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“Ellen” Show Formally Under Investigation

Is it all over for sad alcoholic Ellen?

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by Portia reply 533Last Sunday at 9:48 PM

she really should start dressing for her age.

by Portia reply 107/27/2020

Fingers crossed

by Portia reply 207/27/2020

Good riddance!

by Portia reply 307/27/2020

Ha ha

by Portia reply 407/27/2020

Hope Portia gets looked on frequently. Ellen’s bourbon induced blackout rages will only intensify now!

by Portia reply 507/27/2020

What other lesbo comic with a heart full of hate will be the next queen of nice? Is there any? Or is the era over?

by Portia reply 607/27/2020

I think she will have to “retire.” Because she is such a control freak, she can’t say she didn’t know what it was like to work on her show. If anything, the bad behavior was in an effort to feed her giant need for approval.

by Portia reply 707/27/2020

does anyone watch her?

just axin

by Portia reply 807/27/2020

Bring back Bonnie Hunt!

by Portia reply 907/27/2020

"Yup, I'm a cunt"

by Portia reply 1007/27/2020

hopefully, fuck this evil cunt

by Portia reply 1107/27/2020

The SJW mob takes down its first real star. The purge begins.

by Portia reply 1207/27/2020

Oh, the network really wants to get rid of her, huh? I doubt this has anything to do with how she treats people (they don't care) and more about $$$.

by Portia reply 1307/27/2020


by Portia reply 1407/27/2020

Ellen will throw anyone under the bus to try and survive.

by Portia reply 1507/27/2020

Ellen will throw anyone under the bus to try and survive.

by Portia reply 1607/27/2020


by Portia reply 1707/27/2020

She's the worst

by Portia reply 1807/27/2020

I'm available!

by Portia reply 1907/27/2020

Ellen, come join me on the planet Rebob Seven!

by Portia reply 2007/27/2020

They are trying to make Kelly Clarkson the next "Ellen" r6.

I have always thought Kelly was gay and I still do.

by Portia reply 2107/27/2020

There isn't anything illegal about having a bad boss. However, if her behavior is tied to a protected class, a protected leave, etc, then that is something different.

by Portia reply 2207/27/2020

She had a good run. It’s time for her to take off the toupee and fold up her dentures.

by Portia reply 2307/27/2020

Bring back Bonnie Hunt!

—Said no one ever

Lol. Truly the worst talk show ever. A live sleeping pill. Runner up worst interviewer: Megan Mullally and her snooze-fest.

by Portia reply 2407/27/2020

R21 Kelly is probably more acceptable to the fraus and Karens.

by Portia reply 2507/27/2020

Why are many ultra-rich, talented and successful people so miserable?

Ellen has everything many of us only dream about. She’s a lesbian who broke the barriers to a hugely successful career. She’s accepted and respected by millions of people. She seems to have a very happy marriage, she’s almost worth a billion dollars.

She has power and influence, yet she can’t and won’t solve her toxic work environment? Does she prefer lawsuits and the damage to her reputation? Why does she subject others and herself to such misery?

She can end this and just retire. That way, she’ll release herself and others around her from purgatory.

by Portia reply 2607/27/2020

Seems like there are MANY people who will be happy to say she is the Queen of Mean.

by Portia reply 2707/27/2020

*Gleefully skips to the Ellen bonfire*

by Portia reply 2807/27/2020

Meghan's evil plan is unfolding at last.

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by Portia reply 2907/27/2020

Please help me. Ellen just told me she wants to move again and she does not want to face the music. I can’t even lock a door anymore because she is so needy and controlling. I really am in trouble with this constant abuse and life with an alcoholic is so draining. I am easily reached for interviews and support the investigation 100%.

by Portia reply 3007/27/2020

Portia should just change her name to Luka.

by Portia reply 3107/27/2020

R13 Agreed, this investigation probably has more to do with management deciding to cut costs during a recession than with them having some newfound respect for Ellen’s employees and concern for a toxic work environment.

Whoever they get to replace her is going to cost the studio a whole lot less money.

by Portia reply 3207/27/2020

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a nice story about Ellen.

Actress Alexandra Hedison, Ellen’s ex, was unceremoniously dumped by Ellen when Ellen met Portia, essentially thrown out of the home they shared overnight.

Of course Hedison has had the last laugh by a massive upgrade to non-alcoholic, non-cunt Jodie Foster.

by Portia reply 3307/27/2020

When she threw the GLBT community under the bus to vigorously defend Kevin Hart, I was done with her. She forgot where she came from and what she had to endure. She was so nasty towards gay people who were disgusted with that assholes homophobia. And that midget still isn't sorry for what he said.

by Portia reply 3407/27/2020

Can you imagine the earthquake if they get Rosie to replace Ellen? I think Rosie dislikes Ellen enough to actually accept the job.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 3507/27/2020

I wonder if her famous Hollywood Buddies will come to her defense. RDJ, Jen, Reese??

by Portia reply 3607/27/2020

Dakota Johnson is smiling right now.

by Portia reply 3707/27/2020

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

by Portia reply 3807/27/2020

Did anyone see the Ellen episode of that (mostly boring) David Letterman show on Netflix? She seems a mixture of tedious and unpleasant in real life and came across badly. You could tell none of her production team liked her.

Her persona & presentation is one of the weaker aspects of the show, you could easily replace with her with someone like Kelly Clarkson. Or some other lesbian (lol sorry Kelly). Maybe Kate McKinnon if they want a similar style of replacement?

by Portia reply 3907/27/2020

Countdown to her divorce starting now

by Portia reply 4007/27/2020

I hope Portia goes after every damn cent.

by Portia reply 4107/27/2020

Xhe should revive the 1994 Ellen, I hear Jeremy Piven, who played her Jewish cousin, is free. She needs to update it a bit. Perhaps she can start out in the closet and then come out as a queer non-binary.

by Portia reply 4207/27/2020

r24, I always thought the worst train wreck was Caroline Rhea, because she was so clearly in lust with Chris Botti and he never responded in the least to her affection.

by Portia reply 4307/27/2020

Has anyone from the production side come to her defense? She seems worse than Anna Wintour, which I didn’t think was possible.

by Portia reply 4407/27/2020

What is it with the lgbt community always being desprate to take people down? All this started because some white gay wanted to start shit and asking for second and third hand gossip.

by Portia reply 4507/27/2020

Unfortunately for Ellen, there are many firsthand accounts. They launched the investigation because the drumbeat was getting too loud.

by Portia reply 4607/27/2020

I mean Jeremy's still hawt. I'd do him. He could still do a scene in the bathtub !

by Portia reply 4707/27/2020

Has her friend Dubya commented?

by Portia reply 4807/27/2020
Offsite Link
by Portia reply 4907/27/2020

Well they won't find any sense of humor. That left decades ago.

by Portia reply 5007/27/2020

Look no further bitches...

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 5107/27/2020

[quote]She has power and influence, yet she can’t and won’t solve her toxic work environment? Does she prefer lawsuits and the damage to her reputation? Why does she subject others and herself to such misery?

R26 About power...

[quote] Power is like an amplifier. Whoever we were before just gets louder.... Power disinhibits us. It releases us from the shackles of social pressure. Gaining influence and authority frees us up to act on our real wishes and show our true colors. Few would argue that we need look any further than the current White House occupant to see the ultimate example of how power can magnify a person’s personality.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 5207/27/2020

Maybe she'll end up like Judy.

by Portia reply 5307/27/2020

R34 For me it was when she had on John McCain in 2008. She doesn't care about anyone but herself. So many of us gays and lesbians were rooting for her, but she threw us under the bus over and over again.

by Portia reply 5407/27/2020

Yes, where are her famous best friends now? I haven’t seen anyone come out to support her.

by Portia reply 5507/27/2020

I told you so....

by Portia reply 5607/27/2020

R45, I am a lesbian and I am grateful for Ellen coming out when she did back in the day (that said, I’m in Europe & it just wasn’t really the big moment here that it seems to have been for US audiences). I also admired her for getting that show and making the money to be honest.

I can’t see that Ellen’s damaged reputation in more recent years is anyone’s doing but her own, though. You can hunt for gossip all you like, but some celebs have very few stories about them being a nightmare (the “having a bad day” type), and they don’t cozy up to homophobes, whilst others tend to attract a reputation for being c*nts because of what they themselves say and do.

I do pause for thought thinking about “difficult women” who were often victims of sex abuse or who wouldn’t sleep with a director and so got a “bad reputation” as a result, so what’s said about a person isn’t always true, but Ellen is powerful enough within her own genre to control her own narrative, and yet story after story basically has her coming across, well, like a c*nt. If you see her interviewed on TV she is charisma-free at best, but also bitter and ungenerous in how she speaks about others.

by Portia reply 5707/27/2020

This cunt makes Joan Crawford look like one of the VonTrapp children.

by Portia reply 5807/27/2020

I'm so glad this is blowing up in her face. After all these years of her preaching to us. She can't even be decent to her staff. Hypocrite.

by Portia reply 5907/27/2020

It’s a lesson that you can’t start to believe that you are the best thing in the world, when in reality you are creating a toxic cult of sycophants and nervous staffers worried about keeping their jobs. I totally believe that all her charity endeavors were a front for being an asshole. At a certain point, she became an A lister and has primarily been focused on greed like her stupid game shows

by Portia reply 6007/27/2020

I wish she was underground. 6 feet to be exact.

by Portia reply 6107/27/2020

R57 doesn't realize she can type out "CUNTS" on DL.

What man will Portia leave Ellen for? All it takes is a little Ecstasy for Celestia to come out!

by Portia reply 6207/27/2020

Ellen's show is still a cash cow and popular with the frauen. This is a move to weed out the "troublemakers". If I at all valued my job on that set, or future jobs in the industry, I wouldn't say shit.

by Portia reply 6307/27/2020

The article didn't mention anything that Ellen might have done though, so how does this land at her feet? How much control does she have over the production? Was she the one responsible for cutting people's pay?

by Portia reply 6407/27/2020

[quote]I don’t think I’ve ever heard a nice story about Ellen.

I fell into the La Brea Tar Pits and after she finished laughing she called 911

by Portia reply 6507/27/2020

Weren’t Joan Rivers and Kathy Griffin saying this bitch was mean for years?

by Portia reply 6607/27/2020

Sjws only hate her because she's white and does not identify as a tranny.

by Portia reply 6707/27/2020

I really admire the way she can handle her liquor.

by Portia reply 6807/27/2020

God she must be so loaded. If I had that amount of money, I’d simply disappear, pull a Garbo. Why wait for the angry villagers? I also suspect (here comes the flaming, I know) that a part of the case against her is based on situations not personally attributable to her, but she probably holds accountability as the head of her organization. But she does look awfully mean, doesn’t she? Just obtuse and not with it interpersonally. But she is really, really rich and (pity my wretched soul) I envy that.

by Portia reply 6907/27/2020

She laughed when Bambi's mother died

by Portia reply 7007/27/2020

Jeez, I thought I was a raging bitch. Ellen makes me seem like Mother Teresa

by Portia reply 7107/27/2020

This video summarizes her awfulness. By the end, you can see clearly why it would be a nightmare to work on her show.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 7207/27/2020

For all the people saying why doesn't she pack it in.... don't you get it? She needs the outlet. She needs a platform to release her misery. Sitting at home, picking on Portia.... that's gonna get old fast.

Those people don't want to be alone... they want to make the world pay.

by Portia reply 7307/27/2020

Who's the hot black guy on her show?

by Portia reply 7407/27/2020

Ellen is cis white scum. You just know she's a terf deep dowm

by Portia reply 7507/27/2020

Her glee with scaring people always seemed creepy.

by Portia reply 7607/27/2020

She gets off on bullying, humiliating and shaming people.

by Portia reply 7707/27/2020

Evil old white trans hating dyke

by Portia reply 7807/27/2020

Yes, I think Ellen has become too expensive for the network "in these unprecedented times."

Supporting Kevin Hart so strongly ... I guess Ellen is one of those people who like being a token _____. Never mind about anybody else because she got hers.

by Portia reply 7907/27/2020

Kathy Griffin must be so happy.

by Portia reply 8007/27/2020

R45, R67, R75, and R78 is the same person. Playing both sides and trying to get shit started.

by Portia reply 8107/27/2020

The way she laughs maniacally at the fraus in her audience who participate in those “games” of humiliation is sadistic.

I remember one of them involved her repeatedly throwing pies in their faces while they stood there covered in whipped cream. Ellen looks like she was cumming she was so excited.

She seems very disturbed.

by Portia reply 8207/27/2020

I hope she shuts the show down and makes them all unemployed.

by Portia reply 8307/27/2020

No comment from Aniston and Witherspoon?

by Portia reply 8407/27/2020

Reading the various articles, it's not really Ellen herself being investigated, but rather the glaring lack of workplace protections. Firing people after they miss work due to suicide attempts or having to go to the funerals of family members? Wow.

I wonder if they had any vacation time at all.

by Portia reply 8507/27/2020

She seems to be completely lacking empathy. It's socipathic.

by Portia reply 8607/27/2020


by Portia reply 8707/27/2020

It’s weird she has “no comment.” And it’s her show, she knows everything that goes on. You can tell from the behind the scenes footage that people hate her.

by Portia reply 8807/27/2020

“Firing people after they miss work due to suicide attempts or having to go to the funerals of family members?”

I had a friend whose father died unexpectedly from a stroke and she had to take two weeks off work both for the funeral and to help her mother with all the paperwork. Friend’s boss told her to take all the time she needed.

When she got back to work, her boss gave her a written reprimand for missing so much work.

by Portia reply 8907/27/2020

She needs to make a "Checkers" speech like Nixon did. Does Portia have a good Republican cloth coat?

by Portia reply 9007/27/2020

Who knew all that abuse was happening BTS @ R72's link? Fucking appalling.

by Portia reply 9107/27/2020

My annual report one year noted that I had taken excessive sick days. That was the year I had the cancer surgery and follow up radiation treatments.

by Portia reply 9207/27/2020

Ellen's show producer Andy Lassner is very active on Twitter. He has not posted a tweet since July 16.

