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Ellen DeGeneres’ ‘bizarre’ demands revealed by TV producer

What a weirdo

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by Danny Thomasreply 170Last Wednesday at 5:20 PM

What is it with these celebs demanding no one look at them? What the fuck is that about, anyway?

by Danny Thomasreply 107/30/2020

I heard about this from someone who worked on her show years ago. It’s funny it’s coming out now.

by Danny Thomasreply 207/30/2020
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by Danny Thomasreply 307/30/2020

I also heard she would fire people for greeting her while they walked down the halls. She wouldn't fire them herself though, she'd have someone else do it. She is truly vile.

by Danny Thomasreply 407/30/2020

A really nasty piece of work.

by Danny Thomasreply 507/30/2020

I heard this a long time ago, and I wondered why she wasn't criticized more for it. Seems she has a habit of acquiring pets, then tires of them and gives them away, just dumps them on other people. Remember when she went on her show and sobbed about how she gave a dog (Iggy, I think its name was) she had away to some employee of hers (a hairdresser?) and the place where she adopted the mutt took back possession of the dog? Seems the pet adoption place had a rule where you could NOT just give the dog away if you didn't want it anymore; you had to give it back to the adoption agency. She wept on the show about how the family who had possession of the dog were heartbroken and begged "please, please give the dog back." I don't think the dog was given back, but the woman who ran the pet adoption agency got death threats from her insane fans. It's REALLY fucked up to treat animals like they're disposable playthings to be tossed out when they're not fun anymore.

by Danny Thomasreply 607/30/2020

This is standard practice in Hollywood. I worked on sets for 20 years and the reason is because crew people (includes EVERYONE in that business) is a little crazy. ANYONE can get a job in Hollywood. No degree. Criminal record. Drug addict. You name it. And since everyone is just slightly; a little teensy-weensy; a smidge CRAY CRAY, you have to establish some boundaries. You have to make it clear that the talent is NOT your friend; "We're not pals; we're not going to hang out in my dressing room; and most importantly... I don't want your "suggestions" of how we could make the show funnier and I don't care that you graduated from film school, you're a production assistant, not the Executive Producer." I've seen people get fired for being too "into" the talent... ie: wanting photographs, autographs, leaving messages on someone's voicemail, cringy shit.

The "Don't look me in the eye" rule....

Eye contact is an invitation for conversation!

Talking to every crew person you pass on your way to set, becomes exhausting. Everyone has questions that need answers and they assume that since Ellen's name is on the building, that she has the answer. She doesn't. There is a team of people running the show. Not Ellen. The general public and the Media don't seem to understand that. Dr. Phil doesn't run his show. He doesn't pick the topics. There is a team of people who do EVERYTHING. He does nothing. And he has the same rule. Don't talk to me. Don't look at me. Because eye contact is an invitation for conversation! Steve Harvey, Rosie O'donnell, Oprah... they all had the same rule.

by Danny Thomasreply 707/30/2020

Which color of M&Ms does she make them remove? I hate orange.

by Danny Thomasreply 807/30/2020

R7 What a bunch of BS. Looking someone in the eye is not necessarily an invitation to a conversation. It's validating another human being and a show of respect. Being such a vengeful and insecure boss creates a toxic environment where the people who are supposed to help you look good resent you and their jobs. It also forces people to turn on their colleagues in order to save their jobs.

And should we be surprised given all that's come out about her over the years. The writers strike, the dog adoption story, the whining about her mansion being a prison, and on and on. She's a monster. Simple as that.

by Danny Thomasreply 907/30/2020

Here is what Darren "Savage Garden" Hayes demands were

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by Danny Thomasreply 1007/30/2020

[quote] Steve Harvey, Rosie O'donnell, Oprah... they all had the same rule.

And none of them, along with Dr. Phil, have a reputation for being nice.

by Danny Thomasreply 1107/30/2020

R7 That's a lame excuse for a celeb to act like an asshole. When staff is treated with respect, they'll respect you back. If someone crosses a line, all the celeb has to say is, "Talk to the producer" or "I can't get into that" or "Not now, thanks." To assume that every crew member who looks at you is going to pounce on you to try and sell their script or get an audition or be your best buddy is the height of grandeur delusion.

by Danny Thomasreply 1207/30/2020

I can't take seriously the ethical enabling excuses of someone who in the year 2020 still uses the term "CRAY-CRAY" (in all caps, yet).


by Danny Thomasreply 1307/30/2020

r12. But it's a distraction to even have to listen to the person asking. And if you establish a culture where crew think they can approach, they will. You have to establish a cold hard rule, implemented by the Executives, NOT by say Ellen, then crew will understand that in this workplace if you have a question you ask your manager. You think people at Apple knock on Steve's door and ask him questions? In Hollywood, because it's a celebrity, crew feel comfortable approaching, but it's no different. You don't walk up to the CEO of a BILLION dollar company and ask for a selfie, just because you work in the mailroom.

by Danny Thomasreply 1407/30/2020

How will they feel when no one looks at them in the eye, or at all, anymore. They'll go to autograph conventions, I guess.

by Danny Thomasreply 1507/30/2020

Get her out and hire Laverne Cox to replace.

by Danny Thomasreply 1607/30/2020

R14 I worked in semi large corporations in the past and I wasn't scared to look the CEO in the eye or wish them a good day.

by Danny Thomasreply 1707/30/2020

All this could've been avoided if Ellen kept her distance from that war criminal Bush. Or at least not have looked so chummy with him at that ballgame. Well, time to take your medicine.

by Danny Thomasreply 1807/30/2020

[QUOTE] Here is what Darren "Savage Garden" Hayes demands were

Remember when Rosie tried to make Darren "Savage Garden" Hayes happen?

