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Carl Reiner, who was still alive, is DEAD TO ME

TV legend is dead at 98

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by Anonymousreply 11007/05/2020

Oh, man, this really bums me out.

He said recently he wanted to live long enough to see Trump voted out of office.


by Anonymousreply 106/30/2020

So young.

by Anonymousreply 206/30/2020

R2 You'll be 104 if you can hang on 'til tomorrow, honey!

by Anonymousreply 306/30/2020

Has anyone checked on Rob?

by Anonymousreply 406/30/2020

It's Todd, Deb & Car.

by Anonymousreply 506/30/2020

Rob was hate tweeting about Trump this morning. Nothing about his dad.

by Anonymousreply 606/30/2020

Don't worry Carl will be able to help to get rid of Trump better from the other side.

by Anonymousreply 706/30/2020

aw shucks, this is sad.

by Anonymousreply 806/30/2020

Awww poor Mel Brooks (they were best friends). He’s one of those people who was still so vital in his 90s you just think they’ll live forever...until they don’t.

Love The Man with Two Brains.

Anyone here remember the American Comedy Awards? Steve Martin and Mel Brooks gave him the Lifetime Achievement Award and it was hilarious. Used to be on YouTube but I remember watching it way back when (early 90s).

by Anonymousreply 906/30/2020

I'm so sorry to read this! I've been watching him on episodes of Hot in Cleveland weeknights.

by Anonymousreply 1006/30/2020

[quote]Love The Man with Two Brains.

That is one nutty movie

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by Anonymousreply 1106/30/2020

He really was a TV maverick--fearless when he brought social issues to the forefront in so many TV shows like All in the Family, Maude, the Jeffersons, etc

by Anonymousreply 1206/30/2020

R12 You're thinking of Norman Lear, who's still alive.

by Anonymousreply 1306/30/2020

^ oops that's Normal Lear, who is also ancient

by Anonymousreply 1406/30/2020

R12, are you thinking of Norman Lear?

by Anonymousreply 1506/30/2020

I honestly thought he died years ago.

by Anonymousreply 1606/30/2020

Was this really his twitter? It's verified and if so, he was tweeting up a storm 15 hours ago.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 1706/30/2020

Um, someone who's 98 obviously would have someone else tweeting for them R17

by Anonymousreply 1806/30/2020

R17 and I just checked, Rob Reiner’s last tweet 51 min ago was about Trump?

by Anonymousreply 1906/30/2020

There are tweet apps that automate tweets, which is probably what young Rob has done.

I liked Carl, which is the kiss of death it seems.

by Anonymousreply 2006/30/2020

He didn't have someone else tweeting for him, R18. Seriously.

by Anonymousreply 2106/30/2020

Carl once accidentally tweeted his Google search term and from then on he would do it on purpose to get his answers from his followers. It was pretty funny.

Yesterday morning he was lamenting how he woke up sad that Trump was president again. It was the last morning he ever woke up. It's made me hate Trump even more than I already did, which I didn't know was possible.

by Anonymousreply 2206/30/2020

Article from Feb. about his long friendship with Brooks. They were still getting together once a week to watch Jeopardy.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 2306/30/2020

I almost forgot about All Of Me. Goodbye, gag master.

by Anonymousreply 2406/30/2020

Mel celebrated his birthday two days ago at Carl's house, I think, with George Shapiro and Carl's daughter Annie.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 2506/30/2020

98 and too hawt 2b believed! A frightful loss.

by Anonymousreply 2606/30/2020

R25 It's comforting to know that Carl was still active and enjoying life right up until the end. RIP, funny guy! We'll do our best to make your dream of defeating Trump come true!

by Anonymousreply 2706/30/2020

I forgot Reiner also made that strange dark comedy, "Where's Poppa?"

