Bernie and Phyls, who showcase their local roots with the most grating accents imaginable.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 5408/28/2020

I'm Paul Newman in the Verdict

by I'm everywhere!reply 5508/28/2020

I'm James Mason from The Verdict.

by I'm everywhere!reply 5608/28/2020

R45, it would be “fuck you DEAH.” ;-)

by I'm everywhere!reply 5708/28/2020

R32, as luck would have it, I’m the lack of blasted industrial hellscapes, pinhead-skinhead ultraviolence, horrendous "nightclubs" full of pasty, gap-toothed trash, deep-fried lumps of sheep shit as food and row after soul-killing row of ugly buildings composed entirely of soot that make your UK friends’ claims complete horseshit, per usual.

by I'm everywhere!reply 5808/28/2020

I'm the raw egg in dipso Paul Newman's beer in The Verdict. I'm his daily food intake.

by I'm everywhere!reply 5908/28/2020

I’m the Watch & Ward Society

No filthy James Joyce, D.H. Lawrence or Vladimir Nabokov welcome!

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 6008/28/2020

"From 'Beantown' To 'The Hub,' How Did Boston Earn Its Nicknames?"

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 6108/28/2020

I’m Quin-z (not quint-see), wuhster (not wore-Chester) and Dead-em (not dead ham)

by I'm everywhere!reply 6208/28/2020

Weah from Dead-um

And no one could be prouda

And if you cannot heah us

We’ll yell a little LOUDAH.

by I'm everywhere!reply 6308/28/2020

I’m the cream pie. And I’m not referring to what the Parker House serves for dessert.

by I'm everywhere!reply 6408/28/2020

I'm a map. Maybe R62 would like to take a look at me.

by I'm everywhere!reply 6508/28/2020


Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 6608/28/2020

I am an Irish Catholic working-class middle-aged woman who lives here. My husband is either a member of the mob, or a cop.

I never forgive [italic]anyone[/italic] for anything! I feed off all of my life's many grudges.

by I'm everywhere!reply 6708/28/2020

You're not better than me.

by I'm everywhere!reply 6808/28/2020

[quote]When I ask the waitress if the lobsterrr is like rrilly, rrrilly frrree rrange, and locally sourced, she says: "Fuck you, you'll eat it. Prince Chahmin heya is payin for it, OK?".

That waitress is my heroine. Take that, pretentious California twit.

by I'm everywhere!reply 6908/28/2020

I am one of the few remaining Boston Brahmins, or (alternately) a wealthy gay man.

I [italic]am[/italic] better than you. Or at least I will try to force you to acknowledge that through every single thing I say or do.

by I'm everywhere!reply 7008/28/2020

I’m the elderly Storrow Drive bluestocking who sold my grandparents their ocean front summer house in Nahant for a song in 1940s... because my grandfather was tall and a good dancer.

Maybe he slept with her? All I know is he reportedly took her roses from the garden till the day she died.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 7108/28/2020

I am Scott Herman moving to Florida because I can no longer afford paying Taxachusetts state taxes on my gym or the glorified softcore gay porn that I have the nerve to call workout videos on YouTube.

by I'm everywhere!reply 7208/28/2020

I’m the collective gasp of grief whistling through town as Brooks Brothers goes belly up.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 7308/28/2020

We are a flock of birds flying south for the winter but not before we shit on the plaque that commemorates the site where once stood the Liberty Tree.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 7408/28/2020

Actually it was when the J Press store in Harvard Square shut down that all the preppies cried their eyes out.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 7508/28/2020

We’re Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton, respectively from Wellesley and Weston. We come into town for Robert Lowell’s poetry classes, then go get plastered together at the Ritz Bar.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 7608/28/2020

When I ask the waitress if the lobsterrr is like rrilly, rrrilly frrree rrange, and locally sourced, she says: "Why yes. It's taken right from polluted Boston Harbor. Is that local enough for you? It would be wrong to ship it in from pristine waters further up the coast."

by I'm everywhere!reply 7708/28/2020

What happened to J Press?

by I'm everywhere!reply 7808/28/2020

I am a sleek skyscraper by I.M. Pei with malfunctioning windows. Watch as I send approximately 120 panes of reflective glass tumbling into Copley Square.

by I'm everywhere!reply 7908/28/2020

I'm the cab driver who when we got into his cab failed to tell us we were just a few feet away from our requested destination.

Lucky I noticed the street sign.

So we got out before he took us for a runaround.

by I'm everywhere!reply 8008/28/2020

I am dry martinis and raw oysters at the Copley Plaza Hotel.

by I'm everywhere!reply 8108/28/2020

I’m the misnomer of City when I’m actually a big town with a few blocks of beautiful townhouses surrounded by suburbs. The bulk of me is filled with cheap, vinyl sided three decker shacks made for working class poor that now sell for obscene amounts of money - despite being butt ugly and having minimal public transport.

by I'm everywhere!reply 8208/28/2020

I'm the Ghost of Filene's Basement, wandering around the old graveyard in a filthy wedding dress.

by I'm everywhere!reply 8308/28/2020

I'm the rotary, laughing my ass off as I watch the small town tourists come to a dead stop as they try to figure out how to enter this circle from hell.

by I'm everywhere!reply 8408/28/2020

I'm the Howard Johnson's, serving up authentic Boston Baked Beans & Frank's, with a side of Authentic Boston Brown Bread fresh from the round tin can.*

*Available for purchase @ the register.

by I'm everywhere!reply 8508/28/2020

I am the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, location of one of the most exquisite collections of art in the world and also, alas, the location of one of the greatest robberies of aforementioned art.

Check out my indoor Venetian garden, bitches.

by I'm everywhere!reply 8608/28/2020

I am the Mapparium, a huge stained glass globe you can walk through. I was created so that, well, actually I was hoping you would tell me.

by I'm everywhere!reply 8708/28/2020

I am the Great Molasses Disaster.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 8808/28/2020

I am the Federal style. They started running me up in the 1790's and didn't stop until 1952.

I'm the Little Black Dress of American architecture.

by I'm everywhere!reply 8908/28/2020

I am the Boston Tea Party and the Psychedelic Circus.

Hands up, who remembers me?

by I'm everywhere!reply 9008/28/2020

I’m traffic.

by I'm everywhere!reply 9108/28/2020

I’m a Patriots fan. I didn’t even know that Boston had a football team until 2001, but now I’m a diehard fan. Except I might switch to the Bucs this year, not sure.

by I'm everywhere!reply 9208/28/2020

I am Pickman's model.

by I'm everywhere!reply 9308/28/2020

I am early American history, which is drummed into schoolchildren, including lots of field trips, to the point where every child, no matter his origins, thinks of it as his own.

by I'm everywhere!reply 9408/28/2020

I’m Kenmore Square.

by I'm everywhere!reply 9508/28/2020

I'm the straight guy who hates gays, but is in love with TOM BRADY

by I'm everywhere!reply 9608/28/2020

I’m that accent.

Yes, THAT accent.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 9708/28/2020

I'm the one and only parking space you will find on the street within a 2 mile radius.

by I'm everywhere!reply 9808/28/2020

This too is Massachusetts..

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 9908/28/2020

"I’m Chickopee, on the outskirts of Boston. I have the best weed and more tourists visit me."

