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Real Housewives of Orange County Season 15 - Official Thread

This crap fest will be airing in a little over a month (October, according to rumors).

No Vicki, no Tamrat. Will Emily and Cro-Magnon finally split? Will swingers Braunwyn and her husband renew their vows? (Newsflash: they will.) Will Shannon drive away her beady-eyed, closeted boyfriend? Will Gina enter rehab for her obvious coke problem? Will Kelly be fired for being a horrible, Trump-fellating human being? Can Dr. Deb please stay the fuck off my TV screen?

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 121Last Sunday at 4:16 PM

I rewatched several seasons recently and I think they’ll regret dumping Tamra. I couldn’t stand her when she was on the show, but she propelled/instigated/led most of the storylines since season 4 with the odious Vicki. I don’t count season three, because the show took a darker, more dramatic tone when Gretchen arrived.

I don’t think crazy Fat Shannon and crazy angry drunk Kelly are going to work as the centerpiece of this show.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 108/22/2020

Is Kelly POZ?

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 208/22/2020


Come on, ride the train, hey, ride it

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 308/22/2020

When Shannon and Kelly are the stars of the show you know it's time to cancel. Tamra is a total pus filled TrumpCunt. Grease fire to her!

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 408/22/2020

I have a hunch things are already cooling off between Shannon and her closeted boyfriend.

I think he realized he didn't want to be a famewhore THAT badly.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 508/24/2020

Funny, I just started watching this show a few days ago and I'm on season 3 now. The first two seasons feel like the early seasons of 90 day Fiance--they are comparatively earnest and non-offensive compared to later seasons. It's as if this was all recorded on someone's personal camcorder. And the awful Abercrombie-type fashions and hairstyles. Ahhhh, the 00s. Can we talk about how awful that girl Jo's singing was? Who the hell would ever want to hear her sing? She referred to Jessica Simpson as her idol in everything 🙄. She also looks like Meghan Markle which may be another reason I didn't like her. The father of the Keough household is obviously not right from that accident and he is missing a couple of chips. I have no idea how that wife and his kids dealt with him.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 608/24/2020

Gretchen’s arrival in season 4 starts a rivalry with Tamra that is dark.The “naked wasted” episode is disgusting and starts a dark chapter for the housewives-I think OC amped it up at that point because Teresa had just flipped the table on NJ and Nene had tried to attack Kim at the ATL reunion

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 708/24/2020

Teresa flipping the table is the equivalent of Muhammad and Danielle on 90 day fiance--the point of no return AND the turning point.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 808/24/2020

[quote] I don’t count season three, because the show took a darker, more dramatic tone when Gretchen arrived.

R1, why do you say this? Because Gretchen had that rich, older, terminally-ill boyfriend?

Tamra was jealous of Gretchen and was jealous of Alexis as well. Alexis was so dumb. Gretchen was such a gold digger and then ended up with the broke Housewife hanger-on (Slade).

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 908/24/2020

There is no way Slade has not sucked a cock in his lifetime.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 1008/25/2020

Did someone say suck a cock?

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 1108/25/2020

Slade does have a Tom Cruise vibe to him. He was so controlling to Jo. Which is easy because she was dumb, but anyways...

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 1208/25/2020

Is Shannon still in quarantine? Has John Janssen had his seventh COVID test yet?

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 1308/25/2020

r13 I predict John will dump Shannon's whiny ass before the new season premieres.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 1408/26/2020

Of all the disgusting people Bravo has paraded in front of me, Vicki was probably the absolute worst (the possible exception being Chantal from "Gallery Girls," but they had the good sense to only have that one on a year.)

However, I do worry the show will suffer with her gone. She's a low-rent, contemptible liar, but she did bring the thunder when required. All we really have left is Batshit Shannon and QAnon Kelly, and they sure as hell aren't entertaining enough on their own.

I'll withhold judgement until it starts, though. I worried about New York when Bethenny left the second time, but this year has been pretty stellar.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 1508/26/2020

I'm still surprised that Bravo allowed Vicki to run with the DV accusations about Shannon's marriage r15. It was a horrible look for both Vicki and the network.

Are they broadcasting from 1954?

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 1608/26/2020

R15 I forgot abt Gallery Girls until you mentioned it! Such trash. I would have watched more seasons though. Must be thought when your shitty reality show doesn't even get renewed as this bar is set quite low for entertainment value.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 1708/26/2020

Kelly is starting to look like the cat lady.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 1808/26/2020

You're a CUNT r18!