by Danny Thomasreply 1907/30/2020

Thanks for explaining, R7, so I didn't have to. The neediness of fans must be overwhelming and exhausting. They want your attention and will try anything to get it. I'm sure it gets tiresome being asked ALL the time for autographs and selfies, being handed scripts (does that ever work?) and demo tapes. Ick. And yes, staff do need to be reminded that they can't do that shit with the star of the show. The CEO comparison was a good one.

by Danny Thomasreply 2007/30/2020

R20 What do the fans behavior have to do with people actually working on the show?

by Danny Thomasreply 2107/30/2020

r10, the story of riders is that the artist wants to make sure that where ever they are playing, they have everything they need as far as the technical, electrical and pyro stuff, etc, so if they get the outlandish requests, they know the venue has read and understood everything.

by Danny Thomasreply 2207/30/2020

R7 is absolutely right. The guy whining in Australia is just that: a whining Australian nobody. I have limited experience on the production side of tv, I was really only there as a manager for one of the ‘talent’. But it’s like this: the production team usually isolate the talent, as far as they can. The talent isn’t there to just be themselves: they have to serve up the same personality, everyday. Consistent, not specially happy or sad, and it’s an act. They have to concentrate, sort their mind out, master the day’s schedule, and perform. And no, they don’t really want other people approaching them, interrupting them, diverting them from what they are under contract to deliver.

They aren’t there to be themselves. They may well not enjoy it. And it’s not just tv hosts and presenters. Lots of comics and actors insist on ‘me’ time, undisturbed, before they perform. You know, it really isn’t anyone’s Best Friend Race; they’re not there to be friendly with the crew, and any crew/production person who has got over their own sense of importance knows that. The talent needs to be given space, to go out and deliver their act. Ellen is typical, not exceptional. You just need to get over the reality of tv behind the scenes not being what you have imagined it to be. I couldn’t possibly do what Ellen or any of that cadre do: go out, show after show after show, and deliver this same public face every damn time. And it’s rotten to think that the sacrificial lamb will be our most successful LGBT presenter. I’d give the bitch a pay rise.

by Danny Thomasreply 2307/30/2020

Were Darren and Daniel lovers?

by Danny Thomasreply 2407/30/2020

Years ago someone complained about Ellen's behavior in Girl Club in W. Hollywood. "She didn't return my smile; she didn't look like she wanted to be bothered. She's a bitch."

by Danny Thomasreply 2507/30/2020

i remember years ago working as a lowly assistant at a talent agency, a cable tv production company and more then once i got the "where are you from?" question and when i asked why, the reply was always always "because your so nice and normal"... which i would reply back "hmm, i just thought i was being a human being"...

la la land is indeed full of crazy and simply not good people, i'm sure there are those at least some in the industry for the right reasons and are good people, i just didn't meet any of them!.....everyone is a asshole, everything is DEF CON 5 importance (when in the real world it wouldn't even be DEF CON 1 at all!), etc...

the stories i could tell!.... and no one seems happy either!...

by Danny Thomasreply 2607/30/2020

do ANY celebrities ever ever ever think, if it wasn't for their public, they wouldn't even BE where they are at, have their career, fame and money in the first place?!... boo hoo, if they are "constantly" bombarded by fans and wannabes....

by Danny Thomasreply 2707/30/2020

I'm not hearing anything more cruel from Ellen than other celebs, so I keep wondering who is behind this attack.

by Danny Thomasreply 2807/30/2020

I met a gal who worked as an extra in some Julie Andrews gig. She was convinced that Julie was sending her "signals" that an approach would be welcomed. Crazy Lady said this went on for weeks, but the p.a.'s kept thwarting her Journey to Julie.

by Danny Thomasreply 2907/30/2020

R7, So let me get this straight Ellen, Dr Phil...etc, have a team of people that run their shows and literally do all the leg work for them but these over-pampered slobs can't even say 'hello' once in a while to their staff because they're supposedly too exhausted from just standing there and reading the autocue? Lol

by Danny Thomasreply 3007/30/2020

R26, do tell, please.

by Danny Thomasreply 3107/30/2020

you’re not allowed to look at Madonna or Barbra Streisand in the eye either

by Danny Thomasreply 3207/30/2020

I make a point of looking celebrities right in the eye. Then I hypnotize them!

by Danny Thomasreply 3307/30/2020

R32 I know. And it's ridiculous. Fucking Steve Harvey doesn't even allow it. Like he's "somebody." Ha!

by Danny Thomasreply 3407/30/2020

Well, I never..!!

by Danny Thomasreply 3507/30/2020

Good Lord. I find Ellen annoying as hell but if a man did this stuff nobody would bat an eye.

by Danny Thomasreply 3607/30/2020

Ellen is just trying to avoid the Demon Sperm that is transmitted through eye contact

by Danny Thomasreply 3707/30/2020

R36 Both women and men are coming out against her. Gender has nothing to do with it.

by Danny Thomasreply 3807/30/2020

R36 Bullshit. When Steve Harvey's similar demands were released, he was skewered for it.

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by Danny Thomasreply 3907/30/2020

R32 With the way Madge's face is now, who would want to look at her?

by Danny Thomasreply 4007/30/2020

R40 Now she's probably demanding that people look at her.

by Danny Thomasreply 4107/30/2020

Ellen acts like she’s a man. Women are supposed to smile and be sweet.

by Danny Thomasreply 4207/30/2020

None of her celebrity friend are coming to her defense. Where's Anniston, Clooney, Dakota Johnson, etc.

Even January Jones had John Slattery come to her defense when Bobby #4 said she was "mean". It was only John out of the whole cast but still, better than NO ONE.

by Danny Thomasreply 4307/30/2020

R39, He was mocked for it but people didn’t use it to say Steve is some truly evil person that needs to be stripped of everything he has.