Chickopee is almost 100 miles from Boston

by I'm everywhere!reply 10008/29/2020

Ohhh Beacon Hill! Love it, love it, looove it!

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 10108/29/2020

I'm the official video for Til Tuesday's big hit "Voices Carry" partially filmed on location in Boston.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 10208/29/2020

I'm Albert di Salvo, the Boston Strangler...or am I?

by I'm everywhere!reply 10308/29/2020


Some seventy-three or so years later when excavation work was being done for Boston's Big Dig a huge underground hill of molasses was discovered.

Having seeped underground after the flood of molasses the mass became one large sweet food source for Boston's famous rats. The thing was riddled through with tunnels and nests made by rats over the decades.

by I'm everywhere!reply 10408/29/2020

My mannah of speaking defines old Boston Brahmin.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 10508/29/2020

I'm Joanna Barnes doing my best Boston lockjaw accent as Gloria Upson in 1958 film "Auntie Mame"

Though can't figure out why my character has a Boston accent when she comes from Connecticut!

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 10608/29/2020

I’m the MFA, looking across the street at the Gardner and sniffing in disdain.

by I'm everywhere!reply 10708/29/2020

R100, It's also spelled Chicopee.

by I'm everywhere!reply 10808/29/2020

R106, Joanna Barnes was raised in Newton, MA.

by I'm everywhere!reply 10908/29/2020

I’m the cod.

by I'm everywhere!reply 11008/29/2020

I'm Cambridge. If people think Worcester and Chicopee are part of Boston, what chance have I got?

by I'm everywhere!reply 11108/29/2020

I'm a red brick. You will see more of me here than you could ever think possible.

by I'm everywhere!reply 11208/29/2020

Greetings, R112!

by I'm everywhere!reply 11308/29/2020

I'm Mike Dukakis, still living in Brookline and waiting by the phone for Joe Biden to call me for advice on running for POTUS.

by I'm everywhere!reply 11408/29/2020

[quote]R108 It's also spelled Chicopee.

Bitch, it’s also spelled chicka, chicka, chickabee.

by I'm everywhere!reply 11508/29/2020

R100 thank you, you beat me to it

by I'm everywhere!reply 11608/29/2020

I am the number four. In Boston, I’m pronounced with two syllables (even by educators) and sound like this: fo-wah.

by I'm everywhere!reply 11708/29/2020

“I could never live in a state that isn’t near the ocean” (even though I rarely leave my neighborhood long enough to see it).

“I’ll never travel west of the Mississippi. If I want to see national parks or historic sites, I’ll just look at pikchahs.” (The truth is, I’ll never travel west of Pittsfield.)

by I'm everywhere!reply 11808/29/2020

I am the Back Bay, a gob-smacking wedge of Victorian architecture evidently the largest such collection in the US. I contain precisely zero public places to sit down.

by I'm everywhere!reply 11908/29/2020

I am clam chowdah, and I taste great!

by I'm everywhere!reply 12008/29/2020

I'm Paul Revere, desperately trying to remember if it's "One if by land, two if by sea" or "Two if by land, one if by sea."

by I'm everywhere!reply 12108/29/2020

I'm the fried clam dinner special, with fries and cole slaw, every Friday night at The Howard Johnson's.

by I'm everywhere!reply 12208/29/2020

I'm the Citgo Sign. I'm an official city landmark.

by I'm everywhere!reply 12308/29/2020

R118 someone from Massachusetts would never say that; there are no historic sites west of the Mississippi.

by I'm everywhere!reply 12408/29/2020

I am John Singer Sargent's murals at the Boston Public Library. If you ever wondered whether Sargent was gay, look no further.

by I'm everywhere!reply 12508/29/2020

I’m the Boston Irish guy’s “sense of humor,” which is usually a string of cruel insults followed by a claim of innocence that I’m just “fuckin with ya.”

by I'm everywhere!reply 12608/29/2020

r124, ha, that's probably true. Let me rephrase it:

I am the arrogance.

by I'm everywhere!reply 12708/29/2020

I'm Boston's gay scene. I can be replicated in the safety of your own home by watching a tumbleweed bounce majestically through the tundra and muttering "fucking cunt" once it disappears.

by I'm everywhere!reply 12808/29/2020

I am Henry Hobson Richardson's Trinity Church, a mass of fire and music. Not unlike an architectural Eve Harrington.

by I'm everywhere!reply 12908/29/2020

Welcome to stuffy old Boston, The home of the bean and the cod. Where Cabots talk only to Lowells - and Lowells talk only to God.

by I'm everywhere!reply 13008/29/2020

R122, There was also the Wednesday "all you can eat" fish fry special.

by I'm everywhere!reply 13108/29/2020

We are the eight most recent candidates from Massachusetts who ran for POTUS and failed.

Ted Kennedy - 1980

Michael Dukakis - 1988

John Kerry - 2004

Mitt Romney - 2012

Deval Patrick - 2020

William Weld - 2020

Seth Moulton - 2020

Elizabeth Warren - 2020

by I'm everywhere!reply 13208/29/2020

I’m Bickford’s

by I'm everywhere!reply 13308/29/2020

I’m Worcester. I am to Boston what Riverside is to Los Angeles.

by I'm everywhere!reply 13408/29/2020

I’m the guy dressed as Paul Revere who rides a horse up Mass. Ave every Patriot’s Day

by I'm everywhere!reply 13508/29/2020

R15: You neglected to mention that if you buy that place, John and Theresa Heinz Kerry will be your nextdoor neighbors in the house with the flag.

by I'm everywhere!reply 13608/29/2020

R124 Fuck the Mississippi. There are no historic sites west of Dedham.

by I'm everywhere!reply 13708/29/2020

R90: All too well.

by I'm everywhere!reply 13808/29/2020

I’m the turtlenecks + sweater look favored by women of a certain age.

by I'm everywhere!reply 13908/29/2020

R136, When they moved in, the Kerrys had the fire hydrant in front of their house removed.

by I'm everywhere!reply 14008/29/2020

I'm a typical downtown pedestrian. I don't give a shit if the traffic light is red, yellow or green, or if a vehicle is in the middle of a turn, because I want to cross the street now, and not a second later.

Oh, and I also don't care if I'm not near a crosswalk, either. I will cross, when and where I please, cars or no cars.

by I'm everywhere!reply 14108/29/2020

R135 I’m the French Consul who has to dress up as Lafayette and get my ass out to Lexington by 7 am on Patriots Day for the re-enactors.

by I'm everywhere!reply 14208/29/2020

I am JACQUES, the infamous Bay Village bar. The neighbors have been trying for 40yrs to have me ejected . But nothing held up in court.

And, I'M STILL HERE. bitches.

by I'm everywhere!reply 14308/29/2020

I am Joe Kennedy III -- running for senator!

by I'm everywhere!reply 14408/29/2020

I'm the North End, home to about 55 restaurants in a four-block radius. It's impossible to park inside of me!!

by I'm everywhere!reply 14508/29/2020

I am Faneuil Hall. My whole belly clams are delicious!

by I'm everywhere!reply 14608/29/2020

I'm the Boston Beguine!

