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Weird things your DATE ate

what are some of the weirdest foods (or food restrictions) your dates have ordered or eaten in front of you, how long had you been dating, and how did it make what you thought about them change?

i have no weird eaters to share. picky eaters are automatically ruled out, in my book. if they won't try nearly everything the world of gastronomy has to offer, i don't want to be around them. bound to have tons of other "rules" as well that would be adorable at first, and grow to become insufferable as time went on. i save myself -that- hassle, at least.

by not gluten-, wheat- or dairy-freereply 107/31/2020

It wasn't so much WHAT he ate but what happened after. It was a blind date and we agreed to meet at 9 for breakfast at a pancake house. I showed up at 9, head in to find him sitting at a booth. So we exchanged pleasantries and then he tells me he got there at 8:30 and had already eaten and was done but I could still get something if I wanted. I wasn't about to fucking eat in front of someone unless he was eating so I declined and just had coffee. And that SUCKED because I was hypoglycemic and was crashing that morning and all I wanted was to get food in me. but I was pissed that he didn't have the decency to wait.

So we're chatting and I realize his teeth are COATED with his breakfast (he had a full set of dentures and he was probably late 30s). I couldn't see the spaces between his teeth because of all the food. I finished the coffee, got the fuck out of there and blocked his phone number.

by not gluten-, wheat- or dairy-freereply 107/31/2020
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