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Yes, it's real: Settle for Joe Biden 2020

"Biden isn’t fantastic but Trump is far, far worse. If Biden wasn’t your first choice this primary season, but you’ll do anything to get Trump out of office, Settle for Biden is for you. Join us in our mission to (begrudgingly) put Joe in the White House."

I, I just-

"Settle for Biden is a grassroots group of former Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders supporters who recognize Joe Biden's flaws but know that our nation will not survive four more years of Donald Trump."

Offsite Link
by Is this real??reply 5608/01/2020
Offsite Link
by Is this real??reply 108/01/2020

Could they not have come up with a group name that doesn't sound like they have a gun pressed to their heads? Even "I'm OK with Joe" or something similar sounds less mildly less petulant.

by Is this real??reply 208/01/2020

Replace Joe Biden 2020

by Is this real??reply 308/01/2020

If he comes up with a charismatic, dynamic VP- it may make up for his lack of pizzazz.

Makes you wish Obama was running against Trump. Wouldn't it humiliate him to have a negro beat him in a landslide?

by Is this real??reply 408/01/2020

Moderate Democrats keep kneecapping the progressive movement in the party, and then get annoyed when people who don't like their policies don't feign enthusiasm. You can't have it both ways.

by Is this real??reply 508/01/2020

Did you click on the store link? It’s not finished and shows dummy copy and some eyeglasses.

by Is this real??reply 608/01/2020

If your goal is to get rid of Trump, and mine is, then"Settle For Joe" is not the way to achieve that goal.

I have yet to vote for the perfect candidate for President, in all my 68 years, everyone of of them has had flaws but if your goal is the end of this Trump disaster, nominating the most moderate centrist candidate is the way to go. Extremes rarely win the Democratic nomination and when they do, they don't get elected President. Joe doesn't scare anyone, and he will win, unless people like the people who started this ill conceived campaign have their way.

by Is this real??reply 708/01/2020

It's funny how moderates have been going around everywhere for the last year saying that they'd vote for a potted plant, or a lawn sprinkler to get rid of the current occupant, but let a progressive group exhibit the same mentality, and all of a sudden it's a problem.

[quote]unless people like the people who started this ill conceived campaign have their way.

This is no different from Vote Blue No Matter Who, which I'm sure you've been parroting on every message board, but thanks for your concern and your early attempt to play the blame game.

by Is this real??reply 808/01/2020

I rolled my eyes when I saw someone link to this on IG but the message of unity against Trump no matter what is important. And I mean i am under no impression that Joe Biden is perfect but I do believe he is the perfect Dem candidate for this moment.

by Is this real??reply 908/01/2020


by Is this real??reply 1008/01/2020

Another hold your nose and vote for candidate. The Dems truly have lost their direction and their minds.

by Is this real??reply 1108/01/2020

A real Bernie supporter would never vote for any DNC puppet that does The dirty work for the 1%.

Elizabeth Warren is not progressive.

by Is this real??reply 1208/01/2020

Quite frankly, what it takes to get them there is what it takes to get them there.

If their feelings require them to look like sore losers, obsessives and cranks, that's why it takes.

by Is this real??reply 1308/01/2020

Are you all registered to vote?

Have you signed up to work at a polling place?

Have you volunteered to make calls for Biden, to give rides to polling locations on election day?

The winning candidate is always the one with the most grassroots voter participation. If you aren't out working for Joe, he will lose.

by Is this real??reply 1408/01/2020

Just awful.

by Is this real??reply 1508/01/2020

[quote]This is no different from Vote Blue No Matter Who

Except, of course, that the Republicans will make hay with "Settle for Joe" whereas they can't with "Vote Blue No Matter Who". I'm guessing that whoever is behind (read: paying for) the "settle" campaign is [italic]not[/italic] a Democrat.

by Is this real??reply 1608/01/2020

[quote] Moderate Democrats keep kneecapping the progressive movement in the party

Yes, this. If they would only completely abandon their principles and bend over for the progressives who can't even win a primary then they would know the glory of standing for high ideals and losing like Dukakis or Mondale did.

by Is this real??reply 1708/01/2020

The media and the DNC were out to destroy Berniefrom day one. No bernie person wojld support a corrupt system by coting for Senile Joe.

by Is this real??reply 1808/01/2020

r18 Agraad comjade

by Is this real??reply 1908/01/2020

God, I cannot stand Bernie supporters, and Warren supporters are getting right down there with them. Ugh. WTF is wrong with these people?

by Is this real??reply 2008/01/2020

R19 is a bot out of Beijing

by Is this real??reply 2108/01/2020

Joe’s The Way To Go!


Go With Joe!

Not overly optimistic and not the least bit pessimistic.

It’s factual and sane.

by Is this real??reply 2208/01/2020

I'm ridin' with Biden.

by Is this real??reply 2308/01/2020

I'm tired of people not understanding that at the Presidential level, we have 2 choices. It's not a beauty contest, I'm not marrying this person. It's a choice between two. You can frame it however you want, lesser of 2 evils, whatever. Just get your ass out and vote for the one closest to what you want them to do. Not voting because you're butthurt and didn't get your first pick is a choice too. The Republicans almost ALWAYS vote en masse and the system is set up to favor old white people who have time on their hands to go vote.

And guess what? If your first choice didn't make it this time, there's always another election coming up.

by Is this real??reply 2408/01/2020

Biden is pretty great and very underestimated. Trump sucks. Vote Biden.

by Is this real??reply 2508/01/2020

[quote] Moderate Democrats keep kneecapping the progressive movement in the party

It is progressives who are delusional enough to think they are the majority of Democrats. They are not. The "progressive" politicians--represented by Bernie and the squad--are all talk, little action. They do all the talking while the moderates and conservative Dems do all the heavy lifting. Typical.

by Is this real??reply 2608/01/2020

[QUOTE] A real Bernie supporter would never vote for any DNC puppet that does The dirty work for the 1%.

