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Polish minister says that the entire country should be an ‘LGBT free zone’

Several parts of Poland have declared themselves to be ‘LGBTQ+ free zones’.

Janusz Kowalski, the Polish Minister for State Assets has said that the entire country should become an ‘LGBT free zone’ noting that the country’s constitution only recognises a family as between a man and a woman.

Last year, regions of the country started declaring themselves to be “free from LGBT ideology.” Most of these regions have been in the south-east of the country. The declarations have gotten a widespread backlash outside of Poland, with condemnations from the European Parliament and towns in more LGBTQ+-friendly countries removing twinning arrangements.

The EU has also made the decision to stop funding for Polish areas that have declared themselves to be an ‘LGBT free zone.’ But in an interview with the Polish publication, Rzeczpospolita, Kowalski hit out at this.

Reacting to the news, he said: “We must not allow a single euro to be taken from Poland, Polish local governments, any Polish institutions for complying with the law, for saying ‘no’ to LGBT ideology, for protecting the Polish family.” He then added that legislation should be brought in to make the entirety of Poland an ‘LGBT free zone’, saying: “First and foremost, Poland should be a LGBT-free zone. We should adopt a law that prohibits financing from public funds, or at the state or local government level, of any activities of organizations that explicitly promote LGBT.”

Another Polish publication, Fakt 24 reports that he added: “All leftist ideologies that hit the traditional family and promote such relations as a man plus a man plus a child are inconsistent with the Polish constitution and cultural heritage.

“This hits our civilization and the DNA of the Polish family, and therefore we reject this extreme ideology.”

His comments are likely to go down well with the Polish president, Andrzej Duda, who narrowly won re-election last month on a campaign of homophobia, in which he called LGBTQ+ rights a “foreign ideology”.

Duda also announced plans to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage and same-sex couples from adopting children. “The Polish constitution should explicitly state that the adoption of a child by a person in a same-sex relationship is excluded,” he said, announcing his plans.

He added that he believed constitutionally banning same-sex couples from adopting would permanently end political discussions around the subject, as there would be “no need to discuss” it anymore.

At a rally during his re-election campaign, Duda described same-sex couples adopting as a form of “experimentation” and “enslavement.”

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by reply 8508/05/2020

Eastern Europeans no likey the gays.

by reply 108/01/2020

Of course

by reply 208/01/2020

The lady doth protest too much.

by reply 308/01/2020

Sounds similar to Judenrein. Now, where did I hear that?

by reply 408/01/2020

The problem is that this is popular and won The election

by reply 508/01/2020

R1 are all easteuro countries pretty much like this?

by reply 608/01/2020

Essentially. Poland and Russia are more virulent than most others

by reply 708/01/2020

Honest to god I don’t understand why they get so worked up about us, other than it is politically useful. Glad I went to Krakow in 2015 before the hate got so cranked up. I would never go there now.

by reply 808/01/2020

Are Catholic Eastern European countries (Poland, Hungary, Croatia, etc) more homophobic than Eastern Orthodox countries (Russia, Serbia, Greece, etc)?

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by reply 908/01/2020

This is frightening. I had no idea. Thought Russia was the main homophonic place.


by reply 1008/01/2020


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by reply 1108/01/2020

Poland's always been a shithole, that's why I left for Paris.

by reply 1208/01/2020

Time to partition it again

by reply 1308/01/2020

R12 Moi aussi.

by reply 1408/01/2020

Polish people are based af.

by reply 1508/01/2020

Hungary is rightwing facist, but not as gay-focused as Poland. Croatia has civil unions, legalized gay marriage for a period until voters quashed it. Greece has civil unions. Poland and Russia are the worst in Europe.

by reply 1608/01/2020

Serbia is lead my an openly lesbian Prime Minister

by reply 1708/01/2020

Croatia has the most advanced LGBT rights in the Slavic World according to ILGA-Europe.

by reply 1808/01/2020

When is a Polish boycott to be announced? When they designate LGBT - free zones, whatever do they propose to do with the gay citizens living in such a zone? US troops ought to pull out of Poland.

by reply 1908/01/2020

Slovenia has a domestic partnership law

by reply 2008/01/2020

Economics will decide Poland's fate not LGB public policy .

No market=no business=no jobs.

The EU needs to cut the parasites off- like starting this afternoon.

And don't answer Kowalski's panicked and desperate phone calls either.

by reply 2108/01/2020


by reply 2208/01/2020

Many countries (Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia, Ukraine and even Montenegro), have constitutional bans on same-sex marriage, defining it strictly as “the union of a man and a woman.” Croatia introduced a similar clause in its constitution following a referendum in 2013.