Something is up.

by Portia reply 9307/27/2020

She probably demanded more money and benefits now. But, the network wants to pay everyone less due to covid. Now, the network is interested in all the problems.

by Portia reply 9407/27/2020

A lot of people in power, whether in show business or elsewhere, are nightmares to work for. This seems like a smear campaign, some of the complaints are pretty meh. I wonder what is really behind it.

I have only seen her show maybe 10 times, but I have a friend(?) who (is very mentally ill) is very dependent on the Ellen show. I hope for that reason alone the show isn't cancelled.

When Ellen dumped Alexandra, Alexandra went to the Olympic Peninsula to photograph scenery. She stayed there for several months. I thought that was a smart decision to get away from the press. I'm glad she came out ahead.

by Portia reply 9507/27/2020

I am just loving this thread! There is something hilarious visualizing the juxtaposition of the two Ellens. You have her goofy frau ass kissing eternal long pants wearing court jester dancing like a special needs student cemented with makeup face persona. And you have her alcoholic heroin shooting gasoline sniffing runny makeup racoons eyes screaming at her employees to fuck them and their FMLA, threatening to give them less than adequate on their performance appraisals unless they munch on her carpet and telling them they are the little people and would be nothing without her.

by Portia reply 9607/27/2020

Were there any allegations against Ellen personally? The most I heard was that her boduguard at the 2014 Oscars said she ignored him all night. Who cares. I can't imagine he'd make that complaint if she was a man. all the others I've seen have been about her producers and they aren't named directly either.

I woudln't be surprised if Buzzfeed pulled it all out of their ass for hits.

by Portia reply 9707/27/2020

Marsha P. Johonson was so much better but didn't get the breaks Ellen got because she was black and trans unlike this cis bulldyke.

by Portia reply 9807/27/2020

Isn’t scaring people at whim and telling staff not to look at her enough? At my job, Ellen would have been fired just for that.

Plus she has been very anti-writer, including crossing the picket line when they were on strike, paying cheaper writers, etc.

I think the African-American woman complaining was the straw that broke the camel’s back. If people back up her claims, it’s bad on top of bad.

by Portia reply 9907/27/2020

She only socializes with other high end celebrities. Normal people are beneath her. Of course she isn't going to talk to her staff. Old buzzard.

by Portia reply 10007/27/2020

Ellen needs to get a gun.

You in danger girl!

by Portia reply 10107/27/2020

Y'all should have listened to me way back in 1995.

by Portia reply 10207/27/2020

Well, I heard that Ellen and Hillary Clinton once burned down an orphanage. In Darfur.

by Portia reply 10307/27/2020

Fuck off, R98, with your “cis” crap.

by Portia reply 10407/27/2020

Is she still on the air? Who the hell watches her during Covid-19?

by Portia reply 10507/27/2020

Ellen and her midwestern frauen supporters are canceled. Bye, cunt.

by Portia reply 10607/27/2020

I can’t imagine having to sit through that frau fest of a show. Everything looks so stupid and manufactured. I had forgotten the American Idol gig to line her bank account even more. It was then I realized how truly money grubbing she was. She should use some of that mula to pin her fucking ears back. She looks more heinous as the alcohol bottles empty and as the years go by. I’ve suspected she was a cold hearted greedy cunt for like 15 years. Retire bitch. No one cares anymore.

by Portia reply 10707/27/2020

Ellen will give the age-old excuse that she's quitting to spend more time with the family.

by Portia reply 10807/27/2020

About time!

by Portia reply 10907/27/2020

[quote]Firing people after they miss work due to suicide attempts or having to go to the funerals of family members?

Stuff like this does happen. My aunt worked as a case worker at unemployment agency for a long time and she mentioned cases of people being fired because they went to funerals for family members or had to call into work because of medical emergencies that they had proof of. She referred people to the state labor department to file complaints. I read a reddit thread where a guy mentioned being fired after he took a day off because his wife had miscarried the previous night and was in the hospital.

by Portia reply 11007/27/2020

No one seems to be issuing a statement in support of Ellen. Toast!

by Portia reply 11107/27/2020

A black Trans woman of color was the 1st talk show host.

by Portia reply 11207/27/2020

[quote]Maybe she'll end up like Judy.





by Portia reply 11307/27/2020

My personal experience with adults who have the need to constantly play pranks on people is that they are all sadistic assholes hiding behind a "joke".

These celebrities doing it under the guise of entertainment are no different. Ellen, her good buddy Clooney and any other adult prankster, all ASSHOLES.

by Portia reply 11407/27/2020

I can't wait until someone leaks video of her in a drunken rage.

by Portia reply 11507/27/2020

Sorry all you We Hate Ellen trolls, but I like her. Chill out.

by Portia reply 11607/27/2020

We like her, too.

by Portia reply 11707/27/2020

What are her ratings like? If they're plunging, it's a convenient way to get rid of her. If they're still high, the investigation will find nothing and Ellen goes on vindicated.

by Portia reply 11807/27/2020
by Portia reply 11907/27/2020

Meh, she knew what was up when the network started letting things get out rather than make them go away. She should have negotiated an exit rather than be pushed out.

by Portia reply 12007/27/2020

Ellen pushed me into the La Brea Tar Pits and threw my phone in the tar. She subtracted from "American Idol," not added to it. She also stinks.

by Portia reply 12107/27/2020

Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show ratings hit season low and continue to drop amid claims she’s ‘mean’ to stars and staff

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 12207/27/2020

if they axe the show or if she retires then won't everyone be out of a job?


the whole thing is sad

by Portia reply 12307/27/2020

I want Rosie O'Donnell to take over her show.

by Portia reply 12407/27/2020

R124 I’m starting a thread

by Portia reply 12507/27/2020

Fuck you, R124. Just fuck you.

by Portia reply 12607/27/2020

She’s looks so damn old and unhealthy. Does Portia have her eating any real food, for God’s sake?

by Portia reply 12707/27/2020

Is Ellen the new Paula Poundstone?

by Portia reply 12807/27/2020

R122, that ratings article is almost 2 months old, and the fact is that ratings hadn’t fallen that much. Now it’s all repeats, so it’s useless to talk about ratings.

Honestly, I’m struck by the difference in what we see on the screen — all these gifts and money given to the poor, weak, vulnerable — and what goes on BTS. How does a toxic staff put out these emotional shows?

I admit to watching too often, because I take this perverse joy in seeing Ellen do terrible shit to people — laughing uproariously when she pulls off a good scare, or when someone falls down and almost gets hurt, or when someone makes a fool of himself. She ENJOYS that stuff, and I can’t believe I’m seeing it on her face. I can’t stop watching, though.

She’s also rude, dismissive, and ugly to Andy. They act as if it’s all performance, but he’s an embarrassment for allowing her to treat him like shit on the air. I do notice that Twitch never becomes the object of her jokes. Is she afraid to do it to a black person?

by Portia reply 12907/27/2020

What a Cunt!

by Portia reply 13007/27/2020

I think she was having an affair with one of her writers, Lauren, for awhile. She had (and continues to have) her on the show way too often - gets her drunk - makes her dress up in short tight outfits - pranks her so she screams, sending her on remote shoots, etc.

I always found it very uncomfortable.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 13107/28/2020

Since she’s been filming at home, without her studio lighting, her boozehound face has looked redder than my Irish grandfather.

by Portia reply 13207/28/2020

Why do gays always have to take down other gays?

There are no allegations mentioned against Ellen herself, so why not give her the benefit of the doubt?

by Portia reply 13307/28/2020

R133 This isn't a club, you idiot.

by Portia reply 13407/28/2020

She got the ears she deserves.

by Portia reply 13507/28/2020

You can abuse and terrorize staff members all you want. As soon as a microaggression is on the table, all bets are off.

by Portia reply 13607/28/2020

[quote]There are no allegations mentioned against Ellen herself, so why not give her the benefit of the doubt?

Good idea, Rose. Let's let Mrs. Patsy Ramsey babysit and we can go hold protest signs on Mulholland Drive.

by Portia reply 13707/28/2020

r131, I hated when Letterman kept putting one young bland woman on the air for no reason. It all made sense when he admitted he was having an affair with her.

by Portia reply 13807/28/2020

I'm going to start watching it now!

by Portia reply 13907/28/2020

Has Portia come out in defense of her little man Ellen?

by Portia reply 14007/28/2020

Radio silence from de Rossi.

by Portia reply 14107/28/2020

Portia is too busy loading the U-haul truck.

by Portia reply 14207/28/2020

The Ellen defender on this thread is a lesbian.

There’s always one.

by Portia reply 14307/28/2020

Let's not lapse into stereotyping. If DeGeneres is guilty of labor abuses, she should be held accountable.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 14407/28/2020

[Quote] I had forgotten the American Idol gig to line her bank account even more.

That actually had nothing to do with greed, surprisingly. That was part of the settlement she made when the major music companies, Sony and Universal, sued her and the production company that produces her show for not paying them to use their music on air. Part of the settlement also had to do with creating that "record label," eleveneleven records, that never went anywhere.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 14507/28/2020

this is there way of cancelling her. They crunched the numbers and have decided its easier to put the show out of its misery. The sheer volume of shit they will "officially" uncover will be staggering. Everyone knows what a crazy bitch she is and her staff turnover keeps employment agencies in business. This is not an open secret--This is stuff everyone knows. It's just her behavior as far as we know hasn't risen to the specific type of behavior that gets people fired up until now. Usually that is an instance of physical violence or using a racial slur in front of more than 2 people.

She's just created a dystopia of a workplace due to her insanity. But this is the studios way of ending the contract and saving money on the obligations they'd have if they canned her without cause. This is also a way to push her out the door. If she leaves voluntarily, WB saves big money.

I think she is too crazy to have any concept of how fucked up and unhappy everyone who cycled through there is. It's a lot like the white house.

by Portia reply 14607/28/2020

[quote] She got the ears she deserves.

Yeah, Alfred E Neuman’s.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 14707/28/2020

That was a hint from GAWD. She should use them.

by Portia reply 14807/28/2020

I don't know why Ellen would need to be replaced by Clarkson or McKinnon (awful choice, she's a weird duck w little charisma off-camera) or Rosie.

The daytime talk show is a nonessential, fading medium. As this country continues its slow decent down the tubes, it seems like a silly afterthought.

by Portia reply 14907/28/2020

She needs to reboot her old sitcom. I would totally watch it. I wonder if Buy the Book would still be in business.

by Portia reply 15007/28/2020

R150: UH-UH! Forget this shit. We are not taking a chance that she is going to turn into the next Roseanne. That was why we hired her in the first place, and look how Roseanne turned out! You will sooner see a reboot of [italic]Webster[/italic].

by Portia reply 15107/28/2020

Well, the company has to protect themselves, so HR is forced to do an investigation in order to protect against lawsuits.

Two items: 1) have you ever noticed HR steps in only after something has been going on for YEARS and tons of people leave?

2) The other thing that stood out for me was when the producers tried to defend her and said that after 3000 shows and employing over 1,000 people in its tenure. HOLD UP. Over 1,000 people have worked on this show???

I don't pretend to know how much staff is needed for a 60 minute talk show, but let's say it is 80? It has to be less than a TV show with sets, outside scenes, special effects, makeup, wardrobe, locations, etc.

Fuck it - let's round up and say there are 100 people working on that show - which seems high. That means they've cycled through TEN complete replacements of their staff.

Some positions have natural high turn over - production assistants, for example. But doesn't this seem to be a high number of ex-employees?

by Portia reply 15207/28/2020

Rather than a Twitter screed by a bitchy white queen, I'd like to see some of the actual allegations against Ellen.

Looks like the producers are taking the brunt, as they should.

Ellen has immeasurably helped gay people.

We need to support her.

by Portia reply 15307/28/2020

Uh, no, Ellen. You're a miserable alcoholic elf who deserves to be exposed for the cunt that you are.

by Portia reply 15407/28/2020

R153 - but that's the whole point. Just because you've done some good doesn't give you the right to shit on people.

Yes, she did a lot for gay rights and she gives away a lot on her show. Does that mean she gets to balance that out with being a mean bitch and terrible to people who are closest with her?

Personally this is just more proof to me that there comes a certain level of power and money where people just lose grasp of reality and become complete assholes. It's like they revert back to a child and get to do and say whatever they want without repercussions or parents.

And let's remember, Oprah's staff were scared into silence for decades. You couldn't tell anyone that you worked there, let alone even BREATHE a word about the TV show. She seemed to make up for it in other ways, but she's not the ray of sunshine people thinks she is either.

by Portia reply 15507/28/2020

You can't muzzle all of the people all of the time.

by Portia reply 15607/28/2020

Dyke becomes sadistic, misanthropic cunt as she ages and is a flaming alcoholic. Newsreel at 10.

by Portia reply 15707/28/2020

R153 Are you fucking serious? The straights and rethugs can have her if that's what's really going on BTS.

Are you so desperate for legitimacy that you need a socipathic, abusive bully on your team? You should be out in front holding this toxic bitch accountable for embarrassing lesbians everywhere.

by Portia reply 15807/28/2020

I wonder if Ellen or some of her staffers are commenting in this thread? R153 sounds like someone who is in her orbit.

by Portia reply 15907/28/2020

I'm in the film/tv industry, and so many of my friends are rubbing their hands in glee about this- they're all happy that her behavior is being called out.

by Portia reply 16007/28/2020

Ellen will be cancelled and replaced with Kalen! YASSSSS!

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 16107/28/2020

Alyssa Milano is just as big a bitch and a phony. When is she getting canceled?

by Portia reply 16207/28/2020

Alyssa Milano has a talk show?

by Portia reply 16307/28/2020

Alyssa is an ally and hates Trump. Why trash her? Weird.

by Portia reply 16407/28/2020

Who's the Boss is coming to Antenna TV on October 8th!

by Portia reply 16507/28/2020

[quote]Alyssa Milano has a talk show?

She should do a reboot of her Teen Steam workout video.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 16607/28/2020

I don't want to believe Ellen is some menace. Perhaps she does drink a bit, perhaps she's not easy to work for, perhaps others don't appreciate her sense of humour. All of that doesn't justify this take down of her. Let's wait and see how it turns out, and what explanations come from her people, and her own mouth.

Ellen's very mainstream. I think that's probably her biggest drawback when it comes to approval by many gay people. Her ardent defence of her "friendship" with GWB certainly did not help her much either.

