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Help! I need comfortable sneakers!

I have been taking walks of 6-10 miles a day during Covid. It’s really helping me. But, my feet are killing me with blisters and the sneakers I have also rub on the back of my heel that makes it almost unbearable. I got these New Balance sneakers at DSW because I don’t know where to find sneakers. Where do I find comfortable sneakers in non garish color?? It’s become a real problem.

by Mary!reply 59Last Friday at 8:30 PM

I personally like Skechers for walking, They have comfort shoes and as my feet are a bit wider, their wider sizes fit me the best of any shoe.

They also have non garish options, and they are quite durable.

by Mary!reply 107/25/2020

Red Ball Jets

by Mary!reply 207/25/2020

The best thing you can do for your feet is go barefoot. You need to develop a thick layer of callus.

by Mary!reply 307/25/2020

Brooks running shoes are pretty good for this type of thing.

by Mary!reply 407/25/2020

Outdoor hiking boots.They look like shit but they are great. Never had blisters.

by Mary!reply 507/25/2020

My podiatrist recommends Asics. They are comfortable and have had no problems since I've been walking in those.

by Mary!reply 607/25/2020

I love Asics brand, as they fit my Flintstone feet really well. Put Vaseline or Vick’s Vaporub, just between your toes— don’t get it anywhere else on your foot. Also, wear two pairs of socks. I usually wear the first pair of low cut or ankle wicking socks wrong-side-out, so the seams don’t rub. Since I started doing these things, I have had no blisters. I am fat, and have done several 5-10 k races, a ten miler and half marathon, using these tips. Here.’a hoping happy feet are in your future.

by Mary!reply 707/25/2020

OP - I know exactly what you mean about garish running shoes. I don't know where this phenomenon started - but most running and exercise shoes have all of these weird neon colors, swoops and decorations that are just tacky AF.

Nicki Minaj or Bjork would call them over the top.

It's insane - it's very difficult to find modestly priced exercise shoes that are fashionable and tasteful.

Offsite Link
by Mary!reply 807/25/2020

It's hard to find sneakers that aren't hideous. I'm wearing black-on-black New Balance (barely see the uninspired logo) but it too has a strip of white at the bottom.

Try Ecco, which are the most comfortable shoes and sneakers I've worn.

Saucony's low bullet and Jazz lines are great and in dozens of colors.

Mizuno are lightweight and kind of propel you forward. Ugly colors, though.

by Mary!reply 907/25/2020

Zappos has free return shipping so you can order several pairs to try on. I like Saucony. Super light weight, good cushioning. They have styles for over- and under-pronation (too much on outsides/insides of feet). Smartwool socks have good cushioning, absorb sweat and have soft seams.

by Mary!reply 1007/25/2020

I buy all my sneakers at Goodwill for $9.99. Adidas, Nike, Asics. Yesterday got an almost new pair of NB. All in barely worn shape.

by Mary!reply 1107/25/2020

I have a job where I stand on my feet for hours and I really like Adidas Ultra boosts. They feel like clouds. Asics are too hard with not much bend for my taste. I also add insoles specified for standing on concrete in my other shoes.

by Mary!reply 1207/25/2020

Converse with Dr Scholls inserts . I walk 4+ Miles a day in those.

by Mary!reply 1307/25/2020

A friend who walks everyday recommended this brand I just bought these today.

Offsite Link
by Mary!reply 1407/25/2020

Custom orthotics could help you as well.

Offsite Link
by Mary!reply 1507/25/2020

Goddammit you silly bitch get Rockports and STFU.

by Mary!reply 1607/25/2020

OP, I have used Wrightsock antiblister socks for years. It doesn't matter what shoe or boot I have, but I will seldom get blister when I get these socks. Yes, expensive, but worth it for me.

Offsite Link
by Mary!reply 1707/25/2020

OP, do yourself a favor and try a pair of Hoka One Ones. They ain't pretty but they have a ton of cushion. Zappos sells them.

OT- The Zappo company paid for the funerals of all the people killed in the Las Vegas shooting.

by Mary!reply 1807/25/2020

Another vote for Asics...specifically the Kayano series (was recommended to me for overpronation and I've stuck with them)

by Mary!reply 1907/25/2020

OP if you happen to have high arches I suggest any of the Adidas running shoes featuring Cloudfoam or the Ultrarange Rapidwield from Vans. Something very flexible but also cushioned will be best for your feet and legs.

If you have small or flat arches I can’t help you, sorry!!

by Mary!reply 2007/25/2020

for years (decades?) I crammed my feet into sneakers that simply did not fit.

then once I bought by accident 4E wide sneakers by New Balance.

Changed my life.

by Mary!reply 2107/25/2020

Another vote for ASICS

by Mary!reply 2207/25/2020

Have you considered walking every [italic]other[/italic] day?

by Mary!reply 2307/25/2020

Go to a running or walking store. Have them measure your foot and make some suggestions based on your preferences.

by Mary!reply 2407/25/2020

Earth Shoes have great walking shoes and sandals. Plus you can order multiple shoes from them to try on for size and return for free. They expect it and have no problem with it.

by Mary!reply 2507/25/2020

I'm a dedicated walker/hiker and can't rave enough about Merrell (for hiking) and Nike (for walking). I use custom insoles due to feet issues and both brands provide the support, cushioning and comfort that allows me to walk/hike for hours with zero problems.

by Mary!reply 2607/25/2020


by Mary!reply 2707/25/2020

Do you live by a new balance store? They can fit you properly for a pair of walking shoes.

by Mary!reply 2807/25/2020

Skechers are great shoes.

by Mary!reply 2907/25/2020

Nike Airs. It sounds like you may be wearing the wrong size shoes, if you're getting blisters.

by Mary!reply 3007/25/2020

Puma ST Runner V2 turned out to be great for walking 6-7 miles a day. No blisters, feels like walking on clouds. I went up half a size though.

by Mary!reply 3107/25/2020

I am also a lover of Asics, after fooling around with other brands. I know I can buy an Asics size 10, from anywhere, and it will fit me comfortably. Zappos is a great on-line dealer.

by Mary!reply 3207/25/2020

Dr. Scholls makes some excellent shoes.