In 2018, Romania also attempted to introduce such a definition via a referendum, but turnout was low and the result was invalid. Same-sex civil partnerships remain outlawed in the country however.

by reply 2308/01/2020

Montenegro recently legalized civil Unions

by reply 2408/01/2020

Sorry , i live in Poland and people are AGAINST it. Some idiot is homophobe but that is all. Dont hate on all polish people, ok? People dont agree to this.

by reply 2508/01/2020

Time to treat them like we treat Serbia.

by reply 2608/01/2020

So noble.

by reply 2708/01/2020

Some of the least developed Eastern European nations aren’t even developed or culturally far along to even consider gay rights. They have very few openly gay people and cultural conservatism makes any public discussion of sexuality taboo. Poland has more an educated and western population that was clamoring for women’s and gay rights. Of course, there are huge numbers who oppose as threats to traditional values and beliefs, and a powerful backlash developed. It was simply too soon for gay rights to advance in Poland.

by reply 2808/01/2020

What's truly sad is that r25 is right, Poland has made big strides lately, possibly because of Germany having legalized it. The latest opinion poll I saw had support for gay marriage at 45% to 50% against, which is a HUGE leap. I heard somebody say once that Eastern Europe is about 10 years behind the West in support for gay rights, which sounds about right.

Also, Duda only won the election by 2%, 49-51. Unfortunately as we Americans know, sometimes assholes who win close elections take it as a mandate to do what they want. If they try to enshrine this crap into law, then I hope the EU decides to step in and REGULATE. Otherwise all their human rights babble is just virtue-signalling bullshit.

by reply 2908/01/2020

R25, why did y’all re-elect Duda then?

by reply 3008/01/2020

R25 I don't believe in hating entire groups of any people, yet some shall argue a majority of Polish voters did elect this cretin.

As regards my father's Jewish family, Poland doesn't have a good track record for hospitality. My ancestors left for Britain in the Nineteenth century, and rarely did anyone go back to visit. The few who remained were almost all killed in the Holocaust.

I don't doubt there are decent Poles, they may just be few and far between in Poland. I know there are many nice Polish people throughout the rest of the world.

by reply 3108/01/2020

R30 Because people wants money. Our goverment give money (500 zlotych for every child - it is a lot if you have 3 children or even two.) And old folks over 60/65 yers old gets money too.

by reply 3208/01/2020

Sounds like a variation on Jew-free.

Poland, and the Poles, can use their experience with that.

by reply 3308/01/2020

R32 Do you at all fear for your future there? Are you uncomfortable at times, or feel oppressed?

R33 Indeed, very much so.

by reply 3408/01/2020

There is a soul a huge urban versus rural, western versus eastern dynamic in Poland.

by reply 3508/01/2020

not surprising considering it’s a country whose top tourist attraction are the ruins of concentration camps (which were staffed by Poles!)

by reply 3608/01/2020

There is also a huge urban versus rural, western versus eastern dynamic in Poland.

by reply 3708/01/2020

R36 staffed by Poles? , yeah we even put jews over there, thats our fault,, fuck off

by reply 3808/01/2020

I agree. I have no use for Leprechauns, Goblins, Brownies and Trolls.

by reply 3908/01/2020

R36 You re victim of american propaganda , I see.

by reply 4008/01/2020

It's sad that a country that has been trampled on for centuries by other countries now has to find other groups of people to trample on. You'd think they'd be more sympathetic.

by reply 4108/01/2020

R40 I wish you would share with us your perspective living there as a gay person. How your life is now, and how you see it possibly changing in the near future....

by reply 4208/01/2020


by reply 4308/01/2020

R38 = Holocaust denier

by reply 4408/01/2020

R42 My life is fine. We are not third world country. I am not planning to get married or have children , anyway

by reply 4508/01/2020

^^^ thank God for that. We don’t need anymore dumb Pollocks

by reply 4608/01/2020

R46 A lot of racists here. Is it normal in US?

by reply 4708/01/2020

It is

by reply 4808/01/2020

R45 Thanks for your reply...Yes, there exists much racism here. Do you not see news coverage of our protests and civil unrest here in the States? That aside, the term you're thinking of would be [italic] bigots [/italic] rather than racists. I never think of Poland as a Third World country, so your answer is a bit odd, but I can understand your feeling a bit defensive.

You don't think the government may target gays, or request you to move to a different "zone"? You must understand it sounds rather frightful to those of us not living there. It does sound similar to what has gone on elsewhere before genocide occurs. The wording is quite similar to how Nazis referred to Jews.

