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People Magazine - Prince William's birthday

Pictures of the Prince William and the Cambridge children released for William's birthday.

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by Anonymousreply 38912 hours ago

Harry, get me the axe!

by Anonymousreply 106/20/2020

She looks fat.

by Anonymousreply 206/20/2020

Sincerely hope for their sake the young princes inherit their heir genes from Middleton side of family.

Poor Prince William will be bald as a billiard ball by time he's forty.

by Anonymousreply 306/20/2020

Prince George is quite the photo hog isn't he. Always has to be the center of it.

by Anonymousreply 406/20/2020

R3 - he’d look better if he shaved his head now instead of spotting that Mr Whipple do.

by Anonymousreply 506/20/2020

Still gorgeous even with the balding.

by Anonymousreply 606/20/2020

Hi Your Royal Highness/r6!

by Anonymousreply 706/20/2020

The future king looks good no matter what. And at least he's not 300 lbs like most people around here.

by Anonymousreply 806/20/2020

Yes for the love of god he should shave his head. He would look really sexy clean bald, he has the right shaped head for it

by Anonymousreply 906/20/2020

While slow off the mark, Prince Harry's hair doesn't look long for this world either.

Wonder what he'll do then; given that wife of his, and how L.A. (like much of California) is obsessed with youth and looks I see a rug in Prince Harry's future.

by Anonymousreply 1006/20/2020

William will turn out to be a very fine king.

by Anonymousreply 1106/20/2020


No he does not. If he shaved it all, he'd look like a "big toe."

by Anonymousreply 1206/20/2020

The kids are adorable, especially Louis, such a cute toddler.

by Anonymousreply 1306/20/2020

would not r12!

by Anonymousreply 1406/20/2020

Awwww. George and Charlotte haven't realised if they wants to move up the line of succession they should hire assassins not strangle dad on camera.

by Anonymousreply 1506/20/2020

Shaved heads are trashy. A closely trimmed fringe is sexy, but shaved heads go with tattoos, bull necks, steroid backne and pickup trucks - not a look for even a respectable middle-class man, let alone a future king.

The Prince looks fine as he is. He's pleasant-looking in an ordinary way, which is perfect for his role.

by Anonymousreply 1606/20/2020

Solid future king. Harry must feel like shit these days.

by Anonymousreply 1706/20/2020

That son better treasury those golden locks why he still has them!

by Anonymousreply 1806/20/2020

r18 Baldness is on the maternal side isn't it? He should be fine.

by Anonymousreply 1906/20/2020

George is still a-DOOR-a-BULL

He'll be very good looking for 2 years, like the rest of his family is.

by Anonymousreply 2006/20/2020

[quote]shaved heads go with tattoos, bull necks, steroid backne and pickup trucks


Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 2106/20/2020

It is interesting that I have never heard a peep of negative gossip about this man. There's nothing wrong with male pattern baldness...he would never fuck you proletarian trash anyway.

by Anonymousreply 2206/20/2020

R21, when it comes to men and women choosing to look like trailer trash, you've described me perfectly. We need more Mrs. Grundy-ism, not less.

by Anonymousreply 2306/20/2020

R22 There is lots of negative gossip. Lots. Info about leaks are coming out this week. Hence the William asslicking threads and negative Sussex blinds. This is just another paid BRF troll thread. And really obvious.

by Anonymousreply 2406/20/2020

Prince Harry has the same hairstyle as Krusty the Clown.

by Anonymousreply 2506/20/2020

r24 What leaks? He probably had an affair. But since Kate has stuck by him for the last year I doubt anyone gives a shit with everything else going on. Unless he can only get it up while wearing Klan robes.

by Anonymousreply 2606/20/2020

Man, William hit the wall and how. Not only does he have horse teeth but they are quite yellow.

by Anonymousreply 2706/20/2020

R24 I think about who was forwarding private Sussex info to media. I have a media source who told me that all the gossip sites and blind sites are going to be hit with multiple BRF threads over the next few days. They are always on point but time will tell. All - even the vaguely titled ones are going to be used to bash the Sussex. Look out for negative Sussex comments on what are supposed to be positive Cambridge threads. It could be all rubbish but their are already some on this thread.

by Anonymousreply 2806/20/2020

Why do Americans consider the British royal family celebrities? Why do they give them celebrity treatment? Is it because they both speak essentially the same language in a slightly different accent? They ignore all other monarchies. Indian royalty, who are they? Dutch kings and queens, what is even? President of the UAE, where on what planet? It’s definitely not related to politics. It’s more like a childlike fascination with crowns and castles and things of that nature.

by Anonymousreply 2906/20/2020

[quote] I think about who was forwarding private Sussex info to media


by Anonymousreply 3006/20/2020

Oh dear, the balding head, the yellow teeth....

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 3106/20/2020

I love me a bald man. BRING IT!

by Anonymousreply 3206/20/2020

Goerge looks like a mini me of that American, Louis Anderson.

IF Louis A. were to be breeding material in his younger days.

by Anonymousreply 3306/20/2020

Charlotte should be a a dress, and something with a longer hem.

by Anonymousreply 3406/20/2020

Charlotte looks like her grandmother more and more . William was a beautiful teen,granted,but I think hes perfectly hot now,just in a different way.

by Anonymousreply 3506/20/2020

Long as there is something to work with in front, and no shortage of hair gel or mousse, Prince Harry will be fine...

Throw in the odd thickening products (Nioxin or whatever), and some discrete hair lightening PH's hairline may last several more years.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 3606/20/2020

Of course being in LA will help Prince Harry; god knows there is no shortage of hair stylists who make their living giving male celebrities and others illusion of lush full hair; even when reality is quite different. Tammy Cruise is but a case in point, going by that hairline you'd think he was still thirty even though that was many years ago now.

by Anonymousreply 3706/20/2020

Harry has had sone work done for sure .

by Anonymousreply 3806/20/2020

He was gorgeous for about 5 minutes. He and Kate produce ridiculously cute and photogenic children.

That's all I got.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 3906/20/2020

William always comes off as quietly masculine to my delight. I adore men who are masculine without trying to prove it. Even with the English thing,he comes off as very butch.

by Anonymousreply 4006/20/2020

Harry looks terrible at R36. His face looks much longer and gaunt. Drugs?

by Anonymousreply 4106/20/2020

I like that the kids are wearing normal clothes and not the 1930s cosplay they usually wear. Charlotte looks adorable.

by Anonymousreply 4206/20/2020


That's the Spencer family genes showing. Prince Harry favors his uncle Earl Spencer

Furthermore if you examine portraits of English royals or nobility that long face pops up fairly often.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 4306/20/2020

Prince Harry's cousin (Diana's nephew) Lord Louis Spencer has similar facial features as well.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 4406/20/2020

Rolls eyes at R22 and R24. Oh, and here’s a middle finger.

by Anonymousreply 4506/20/2020

Henry, which is his real name, is not really a royal.

by Anonymousreply 4606/20/2020

Butch. Hahahaha. I sniff a PR thread.

by Anonymousreply 4706/20/2020

William seems to have an idyllic family life. The little boys are gorgeous, but all three children have these weird eye bags everyone comments on. I hope to god George someday gets braces: you never know with Brits. The Cambridges seem to be very uncomplicated people: baking makes them deeply happy.

by Anonymousreply 4806/20/2020

R44, damn, now there's a snack!

by Anonymousreply 4906/20/2020


Louis Spencer is tall, but a bit too lean for my tastes. You can have him mate.