Nor was there a bunch of hit pieces like from Biuzzfeed “news”.

by Danny Thomasreply 4407/30/2020

Why do all the same people that hate Meghan Markle also hate Ellen?

What is the crossover appeal?

by Danny Thomasreply 4507/30/2020

Tip: If you touch a celebrity it’s mother wont accept It back into the nest.

by Danny Thomasreply 4607/30/2020

R45 They're both cunts, that's why.

by Danny Thomasreply 4707/30/2020

I used to work for a large corporation and we were never told not to say hello to the CEO, who was well known. At the same time all I ever did was smile and say hello in passing and if he asked a question I answered it. He was great. Ellen probably has what, 100 people working there at most? And she can't brig herself to say hi in a hall? If you want privacy Ellen, find another way to the studio. Don't walk past people like you're the king

by Danny Thomasreply 4807/30/2020


Offsite Link
by Danny Thomasreply 4907/30/2020

I immediately thought of Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet:

"Don't you look at me!"

by Danny Thomasreply 5007/30/2020

In her note, DeGeneres takes responsibility, insofar as the show bears her name, and insists that steps will be taken to "correct the issues" going forward. "As we've grown exponentially, I've not been able to stay on top of everything and relied on others to do their jobs as they knew I'd want them done. Clearly some didn't,” she writes. "That will now change and I'm committed to ensuring this does not happen again."

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by Danny Thomasreply 5107/30/2020

Ellen really seems like kind of an a-hole, but the "don't look at me" thing I kind of get. In my fantasy life, I'm a celebrity, and one thing that gets kind of old is when you're just doing your job and many of the people around you feel compelled to just greet you or have some banter. Most of us enjoy friend interactions with our co-workers, but when you are the one person everyone wants to hang with, it gets old. A no-look, hands-off, no-speak policy allows you to just go about your job when, unlike, everyone else, you're the one everyone wants to speak to.

Of course, I'm nobody. So I would love to be able to tell my co-workers not to look at me because I'd rather they didn't know I exist.

by Danny Thomasreply 5207/30/2020

r14, here. I guarantee none of these celebs personally request the no eye contact thing. It's the culture of the business and comes from the handlers and execs. You learn it right away and it just becomes part of your job routine. It sounds outlandish to the outside world, but when you're living it and witnessing a whack-a-doo assertive ambitious co-worker scrambling to kiss ass or ingratiate themselves to a helpless celebrity, you understand why this exists. It's like a barrier from hustlers and grifters who are looking to climb the ranks in Hollywood, and see every opportunity to get a leg up. EVERYBODY is trying to get ahead (myself included) and celebs are totally aware of this!!!! I mean ALL ABOUT EVE is all about this shit, and how cunning "star fuckers" are.

by Danny Thomasreply 5307/30/2020

My friend used to manage a hair salon in Manhattan in the 90s with a celeb clientele. She said the nastiest one and the ONLY one who insisted staff doesn't look her in the eye was Kristen Davis. Can you imagine a world? She said the nicest down-to-earth celeb was Gabriel Byrne.

I've done fashion and costume research for shows in LA and I've never really had a problem with any of the celebrities. Most crew just do their jobs and mind their business and the stars do their job.

by Danny Thomasreply 5407/30/2020

Now Kristin Davis does a show about finding the best sperm donor.

by Danny Thomasreply 5507/30/2020

I have met John Lithgow, Denzel Washington, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Dreyfuss, and Julia Roberts. Three Academy Award winners, and the only one who wasn't responsive was Roberts. The guys were nice. I was an extra in an Arnold movie and I said hi to him, he said hi back to me and I didn't get into trouble.

by Danny Thomasreply 5607/30/2020

[quote]Steve Harvey, Rosie O'donnell, Oprah... they all had the same rule. [quote]And none of them, along with Dr. Phil, have a reputation for being nice.

Steve Harvey is one I dislike the most in that group. He treated one of his ex-wives poorly, he tried to steal Bernie Mac's Ocean's Eleven role, and is also homophobic. I wish he would get grilled more by the media.

by Danny Thomasreply 5707/30/2020

Funnily enough, r56 If I had seen you trying to engage in conversation with Arnold (and I was the Second Assistant Director) You would have been fired without even knowing it. We would have asked Central Casting to simply remove you from the Extras list, only because Extras are notorious for being ambitious Star Fuckers, (especially if they are are HOT aspiring actresses.)

This is why I always say the casting couch doesn't exist in Hollywood. The MeToo movement is bullshit in Hollywood. If you are a hot female who wants to be rich and famous, you will exploit every opportunity. Sex is currency. Let's make a deal.

by Danny Thomasreply 5807/30/2020

#58 I just said hi as I walked by him, I didn't try to talk to him other than that. It was three in the morning after working most of the night, they did the same take for many hours, it was a multiple stunt scene. Everybody was tired and I just said it.

by Danny Thomasreply 5907/30/2020

I abhor the entitled nature of celebs thinking that THEY are the E ticket at Disneyland so they have this don’t look in the eye rule.

What if each staffer were told they weren’t forbidden from looking at a cunt celebrity, but not to engage in conversation and not to say hello.

But to make a SMILE a fireabke offense is insane.

