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The Legendary Kay Chancellor

A thread all about me! I, Scoche Marin, will soon debut as the recast of Katherine Shepherd Reynolds Chancellor Thurston Sterling Murphy. Behold my official publicity photo!

ESTHER! Get the door!

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by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 110Last Friday at 6:41 PM

Scoche, to be blunt, you've gained weight from your previous photographs.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 108/20/2020

My, dear, I had a breast augmentation! The ladies needed a lift.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 208/20/2020

What? The role is being recasted? Crazy, I tell you.

I love this Katherine Chancellor doll. Looks just like Kay, "The Duchess." Brock, we need you. Bring your guitar.

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by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 308/20/2020

The role of Kay is indeed being recast. I hope her reappearance raises the ratings. I can’t wait to see Mrs. C again. Maybe Courtney Hope will be playing Mac?

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 408/20/2020

That neck gives new meaning to the term 'beef curtains'.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 508/20/2020

That neck reminds me of Sauron's helmet/crown.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 608/20/2020

This is really disrespectful to Jeanne.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 708/20/2020

My dear friend Lee Phillip Bell promised me the role of Katherine in 2013.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 808/21/2020

How does one get skin so smooth and milky white?

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 908/21/2020

Jeanne Cooper was top billed on Y&R

The Young And The Restless


Jeanne Cooper


Katherine Chancellor

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 1008/21/2020

r10 false

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 1108/21/2020

R11 seniority

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 1208/21/2020

Dear lovelies, I am fine and well! The superspreader at CBS Television City is none other than the boy who plays my grandson. Luckily I already have COVID-19 antibodies from my earlier bout with this horrible affliction. When news broke about the outbreak in our studios, Mel ran to my dressing room and cried “Oh, mother!”

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 1308/22/2020

Scoche, your face in your latest press photo looks SUPER SMOOTH- you've erased 20 years of your puss!

The neck looks like it belongs to another woman!

BITCH, when DO you start airing??? Something in the buttermilk isn't clean.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 1408/22/2020

CBS gave me an extra airbrush. High definition is a bitch! Fuck off cunts!

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 1508/23/2020

Her neck looks like she was attacked by Freddy Krueger.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 1608/23/2020

Scoche definitely has the mood swings of a playah.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 1708/23/2020

Scoche, I'm stoked! I hope you entice Kevin Fisher close enough to your (granulated?) sugar walls that he finally comes out. And I can't wait for you to find out that grandson extraordinaire, Devon, not only accepted your billions, but lost them, regained them, and did no good with them for SEVEN FUCKING YEARS, all while being half asleep in his penthouse.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 1808/23/2020


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by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 1908/26/2020

Corbin Bernsen should just do it in drag. I'm sure he'd appreciate the work.

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by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 2008/26/2020

A neck like a strangler fig.

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by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 2108/26/2020

She’s always been one of my favorite actresses... Hollywood royalty!

Give her a chance!

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 2208/26/2020

As I have long told my nieces regarding skincare-that which is done to the face, must also be done to the neck.

Apply sunscreen, dammit! Anti-aging serums.

Protect your neck, because it will show your age, and there aren't many ways to camouflage neck skin.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 2308/26/2020

Is Mel Scott really the bitch that everyone says she is? I wanted to rip that fake looking rug right off her head.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 2408/27/2020

Mel is a delight! She calls me “Mother” on the set. The producers had to reprimand us because we were giggling in each other’s dressing rooms and not following COVID-19 protocol. We are thick as thieves!

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 2508/27/2020

Oh please Sboche. Everyone knows that Mel stays in her dressing room and that you NEVER knock on her door. Ever. She doesn’t socialize.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 2608/27/2020

Mother and I played in the wig bin yesterday and danced in circles! It was so much fun!

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 2708/27/2020

I am pleased to announce that my dear sister Schachte Marin is joining Y&R as my Kay Chancellor’s long lost sister Karen Shepherd. The Marins are truly making Y&R a family affair!