Many Englishmen go from rampant to stagnant seemingly overnight, so I'd get him soon if possible.

by Anonymousreply 5006/20/2020

Throwing this out there for shits and giggles...

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 5106/20/2020

Looks like Charlotte got the bitchy Princess Margaret gene. Enjoy her now because once she hits sixteen, she's going to be a royal see you next Tuesday.

by Anonymousreply 5206/20/2020

[quote]Prince Harry's cousin (Diana's nephew) Lord Louis Spencer has similar facial features as well.

You mean the smelling cookies look?

by Anonymousreply 5306/20/2020

Wow, baby Louis is growing up fast! His face looks like a teenager’s.

by Anonymousreply 5406/20/2020

George is looking less fey here.

by Anonymousreply 5506/20/2020

He’s smiling in these pictures, but there’s still sadness in William’s eyes. It’s the same sadness that his mother had.

by Anonymousreply 5606/20/2020

[quote]It’s the same sadness that his mother had.

What did she have to be sad about? She was getting fucked by James Hewitt.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 5706/20/2020

Now we all have pearly white teeth for nothing since we have to cover them up with stupid face mask anyway!!!!!!!! Fuck the corona!!!!!

by Anonymousreply 5806/20/2020

R29 so true, especially since many of the Continental royals are so much more accomplished. It’s because we speak the same language too, I think.

by Anonymousreply 5906/20/2020

Harry looks great at r57. Wow! LA must be good for him.

by Anonymousreply 6006/20/2020

[quote]he would never fuck you proletarian trash anyway.

His trashy Uncle Andrew would, especially if you are underage and female.

by Anonymousreply 6106/20/2020

[quote] [R18] Baldness is on the maternal side isn't it? He should be fine.

That’s an old wive’s tale and untrue. Genes are genes. You can inherit traits from either side.

by Anonymousreply 6206/20/2020

[quote]His trashy Uncle Andrew would, especially if you are underage and female.

Then he wouldn't fuck you anyway whatsoever.

by Anonymousreply 6306/20/2020


As stated upthread, you know MM had PH plugged into the best stylists, groomers and so forth that LA has to offer.

Prince Harry's look was all wrong for LA, if MM is going to shop him around a few changes were in order.

Give it until this time next year, PH will be rocking a more chiseled body, his suits and shirts will be Italian cut....

by Anonymousreply 6406/21/2020

Why would this puzzle you, R29?

The two countries speak the same language and share close cultural and historical ties. We were originally founded as a British colony and have always been closer culturally (not necessarily politically) to Britain than to any other European country. Americans have read British literature since before there was a USA and think of writers like Dickens as part of our own cultural heritage.

Modern Americans are heavily exposed to British television, in particular British TV that focuses on the upper class and the monarchy.

In English-speaking media, the BRF is the only one that matters or that anyone pays attention to or cares about. I doubt this has changed much since 1783.

by Anonymousreply 6506/21/2020

Sure Jan @r64. Meghan Markle, of the sweat stained sweater, tags hanging from her dress, busted seams on too tight clothing, and complete lack of understanding of the importance of foundation garments, is just the person to “style” Harry.

by Anonymousreply 6606/21/2020

r66 has a point

by Anonymousreply 6706/21/2020

William is fucking hideous now. That is an awful angle for him. He looks like his great great great great grandmother Vicky.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 6806/21/2020

Looks like they are having a gay old time.

by Anonymousreply 6906/21/2020

He looked better when he still had his all his hair. Kate doesn’t seem to be aging well, she is slender but that’s it. A good thing she was behind the camera.

by Anonymousreply 7006/21/2020

She seems to have a good eye for photography does Kate. Any pros got an observation on her work?

by Anonymousreply 7106/21/2020

Very cute - and very smart to put out casual, cute kids piling on dad rather than the typical posed portrait to deflect Smeg's criticism of how cold, unfeeling & formal they all are.

by Anonymousreply 7206/21/2020

R3, I won't live to see it, but Prince George looks like he's going to follow his father in both the nose and hair situations. Remember, William was still handsome in his early twenties. Then the nose bent and dropped, and the lovely blond hair fell out.

Prince Louis will be the looker.

by Anonymousreply 7306/21/2020

R29, Yes, your last sentence answered your question! At least for me, anyway. I read about Richard Lionheart in Grade 2, and became so entranced that I eventually taught British Literature (and History) as a career. Have visited the UK at least ten times.

I think we Americans harbor, however subconsciously, a tinge of regret over the Revolutionary War!

by Anonymousreply 7406/21/2020

George looks like Grampa Middleton and Charlotte resembles Queen Elizabeth and a toddler Prince William. Louis is a Middleton through and through and got the best of their genes.

by Anonymousreply 7506/21/2020

Louis looks like Jimmy Kimmel. George's teeth are twisted. He will be needing braces. Charlotte looks very cute.

by Anonymousreply 7606/21/2020

William and Charles are strong on the Hanover genes. Charles is starting to look like George III.

by Anonymousreply 7706/21/2020

Louis is a Middleton 100% - he's hair has gotten much blonder since the last photos that were released. Charlotte is adorable - those Windsor genes are going to be coming for her and George. The Sussex's upcoming book, Finding Freedom, paints the Cambridges as cold, unfeeling, and unwelcoming. We will be seeing a lot of these types of photo ops leading up to the release of the book to get ahead of any bad press.

by Anonymousreply 7806/21/2020

What is George doing in the swing picture? It looks like he's doing an Elaine Stritch "I'll drink to that" imitation. Does he have a secret stash of Original Broadway Cast albums?

by Anonymousreply 7906/21/2020

Well I NEVER in all my LIFE thought I’d live to see a PRINCESSE DU SANG in denim bib-and-brace short-pants overalls. Kate Middleton is an unfit mother.

There, I said it.

by Anonymousreply 8006/21/2020

[quote]I hope to god George someday gets braces: you never know with Brits.

Those are just baby teeth, or one of his nannies smacks him in the mouth a lot.

by Anonymousreply 8106/21/2020

Charlotte, I like her a lot. Agree that the denim overalls were kind of ... meh.

by Anonymousreply 8206/21/2020

Christ, this is getting painfully obvious. It's like the Brits have turned into American Southerners with all that hugging.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 8306/21/2020

It’s almost like William was never hot.

by Anonymousreply 8406/21/2020

Charles is the child there. He has never ceased being the child. Harry must have really hurt him.

by Anonymousreply 8506/21/2020

I see a father and son who really love each other that just happen to be Royals . Cynical bitches much ?

by Anonymousreply 8606/21/2020

Christ, this is getting painfully obvious. It's like the Brits have turned into American Southerners with all that hugging.