In a more normal world I would allow peasants to say hello to the feudal lords and ladies , but not to expect any response back.

by Danny Thomasreply 6007/30/2020

Rolls eyes at R9.

by Danny Thomasreply 6107/30/2020

I looked at Ellen. Big deal.

by Danny Thomasreply 6207/30/2020

No one gets fired for smiling or saying Hello. The rule is just to discourage "engaging" with the celeb. If you're a production assistant and you are assigned to bring food to someone, you can say hello and make eye contact and tell them that you are delivering their food, etc. The no eye contact thing is for the grind of the 12-15 hour work day (which is average) that the celeb is enduring and wants keep their energy level up to make it to wrap. The long hours suck in that industry. For both, the celebs and the production staff. It's the reason I bailed out. The celebs are compensated with cash, but production staff is pure sacrifice and compromising your happiness for a dream. In the end, it's just not worth it.

by Danny Thomasreply 6307/30/2020

Most crew people on the set are there to do a job. They work long hours and most are professional. They see a lot of actors. It's just a job. But don't stare and don't talk. Is a bunch of bullshit. Especially when you're jamming down our throats. Your a funny warm person who cares about other people. Which is total crap. If you don't want people talking to you or coming up to you. Then you're in the wrong business. Leave Hollywood. We won't miss you.

by Danny Thomasreply 6407/30/2020

Wouldn’t it be easier (and more respectful) to set a no conversing rule than a no eye contact rule?

by Danny Thomasreply 6507/30/2020

[quote]Were Darren and Daniel lovers?

No, Daniel hated him. Darren had to basically finish the second lp (Affirmation) himself and Daniel put his name on it so Savage Garden could make money. It's a great album though.

But Darren Hayes is a whore who would spend his days in every city trying to get laid.

by Danny Thomasreply 6607/30/2020

Where is Darren now? What's he doing? He must be elderly.

by Danny Thomasreply 6707/30/2020

When is this cunt getting cancelled?

by Danny Thomasreply 6807/30/2020

Doesn't every talk show host flip-out eventually? Soul-destroying work.

by Danny Thomasreply 6907/30/2020

[quote]Doesn't every talk show host flip-out eventually? Soul-destroying work.

No bitch.

Offsite Link
by Danny Thomasreply 7007/30/2020

I get the impression Darren was in love with Daniel but that the love wasn't returned and that he (Daniel) might be homophobic. Darren suffers terrible clinical depression

by Danny Thomasreply 7107/30/2020

Jenny Jones! Where is the ol' gal these days??!

by Danny Thomasreply 7207/30/2020

The gay community is really a bunch of pussies. Oh wow Ellen’s rude sometimes. Thats really something that should be a cancellable offense.

It’s like She’s Weinstein only worse.

by Danny Thomasreply 7307/30/2020

Oh Ellen, i did tell you to have all your staff sign non disclosure agreements. This is why I'm still beloved, no one is allowed to talk about anything that goes on at HARPO/OWN, i can be the biggest cunt i want!

by Danny Thomasreply 7407/30/2020

If she didn't want any one to acknowledge her or say hi she should have gotten a job in a supermarket. I haven't heard this about a lot of people. Just a few. You didn't even hear this crap about Carson or Letterman. Those moved out will be paid handsomely.

by Danny Thomasreply 7507/30/2020

R75,Letterman didn’t talk to low level staff either. Except that Stephanie chick and the other girls he used to fuck. It’s not unusual. But gays are out to get Ellen so suddenly it’s an issue.

by Danny Thomasreply 7607/30/2020

Brett Butler here, standing by to take over for Ellen!

by Danny Thomasreply 7707/30/2020

This seems to be boiling down to those of us with at least some experience of production, finding that what we’ve said doesn't sink in with those who just feel aggrieved that a working presenter isn’t everybody’s friend.

by Danny Thomasreply 7807/30/2020

To bad Ellen isn’t spelled M-e-d-u-s-a, that way there would be true payback if they looked her in the eye.

by Danny Thomasreply 7907/30/2020

Keeping trying to suggest it’s homophobic to discuss Ellen’s cuntiness, PR intern.

It doesn’t matter. We’re not buying it.

by Danny Thomasreply 8007/30/2020

Gays are so hateful. Never happy unless they’re trying to take someone down on unsubstantiated gossip created by bored gay gossip hounds. The gossip doesn’t become true because gay shut ins repeat it for 10 years or more.

by Danny Thomasreply 8107/30/2020

F&F R81.

by Danny Thomasreply 8207/30/2020

R23 What does the guy’s nationality have to do with anything? He was asked a question about working with her and he replied with his experience.

You’ve shown your true colours when you describe him as a “whining Australian nobody”.

You say that you’re limited experience is as the manager of some specific talent - the “whining Australian nobody”, who I’m sure means nothing in your little world, you’re an American, obviously - replied that his experience was that Ellen was presumably OK but that it was her handlers who dictated the “no eye contact / no acknowledgement” rules, not Ellen.

I think that that says a lot about where you fit in the sad little hierarchy surrounding people like Ellen.

Just a little context for you, R23 - a close friend was involved in that tour of Australia by Ellen, and in a similar talk show road show by Oprah at around the same time - she’d probably be an “Australian nobody” in your very narrow worldview (and I doubt that she’d give a fuck about that!). I messaged her yesterday about this thread as I was curious as to whether my memory of her experience was correct. She said that in both cases the “talent”, as you refer to them, when she had access to them, were friendly, relaxed and easy to deal with. It was the cringing underlings such as yourself, R23, who were a nightmare. Insecure, grasping and backstabbing of their peers.

Ring any bells, R23?

by Danny Thomasreply 8307/30/2020

I was a VIP audience member, and the way we were treated by her Audience Coordinator was insane. This girl was a total bitch. I simply asked her where the bathroom was and she bit my head off! Do I blame Ellen for this?. Of course not!!!! I could have gotten this girl, Claudia, fired! But because I worked in the business, I presumed that she was being managed by miserable people, who were taking their misery out on their underlings and she was a victim of workplace abuse. I was HER at one point in my career. I chose to let it go. She still works there six years later. Hopefully, she will treated better from this point forward, and thus, treat her staff better.

by Danny Thomasreply 8407/30/2020

Some women in music are like this, Lauren Hill and Nikki Minaj have a no looking statement to the crew on their music videos. I've been on 3 jobs were we had the talent's reps tell us that the talent didn't want to be looked or spoken to, and all 3 times, they would look and/or speak to us and it was fine.

by Danny Thomasreply 8507/31/2020

[quote] You think people at Apple knock on Steve's door and ask him questions?