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 2808/31/2020

My beautiful sister Schachte Marin, the new character of Karen Shepherd! We are Genoa City’s newest grande dames!

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 2908/31/2020

What is wrong with the poor woman's neck?

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 3008/31/2020

Her neck looks wonderful

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 3108/31/2020

My mom loved Mary Kay makeup

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 3208/31/2020

Chancellor? I read Chandler!

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 3309/03/2020

[quote]What? The role is being recasted?

Cast, not casted. Recast, not recasted. Why do so many posters on DL make this boneheaded mistake?

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 3409/03/2020

[quote]Protect your neck, because it will show your age, and there aren't many ways to camouflage neck skin.

Actually, I found that wide scarves and turtlenecks could be quite effective.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 3509/03/2020

Terrible Photoshop job. Poor lady they made her look like Billy from Saw with a blond wig and no face paint.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 3609/03/2020

Sacoche, stop trying to marginalise Marla Adams.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 3709/03/2020

Dear Marla, have you already forgotten the scenes we taped? Is this a case of life imitating art? Dina will think she has seen a ghost, but it is actually her pal Kay in the flesh, just off of ice in the Chancellor basement. One mini arc that will play out is that Dina wandered into the basement and started munching on the crushed ice that Esther was storing Mrs. C in. Esther had to knock out Dina and took her to Underground, which she burned down.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 3809/03/2020


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by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 3909/05/2020

Younger sister Coochie Marin will be reprising the role of Stephanie Douglas Forrester on CBS' other hit daytime drama The Bold and The Beautiful.

As Les Moonves used to say at the annual holiday party: "If you can't keep it in your pants, keep it in the family."

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 4009/05/2020

Tell me this isn't better scenery chewing than Staffordtology? At least Phyllis had some layers to her with GT... now we're back to this odd bromance between her and Nick. I hope at a least they're fucking off screen because it's so boring somebody should be profiting somehow.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 4109/05/2020

Is Coochie taking Steph in a new direction? Because garters and boobies and an agreeable come hither smile on a marginally fit middle aged woman (less the Cellblock H hairstyle) seems more like a reboot than a reprise.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 4209/05/2020

Hey Scoche, do you have a Fansonly page? I want to watch you diddle your cooch.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 4309/05/2020

The writers have decided that Coochie's Stephanie will decry ageism and become the modern spokesperson for "Brooke's Bedroom", R42 .

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 4409/05/2020

Joanna Johnson snuggled up to Flannery’s cootch! Hotness.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 4509/07/2020

Oh My! Why, I have not seen Coochie in years!

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 4609/07/2020

Has Mel Scott’s memoir sold? Is she breaking records?

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 4709/07/2020

Who cares, Jeanne? Mel calls me “Mother” now.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 4809/08/2020

Well dearies, I have a confession to make. Katherine Shepherd Reynolds Chancellor Thurston Sterling Murphy and I have one thing in common—a love for the drink. I was arrested for a DUI driving home from Mel’s Labor Day party. When I called her to reveal what happened, she responded, “oh, Mother!”

I join a long line of daytime’s leading ladies with DUIs, including Kim Zimmer and Colleen Zenk.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 4909/08/2020

Good thing Coochie has some "pull" with the judge.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 5009/09/2020

Let out a stinky fart, Kay!

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 5109/09/2020

I am still hungover from all of the wine I had at Mel’s for Labor Day! She said “oh Mother! Why don’t you add a pill to your wine to help you sleep?” Of course I thought I could drive home before it would kick in!

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 5209/09/2020

I recently taped scenes at Jabot! Billy will return to work there and enlist my help as Katherine Chancellor! These were taped before Mel’s legendary Labor Day soirée.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 5309/10/2020

Good evening, my beauties. Today was another glorious day of taping at CBS Television City. You will just love my rendition of your Duchess, Katherine Shepherd Reynolds Chancellor Thurston Sterling Murphy.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 5409/15/2020

It's like someone molded her face out of silly putty and then dragged his fingers down her neck.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 5509/15/2020

I can’t wait for the debut of our new diva, Scoche!

