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Francis Scott Key Was A Racist...Let's Change The National Anthem

To the "Bubba Lubba Lipton Song."

by Who's with me?reply 1806/30/2020

I wish we could change it to “America the Beautiful” and be done with it. It’s a much better song for an anthem.

by Who's with me?reply 106/25/2020

OP, eat a bowl of hot dicks.

by Who's with me?reply 206/25/2020

And America the Beautiful was written by a lesbian. I'm all for the substitution.

by Who's with me?reply 306/25/2020

"God Bless the USA" is more fitting to the country that it has become today.

by Who's with me?reply 406/25/2020

And here's a thought, the National Anthem is sung before sporting events, other than the Olympics, as TRADITION.

Because Trump has totally fucked all when it comes to tradition, I say we move to have America the Beautiful sung instead.

by Who's with me?reply 506/25/2020


Starting with the execrable OP.

by Who's with me?reply 606/25/2020

I vote for this.

Offsite Link
by Who's with me?reply 706/25/2020

Leave it to the woketards to try to cancel a song whose had many famous renditions by black singers over the years.

by Who's with me?reply 806/25/2020

The National Anthem is racist and violent.

America The beautiful is much more representative of an inclusive citizenry.

I look forward to black singers having many future famous renditions of ATB.

by Who's with me?reply 906/25/2020

I vote for Vogue as the national anthem.

by Who's with me?reply 1006/25/2020

I think the national anthem should be Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land". No god stuff and easy to sing.

by Who's with me?reply 1106/25/2020

Guthrie's song is good. But he so WHITE and MALE!

How bout Twisting USA

Offsite Link
by Who's with me?reply 1206/25/2020

If we're going to consider "race music", R12 -- Chuck Berry's "Back In The USA":

[quote]Looking hard for a drive-in, searching for a corner café

Where hamburgers sizzle on an open grill night and day

Yeah, and a juke-box jumping with records like in the USA

by Who's with me?reply 1306/25/2020

Only this can replace it, to heal the wounds of racial injustice!

Offsite Link
by Who's with me?reply 1406/25/2020

Let's find a national anthem that Roseanne can sing!

by Who's with me?reply 1506/25/2020

Tulsa's team in the semi-pro National Premier Soccer League has announced that Oklahoma native Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land" will replace the National Anthem at the team's home events. The team's co-owner Sonny Dalesandro stated:

[quote] “From our beginning, we have developed a culture of inclusion and acceptance at Tulsa Athletic. We live in a country that allows us to freely speak our voice. We utilize this right as a club to continually try and improve our team and community. We believe ‘This Land Is Your Land’ not only captures a powerful patriotic sentiment, but that it does so in a far more inclusive way. The song speaks to this country being built and shared by every person of every race, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. It represents a future Tulsa Athletic is committed to striving for.”

Offsite Link
by Who's with me?reply 1606/30/2020

America the Beautiful contains the word " God" and is , therefore, unacceptable.

by Who's with me?reply 1706/30/2020

How can we abandon the SSB. Go to 1:05.

Offsite Link
by Who's with me?reply 1806/30/2020
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