I should fucking hope not considering he’s been dead for nine years.

by Danny Thomasreply 8607/31/2020


Doing exactly what Ellen would do, telling others how to think.

by Danny Thomasreply 8707/31/2020

I don't know how she became so popular in the fast place. She's not relatable at all.

by Danny Thomasreply 8807/31/2020

R58 yeah I’ve worked as an extra and I saw guy p.a.’s and 2nd 2nd a.d.s walk around with vouchers for upgrades hitting on women like it was an episode of elimi-date

by Danny Thomasreply 8907/31/2020

Gosh, R83, you’ve got issues. I don’t know if you can hear your own tone, but you manage to be both ridiculous and overbearing at the same time. But I’ll humour your ill-humour, nevertheless, and deal with the points you raised.

You may not have noticed, but OP linked to a story headed ‘ Ellen DeGeneres’ ‘bizarre’ demands revealed by TV producer’. That’s clearly trying to link the demands to Ellen, not to her team. The article also says ‘But I can tell you the people who worked with her walked on eggshells the whole time’, which I’d suggest also puts forward the notion that it’s Ellen, making her team so stressed they are ‘walking on eggshells’. There’s no suggestion it’s due to, say, the head honcho in Production.

Why does the guy's nationality matter? Because the story clearly places it in Australia, and because having worked/visited there on at least a dozen occasions, I’ve realised that while Australians call everyone else ‘whingers’, they do a hell of a lot of it themselves. I actually said that I have limited experience of the production side of tv - because I’m not claiming it as my primary activity. And of course, you’re wrong saying that the Australian source of the story said ‘Ellen was presumably ok’. He’s actually quoted as saying ‘ I have no idea whether she’s a nice person or not, I wouldn’t have a clue’, but as I’ve shown, the attempt is made to root all the ‘off’ behaviour in Ellen, and it stressing out her staff.

You also say that ‘ you’re an American, obviously’ - odd that you want to call me out as a white-on-white racist (presumably that was your intention, for me characterising an Aussie?), yet think it’s ok to put my views down to my race. Big ole hypocrite you’re being there, angry boy. But also a bit pathetic of you, given that I’m not American. But then, you’re not the brightest spark, as we can all see. Oh, and I’m not ‘ in the sad little hierarchy surrounding people like Ellen’ as you suggested, but hey, it gave you another factually wrong thing to be unpleasant about. Hope you felt really clean and holy for throwing that stone; but you missed.

I’m not interested in guessing where you’re from, R83. I think we can all see that, regardless of origin, you’re a pathetic little dick. Probably with a little dick. But thanks for calling me a ‘cringing underling’, it’s always, always so funny to see someone who starts by trying to trade on their egalitarianism end up with a very ‘hierarchical’ term of abuse. I bet it got you hard, for the first time in years.

You’re a fuckwit, R83. Just a fuckwit.

by Danny Thomasreply 9007/31/2020

This is so different from when I worked with her at Burbank Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa, CA. I was the backstage manager and she played a show. Ellen was funny, friendly, not too demanding. She asked about area golfing since she was there an extra day. I told her about a course my father in law plays at. A couple of weeks later she sent me flowers thanking me for the backstage work and the course recommendation. This was in the 1990s, though.

by Danny Thomasreply 9107/31/2020

r33=Pat Collins

by Danny Thomasreply 9207/31/2020

[quote] I’ve realised that while Australians call everyone else ‘whingers’, they do a hell of a lot of it themselves.

So true I can't even

by Danny Thomasreply 9307/31/2020

R65 - That's what I was thinking. I can understand that if people stop a celebrity all the time they may not want to talk to everyone. Looking is something else, though. Looking does not mean a person will be approached. I also think that you can ask for privacy without being downright mean. There are stories of Ellen trying to get people fired -one incident is because she objected to a lady's nail polish at a restaurant. That's a person's livelihood she is messing with and a cancelling of sorts, right? That's why I do not like Ellen.

But I do not think people should be cancelled for being an asshole. Obviously others will talk about it and express an opinion of said person's behaviour, which is not the same as asking for them to be cancelled. It seems to me from what people who have worked in the business have said here, is that this goes on a lot and basically the industry is just insane, where people are allowed to behave that way.

by Danny Thomasreply 9407/31/2020

[quote] You don't walk up to the CEO of a BILLION dollar company and ask for a selfie, just because you work in the mailroom.

I would.

by Danny Thomasreply 9507/31/2020

[quote] Jenny Jones! Where is the ol' gal these days??!

Last I saw, she had a cooking channel on YT.

by Danny Thomasreply 9607/31/2020

Elizabeth II is less of a bitch and less demanding. Her staff when hired are instructed to not speak until spoken to. Unless she's on her way to a meeting or an appointment, she really doesn't mind if a staff member initiates a conversation. If anyone makes eye contact with her, she may exchange a pleasantry or give a nod and smile of acknowledgment. She doesn't have a hissy fit because someone dared look her in the eye or speak to her. Prince Philip is much the same way, as is Prince Edward. Anne doesn't care if you make eye contact because she'll just pretend you're not there as she does with anyone she doesn't have something specific to discuss with you.

by Danny Thomasreply 9707/31/2020

r97 What hissy fit? What are you referring to? You're making shit up.

Let's keep in mind that NONE of the anonymous disgruntled employees had anything negative to say about Ellen personally. Their issue was with John Glavin and the other producers.

by Danny Thomasreply 9807/31/2020

Who's had Kevin Leman, the accused producer? He's in deep doo-doo.

by Danny Thomasreply 9907/31/2020

I heard the two headed girl don't like to be stared at either.

by Danny Thomasreply 10007/31/2020

I heard Ellen had Olivia de Havilland killed as one of her demands.

by Danny Thomasreply 10107/31/2020

[quote] Steve Harvey, Rosie O'donnell, Oprah... they all had the same rule.