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 14708/29/2020

I am this infectiously catchy promo for WCVB

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 14808/29/2020

R145, You can cut that 55 in half due to closures since COVID-19.

by I'm everywhere!reply 14908/29/2020

I'm the Sunflower House at the corner of River and Mt. Vernon Streets in Beacon Hill. I am one of the earliest Aesthetic Movement houses in the country and was admired by Oliver Wendell Holmes and Oscar Wilde.

by I'm everywhere!reply 15008/29/2020

I’m Charlie. I’m still riding the MTA after all these years.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 15108/29/2020

I'm the rats! We Boston rats put New York City's in the shade.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 15208/29/2020

I’m Star Market, the advertisement for which, which I first heard in the rental as I drove down the Pike, in the snow, on the wrong side of the road, did my jet lagged head in as it sounded just like home: “Stah Mahket”.

by I'm everywhere!reply 15308/29/2020

I'm a frappe.

Everywhere else you'll know me as a milkshake.

(I'm pronounced 'frap', by the way)

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 15408/29/2020

“Frappe” is as much a mystery to young Bostonians as it always was to the rest of the country. But I was happy to find a carton of Brigham’s peppahmint ice cream at what used to be the Stah last week. In summah!

by I'm everywhere!reply 15508/30/2020

I think a frappe has more ice cream in it than a milkshake, is served in a bigger glass, and it costs more.

If memory serves...

by I'm everywhere!reply 15608/30/2020

I’m the long gone Safari Club, like having sex in an office park. If you were cute enough they’d put you in the mirrored room that I’m pretty sure had cameras recording behind them.

by I'm everywhere!reply 15708/30/2020

I'm the Sumnah Tunnel. Good luck getting outta me at rush hour.

by I'm everywhere!reply 15808/30/2020

I'm Mindy Kaling, Conan O'Brien, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, John Krasinski, Chris Evans, Amy Poehler, and Rachel Dratch.

by I'm everywhere!reply 15908/30/2020

I'm Mass Ave. I'm hard to rhyme.

by I'm everywhere!reply 16008/30/2020

I'm the tourist in a T station trying to figure out what in bound and out bound mean.

by I'm everywhere!reply 16108/30/2020

I'm Acorn street, the loveliest street in America.

I lived in Boston in the 90s and visit about every 5 years. It has some drawbacks, but honestly it is one of the most beautiful American cities. To the person posting about no parks in the back bay - do you even know Boston? There's Copyley Square, there is the Fens behind Kenmore, there is the Public Garden (which is gorgeous) and of course, the massive Charles River esplanade which runs behind the entire back bay. Walk your lazy ass across the bridge to miles of beautiful, green park space.

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by I'm everywhere!reply 16208/30/2020

I’m Philadelphia, bigger, more Colonial architecture, less pretension - and an actual city vs a big town. I may be poorer financially but I’m much richer in most other ways that make living much easier.

by I'm everywhere!reply 16308/30/2020

I’m the famous Jordan Marsh blueberry muffins

by I'm everywhere!reply 16408/30/2020

I'm the pair of Manolo Blahniks that SJP left behind in her Colonial Theatre dressing room when Plaza Suite previewed there last February.

by I'm everywhere!reply 16508/30/2020

I’m Prudence Goodewyfe sneaking a wee dram of Barbadian rum.

by I'm everywhere!reply 16608/30/2020

I am "Sweet Caroline." How did I even get here?

by I'm everywhere!reply 16708/30/2020

I am "Dominick the Donkey." I'm heard everywhere during the holidays.

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by I'm everywhere!reply 16808/30/2020

I'm the much missed Romagnoli's Table in Faneuil Hall. And The Napoleon Club too They had a fabulous pianist there, Jack, who had studied under Dorothea Freitag, Broadway legend. Jack had a real Broadway 20s/30s style to his piano playing.

I'm the much missed men's rooms on the second and third floors of the Back Bay Sheraton.

by I'm everywhere!reply 16908/30/2020

I'm nice weather. I visit Boston once or twice a year, if they're lucky.

by I'm everywhere!reply 17008/30/2020

I'm the aroma of the FIlene's stop on the T.

by I'm everywhere!reply 17108/30/2020

I’m the Green Line

by I'm everywhere!reply 17208/30/2020

Green Line of vomit at Packard's Corner on a Saturday night?

by I'm everywhere!reply 17308/30/2020

R162 The jewel of Boston's park system, known as the Emerald Necklace, was laid out by Frederick Law Olmstead and stretches for miles, from the Boston Common and it's twin across Charles Street, the Public Gardens (where we were married next to the Ether Monument), then down the Commonwealth Avenue Mall for the length of the Back Bay - with plenty of places to sit as it's about a mile long and which is paralleled by the Esplanade along the Boston side and an equally large greenbelt along the Cambridge side of the Charles River, each stretching two to three miles of riverfront. The mall meets the Riverway and then the Fenway (the park, not the baseball stadium nearby and still cruisey after all these years) in Kenmore Square and connects through the Medical Area to the Jamaica Way which ends at Jamaica Pond and then the Arnold Arboretum. Not counting the Arboretum (281 acres), the Emerald Necklace consists of more than 1100 acres through the middle of the city and along Boston's border with Brookline. And there are plenty of other stand-alone parks; the Greenway along the waterfront downtown, the playing fields along the Charles by Mass General, Castle Island, the parks along the Neponset River in Dorchester or the beaches in East Boston, South Boston, and the Seaport District and Harbor Island parks.

In fact, everyone in Boston lives with a 10 minute walk of a public park and the parks total 17% of the city's land area, almost double the national average.

Anyone who says there are no parks hasn't been to Boston.

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by I'm everywhere!reply 17408/30/2020

R169 Before Jack (1960's - early 70's) there was Marie, who'd been a Ziegfeld girl in her distant youth. She was her late 70's when I knew her. I never got carded and seldom paid for a drink there when I was 17, and I had a decent baritone voice. I worked for Blue Cross/Blue Shield in high school and college and I'd do her Medicare claims for her.

When Marie died, her family was blown away by the crowd at her wake. The line outside Lawler's was at least 1000 feet down the street and the floral displays were incredible. Marie was a friend to the end: I ended up tricking with and then dating a cutie from Hanscom AF Base I met while waiting to get in.

by I'm everywhere!reply 17508/30/2020

I was (because I am no longer) Henry Ferrini, aka Sylvia Sidney, aka "The Mess in a Dress," aka "The Bitch of Boston" and possibly the worst drag queen in the world back in the day.

But we loved her, although God knows it wasn't for her talent or the blowjobs she allegedly gave with her teeth in her hand.

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by I'm everywhere!reply 17608/30/2020

I am the dialogue in “The Departed “. I am really hard to follow because of these awful Boston accents.

by I'm everywhere!reply 17708/30/2020

R157, where was the Safari Club? I went there drunk one night with a friend but couldn't remember where it was. The location is the only thing I don't remember from that night. Oh boy! Now that was a fun night.

R169, I remember Jack who by the time I came along was usually there during happy hour, not working evenings any longer (I think). He did a remarkable song that he said no one ever remembered but it deserved to be so. That was a remarkable bar, and it seems like something from the Stone Age now.