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 1908/27/2020

How did they end up filming this season?? Did they have most of it in the can by March??

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 2008/27/2020

They filmed through the pandemic r20.

This is Republican Orange County, after all

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 2108/27/2020

I think the OG is officially gone for good

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 2208/30/2020

The beady-eyed homosexual just can't quit her

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 2308/31/2020

John is so gross looking. I bet he thinks it's sexy when he burps into her vagina.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 2408/31/2020

He hasn’t been near one of those since birth r24.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 2508/31/2020

Even though I hate that she’s a Trump supporter (most of them on this franchise are, to be fair), Kelly is one of my favorite reality TV personalities of all time. I want her to get into it with Shane again. That was hilarious.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 2608/31/2020

Kelly seems like she’s on track for a psych ward or prison.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 2708/31/2020

I liked Kelly for a while but I can't abide her anymore.

However, she is the only one left who will make the show interesting.

Emily? Gina? Braunwyn? Nope.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 2809/01/2020

Gina’s way of talwkingg is swoh annowyeeng!

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 2909/01/2020


I don’t agree with the hate for Emily. I think she’s been a good addition and has held her own.

I haven’t seen enough of Braunwyn, honestly. But I love her advocacy and she’s the most pro-gay housewife on this franchise.

Gina was OK her first year, but second year UGH! She annoyed the shit outta me.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 3009/01/2020

I don't hate Emily, r30. I just find her very Midwestern and forgettable.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 3109/01/2020

I kind of hate them all.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 3209/01/2020

r32 = Tamra Judge

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 3309/01/2020

I actually started watching this show from season 1 last week. When the show switched to the HD format, it was obious Ms. Tamra Judge was definitely not "the hottest houswife". It was always obvious that was BS but HD just made it so much more apparent. That woman without makeup.....I shudder at the thought.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 3409/01/2020

r34 Tamra looks white trash to me. I can't really explain the "white trash" look, but some women have it no matter what they wear or how they do their makeup.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 3509/01/2020

David's new GF also has the "white trash" look going on

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 3609/01/2020

R35, yes, she absolutely is. Is she even a real blonde? In the earlier seasons, they have her wear eyeliner to cover up her eye wrinkles. When the show switcched to HD, that trick wouldn't work---and it didn't even work BEFORE the hd switch. She's one of those women who thinks she's fucking 20. To be perfectly honest, Vicki isn't "pretty" but she does have nice skin and I would argue she looks better than Tamra.

Btw, I know all these housewives shows have a significant amount of producer meddling behind the scenes, but are Orange County women really as thin skinned as the women on the show? The stuff they get offended by would get them laughed at on New York or Atlanta. They would not last a day on those shows.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 3709/01/2020

Kelly's first year, Shannon, Tamra and Heather Fucking Dubrow (as she is known in my household) all wanted Vicki gone desperately. The only person willing to film with her was new girl Kelly. Ergo, they had to get rid of Kelly by goading her to get violent or trying to get her super drunk and belligerent. No better example was in Scotland or Ireland or wherever when Heather Fucking Dubrow pulls out a flask out of nowhere and when that didn't play, Shannon ordering Kelly drinks behind her back. Fortunately, it never worked, so Kelly wound up being popular. Fucking Dubrow got shit-canned. Tamra and Shannon saw the writing on the wall and were forced to pretend to like Kelly. Unfortunately, the fame went to Kelly's head and she turned into a monster. She could be center orange right now if she could have kept her shit together.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 3809/01/2020

[quote]She could be center orange right now if she could have kept her shit together.

As if!

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 3909/01/2020

Heather Fucking Dubrow needs to come back. The show was better when she helped modulate the craziness. My friend works for Heather’s caterer . He told me she was sweet and normal until the cameras rolled, then she’d go into her Fancy Pants character.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 4009/01/2020

I loathe Heather Fucking Dubrow, and if she comes back, I will stop watching. I'd rather see Alexis come back, and that is saying something. Or even Lynne and her dumb cuffs. Or that idiot who wore a wig in Las Vegas who was so stupid I forgot her name.

(ok, I'll still watch. I just won't line it.)

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 4109/02/2020

r41 = Kelly Dodd

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 4209/02/2020

I hated Heather’s attitude. Kelly was what this show needed to get under the skin of that pretentious bitch.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 4309/02/2020

The trailer is out

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 4409/02/2020

Hot Matt is back!