This forum never seemed pro-lesbian or pro-woman to begin with, so I'm not really surprised by this thread. I should think all she has done for animals ought to go a further toward garnering her a wee bit more fairness and respect.

by Portia reply 16707/28/2020

Isn't her catchphrase "Just be nice".

by Portia reply 16807/28/2020

I still like Ellen, too! Team Ellen! Who's with me?

by Portia reply 16907/28/2020

So Sister Tay has been dating this young lady, a nurse (named Tay!) for almost 2 years.

I think he should do comedic acting if he decides to work in front of the camera again

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 17007/28/2020

R167 - Ellen is a menace. Confirmed. My sister worked there. Ellen is a narcissistic alcoholic nasty menace.

Portia is lovely though.

by Portia reply 17107/28/2020

R171 - Watching Portia on some of her Instagram stories (the cooking ones), she seems very sweet & down to earth. I always felt that Ellen didn't treat her that well in those snippets. I'm not sure but didn't Ellen forget to thank Portia when she won the Carol Burnett award at the Golden Globes? If that's the case, Portia needs to get the hell out of there.

by Portia reply 17207/28/2020

Has she addressed the nastiness issue yet? Besides saying it’s unfair accusations.

by Portia reply 17307/28/2020

"socipathic, abusive bully" that's all we had as gay role models back in the day

by Portia reply 17407/28/2020

Ellen also produces a number of shows so this is pretty big. Now they might not be Mega Hits, but they're cheap to produce and make money.

by Portia reply 17507/28/2020

R174 There are better role models, now.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 17607/28/2020

[quote]This forum never seemed pro-lesbian or pro-woman to begin with, so I'm not really surprised by this thread. I should think all she has done for animals ought to go a further toward garnering her a wee bit more fairness and respect.

Honey, I've defended Ellen with the best of them on here over the years. I will always give her credit for coming out at a time when very few were and taking a lot of shit from people.

But when she sat next to Kevin Hart and said "I'm not going to let those people win" I lost a ton of respect for her. This was the same woman who a year or two prior had Kim Burrell dropped from appearing on her show over homophobic remarks and made a plea on her show about tolerance and unity. To not only do such an about face, but to then have the brass balls to shame gays and lesbians who were upset over his years of gay bashing was nothing short of appalling.

She can sit and talk about harmony and piece, but she showed her ass that day loud and clear. At this point, it's ALL about money and clout with her. She's just going through the motions. It's sad when icons lose their way, and she has.

by Portia reply 17707/28/2020

She is annoying

by Portia reply 17807/28/2020

[quote] This forum never seemed pro-lesbian or pro-woman to begin with

Why should it be? It’s not for women.

Fraus can go to hell.

by Portia reply 17907/28/2020

Ellen’s no friend to gay men.

This will be sweet justice for the Kevin Hart affair.

by Portia reply 18007/28/2020

Don’t forget how she plays along with closet cases on her show even though she’s knows they’re living a lie.

On top of that, don’t forget her bestie George W. Bush. You know, the same one that did everything in his power to prevent gays from having rights and wanted to ban gay marriage.

Fuck her. She deserves whatever karma comes her way. She sold her soul years ago and couldn’t care less about gay rights.

by Portia reply 18107/28/2020

Agree with her playing along with the closet cases, one in particular whose name I won't mention so as not to summon his pr rep.

by Portia reply 18207/28/2020

None of the show's problems were because of Ellen personally. Everybody who's come forward has said that it was the producers who were the problem. They all said that Ellen was nice to everyone.

by Portia reply 18307/28/2020

Ellen should just pull an Oprah as she's swinging the bar of Ivory soap in a sock at Portia: "And you get a beating! And you get a beating! And you get a beating!"

by Portia reply 18407/28/2020

I’m convinced Ellen’s PR has a minion posting on this thread, like at R183.

by Portia reply 18507/28/2020

One of her defenders on this thread is the Gap Playlist troll @ R133 and R153. Ellen had a Gapkids clothing line c. 2015.

by Portia reply 18607/28/2020

I don't really get the Ellen hate, here. If there are labor abuses, that needs to be investigated. Otherwise, she seems no different than many Hollywood and TV personalities. She's got power and money, watch out! Tell me people liked Johnny Carson at the end (nope).

by Portia reply 18707/28/2020

Oh there is definitely PR here patrolling for several clients.

I'm convinced the recent rash of PR police is a direct result of a poster on a controversial thread who identified himself as a "C List Actor". It is my theory that said C Lister gave the pr firm the heads up as to who was being discussed here hoping to gain favor and representation from them.

by Portia reply 18807/28/2020

‘Labor abuses’ — like it’s happening in a factory in China and not on a TV set of her eponymous show.

She knows everything that goes on there and many of the people who have come forward have named her specifically.

by Portia reply 18907/28/2020

[quote]she seems no different than many Hollywood and TV personalities

R187 And that makes it okay?

by Portia reply 19007/28/2020

Mid-afternoon television doesn't go for booze and dope.

by Portia reply 19107/28/2020

R165: Then Antenna TV will be canceled for racism.

by Portia reply 19207/28/2020

LOL at the GapPlaylistTroll going to bat for Ellen. He's so pathetic. I've seen his Youtube channel before and he seems like such a clown, along with Jan Bot.

Speaking of Kevin Hart, he's been notably quiet while all of this is happening. You'd think he'd be coming out in defense of her, considering how much of a reputation hit Ellen took by trying to save his Oscar hosting gig. Ellen should learn a lesson from all of this. The people she thinks are her "friends" will turn on her the minute she loses her clout and influence. A-Listers are fickle like that.

by Portia reply 19307/28/2020

A clown for Gap and Stevie Nicks? Boo hoo, how pathetic of me.

Ellen disappointed me with the Kevin Hart stuff but I don't believe she is a monster to her staff. All of those people were probably fired for taking off too much time or habitually late, and just want to blame someone other than themselves.

Ellen did so much for gay people when she came out in 1997 and she continues to do so today.

BTW, if you know me, I only care about Gap from 1992 to 2006, and Ellen had nothing to do with Gap in those years (except Gap was mentioned on her show in a joke in 1997 or 1998, I believe).

CLOWN YouTube Channel:

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 19407/28/2020

R166 is why people believe those QAnon rumors.

by Portia reply 19507/28/2020

R138 As soon as it came out that Letterman had an affair with one of his staffers, I thought, "It's that Stephanie girl, isn't it?" It was.

by Portia reply 19607/28/2020

Yes, we need to help Ellen by encouraging her to resign. She is the sicko who likes to torment and scare staff and guests. That is 100% on her.

by Portia reply 19707/28/2020

Letterman created a toxic workplace and was forced to expose his behavior to the world only after he was blackmailed for $2M.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 19807/28/2020

I remember hearing years ago that they would keep a lot of booze backstage for the celebrities.

by Portia reply 19907/28/2020

Why did Letterman get that enormous applause for admitting to sleeping with his female staffers? Bizarre.

by Portia reply 20007/28/2020

R200 There were probably shills in the audience. Not sure that would fly in 2020. Attitudes have changed since 'Me too.'

by Portia reply 20107/28/2020

R194 This is the definition of a clown post.

by Portia reply 20207/28/2020

I watched her show only once. She is clearly filled with rage. And she holds her audience in complete contempt. I had no negative feelings about her before that, but seeing her aggress on her guests was unsettling. I’m baffled why she’s so popular.

by Portia reply 20307/28/2020

Replace her with Brett Butler, another former ABC sitcom star (Grace Under Fire). Brett is available!

by Portia reply 20407/28/2020

It’s strange how her audience has shifted to entirely midwestern fraus (many of whom are prob trumpers).

Portia seems genuinely sweet. Her memoir was actually well written. Trauma from losing her dad as a kid and being closeted and having a terrible eating disorder.

I hope she leaves Ellen somehow and finds someone legitimately kind.

by Portia reply 20507/28/2020

They should have Kathy Griffin replace her, lol.

by Portia reply 20607/28/2020

[quote] They should have Kathy Griffin replace her, lol.

Only if she transitions to a man, gains a hundred pounds, and changes her name to Merv.

by Portia reply 20707/28/2020

What could she possibly have to be angry or bitter about? She was doing standup in the 80s, 40 years later she's worth hundreds of millions, and she's been well paid and enjoyed the perks of money, fame, and artistic accomplishment for nearly the entire time between then and now. She's 60 and her mom is still alive, she has a loving spouse...what major thing could she want from this world (lately) that it hasn't given her, in abundance?

It's her show with her name on it, and this isn't the first time similar accusations have surfaced about her or her show. Can you imagine having that kind of abundance, knowing that the atmosphere on your set isn't what it should be, and not doing something about it. If not now, when? It's not like she's not in the position to fix it.

by Portia reply 20807/28/2020

It's the booze.

by Portia reply 20907/28/2020

My take is that the more famous she became, the more she lost any moral compass. I stopped watching her after 1) she would say stuff like “Leo is a friend of mine”, and 2) Kevin Hart defense, which was unforgivable

by Portia reply 21007/28/2020

R200, the audience didn't clap because Letterman was having an affair. They were applauding because his speech was a public confession and a public apology to his wife.

by Portia reply 21107/28/2020

There had been no mention of any apology when they started clapping, R211.

by Portia reply 21207/28/2020

The Letterman situation IS a double standard, though. He was literally hiring some staffers so he could have them around to fuck when he wanted to. Yes, it was consensual, but it's a massive abuse of power to require an employee to put out for a job, and to refuse to hire people because you don't want to fuck 'em.

Let's not pretend Letterman is a good guy who did the right thing here.

I'm not saying it excuses Ellen's behavior at all, I doubt there's been a similar situation with her, but pretending like Letterman wasn't also a huge piece of shit is wrong. People give him a pass and it's ridiculous.

by Portia reply 21307/28/2020

Seriously, R202. "I'm a notorious troll who somehow gets the benefit of the doubt from a handful of gullible Dataloungers, and I've decided just on whim and based on no evidence whatsoever that Ellen never really did anything wrong ever. I have spoken! Also GAP GAP GAP tee hee I'm such an imp!"

Gap Clown.

by Portia reply 21407/28/2020

I’m sorry that it’s come to this, but if her behavior is as horrible as it seems, she deserves what’s coming.

I haven’t watched more than clips on YouTube for years, but when the show started, I was *incredibly* depressed, and there was something about it early on that always made me feel better. There were days when I honestly only got out of bed in order to watch Ellen.

I’m not dependent on it for my mental health, but it’s really sad that something that helped me in a dark time was all a lie.

by Portia reply 21507/28/2020

OP...we can only fucking hope.

by Portia reply 21607/28/2020

[quote]Replace her with Brett Butler, another former ABC sitcom star (Grace Under Fire). Brett is available!

I would actually watch that. Brett was actually funny.

by Portia reply 21707/28/2020

R181, Rosie O’Donnell did that for a while, too. I remember her with that “My Tawmmy”. But she did redeem herself in the end, so I forgive it.

by Portia reply 21807/28/2020

R212, you're right. The full speech is below, and it's more than ten minutes long.

He was getting ahead of the story before it hit the press. Perhaps this was the first that the audience was hearing about it. He made the story meandering and humorous. When he said that he had slept with women on his show, he used a very deadpan voice, which cued the audience to laugh.

The "apology" speech to his wife was perhaps delivered a few days later.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 21907/28/2020

The show is run by the studio. Ellen is just the front person. She the ones that gets the high pay and all the benefits. If there are problems, it is the studio fault. She does not strike me as someone on the daily operation side.

by Portia reply 22007/28/2020

This show is expensive to put on. So the network wants to slash the budget (people), or cancel it. Ellen could put on a youtube style production, if she wanted to, for nothing. Maybe she wants out? Maybe she wants to go with another production?

by Portia reply 22107/28/2020

Are you nuts? Ellen is the whole reason there are problems. It’s on film that she treats staff like peasants. In any event, they probably want to get rid of her because she is expensive and the Ellen from home format is not entertaining or profitable due to Covid-19.

by Portia reply 22207/28/2020

Plus the investigation gives them cover to end her contract early.

by Portia reply 22307/28/2020

I hope she gets cancelled.

by Portia reply 22407/28/2020

Agree with what R 52 posted in response to R 26’s question as to why why why.

Ellen is very unhappy and hates herself, all the stuff in the world cannot fill that void. I think it goes back a long way for her. Growing up knowing she was gay, hiding it, then not hiding it, and making it her schtick as a money and power grab.

People might say internalized homophobia but we all struggle with that. The rush of fame and fair weather friends completed the fucked up inner Ellen, who began loathing herself early early .

by Portia reply 22507/28/2020

Of course she is the problem.

Somebody upthread mentioned her appearance on HBO’s David Letterman show, “My Next Guest...”

I looked it up and wouldn’t you know, there she was, disrespecting her employees and behaving like a diva. She didn’t know her employees names, Dave was shocked.

There was one employee who had photoshopped her face onto a photo of a magazine called “Tugboats.” The model had huge, huge tits spilling out of a bikini, with ellen’s face.

The employee, clearly caught and mortified, apologized to Ellen and she said, “It’s ok, you’re fired.”

They cut away from that quickly, but I’d bet he really was fired.

by Portia reply 22607/28/2020

Then, why was her show top rated on TV? The network does not care about people, they care about money. Remember, the front people to these show have incredible benefits (private jets, tickets to anything they want, etc). There are staff in the personal concierge side to make this happen.

IF you are the front person to a show like this, do you want to be involved in the daily operations or do you want to use these benefits? I doubt that she has much to do with the daily operational side of this show, or the human resource side.

by Portia reply 22707/28/2020

R227, the star sets the tone.

It really is that simple.

by Portia reply 22807/28/2020

Ellen will likely go to prison, talk about fall from grace.

by Portia reply 22907/28/2020

Is it true that she was molested by her stepfather??

by Portia reply 23007/28/2020

The star sets the tone and the executive producers deliver on that tone. What’s not to understand?

EPs have a boss, and the buck stops with Ellen.

by Portia reply 23107/28/2020

r230, NO, she molested him.

by Portia reply 23207/28/2020

Who cares if some whint bitches got fired? I hate Ellen but this is stupid. Theres nothing that happens at Ellens show that doesnt happen at every other.