Uhh, does that include Bernie Sanders himself, R12? Cause he’s voting for Joe.

by Is this real??reply 2708/01/2020

[quote] A real Bernie supporter would never vote for any DNC puppet that does The dirty work for the 1%.

Bernie supports Biden, so a vote for Biden is a vote for Bernie. Paradoxically, a vote for Bernie is a vote for Trump.

Remember, not only are you not black if you don’t vote for Biden, you ain’t Jewish, gay, a woman, or an immigrant, or whatever you claim to be. Your status as a minority group is 100% dependent on your unwavering loyalty to Democrats. So do as you’re fucking told and fall into fucking line right goddamn now!

by Is this real??reply 2808/01/2020

R28, you are a troll. You sound like those conservatives who bitch about how the "lamestream media" forces you how to think. Go ahead and vote for Trump.

by Is this real??reply 2908/01/2020

R29 is operating right out of Goebbels’ playbook: accuse your opponent of that of which you yourself are guilty.

by Is this real??reply 3008/01/2020

Are you listening, Ms Sarandon?

by Is this real??reply 3108/01/2020

Susan Sarandon is R28 sipping martinis from her penthouse while she says "Trump is better than Biden".

by Is this real??reply 3208/01/2020

I was agreeing with Joe Biden about the blackness of his opponents and you had the temerity to jump down my throat for it.

by Is this real??reply 3308/01/2020

R33, if I read what you said wrong, I apologize. The way I read it, it sounded like you were being sarcastic.

by Is this real??reply 3408/01/2020

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign has some nerve getting offended by that perfectly rational and totally accurate statement. They are trying to twist it around and make it look like a racist statement, which is itself racist. All the attacks on Joe Biden and accusations of him being racist are a form of racism by proxy because Obama is black. If Black people abandon the Democrats in enough numbers, then we are doomed not only as a party, but as a nation. The campaign needs to shift its focus onto pointing out to every minority group why voting for Joe Biden is in their best interest.

Oh, and I wouldn’t mind if you would drag that lying bitch Tara Reade through the mud some more. Even if she wasn’t lying, she deserved what she got for cock blocking a Democrat. It is your patriotic duty to submit. Not doing so is obstruction of justice. Is it illegal to exchange sex for votes?

Offsite Link
by Is this real??reply 3508/01/2020

"Settle for Biden?" Well, that's a half-assed endorsement. These people sound like assholes.

by Is this real??reply 3608/01/2020

“All the attacks on Joe Biden and accusations of him being racist are a form of racism by proxy because Obama is black”

This is so unbelievably retarded.

by Is this real??reply 3708/01/2020

It sounds like a prank by the Trump campaign. Almost like when George W. Bush’s campaign came up with a front group called Communists for Kerry in 2004.

We also need to be more proactive about defending the integrity of the mainstream media in a sea of fake news.

by Is this real??reply 3808/01/2020

R28 come over here, and sit by me.

by Is this real??reply 3908/01/2020

May I bring my Whoopie cushion and rubber chicken?

by Is this real??reply 4008/01/2020

It's really hard to believe most of you hate trump this much. Since Biden, somewhat arguably an actual racist, never really had an actual job and brings along lots of love for china and his family's various and sundry grifting scams. Really guys? Or is it really the people you hate so much? Wow, must be dark in there!

by Is this real??reply 4108/01/2020

Bearnaise people our smert and shines threw each poast.

by Is this real??reply 4208/01/2020

R41, that was a very deplorable thing to say.

by Is this real??reply 4308/01/2020

R42 They are also creamy and white, and smell of pungent herbs- much like Béarnaise.

by Is this real??reply 4408/01/2020

[quote]It's really hard to believe most of you hate trump this much.

Have you been living in a cave the last 4 years, r41?

by Is this real??reply 4508/01/2020

What the fuck is R41 even talking about?

by Is this real??reply 4608/01/2020

Have you got your head up your ass? If DL ran the United States you would be deported for not being a Democrat.

by Is this real??reply 4708/01/2020

This thread has went from Bernie Bros whining about "settling" to a dumpster fire. Typical DL 🤣

by Is this real??reply 4808/01/2020

Methinks the Russian/GOP operatives/trolls on here have shifted the rhetoric to "I don't really like Trump, but Biden is such a racist I guess I just have to vote for Trump". Don't fall for it, people.

by Is this real??reply 4908/01/2020

Self preservation. If they still want to be alive in 2024 they better vote Biden. If Trump somehow manages to eke out an Electoral College victory, he'll be unleashed. He'll round them up and kill them. Portland will be like Sunday school.

by Is this real??reply 5008/01/2020

Then maybe you should’ve gone with Pete Buttigieg.

by Is this real??reply 5108/01/2020

R41 :dog·mat·ic /dôɡˈmadik/ , adjective adjective: dogmatic, inclined to lay down principles as incontrovertibly true.

by Is this real??reply 5208/01/2020

[quote] Biden could pick Casey Anthony as his running mate, and tour with the bones of Jon Benet Ramsey, and I would still vote for him.

Sure sounds like "Settling" to me.

by Is this real??reply 5308/01/2020

[quote] Biden could pick Casey Anthony as his running mate, and tour with the bones of Jon Benet Ramsey, and I would still vote for him.

Just quickly, is there a tiara and sash for that?

by Is this real??reply 5408/01/2020

Joe Biden could rape as many women as Bill fucking Cosby and still be better than Trump. It’s only rape when Republicans do it.

by Is this real??reply 5508/01/2020

I don't see that with Warren supporters, R20.

by Is this real??reply 5608/01/2020
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