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 4509/02/2020

Dr. Deb. WHY? The most cringeworthy person across all the franchises.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 4609/02/2020

I'm honestly surprised they allowed Matt to film again, after he faced felony DV charges.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 4709/03/2020

Again? Didn’t he refuse to film? I didn’t catch a lot of last season, did he show up?

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 4809/03/2020

r48 I think he was on last season. The DV incident happened after filming ending.

I think they're both cokeheads and that's contributing to the situation (and I think they were both using the night he was arrested). That said, Gina's gained a significant amount of weight, based on the trailer. I wonder if she's stopped using.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 4909/03/2020

Dr. Deb is the most narcissistic person I have ever seen on the RHOC... And that's quite a high bar!

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 5009/03/2020

Yes, r50. She is beyond cringe-worthy.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 5109/04/2020

The best past of the trailer is Shannon yelling "HOW DARE YOU accuse me of something that I did!!!"

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 5209/04/2020

Seriously, Shannon really needs to update her hair. The extensions look ridiculous. She would look much better (and probably younger) if she opted for a Dorinda Medley-esque style.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 5309/06/2020

Pic for r53

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 5409/06/2020

I"m on Season 9. If people aren't convinced that Tamra is pure evil, this seasono should do it. And if you weren't annoyed by Heather Dude-bro, you will be by the beginning of this season.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 5509/06/2020

Renowned scientist Kelly Dodd has weighed in again on COVID

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 5609/10/2020

3 weeks. Not even 60 postings. The Real Housewives of Nooneseemstocare.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 5709/10/2020

r57 = Vicki Gunvalson, bitter in Mexico

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 5809/10/2020

Vicki's too busy trying to get pregnant thru the butt to post here anymore.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 5909/10/2020

I’m still struggling to understand how a lawyer like Emily can be a Trump supporter.

She has to know he’s corrupt. She has to know he has no place in office. She has to know he continues to break the law and put the nation in danger.

Our of everyone in the cast besides Braunwyn, she’s who I would least expect to be a Trump supporter. She seemed smarter than that and above the fray. But obviously I was wrong. I just don’t get it.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 6009/10/2020


by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 6109/10/2020

r60 I agree with you, but I also think it's a cult, and a lot of otherwise intelligent people end up in cults.

Plus, she probably agrees with Trump's platform (to the extent it exists) and can overlook all the rest.

Not saying I completely understand it.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 6209/10/2020

I can't watch Trump nor can I watch a bunch of Trump supporters in a reality show. I'm done.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 6309/10/2020

In old country no reality TV. In old country, no need of reality TV. Reality is work hard. Reality is breaking back. Reality is little food, thin coat, cold apartment, no electric for radio. Reality is secret police knocking at door.

Son is reality. Love son. Worship son like Stalin. Sacrifice everything for son. Never make son work. I am sad, so son is happy. I am hungry, so son can eat. I am cold, so son is warm. I save money, send son to America, then he can star on reality TV program. Make village proud.

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 6409/18/2020

Mother Beador scares the shit outta me!

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 6509/18/2020

Good r65.

In old country, crazy woman like you sent to gulag directly. No time wasting.

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 6609/18/2020

I'd love a big bowl of gulag, R66.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 6709/18/2020

r67 you big, you robust. In old country, robust woman most attractive. In old country, attractive woman have mustache. Show virility. Show loyalty. Sign of hard work. Sign of love for country. Sign of love for family.

In old country, first-born son like king. Like emperor, like god. First-born son never suffer. Nothing unpleasant in first-born son life. First-born son on throne. Mother clear the path, make everything easy for first-born son. Bring him woman of street. Pay for happy ending. Clean up mess after. Call criminal friend for removal of body.

We in new country, but old country best. We live like old country. We love old country. Outside home, Orange County. Inside home, Eastern Bloc. Stalin on wall. Communist Manifesto on shelf. Mustache on face. Love for son in heart.

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 6809/18/2020

Mommy I want a mustache ride!

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 6909/18/2020


by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 7009/18/2020

"Shannon, you're a woman of 56, now grow up. There's nothing tragic about being 56, not unless you try to be 25."

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 7109/18/2020

In old country, no cock, r11. No rooster, no hen, no swine. No goat for milk. Great hunger. Plant turnip, crop fail. Plant potato, soil dry. Plant wheat, cannot harvest. Local government official keep for self and own family.

Steal cock from neighbor. Hoard cock for son. Feed son. Son prefer meaty cock, thick, juicy. He shove cock in mouth, suck out all juices. Son love cock.