For your own sake, and for the sake of camaraderie here amongst fellow gays, I do hope you are not a Holocaust denier.

by reply 4908/01/2020

R49 Christ, nobody will be moved to different zone. Nobody takes it seriously here. Western media overreacted .

by reply 5008/01/2020

I live in the UK and am totally against Brexit but the EU really does lose a lot of respect for me due to its inability to stand up for the rule of law in Poland and Hungary lately. I wouldn’t say there is overwhelming support for this in Poland but due to the vagaries of it’s electoral system and just enough support the PiS won and will continue to suborn the judicial system. In short, Poland is fucked.

by reply 5108/01/2020

R50 first they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. ... I think you know how the rest goes.

The government feels comfortable broadcasting this crap and it doesn’t worry you?

by reply 5208/01/2020

Well the EU just said there are no money for the lgbt free regions, if they do that with all the country probably will mean the expulsion of the UE, and unlike UK i doubt poland wants that (specially because they receive a lot of money)

by reply 5308/01/2020

R50 Regardless of your strongly held opinion that Western media have over reacted, it doesn't reflect WELL on Poland. To the rest of the world, it certainly doesn't look good, unless you happen to be Brazil's government... no one else will find this acceptable amongst civilised nations. It appears rather ugly to be frank.

I believe the very wording places you as a second or third rate citizen in the country. Do not lull yourself into a false sense of security mate. It's better to keep one's mind, and one's eyes open to even the slightest of changes. I get that you more than likely share a very different worldview to those of us in the UK and US, considering your country's struggles with the former Soviet Union, and the remnants of that system's effect on your culture. You have been beaten down to not expect too much progress too fast, which leaves you vulnerable IMHO. I honestly believe you have been desensitised to this second-rate, or third-rate status, and you're accustomed to such treatment in your country.

I wish you well, and hope you can somehow play a part to fight against such tyranny. I am not married to my partner, nor do I wish for children, yet I understand that civil and human rights must be equal across the board in any civilised country, regardless of my personal preferences or lifestyle. You need to fight for the greater good, and for the triumph of equality, liberty, and freedom to be who you naturally are.

by reply 5408/01/2020

Pollacks are mostly Jew haters

by reply 5508/01/2020

They've lost their equanimity, because they've lost their faith in l'amour.

by reply 5608/01/2020

Let's get to the important questions: What's the average size of a Polish kielbasa? Has anyone had any?

by reply 5708/01/2020

Straight guys are hot

by reply 5808/01/2020

Come on, Poland! Get it together!!

(honestly, don't know what to do here. Don't want to hate all Poles. Wish they wouldn't be such jackasses. Wish they'd come around to sanity and stop the madness.)

by reply 5908/01/2020

R57 decently sized but don’t know how to use it in my experience.

by reply 6008/01/2020

Although he moved to the UK, pornstar Kayden Gray is 100% Polish, with a magnificent uncut kielbasa.

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by reply 6108/01/2020

Eastern Europeans have fundamentally different political views than Western Europeans. Those countries should be pushed out of the EU until such time, if ever, they adopt Western values.

by reply 6208/01/2020

Estonia is okay

by reply 6308/01/2020

The election result was a Russian hacker special. The ol' 51 > 49

Offsite Link
by reply 6408/01/2020

Poles are not a race, R47.

by reply 6508/01/2020

Romania is pretty bad

by reply 6608/02/2020

The march to mark the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising – resistance against the Nazis during the World War Two – saw the rising anti-LGBT+ sentiment long brewing in Poland spill out onto the streets.

Thugs cut up rainbow flags and rage against LGBT+ equality during Warsaw Uprising march

Thugs aligned with far-right groups burned and cut up rainbow flags as they chanted homophobic slogans.

by reply 6708/03/2020

Janusz Kowalski, the PiS’ deputy minister for state assets, called for a law banning Polish state funds that “pay for any actions and institutions which are aimed at openly promoting LGBT+ ideology”.

“The entire territory of Poland should be designated as an LGBT+ ideology-free zone, since the Polish constitution clearly identifies a family as a relationship between a man and a woman,” he told Reuters.

Przemysław Czarnek, another PiS MP, went further.

“There’s no doubt, that LGBT+ ideology grew out of… the same root as Germany’s Hitlerian National Socialism, which was responsible for all the evil of World War II,” came the bizarre claim.

An estimated 10-15,000 gay men was murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

by reply 6808/05/2020

He needs to make sure the screen hatches on their submarines are secure.

by reply 6908/05/2020

Yes, Nazi ideology clearly had nothing to do with declaring that an entire nation should be free of a certain group of people. Nope, nothing Nazi there, minister.

by reply 7008/05/2020

No mystery here. Being that Poland is a primarily black country, it's not surprising that it is rabidly homophobic. Oh, wait a minute. Never mind...

by reply 7108/05/2020

R55 I never had such a clue in over fifty years sucking the air that there were antisemitic fish. I'll duly make a note of it, and make sure my Gefilte fish is Pollack-free.