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 5609/15/2020

Every time I suffer through an episode of Y&R, I pray for the debut of Scoche.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 5709/16/2020

Y&R is so fucking boring. Soche will be a welcome addition.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 5809/16/2020

I miss my grandma answering my questions about the plots of Y&R when I’d occasionally sit down and watch an episode of one of her stories with her. She was very fond of “Mizz Chance-ler” as she’d call her.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 5909/16/2020

Happy weekend lovelies! I am relaxing in my newly remodeled parlor, which I have redesigned as a replica of my sprawling and beautiful set, the Chancellor mansion. I am so at home at the studio and in my house. It is simply marvelous. My new maid Katie Linder just came in with mimosas. Cheers!

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 6009/19/2020

Can't wait for the evil twin episodes, Scoche!

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 6109/19/2020

jeanne cooper was awesome! i watched Y & R jus for chancellor !!!

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 6209/19/2020

Scoche, fillers or weight gain?

Remember you'll have pool scenes next year.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 6309/19/2020

Kate Linder is on Medicare.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 6409/19/2020

Tony Morina has forced me on a crash diet all week! He said that Mrs. C would never be fat! Help me!

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 6509/26/2020

Scoche, you haven't aged a day since your star-making turn as Mary Shaw in "Dead Silence."

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 6609/26/2020

R65 is that a real photo?

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 6709/26/2020

Marla has finally left the building! Y&R is all about me me me now and my coveted role of Katherine Shepherd Reynolds Chancellor Thurston Sterling Murphy.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 6810/18/2020

"You came on my Roche-Bobois sofa! I'll have to have it dry-cleaned!"

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 6910/18/2020

Thank God Marla left the building! Let’s just say that you didn’t want to be around Marla when she had the 5 bean soup in the commissary!

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 7010/19/2020

I simply cannot wait for you all to see my rendition of Marge Cotrooke in scenes with my Katherine Shepherd Reynolds Chancellor Thurston Sterling Murphy! It was like we was poured out of the same bottle of ketchup!

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 7110/19/2020

Marla’s farts are legendary!

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 7210/19/2020

Not anymore.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 7310/19/2020

Oh dears! I have such a juicy storyline coming up as Katherine Shepherd Reynolds Chancellor Thurston Sterling Murphy! My Katherine will be stealing Newman Enterprises and installing herself as CEO. Excitement abounds each day in Genoa City as I become the serial’s leading lady. My version of Kay is a force of nature the likes of which none of you have seen and for which you dream.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 7410/20/2020

Scoche, as nuKay, you truly look as though you can take on the world! Jeanne who?

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 7510/20/2020

My god, is her neck a cheese grater?

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 7610/20/2020

The only cheese that my Katherine has been eating is from that terrible Society bistro! Bringing back Gina’s, The Lodge, Yves, and the GCAC is going to be in my next contract renewal after I win the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series!

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 7710/20/2020

Miss Marin has left her cake out

in the rain

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 7810/20/2020

I'm looking forward to the Kay giving birth storyline! Scoche looks just credible enough to pull it off--and vibrant and youthful enough to pull a baby out of her vagine!

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 7910/20/2020

Hello my beautiful darlings! It is me, your new Katherine Shepherd Reynolds Chancellor Thurston Sterling Murphy and future winner of the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. The Y&R set is bustling with excitement in recent days. I have stunning scenes to tape this week with Melody Thomas Scott, who refers to me as “Mother.”

We may see the Jill character again soon. It may be Jessie or another iconic face in the role. Stay tuned my wonderful pets! In the meantime, enjoy another of my official CBS portraits.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 8010/26/2020

Yesterday was Jeanne Cooper’s birthday. She would have been 92.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 8110/26/2020

Katherine would have been proud of Esther today. She pretty much handed Gloria her ass, who has dialed up her obnoxious histrionics to 11. I'm not sure if they've completely removed her eyelids, but Mrs. Bardwell can probably see through walls.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 8210/26/2020

Why the FUCK is Horia there??? I cannot stand her! Stretched face cunt. Go the FUCK away Gloria! Thank you.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 8310/26/2020

Gloria can go back to the Abbott home. I hear there is a newly released bedroom there. I shall show her in. The Chancellor mansion is mine and so is the role of Kay!