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 7210/02/2020

Dear reader, although the hour late, and my inkwell low -- I cannot replenish it until the morrow -- I pledged to you a few lines tonight and obligation compels me to deliver them to you. But please do not presume that I feel unduly burdened: quite the contrary! The story that I unfurl fetters my heart, and with each word I set upon the page, the bonds are loosed a bit.

Having confessed to me his love for Shannon Storms Beador, a love so violent that it had led him willingly to his own ruin, Mr. John wept inconsolably, his face obscured by his hands; and I saw a man at the end of his life, his aspect as the sun at the inception of evening, when the shadows extend long and lengthened over the land, when dusk threatens but does not yet emerge, when the day's delights and sorrows begin to weaken and recede into the crevices of memory. Unable to mitigate his sorrow but needful of the details of his tale, I stood poised to listen, to etch his story into my mind for later consultation, the story you find now before you. But a noise at the door jolted us from the task at hand, and we looked together with horror.

Oh reader! It was Shannon who stood before us. Her diaphanous gown fell loose upon her emaciated frame, like a thin sheet draped over the skeleton in a surgeon's study, and her agrestal hair called to mind a lunatic in a madhouse. Her appearance betrayed the horrors she had witnessed. Given her acute consumptive state I could scarcely believe she mustered the will to leave her bed and travel down the long, drafty hallway to Mr. John’s study. But when I looked closer, I noticed her gown was torn, and that a jot of blood appeared below the rip. She could not speak, but the abject horror in her eyes conveyed the extent of her distress, and when she moaned -- oh, reader, how her cries pierced my poor heart! -- I thought the exertion would drain the last drop of life from her wasted body.

Mr. John beheld his inamorata and sprang up from his small chair. “Oh God!” he explained, “if you you doth reign within the heavens, then you will clear for me the path of vengeance and forgive me of this sin! But if you cannot, then you cannot; no matter. I will exact my revenge on Mr. David Beador nevertheless, who has so ill-treated my beloved, and will then cast myself into the bowels of Hades, will throw myself headlong into the unquenchable fires below!”

His voice joined with Shannon’s plaintive moans, creating an almost unbearable cacophony in Stormy Manor, reverberating against those damp walls, indeed, casting their echoes over all of Orange County, nay – over all the world.

And then, uncannily and unnervingly and above all, unaccountably, everything returned to its former silence.

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 7310/02/2020

The only thing that will save RHOC Season 15 for me is if Mother Beador and Mr. Lockwood provide summary and commentary

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 7410/02/2020

Yo yo yo I'm still out heres stawkin Shannon! I wanna suck on dem Corona titties!

Offsite Link
by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 7510/02/2020

RHOC 15 premiering in two days, bitches!

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 7610/12/2020

In old country, no choice of television program. One station, one program, one television transponder in village. Belong to government official. Play speech of Stalin.

Work hard. Break back. Love son. Send son to country where he watch five television stations. Many programs to choose. Son live like king.

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 7710/14/2020

Yo everybuddy, if yous all watch dis season real careful yous can all see me watchin Shannon from the distance whenever she's out showin off dat pretty ass a hois around town. I'm like dat shiny vampire guy in doz Twilight moo-vees, always keepin my eye on the goil dat I love!

Offsite Link
by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 7810/14/2020

omg kelly and big thighs emily are Nasty huh

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 7910/14/2020

I'm eager to see how the show goes without the loathsome Vicki and Tamra

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 8010/14/2020

so anyone here familiar with Newport Beach? Is that really a thing like at newbie Elizabeth's house? Her deck has a "glass wall" and is right next to the public sidewalk on the beach? I wouldn't want random people passing right by my house day and night like that.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 8110/14/2020

Ok. Kelly Dodd. Why is she? I mean?? What does she do? Did she ever get an education or work in her life? I think Jolie is v pretty and I do think that Fox news fiance of hers thinks he hit the jackpot with her coochie. My guess is she has not gone full demon spinning head crazy on him yet. But she will!! Lol.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 8210/16/2020

I think I might like Shannon this season. Time will tell!

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 8310/16/2020

Emily and that fey mormon are so oddly matched. They both need to go.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 8410/16/2020

Kelly Dodd, keeping it classy

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 8510/17/2020

This show is DONE. DONE.

Yes, Cunt Beador, "I'm done!" is right.

So boring.

And sorry, but no one (NO ONE) on any network (even a struggling one) would care to watch anyone on a show like this living in a casita with 12 people. SERIOUSLY. Why is that tragic fatso on this show? It's a downer to watch.