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 2806/30/2020
Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 2906/30/2020

Aww. So sad. He was extremely talented. Great that he was still sharp until the end — and trolling tRump.

by Anonymousreply 3006/30/2020

He's with Penny now.

by Anonymousreply 3106/30/2020

R12=Larry King

by Anonymousreply 3206/30/2020

The Man With Two Brains!!!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 3306/30/2020

I have been following Carl Reiner on twitter for a few years He stayed really current - He stayed interested AND interesting. He was funny tweeting random thoughts while watching tv and movies and made funny typos, too. This makes me so sad! You know the one I have wondered about lately is Dick van Dyke. He and his young wife Arlene usually tweet silly home videos. I haven’t seen anything from them since April.

by Anonymousreply 3406/30/2020

If in Heaven, we don’t meet

We can help each other beat the heat,

And if things ever get too hot,

Pepsi-Cola hits the spot.

by Anonymousreply 3506/30/2020

Penny was married to Carl's SON, not Carl.

by Anonymousreply 3606/30/2020

The daughter gave him covid. Mel has it too and isn’t expected to see july 4th.

by Anonymousreply 3706/30/2020

[Quote] Penny was married to Carl's SON, not Carl.


by Anonymousreply 3806/30/2020

Never understood the fandom surrounding The Princess Bride. Must be a straight thing.

by Anonymousreply 3906/30/2020

There always has to be a cunt like R37 on any DL thread. R37, die in a fucking grease fire, gash.

by Anonymousreply 4006/30/2020

^^composh mentish til the end.

by Anonymousreply 4106/30/2020

My introduction to Mr Reiner on a beautiful Long Island summer night at the Bayshore Drive-In. I dare you not to laugh.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 4206/30/2020

R34, Arlene has posted today on IG about Carl but you're right, nothing since her April 23rd Tiktok.

by Anonymousreply 4306/30/2020

r42 Whitaker Walt!

One of the greats, from "Your Show of Shows" through "The Dick Van Dyke Show" tocollaborating with his pal Mel Brooks and the newer batch of "Ocean..." films.

I'm sure DVD will comment, he always spoke highly of Carl Reiner.

by Anonymousreply 4406/30/2020

His fabulous movie That Old Feeling was over the top. I've never cared for his politics but enjoyed his comedy talent. He will be missed.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 4506/30/2020

"Never cared for his politics," R45? His politics was clearly of the most benevolent, decent and humane kind. Yeah, I can see why that would bother you.

by Anonymousreply 4606/30/2020

Not even sick.. he was tweeting yesterday. A beautiful long life though

by Anonymousreply 4706/30/2020

I'm a bit sad, but mostly glad for him that he didn't have to deal with dementia, infirmity, lingering illness, etc. Instead, he remained vibrant and engaged in life until dying (in his sleep?) at age 98. That's about as much as any of us can hope for.

by Anonymousreply 4806/30/2020

[quote] I liked Carl, which is the kiss of death it seems.

Don’t like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, please.

by Anonymousreply 4906/30/2020

But please feel free to love the shit out of Donald Trump!

by Anonymousreply 5006/30/2020

Comedy legend.

I loved OCEAN'S 11 and his collaborations with Mel Brooks.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 5106/30/2020

[quote] which is probably what young Rob has done.

Oh, honey, Rob isn’t even “young” in dehavilland years.

by Anonymousreply 5206/30/2020

Aw, that’s a shame.

He played a very big part in taking down President Nixon. I hope Mr. Woodward is doing ok.

by Anonymousreply 5306/30/2020


Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 5406/30/2020

Carl Reiner was here and there in recent years, OP, if you had been paying attention. He wasn't a recluse or senile. Your witless snark in your death announcement is rude and tacky.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 5506/30/2020

Welcome to Datalounge, R55! Hope you enjoy your stay, ya twat.

by Anonymousreply 5606/30/2020

I was so saddened and still some deathfat fucktards are fighting like mangy stray dogs here. PATHETIC!

by Anonymousreply 5706/30/2020

Carl died of the Coronavirus but of course, they covered it up.

by Anonymousreply 5806/30/2020

That’s just ridiculous, r58.