People on "gay twitter" are stupid for always bringing pitchforks out to shame people for no reason.

by Portia reply 23307/28/2020

Some of you guys take tv eay too seriously. R226, You thought she was seriously firing someone instead of joking? What the hell.

by Portia reply 23407/28/2020

She has been crying for days on end and I let all the pets run free.

by Portia reply 23507/28/2020

I mention "gay twitter" because some cis gay made a twitter thread asking for gossip about Ellen being nasty, true or not. The press has been running with it ever since and then buzzfeed wrote an accusatory piece full of unprovable anonymous accounts.

by Portia reply 23607/28/2020

The investigation will reveal all.

by Portia reply 23707/28/2020

Fuck that drunken bitch. TV stations should fill the time slot with episodes of The Golden Girls and Designing Women.

by Portia reply 23807/28/2020

I worked at Letterman. It’s not the same situation. He’s horrible and a complete narcissist but not in the same sadistic way as Ellen. He avoided interacting with staff and picked favorites and there was the scandal, but he never hissed at someone for looking at him in the hallway or went out of his way to get mean with PAs. He stayed out of sight.

Ellen seems more personally invested in making people’s lives miserable from all these accounts.

And Letterman did not get off on humiliating audience members the same way. Ellen is a whole other level of crazy.

by Portia reply 23907/28/2020

R235 that's a good start. When do you plan on leaving Ellen since she cheats on you and picks what roles you can take??

by Portia reply 24007/28/2020

R239, Plus David's a man so he's entitled to keep to himself and that should be respected. It's different for women to be that way and frankly they're bitches.

by Portia reply 24107/28/2020

R240, portia retired after a million failed pilots a couple of years ago. She's an "artist" now or something.

by Portia reply 24207/28/2020

R239 - yes right Ellen’s issue is that she simply keeps to herself and is mischaracterized as a bitch because of sexism.


This goes beyond sexism. Everyone in LA knows Ellen is vicious AF.

But right it’s sexism.

by Portia reply 24307/28/2020

I don't understand her. Obviously all the money she's made hasn't made her happy.

by Portia reply 24407/28/2020

Cancel all cis lesbians!

by Portia reply 24507/28/2020

Does anyone else find it weird how she's always trying to scare the bejeezus out of her guests? Seriously, she could give someone a heart attack.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 24607/28/2020

My prediction: the show is cancelled, Portia leaves, and Ellen turns into Norma Desmond. Ten years from now some screenwriter will get a flat tire in front of her house and she takes her in and forces her to be her lover and rewrite the all lesbian version of Salome.

by Portia reply 24707/28/2020

Ellen is the new Leslie Van Houten of DL.

by Portia reply 24807/28/2020

Im happy that Trump hating loser Andy Lasner has been shamed into silence. Democrats are racist and this is further proof of that.

by Portia reply 24907/28/2020

She is such a sick person - taking joy in scaring people? Freak

by Portia reply 25007/28/2020

I hope stories about Ellen being transphobic don't come out.She is already on thin ice with the trans community.

by Portia reply 25107/28/2020

[Quote] Ellen will likely go to prison

That's a stretch. Losing the show? Sure. Going to prison? Not a chance. For what? Being a cunt isn't a crime, no matter how much the DL wishes it was.

[Quote] Im happy that Trump hating loser Andy Lasner has been shamed into silence. Democrats are racist and this is further proof of that.

FF and block this Trumpster.

by Portia reply 25207/28/2020

R242 that's what they want you to think.

by Portia reply 25307/28/2020

R251 sounds like a homophobic misogynist.

by Portia reply 25407/28/2020

My bestfriends second cousin's gardner's ex wife's best friend is a trans woman who was fired by Ellen for being transgender. I have already been in contact with Buzzfeed.

by Portia reply 25507/28/2020

Block R249 / R255 and you can see him all up and down this thread simultaneously defending Ellen, but also calling her evil and trolling by trying to make it about trannies. Don't fall for his shit.

Trolls are not what they used to be.

by Portia reply 25607/29/2020

What should she wear instead R1?

by Portia reply 25707/29/2020

Can't I pull the rehab game, claim to get sober and make amends, bitches?

by Portia reply 25807/29/2020

Ellen was usually where celebrities would make a pitstop when they had to apologize for something.

Can't see that happening any longer.

by Portia reply 25907/29/2020

Producers are trying to deflect, protecting their Golden Goose. And people must remember- comedians are probably the most unhappy bitter people on earth.

by Portia reply 26007/29/2020

Are you insane, R229?! Go to prison for WHAT?!

by Portia reply 26107/29/2020

The sad fall of a clown

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 26207/29/2020

I haven't watched the show in a long time. It became way too formulaic. Dancing and jokes, followed by celebrity ass licking followed by a stupid game, followed by some company (not Ellen) giving money to an unfortunate or heroic person. To me, she's always been so enthralled with herself because she has so may A-list celebrity friends. Maybe I'm wrong but I haven't heard of any of those A-listers coming to her defense. I find that very telling.

by Portia reply 26307/29/2020

Ellen lives 10 minutes from Oprah in Montecito. I wonder if Oprah is advising her right now?

by Portia reply 26407/29/2020

It is fucking sickening that on a gay board more people will defend some privileged hetero bitch than an actual gay woman.

by Portia reply 26507/29/2020

Maybe her mother and brother are advising her.

by Portia reply 26607/29/2020

If Oprah advises her to partner with the Markles it will be a disaster.

by Portia reply 26707/29/2020

Ellen is already "friends" with Meghan. In the last year or so on her show, Ellen featured some girls whose act had gone viral on youtube. As she was talking to the girls, she unnecessarily remarked that she had watched their video because Meghan Markle had sent her the link. Ellen loves to namedrop.

by Portia reply 26807/29/2020

Money grubber

by Portia reply 26907/29/2020

What does it say about someone who refuses to let people look them in the eye?

[quote]Ghislaine Maxwell 'told Jeffrey Epstein's staff to never look him in the eye'

Jeffrey Epstein treated his sex slaves like subhumans. Ellen bullied, humiliated and abused people like they were subhumans.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 27007/29/2020

Oprah and Ellen are showbiz friends. I am confident that Oprah is aware that Ellen has an unformed, juvenile personality with no vision beyond proving herself acceptable to the straight white power base. She does surface good work. She sends her staff out to surprise showering poor people with gifts and money from corporate sponsors. On film. Sometimes they come on stage and Ellen hugs them. She imagines that she starts movements. Oprah has done that, but her heart and own skin is in the game. She did it for real. (most of the time) She's a human woman AND a great humanitarian. Don't doubt me.

Who gives a grown woman a 20 million dollar Gorilla Sanctuary for her 60th Birthday? Portia. So you all can donate. This is where your money is most needed in this world. This represents what Ellen most stands for and cares about? Fucking gorillas??? Ellen cries over poor black people and pets. But she still hates their hair. She is a child who doesn't like politics or controversy or those female comedians who say bad words. There are a lot of arrested personalities in showbiz. Ellen was once funny, but she's not over being called a dyke yet? To want to remain innocent of the world at her age is kind of disgusting to me. That really is her problem. She doesn't want the problems of her own billion dollars. House done. Let's move. She doesn't like one celebrity anymore than the next one. So they are all invited to her private house parties. That's a problem. Then she fucks off and goes to bed at 10, quietly freaking out.

by Portia reply 27107/29/2020

I didn't know Ellen cared about conservation of nature. Now I like her a lot more than I did before.

by Portia reply 27207/29/2020

R271 If that's all true then maybe she needs to be cut loose from the teeming hordes and their imperfections that she so despises.

by Portia reply 27307/29/2020

[quote]Ellen is very unhappy and hates herself, all the stuff in the world cannot fill that void.

R225 It's on her to grapple with her past trauma which is clearly very present in her life and hurting others. She's an adult, now, and she doesn't get a pass.

by Portia reply 27407/29/2020

That's what you get, Ellen. I haven't forgotten when you joked about me being a drag queen, you fucking cunt.

by Portia reply 27507/29/2020

R262 Don't believe everything you read, especially when it concerns anything that's been printed in The Sun.

by Portia reply 27607/29/2020

If you think things are bad at the office for employees of the talk show host, multiply that times ten for her employees at home. You think the actress is a kind and loving employer? Ha. She’s a cunt. Ellen DeGeneres/Portia de Rossi

by Portia reply 27707/29/2020

What’s with all this she’s gay so we have to back her no matter what? Blind loyalty is for stupid people. Honestly. Make some sense.

by Portia reply 27807/29/2020

She was also an outspoken vegan who then used calf skin for her shoe line (remember when she did a clothing line - wtf?).


by Portia reply 27907/29/2020

Ellen brand underwear are made from elephant penises. She always wanted one.

by Portia reply 28007/29/2020

R133,so you think Ellen knows NOTHING of what goes on in production BTS?


by Portia reply 28107/29/2020

Cancel her show. Now you can watch Kelly Clarkson do it better with that type of show (which I can't get through a whole episode of)

by Portia reply 28207/29/2020

r114 Mel Gibson was famous for playing pranks on stage. That's how I knew Ellen was a real jerk because of her glee when she pranks people or scares them or has them perform some idiotic stunt.

by Portia reply 28307/29/2020

Why did she have that guy standing outside her house during the show? How humiliating for him.

by Portia reply 28407/29/2020

She took over the dian fossey organization. This is a well respected organization and I love Ellen for this. Her money can real save gorillas and their habitat. Also, protect the humans that live their too.

This is way I think these complaints are about the studio and not really her. Girlfriend does not have the time.

by Portia reply 28507/29/2020

Even when she smiles, she looks like she could easily turn into a fire-breathing dragon at any given moment.

by Portia reply 28607/29/2020

[quote]She took over the dian fossey organization. This is a well respected organization

So she managed to do one or two good things. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

by Portia reply 28707/30/2020

Portia came up with that whole Dian Fossey thing as a 60th birthday gift to Ellen. That was all Portia - they did a whole video reveal of it on the show where Ellen was surprised and cried - the clip went viral. Portia put Ellen’s name on it.

I’m not saying Ellen doesn’t love gorillas, but the concept for that whole thing didn’t come from her. She was probably busy torturing her staff and banging that random writer who she gets drunk on air while that was being organized.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 28807/30/2020

I've never been to good at reading Portia, which is unusual...

Is she complicit? I don't know.

by Portia reply 28907/30/2020

When Ellen came out she lost work, she was (briefly) cast out into the showbiz wilderness. She felt humiliated. Then she came back, a huge star, more successful than ever. But she's still really fucking angry, she hasn't forgiven. Now she hosts a show for the very people who did not or would not accept her when she needed it most. Rejection hurts. As said above she has really nothing but contempt for most of them and the industry.

Her style of humour is sneering sarcasm, which doesn't work on a very safe, very huggy daytime show. (I don't understand the prank thing) Sometimes you see the contempt glinting in her eyes when the audience of shrieking, screaming twits go into orbit at the chance to win a flatscreen or something. Actually can't blame her for that.

God knows why she tortures her staff. Maybe it's just who she is.

by Portia reply 29007/30/2020

[quote] When Ellen came out she lost work, she was (briefly) cast out into the showbiz wilderness.

Very briefly.

by Portia reply 29107/30/2020

You're saying her brutal treatment of staff and nasty pranks on audience members is all vengeance and retribution for being rejected years ago? That just shifts the blame to others.

by Portia reply 29207/30/2020

Comedians are almost always damaged souls. For that part, so are most actors. Anything could magnify it, including success.

by Portia reply 29307/30/2020

My handyman who is a conspiracy theorist is convinced that Ellen Degeneres is a secret descendent of John D. Rockefeller.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 29407/30/2020

R1 no idea how old she is but I like that simple outfit in OP’s pic.

by Portia reply 29507/30/2020

Why are you for a cancellation of Ellen. Don't really understand this.

by Portia reply 29607/30/2020

r278, this site turns on every gay woman or ally in a heartbeat but that racist punk pornstar got a pass when his stuff went viral, just calling out the hypocrisy.

by Portia reply 29707/30/2020

We now have a tyrant wannabe in the White House who wants to postpone the elections, his henchman in the Republican Party and the DOJ are desperately trying to destroy democracy as we know it, the economy is tanking faster than anyone thought possible, and the Corona virus is continuing to spread at alarming rates. Then we come to the DL and one of its major preoccupations is destroying a fellow gay person because she doesn't appear to be a nice person and doesn't give out enough participation awards to her spoiled brat staff of egocentrics.

Do carry on!!!!

by Portia reply 29807/30/2020

Jesus, she's a cranky, rotten woman! That equals DL catnip! Get it? I don't see it as us "destroying" a fellow gay, not at all. Horrible, heartless and hypocritical hot heads need to be called out for what they are, gay or whatever. We can respect the paths she's paved for the gay community in years past, but we can also destroy her for being the piece of shit she is.

by Portia reply 29907/30/2020

R299 oh we "get it" just fine when you admit your reasoning as her being a "rotten woman". There's a lot of pathetic misogynistic lesphobics, you've made that very clear. It's so transparent, some of us can see right through it. Guessing 90% in here are the first ones to cry when men are said to be predatory, defending them to almost death. 🙄 PATHETIC.

by Portia reply 30007/30/2020

I hate her and I feel bad for portia right now. You know Ellen is taking it out on her.

by Portia reply 30107/30/2020

R300 Trump is a cranky, rotten man! Problem with that? Ellen is a cranky, rotten person? Is that okay with you or should I work more on my misogynistic lesphobics? You're a piece of shit too I suspect.

by Portia reply 30207/30/2020

Look up the definition of "piece of shit" in the dictionary and R302's picture is next to it.

Look up putrid, rancid cunt and her mother's pic is next to it.

by Portia reply 30307/30/2020

Managing to cancel Kevin Hart would've been a huge achievement for gay men.

All our work was undone -- singlehandedly -- by Ellen.

by Portia reply 30407/30/2020

Fine, they are a cranky, rotten cis person with originally occurring ovaries.

Untriggered now?

You are ridiculous. Grow up.

by Portia reply 30507/30/2020

The narrative is shifting toward More Tales from the Crypt of Yellin' Ungenerous.