Shannon. Poor poor Shannon. Old gal thinks she's a real celebrity. What happened to her stink fish? (Not her twat, her food line). Much like Madonna, she is trying wayyyyyy too hard. It's gross.

Kelly: You're not fun any more. Just because you scream when you talk doesn't mean you're saying anything we want to hear. Go to rehab.

Fat Emily: Ahhhhh, the year to re-invent your loveless marriage and cunt of a dwarf husband. Honey, no. one. cares.

Braunwyn: and her cringe-worthy mom!! A train wreck in episode 1 and yet are we supposed to care? Her character has never been flushed out. So, there's no empathy.

In a nutshell, Bravo needs to fire the show runners, re-vamp the show, get some real monied people and a couple of classy ones, and voila, a new energy. What you have now? DRECK.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 8610/17/2020

forgot to add

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 8710/17/2020

r86 = Jeff Lewis, bored while getting Botox

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 8810/17/2020

So Jeana Keough is the narrator now? Did she recently blow her brains out?

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 8910/17/2020

I read some of the gossip sites and people are gushing -- "She's a new Shannon! She's so happy! She's over David! John's a great guy!"

Gurl, please. She's still an alcoholic, still has (probable) BPD, still struggles with her weight ... she'll have another meltdown soon. And any man who voluntarily dates with her (eg the Beady-Eyed Homosexual sans Eyebrows) has issues of his own.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 9010/17/2020

Shannon talks to much..about herself. Gina seems like a castoff from RHONJ. Kelly is a screaming foul mouth racist. Emily acts like a prison matron in a B movie. Brown Wind is an alcoholic married to a lollipop head who wears Countess LuAnn statement necklaces. Not a likable or watchable bitch on the show.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 9110/17/2020

OC has always had the most vile collection of cast members. Horrible parents, shallow, useless, repug.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 9210/17/2020

I am here for all these comments. The show is traaaash. Cunt dwarf husband FTW!! Lol.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 9310/17/2020

r91 = Vicki Gunvalson

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 9410/17/2020

If they'd jusht casht me on thish show the ratingsh would go through the roof! Inshtead they casht some hillbilly with a beach houshe any old Tom, Dick, of Harry can shtroll by.

Offsite Link
by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 9510/17/2020

John looks ... uh ... special here.

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 9610/17/2020

Shannon! Just receive special item. Direct from mountain of Anhui! Monk in mountain grow fangqui plant. Grow for hundred year. Harvest plant, leaf have medicine. Burn leaf. Vapor come out. Vapor heal COVID! Vapor stop you nagging! Vapor stop John yelling! Vapor stop beating! Like magic!

You come in, buy today. Usual $300 for one leaf. Only $299 for you! Deep discount! Must buy ten leaf minimum!

Offer end at 4:00. Hurry! Tomorrow leaf cost $500!

No stiff! No check! Only cash or John Janssen credit card. You check no good! Bounce around office like tennis ball!

Offsite Link
by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 9710/17/2020

It would be funny if they had Jeana introduce every episode like Mary Alice on Desperate Housewives. After all, she is the first "Real Housewife" ever.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 9810/17/2020

r86 in old country, no rehab. No hospital, no doctor, no double A program. No way to ease pain from broken back. No money for food. No money for firewood. No money for vodka. No police to protect from beating of husband.

But in old country, love son. Give son food. Give son coat. Give son only razor in village and do not shave own mustache. Save money, send son to America. Have heat. Have vodka. Have big house so no one hear when he beat wife.

Offsite Link
by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 9910/17/2020

The new broad comes across as a bit lez. And her bf, oi, gay face for days.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 10010/17/2020

Dear reader! How vexed is my soul! I shudder when I think of how grievously I have neglected my story, how callously I have treated your curiosity, how cruelly I have jettisoned poor Shannon and John from the pages of this most sordid tale and left them to languish on my floor between the pencil shavings from my bootless writing instrument!

On the morrow, when the sun rises up and spills her rays over this our County of Orange, my pen shall imbibe salubriously from its well, and I shall again set my thoughts to paper to purge my mercurial mind of the most terrible events I witnessed in Crystal Cove!

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 10110/17/2020

Mista Lockwoods, yours writin brings tears ta my eyeses. I hope I can write as good as yous someday. I got so much to say and my ghost writas just ain't cuttin it.

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 10210/17/2020

I think Gina might be the most boring and forgettable HW of all time.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 10310/18/2020

Has Shannon been 5150'd yet?

