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Hello, I'm Shelley Duvall.

Hello, I'M Shelley Duvall.

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by Schizophreniareply 34Last Monday at 7:57 PM

Hello, I’m Shelly Duvall.

by Schizophreniareply 106/28/2020

How is that YouTube vid not the official ringtone for DL? Or is it and I just wasn't aware until now?

by Schizophreniareply 206/28/2020

Hello. I'm Shelley Duvall.

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by Schizophreniareply 306/28/2020

Homegurl's crazy, right? I feel awful about how she was treated during filming of "The Shining."

by Schizophreniareply 406/28/2020

Why don't *I* get my own thread???

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by Schizophreniareply 506/28/2020

Because you’re a fucking bitch and everyone hates you, R5.

How’s that movie stardom going for ya?

by Schizophreniareply 606/28/2020

I wonder what really happened to Duvall neurologically /psychiatrically. Usually these types of debilitating mental illnesses strike in early adulthood but she seemed to be OK up until late middle age. Is anyone she knew in Hollywood still in contact with her?

by Schizophreniareply 706/28/2020

OP. I love you. Just what I needed on a Sunday night. I truly spit out my drink at about the fifth or sixth one. I hereby put you in my Will.

by Schizophreniareply 806/28/2020

No, I'M Shelley Duvall!!

by Schizophreniareply 906/28/2020

I’m Liza with a “Z” !

by Schizophreniareply 1006/28/2020

Why don't I get my own thread? Hello!!

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by Schizophreniareply 1106/28/2020

I'm the original Shelley, bitches.

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by Schizophreniareply 1206/28/2020

Hello, I'm Shelley Fabares. I had a #1 Hit Song!!

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by Schizophreniareply 1306/28/2020

Hello, I'm the remix

Offsite Link
by Schizophreniareply 1406/28/2020

Shelley should do ASMR videos. She has nice, soothing voice.

by Schizophreniareply 15Last Monday at 10:39 AM

You better stop it, Connie Chung!

by Schizophreniareply 16Last Monday at 10:40 AM

I have such a soft spot for her. Has she been officially diagnosed as schizo? She could have delusional disorder, which often develops later in life (and commonly in those that live alone) and has symptoms of extreme paranoid delusions. Just a thought.

by Schizophreniareply 17Last Monday at 11:16 AM

She lives out in the Texas Hill Country. I have a weekend home in the same town where she lives. I've seen her at the grocery store twice. She's fat now, with stringy long gray-ish hair, clearly chain smokes, and has the car of a hoarder.

And, she seems completely harmless and should be left alone.

by Schizophreniareply 18Last Monday at 11:22 AM


by Schizophreniareply 19Last Monday at 12:24 PM

R18 so maybe extreme drug use (would explain why she was SO thin) and then once she goes off — goes fat AND crazy? Surprised she still smokes, though.

She couldn’t have made very much money with her acting but wouldn’t she have made some decent money producing the Fairie Tale Theatre?

by Schizophreniareply 20Last Monday at 1:13 PM

Hello I'm Flea Market Montgomery

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by Schizophreniareply 21Last Monday at 1:20 PM

How Dare You!!

Offsite Link
by Schizophreniareply 22Last Monday at 1:28 PM

Dr. Phil was a real asshole for cornering her on national TV and trying to humiliate her, and he received a huge backlash for doing that.

by Schizophreniareply 23Last Monday at 1:29 PM

Stanley Kubrick emotionally abused her on the set of The Shining. He's a real piece of shit.

by Schizophreniareply 24Last Monday at 1:32 PM

R6, very well, thank you. Or have you never seen Troop Beverly Hills? .... Ok, ok, that was a poor example.

by Schizophreniareply 25Last Monday at 1:32 PM

I feel sorry for Shelley Long, too. She made a bad decision and has paid for it ever since. Then her husband leaves her and she attempts suicide.

She was great on Cheers, regardless what you feel about her.

by Schizophreniareply 26Last Monday at 1:40 PM

R5 Bette Midler

by Schizophreniareply 27Last Monday at 1:51 PM

R6 I mean ^^^

by Schizophreniareply 28Last Monday at 1:52 PM

Shelley Long was great in the Brady Bunch films. She also showed good comedic instincts in other films. She could have easily carried a sitcom by herself.

by Schizophreniareply 29Last Monday at 2:57 PM

I read a thread not long ago about Valerie Cherish being based on Shelley Long. Michael Patrick King did a sitcom eith her in the 90s and I guess she had a nervous breakdown during it? That could just be a rumour. I've always liked Shelley Long as well, and mental illness of any kind is no joke.

by Schizophreniareply 30Last Monday at 3:49 PM

What amazes me is that Ms. Duvall manages to that line 100 times in the same tone and cadence.

by Schizophreniareply 31Last Monday at 5:43 PM

R17 I had never heard of delusional disorder, that's interesting. Her case just seemed so unusual to me. I hope she has some sort of friend or support system in TX. Mentally ill people are ripe for exploitation.

by Schizophreniareply 32Last Monday at 5:45 PM

[quote]and has the car of a hoarder

I would've expected a pumpkin coach and four white horses.

by Schizophreniareply 33Last Monday at 6:43 PM

R30, that is an interesting rumor. I always loved Shelley Long, still do. But I can remember when I was visiting Hollywood in 2005 or 2006, and I was working out at the Burbank YMCA and two industry guys were talking about her suicide attempt, and that she was so desperate to continue working as an actress that it ended her marriage. It made me feel sorry for her. She is so talented but you can also see why she has a reputation for being high strung and challenging to work with.

by Schizophreniareply 34Last Monday at 7:57 PM
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