He's practical a midget compared to William; anyway, in recent pictures, he looks happy, in spite of the big falling out with Harry. Actually, it all seems rather sweet considering that I doubt Philip was much of a hugger (unless he was trying to choke you)

by Anonymousreply 8706/21/2020

I liked that the royal family didn't do a lot of PDA. I also like how the Kennedys don't cry in public.

by Anonymousreply 8806/21/2020

William and Kate have seriously been working their PR game. Day and night.

by Anonymousreply 8906/21/2020

The sadness in William's eyes is due to how he had to settle for Kate. He was in love with another woman, Calthorpe something or other. But these rich aristo types don't want the dull life of visiting pensioners and orphans. He had broken up with Kate but realized that his duty demanded a presentable wife who would accept that life.

by Anonymousreply 9006/21/2020

English people always look so sickly.

by Anonymousreply 9106/21/2020

Waity Katie wins. Now she’s like the giant cockroach queen in ALIENS, progeny just dropping out of her hoo-haa.

by Anonymousreply 9206/21/2020

I’m guessing Louis is Kate’s last baby.

by Anonymousreply 9306/21/2020

Apparently Kate is deeply content with her life. She doesn’t really have any outstanding ambitions. She just wants to be a good wife and mother, and so far she is succeeding.

by Anonymousreply 9406/21/2020

[quote]I’m guessing Louis is Kate’s last baby.

Nope, the contract says she has to produce four. She wants those fancy tiaras when I kick it, she has to do her bit.

by Anonymousreply 9506/21/2020

Do you people cry in public? Gross.

by Anonymousreply 9606/21/2020

R94 could you be any more obvious. The Cambridge's really need to fire their pr team. This thread and the over the top effusive praise have a whole PR firm laughing their ass off. It's embarrassing how out of touch whoever is advising them is. As long as the Sussex are being trolled daily by professionals the positive Cambridge pr articles and threads will fail. BLM has engaged a whole lot more people who won't accept the organized cyberstalking of a half black woman. It is directly affecting how people view the BRF. And it's not going to die down. As long as the Sussex are on the recieving end of professional trolling the BRF will continue to lose public support.

by Anonymousreply 9706/21/2020

R97 You are a sick, crazy person. Wow.

by Anonymousreply 9806/21/2020

[quote] he had to settle for Kate. He was in love with another woman, Calthorpe something or other.

Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe. Tall, blonde, just like his Mum and the reason he broke it off with Waity Katey back in 2007. Because Isabella was starting to make oh, all right I'll marry you noises. Then she came to her senses and decided otherwise. Isabella went on to marry Sam Branson, Mr. Virgin Airways Jr., a definite trade up.

Fun fact: Cressida Bonas, Prince Ginger's ex, is Isabella's maternal half-sister.

by Anonymousreply 9906/21/2020

Whoa. There is some insanity in this thread.

by Anonymousreply 10006/21/2020

R99 Get a fucking life, frau. Back to Celebitchy.

by Anonymousreply 10106/22/2020

The Cambridges seem happy. The Sussexes, not so much...probably true for their respective supporters...

by Anonymousreply 10206/22/2020

George may be a camera hog, R4, but he's not the one who pulls focus.

by Anonymousreply 10306/22/2020

Mrs. Sam Branson (née Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe) is very pretty. She gets to have all the fun of youth, beauty and riches without having to open a single Tesco.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 10406/22/2020

That ugly bitch will never be Queen. Move it along, frau. No one cares about her.

by Anonymousreply 10506/22/2020

R104 looks better than Kate

by Anonymousreply 10606/22/2020

R106, TELL me about it!

by Anonymousreply 10706/22/2020

I don’t know why folks think that Kate is so gorgeous. She’s actually quite common looking.

by Anonymousreply 10806/22/2020

Mrs. Sam Branson (née Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe) is very pretty.

Yes, but she's another ACTRESS; history should show us that actors/actresses don't do well in situations where they cannot be/will never "the star!!" Plus, Wills seems something of the fuddy duddy himself - though you have to know that any son of Richard Branson is bound to be wanker (even if he is a *very* rich wanker) - so who knows. But he could do much worse than Kate who, for whatever her faults, seems low key, devoted, loyal & a good mom

by Anonymousreply 10906/22/2020

The Jeff Wainwright storyline was stupid.

by Anonymousreply 11006/22/2020

Oops, wrong thread.

by Anonymousreply 11106/22/2020

R74, Richard the Lionheart was basically French and only spent some of his childhood years in England. He probably didn't even known English.

by Anonymousreply 11206/22/2020

R43, Prince George is going to look exactly like his great-uncle Spencer when he grows up.

by Anonymousreply 11306/22/2020

Isabella Calthorpe is very pretty - always was, still is - but honestly, Kate seems like a much better fit for both William and her role in the royal family. She absolutely wanted this and that's important, otherwise it's just another woman unhappy and trapped in her royal duty. So good looks alone aren't worth much in this and for how well Kate seems to do her duty, she's also fine looking. Not actress pretty like Isabella Calthorpe, but presentable and attractive. And obviously Kate and William produce adorable offspring, so I'd say it's a win win situation.

by Anonymousreply 11406/22/2020

Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe-Branson has the classic English Rose look whereas Kate’s look is a bit more Gypsy.

by Anonymousreply 11506/22/2020

R115-- Does not matter what Kate looks like. She's a future Queen Consort and the mother of a future Monarch

by Anonymousreply 11606/22/2020

She is still as plain as a white wall. And just as flat.

by Anonymousreply 11706/22/2020

And doesn’t age well

by Anonymousreply 11806/22/2020

Kate is better than most of the royal family - pretty and slim.

by Anonymousreply 11906/22/2020

Kate has ugly immigrant hands and feet.

by Anonymousreply 12006/22/2020

Louis is a good-looking kid. All the privileges, none of the responsibility.

This will not end well.

by Anonymousreply 12106/22/2020

I suppose Markle was busy with Black Lives Matter, her new book, putting out the fire from the Jessica Mulroney scandal, redecorating her squatter's home and guarding her privacy by shooing away the paparazzi...

However, why wasn't she out the taking a few photos of Harry and Archie on Father's Day to release to her chosen, anointed media pals? Markle is falling off her game. Image is everything. You should know that by now, doll.

by Anonymousreply 12206/22/2020

Queen Catherine.

by Anonymousreply 12306/22/2020

No one ever has to curtsy to this Calthorpe bitch. Next.

by Anonymousreply 12406/22/2020

[quote] Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe

What's with all those last names? The brits are such morons. So this woman had 3 relatives who made something of themselves and the rest of the family wants the entire world to know they are related to these 3 successful people, so they use all 3 last names.

I guess it's supposed to impress people or more likely, help avoid the fact that these people are fucking useless in their own right.

Hi, I'm Isabella Never Accomplished a fucking thing in my life

Isabella My relatives were famous, I've had every advantage in life and still haven't accomplished anything

by Anonymousreply 12506/22/2020

R112, Nevertheless, he was Richard I, Crusader King of England. And as I said, I was but a child (second grade, reading "A Child's History of the World"), and, like a baby duck, became quite imprinted with Everything British.