Offsite Link
by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 10410/19/2020

R103 ummmm no that’d Quinn

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 10510/19/2020

R105 what about Kimberly who only appeared in the first season and moved to Chicago?

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 10610/19/2020


by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 10710/19/2020

His face ...

Offsite Link
by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 10810/20/2020

So Braunwyn and husband are living in separate houses but she has a "lady friend" maybe? She just got very interesting! And I give her a lot of credit for dealing with her drinking as well. Can't be easy doing that on camera and with the dumpster fire that is 2020.

Offsite Link
by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 10910/21/2020

Shannon is now hawking her own snake oil

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 110Last Thursday at 9:36 AM

Emily's front door design looks like a stylized penis. Check it out as ppl are coming in for the kitty party! (It's the most interesting thing in this episode.)

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 111Last Thursday at 10:04 AM

[quote]It's the most interesting thing in this episode.

Put RHOC out of its misery

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 112Last Thursday at 10:06 AM

Braunwyn is somewhat intriguing. She's openly bi, if not totally a lesbian and now living with her female lover while still married. Her husband pings off the charts and is probably bi himself (they are admitted swingers). They have a ton of kids, but they're not religious or conservative (thankfully) and one of them has already come out to supportive parents (how could they not be?!). I give her credit for being willing to chronicle her sobriety journey on the second booziest Housewives franchise (NYC being the most) and also for being so openly progressive in an otherwise Republican dominated county.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 113Last Thursday at 10:14 AM

I agree, r113. But Dr. Deb almost cancels out Braunwyn's intrigue for me.

I really, really can't stand to see her on my TV screen

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 114Last Friday at 5:25 AM

Women are easily influenced and programmed. Get ready for a slew of Fraus to Dyke out temporarily to copy Braunwyn.

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 115Last Friday at 8:50 AM

on WWHL this week Braunwyn was on with Glennon Doyle and said she's a superfan. She read 1 of her books during quarantine. So that makes me wonder if she's going to leave her husband for a woman

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 116Last Friday at 2:29 PM

Victoria won't stand for that sort of sinful lifestyle!

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 117Last Friday at 5:50 PM

Where's that trash with the big googly eyes with the eating disorder? What's her name...Lydia? She won't like any pan/bi sexualists. Cat fight at the Jesus church!!

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 118Last Friday at 7:46 PM

In old country, all women seem lesbian. Broad shoulder. Short cut of hair. Deep voice. Heavy mustache.

Woman work hard in old country. Spend day in factory. Spend night in apartment of no electricity. No heat. No blanket. No food on table. No wax to style mustache. Hoard money.

In America, buy lesbians of street for son. Two for one price. One lesbian escape. Other lesbian meet bad end. Call friend, remove body.

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 119Last Saturday at 1:53 PM

Dear reader! The days in this our County of Orange grow short, and a chill creeps into the air. Soon the starlings will congregate on the bare ruined choirs outside of my window and puff their feathers to stave off the bitter cold. The summer of Shannon’s discontent fades farther in my memory like a great galleon sailing out to sea, but as I take up my pen to mollify your curiosity, the images come rolling back, like the waves that crash upon the strand at Laguna, and with grave sedulousness I will pour their bitter salinity upon this eager page.

When last I left you, I had visited the uncanny manor of Miss Shannon, nestled in Crystal Cove. Shannon lain consumptive, wasting in her feather bed with delusions clouding her good senses, merely a specter of the robust figure I had met six months before. The gelidity enwrapped my feeble soul. Dear reader! You must recall that fearsome sight I once imparted to you! The sunken cheeks! The hollow eyes! The hair, long and bedraggled, more fitting for a beast than a gentlewoman! The sounds that escaped her desiccated lips seemed to emanate from the deepest circle of hell!

I turned to leave, but then I saw poor John Janssen, meek and sickly and seeming to prefer the company of men, standing at the doorway. Helpless to ameliorate his beloved’s sufferings, he fell to his knees.

Oh reader! The cold that creeps into my fingers renders them stiff and useless for holding this pen, and the chill that envelops my soul chokes and stifles the free flowing of my thoughts. On the morrow, if the sun’s parsimonious rays see fit to warm this our County of Orange, I will once again return to this most wretched tale.

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by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 120Last Saturday at 2:34 PM

In This Our County of Orange is a great title for a faux late-eighteenth-century gothic novel ...

by Brooks's Meaty Cock reply 121Last Sunday at 4:16 PM
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