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by I'm everywhere!reply 17808/30/2020

R178 The Safari Club, aka The Dark Continent, was on Wareham Street in the South End between Albany Street and Harrison Ave near what was then Boston City Hospital (now Boston Medical Center) and the old wholesale flower market near the South East Expressway.

by I'm everywhere!reply 17908/30/2020

Thanks R179. I just looked it up on the map and I just now remember it being near the flower market.

by I'm everywhere!reply 18008/30/2020

I'm the dated wardrobe of the locals. Don't you dare try to come between me and my bootcut jeans, brown leather grommet belt, baseball cap, polar fleece vest, zip-off shorts, Old Navy knit beanie and Birkenstocks slip-on clogs.

by I'm everywhere!reply 18108/30/2020

I'm the dated wardrobe of the locals. Don't you dare try to come between me and my bootcut jeans, brown leather grommet belt, baseball cap, polar fleece vest, zip-off shorts, Old Navy knit beanie and Birkenstocks slip-on clogs.

by I'm everywhere!reply 18208/30/2020

R181, Not just dated: shitty. Among the breeders, it's said that a man wearing a Red Sox cap considers himself well-dressed for a night out.

It's true: people don't give a shit what they wear here. I'm from Boston and remember being blown away the first time I went to Chicago: people dressed up there just to go work and shopping.

by I'm everywhere!reply 18308/30/2020

I am Dave Roberts, currently manager of the L.A. Dodgers, and I will never have to pay for another drink in Boston again.

by I'm everywhere!reply 18408/30/2020

R183, it transcends all socioeconomic backgrounds. Everybody there is stuck on 2002's casual favorites.

by I'm everywhere!reply 18508/30/2020

I am 234 Berkely Street, at the corner of Newbury. I was once the Museum of Natural History, then I bacame Bonwit Teller, then Louis Boston. I think I'm now Restoration Hardware (?)

[quote]This classical French Academic-style building was designed in 1862 by architect William G. Preston as the new home of the Boston Society for Natural History, which had been founded in 1830. In the 1860’s, many of Boston’s cultural institutions relocated here to the Back Bay, the elegant residential district being built on the tidal marshes behind the city. When the museum moved here in 1863, the new building dominated the western edge of the landfill. The classical design reflected its role as a “temple of learning.”

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by I'm everywhere!reply 18608/30/2020

I'm the twenty year old wicked good slippers ordered from L.L. Bean.

by I'm everywhere!reply 18708/30/2020

That would be wicked pissah, R187.

by I'm everywhere!reply 18808/30/2020

Thanks for getting it, random upvoter.

(I'm starting to feel like the youngest person here...and I'm middle-aged. This place is really going to be a ghost town in 10-15 years.)

by I'm everywhere!reply 18908/31/2020

I'm a shady bar in Allston. My floors are sticky, my lighting is dim, and I wish I were Great Scott but I'm not!

by I'm everywhere!reply 19008/31/2020

I'm the Pilgrim Theater in the heart of the Combat Zone.

Unfortunately, I was demolished in 1996, but what went on inside me was memorable.

by I'm everywhere!reply 19108/31/2020


by I'm everywhere!reply 19208/31/2020

R191 I remember attending a Drag Brunch at Club Cafe and then my friend George (Gina) and I went to the Pilgrim after being thrown out of the Glass Slipper bt the angry Thai ladyboys that were working the room.

A guy at the theater said to my friend, “You have nice lips, Gina”.

I died laughing and it was so much fun.

by I'm everywhere!reply 19308/31/2020

R183, then Boston seems like a cool place to me dude

by I'm everywhere!reply 19408/31/2020

I’m R58 and I am TRIGGAHD.

by I'm everywhere!reply 19508/31/2020

I’m the housewives.

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by I'm everywhere!reply 19608/31/2020

R191 Not least the event that finally led to the Pilgrim's demolition - the cleaners found a priest dead in the balcony with his pants down around his ankles. And that was by no means the most memorable thing that happened there. Partly it was HIV that closed the place but it was real estate as well: the site was too valuable when they condo-ized lower Washington Street, aka the Combat Zone.

It was once a huge burlesque house seating 2500 people and even towards the end, when parts of it had been closed off, it was monstrous inside. I remember one of the first times I went there. After I walked in and my eyes adjusted to the dark, I walked down one of the side aisles until I came to two guys seated in one of the cross aisles going at it with one bouncing - noisily and enthusiastically - up and down on the gigantic dick of the other. It was about as big as my arm from the elbow to the wrist and they really seemed to be enjoying themselves, as one does, I guess. The rest of the orchestra was populated by maybe a dozen pairs of guys going at it, and under the boxes on the other side of the theater was a clusterfuck involving six or seven people. I thought "Hmmm, busy night" and went downstairs to the mensroom where an elderly watersports aficionado was kneeling, naked, in one of those enormous old porcelain urinals about the size of a coffin waiting to be sprayed. There were also two or three other groupings in the booths and at the other urinals sucking and fucking each other out in the open.

I went back upstairs and stood in the back of the orchestra where I was watching a pretty hunky looking guy on the floor asking people to trample him when I lit a cigarette. Almost instantly, someone who worked for the theater ran over to me and told me I couldn't smoke.

by I'm everywhere!reply 19708/31/2020

I’m The 1270.

[quote] During its heyday the 1270 was a multi-storied (plus roof deck) nightspot that aimed to please everyone's clubbing tastes. On one level you'd find a jazz vocalist singing standards; go upstairs and there was a cruise bar; continue up and you'd find the glam rockers dancing to punk; up again and there would be disco filled with mostly gay men; and up once more onto the roof deck that served food and a views of Fenway Park. It was unique -- a club that aimed to please the diversity of the emerging gay population in the city at the time; and something we'd likely never see again in our club-phobic age

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by I'm everywhere!reply 19808/31/2020

Not being from Boston, nor around when place existed (in heyday or afterwards), had to look it up.

Pilgrim Theatre sounds like a few places found in parts of NYC, SF and many other old urban areas.

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by I'm everywhere!reply 19908/31/2020

I’m shocked a place like Pilgrim Theater existed in Boston. Such an uptight city. Seems more like Philly.

by I'm everywhere!reply 20008/31/2020

Combat Zone, Boston sounds a bit like old Times Square in NYC.

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by I'm everywhere!reply 20108/31/2020

That's what Boston would like to give out; but as song "Boston Beguine" parodies, the place was like everywhere else; if one knew where to look....

Boston Beguine - Harnick M. Sheldon

Tropical nights, Orchids in bloom, sultry perfume, Intrigues and dangers, with passionate strangers, I've seen it all, as I recall. I met him in Boston, in the native quarter, He was from Harvard, just across the border It was a magical night, with romance everywhere There was something in the air, There always is in Boston We went to the Casbah, that's an Irish bar there The underground hideout of the D.A.R. there Something inside of me said, "Watch your heart mad'moiselle" And it might be just a s well to watch you purse in Boston. We danced in a trance, and I dreamed of romance Till the strings of my heart seemed to be knotted And even the palms seemed to be potted. The BOSTON BEGUINE was casting it's spell And I was drunk with love. and cheap muscatel. We walked to the Commons, that's a pretty park there, As I remember, it was pretty dark there. In this exotic locale, by a silver lagoon, Underneath a voodoo moon, we fell asleep in Boston! That was the story of my one romance there! Our dream of adventure didn't stand a chance there! How could we hope to enjoy all the pleasures ahead, When all the books we should have read Were all suppressed in Boston! Exotic Boston, Land of the Free Home of the brave, home of the Red Sox Home of the bean, and home Of the BOSTON BEGUINE

by I'm everywhere!reply 20208/31/2020

I'm a Boston marriage, which isn't what people think; well not at first anyway.

