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John Cena strips

To send a message about propaganda and fake news and........hey, he's taking his clothes off.....

Offsite Link
by sadly, no nudesreply 11Last Saturday at 2:03 AM

He’s such a big, sexy and funny hunk of man meat.

by sadly, no nudesreply 1Last Friday at 1:56 PM

I find his body hot and he seems fun.

But...has he started down the plastic surgery rabbit hole? His face looks a bit oddly stretched in that video.

by sadly, no nudesreply 2Last Friday at 1:59 PM

I want to be in a pool with Cena, JJ Watt and Gronk.

by sadly, no nudesreply 3Last Friday at 2:03 PM

R2 I know what you mean but honestly I think he’s always looked a bit odd in the face. Maybe it’s the hairdo given he’s always shaved his head?

by sadly, no nudesreply 4Last Friday at 2:03 PM

The dyed hair distracts me, I just do not understand why so many men 40+ go that route. It is always too dark, it *never* is undetectable, particularly in direct sun or in photographs. Just be glad you HAVE your hair, leave the box of Autumn Chestnut on the shelf.

by sadly, no nudesreply 5Last Friday at 2:15 PM

That was enjoyable, but he should've gone a bit more.

He does have kind of a Frankenstein-shaped head, not unpleasant though.

I like to think he's as nice as he appears on camera.

by sadly, no nudesreply 6Last Friday at 2:23 PM

He got some nice man tits

by sadly, no nudesreply 7Last Friday at 2:34 PM

He's not fooling anyone with that hair, (he is balding in the back). And that hair color is B-A-D.

Offsite Link
by sadly, no nudesreply 8Last Friday at 3:14 PM

All that beef and you bitches are talking about his H A I R?

by sadly, no nudesreply 9Last Friday at 3:16 PM

Stripping? That's it? His shirt?

by sadly, no nudesreply 10Last Friday at 3:28 PM

I saw him once at a Cracker Barrell outside Albany, NY. It was more than ten years ago before his meteoric rise in the WWF. My heart skipped a beat when he sat down at the table next to me. His arms were the biggest I had ever seen on a human and it was all I could do to play it cool. The waitresses, however, were all over him. I suspected he was on his way to an appearance in Albany later that night. I had to head out of town but seriously thought about cancelling my plans and asking him for an autograph or even a ticket to the show.

by sadly, no nudesreply 11Last Saturday at 2:03 AM
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