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.. How did Bea Arthur feel about Betty and Estelle continuing to be nominated for The Golden Girls

After she and Rue were left in the dust after Season 4? Much has been made of Bea's belief she was more of the star and her rumored bitterness over Betty and Rue winning the Lead Emmy before she did.

Any record of how she reacted to being snubbed for the last 3 years of the show when her "underlings" still got the recognition..

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by Betty Shite reply 3908/01/2020

She shit in their wigs.

by Betty Shite reply 108/01/2020

If she were still alive, I think would be more concerned about the fact that an elder queen is posting a question about a show from 30 years ago.

by Betty Shite reply 208/01/2020

R2 Nailed it.

by Betty Shite reply 308/01/2020

r2 is why I still come to DL

by Betty Shite reply 408/01/2020

Give me graphic details of her anger and humiliation! Port her emotions directly into my spinal cortex, please.

by Betty Shite reply 508/01/2020

Bea has 2 Emmys

by Betty Shite reply 608/01/2020

It was an open secret in Hollywood that Bea was a very bitter woman. She was resentful of Betty's popularity.

She was especially bitter about her long-time friend Angela Lansbury's success when Murder, She Wrote became a huge hit, because Angela was the sole star and didn't have to share the success with anyone else.

by Betty Shite reply 708/01/2020

R7 Is that why she never guested on MSW and vice-versa? I've always thought that Lansbury could have been included in that murder mystery weekend episode.

by Betty Shite reply 808/01/2020

R7 what did she say to Angela?

by Betty Shite reply 908/01/2020

Rue should definitely have been nominated for the "Rusty Anchor" episode

by Betty Shite reply 1008/01/2020

She did the only thing she knew how to do. She drank more.

by Betty Shite reply 1108/01/2020

I’ll bet it drove her insane.

by Betty Shite reply 1208/01/2020

People forget that Bea's mother, with whom she was very close, died just a month after GG premiered. That may explain partly why she was so cranky on that show and turned to drink more.

by Betty Shite reply 1308/01/2020

R7, she said "I could vomit just looking at you"

by Betty Shite reply 1408/01/2020

Poor Angie never win an Emmy though

by Betty Shite reply 1508/01/2020

Every had to tread lightly through Every NBC Dressing room.

by Betty Shite reply 1608/01/2020

She was first on the call sheet. She got paid the most. And she got a sweetheart deal in seasons 6 and 7. I don't think she was bitter. She may have been disappointed that her peers didn't acknowledge her work on the show, but bitter is a stretch.

by Betty Shite reply 1708/01/2020

Too lazy to do the research, but who the hell was being nominated and winning over the GG back then?

by Betty Shite reply 1808/01/2020

Candice Bergen won three, and Kirstie Alley won once.

Blair Brown (The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd), Delta Burke (Designing Women) and Marion Ross (Brooklyn Bridge) also earned nominations over Bea and Rue for the later seasons.

by Betty Shite reply 1908/01/2020

Also, for the final season of The Golden Girls, Roseanne earned her first nomination, and Tyne Daly got in for a guest appearance on Wings (no, really).

by Betty Shite reply 2008/01/2020

I know she hated Betty.

by Betty Shite reply 2108/01/2020

R20 no Tyne did not

by Betty Shite reply 2208/01/2020

R21 she supposedly did not hate her at all, just "did not care for her."

by Betty Shite reply 2308/01/2020

She did, R22. In 1992, the Emmys ditched the Guest Categories and nominated performers in either lead or supporting categories, so there were a lot of screwy nominations that year.

Did you think someone would really make that up? And about a Tyne Daly nomination for Wings, of all things?

Offsite Link
by Betty Shite reply 2408/01/2020

R24 you’re a fucking liar! That’s a lie from hell! You’re obviously demon possessed! Get out of the Datalounge now!!! I won’t stand for this evil, in the name of Jesus! Tyne Daly is evil and I won’t hear Bea be disparaged! Get out!!!!

by Betty Shite reply 2508/01/2020

Bea ruined Joan Rivers's white dining room because of her nasty, drunken behavior. Everybody who knew Bea has talked about how mean she could be at times.

by Betty Shite reply 2608/01/2020

Murder She Contemplated

by Betty Shite reply 2708/01/2020

Did they laugh at Angela being nominated every year and never winning?

by Betty Shite reply 2808/01/2020

Maybe Bea thought Betty was fake or something. Maybe Bea was in love with Allen Ludden and Betty stole him away. Maybe Betty always got the mini Milky Ways from the craft services table before Bea could get any.

by Betty Shite reply 2908/01/2020

They might have r28 so I’ll say “yes!”

by Betty Shite reply 3008/01/2020

By that point I had 4 Tonys, a Grammy and 6 Golden Globes. Plus I was the highest paid woman on TV and the STAR! Fuck them!

by Betty Shite reply 3108/01/2020

Everybody knows that Bea was a lesbian.

by Betty Shite reply 3208/01/2020

“Bea screwed up!” squealed Betty.

“I did,” responded Bea, daggers flashing behind her eyes.

by Betty Shite reply 3308/01/2020

Betty would have been one annoying bitch to work with. Hamming it up, not a real actress.

by Betty Shite reply 3408/01/2020

Betty was sort of the class clown on set, whereas Bea was the straight-A student. OF course, they clashed, but I don't think it was a feud like so many suspect. I think Betty just got on Bea's nerves., who just wanted to do her job and then go home. Betty's antics would hold up the process.

by Betty Shite reply 3508/01/2020

In 1992, Kelsey Grammer was also nominated for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for doing his 'Frasier Crane" shtick on WINGS. So, that show got two lead acting Emmys for two guest-starring roles in one year.

by Betty Shite reply 3608/01/2020

R34 she know how to take a joke just as well as she gave, so not really. She’s just a great sport who never took herself too seriously.

I love them both.

by Betty Shite reply 3708/01/2020

Those were the show's only two Emmy nods. Ever. Bizarre.

by Betty Shite reply 3808/01/2020

Rue confirmed that Bea was angry that she wasn’t getting nominated over Betty. She also said Bea did not like being part of an ensemble.

Bea was a massive drunk confirmed by both Joan Rivers and Miss Coco Peru. She also used to walk the streets without shoes. She was a really weird person. She was also a terror on the set of a Golden Girls with the rest of the cast always having to apologize to guest actors for her behavior.

by Betty Shite reply 3908/01/2020
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