And I have been to Fontevraud Abbey, so......

by Anonymousreply 12606/22/2020

R105 I am sure the same was said about Camilla in 1989 LOL

by Anonymousreply 12706/22/2020

why wasn't she out the taking a few photos of Harry and Archie on Father's Day

I was thinking that too; even if he wanted to protect the kid's privacy, you think he'd post a couple of old snaps of Harry with Charles - since he is the one that bankrolls their life & all. In all seriousness, Harry's absence & Smeg's mother (supposedly) moving in makes one wonder if perhaps he really has gone off the rails.

by Anonymousreply 12806/22/2020

What has Kate accomplished? Sitting around to be at the beck and call for some entitled twat like William. Such female empowerment - SAID NO ONE, EVER!

by Anonymousreply 12906/22/2020

R129 Being an anorexic bore.

by Anonymousreply 13006/22/2020

I adore Kate.

by Anonymousreply 13106/22/2020

I just don’t like the huge teeth and liplessness of Middleton. She and William must just bang teeth together when they are feeling romantic.

by Anonymousreply 13206/22/2020

What r114 said.

Kate is that singular creature I call Frau-us Apex.

She sits atop the summit, above the masses of Frau-us Pedestrianus; most of whom look at her with some degree of awe, admiration and a bit of envy.

She's conventionally pretty. She has a tall, rail-thin body body that lends her Royal gowns that perfect drape. Publicly, and in carrying out her duties, she'll never allow a word past her lips that even could be remotely perceived as controversial.

She is void of an iota of sensuality, another plus.

Who knows? In private, she may be a freak in bed with William, but the point is, in public, the last words you would apply to her is "sex symbol".

I surmise she's a real, dyed-in-the-wool snob, but, and I write this with admiration, she performs the super-human feat of seeming to be "relatable" in her public utterances and appearances, yet not for 1 second do you forget who she married and that one day she'll be Queen Consort, wife of the King of England and the Commonwealth realms.

She's perfect for the job and William is lucky to have her.

by Anonymousreply 13306/22/2020

[quote] Being an anorexic bore.

Starving yourself is HARD work!

by Anonymousreply 13406/22/2020

With the Queen basically retired, it's time for the whole institution to fade away

This quarantine has proven that

Ann and Sophie Wessex are the real hard workers in this family. Sophie does more than William, Kate and those york sisters put together. Sophie's been out everyday working. And none of this bullshit sitting in front of a computer and calling someone. She's out and about at homeless shelter kitchens (helping to prepare food), hospitals (helping them with supplies), all kinds of stuff.

will and kate do some computer call for 15 minutes a day. And not even every day either. lazy scroungers

by Anonymousreply 13506/22/2020

I suspect William and Charles have been having discussions about a new role for the modern monarchy. I am serious. Would not surprise me at all if both Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace are permanently open to the public for tours, and simply are office complexes and museums in the future. St. James, Clarence House and a few other properties will remain as residences, Highgrove for sure, and Sandringham estates. They will let the elderly, the Kents, etc. live out their days at Kensington, then make it a public building as well. As an aside, I wonder how much longer Andrew will live. Because I am convinced that part of the reason (not all of it) that William Barr attempted to fire that U.S. attorney had something to do with the Epstein matter and Andrew's role.

by Anonymousreply 13606/22/2020

I think they will definitely have to scale back on titles. HRHs only for the Monarch's children and the children of the heir. Unless fate does her twisty thing, there's no reason for Charlotte or Louis' future kids to be princesses and princesses. Edward has already done it, as his kids will have to live the life of the "average" rich aristocrat.

by Anonymousreply 13706/22/2020

Take ALL the Sussex titles away.

by Anonymousreply 13806/22/2020

This is why it's so brilliant that Meghan has told people she wants to run for President of the US. In which case the UK Parliament *has* to take their titles - and their money -away from them.

by Anonymousreply 13906/22/2020

R130 pull out your tongue from Kate’s anus, please.

by Anonymousreply 14006/22/2020

R139 that has to be a joke. This country hates women (as we've proven) and people of color (as we've proven) and she doesn't have nearly the resume or backing of an Obama or an HRC.

Governor of California...maybe. But I wouldn't vote for her.

by Anonymousreply 14106/22/2020

Isabella Calthorpe is from good aristocratic stock, Waity is middle class and had ideas above her station. Wills only married her because he couldn't find anyone else willing to take on the royal role.

by Anonymousreply 14206/22/2020

Megsy couldn't get elected Secretary of Tyler Perry's HOA

by Anonymousreply 14306/22/2020

r142, what you describe in derisive terms recommends Kate even more for the job.

She wanted the job, learned it, and hasn't put one boring foot wrong.

by Anonymousreply 14406/22/2020

Those kids are adorable. I can see the resemblance to both Middleton grandparents and even to the queen, but I can't see any Diana in any of them.

William looks very much like his paternal grandfather. And reportedly, he yells at Charles a lot, just like Philip did. It must really freak out Charles to be stuck between two bookends that look and act similar.

by Anonymousreply 14506/22/2020

Isabella might have given Brits a decent looking future king/queen for once. George and grandma looking little girl will be ugly.

by Anonymousreply 14606/22/2020

You can tell that R146 is just HIDEOUS.

by Anonymousreply 14706/22/2020

I think George has features that suggest George VI. I think Louis favours young Prince Edward. I’d link but DL won’t let me.

by Anonymousreply 14806/22/2020

Isabella Calthorpe’s “solid aristocratic stock” is a little unsolid. At least the marriages were, her mother Lady Mary having married four times and presenting various husbands with children along the way. Cressida has seven half siblings, not sure if Isabella is a full or a half. No, after their experience with another royal bride with impeccable aristocratic credentials, I cannot imagine anyone was looking for Diana 2.0. Kate Middleton might not have ticked all the boxes, but she was stable, sensible with a secure family background. Still, the Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe clan would have made for excellent gossip!

by Anonymousreply 14906/22/2020

Yes, for better or for worse, Diana ended the "must be blue blood" requirement. Love and temperament are key. No one can deny that Sophie the Commoner has been an asset to the BRF.

by Anonymousreply 15006/22/2020

No, I think the Queen Mother ended the "blue blood" requirement, r150.

Although, to be fair, when they were married, Bertie was not the Heir.

by Anonymousreply 15106/22/2020

The Queen Mum had a title her entire life. She may have been a lesser blue blood, but she was blue.

by Anonymousreply 15206/22/2020

The Queen Mum's title prior to marriage was Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.

Diana's title before marriage was Lady Diana Spencer.

Both nobility, but both commoners.

by Anonymousreply 15306/22/2020

Della has some issues to work through.

by Anonymousreply 15406/23/2020

[quote] Della has some issues to work through.

Oh, hell, r154, you don't know the half of it.

I don't know the point your not making but if it's a reaction to what I wrote at r133, here's the deal.

The existence of the BRF is inherently ridiculous. My observations relate to what are the conventions and norms that it exists by and how those are perceived.

That said, I'm an unabashed, unapologetic fan of Q E II. By far, she is my favorite famous person.

by Anonymousreply 15506/23/2020

I agree 100% with what you wrote at R133, Della.

by Anonymousreply 15606/23/2020

Smoooches, r156

by Anonymousreply 15706/23/2020

Oh look, it's Della, talking about herself.


by Anonymousreply 15806/23/2020

you know, the thing that strikes me is that some of them, like Edward, Andrew, Anne, William, start out very good looking. Even the Queen was pretty as a young woman, and then became matronly but still handsome, and even now she is a nice looking old woman for her age. But then some of the break. Anne broke. Andrew and Edward broke. and damn if William hasn't broken. You just never know. Charles was never good looking IMO. But I always liked him. He and Camilla look the best they have ever looked right now.

by Anonymousreply 15906/23/2020

[quote]...still hasn’t put one foot wrong...