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by I'm everywhere!reply 20308/31/2020

I am The Other Side.

by I'm everywhere!reply 20408/31/2020

I’m the airport, the Kai-Tak of New England.

by I'm everywhere!reply 20508/31/2020

I am the Bee Gee, going back to Massachusetts.

by I'm everywhere!reply 20609/01/2020

I’m The Bee Gees song "(The Lights Went Out In) Massachusetts". The Bee Gees had never actually been to Massachusetts when they wrote me; they just liked the sound of the name.

Nobody in Massachusetts who grew up there has ever heard of me, because none of the local radio stations play it.

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by I'm everywhere!reply 20709/01/2020

I'm WBGH-TV, the local PBS station in Boston. We still feature the BeeGees concerts in our pledge drive several times a year, and those Bostonians cat get enough.

by I'm everywhere!reply 20809/01/2020

I am Boston City Hall, I am an example of ugly concrete Brutalist architecture. Philadelphia City Hall is so much nicer.

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by I'm everywhere!reply 20909/01/2020

I am Old Boston City Hall, a block away from new City Hall and every inch as nice as the one in Philadelphia, thank you.

by I'm everywhere!reply 21009/01/2020

I am the Ayer Mansion, one of only a handful of completely intact Louis Comfort Tiffany designs and the only surviving one where he had a hand in the exterior. I am occasionally open for tours and am owned by a sinister affiliate of Opus Dei.

by I'm everywhere!reply 21109/01/2020

I’m the bubbler.

by I'm everywhere!reply 21209/01/2020

I am “Make Way for Ducklings”

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by I'm everywhere!reply 21309/01/2020

I'm Kelly's Roast Beef in Revere!

by I'm everywhere!reply 21409/01/2020

R209 I’m Scollay Square and the Old Howard Theater. I was torn down to make way for that monstrosity. My stage saw performances from John Wilkes Booth to Fanny Brice to Gypsy Rose Lee. Shakespeare to Burlesque. I saw it all.

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by I'm everywhere!reply 21509/01/2020

I’m Dorothy Faye Dunaway, throwing salads and slapping stagehands at the Huntington Theater.

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by I'm everywhere!reply 21609/01/2020

I’m our momentary, three-weeks-long-only summers.

by I'm everywhere!reply 21709/01/2020

Clearly R217 hasn't been here for a while: we've had a gorgeous summer. It's difficult to enjoy thanks to the pandemic. If not for Covid-19 it would have been wonderful.

by I'm everywhere!reply 21809/02/2020

I’m Boston Harbor. In the Seventies and Eighties I was filthy, brown, and filled with jellyfish. Now after decades of restoration, my water is so clean and clear the fish have returned and people are even allowed to eat them!

by I'm everywhere!reply 21909/02/2020

Poor Philadelphia. So insecure.

by I'm everywhere!reply 22009/02/2020

R210: The old one on School Street across from the Parker House is even better - do they have a Ruth's Chris in Philadelphia's City Hall? I didn't think so.

At least Philadelphia had the good sense to name the street it's on after a Bostonian...

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by I'm everywhere!reply 22109/02/2020

[quote] Poor Philadelphia. So insecure.

Philadelphia had two grand department stores, John Wanamaker and Strawbridge & Clothier. Boston had Filene's and Jordan Marsh, which were perfectly respectable, but neither one could be considered particularly 'grand'.

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by I'm everywhere!reply 22209/02/2020

Your desperation is unbecoming, Philadelphia.

by I'm everywhere!reply 22309/02/2020

Perhaps as a consequence, R222, Boston has had a Saks Fifth Avenue and a Neiman-Marcus downtown - not in some mall in King of Prussia or Bala Cynwyd - for years.

by I'm everywhere!reply 22409/02/2020

I’m Katie Gibbs (the Katharine Gibbs School) on Beacon Street. The impoverished heroine of SCRUPLES takes secretarial courses at me, then quickly marries her rich old boss once she’s placed at a job.

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by I'm everywhere!reply 22509/02/2020

I’m Boston adjacent Ruth Gordon (from Quincy)

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by I'm everywhere!reply 22609/02/2020

I'm the houses that Ruth Gordon lived in that are all still there in Wollaston. I'm also Billy De Wolfe who grew up around the corner, though Gordon was a good ten years older.

by I'm everywhere!reply 22709/02/2020

Oh, oh! Don’t forget me!

I was practically Quincy Royalty, because my dad owned Remick’s Department Store.

AND Stephen Sondheim wanted to marry me.


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by I'm everywhere!reply 22809/02/2020

R228, Oh yeah, and JFK fucked me.

by I'm everywhere!reply 22909/02/2020

The bubblah, r12

by I'm everywhere!reply 23009/02/2020

I'm the first subway in North America.

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by I'm everywhere!reply 23109/02/2020

R231 The Boylston stop still looks like that.

by I'm everywhere!reply 23209/02/2020

🦈 I'm JAWS.

C'mon in bitch, the water's fine !

by I'm everywhere!reply 23309/02/2020

Boston's old city hall is so tiny compared to Philadelphia's.

by I'm everywhere!reply 23409/02/2020

I’m the Charles River. I had a song written about me. Love that dirty water...Boston you’re my home.

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by I'm everywhere!reply 23509/02/2020

Yeah but Boston's Dior boutique is in a mall, R224.

by I'm everywhere!reply 23609/02/2020

The Dior boutique is hardly a department store.

by I'm everywhere!reply 23709/02/2020

Yes but aren't luxury boutiques in malls tacky and suburban.

by I'm everywhere!reply 23809/02/2020

Didn't look through all the comments but, i loved the amazing bakeries, the world class aquarium (at that time) , the market, the seashore, museum, and always loved a regional accent plus tons of Dunkin Donuts every damn-where and all the round-abouts. I had a good time the three times i visited. When I was there, they were doing the Big Dig, which was pretty interesting. charming in it's own way, i know it had some real issues though....a rough city in many ways. i'd never live there but i really enjoyed my visits. combined it in some visits with whale watching and Plymouth Plantation. It's really its own place.

by I'm everywhere!reply 23909/02/2020

Forgot to mention i witnessed the best Fourth of July over the Charles River with the Boston Pops playing, i fully admit it brought me to tears. And i wasn't even with someone i remotely care was amazing.

by I'm everywhere!reply 24009/02/2020

I'm Charles Laquidara on WBCN radio.

by I'm everywhere!reply 24109/02/2020

I'm a T pass. I'm officially known as a CharlieCard, which proves the MBTA has a sense of humor.

