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Why are so many of these "Recent" threads actually threads started years ago?

The last six I've opened are from 2015 to 2018. What's up with that? I'm new here and I don't get it. If the thread died years ago, why try to bring it back to life? Why not start a new thread with a new angle that might draw in new comments?

by What a waste of timereply 1407/31/2020

there is a thread bump queen on the loose around here. It annoys many of us. Many have speculated as to the reasoning

by What a waste of timereply 107/31/2020

Some have observed that the 2015 bump troll is a Trump supporter who bumps threads from 2015 (before Trump’s presidency) whenever a particularly bad spate of negative Trump emerges, i.e., every few days, in order to move negative Trump thread lower on the DL page.

by What a waste of timereply 207/31/2020

Some have speculated it's a Trump shill pushing bad news for Plumpy off the page so it bumps up old threads to push those down.

Could even be Matt's antics, too.

by What a waste of timereply 307/31/2020

These "bumped" threads seem to come in waves I notice. In particular, it usually coincides with as others have noted up thread with any bad news for Trump. There was one time (last election year?) when one particular person bumped threads constantly, overwhelming the site with extremely old threads. It almost took over DL and no one could stop it it seemed. I haven't seen anything as bad as back then.

by What a waste of timereply 407/31/2020

The bump queen usually bumps threads with intriguing titles (eg, "I'm obsessed with a married co-worker. Need advice!") They tend to be click-baity

by What a waste of timereply 507/31/2020

Some have speculated it is an insane demon filled with demonic energy that is bumping threads because it gives him power that he can use to flood the stock market with evil and thus destroy society.

by What a waste of timereply 607/31/2020

Read and heed

Offsite Link
by What a waste of timereply 707/31/2020

I am wondering if the Thread Bump Troll is the reason you can't find old threads on Google any longer.

by What a waste of timereply 807/31/2020

R7 That was so complicated, I gave up midway through it. I'm not smart enough to understand it but thank you for posting it.

by What a waste of timereply 907/31/2020

Boris doesn't want Trump's treason and child rape to trend.

Offsite Link
by What a waste of timereply 1007/31/2020

I have the Idiot Thread Bumper on "ignore," but unfortunately that doesn't stop those threads from showing up when the next person adds on to them. So if you're responding to or posting on these bumped threads-- YOU are part of the problem. Stop enabling him.

by What a waste of timereply 1107/31/2020

Here is another click-baity 2015 thread: "My bottom FB is a racist. Is that a deal breaker?"

by What a waste of timereply 1207/31/2020

R12, does he have “a” Facebook?

by What a waste of timereply 1307/31/2020

FF the pre-trump 2015 thread bumper

by What a waste of timereply 1407/31/2020
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