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Is EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of the current administration a shameless liar?

Today Pence takes the stage, lying through his teeth.

by Maybe not Fauci...reply 18Last Monday at 3:21 PM

No one worked for Hitler but the kind of people who would work for Hitler.

As for the GOP, no one worked in and for the Nazis but the kind of people who would work for Nazis.

And Hitler and the Nazis were liars, yes.

And so are all fascists, would-be autocrats, egomaniacal lunatics and the people who chase them for bucks and glory.

by Maybe not Fauci...reply 1Last Friday at 7:03 PM

I was just thinking the other day that we have a president that lies constantly. Everyone knows it too. How is it possible for America to have such a compulsive, criminal liar? We seem to just accept it and there are many that believe we will be living another four years with it.

How come people don't storm the White House, drag the fat fuck out of bed and lynch the useless piece of shit?

This is just so unacceptable that I am in a constant state of disbelief.

by Maybe not Fauci...reply 2Last Friday at 7:14 PM

Pence is a lying spineless hypocritical cocksucker. Yes.

by Maybe not Fauci...reply 3Last Friday at 7:15 PM

The answer is YES OP.

by Maybe not Fauci...reply 4Last Friday at 7:17 PM

When you say cocksucker, r3, do you mean that in a negative way?

by Maybe not Fauci...reply 5Last Friday at 7:18 PM

He actually sucks human cocks and guzzles cum. Its a negative image because he's repulsive and I wouldn't want him to be identified in any way with normal gays and lesbians.

by Maybe not Fauci...reply 6Last Friday at 7:29 PM

They’re all shameless assholes and deserve to die.

by Maybe not Fauci...reply 7Last Friday at 7:29 PM

so much evil. so much to abhor. so little to forgive. Yes, LIES AND LIERS. and they do it with such pride and panache and fakery.

by Maybe not Fauci...reply 8Last Friday at 7:33 PM

Pence’s dishonesty is more polished and more nuanced than Trump’s. But that was a really dishonest depiction of the pandemic situation.

by Maybe not Fauci...reply 9Last Saturday at 7:36 AM

He’s a horrible man. And the fact that he remains closeted while he deceives millions isn’t the worst of his deeds.

It’s the fact that he lies, while knowing that the virus is real, and doesn’t give one iota that his lying will e pose someone to it unnecessarily, and that person who trusted him, will end up dead. This is happening or has happened, or will happen, at least one time, at minimum. I know the numbers are greater than one, but let’s focus on ONE.

Who will die? How could you actually feel OK with yourself, your family, friends, and coworkers, knowing that someone will definitely due because you cannot bother to tell the truth?

I guess lying to the point of others dying becomes extraordinarily easy, when you’ve spent your entire life cheating on your wife with men?

That’s gotta be it.

All unjustified lying, but somehow, these people find away to make their bullshit acceptable to themselves, while destroying the lives of good, decent, and innocent people.

by Maybe not Fauci...reply 10Last Monday at 10:02 AM

The jerk can’t even pay his bills to fellow gays.

Offsite Link
by Maybe not Fauci...reply 11Last Monday at 10:07 AM

Disgusting family, for sure.

Next time, marry an actual straight asshole, KAREN. That way, you can actually get laid, and not spend all your time persecuting people like your hypocritical husband.

Offsite Link
by Maybe not Fauci...reply 12Last Monday at 10:10 AM

r4,, Actually it's mandatory, with Drs. Fauci and Birx being the exceptions.

by Maybe not Fauci...reply 13Last Monday at 10:36 AM

Cheatolini lies, therefore they all have to lie to prop him up and not seem to challenge Dear Leader. Then you have people like Pence, who take obsequiousness to a whole other level. He is beyond disgusting in how he grovels in servitude to the bloated orange clown. He is a very practiced liar. I despise when he gets up to spew falsehoods using that phony mock-serious intonation as if he’s delivering the Ted Commandments.

by Maybe not Fauci...reply 14Last Monday at 1:06 PM

[quote] R2: I was just thinking the other day that we have a president that lies constantly.

This alone is grounds for impeachment. I think it was one of the charges against Andrew Johnson in his impeachment case.

by Maybe not Fauci...reply 15Last Monday at 1:32 PM

Remember when his cabinet was recorded fawning over Trump, as they went around the table? I think they’ve done that twice. If his cabinet didn’t overtly lie, they certainly were disingenuous.

“Thank you, Mr. President for your leadership...”

by Maybe not Fauci...reply 16Last Monday at 1:36 PM


Next question?

by Maybe not Fauci...reply 17Last Monday at 1:40 PM

No, but the ones who aren't, well, Trump just gave they a chance, because they were not well-liked! They were losers! BAD!!!!

by Maybe not Fauci...reply 18Last Monday at 3:21 PM
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