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by I'm everywhere!reply 24209/03/2020

I'm the sultry cheesemonger at Formaggio Kitchen!! You all know me. I'm a DL legend!

by I'm everywhere!reply 24309/03/2020

I'm Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts. You wish you could afford me!

by I'm everywhere!reply 24409/03/2020

I'm Somerville, MA. Ditto.

by I'm everywhere!reply 24509/03/2020

Slumma-vile, no thank you.

by I'm everywhere!reply 24609/03/2020

I'm those long faded red, white, and blue footprints to guide you through the city for a walking tour during the Bicentennial Celebration.

by I'm everywhere!reply 24709/03/2020

I’m Jack. Not some faakin’ piano player upthread but the bitchy, soulless owner and bartender at The Eagle. I used to be able to scream at a hundred of you silly faggots a night, but now only 4 or 5 ever come in.

by I'm everywhere!reply 24809/03/2020

I'm Kim and I do PSAs, telling you what you can expect in Boston, sort of...

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by I'm everywhere!reply 24909/04/2020

I am Park Square, a gritty neighborhood between Boyleston and Columbus across from the Public Garden. I was ripped down in the 80s.- no more: Playboy Club, The Hillbilly Ranch Skipper's (male hustler bar) , Greyhound and Trailways bus stations and the old Howard Johnsons 57. I was replaced with The Four Seasons Hotel, The Heritage Condos, and fancy retail like Hermes and La Perla. And fat Lydia Shire's restaurants BIBA and PIGNOLI.

by I'm everywhere!reply 25009/17/2020

I'm colleges and universities; I'm everywhere, I'm everywhere!

by I'm everywhere!reply 25109/17/2020

I'm Aaron Hernandez's used jockstrap up for auction on eBay.

by I'm everywhere!reply 25209/17/2020

I'm the gay tourist only in town long enough to get off the plane, shudder at the jankyass nature of the airport, then take the free (but also jankyass) shuttle bus to the harbor, then wait in line to take the ferry to P-Town.

by I'm everywhere!reply 25309/17/2020

You would have loved the old days (70's) when Provincetown - Boston Airways was in Logan's Terminal A, then Eastern's, where the Air Shuttle emplaned and deplaned.

On weekends, PBA had "Champagne and Quiche" service on the DC-3, the only one they owned. All the NYC queens would be running, screaming, from one plane to the other.

by I'm everywhere!reply 25409/17/2020

I'm New Edition (Ronnie DeVoe, Michael Bivins, Ricky Bell, Ralph Tresvant, Bobby Brown) - an example of famous black people from Boston.

We're from Roxbury, which I assume is gentrified at least partially now.

Do we have a specific Boston black accent?

by I'm everywhere!reply 25509/17/2020

I am the well known South End/Dorchester restaurateur who regularly invites his cuter male servers to join him and his partner in drug enhanced sex sessions.

by I'm everywhere!reply 25609/17/2020

I’m the hatred of New York.

by I'm everywhere!reply 25709/18/2020

R256 at what restaurant of yours might I have eaten?

by I'm everywhere!reply 25809/18/2020

I’m the belligerent rudeness spewing from millions of thuggish assholes.

by I'm everywhere!reply 25909/18/2020

R258, B. C.

by I'm everywhere!reply 26009/18/2020

I’m the historic stuff that really isn’t very interesting. Like this grave of Robert lash, a member of the Sons of Liberty, participant in the Boston Tea Party, and friend of Paul Revere. It’s in the crypt under Old North Church, immortalized in the Longfellow poem that begins, [italic] “One if by land, two if by sea...” [/italic]

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by I'm everywhere!reply 26109/18/2020

I am the golden dome of the State House, floating like the perfect, luminous tit of some triumphant Roman goddess over the roofs of Beacon Hill.

by I'm everywhere!reply 26209/18/2020

I'm me, always forgetting that the capital of Massachusetts is Boston. It seems too obvious.

by I'm everywhere!reply 26309/18/2020

[quote] R239: ... When I was there, they were doing the Big Dig ...

I’m the Big Dig. I built a tunnel under Boston Harbor to facilitate access to the airport, which is really convenient. I also built another tunnel under the city. Then disassembled the old traffic bridge that ran through the city and replaced it with a park. I also upgraded al the telcom equipment in the business district, and the 100 year old pipes. Basically I dragged Boston into the 21st century.

At the same time, I was upgrading the water & sewage system to clean up the famously dirty water.

by I'm everywhere!reply 26409/18/2020

The Big Dig was a fascinating infrastructure/public works project. A royal pain for Boston during the process - and of course way over budget and off schedule as these things always are. But definitely worth it given all the benefits you've summarized.

by I'm everywhere!reply 26509/18/2020

I’m the Irish social clubs. You wonder what i look like inside. Say hello to your mother for me.

by I'm everywhere!reply 26609/18/2020

We haven't recovered from forced busing in the South End.

by I'm everywhere!reply 26709/18/2020

Still mourning the loss of S.S. Pierce.

by I'm everywhere!reply 26809/18/2020

I'm a cockroach and I am everywhere. Get the fuck otta my way.

by I'm everywhere!reply 26909/18/2020

I'm Allston Christmas. I just ended last week.

by I'm everywhere!reply 27009/18/2020

R267, it was South Boston, not the South End where forced bussing occurred.

by I'm everywhere!reply 27109/18/2020

R268, How I miss their cashews.

by I'm everywhere!reply 27209/18/2020

I’m the Dunkin’ Donuts appearing on every single corner.

by I'm everywhere!reply 27309/18/2020

I’m the Napoleon Room at Club Cafe, a wan fading memorial to the original Napoleon’s, a fabulous but long gone piano bar hosting old men downstairs and the hottest Latin hustlers in the 70’s disco upstairs.

by I'm everywhere!reply 27409/19/2020

I'm Philadelphia, so insecure, have to compare myself to Boston, which has less than half the population.

I'm Lawrence, still somewhat affordable, but there's a reason for that.

by I'm everywhere!reply 27509/19/2020

I'm Philadelphia, so insecure, have to compare myself to Boston, which has less than half the population.

I'm Lawrence, still somewhat affordable, but there's a reason for that.

by I'm everywhere!reply 27609/19/2020

I am the unfunny, homophobic comedians that keep getting hired by SNL and then make shit films no one laughs at.

by I'm everywhere!reply 27709/19/2020

R260, the steakhouse? Interesting! Just the other day I came across a pic of their chef and thought he might be good at baking cookies as well as steaks, but no... he's married.

Did you work there at some point and fall prey to the boss?

by I'm everywhere!reply 27809/19/2020

What s the name of the steak house?

by I'm everywhere!reply 27909/19/2020

R278, Not me, but a fuck buddy has played with the owner and his partner numerous times.

by I'm everywhere!reply 28009/19/2020

R280 I’ve always wondered if those leather napkin “rings” were ever out to more debauched uses after hours.

Next time I go I will have to sniff mine! Thanks for the fun gossip.

by I'm everywhere!reply 28109/19/2020

I'm the purple panes.

by I'm everywhere!reply 28209/21/2020

I’m the fucking out-of-towner or just damned tourist who can’t tell the difference between Southie and the the South End.

by I'm everywhere!reply 28309/22/2020

I lived in several different places in the South End in the 90’s and you didn’t cross Washington St. after sunset. A brand new 1 bedroom was $600 in 1991 but had a crackhouse on both ends of the street.

by I'm everywhere!reply 28409/23/2020

R106 Joanna Barnes' accent was generic upper-crust east coast. PEGGY CASS on the other hand was Boston. Tho not upper class Boston.