A former executive producer of Australia's Today show claims Ellen DeGeneres' staff 'walked on eggshells' during the star's guest appearance in 2013

'The producer called us aside and said, "Now Neil, no one is to talk to Ellen. You don't talk to her, you don't approach her, you don't look at her,"' he said.

'"She'll come in, she'll sit down, she'll talk to Richard and then Ellen will leave." And I sort of said, "Are you fair dinkum? I can't look at her?" I found the whole thing bizarre,' he added.

During the interview itself, Breen had to ask Ellen's staff to stop laughing at her jokes because it was interrupting the recording.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 30607/30/2020

She'll need to gain a lot of weight because soon she'll be singing opera

by Portia reply 30707/30/2020

I feel bad for her pets. Without audiences to torment, Ellen has been scaring them everyday for her sick pleasure.

by Portia reply 30807/30/2020

The Ellen defenders are so strange here. Saying we should be focusing on trump instead? That’s your argument?

I hate to think Portia is complicit - no one seems to have a bad word to say about her. I bet she’s being shoved around right now by a drunk Ellen.

My cousin worked the Mark Twain awards at the Kennedy center the year Ellen got it - she said Ellen was a nightmare. Huge diva, tons of demands and no one was allowed to look at her.

There seem to be a lot of consistent accounts of bad behavior here.

by Portia reply 30907/30/2020


You’re a troll, darling. Canceling the GOP is the best thing we gays need. Not some dumb comedian/actor.

by Portia reply 31007/30/2020

"The Ellen defenders are so strange here. Saying we should be focusing on trump instead? That’s your argument?"

Damn straight it is, you fucking idiot. Trump & Company pose a far more serious threat to the average American, American gays and the entire American sytstem of democracy and governance than some talk show host.

Talk about a tempest in a teapot, you twit.

by Portia reply 31107/30/2020

Never understood her appeal. She’s not funny, to me at least.

by Portia reply 31207/30/2020

[Quote] (sic) Oprah is (sic) a human woman AND a great humanitarian. Don't doubt me.

The students at her boarding school in South Africa would doubt you on the record.

Also LOL at the Ellen defenders.

Ellen: Is exposed as a giant cunt.

Ellen's DL Defenders: BuT tRuMp

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 31307/30/2020

[quote] The Ellen defenders are so strange here

A few seem like PR.

The attempts at deflection by trying imply we can’t focus on criticising both Trump and Degeneres are transparent.

by Portia reply 31407/30/2020

Her show might finish out its run, but will she be getting any new endorsement, franchises or anything like that? Maybe not.

by Portia reply 31507/30/2020

Pretty weak argument, Ellen PR flacks. You'll need to come up with something better than "gays can't talk about anyone egregious but Trump and all other egregiousness gets a pass" or "talking about Ellen's egregiousness is hatred of lesbians -or- let's set the gays against the lesbians and maybe they'll forget about Ellen."

We see you. Now, fuck off this thread and let the grownups talk.

by Portia reply 31607/30/2020

"Now, fuck off this thread and let the grownups talk."


That's rich coming from some deranged fangurlina/talk show addict.

by Portia reply 31707/30/2020


And the troll thinks I'm deranged? Who here actually watches flyover Ellen? *crickets*

by Portia reply 31807/30/2020

Yes the ridiculous idea that we can’t have a datalounge thread about Ellen being a CUNT because we should focus entirely on trump 24/7..... not persuasive and not going to shut this down.

Nice try though.

And if you aren’t Ellen’s PR team - then why the F are you on this thread commenting? Isn’t this taking away from your necessary focus on the GOP?

by Portia reply 31907/30/2020

"Who here actually watches flyover Ellen?"

Then, idiot, why are you so heavily invested what Ellen allegedly does or does not do regarding her show??????? What axe do you have to grind in this matter (other than jealousy and envy).

by Portia reply 32007/30/2020

Gays, you got your marching orders, Trump all the time until now until the day after the election!

by Portia reply 32107/30/2020

[Quote] Isn’t this taking away from your necessary focus on the GOP?

Very good question. Ellen's DL Defender should get to work on that right away. Biden's poll numbers are starting to fall. Better not let that happen. Trump's re-election will be on your hands if you don't shift focus now.

by Portia reply 32207/30/2020

Does Ellen pick the wings off flies?

by Portia reply 32307/30/2020

Here’s another article

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 32407/30/2020

[Bold] jealousy and envy [/Bold]

This reads like a deluded frau fan of Shawn Mendes or Justin Bieber or any other slightly above average looking tween star. HaTeRs. LOL.

by Portia reply 32507/30/2020

Does she have ass tulips?

by Portia reply 32607/30/2020

Dare I ask what an ass tulip is, R326?

by Portia reply 32707/30/2020

This hasn't been shared yet on this thread. Here's Ellen bullying the shit out of Andy Lassner's assistant Jacqueline. She doesn't work on the show anymore and has left the entertainment industry all together. Wonder why that might be, Ellen's PR people and deranged defenders?

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 32807/30/2020

Ellen needs to soften her appaerance and stop wearing suits. She used to seem so nice when her show was first on.

by Portia reply 32907/30/2020

328 If you think that's bad you have a very low threshold for pain.

by Portia reply 33007/30/2020

^ LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL A defender of toxic work environments. It makes sense why Ellen has her defenders here. There are a lot of sick, sadistic people out there.

by Portia reply 33107/30/2020

Naomi Campbell is just glad that there's someone worse than her out there.

by Portia reply 33207/30/2020

[quote]why are you so heavily invested what Ellen allegedly does or does not do regarding her show?

R320 Labor issues, pea brain.

by Portia reply 33307/30/2020

This is not about some lame comedian and her brand...

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 33407/30/2020

Cancel finding Nemo! And Mr. Wrong!

by Portia reply 33507/30/2020

Do you work for her or the show, R333? If not, kindly STFU and go sit on a giant dildo to get rid of the attitude.

by Portia reply 33607/30/2020

Yeah, there are some true dumb asses hanging around this thread.

by Portia reply 33707/30/2020

She may well be awful and a dysfunctional “removed” personality like we see in many successful chat show hosts as they stretch and contort (dance, prank, etc.) to fill airtime and keep fickle viewers engaged over the years.

But I cannot help wonder if a few of the angry villagers who found her show’s production environment untenable possibly misperceived it to be the wacky, fun space seen by the audience. I lead a popular cultural attraction that is very welcoming and engaging to guests, and we do look after our employees really carefully. But some employees (not exclusively but frequently younger employees newer to the work force) come to their first full-time job envisioning the experience to be closer to the end-users’ experiences. The reality is harder, with more complexity and, at times, really frustrating challenges. We see employees disenfranchised over work issues like their schedules, supervisory issues, perceptions of fairness and recognition (often when a colleague is recognized or promoted). Some have left very angry and bitter, but then applied to return a year later. Many also come from cultures of haggling and negotiation, and find the workplace unlike that.

There might (I say might) be some social complexity, poor objectivity and immaturity in some (maybe only a few) who discovered the production environment of a daytime show is a rough, pressurized and dismissive one. The comedian Guy Branum left Chelsea Handler’s E Channel show pretty quickly under a tough interpersonal conflict. Yet now he recalls her as a good, generous boss.

Fame is a weird alienating force. Ellen might not manage it as well as others, but seems more obtuse and eccentric than patently malevolent. She looks successful (so fucking rich!) but strangely lost, lonely and vilified. I don’t watch her but feel sad for her. Her life is an open window. With her endorsements (Amex) and shows, she’s had a really good run. It must be hard to know when to walk away. But I’d walk away.

by Portia reply 33807/30/2020

Thanks for your thoughtful reply, R338.

But to the torch and pitchfork/tar and feather/professional victim crowd here, Ellen is Public Enemy #1, so it's off with her head NOW!!!

by Portia reply 33907/30/2020

Has Iggy released a statement?

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 34007/30/2020

[quote]Maybe her mother and brother are advising her.

Is her brother Vance an asshole too? I thought he was funny when he was a Daily Show correspondent.

by Portia reply 34107/30/2020

[quote]Maybe her mother and brother are advising her.

Is her brother Vance an asshole too? I thought he was funny when he was a Daily Show correspondent.

by Portia reply 34207/30/2020

OMG forgot the Iggy scandal. That was when I realized she was actually deranged.

by Portia reply 34307/30/2020

For all those lauding Kelly Clarkson (whom I LOVE as a singer)? She's the absolutely the worst. She's the Fallon of Daytime. Too excited. Talks over her guests. Just LOVES everyone. She's about as genuine as a Ryan Seacrest girlfriend.

That said, Ellen is a bitch and have first hand receipts.

by Portia reply 34407/30/2020

Why doesn’t she just retire so she can be as big of a bitch as she wants 24/7? Surely she has enough money.

by Portia reply 34507/30/2020

Remember all the noise awhile back when supposedly Portia wanted Ellen to quit her show? Apparently she wanted Ellen to go back to standup. I wonder if Portia knew about some of these stories and wanted Ellen to get out before the situation exploded.

by Portia reply 34607/30/2020

Would the audience be allowed to look at Ellen, onstage?

by Portia reply 34707/30/2020

Really curious about the psychology behind the “no eye contact” thing. I know it’s long been a trope used to represent egomaniacal, out of touch celebrity but how often do we actually hear about it in real life? If one thing has been consistent in all the reporting on Ellen, it’s this.

Why the hell can’t anyone look her in the eye?

by Portia reply 34807/30/2020

[quote]Hey everybody – it’s Ellen.

Ellen addresses the issue by bizarrely blaming everyone else. Apparently after 17 years she was unaware! I don't even believe all the petty hate gossip about her, but why does she sound so fucking juvenile all the time? Is she a moron on purpose. Her wicked sense of observational quick humor tells us she's quite aware, alert and clever. Whenever she's under attack she cries about dogs or speaks in kindergarten platitudes. Or says self aggrandizing weird delusional shit like hosting the Oscars is the same thing as winning an Oscar. Remember when she imagined she could judge singing on Amerian Idol? Something is off with this woman. I don't approve of people who won't grow up.

[quote]I am so proud of the work we do and the fun and joy we all help put out in the world. I want everyone at home to love our show and I want everyone who makes it to love working on it.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 34907/30/2020

That letter shows zero insight. It’s such a load of shit - like she has no clue what goes on and is shocked the staff isn’t being showered with kindness by the higher ups.

If she wasn’t so phony about the kindness shit I wouldn’t care as much.

by Portia reply 35007/30/2020

Is Ellen on the spectrum,?

by Portia reply 35107/30/2020

Ellen isn't the devil, but you can pick up on body language, tone, etc. and at least see she's got issues. When she was blacklisted by Hollywood after coming out, yes it was miserable and unfair, but 20 years later she's STILL talking about it in her standup comedy routine as if she was the world's first martyr. To me, that's a red flag that says "I still see myself as a victim" when she's worth hundreds of millions and has several houses, staff, etc. But her NY Times piece took the cake--she claimed victimhood there too, as if we've boxed her in to this "nice" persona and now she's a prisoner (sucks to be Ellen! We should feel so sorry for her)! Fine, take your millions and retire. But she doesn't--why? Because she WANTS ATTENTION and is desperate to stay relevant and hobnob with celebrities. She's a classic narcissist who became too self-important over time and thinks the world owes her something. Portia--I think she feels like she can't leave or else Ellen will shame her and put her on blast to the world, and I'm sure she likes the perks of being rich. But she can't be happy--Ellen barely tolerates people she's around for the cameras, so behind the cameras....

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 35207/30/2020

R352 The victimhood well never runs dry.

by Portia reply 35307/30/2020

Hateful bitter twitter gays got a good man (ed glavin) fired. Happy now?

by Portia reply 35407/30/2020

To the idiot PR person who keeps blathering about Trump being president and why is Ellen not revered for her contributions to humanity, if she’s so motherfucking great, why was she buddied up to Dubya, the Republican’s Republican and a bastard?

She’s a drunk and a bitch and having a net worth of over four hundred million dollars doesn’t seem to be enough for her because people were mean to her 20 years ago (btw they weren’t. She had her own fucking sitcom). She should be on her knees thanking GOD she was protected by her producers and the studio for this long. Ellen can fuck herself. EVERYONE is replaceable.

by Portia reply 35507/30/2020

Celebrities need to boycott her show.

by Portia reply 35607/30/2020

I still haven't seen any receipts of nefariousness from Ellen that warrants her being fired. Of course the "no looking" thing is beyond lame, but it's hardly the first time a celebrity has had that rule. For it to warrant her losing her show it should be on the level of sexual abuse, personal bullying of one or more employees, stealing money from the show etc.

The lack of worker's rights is very troubling, and needs to be fixed right away, but unless it comes out that she herself asked for people to get fired for attempting suicide etc. then all anyone can say is that she was too lazy to take an interest in her employees, which is disappointing, but something she can learn to do in the future.

by Portia reply 35707/30/2020

R349 My favorite part:

"'I’ve not been able to stay on top of everything and relied on others to do their jobs as they knew I’d want them done. Clearly some didn’t,' she wrote. 'That will now change and I’m committed to ensuring this does not happen again.'"

Not mentioning that many of the allegations were about her.

by Portia reply 35807/30/2020

Well, maybe you can wait for the third party review, R357.

by Portia reply 35907/30/2020

R358, Which ones were about her? Other than not concersating with all of her staff.

by Portia reply 36007/30/2020

Would have been nice if she said the buck stops here and I should have made sure my crew was taken care of. The blame starts with me.

by Portia reply 36107/30/2020

LOL The full letter is a riot. She takes no responsibility for anything she's done and just throws her staffers and EP Ed Glavin under the bus. Seems like Warner Bros is trying to protect her and make this go away. We shall see.


Hey everybody — it's Ellen. On day one of our show, I told everyone in our first meeting that The Ellen DeGeneres Show would be a place of happiness — no one would ever raise their voice, and everyone would be treated with respect. Obviously, something changed, and I am disappointed to learn that this has not been the case. And for that, I am sorry. Anyone who knows me knows it's the opposite of what I believe and what I hoped for our show.