Ugly foot ...immigrant, grape stomping feet she has. Her hands too. She always looks pinched and wan. Even when she’s smiling. Built like Justin Bieber.

by Anonymousreply 16006/23/2020

Sorry, Kate is an "immigrant", r160?

How so?

by Anonymousreply 16106/23/2020

She has feet lik an immigrant

by Anonymousreply 16206/23/2020

I cannot explain it, but I find Prince William so incredibly sexy. All I want to do is rip his clothes off, bend him over and...Whoa, Nellie!

I love red-haired men, but for the life of me, I do not find Prince Harry attractive.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 16306/23/2020

Her sister is even more useless and even more common looking.

by Anonymousreply 16406/23/2020

I agree, William is all kinds of sexy in his own right, while Harry does nothing for me in that department , but I'm sure he's sexy to some.

by Anonymousreply 16506/23/2020

[quote]Her sister is even more useless and even more common looking.

Which is a running joke on The Windsors, that both of them are gypsies but Kate was able to be successful.

by Anonymousreply 16606/23/2020

Talk about controlling the media. This article is so contrived that they will use it as a template in journalism school.

by Anonymousreply 16706/23/2020

Charles was never good looking IMO.

He was handsome in a "british" kind of way as a younger man; but yes, it is tragic how William lost his hair, but I guess at least he isn't fat. Harry was cute as a young man, but now he just looks like "aging douche bag" to me

by Anonymousreply 16806/23/2020

William was good looking as a young man. But then he grew into his Windsor face and lost his looks.

Harry was sexy before he married MM. He was cute when he smiled. Now he just looks unhappy.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 16906/23/2020

Harry is the hot one. Shame this one might be king.

by Anonymousreply 17006/23/2020

Neither brother was "hot".

by Anonymousreply 17106/23/2020

Harry's not hot. Gingers are almost exclusively either gorgeous or goofy looking. Harry looks like Ralph Mouth from "Happy Days."

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 17206/23/2020

They are probably hot June through August.

by Anonymousreply 17306/23/2020

Who knew that People writes positive articles about its subjects, r167?

by Anonymousreply 17406/23/2020

R166 Pippa won big. time. She married a very rich man who will inherit far more money than Wills will ever see. She never has to work again, not even pretend to be making fake calls. She never has to board a normal plane, unlike her sister who has to make trips flying coach to curry favor with Britains.

While Kate can no longer sneak off to her beloved Mustique, due to increased scrutiny - Pippa can go there or anywhere in the world whenever she wants. Kate finally realizes her vacation days are behind her. No more sunbathing topless in France, fancy skiing trips, etc. She and Wills will be carefully scrutinized for every dollar they spend and for their carbon footprints.

by Anonymousreply 17506/23/2020

R175 True. Pippa is the true winner. She has her own wealth and she's the best friend of the Queen-to-be. She has access to all the royal perks and none of the restrictions.

by Anonymousreply 17606/23/2020

R176 They are both the embodiment of average looking nouveau riche hags but Kate at least will go down in the history books.

by Anonymousreply 17706/23/2020

They are both well-bred concubines.

by Anonymousreply 17806/23/2020

When Wills and Kate are on the throne, they will confer titles on all the Middletons and Pippa and her husband too. If he doesn't already have some title. But yes, Pippa hit the jackpot. Carol must be SO pleased. She and Michael did well for two flight attendants. No retirement worries. Hell they could squat in a castle and no one would notice.

by Anonymousreply 17906/23/2020

The real winner is son James Middleton. Now that his sisters are financially set for life, he can expect to inherit most of the family fortune and/or otherwise benefit from his parents generosity.

by Anonymousreply 18006/23/2020

R179 that is a complete fantasy regarding the future King William and his consort conferring titles on his in-laws. It just doesn’t work that way.

Don’t make stuff up - it only makes you look stupid.

by Anonymousreply 18106/23/2020

R180 while the Middletons are undoubtedly quite close, who the hell wants to be the Rob Kardashian of the family? Nothing of your own, just hanging on the family. Has to be somewhat embarrassing.

by Anonymousreply 18206/23/2020

[quote] When Wills and Kate are on the throne, they will confer titles on all the Middletons

What are you supposition basing this upon? I'm not saying it won't happen, but there's just been no precedent for a king being married to a non-aristocrat (at least) in England since the War of the Roses.

Did the kings of other European countries who married commoners in the last fifty years (like Carl Gustav of Sweden and Felipe of Spain) ennoble their wives' relatives?

by Anonymousreply 18306/23/2020

[quote] while the Middletons are undoubtedly quite close, who the hell wants to be the Rob Kardashian of the family? Nothing of your own, just hanging on the family. Has to be somewhat embarrassing.

You'd be surprised at the benefits!

by Anonymousreply 18406/23/2020

R144, Except for those no-underwear times.

by Anonymousreply 18506/24/2020

Diana was blue-blooded aristocracy, more English than the "Windsors."

by Anonymousreply 18606/24/2020

Oh hell. Henry VIII conferred all kinds of titles and honors on the Boleyns and the Howards . Then after he beheaded Anne, he did the same for the Seymours. All of them were minor nobles with the exception of Norfolk. And if I'm not mistaken didn't Elizabeth Bowes Lyon's family get a bit of elevation from her marriage to Bertie? In fact I think titles have been offered to the Middletons who have wisely turned them down...for now.

by Anonymousreply 18706/24/2020

[quote]Pippa is the true winner.

Not really. She will still have to curtsy to her sister. Curtsy being showing humiliation that you don't have a right to be in someone's presence.

by Anonymousreply 18806/24/2020

Such a fine looking family. Good to know they'll always have a roof over their head, plenty of food to eat and plenty of money in their pockets.

by Anonymousreply 18906/24/2020

Think of it this way; Pippa stands the chance of being traded in for a younger model & losing her social standing while Kate will *always* be the mother to the future King so even if Wills screws around her, she's a made woman. Agreed, I wouldn't want to be James, the Rob Kardashian of the family. Plus, Pippa is related to those annoying attention whores Spencer & Vogue Williams

by Anonymousreply 19006/24/2020

Chuck absolutely revels in being a privileged royal. I don't see him scaling down the monarchy at all after Mumsie passes, at least not as it would affect him personally. And whoever said William looks like Prince Phillip is BLIND. He is very much the image of his sainted mother.

by Anonymousreply 19106/24/2020

No way will Wills and Kate give her relatives titles. Not in the current political climate when the very idea of royalty and aristocracy is being called into question.

by Anonymousreply 19206/24/2020

Nah Kate has a very "girl next door" pretty like a darker haired Doris Day. Let me put it this way...if EVEN Rock Hudson liked her, every man will say "good enough...nice girl" and not be offended. She lacks any bitch vibe and that is rare. She offends nobody and is not a subject for scandal. To be fair she has a beautiful smile and very pretty large green eyes, toned legs, and silky hair but she kind of doesn't worry too much because she is a more sporty, milk-fed type.

by Anonymousreply 19306/24/2020

Please...Kate is plain and dull. Her calves are larger than her thighs. Sporty and milk fed hahahahaha

by Anonymousreply 19406/24/2020

R192, royalty isn't being called into question but why would William want to give Catherine's parents and siblings titles anyway? It's not as though they're suddenly going to become working royals.

by Anonymousreply 19506/24/2020

England's politics is no longer based on aristocratic factions battling it out with each other. It would be ludicrous to think that Kate's family would be given titles. Wills is not Edward IV, (who actually kept his good looks until a few years before his death) trying to build his faction so that his kingship would survive.