Offsite Link
by Mary!reply 3307/26/2020

When it rains out sometimes I worry about slipping when the bottom of my shoes wears smooth. These are good for that issue:

Offsite Link
by Mary!reply 3407/26/2020

Another vote for Hoka One One.

by Mary!reply 3507/26/2020

This thread is Hoka One One heavy. I smell PR

by Mary!reply 36Last Wednesday at 5:39 AM


by Mary!reply 37Last Wednesday at 5:42 AM

Mephisto! Good one I'd forgotten about. I have an old pair of Mephisto Allrounders when they were normal sneakers, before they leaned heavily into the stupid frau Mary Jane style. Can't find laced Allrounders as easily but for sure those were the sneakers that looked good and were comfortable.

Adidas were comfortable, especially the trail runners Nike for me didn't work; too soft (unstable) and narrow.

Get a few different ones from a place with easy returns, OP.

by Mary!reply 38Last Wednesday at 5:47 AM


The best.

And I walk 6 miles a day

by Mary!reply 39Last Wednesday at 5:56 AM

Fila. Obscure brand, but always the most comfortable for my plantar fasciitis.

by Mary!reply 40Last Wednesday at 6:02 AM

Merrell......can't be beaten.......wear 100% merino wool socks........(less hot than you think they are..........)

by Mary!reply 41Last Wednesday at 6:02 AM

New balance rollbar sneaks. The 900 series. Only buy if it has rollbar technology. And see a podiatrist

by Mary!reply 42Last Wednesday at 6:03 AM

Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknit - they help many marathon runners and they should help you, OP.

Offsite Link
by Mary!reply 43Last Wednesday at 6:07 AM

They might not be trendy, but I wear (and have worn for more years than I wish to admit) white Adidas Stan Smith. Support. Comfort. Goes with anything I wear.

And I accidentally got cool, I think, for wearing white sneakers. Though I'm not sure that's what I read.

Offsite Link
by Mary!reply 44Last Wednesday at 6:55 AM

Keen for walking or serious hiking. Best arch support and traction.

by Mary!reply 45Last Wednesday at 7:01 AM

I agree with R12 so here's another vote for Adidas Ultraboost. Comfortable and durable.

Comes in all sorts of colors including plain white, black and gray. $180.00

They are also made ethically.

by Mary!reply 46Last Wednesday at 7:20 AM

This is fucked up. I’ve never even heard of Hoka sneakers until this thread and now I am getting ads from them. No other brands mentioned in this thread.

by Mary!reply 47Last Wednesday at 9:49 AM

Another vote for Skechers. I wear wide-size shoes and my Skechers are the most comfortable shoes I own.

by Mary!reply 48Last Wednesday at 9:57 AM

I seconded R18 suggestion for Hoka One One as I love the ones I have.

As far as I can tell, there were only 2 of us who mentioned that brand.

Hardly PR, R36. Check your olfactory senses.

Lots of multiple mentions for other brands.

Perhaps you are a threatened PR person for one of the other brands.

Checking reviews is worth doing.

by Mary!reply 49Last Wednesday at 1:21 PM

[quote]Put Vaseline or Vick’s Vaporub, just between your toes— don’t get it anywhere else on your foot

I used to use Vaseline between my toes to prevent blisters. It worked, but it ruined my socks. I've been using Trader Joe's Head to Toe balm and it works great. I put it on in the AM before putting on my socks. then in the evening before going to bed. I have hardwood floors so I'm careful not to walk barefoot when I get up in the night.

by Mary!reply 50Last Wednesday at 4:47 PM

I've been using these pads folded in half between my toes to prevent blisters at the end of the day I toss them and use a clean pad the next day. Your toes and sock will hold them in place and they are very comfortable.

Offsite Link
by Mary!reply 51Last Thursday at 2:01 AM

makeup pads^^

by Mary!reply 52Last Thursday at 2:05 AM

Nike Pegasus or Nike Pegasus turbo

by Mary!reply 53Last Thursday at 3:16 AM

Wow, Nike still makes the Pegasus! My first good pair of running shoes were Nike Pegasus which I bought in 1980.

by Mary!reply 54Last Thursday at 5:18 AM

R54, they are the most comfortable shoes ever! I love them.

by Mary!reply 55Last Thursday at 10:41 AM

OP, try these for me;

Offsite Link
by Mary!reply 56Last Thursday at 11:05 AM

REI is having a 50% off sale today.

by Mary!reply 57Last Friday at 10:53 AM

Thank you so much r7 for the two pair sock

my feet was hurting and I tried doing the two pairs and the pain was instantly gone. I thought it was just my shoes!

Thanks again.!

by Mary!reply 58Last Friday at 8:25 PM

[R 58] You’re welcome. I share this tip all the time, because it really helped me. My first 10k, I wore a single pair of cotton terry socks, and destroyed my feet. Two months of severe blister recovery. Wicking socks helped, but the blisters did not stop, until I did two pairs of socks. Life changing.

by Mary!reply 59Last Friday at 8:30 PM
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