I could not have the success I've had without all of your contributions. My name is on the show and everything we do and I take responsibility for that. Alongside Warner Bros, we immediately began an internal investigation and we are taking steps, together, to correct the issues. As we've grown exponentially, I've not been able to stay on top of everything and relied on others to do their jobs as they knew I'd want them done. Clearly some didn't. That will now change and I'm committed to ensuring this does not happen again.

I'm also learning that people who work with me and for me are speaking on my behalf and misrepresenting who I am and that has to stop. As someone who was judged and nearly lost everything for just being who I am, I truly understand and have deep compassion for those being looked at differently, or treated unfairly, not equal, or — worse — disregarded. To think that any one of you felt that way is awful to me.

It's been way too long, but we're finally having conversations about fairness and justice. We all have to be more mindful about the way our words and actions affect others, and I'm glad the issues at our show were brought to my attention. I promise to do my part in continuing to push myself and everyone around me to learn and grow. It's important to me and to Warner Bros. that everyone who has something to say can speak up and feels safe doing so.

I am so proud of the work we do and the fun and joy we all help put out in the world. I want everyone at home to love our show and I want everyone who makes it to love working on it. Again, I'm so sorry to anyone who didn't have that experience. If not for COVID, I'd have done this in person, and I can't wait to be back on our stage and see you all then.

Stay safe and healthy.



Offsite Link
by Portia reply 36207/30/2020

I thought her letter is great. Stop being bitter, mean, misogynistic queens and start helping gays instead of tearing us down. You mean people on here suck.

by Portia reply 36307/30/2020

They're going after the producers, I thought, not her. Shell be fine, bitch or no bitch. She can play the gay stress Get Out of Jail Free card anytime. Popular among women in general.

by Portia reply 36407/30/2020

She’s a lying nasty drunk.

And the plastic surgery she’s had done is horrific.

by Portia reply 36507/30/2020

Wow, she's kind of tone deaf. And very angry. Because that's not how the game is played. If she had more conviction I might admire her. She's saying that this unfriendly atmosphere is not one she was aware of or sought to create or will tolerate is a sign of just a bit too little self examination. Or necessary lies. Like a mother who claims she didn't know her husband was abusing their child. I don't like it, I don't. Ellen has problems that are more serious than being "mean." No one has yet to come up with a real accusation or proof of her mean spirit. But there is SO much revenge bully in her.

Like Oprah, she probably doesn't *believe* in therapy while surrounding herself with a bunch of therapists with other job titles. Ellen is getting right interesting is what I'll say. But we should all be a bit careful. There's a fragile ego there and a LOT of money. Regardless, she should retire. Some one upthread says she must have enough money? Duh. The applause, the applause, they live for the applause. A least a singer likes to sing, most often. They have a talent that they want to use, even if they don't want to be dragged on stage. Ellen is funny and likes a bit of interaction. But she's a one way only kind of cat. Don't pet her the other way. I find this interesting. She is locked in her spot for no good reason except ego. 62 years old is too old to be fey and spritely and say mean girl things with a grin or to play childish games where people fall down and injure themselves. Laughing hysterically. Juvenile. She's a sixty fucking two year old lesbian. And Ellen had every success and opportunity and comeback revenge. She never suffered long or much. She was a hit in the clubs, on Carson, in specials, on her own "groundbreaking TV sitcom" - and another major network sitcom after that when supposedly no one wanted her? Another huge hit stand up special, then the talk show. She's the highest paid celebrity in the world. Has hosted every award show, has a HIT nighttime gameshow, produces other things, buys and discards houses like gum and is friendly with everyone from George Bush to Lady Gaga. But the purpose of this vast enterprise is not to annoy her? No wonder she hated Joan Rivers. Because Joan would have told her to GROW UP. Grow the fuck up. The world is a most hideous place with a lot of bad players. Take a stand.

The culture took a stand of its own. Ellen had a lot of warning.

by Portia reply 36607/30/2020

She better be telling the truth or the leaks will start immediately. Maybe she’s being set up by Warner’s, knowing the leaks will start immediately, so they let her hang herself so they can then sever the relationship. This statement is pretty definitively saying it wasn’t me. She’s either safe or she’s ruined.

And stop with the blind loyalty bullshit. It doesn’t cut any more sensible ice then it cut last night. You don’t back a loser. Who the hell does that help?

by Portia reply 36707/30/2020

The people you pick to run your show are a reflection of you. A liar is not going to pick an honest person. A honest person is not going to pick a liar. The buck has to stop somewhere.

by Portia reply 36807/30/2020

I'm tired of hearing about Ellen. Tell me, gays, who murdered Dian Fossey? A male graduate student working at the gorilla camp? I bet he's a DLer.

by Portia reply 36907/30/2020

[quote]R369 I'm tired of hearing about Ellen. Tell me, gays, who murdered Dian Fossey?

I think Aunt Diane?

by Portia reply 37007/30/2020

The not looking at some star coworkers can be an arrogant neurosis (Kathleen Battle), but maybe it also just saves time. If a star were approached by everyone backstage, they’d never get 3 steps from their dressing room.

(Maybe that would just apply to talking, though. Looking at someone doesn’t take up time.)

by Portia reply 37107/30/2020

Buzzfeed had an article accusing Ellen of having “demeaned” a security guard at the 2014 oscars because she didn’t say hello and she gave him a slide glance. She is literally satan you guys. She needs to be in jail or something

by Portia reply 37207/30/2020

Ellen has sass! Love it!

by Portia reply 37307/30/2020

What a cesspool...

[quote]former employees told BuzzFeed News it’s implausible that DeGeneres hasn’t been exposed to the same stories and behavior, particularly when they allegedly involve the senior-level executive producers she spends most of her time with. Another longtime former employee who also worked with DeGeneres said the talk show host “doesn’t want to know” about what goes on behind the scenes, and “nobody wants to rock the boat” because she is essentially the show’s brand. “She knows,” the former employee said. “She knows shit goes on, but also she doesn’t want to hear it.”

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 37407/30/2020

She's apologized! And the preliminary findings of the inquiry aren't good.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 37507/30/2020

Even the apology is shit because she essentially says other people are to blame for the toxic work environment.

by Portia reply 37607/30/2020

I'm starting to feel sorry for her. She looks so old and unhappy. She's not a monster. Just retire Ellen. Don't come back this fall. Drew Barrymore is coming to daytime! For about 3 months is my guess. It's a very tough gig to make a success of and Ellen hates failing. But she can't fake nice her way out of this one.

by Portia reply 37707/30/2020

In Spain, El Pais had an unflattering long piece about her fall.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 37807/30/2020

[quote]Ellen has sass!

Big deal, so does a can of TaB.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 37907/31/2020

According to DL's histrionic, hysterical harpies, Ellen is worse than Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot put together.

Who knew a very ordinary looking dyke would become the biggest mass murderer in the history of the world.

by Portia reply 38007/31/2020

That dyke knew what was going on - her apology letter is bullshit.

by Portia reply 38107/31/2020

Especially since many people NAMED HER SPECIFICALLY not her staff.

by Portia reply 38207/31/2020

Wow, she looks 70 is R375's photo!

by Portia reply 38307/31/2020

Is James Sneed posting on the DL?

[Quote] Another day another Buzzfeed hit piece on Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient and gay rights trailblazer Ellen.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 38407/31/2020

Except, no, they didn't R382, other than to say she turned a blind eye.

by Portia reply 38507/31/2020

“ Call me naive, but I kind of expected to be welcomed with confetti cannons: 'Welcome to The Ellen DeGeneres Show!' But instead I was greeted by an angry intern who was a bit overworked," she said. "I was expecting a Disney show but got Teletubbies After Dark”

The gay community was furious that Ellen didn’t personally greet a trans makeup YouTube and instead sent an intern.

The disrespect!!

by Portia reply 38607/31/2020

I'm disappoint.

by Portia reply 38707/31/2020

Two of my friends (gay) were very happy about this- they were confirming that this happened (I don't know if it happened to them). I cannot tell you how many of my friends in the industry are all confirming on FB how toxic working on her show was.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 38807/31/2020

I hope more actors say something.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 38907/31/2020

From the link at R388:

[quote]None of the accusations were made against Ellen herself. In fact, one ex-staffer said that senior staff would “insulate” her from what was going on behind the scenes. “Everyone acted really differently around her,” they said. “There’s a show that’s happening behind the show, the show that the executive producers have us all put on for her when she comes to the offices.”

So two three male producers were sexually harassing people, two of them gay.

by Portia reply 39007/31/2020

These are Ellen's producers. She had the power to do something about it but she chose to turn a blind eye. That makes her complicit.

by Portia reply 39107/31/2020

This is a witch hunt orchestrated by the Kardashians.

by Portia reply 39207/31/2020

Brad Garrett has no fucks to give.

by Portia reply 39307/31/2020

"She had the power to do something about it but she chose to turn a blind eye. That makes her complicit."

We demand a Nuremburg War Crimes Trial, nothing less, for Ellen. Justice for oppressed stage hands and personal assistants worldwide. They have suffered enough.

by Portia reply 39407/31/2020

[quote] So two three male producers were sexually harassing people, two of them gay.

If looking her in the eye was a fireable offense, I can't imagine what the consequences would have been to reporting harassment. Clearly Ellen didn't give a shit because she never bothered getting to know her staff, even in passing.

by Portia reply 39507/31/2020


by Portia reply 39607/31/2020

News flash

[quote]Reports have surfaced that host Ellen DeGeneres is ready to quit her daytime talk show as a number of both current and former staffers have spoken out about the toxic work environment. "'She feels she can't go on and the only way to recover her personal brand from this is to shut down the show," a source told the Daily Mail. "The truth is she knew what was going on, it's her show. The buck stops with her. She can blame every executive under the sun — but Ellen is ultimately the one to blame."

[quote]Some of the blowback comes from DeGeneres' recent apology, which attempted to shift the blame toward the show's executive producers, as one staffer revealed. "Don't think for a minute anything she has said in that apology means anything. She created and then enabled this toxic culture to go on for so long," the staffer revealed, who spoke under conditions of anonymity. "If anyone had come to her or those three vile [executive producers] to complain, they would've been fired."

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 39707/31/2020

Brad Garrett said it best; “Know more than one who were treated horribly by her.⁩ Common knowledge.” That is the nail in the coffin and I bet that is why celebrities are not coming to her defense. Good for him taking a stand. I don't see how she can overcome this while still doing the show.

by Portia reply 39807/31/2020

[quote]She created and then enabled this toxic culture to go on for so long," the staffer revealed, who spoke under conditions of anonymity. "If anyone had come to her or those three vile [executive producers] to complain, they would've been fired.

So no one actually spoke directly with her about it? Then how could she know? And how did she "create" the toxic work culture?

People are working really hard to try and blame a lesbian for what two gay perverts and one straight male pervert have done.

by Portia reply 39907/31/2020

I'm really disappointed in Rosie for not coming out to defend her. I'm shocked actually.

by Portia reply 40007/31/2020

^ Why would you be shocked by this? Rosie hates her.

by Portia reply 40107/31/2020

R400 Rosie is close with Kathy Griffin, Ellen’s nemesis, not Ellen.

by Portia reply 40207/31/2020

Ellen hates Rosie is more like it. Ellen hates people who get "political" and speak up. She's a baby. Rosie is a grown ass woman who is far more intelligent AND funnier & KINDER than Ellen suis Generous.

by Portia reply 40307/31/2020

[quote]“1. Mariah knew: when Ellen forced her to drink on the show, therefore admitting she was pregnant and ultimately announcing VERY PUBLICLY she had a miscarriage.

What does this mean?

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 40407/31/2020

[quote]Manager-to-the-stars Scooter Braun came out in support of DeGeneres, making him the only celebrity to come to her aid as of late.

I refused to pay attention to any adult named Scooter.

by Portia reply 40507/31/2020

I don't know R404, but nothing says quality article like quoting random anonymous twitter users.

by Portia reply 40607/31/2020

The fact that Ellen hasn't owned up to any of her behavior and would rather quit is quite telling. It's exactly how you would expect someone to act if every single accusation against her is true.

by Portia reply 40707/31/2020

And what exactly is this behaviour you are wanting her to own up to, R407? What accusations?

Every single accusation is against her employees.

by Portia reply 40807/31/2020

Ellen loves Justin Bieber. Aniston is also a real life friend. Neither are known for public stand heroics. Aniston dropped Chelsea Handler after one too many drunk nights. Sarah Paulson is a friend of Ellen and Portia too. Curiosly she and David Spade are really close. And the douchebag Timberlake. Ellen knows everyone and most of them come to her homeS.

Oprah Winfrey met everyone, ever. In the history of the world. But she was not showbiz friends with anyone, really. Dolly and Travolta. Julia Roberts and Beyonce. Slightly.

But Ellen has a lot of grade A parties and everyone from Brad Pitt to Paltrow attend. This does seem like a bit of a witch hunt, and Ellen is quite believable as a witch. Andy Lassner is best friends with Yashar Ali and they're both smug assholes. Very interesting behind the scenes of big time showbiz intrigue. Ellen's show was a SAFE place, especially for big celebrities. They'd play games and exchange compliments. Ellen is a passive aggressive creature though. You can tell who she doesn't enjoy. A lot of them. She should retire. She has enough fuck you money to fuck all of us.

by Portia reply 40907/31/2020

The Daily Mail article at R397 seems to confirm what's really going on here. The production company wants her out to save money and they are using this as a means of removing her contractually. This "investigation" really needs to be done by an outside entity like the California Labor Bureau because I bet you Time Warner and Telepictures are just as culpable in allowing this to go on as Ellen and her producers.

by Portia reply 41007/31/2020

R410 I'm not a celeb but I knew enough people who went to film school who either experienced or heard of her being a bitch. This was going back almost 20 years ago. If it was such common knowledge, I wonder why she was able to get away with so long and why other people like Steve Harvey are still getting away with it.

by Portia reply 41107/31/2020

Because she brought in the money R411.

by Portia reply 41207/31/2020

If Ellen had treated people well AND the suits tried to can her without cause, it would have been harder to justify. That's the real lesson.

by Portia reply 41307/31/2020

LOL Which one of you Ellen defenders is this?