In fact, Wills will be lucky to be king, as the monarchy might not survive the reign of Charles (who may very well live long into his nineties, like ma and pa.

by Anonymousreply 19606/24/2020

The Middletons will never have titles. That would be ludicrous. But they may in old age move in to a royal property.

by Anonymousreply 19706/24/2020

I'd take James Middleton over Will or Harry. Harry is not attractive let alone hot, and his dumbness and attention whoring just negates whatever mitigating traits he had.

by Anonymousreply 19806/24/2020

James Middleton is a douche.

by Anonymousreply 19906/24/2020

I hate Harry’s toilet brush beard. He had a nice face. If you have a nice face, let people see it.

by Anonymousreply 20006/24/2020

R200, you sound like my grandmother. But the both of you are right

by Anonymousreply 20106/24/2020

R196, I don’t know why people think that the monarchy will fall after Elizabeth dies. England has had multiple chances to get rid of the institution for good, and didn’t take them.

by Anonymousreply 20206/24/2020

It's hard to know what life will look like in a post-COVID world, but I don't see the Brits kicking Diana's son to the curb as king. I could see over time the role evolving into something similar to Sweden or something like that. While Brits adore QEII - for good reason, she's a gift, they also still seem to be fond of Will & Harry, even if Harry has tried to squander all his gifts & forbearance.

by Anonymousreply 20306/24/2020

Not a peep from Meg and Harry on Father’s Day because they both flipped their respective fathers the bird. LOL.

And being a father isn’t special enough to Harry to risk the comments.

by Anonymousreply 20406/24/2020

William was so handsome as a teen. WTH happened.

by Anonymousreply 20506/24/2020

R205 OUR GENES!!!!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 20606/24/2020

The lack of Father's Day message was weird.

Maybe they just don't want to go there because they want people to forget the drama and court case involving Meghan's father?

by Anonymousreply 20706/24/2020

[quote] Nothing of your own, just hanging on the family. Has to be somewhat embarrassing.

This describes nearly everyone listed in Debrett.

by Anonymousreply 20806/24/2020

[quote] I don’t know why people think that the monarchy will fall after Elizabeth dies

I think it will change. I don't think William is interested in it. He'll go along for his grandmother and for his father too. But I don't know about after his father dies. I feel bad for him. He's stuck. And I can't imagine he wants that kind of life for his own kids

But this is kind of the Monarchy's own fault. They refuse to change. And it's stupid. It's 2020. Not 1620. The Queen should have retired over a decade ago.

by Anonymousreply 20906/24/2020

R206 I wouldn’t blame them entirely Albert was kind of cute and they had some very good looking great grandchildren (Tatiana and Maria Romanova) I blame the frumpy black toothed fug Liz Bowes -Lyon.

by Anonymousreply 21006/24/2020

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was hardly "frumpy" she was a much sought-after beauty who charmed everyone she met, including Bertie's famously tempermental father. She was the only member of the BRF at the time who never made him go into one of his 'rages' because she always make him laugh instead. She clearly had charisma in spades.

by Anonymousreply 21106/24/2020

I have a soft spot for James Middelton. He suffers from depression, loves dogs and is losing his hair.

I was liking the new ad for his latest adventure selling freeze-dried dog food until he mentioned, "poop."

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 21206/24/2020

[quote]Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was hardly "frumpy" she was a much sought-after beauty

The Royal Family called her Cookie because she reminded them of a cook.

by Anonymousreply 21306/24/2020

Does anyone else think that it is strange that Pippa, her child, and her husband aren't featured in any of Kate and William's family photos? I can see Pippa+ her husband being afraid of child-napping if their child is photographed, but it seems odd to me.

by Anonymousreply 21406/24/2020

R213 Cookie had the bloated face of a bloke. Bertie was so handsome. If he had married a real beauty the royals would be much better looking.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 21506/24/2020

r213, That is **not** what the BRF called her. That's what meangirl Wallace Simpson called her. Everyone else adored her.

by Anonymousreply 21606/24/2020

No r214, it is not at all strange. Neither are Kate's parents, beyond photos of her as a child. What you see as their family photos are semi-formal official photos taken for public consumption on special events. They're not meant to include Kate's family or even William's, beyond specific individuals.

by Anonymousreply 21706/25/2020

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was a nasty, bigoted cunt. She also had rotten teeth. Her breath must’ve been stinky. And she was no beauty.

by Anonymousreply 21806/25/2020

Hi, Meghan!

by Anonymousreply 21906/25/2020

I think the British Monarchy will definitely go the way of Sweden and the Netherlands, Spain, etc. But it won't be abolished. Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge is definitely going to be crowned QUEEN. That is going to happen. Nothing will prevent it. NOTHING.

by Anonymousreply 22006/25/2020

I had a hilarious time trying to teach a Parisian student about the BRF. The sticking point was the Queen Mother’s teeth. The student kept saying “but she is a queen”.

by Anonymousreply 22106/25/2020

She stopped brushing them after a while; all she did was consume cocktails and sweets. Ewwwww.

by Anonymousreply 22206/25/2020

Well whatever she did it got her to 101 yrs. old. I didn't realize she died just two months after Margaret.

by Anonymousreply 22306/25/2020

[quote]Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was a nasty, bigoted cunt. She also had rotten teeth. Her breath must’ve been stinky. And she was no beauty.

Plus, she drank like a fish. Gin was mother's milk to her.

by Anonymousreply 22406/25/2020

William's family look fantastic. The children are absurdly photogenic. Charlotte has gotten Diana's legs. Louis reeks of charm, George is quietly handsome.

Wills has a lot to thank Kate for. No one knows whether he had an affair and frankly, no one really cares. He and Kate are well on their way to being exactly the couple perfect for their future and increasingly important roles.

Harry and Meghan are the also rans. Not because they were "less than" but because they didn't have the courage to be loyal and fulfill their roles so well that the public loved them just as much.

Instead, they threw their toys out of the pram in what Inspector Clouseau would have called "a writ of fealous jage".

The long game will go to the Cambridges. No one will give f.a. about the Harkles in 20 years, when William and Kate will be King and Queen.

by Anonymousreply 22506/25/2020

She was never considered a beauty, but she was lots of fun. Anyone in that kind of role had automatic charisma in those days (except poor old Bertie, who suffered by comparison with his insufferable brother, but who was sincerely loved by the people by the end of the War). Showbiz people enjoyed the QM's company, as they would later enjoy Margaret's and Diana's. The drinking like a fish was part of her charm.

by Anonymousreply 22606/25/2020

You're right, R225. Harry and his wife were all set up to play Ron and Hermione to Wills and Kate's Harry and Ginny, and they probably will one day. Just not while it's THIS wife.

by Anonymousreply 22706/25/2020

[quote]The drinking like a fish was part of her charm.