Oh, that makes it okay then.

by Danny Thomasreply 10207/31/2020

[quote] Ellen really seems like kind of an a-hole, but the "don't look at me" thing I kind of get. In my fantasy life, I'm a celebrity, and one thing that gets kind of old is when you're just doing your job and many of the people around you feel compelled to just greet you or have some banter. Most of us enjoy friend interactions with our co-workers, but when you are the one person everyone wants to hang with, it gets old. A no-look, hands-off, no-speak policy allows you to just go about your job when, unlike, everyone else, you're the one everyone wants to speak to.

Let me get this straight--you approve of her doing this because you claim you experienced this yourself, only [italic]in fantasy?!?[/italic]

by Danny Thomasreply 10307/31/2020

I think I've told this story before. A friend of mine worked at a Manhattan publishing house when "Sliver" was being filmed at their offices, and her editor told the staff he was ordered by the producers to tell them that none of them were allowed to look at Sharon Stone during the filming; but he snorted as he told them this, because he thought it was a ridiculous request. As a result, they all decided to stare and stare at her when she was filming (which they never would have done normally--they thought she was a joke) because they knew they would never be fired. The rest of the world is not like Hollywood.

by Danny Thomasreply 10407/31/2020

r83 is the same Aussie nutcase who was ranting and raving on another thread about resorts in Australian yesterday because Americans don't know their Aussie geography.

It is obviously severely mentally imbalanced. Ignore it.

by Danny Thomasreply 10507/31/2020

R104, that’s fantastic.

by Danny Thomasreply 10607/31/2020

The thing I don't understand about all the staffers complaining about not be allowed to look at her is that every celebrity does this. This is a common feature on most TV and film sets. For example, if you go to casting sites like Central or Grant Wilfley, they tell you directly not to look at the stars while working on set. Ellen is a mean, nasty cunt, but all of her staffers whining about this are going to find it tough to get work once the show gets cancelled. This is common industry practice. That's not going to change, despite their outrage.

by Danny Thomasreply 10707/31/2020

Well, I can kind of see that r107, but I suspect there are celebs that REALLY, REALLY, REALLY care, and those that kind of don't. Ellen seems like she is more in the really care, excuse to be a bitch category.

by Danny Thomasreply 10807/31/2020

The difference is that most other celebrities who have a reputation for doing this--like David Letterman or Sylvester Stallone or Jennifer Lopez--do not go around telling the public every day, "Be kind" with moist glistening eyes. The reason Ellen is getting so much pushback for this is that she pretends she's a living saint on TV, and then turns around and fires staffers who say hello to her in her hallways.

I don't think anyone would go after Wendy Williams or Andy Cohen if they did this because they don't ever pretend they're really sweethearts--if they were accused of this, they would openly counter with, "OF COURSE I forbid lower level flunkies from saying 'hello' to me every day--are you nuts?"

by Danny Thomasreply 10907/31/2020

When the peoples look at the Ellen it make the eyes of she sad and glisten, stop the Ellen looking!

by Danny Thomasreply 11007/31/2020

I just think the outrage over that part of it is misplaced. This is not some new, industry secret that's been revealed. This is typical of most celebrities. The stuff about Ellen's show firing employees for taking bereavement days or shutting down a health care GoFundMe because it made the show look bad? Perfectly legitimate stuff to go after her over. The "don't look me in the eyes request" however? No.

Offsite Link
by Danny Thomasreply 11107/31/2020

Maybe not the best article. This is better.

Offsite Link
by Danny Thomasreply 11207/31/2020

What’s her take and the preference of M&M colors?

by Danny Thomasreply 11307/31/2020

The person who produced the show (not just crew) wasn't allowed to talk to her, and he thought it bizarre enough to comment on it. Also they had to relocate the show to accommodate her. And I guess if everyone on TV in Australia acted like this or thought it was a normal demand, this guy wouldn't be talking about it.

by Danny Thomasreply 11407/31/2020


by Danny Thomasreply 11507/31/2020

end this disgusting dyke once and for all

by Danny Thomasreply 11607/31/2020


by Danny Thomasreply 11707/31/2020

R17, millenials are not the same thing as gen z. There are millenials that are old enough to have worked at Ellen the whole 17 years shes been on

by Danny Thomasreply 11807/31/2020

Millennials are in their 30s

by Danny Thomasreply 11907/31/2020

[quote] I can understand that if people stop a celebrity all the time they may not want to talk to everyone. Looking is something else, though. Looking does not mean a person will be approached. I also think that you can ask for privacy without being downright mean.

if you've ever supervised 50 or more people (even 20 or more), you learn to avoid people because everyone has a question and there's not enough time in the day to deal with petty stuff. You don't want any part of the petty stuff if you can help it. I'd rather have a reputation that you can't approach me than to be involved in 20 petty problems from the staff. Once a celeb has been told about something, they'll be involved in it until it's resolved. The very first thing a disgruntled employee will say is, "I told Ellen/Ellen knows about it"

Plus ,creepy people take a look/glance as an invitation to talk to a person. You don't want to have to tell 10 to 20 people a day that you want privacy. At a minimum, 10% will take it the wrong way. Let's face it, anyone that would go up to the celeb on the set doesn't have common sense and/or they don't understand what boundaries are.

by Danny Thomasreply 12007/31/2020

We have threads here all the time about meeting a celeb and I can't believe the people who go up to a celeb at a restaurant or somewhere else and tells them, "I just want to let you know that I enjoy your work". As if they are the first person to ever say that to a celeb. That person may enjoy that celeb's work, but that whole moment was about the person, not the celeb. They want the celeb to notice them and say "thank you for liking me". It's all about getting some attention from the celeb. It's sad

by Danny Thomasreply 12107/31/2020

R115 For me it’s always a toss-up for who is more idiotic - people who type in all caps or people who spell “ridiculous” as “rediculous”. Well done, R115!

by Danny Thomasreply 12207/31/2020


by Danny Thomasreply 12307/31/2020

What ever happened to her mother? Are they still on speaking terms?

by Danny Thomasreply 12407/31/2020

I believe it all now, Lea Thompson has confirmed it!