We all know it was AIDS.

by Anonymousreply 5906/30/2020

Carl was a pass around.

by Anonymousreply 6006/30/2020

Some tweets:

Rob Reiner @robreiner Last night my dad passed away. As I write this my heart is hurting. He was my guiding light.

Ron Howard @RealRonHoward RIP #Carl Reiner - A brilliant comedy talent w/heart & intellect whether writing, directing, producing or performing. Try estimating how many times in your life this fella’s work made you laugh. I count well over 3k for me & growing. Thank you, Carl.

Steve Martin @SteveMartinToGo Goodbye to my greatest mentor in movies and in life. Thank you, dear Carl.

Albert Brooks @AlbertBrooks R.I.P. Carl Reiner. Growing up Carl was like a second dad to me. He was the greatest. Not just as a comic legend but as a man. There was no one else this funny and this nice. I loved him.

Eugene Levy @Realeugenelevy He was one of the greatest comedy minds of our time. And one of the kindest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. RIP Carl Reiner.

Michael McKean @MJMcKean It will take a while to process losing Carl Reiner because he’s been making me laugh since I was little. That’s some very funny processing helping leaven the sadness. Thank you, Carl. You done good.

by Anonymousreply 6106/30/2020

[quote]carl reiner @carlreiner 9:16 PM · Jun 20, 2020

[quote]would you know Olivia DE Havilland's birth date?

He should have been a Datalounger.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 6206/30/2020

r61, no Susan Dey?

by Anonymousreply 6306/30/2020

From Dick van Dyke's Facebook,

Dick Van Dyke

My idol, Carl Reiner, wrote about the human comedy. He had a deeper understanding of the human condition, than I think even he was aware of. Kind, gentle, compassionate, empathetic and wise. His scripts were never just funny, they always had something to say about us.

by Anonymousreply 6406/30/2020

So much fun over the decades.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 6506/30/2020

^^ Sid Caeser, Nanette Fabray, Carl Reiner and Howard Morris -- all were brilliant.

by Anonymousreply 6606/30/2020

^^ Caesar

by Anonymousreply 6706/30/2020

Don't worry people, I'm 98 also, but I won't leave you.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 6806/30/2020

[quote] Rob Reiner @robreiner Last night my dad passed away. As I write this my heart is hurting. He was my guiding light.

He was my Somerset, my edge of night, my love of life. He was.... another world.

by Anonymousreply 6906/30/2020

Great thread title OP

by Anonymousreply 7006/30/2020

R70, it’s been used many times before.

by Anonymousreply 7106/30/2020

I liked Carl Reiner in 'Night Gallery,' in the episode 'Professor Peabody's Last Lecture,' which is probably the first time I'd ever seen him.

(segment starts at [bold]14:53[/bold])

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 7206/30/2020

The 'Coast to Coast Big Mouth' episode of THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW is hysterical

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 7306/30/2020

One less dude to blow.

by Anonymousreply 7406/30/2020

Carl Reiner's autobiographical play and movie, Enter Laughing (1967), is also good. The movie starred Elaine May, Shelley Winters, Janet Margolin and Rene Santoni as Carl as a young actor. (Santoni later played "Poppie" on Seinfeld.)

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 7506/30/2020

This truly makes me sad. I loved that man so much. RIP.

by Anonymousreply 7606/30/2020

[quote]"Never cared for his politics," [R45]? His politics was clearly of the most benevolent, decent and humane kind. Yeah, I can see why that would bother you.

And I can see by this post why I have R45 on block. Thank you, R46.

by Anonymousreply 7706/30/2020

He wrote and cameo'd in one of my favorite Doris Day movies, "The Thrill of It All."