Yeah, charming. But you didn't have to deal with her hangovers the next day.

by Anonymousreply 22806/25/2020

I bet she didn’t even wash her minge. Stank old lady.

by Anonymousreply 22906/25/2020

He will make a great king.

by Anonymousreply 23006/25/2020

R229 Cookie’s breath masked the stank of her cooch.

by Anonymousreply 23106/25/2020

R229, she had people for that.

by Anonymousreply 23206/25/2020

Because William is heir to the throne r227, and Harry isn't. He also won't make a comeback in the UK, he's burnt his bridges.

by Anonymousreply 23306/25/2020

By the standards of her day, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was a beautiful young girl with an intensely vital and charming personality. She was also made of chrome steel inside. Bertie was nice looking, tall and athletic, but those Hanoverian genes were also in full play, and then there was the diffident persona and the stammer. His choice of a wife was the making of him.

They weren't looking at how women looked in bikinis in the early 20th century. Elizabeth had what was valued then: she was petite, charming, with huge blue eyes and an exquisite complexion that contrasted with her dark hair. She also was described by contemporaries as having a soft musical voice, and was also described as an accomplished dancer. She danced with Fred Astaire at some party or other once. Astaire, years later, danced with her daughter, QEII. He mentioned that he'd had the pleasure of dancing with her mother many years earlier. The Queen replied, "You mean, SHE danced with YOU."

The cranks talking about her cooch and calling her "Cookie" are fans of anorexic Wallis Simpson, with her masculine face and hands, braying American voice, and slutty history.

by Anonymousreply 234Last Friday at 4:19 AM

I believe the Mitford sisters referred to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon as “Cake” in their correspondence, which I personally like better than “Cookie.” Apparently one of the sisters was at a social gathering with the Queen Mother and heard her exclaim, “Ooh, cake!” when the cake was brought out, hence the moniker.

by Anonymousreply 235Last Friday at 4:33 AM

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was my kind of gal. She knew to wear mink when she went to visit the bombed out houses of World War 2 East End London. People standing in the street grieving dead loved ones, all possessions gone and no place to live and she said, "I know how you feel, one of my palaces got bombed as well." Her "that worked out well for them" attitude was her trump card.

by Anonymousreply 236Last Friday at 6:18 AM

I don't know how the decision was arrived at, but during the bombing, when King George VI and Elizabeth the Queen Mother went out to see the effects and the devastation in the neighborhoods, to the homes of the ordinary people, that was it. She was forever enshrined. Don't know if this is true or apocryphal, but allegedly one of the people told the Queen to "mind her step" because she didn't want to get her clothes ruined. He commented that she was "all dressed up" and she touched his arm and said, "Well if you came over to visit me wouldn't you get dressed up?" Elizabeth Bowes Lyon had a way about her. Between her and her adorable little girls, and Princess Elizabeth dressed in a uniform and assigned as a mechanic during the war, they managed the very precarious feat of steering the public in a different direction and erasing the image of the Duke of Windsor. The Duke really resented the fact that Bertie managed so well. But it was because he had her.

by Anonymousreply 237Last Friday at 6:42 AM

Oh, Wallis was no better than Elizabeth...they were both ugly racist cunts who didn’t deserve to breathe the same air as decent people.

by Anonymousreply 238Last Friday at 1:07 PM

It is well-known that the Queen mum held grudges. I hate people who hold onto grudges for offenses, perceived or otherwise, they’re more often than not small-minded as well. She was also dumb enough to think that Wallis killed her husband prematurely because he had to take over as king. Apparently his chain smoking habit did nothing to hasten his death at all, it was all Wallis.

Wallis was a hideous woman as well. I’m not a fan of her as well. Both her and EBL were idiotic women who got accolades simply due to the men they marriec.

by Anonymousreply 239Last Friday at 1:20 PM

Scots generally hold grudges. It’s in their DNA.

The pressures and stresses of being king, particularly during WWII, probably did hasten George VI’s death.

by Anonymousreply 240Last Friday at 3:04 PM

Well I suspect that The Queen Mum 's grudge against the Windsors wasn't misplace or irrational. She probably knew more about the Duke of Windsor's involvement and his schemes with the Nazis then the rest of the world did since it was happening on her watch. And then there were the incessant phone calls and petitions from the Duke & Duchess insisting they needed more money.

Finally, to keep them from continuing to meddle in the diplomatic arena during the war, Bertie shipped them to the Bahamas. Later on as news leaked out it was explained as a kidnap plot by the Nazis required them to remove him, but it wasn't a kidnapping as far as the Duke knew, because he was going voluntarily with the understanding he'd regain his throne and his wife became queen. The strains of WW 2 and the bombings. the Blitz, etc. and Bertie's anxieties about performing his duties, probably did contribute to his early death.

by Anonymousreply 241Last Friday at 3:14 PM

Scots hold grudges, Scots are cheap, Italians are violent, Hungarians are pathologically jealous lovers, Russians are exuberant, Swedes are cold . . .

Christ, does it never end?!

by Anonymousreply 242Last Saturday at 3:41 AM

George VI, like most of the Windsor men, leant toward powerful women on whom they became deeply emotionally dependent. Queen Mary was the model. Only in George VI's case, he married a far more emotionally confident women whose influence was benign and who held him together when the stress of the Abdication and then WWII arrived. In his older brother's case, the influence was malign, but Wallis and Elizabeth were two sides of one coin. But Elizabeth (despite her Scottish ancestry) was a thorough-going English patriot, devoted to the monarchy and to supporting her husband, and doing so with a charming and deeply traditionally feminine aura. Wallis, like Meghan Markle, had neither any reverence for or in-depth understanding of the monarchy or Britain and its traditions, and only valued it for the social status and wealth she craved. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was likely to marry well and never worry about status and money for the rest of her life, no matter whom she married. Wallis never knew Elizabeth's social and economic confidence and security whilst young.

There are quite a few interesting parallels between the respective marriages of Edward VIII and George VI, and Princes Harry and William, only the Heir and Spare roles are reversed with the latter. William, the Heir, married the patriotic, dutiful woman who respected the monarchy and understood her role; Harry, the Spare, married the divorced American climber who only valued the monarchy for the status and wealth it could give her.

Charles would have followed the pattern with Camilla, who would have been far more like the supportive Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon to his future king than the narcissistic, immature, volatile, Diana was, if only they'd let him marry her. It's quite obvious how much happier he is with Camilla after his miserable marriage to Diana, despite her youth and beauty. Tina Brown nailed Charles when she said he wanted to be mothered and mastered, neither of which Diana was capable of doing.