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by I'm everywhere!reply 28509/24/2020

I'm the 800 seat Sack Cheri movie theater "the world's first drive-up movie theater" where you could drive into the parking garage and take the elevator up to the movie. I'm also The Rat (Rathskeller) in Harvard Square where you could see the punk and new wave sensations of the 70s and 80s. Then go to Ken's Deli in Copley Square which was open late. Or if you were a disco kid, Lucifer in Kenmore Square or The Mad Hatter in Southie on the channel (The Channel live music club opened in 1980). There was also 15 Lansdowne.

by I'm everywhere!reply 28609/24/2020

I used to be home to Sporters, Buddy’s, Fritz, the Eagle,119 Merrimack, Herbie’s Ramrod Room, Machine, the 1270, Club Cafe, Paradise, Jacques, the Napoleon Club, Playland, Darts, Bobby’s, Buddies, the Other Side, Chaps, the Punchbowl, Luxor, the Loft, Haymarket and a couple more gay watering holes.

And you could park free, safely, outside any of them.

Now I have three or four left.

by I'm everywhere!reply 28709/24/2020

I am Cambridge - home of Harvard and MIT. I get to enjoy your views without being the shit city that you are. Keep your crime to yourself! We only come across the bridge for entertainment.

by I'm everywhere!reply 28809/24/2020

R287 um, try TWO!

Tho Fritz did relocate and become Cathedral Station. But still, not a good surviving lineage.

by I'm everywhere!reply 28909/24/2020

I’m the micks and wops who still inexplicably dominate every aspect of city life

by I'm everywhere!reply 29009/24/2020

R290 better them than the darkies and chinks!


by I'm everywhere!reply 29109/24/2020

R291 = old Boston WASP stock silently resigned tot the city being overwhelmed by fenians and guineas

by I'm everywhere!reply 29209/24/2020

I'm the "nawt in my backyahd" politics that come across as liberal and progressive, though my followers have never befriended a person of color in their entire lives. They just don't want any trouble in their own city.

by I'm everywhere!reply 29309/25/2020

[quote]I used to be home to Sporters, Buddy’s,

The name was Buddies

by I'm everywhere!reply 29409/25/2020

I worked for an old established firm in the same block as Buddies on Boylston Street in the early 1980s.

One year, Buddies sent all their neighbors a Christmas card featuring the club's staff shirtless and wearing Santa caps.

Our very conservative sixtysomething CEO was repulsed when he saw it. After he tossed it, I fished it out of the trash and kept it.

by I'm everywhere!reply 29509/25/2020

[quote]the Rat (Rathskeller) in Harvard Square where you could see the punk and new wave sensations of the 70s and 80s.

Did the Rat move? I lived in Boston from '82 - '88 and remember it being in Kenmore Sq.

by I'm everywhere!reply 29609/26/2020

I am Charles Bulfinch.

I and Thomas Jefferson set the tone for American architecture after the Revolution, until that miserable Alexander Jackson Downing same along.

by I'm everywhere!reply 29709/26/2020

I am the Custom House's magnificent clock tower.

I am a later addition to an 1820s design.

My clock face is wider than that of big Ben.

By accident, obviously.

Not like we were symbolically making a point or anything.

by I'm everywhere!reply 29809/26/2020

Sadly, R298, now I'm part of a Marriott Vacation Club Pulse, aka timeshares.

by I'm everywhere!reply 29909/27/2020

[quote]Did the Rat move? I lived in Boston from '82 - '88 and remember it being in Kenmore Sq.

No it didn't move, I just typed Harvard Square for some reason. I used to go to a basement music venue next door to the Wursthaus in Harvard Square though, I think I was confusing it somehow.

by I'm everywhere!reply 30009/27/2020

The Rat was in Kenmore Square.

It was years of congealed spilled beer, not nacreous layers of permacum, but your shoes still stuck to the floor in that place.

by I'm everywhere!reply 30109/27/2020

R225, I agree that's a viable route.

by I'm everywhere!reply 30209/27/2020

R287 Thank you for remembering my favorite shithole, The Haymarket. I loved when midnight arrived and the black queens would show up voguing before most of us knew what the fuck that was. The coat check queen was bitter and scary as most coat check queens tend to be.

Remember the sweet old lady waitress "Tex" who worked the Haymarket? I know she worked in other gay clubs, too, going back 40 years. She was iconic. She new all the old queens and divas from the Punchbowl's golden age (before my time but loved her stories about Judy and Vincent and Liz and Monty, etc.) She did a gig at Bobby's at North Station for a few years and a bunch of other places. Loved her. My friends and I talk about her all the time. ❤️🏳️‍🌈🔥

by I'm everywhere!reply 30309/27/2020

Haymarket wasn't one of my regular stops, R303, just one more of the gay bars that were there when I started going at the tender age of 16 and no longer exist a half-century or so later. I was very popular at the Nappy: never went up to the bar but the drinks found their way to me. One place I forgot to include was 12 Carver, a bar on a street that no longer exists - it's now the Park Square end of Charles Street near the Transportation Building - and Phil Bayonne, the enormous queen who owned the place and who, [italic]a la[/italic] Joan Collins in "The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing" used to put on a picture hat with ribbons down the back, get on his red velvet swing, and launch himself out over the crowd in the bar singing "Summertime." Except that Phil was no Joan Collins. He had to have weighed at least 300 pounds. If those ropes broke, he could have killed thirty or forty people when he fell.

by I'm everywhere!reply 30409/27/2020

I'm Irish Alzheimer's, a very common condition in Boston. You forget everything except the grudges.

by I'm everywhere!reply 30509/27/2020

I'd love to hear more stories about Boston of old. Those of you already contributing, are you still in the city and if not, what took you away?

I moved here in 2001 on a wandering whim and never would have expected I'd still be here. Gay bars and nightlife were fewer than just 5 years previous to my arrival, I later learned, still enough to provide a good time but there weren't many colorful characters anymore. Of course Jack at the Eagle was a fixture, and there was Lolly at Machine who customized awful, rotgut liquor cocktails to your mood. There was also a tough, bitchy lesbian that manned the bar at Club Cafe that I think tried to be a version of Jack, but once you broke through her mean exterior, she really was quite tolerable. We bonded over an appreciation for manners and etiquette.

The slow death of gay spaces in Boston, only accelerated by COVID, is remarkable and quite sad. I'm not sure whether the trade off is worth it: gay spaces for much wider acceptance and tolerance. It's not like we're going to a gay bar or bathhouse currently these days, but if we ever get back to that activity, I guess I'll just have to take a vacation to Lauderdale or Chicago.

by I'm everywhere!reply 30609/28/2020

I’m Brookline, next door to Boston and America’s first suburb. My population has always been widely varied, but it used to be about half Jewish and half Irish. It’s now predominantly Jewish, so the Brookline High School cheerleaders don’t use this old standby cheer these days:

“Izzy, Max, Meyer, Sam - We’re the boys who eat no ham

Brookline! Brookline! Brookline!”

by I'm everywhere!reply 30709/29/2020

R307, Brookline produced both JFK and Barbara Walters.

by I'm everywhere!reply 30809/29/2020

I am the winter garden at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

Gaze upon my beauty, crummy mortals.

by I'm everywhere!reply 30909/29/2020

R308 And Mike Wallace and Conan O’Brien.

by I'm everywhere!reply 31009/29/2020

I was a precocious teen when I stripped down to a string thong at Haymarket, used to hang out all the time at Luxor and fawn over Chris Scales. I worked a stint at Mario’s downstairs, (Roberto and Donna!) I also worked in the tanning at Club Cafe before they tore it out, and yes, Bobby’s too. I agree Boston was much gayer in the 90’s.