[Quote] Wow, that was sooo easy kicking a lesbian down. They tried to dump Opera too, but here she is a billionaire now. Goes to show the level of hate pouring out of America for the LGBT.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 41407/31/2020

You've made many great points R108.... Do they want her to admit "I can be a bitch at times, and I drink too much, according to square gay men on Datalounge".... It's sad how many revel in this attempt to take down her show.

The posters here don't enjoy the few of us defending her, and that's too bad. People are still going to like Ellen and give her the benefit of doubt regardless of the stuff here, or what may come later.

by Portia reply 41507/31/2020

^ meant for R408

by Portia reply 41607/31/2020

Not true R408. Brad Garrett said he has known more than one person that was treated badly by her and it was well known.

by Portia reply 41707/31/2020

Then maybe those people should actually step forward instead of this vague bullshit, R417. According to someone on one of the other dozen Ellen threads, Garrett is talking about his friend who Ellen declined to take a photo with on a red carpet. Considering what a "bombshell" this accusation is, I can see why Garrett kept it vague.

by Portia reply 41807/31/2020

Sounds like a bunch of hypocritical crybabies all over this bloody thread "She wasn't nice enough to me, Whaaah...." The way the usual bully queens dish it out all day on here, even to the most vulnerable, and sweetest posters makes it so very hard to square the squeals with the reality here...

It isn't against any laws to be either difficult, hard to please, or all about business, and not attempting to make friends with everyone. Tonnes of heresay here, 90% which is unsubstantiated. None of it in my estimation warrants her losing her programme, or to ruin her reputation.

by Portia reply 41907/31/2020

Garrett said it was more than one and it was common knowledge she was not nice R418.

by Portia reply 42007/31/2020

Again, R420, how is Ellen supposed to respond to that? Those people need to speak out, and it better be something more substantial than "she was too busy to pose for a picture with me".

Not that it matters to many people on this thread, but one of the anonymous employees specifically said that her personal behavior is not the problem. Another said that the execs deliberately kept her in the dark about what was going on behind the scenes.

by Portia reply 42107/31/2020

R409 I thought Andy and Yashar the absolute idiot are a couple not just friends.

by Portia reply 42207/31/2020

If i was ellen i’d be a total monster. not only no eye contact but lay down on the ground and cover your face as i walk by. If i even bothered to visit the writer room i’d make them applaud me (while not looking me in the eye) & someone is fired every 6 weeks. I’d be drunk all day & make my assistances clean up my vomit, flush my toilet & peel my grapes. I would fire assistants every 2 weeks. I’d directed my producers to be evil- belittle everyone. People would have to supply their own pens.

by Portia reply 42307/31/2020

I would make all of my employees spend their weekends watching Mr. Wrong on a constant loop.

by Portia reply 42407/31/2020

Seems like Ellen's PR team have found their way into this thread. It's just too blatantly obvious at this point.

[Quote] The posters here don't enjoy the few of us defending her, and that's too bad.

No, we're just clowning on you for how absurd it is for you to be defending a cunt like Ellen. It's completely irrational.

[Quote] People are still going to like Ellen and give her the benefit of doubt

Not even remotely true.

[Quote] regardless of the stuff here, or what may come later.

You'll be eating those words when she announces the end of her show next week.

by Portia reply 42507/31/2020

Also LOL Gap Playlist Troll got slashed.

by Portia reply 42607/31/2020

Brad Garrett lied. He's just sitrring up crap.

by Portia reply 42707/31/2020

I'm Andy Lassner. Ellen is not nice.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 42807/31/2020

^ That was intended for another thread, but just look at the sadistic pleasure Ellen gets out of that clip. She's shown it dozens of times over the years and Andy always says "not nice" when she does.

by Portia reply 42907/31/2020

Another A lister has come forward. Lea Thompson. Yes, it's true.

I can't find the tweet but the remarkably refreshing and non PC Quinn Cummins @quinccy said something in response to a tweet that proclaimed "Ellen is not the nice woman you think she is" that was full of inside meaning and confirmation. I can't speak in her voice and I don't want to misquote her. But she basically said - this is not news to anyone. I don't think it is. But the pile on Ellen is kind of rude. She's trending. So what if she's a hungover bitch. Who among us isn't?

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 43007/31/2020

Quinn cummings is a major homophobe. She is not funny or insightful and just jumps on whatever narrative is trending on twitter.. Yawn. Basically an older and just as ugly version of that chick who played Matilda and now tweets 24/7.

by Portia reply 43107/31/2020

Quinn cummings is a major homophobe. She is not funny or insightful and just jumps on whatever narrative is trending on twitter.. Yawn. Basically an older and just as ugly version of that chick who played Matilda and now tweets 24/7.

by Portia reply 43207/31/2020

You're a liar R432. Quite simply a liar.

by Portia reply 43307/31/2020

Brad Garrett worked with Joely Fisher on a sitcom for a couple of years. I wonder if done of his opinion comes from their discussions.

by Portia reply 43407/31/2020

Sounds like it

by Portia reply 43507/31/2020

Oh please no one is coming to her defense in the industry for very good reasons. I know a CAA agent who told me they have to tell all their clients who go on her show what to expect with her, and warns them it’s going to be “rough,” as if there is a special protocol just for the Ellen show because she is that difficult. This is a surprise to absolutely no one.

by Portia reply 43607/31/2020

Jim Norton is one of the people Brad is talking about. I don’t think she really mistreated him, she just hurt his ego because she didn’t know who he was and was too busy to chat with him.

by Portia reply 43707/31/2020

Lea thomspon is just jealous that Ellen’s sitcom made a bigger cultural impact than ‘Caroline In The City” did.

by Portia reply 43807/31/2020

Lea Thompson is a superstar and her damning statement and horrific experience will finally bring Ellen down. Charo is about to say something later tonight. Then it's all over but the sweeping up. Portia will be gone in less than a year. Ellen will be marrying Courtney Stodden soon. Her career stands for nothing. She leaves nothing behind but some dumb games and white woman dancing.

by Portia reply 43907/31/2020

Quinn Cummings was a Warren shill just like all the other "blue check mark" people on twitter. Thats all I know about her.

by Portia reply 44007/31/2020

I called it here last year. Her almost pathological glee scaring people and her torture games is not the product of a good person.

by Portia reply 44107/31/2020

[quote]the Everybody Loves Raymond star, who appeared as a guest on the show six times between 2004 and 2007

If it was so horrible, then why was he a guest on her show 6 TIMES?

If somebody's molesting you, you don't go back 6 times!

by Portia reply 44207/31/2020

R442, it's entertainment. Everyone uses each other.

And yes, victims often return to their molesters.

by Portia reply 44307/31/2020

I love how the poll number keeps rising in the yes category, even with more people voting in it. It's becoming extremely apparent that this is, in fact, [bold] the end [/bold] of the Ellen Degeneres Cunt Circus.

by Portia reply 44407/31/2020

[quote]If somebody's molesting you, you don't go back 6 times!

Speak for yourself cookie. Besides Ellen never molested Brad Garrett. She hires people to do that for her. But she's supposed to hold a staff meeting every now and then to check who's tormenting whom. Too late now.

by Portia reply 44507/31/2020

Brad lies.

by Portia reply 44607/31/2020

Brad Garrett is just jealous. they knew each other form the clean comedy circut in the 80s and look where he is and look where she is.

by Portia reply 44707/31/2020

A three time Emmy winner from one of the most successful tv shows of the last 30 years? A consistently working actor since 1990? STFU Ellen's PR team.

by Portia reply 44807/31/2020

Since when do gay men like/love Brad Garrett? WTFFFFFF!

by Portia reply 44907/31/2020

[quote]Lea thomspon is just jealous that Ellen’s sitcom made a bigger cultural impact than ‘Caroline In The City” did.

Danny Pintauro's AIDS admission made a bigger culture impact than "Caroline In The City."

by Portia reply 45007/31/2020

Caroline in the City isn't even on DVD. Pffft!

by Portia reply 45107/31/2020

r442, it may not have been his choice. They are contractually obligated to do press for their projects, and getting on Ellen is a big get for them. Nobody goes on Ellen because they're best friends.

by Portia reply 45207/31/2020

Lea Thompson backs Brad. Ellen, it's not looking good, babe.

by Portia reply 45307/31/2020

Another Ellen defender...this time a "comedian" on the F-List.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 45407/31/2020

It's a lot of fun, working for me. We have fun. Don't we Portia?

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 45507/31/2020

The Ellen apologists here are actually hilarious.

by Portia reply 45607/31/2020

Wait, Danny Pintauro has AIDS???!

by Portia reply 45707/31/2020


by Portia reply 45807/31/2020

[quote] the Everybody Loves Raymond star, who appeared as a guest on the show six times between 2004 and 2007

[quote]If it was so horrible, then why was he a guest on her show 6 TIMES? If somebody's molesting you, you don't go back 6 times!

His last time was 13 years ago. A lot happens in 13 years. Jeeez.

by Portia reply 45908/01/2020

Followed Andy on Twitter for a while but he's not very interesting.

by Portia reply 46008/01/2020

95% of the posts on this thread are by 1 poster.

by Portia reply 46108/01/2020

R461 = Rosie O'Donnell

by Portia reply 46208/01/2020

R461 are you that poster tryin to sneak one by us?

by Portia reply 46308/01/2020

R461 There are 125 posters in this thread. That would be mathematically impossible. You are totally full of shit.

by Portia reply 46408/01/2020

[quote]Last month, Telepictures, the producer of Ellen, and its distributor, Warner Bros, sent a memo seeking interviews with former and current employees about their day-to-day experiences on the show. In a statement, Warner Bros said it had been “disappointed that the primary findings of the investigation indicated some deficiencies related to the show’s day-to-day management”.


Offsite Link
by Portia reply 46508/01/2020

r461 is right. They have several accounts and are making up wild and false claims.

They always fizzle out when asked for proof. They will just go make another thread.

by Portia reply 46608/01/2020

R461 and fellow flack R466 are welcome to piss off, now. Go tell your boss you did your day's work and take a well-deserved rest.

by Portia reply 46708/01/2020

This has been brewing for literally decades but I'm sure conspiracy theorists and flacks will paint Ellen as the victim of homophobia and greedy studio execs looking for an excuse to can her...

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 46808/01/2020

>>>Ellen needs to soften her appaerance and stop wearing suits.

Oh, dear lord, you cannot be serious with that bullshit! 🤣

by Portia reply 46908/01/2020

How do “all” the anti-Ellen posters happen to be online at the same exact time? Always?

Couldn’t just be the same poster?

by Portia reply 47008/01/2020

I heard on the other thread that the “Feds are involved”

Any proof of this claim (lie)?

by Portia reply 47108/01/2020

What about the CIA? Are they involved too?

by Portia reply 47208/01/2020

This is like Pizzagate all over again.

by Portia reply 47308/01/2020

Ellen without hair and makeup must be horror show. She has right to be bitter. Most older women are mean and bitter.

by Portia reply 47408/01/2020

James Corden rumored to be her replacement.

by Portia reply 47508/02/2020

Corden is not known to "be kind" either.

Meanwhile, ever the victim who refuses to take responsibility for her toxic workplace, Ellen"feels "betrayed" because it's all about her.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 47608/02/2020

What Did NBC, Warner Bros, Ellen DeGeneres and the LA Times Not Get About the #MeToo Movement? by Sharon Waxman | August 2, 2020 @ 7:02 PM

This culture of impunity persists and must be addressed in Congress, in Hollywood, in media. I don’t get it. In a single week, three massively powerful media organizations — NBC, Warner Bros. Television and the Los Angeles Times — were rocked by allegations that top executives behaved badly toward subordinates, and the organization allowed it to go on.

Dear Reader, you may now take a moment to check your calendar. Yes, it is 2020, nearly three full years after the #MeToo movement crashed through our sexist norms, toppled powerful executives and supposedly established a new environment where sexist, abusive and racist behavior would no longer be tolerated. So, seriously — did these people simply miss the #MeToo memo? For those who might not be keeping score, let me catch you up:

• Late last week, we learned that NBCUniversal has launched an investigation into NBC Entertainment Chairman Paul Telegdy, who was promoted in fall 2018 to head all entertainment programming after leading the network’s reality division for many years. On Friday, The Hollywood Reporter published an exposé detailing accusations of “racist, sexist and homophobic behavior” by Telegdy that had apparently gone on for years, based on interviews with 30 current and former employees.

“Sources say they have seen Telegdy mock gay executives, sometimes to their faces; use homophobic and misogynistic slurs; and disparage or make sexual comments about the physical appearance of network talent,” THR wrote. “Current and former insiders say they have heard Telegdy participate in what one former insider describes as ‘appalling’ discussions in the office that included crude sexual remarks.”

• The day before, BuzzFeed published an exposé of simply rancid behavior by executive producers on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” “According to dozens of men and women who work behind the scenes, the office is a place where sexual harassment and misconduct by top executive producers runs rampant,” the outlet wrote, singling out four EPs in particular.

“Five former employees said executive producer Ed Glavin touched them in a way that made them uncomfortable by rubbing their shoulders and back, as well as placing his hand around their lower waist,” BuzzFeed wrote of one EP. And then there was this: “One ex-employee said head writer and executive producer Kevin Leman asked him if he could give him a hand job or perform oral sex in a bathroom at a company party in 2013. Another said they separately saw Leman grab a production assistant’s penis.” (Glavin and Leman denied misconduct.)

Where was Ellen DeGeneres through all this? Where was producer Warner Bros. Television? DeGeneres has apologized and pleaded ignorance — not impressive or convincing, sorry —  and Warner Bros has (predictably) launched an investigation into the behavior.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 47708/02/2020


• Finally, 50 women at The Los Angeles Times sent a letter to the paper’s human resources department demanding an investigation into how and why top newsroom editor Colin Crawford was permitted to stay in his job and then quietly retire in January 2019 despite accusations of “inappropriate touching, sexual harassment and toxic management over multiple decades,” as a story in Vice put it last week.

Of course, the L.A. Times has itself broken many important stories about the #MeToo movement. But executive editor Norman Pearlstine and owner Patrick Soon-Siong are now under virtual assault by the staff, with the Crawford HR complaint emerging as the latest instance of an “environment of hostility, intimidation and harassment” toward Hispanic and Black writers, as one of the letters put it.