Offsite Link
by Danny Thomasreply 12507/31/2020

My most sincere apologies, R123 - you sound quite lucid and stable.

by Danny Thomasreply 12607/31/2020

Lea Thompson???? Really? Are you fucking kidding me? Irrelevant since 1995? She's trying to make her loser daughter relevant since she couldn't get her booked on the "Ellen" show. Guess what, Lea... no one cares about your talentless progeny!!!!

by Danny Thomasreply 12707/31/2020

R126 Apology accepted, fine sir. And I love your Caftan and I appreciate your willingness to de-escalate an IRATE GAY!!! As we both know, we can never predict how a "sloppy", a sloppy buzzed gay can get. I'm a gay without a Gay Bar!!!! It's very triggering!!!

by Danny Thomasreply 12807/31/2020

R127 why the animosity towards Zoey???

by Danny Thomasreply 12908/01/2020

R120 - That's fair enough and I can see what you mean... I think it's because I see people in London all the time and I may have a quick glance but I don't really approach anyone... but I guess we aren't all the same. I have a very beautiful female friend who gets hit on constantly by strangers and stopped in the street on a constant basis. She's the nicest person and probably was too polite in the beginning but it really annoys her. I know it's probably magnified x1000 with celebrities but it's a similar thing. My issue is more of the things like getting people fired and whatnot, however, hearing some different perspectives is always a good thing. It seems like it's normal in the industry so theyd have to call a lot of people out in this case.

by Danny Thomasreply 13008/01/2020

[quote] Plus ,creepy people take a look/glance as an invitation to talk to a person.

I can confirm this from first-hand experience. With the wrong person, the second your eyes lock, you’re screwed.

by Danny Thomasreply 13108/01/2020

[Quote]Letterman didn’t talk to low level staff either

Letterman didn't even talk to his guests during commercial breaks. More than a couple have commented about the awkwardness. Not civilians.

by Danny Thomasreply 13208/01/2020

Prince Andrew seems like the “don’t look at me” type.

by Danny Thomasreply 13308/01/2020

The fact that Ellen's first head writer Karen Kilgariff won't talk about her speaks volumes.

by Danny Thomasreply 13408/01/2020

One clause of Ellen's contract required producers to provide an Anne Heche look-a-like to eat out Ellen's stank pussy before each appearance

by Danny Thomasreply 13508/01/2020

If you looked like Odo, you would be an insane asshole too.

Offsite Link
by Danny Thomasreply 13608/02/2020

So, do you think Leona Helmsley is happy or sad for losing her sobriquet of Queen of Mean?

by Danny Thomasreply 13708/02/2020


Can someone shoot this motherfucker already? Jesus.

by Danny Thomasreply 13808/02/2020

[quote]Plus ,creepy people take a look/glance as an invitation to talk to a person.

Creepy people but also temps, new employees, and contract workers. Sometimes a fan will even finagle a way to be an extra on set or a temp crew member backstage, just to get near a celebrity.

The worst example I can think of is a lady who worked at a newspaper subscription desk who found out her favorite singer was going to be interviewed for a television channel in the same building. She harassed employees at the station, even going to their homes late at night, and scared them into letting her be on set when the interview happened. She insists she didn't act out at all but also says the celebrity and his people demanded the set be cleared, and I would bet cash money that they sniffed out a psycho and acted on it. But of course she claims he's a "diva" and an "asshole" now.

by Danny Thomasreply 13908/02/2020

I understand having certain workplace rules and policies on daily basis. BUT what's the point of trying to impose the same rules when you are a guest on another show or doing some publicity which is what she was doing at this Australian TV appearance. I just think it's stupid and a bad PR, they should know that unlike workplace, where you can gag employees, this stuff eventually comes out and bad for your image.

Also, I do have a different experience with celebrities on the street. I used to live in West Village years back and lots of them used to stroll on my street. I tried to avoid eye contact but it was usually them who tried to make one seeking attention. Not all of them but Topher Grace, Cynthia Nixon, Famke Janssen used to give me a stink eyes for not acknowledging them.

by Danny Thomasreply 14008/02/2020

I was an assistant to someone else, and once spent ten minutes in a holding room with Michael Jackson. He had to do a guest appearance, arrived just a short time before he went on, and before he emerged from his limo, we were told not to speak to him, not to look at him and not to touch him. His advance people looked terrified, and if you weren't smart about reading people you might have thought they were rude, but apparently the people who work for the celebrities get fired on a whim and are always trying to hold on to their jobs and do what their boss wants. It's sick. But then you think about who is attracted to that kind of work, right? I was there assisting my boss who was an Academic, an expert on a hot topic. This happened at a talk show a very long time ago.

by Danny Thomasreply 14108/02/2020

[quote]But Darren Hayes is a whore who would spend his days in every city trying to get laid.

You say that like it is a bad thing.

by Danny Thomasreply 14208/02/2020

Ellen looks like Jeff Sessions in that pic at R51.

by Danny Thomasreply 14308/02/2020

What's the story about cancelling a GoFundMe appeal ??

I missed that.

by Danny Thomasreply 14408/02/2020

One thing is industry practices, another is a toxic work environment. The toxic always comes from the top, in all kinds of business. This is why her apology, where she takes no responsibility, is meaningless.