I bartended for several years at Buzz and got the job quite by accident. There were some catty gals that worked that bar, the house rule was you couldn’t sleep with any customers to keep the mystique of the “Buzz Boys”. I had one break a glass in the ice bin on my side of the bar so she could make more money because I had to wait for the bar back to clean and refresh the ice!

by I'm everywhere!reply 31109/30/2020

R310 My mother and Mike Wallace dated when they were students at Brookline High in the 1930’s. I have her copy of the Murivian (yearbook) someplace and Meyer’s signed blurb to her by his photo is very, uh, “complimentary.”

My grandmother and Mrs Walishinsky put a stop to it, though. Catholic girls didn’t go out with Jewish boys back then. She told me they used to go “necking” at Echo Bridge in Newton in her convertible after going dancing at Norumbega Park.

by I'm everywhere!reply 31209/30/2020

R311 Based on your timeline, we must have crossed paths. Did you know Tex? My friends and I are obsessed with her. She was like "Mother" to us.

by I'm everywhere!reply 31310/03/2020

I like to strangle ladies ...

by I'm everywhere!reply 31410/03/2020

313, yep. I do believe Tex wound up at Bobby’s. I remember her as a cocktail waitress.

I also remember the Concrete Palace, Rise, the Loft, and all those fabulous warehouse after hours parties people threw before the South End got so snooty.

by I'm everywhere!reply 31510/03/2020

"I'm Mindy Kaling, Conan O'Brien, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, John Krasinski, Chris Evans, Amy Poehler, and Rachel Dratch. "

Do they still have homes in Boston?

by I'm everywhere!reply 31610/09/2020

Chris Evans has a large house in the suburbs, Concord I think. He's seen there often. The others - don't think so.

by I'm everywhere!reply 31710/09/2020

I am (the ghost of) The Boston Strangler. I did my thing in 1962-1964. Fun times. I now have a walking tour in Boston!

by I'm everywhere!reply 31810/09/2020

I'm Wednesday! I'm Prince Spaghetti Day!

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 31910/09/2020

Lived in Boston 92-98. Was in the bars every weekend., mainly Luxor. But also Club Cafe, 1270, Chaps, and a few times at Bobby’s, where I picked up a twink who tossed my salad under a bush in the Public Garden. Yeah, I was a slut.

by I'm everywhere!reply 32010/09/2020

I’m the twink interns at WBCN that Mark Parenteau raped.

by I'm everywhere!reply 32110/09/2020

Must have shocked the tourists going by in the Swan boats.

by I'm everywhere!reply 32210/09/2020

I'm Cambridge, with my nose in the air.

by I'm everywhere!reply 32310/09/2020

I am Anthony Athanas, once the owner of Anthony's Pier 4.

Every celebrity who came to Boston ate at my restaurant and posed with me for my gallery of framed photos.

My restaurant was so proper, no male would be seated without wearing a suit jacket. If you arrived without one, we would provide one for you.

by I'm everywhere!reply 32410/09/2020

R324 He had terrible dandruff.

by I'm everywhere!reply 32510/09/2020

R319 Anthony just died

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 32610/09/2020

I am the surprisingly good restaurant in Chinatown.

by I'm everywhere!reply 32710/09/2020

R320 That was probably me. You’re welcome!

by I'm everywhere!reply 32810/09/2020

I am a swan boat.

by I'm everywhere!reply 32910/09/2020

I'm the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013.

by I'm everywhere!reply 33010/09/2020

I'm Top of the Hub. My views are stunning, but my food is mediocre.

by I'm everywhere!reply 33110/10/2020

Oh, and I’m closed.

by I'm everywhere!reply 33210/10/2020

When you first opened, R332, all the food came from Stouffers. It was made and frozen in Cleveland and later reheated at the Top of the Hub.

The food has always been mediocre.

by I'm everywhere!reply 33310/10/2020

R332, Not for long . . .

"More renovation news: The Pru’s owner says it now plans to spend $125 million-plus to renovate floors 50 through 52 of the skyscraper, the same floors that now include the Top of the Hub restaurant and Skywalk Observatory. Those are closing in April. Work is supposed to wrap in time for a mid-2022 reopening."

by I'm everywhere!reply 33410/10/2020

I’m the Stephen King book, “Cell”, which the opening chapter eerily predicted an explosion on the very same strip of Boyleston St. FOUR YEARS prior to the actual Boston Marathon bombings.

My old boss had opened a business on that same doorstep 20 years ago and I refused to go work with him as well- having sort of a similar premonition that things would end badly. Steve has a history of predicting the future in his writings-

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 33510/11/2020

Lotsa bad luck on that block. I used to work with a woman whose husband worked there who left his office and stepped onto Boylston Street just as the bombs went off. He ended up in the Mass General, painfully wounded twice: first by the shrapnel and the second time when his wife went to visit him at MGH and found him and his girlfriend in the hospital bed.

The divorce settlement netted her another degree for herself, a BMW convertible, a Buick Enclave, the house in Lexington, the house in New Hampshire, full tuition for three kids (oldest now at NYU, second oldest at Colgate) and an unspecified lump sum as "reparations." In a way, he's lucky. Had he died, she'd have gotten it all and he'd be dead.

by I'm everywhere!reply 33610/11/2020

"The divorce settlement netted her another degree for herself, a BMW convertible, a Buick Enclave, the house in Lexington, the house in New Hampshire, full tuition for three kids (oldest now at NYU, second oldest at Colgate) and an unspecified lump sum as "reparations." In a way, he's lucky. Had he died, she'd have gotten it all and he'd be dead."

Was there anything left?

by I'm everywhere!reply 33710/11/2020

I am the head of the official welcoming committee for the newest Boston Bruin, Craig Smith.

Definitely sex on a stick.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 33810/11/2020

I'm traffic, and I am relentless and horrible!

by I'm everywhere!reply 33910/12/2020

I'm the faint smell of molasses that lingered on side streets downtown on hot summer days for decades after the Great Molasses Flood of 1919.

by I'm everywhere!reply 34010/12/2020

I'm the faint smell of molasses that lingered on side streets downtown on hot summer days for decades after the Great Molasses Flood of 1919.

by I'm everywhere!reply 34110/12/2020

I'm a brownstone on Newbury Street.

I'd love to live in there and have a lover on a winter's night and we're warm inside and he spoils me.

by I'm everywhere!reply 342Last Friday at 9:04 PM

I'm Charlotte Vale. Miss Charlotte Vale.

I don't ask for the moon when I have the stars.

Offsite Link
by I'm everywhere!reply 343Last Friday at 9:36 PM

I'm the group Boston. More Than a Feeling! Amanda!

by I'm everywhere!reply 344Last Saturday at 5:43 PM
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