If you're going to hurl around ethnic slurs, be sure to at least spell them correctly. You already come off ignorant enough by using them...

by reply 7208/05/2020

Poland and the Polish people gleefully murdered their and most of Europe's Jews. There are no Jews left for the Poles to scapegoat and persecute. Which leaves Gays.

by reply 7308/05/2020

And now, some reality . . .

Both male and female same-sex sexual activity are legal in Poland. This was formally codified in 1932, and Poland introduced an equal age of consent for homosexuals and heterosexuals, which was set at 15.

Poland provides LGBT people with the same rights as heterosexuals in certain areas: gay and bisexual men are allowed to donate blood, gays and bisexuals are allowed to serve openly in the Polish Armed Forces, and transgender people are allowed to change their legal gender following certain requirements including undergoing hormone replacement therapy.

Polish law bans employment discrimination based on sexual orientation. [bold]No protections for health services, hate crimes and hate speech exist, however.[/bold]

In 2018, the Supreme Court ruled that it is illegal to deny goods and services on the basis of sexual orientation. However, the Constitutional Tribunal ruled that the provision of Polish Petty Offence Code, which made it illegal to deny goods and services without "a just cause", was unconstitutional

by reply 7408/05/2020

The reality is that Poland has a gay tolerant history, and protections brought and kept in by keeping friendly with the EU, and is at threat of being ripped away by a growing fascism.

LGBT Free Zones aren't meant to ruin you immediately. They're to turn human rights into a debatable, and then negative issue, and then softly turn the zones into something actually enforced, and then HARSHLY turn the zones into something enforced through deadly means. We know in history that this can be done over the course of only years, though I'm sure fascists could be patient enough to make it a (couple) decades long process that flies under the radar until its too late.

by reply 7508/05/2020

[quote] Are Catholic Eastern European countries (Poland, Hungary, Croatia, etc) more homophobic than Eastern Orthodox countries (Russia, Serbia, Greece, etc)?

NO. No way--those Orthodox countries strike me as far more homophobic than the Catholic ones.

by reply 7608/05/2020

How silly of Greece to be homophobic. Greece? Greece???!!! It is to laugh.

by reply 7708/05/2020

that is interesting r74. Of course, 1932 is an interesting date. In practice there were many decades out of that when law codes were pretty much useless. But good to know there are currently some laws on the books. I wonder though if hatred spreads throughout the society if the law can actually withstand any of that, as has happened before.

by reply 7808/05/2020

"after that" not "out of that"^^^

by reply 7908/05/2020

The whole idea, premise and wording is repugnant. In some replies, our poster from Poland strikes me as suffering something akin to Stockholm Syndrome how he has "explained" it for us, or has rationalised it. The government sounds very ignorant, despite invoking Catholic beliefs about "family (ies)" as a defence.

It's as if the Polish government believes being gay is akin to drug use or something, a bad CHOICE one makes, that can influence others, and "turn them gay", rather than a simple small variance as part of the natural world.

Civil and Equal rights isn't an ideology, per se, either, but rather it is humanity. Being humane ought not be politicised against. Wake the fuck up Poland!

by reply 8008/05/2020

I'll probably get in trouble for asking this question but does it seem to follow that the countries that hate Jews would also be more homophobic? I'm guessing yes because if you are intolerant about groups of any people for whatever reason you will be intolerant toward all groups that don't fit your standards whatever they are.

by reply 8108/05/2020

it's a reasonable question r81. I think homophobia and anti-semitism go hand in hand, and with deep roots in religious fundamentalism, Christian or Islam, but also in any regime looking for scapegoats for their own constant fuckery and ineptitude.

by reply 8208/05/2020

I think you're right in the sense that there are countries who gladly scapegoat minorities to cover their own failures, r81. For those countries it's easy to see patterns of hatred. Eastern Europe is notorious for this. As far as anti-Semitism and homophobia being specifically intertwined, remember the Holocaust? Or the Spanish Inquisition? Yet Spain and Germany don't seem particularly homophobic now.

by reply 8308/05/2020

True, but Spain and German did have to go through a lot of hell before realizing that what some old bastard wrote in a scroll 2000 years ago might just be complete horseshit. Poland isn't there yet, from all appearances.

by reply 8408/05/2020

Stop all EU funding to the bastards and that'll teach em!!

by reply 8508/05/2020
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