Also, has someone above said, this behavior is particularly grating from someone who earns her living passing an image of a nice and emphatic person.

by Danny Thomasreply 14508/02/2020

Can anyone figure out how many staff it takes to keep the Ellen show running? Then we’d know why it’s been 1,000 staff over the years—high turnover or just a massive show?

by Danny Thomasreply 14608/02/2020

[quote]Women are supposed to smile and be sweet.


[quote]No one gets fired for smiling or saying Hello.

Bullshit. My friend was fired on her first day working on Ellen's show, for doing that very thing. They had her temping at the guest check in and she absent-mindedly said hello to Ellen as she walked past. As she left for lunch, she was told not to bother returning. It probably wasn't Ellen who made the decision, to be fair, but it does happen.

by Danny Thomasreply 14708/04/2020

So many show business people who reach a certain level seem to become pathologically terrified of people they don't know which for many develops into this "tell them they can't look at me or address me off camera"

It's time for Ellen to retire. If she's this far gone she's going to end up a bona fide lunatic one day if she doesn't get back to some semblance of real life.

by Danny Thomasreply 14808/05/2020

R81 is a massive gaping cunt.

by Danny Thomasreply 14908/05/2020

for gods sake fire her and her show so we

can move on and be done with this

fuking turgid old skag.


by Danny Thomasreply 15008/05/2020

(eLLEN FRANTICALLY tryING TO find out who these meanies who hatE HER ARE SO SHE can reek revenge)

by Danny Thomasreply 15108/05/2020

How many concert pianists, in the hours before going on stage to perform, want a junior house employee greeting them, saying pointless hellos, or catching their eye and breaking their concentration? None. How many top actors want to spend the minutes before going on as Henry V engaging in idle chit-chat? Very few. They want to be undisturbed, probably to run through, in their head, for one more time, what it is they have to deliver.

Presenters like Ellen don’t go on stage for an hour of being themselves at home. Just as much as another performer, they have to go on, fully prepared and concentrating, to deliver a performance. The same public face, the same energy, the same routine, every day. Because that’s what their employers, and their audience, expect. You create these performing circus animals, and then when they just want to do their juggling act, you turn in them. The problem isn’t them: it’s you.

by Danny Thomasreply 152Last Sunday at 3:09 PM

I can maybe understand someone on a film set not wanting extras who are there for the day engaging.

But we are talking about regular staff who are there day in and day out working on Ellen's program.

I have worked with CEOs who make more and are better respected than the likes of Ellen with close to a thousand. If they tried to institute a rule like this all their employees would laugh at them.

by Danny Thomasreply 153Last Sunday at 3:23 PM

I wonder what bombshell will be revealed about Ellen this week. Did she force abortions on staff members? Did she slam a woman’s face into a filing cabinet? No wait, that’s Tom Cruise.

by Danny Thomasreply 154Last Sunday at 3:29 PM

An hour before showtime when you're concentrating fine but all the fucking time? Are you one of the producers? And she's hardly a talent for the ages. Do great Broadway stars pull this shit? Never ever look at them. And can't she talk to her staff collectively on what she needs? Stop defending this psycho.

by Danny Thomasreply 155Last Sunday at 3:39 PM

God she really looks exactly like Nosferatu. Portia must have gotten a fabulous deal worked out by the best lawyers. I bet she's straight and banging the cutest guys on the side.

by Danny Thomasreply 156Last Sunday at 3:42 PM

« reek » ?

by Danny Thomasreply 157Last Sunday at 3:44 PM

that should be close to a thousand employees (in R153)

by Danny Thomasreply 158Last Sunday at 4:58 PM

All you who are rationalizing her behavior - if it was the norm, or even justifiable, why would all these people who have worked with her be coming forward to add their names to the list of the many who can't stand her and think she acts like an asshole? You write like what she does is brain surgery. She's a comedian, in show business. There are plenty of stars who have a reputation for being friendly, courteous, considerate, etc. - or who people have a neutral opinion of. But so many people HATING this woman and her attitude and behavior -- come on. It can't be that they all just don't understand her needs.

by Danny Thomasreply 159Last Sunday at 5:09 PM

She looks like Owen Wilson in R136's picture.

by Danny Thomasreply 160Last Sunday at 5:24 PM

Sandra Bernhardt would be the perfect person to replace Ellen. She was great on her old radio show. She's funny and people like her. She would easily fit into Ellen's chair and have class and edge.

by Danny Thomasreply 161Last Monday at 11:35 PM

Sarah Bernhardt would be better

by Danny Thomasreply 162Last Tuesday at 5:16 AM

R162 isn't she long time ago dead?

by Danny Thomasreply 163Last Tuesday at 8:42 AM

When a celebrity that people do not look at them, you know they have gone screwy.

by Danny Thomasreply 164Last Tuesday at 8:45 AM

R164 When a celebrity "demands" that people do not look at them, you know they have gone screwy.

by Danny Thomasreply 165Last Tuesday at 8:45 AM

R163 isn't she long time ago dead?


by Danny Thomasreply 166Last Tuesday at 9:03 AM

I listen to a podcast called The Jackie and Laurie Show both hosts are stand up comedians and they implied that Ellen was never warm even when she was a road comic.

by Danny Thomasreply 167Last Wednesday at 2:38 AM

Ellen's sadistic side is exposed on that bizzaro game show she hosts.

by Danny Thomasreply 168Last Wednesday at 9:51 AM

i ALWYS thought it was fukd they way she had someone jump out of the box and scare the fuk out of the guest. ide have smacked the fuk out of ellen she do that to me.

by Danny Thomasreply 169Last Wednesday at 3:56 PM

I have to say I'm enjoying watching all of these people who have been wronged by someone in show business wiggling their way out of the woodwork once said person gets cancelled to aid in that person's downfall. It's like Game Of Thrones.

by Danny Thomasreply 170Last Wednesday at 5:20 PM
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