In each of these cases, the accusations of bad behavior involve a person in a position of vast power — and each also came from dozens of sources. In each case, these media organizations have publicly committed themselves to a safe environment that respects women, that supports inclusion and that has vowed to implement change after previous instances of bad behavior.

So you have to ask: Were the owners, boards of directors, CEOs or other responsible individuals busy? Distracted? Were they not paying attention? Or were they paying lip service to the #MeToo movement while failing to actually take it seriously? I spoke to a leading woman in the #MeToo movement last week who was fully exasperated. “How could you do and say any of those things … and not be worried that you’ll lose your job?” she asked. “How does that culture continue?” This woman has been part of the commitment to change. “We’re in the midst of a moment where everyone feels change is happening,” she lamented. “How does this go on for so long? I don’t understand.”

Indeed. To cite the words of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), these latest cases suggest a culture of impunity. Bad behavior is not punished, so it continues. It is that culture that must be addressed — in Congress, in Hollywood, in media and throughout society.

As Ocasio-Cortez so memorably said in response to the disrespect shown her by Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.): “It’s not about one incident. It is cultural. A culture of impunity of accepting violence and violent language against women. An entire structure of power that supports that.”

by Portia reply 47808/02/2020

ReplaceEllen is trending on twitter. Someone brought up Wanda Sykes and I think she would be perfect.

by Portia reply 47908/03/2020

Wanda would be perfect and people would love to come on her show. But I doubt that she wants to work that hard. Those daily shows are all consuming and a real grind. That's why all the hosts are personally such aloof dicks. Clarkson isn't but her marriage fell apart within months. Fallon is a drunk and Colbert doesn't work very hard and it shows. Wanda actually likes her life - I wouldn't wish it on her.

I'd love to see Chelsea Handler do daytime.

by Portia reply 48008/03/2020

I love Wanda.

by Portia reply 48108/03/2020

Doesn't Wanda have young twins?

by Portia reply 48208/03/2020

She gave those up for adoption, in a candid interview with GQ magazine, she admitted motherhood was not for her.

by Portia reply 48308/03/2020

What kind of lame ass lie is that R483? Half of Wanda's act is talking about her French wife and bilingual twins.

by Portia reply 48408/03/2020

The only thing worse than Ellen D is replacing her with the insufferable Kristen Bell.

by Portia reply 48508/03/2020

Wanda didn't give up her children.

by Portia reply 48608/03/2020

Disney'll have to re-dub (or whatever) Kristen Bell's voice work in the Frozen movies when her demons come out. She's nastier than Ellen and that Carpool Karaoke slob combined. Or so I hear.

by Portia reply 48708/03/2020

None too fast and not without consulting their publicist - Ellen finally has some "names" coming to her defence. Katy Perry, Kevin Hart, Diane Keaton and Kelly Clarkson have all posted something supportive and positive about their experiences with Ellen and being on her show. Aniston and Timberlake are curiously quiet. Two of her best showbiz friends. Ellen is quite close to David Spade too. Go figure. Michelle Obama is NOT a fan of Ellen, though she started out that way.

by Portia reply 48808/04/2020

Like people have said before, no one cares how she treats other celebrities R488. It is how the staff is treated. Do you really think she would be rude to Keaton or Aniston or Timberlake or any other celebrity? Dakota had the balls to call Ellen out on her own show.

by Portia reply 48908/04/2020

[quote]Aniston and Timberlake are curiously quiet. Two of her best showbiz friends.

She's slumming by associating with no-talent trash like that, and having the likes of them as friends hurts her case. [italic]Ellen[/italic] the sitcom was better than [italic]Friends[/italic] and is undeniably groundbreaking because of her coming out. But it is rarely in reruns, the DVDs are out of print, and I haven't seen it streaming anywhere.

by Portia reply 49008/04/2020

Of course Kevin came to her defense R488. After she defended him he would not look good if he didn't defend her.

by Portia reply 49108/04/2020

Ellen's sitcom was a terrible show. Unfunny and unimportant. You have a lot of hangups R490. I see your odd posts on other topics....sheesh! Get some help.

Aniston and Timberlake are both on par with Ellen. More successful than they deserve to be, rich as fuck. They give off a laid back vibe, but are not known for being nice to outsiders. Celebrity endorsements and her very solid straight white female fan base are exactly who WILL save Ellen. She's not planning on leaving. She hasn't really done anything wrong. She ain't being persecuted because she's queer. Ellen sold out decades ago. It's gay people she OWES the apology to.

by Portia reply 49208/04/2020

[Quote] I'd love to see Chelsea Handler do daytime.

Oh God, that would be a train wreck. And I like Chelsea.

[Quote] She's nastier than Ellen and that Carpool Karaoke slob combined. Or so I hear.

How nasty??

by Portia reply 49308/04/2020

Ellen is not q---r, you fucking homophobe. She is a lesbian. LESBIAN. EL EE ES BEE EYE AY ENN! LESBIAN

by Portia reply 49408/04/2020

She’s a man baby

by Portia reply 49508/04/2020

Ellen is queer. At least Portia is. As are all gay and lesbian people. Queer is only a homophobic word to really old, antiquated gays. Over 70. Who doesn't say queer? I'm sure I have more lesbian friends than you R494. I'm a gay man, 37. We're all part of the queer community.

Ellen sold to being a sexless dancing court jester for straight white women decades ago. Her sitcom was SHITE and her daytime a daytime show. One of the worst - because Ellen strokes her guest like a cat on air and then apparently kicks them like a dog when they cut to commercial. She's a mean old queer lesbian.

by Portia reply 49608/04/2020

*sold out

by Portia reply 49708/04/2020

R494 sounds mental.

by Portia reply 49808/04/2020

Ellen’s sitcom was better than Friends?


by Portia reply 49908/04/2020

So is the investigation including Ellen?

by Portia reply 500Last Wednesday at 10:07 AM

It's time to bring back "Allegedly" Kathy Griffin. I want Ellen to go down in a new KG special! Like the old days. Ellen deserves it. A half billion dollars is a lot of money to cry into after you beat the servants and talk in with your Dory voice into a bottle of tequila.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 501Last Wednesday at 4:09 PM

You know Ellen is furiously reading the DL because Ashton just tweeted out a defense of her. Watch as Timberlake will come out with a statement shortly.

Offsite Link
by Portia reply 502Last Wednesday at 4:25 PM

Same with how Kevin Hart came out and defended her. If George W Bush makes a statement, you know she and/or her team are scrolling through these threads. Pack it in, bitch. It's time to go.

by Portia reply 503Last Wednesday at 4:26 PM

Ashton: Her team has always been nice to my team.

by Portia reply 504Last Wednesday at 5:31 PM

If it wasn't for the big coming out episode, nobody would remember Ellen's sitcom.

by Portia reply 505Last Wednesday at 9:36 PM

I don't see Timberlake coming to her defense. This is the same pussy who went hiding when nipple-gate happened. He stays clear away from controversy as much as possible and doesn't stick his neck out for anyone.

She shouldn't hold her breath for him to swoop down and rescue her. If it doesn't benefit him in any way, he's not interested.

by Portia reply 506Last Wednesday at 9:49 PM

Tony, her long time DJ and sidekick and cute as fuck Brit, confirmed that the Ellen Show was a toxic workplace. People remember him and he was very well liked. His opinion matters.

The press has noted that there's no word from Aniston. I wonder what she is going to do? This isn't exactly the Weinstein affair. Why can't she just say I support my friend? There's no doubt that she and Ellen are real life friends. So is Sarah Paulson, though I doubt anyone really cares what she has to say. Reese is not Ellen's buddy. Ellen doesn't care for women with children in real life. What a surprise!

by Portia reply 507Last Wednesday at 10:02 PM

[quote]Tony, her long time DJ and sidekick and cute as fuck Brit, confirmed that the Ellen Show was a toxic workplace.

I don't remember him at all.

[quote]If it wasn't for the big coming out episode, nobody would remember Ellen's sitcom

The episode where Martha Stewart guested and Ellen used the lace wedding dress her Mother bought her as a tablecloth was funny.

by Portia reply 508Last Thursday at 1:25 AM

R508. Dude, I don't care if you remember him or not. You're an Ellen stan, so you should know who Tony is. He was on her show daily for 9 fucking years. Later she had TwiTch. Now he's from So You Think You Can Dance and is married to the great Allison Holker. It's all about the dancing with TwiTch, but Tony was a lot more fun. He was the party DJ back when Ellen still thought SHE could dance. Tony has a great laugh and TwiTch has a great ass.

And no, I'm not a fan of hers. But Ellen once had great musical guests who sang live. Everyone from Gaga to Adele, Annie Lennox to Kelly Clarkson. Now Ellen gushes over Camila Cabello lip syncs.

Ellen's sitcom was terrible R508. Love her if you must, but stop defending her so much. Everyone around the talk show seems to confirm her many interpersonal problems. Even a casual fan of Ellen's talk show remembers Tony. He's a doll. She allowed him to have a personality. NINE years he was on stage with her daily and bantered with her and laughed at her opening remarks. They opened the show. Danced a bit. He's black. If he says the atmosphere was toxic - he's being kind.

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by Portia reply 509Last Thursday at 2:14 PM

I liked [italic]Cybill[/italic] better to be honest.

by Portia reply 510Last Thursday at 2:20 PM

So this "controversy" is losing steam. It's Ellen for the win!

by Portia reply 511Last Thursday at 10:45 PM

Not necessarily R511. We'll have to see who she is able to book and what the ratings will be.

by Portia reply 512Last Friday at 9:52 AM

[quote] You're an Ellen stan, so you should know who Tony is. He was on her show daily for 9 fucking years. Ellen's sitcom was terrible [R508]. Love her if you must, but stop defending her so much.

Dude, are you fucking mental or what? I mentioned ONE episode and all of a sudden I'm an "Ellen stan" whatever the fuck that is, and I didn't watch her for 9 fucking years but apparently you did so I don't recognize Tony from when I have watched. I'm the one who called her out last year when there was a thread here about her and I said she was damaged goods the way she takes glee in scaring and torturing people. I was right.

by Portia reply 513Last Friday at 10:15 AM

Goodness. We're all weak vessels R513. I'll pray for you. Be kind to one another. Dude.

by Portia reply 514Last Friday at 10:21 AM

She can move past this. Everyone thought Ariana Grande’s career was over once she she licked those donuts but she soared to new heights.

by Portia reply 515Last Friday at 10:29 AM

Ariana never had a repeated pattern of treating people like shit.

by Portia reply 516Last Friday at 10:36 AM

R516, Oh yes she did. Even Giuliani Rancic called her out on E News and she got momentarily “cancelled”. This was in 2014.

by Portia reply 517Last Friday at 10:47 AM

Ellen is done.

Replace her with Sally Field.

Problem solved.

by Portia reply 518Last Friday at 10:50 AM

Has Ellen ever thrown hot coffee at a stewardess?

Asking for a friend at Desilu.

by Portia reply 519Last Friday at 10:55 AM

Note to self: If you want to terrorize, humiliate and mistreat people, make your slogan, "Be Kind."

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by Portia reply 520Last Friday at 11:33 AM

[Quote] Ariana never had a repeated pattern of treating people like shit.

Oh honey

by Portia reply 521Last Friday at 9:33 PM

Poor Tony could only take NINE years of the toxicity.

by Portia reply 522Last Saturday at 7:33 AM

The investigation has begun.

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by Portia reply 523Last Saturday at 7:40 AM

[quote]A creed of universal kindness rings hollow if it favors other famous people over those whom they’ve hurt. This week, her exoneration of Hart appeared to pay itself forward, when he (along with other celebrity friends, including Jay Leno and Ashton Kutcher) came to DeGeneres’s defense, writing on Instagram, “The internet has become a crazy world of negativity.” What both parties surely see as friendship is difficult to distinguish from mutual P.R.-crisis management, a way of closing ranks against the anonymous masses. Super not relatable.

[quote]Misguided comity is one thing. Presiding over a toxic workplace is another. If DeGeneres wants to win back the trust of her audience—and her staff—she’ll need to earn it from the people who don’t have publicists and verified Instagram accounts, first among them the employees who took the risk of speaking out. It would be a shame if the accusations overshadowed DeGeneres’s consequential career, which really did change the world for the better. The bigger shame would be if the accusations are justified.

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by Portia reply 524Last Saturday at 9:11 AM

Aniston, Witherspoon, Garner... all are FREQUENT guests on her show with little more to promote than themselves. Where are their Statements of Support?

by Portia reply 525Last Saturday at 11:02 AM

The best thing, for themselves, is to not say anything R525.

by Portia reply 526Last Saturday at 1:44 PM

Why didn’t Ellen come through for her laid off staff when the complaints came out about their slashed paychecks? That would have been an easy win for her.

All through this, I never heard a word of her or WB taking care of their staff properly— while other talk shows did.

by Portia reply 527Last Saturday at 11:29 PM

She hasn't much a a career left, but the cancelled lesbian comedienne/actress of the day is......Sandra Bernhard.

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by Portia reply 528Last Saturday at 11:44 PM

R 274: R 225. I did not intend any of my comments to defend Ellen. I read over my post, and it was, at best, ambiguous.

After seeing the montage of Ellen insulting her guests and her audience, I’m actually repulsed by her. She is lucky to have made millions with a modicum of talent and her mean nature .

I was cringing when she made that poor audience member sit in the “Ellen jail “ and tell the member she can thank her sister for this.

To actually get pleasure for making everyone uncomfortable ??? I diagnose with all of the cluster b disorders .

by Portia reply 529Last Sunday at 1:47 AM

Buzzfeed updated their list. Ellen is a beotch.

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by Portia reply 530Last Sunday at 8:52 AM

OTOH, Kathy Griffin's interview at #10 in the above article is fucking hilarious.

by Portia reply 531Last Sunday at 9:00 AM

r527, I have a friend who works on Conan, and he's been paying them since this pandemic started. He's good people.

by Portia reply 532Last Sunday at 9:07 AM

R531 Kathy Griffin is WAYYY funnier than Ellen in interviews and standup comedy. She should take over Ellen’s show.

by Portia reply 533Last Sunday at 9:48 PM
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