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 8410/26/2020

Scoche , I believe in you!!!!!

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 8510/26/2020

This joke has gotten really old already.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 8610/26/2020

Honestly, I think it’s funny.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 8710/26/2020

Scoche needs to tell off Branded Ickson. She's posting pro-Trump crap on her Instagram--and losing followers like mad. She us one crazy butch, Scochee.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 8810/26/2020

I don’t mind the Scoche stuff but the bee from son stuff is super dumb and obnoxious from the same poster.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 8910/26/2020

Vee is in the biz.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 9010/26/2020

Mealor is so fucking bored.........

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 9110/28/2020

Who the F cares that they’re bringing back boring Nina? She hasn’t been relevant since gay David Kimble was on. Unless she is there to take her ugly son out of town.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 9210/31/2020


Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 9310/31/2020

Oh dear! Hans is upset that came to the set with my “I Voted” sticker and “Keep America Great!” sticker to the set. No one on set will speak to me! They love my version of Katherine Shepherd Reynolds Chancellor Thurston Sterling Murphy.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 9411/05/2020

Scoche I can’t believe you are a MAGAT!

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 9511/05/2020

We are taping holiday episodes, but no one will speak to me except that awful Amelia.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 9611/09/2020

ok, I tried looking up this "actress". She doesn't exist.

So what gives DL? Let the rest of us in on the joke.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 9711/10/2020

My dear, I am as real as flesh. Ask son Brock! Tony asked me not to reveal the Brock recast!

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 9811/10/2020

kudos to the gent who posts the hilarious kay stuff with the pix....laffed my breasts off !!!! more !!!! soche my luv ur neck is my avenue of paradiso. my rub my buddy with joy when i see ur face of much happiness and DAYTIME ACTRESS succes !!

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 9911/10/2020

Alan Sarapa, the HOTTIE from twitter is looking like an idiot with the Donny Boaz stuff. Drama queen much? STFU Alan you ugly mess!

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 10011/10/2020

hey hey hey hey

this site is for fun fun fun RAISE HELL

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 10111/10/2020

Very soon you will see my storyline as Katherine Shepherd Reynolds Chancellor Thurston Sterling Murphy when she begins a May/December romance with the Newman heir and the son of my dear friend Victor (or Hans, as I call him), Nicholas. Kay wants a late in life baby and Nicholas is willing to rear another Newman scion. Our chemistry is off the charts.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 10211/17/2020

Get ready for pregnant Kay!

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 10311/17/2020

Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated my dears! Do not believe a word of it. Why, I have already endured COVID! And I still have the antibodies.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 10411/17/2020

When I was a kid, our housekeeper watched the Young and the Restless together. Thirty years later, I'm home from work with the flu and Kay Chancellor was still around battling alcohol and younger harlots who wanted to knock her off her throne. Jeanne Cooper had a hell of a run.

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 10511/17/2020

The homely Alan Sarapa from twitter is a moron! He’s just such a waste of space/ LOL

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 10611/17/2020

Kay, as played by me, Scoche Marin, already has the glow of pregnancy. This will develop into an umbrella story for the entire canvas. Every character will be connected to the love child of Nicholas Newman and Katherine Shepherd Reynolds Chancellor Thurston Sterling Murphy.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 10711/17/2020

Dear Schoche - where are the lezzys on Y&R? They are never on!!!!

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 108Last Wednesday at 9:56 PM

Lesbians?!? Are talking about Joann Curtis?!?

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 109Last Thursday at 7:47 AM

Is Mrs. Chancellor expecting a boy or a girl with Nick Newman?

by Scoche Marin (NuMrs. C)reply 110Last Friday at 6:41 PM
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