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 7806/30/2020

I love Thrill of it All Doris Day and her wonderful breathy pitch for “Happy Soap!”

by Anonymousreply 7906/30/2020

Larry King:

Carl Reiner made the world a better place with his humor, wit, generosity, talent and kindness. He was a true American treasure. My sincerest condolences to his wonderful children.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 8006/30/2020

I heard he was a huge perv. His son Rob is reprehensible- he stood by Joy Reid even after she was exposed for being a bigot.

by Anonymousreply 8106/30/2020

His late wife was the one who wanted to "have what she's having" in "When Harry Met Sally."

by Anonymousreply 8206/30/2020

They’re all wearing BLM shirts and yet these SJW clueless assholes are no doubt going to come after Mel Brooks’s movies next. Fucking morons.

by Anonymousreply 8306/30/2020

Steve Martin:

Goodbye to my greatest mentor in movies and in life. Thank you, dear Carl.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 8406/30/2020

Overrated "genius".

by Anonymousreply 8506/30/2020

Mel Brooks will be dead by Christmas.

by Anonymousreply 8606/30/2020

Rob Reiner is an idiot- his dad was 100. Get over it.

by Anonymousreply 8706/30/2020

^^ Yeah, how dare he mourn his father. ^^

by Anonymousreply 8806/30/2020

R88, Moutn him in private. Nobody xates about this old white man. Old white men are the worst.

by Anonymousreply 8906/30/2020

[Quote] Old white men are the worst.

Old White men keep the lights on around here.

by Anonymousreply 9006/30/2020

He knew what was what

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 9106/30/2020

who was more liberal: Rob or Carl? I guess they were about the same.

by Anonymousreply 9206/30/2020

Poor Rob Reiner, first Penny now Carl. I bet Sally Struthers will be next.

by Anonymousreply 9306/30/2020

R91 awww I’m sad he didn’t get to see that. Then again if he’s re-elected then he was spared.

by Anonymousreply 9406/30/2020

R89 is drunk again.

by Anonymousreply 9507/01/2020

COLORIZED DVD SHOW EPISODES in honor of Carl Reiner this Friday on CBS!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 9607/01/2020

I was shocked to see that he was tweeting and coherent at 2:30pm the day he died. I wonder if he knew was going to die that evening. It’s kind of surreal.

by Anonymousreply 9707/04/2020

Was it a very obviously current tweet or could it have been schedule? "Joan Rivers" tweeted after her death, remember.

by Anonymousreply 9807/04/2020


by Anonymousreply 9907/04/2020

R98 nevertheless he was at Mel Brooks’s birthday two days earlier right? He looked fine then.

by Anonymousreply 10007/04/2020

It didn’t feel scheduled to me:

“ As I arose at 7:30 this morning, I was saddened to relive the day that led up to the election of a bankrupted and corrupt businessman who had no qualifications to be the leader of any country in the civilized world..”

He even tweeted a few more times—once about Noel Coward and Hillary. Seems real to me.

by Anonymousreply 10107/04/2020

Anyone else watch the colorized episodes last night? Reiner was quite good, especially as the artist.

by Anonymousreply 10207/04/2020

Maybe he dies of an aneurysm.

by Anonymousreply 10307/04/2020

I did. He really was good. All of them are exceptional, really. It was his favorite episode.

by Anonymousreply 10407/04/2020


by Anonymousreply 10507/04/2020

Pilot episode of "The Dick Van Dyke Show," featuring Carl as Rob, with DL fave Sylvia Miles as Sally.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 10607/04/2020

R106, That would be two time Oscar nominee Sylvia Miles.

by Anonymousreply 10707/04/2020

According to George Shapiro, Carl was fine all day and heading back to his bedroom for the night at about 10PM when he stumbled and fell, and died within a few minutes. I don't think those were scheduled tweets, I think he really was fine until all of a sudden he was hit with a heart attack or aneurism or such.

by Anonymousreply 10807/04/2020

R108 I'm glad he didn't suffer in a prolonged way. Dying in one's sleep or dying from a massive stroke are the two best ways to go.

by Anonymousreply 10907/05/2020

R109, A massive stroke can be very painful. A pulmonary embolism would be immediate and painless.

by Anonymousreply 11007/05/2020
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