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Do any other sisters wear a wighat?

We started to lose our lovely hair in Catholic high school. Such a tragedy. Oh, how we would cry at night!

Finally, we got a wig. Looking back, it was much too full and obvious, but we were just a young girl and didn't know better. We were always worried that clients would get rough and pull it off.

Now we have a very short wighat and nobody can tell.

by Ernareply 806/30/2020

By wighat you mean merkin, right, doll?

by Ernareply 106/30/2020

When we were young and making a lot of money from generou$ gentlemen, we would get our wighat styled by Mr. Lance of Beverly Hills.

Mr. Lance of Beverly Hills would make his own conditioner from exotic oils, honey, rosemary and flowers. It smelled DE-VOON!

Oh those were the days!

by Ernareply 206/30/2020

This can't really be Erna, he's never had the slightest bit of self-awareness about his innate ridiculousness, let alone ever admitted he wears a toupe.

by Ernareply 306/30/2020

Please use the correct cosmetology term for it: rug.

by Ernareply 406/30/2020

Unless this is Mrs Patrick Campbell rehearsing a new role?

by Ernareply 506/30/2020

“We started to lose our lovely hair in Catholic high school.”

I would have transferred to your high school and moved my bowels.

by Ernareply 606/30/2020

For reasons we shall not go into, we had to switch to a machine-washable number when our interests in the bedroom turned more exotic.

by Ernareply 706/30/2020

Mitch Ryder, bitches!

[quote]Look at Molly now, here she comes Wearin' her wig hat and shades to match

Offsite Link
by Ernareply 806/30/2020
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