But his sons are throwbacks to the patterns of a couple of generations earlier.

by Anonymousreply 243Last Saturday at 4:37 AM

At least the Cambridge children will be normal.

by Anonymousreply 244Last Saturday at 4:42 AM

And at least William and Harry are considerably prettier than they'd have been had Charles been happily married from the start.

by Anonymousreply 245Last Saturday at 5:57 AM

Russians are not exuberant; they’re some of the most negative, cynical, narrow minded people you’re ever gonna meet.

by Anonymousreply 246Last Saturday at 7:50 AM

Harry may do better with his second marriage. You know there will be one.

by Anonymousreply 247Last Saturday at 8:56 AM

Harry would take a divorce very hard. He is not the most stable person in the world. Now, he has a son he probably dotes on. If Meghan pulled the plug on their little family he would be distraught. In a very bad, not good place. And the whole custody thing would get very ugly. Because she would definitely use his " emotional issues" as a deal breaker insisting he would be harmful to Archie's mental health, when hashing out custody arrangements. I like Harry. And I fear for his future.

by Anonymousreply 248Last Saturday at 11:45 AM

[quote]Because she would definitely use his " emotional issues" as a deal breaker insisting he would be harmful to Archie's mental health

And she would leak every detail about their lives and the divorce to the press.

by Anonymousreply 249Last Saturday at 12:38 PM

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

by Anonymousreply 250Last Saturday at 1:27 PM

Even if William "turns off the money tap", and assuming Harry survives Q E II and Charles, he'll come into more dough-ray-mee when those two die.

I don't know for sure, of course, but probably when she dies, Q E II's 7 grandchildren each will receive money and certainly Harry will come into several millions more when Charles dies.

If Harry suddenly wants out, he better think about that prospective income. I would have to believe Markle has an eye on Harry's future income, too, and what he'll receive upon the deaths of Q E II and Charles. Archie for sure will be taken care of, but, it gets interesting, upon a divorce, what settlement Markle would receive.

by Anonymousreply 251Last Saturday at 7:22 PM

You are hilarious commenting on Kate's immigrant hands and debating the looks of Brits. In Europe, good looks run East to West and with their nasty horsey teeth, pasty skin, large bodies (usually obese), and overall equine proportions, the English are considered big and ugly. Even that Calthorpe girl is no Victoria's Secret material like the Czech, Ukainian, Romanian, and Russian women. Say what you will, some nations have people with pretty flawless figures. I don't see too many English Olympians tbh among the women.

Also, Princess Charlotte may look like her grandmother, but is an unpleasant and smirking child with squinty eyes. Prince George is the only beauty among those kids and Prince Louis is just baby cute.

by Anonymousreply 252Last Saturday at 10:25 PM

Harry will never be poor, but I doubt he and Meg can live in the style they want on his inheritance

by Anonymousreply 253Last Saturday at 10:28 PM

Harry certainly can become poor if Meghan manages to get her hands on his inheritances from the Queen and then, from Charles.

Which she will, I guarantee. After all, that's her endgame.

What I suspect you mean, r253, is that he'll always have a roof over his head.

by Anonymousreply 254Last Saturday at 10:53 PM

Charlotte is going to be stunner with those legs and clearly has her mother's hair as well. The two boys are very handsome.

R254 - Meghan cannot "her her hands" on Harry's inheritance, at least not if you're thinking divorce in community property California: that law applies only to any wealth accrued by the couple after the marriage. Anything accrued by either person before the marriage is outside the community property law.

That said, I would guess that after Charles had to liquidate most of his personal investment portfolio to pay off Diana in their divorce (fear not, it has recovered many times over since then), the BRF set a few safeguards around those trust funds. Certainly, in the event of a divorce, a settlement of sorts would be reached in which Harry will have to loosen his purse strings (they do, after all, have a young child). They helped out Andrew somewhat in his divorce, and I doubt Meghan would get any more a better deal from the sixth in line than Andrew's wife did married to the fourth in line. Andrew also has a trust fund, reputedly worth about $80 million, which means his annual cash income from it is about $750,000 p.a., before taxes. He has a sweetheart lease on Royal Lodge, as well. He may not be hob-nobbing with billionaires any longer, but he's far from starving.

But as for "getting her hands" on that trust fund: I wouldn't bet on it. Divorces do have to go through a court of law, which would have the final say, and Charles would probably make good quietly behind the scenes on any real losses Harry sustained. And, as the marriage occurred in England, and Harry and Archie are British citizens, the divorce would likely be heard in England.

By all odds, Charles will leave a second trust fund to both sons. If the Queen is still alive when the divorce occurs (one sincerely hopes she will not, she will also help Harry out post-divorce.

Harry so clearly should have married Chelsy. Daughter of a very rich man and a landowner in South Africa, land of Harry's dreams (Chelsy actually loves the place, unlike Meghan Markle), with her own inheritance, Harry's life would have had all the earmarks of Heaven on Earth.

How he let that go for that vicious, jealous, barrel-shaped, stick-legged, whingeing, wig-headed, d-list actress is a mystery that will never be solved

by Anonymousreply 255Last Sunday at 3:09 AM

Charles has probably already arranged for Harry's well-being. Harry probably has some kind of Trust set up and an allowance from the trust. He may not be collecting from it now, but in the event certain things happen, it would be triggered. And when Harry is gone it will revert to Archie. Charles is always going to protect Harry even from himself. I'm sure the Royal Family has learned by now to protect themselves from schemers and connivers and opportunists. Meghan may be underestimating them, if she does have some game plan.

by Anonymousreply 256Last Sunday at 3:56 AM

Harry will have access to real estate. He won't be homeless. He will always have a place to live. His fate would be no worse than a 20 room apartment at Kensington, or Sandringham, or some kind of small estate. Meghan may insist on being set up "for Archie" so he can be raised with the advantages he is "entitled to."

by Anonymousreply 257Last Sunday at 3:59 AM

Well as Harry’s son, he IS ENTITLED to those advantages.

by Anonymousreply 258Last Sunday at 4:44 AM

R258, Archie isn't entitled to anything from the British taxpayer.

by Anonymousreply 259Last Sunday at 5:31 AM

Archie will grow up a relative nobody like Peter Philips or anyone else without a title,

by Anonymousreply 260Last Sunday at 6:59 AM

[quote]Archie will grow up a relative nobody like Peter Philips or anyone else without a title,

...if his mother Meghan dies. She will make sure that Archie is pushed forward and gets what belongs to him.

by Anonymousreply 261Last Sunday at 7:13 AM

^^^Methinks Meghan is aiming for the Oprah angle. Oprah is childless and would be wanting some sort of legacy heirs to keep her name/ foundation going. Don’t think this hasn’t crossed Meghan’s mind. She also may be angling for a spot on Oprah’s foundation if things don’t go well with Suckass/ Archevil Foundation or whatever the fuck their calling it now.

by Anonymousreply 262Last Sunday at 7:23 AM

R262, Oprah will probably leave her fortune to charity, maybe some to Stedmund's daughter, and of course Gayle's kids.

by Anonymousreply 263Last Sunday at 7:26 AM

R262-- Just how stupid do you think Oprah is? Markle or Archie are not getting anything but a token (if that) from her. Oprah can spot a grifter a mile away and the only reason she is associating with Markle is because she thinks she can make a ton of money off the association

by Anonymousreply 264Last Sunday at 8:14 AM

Charlotte has an ugly face. Sorry but it is true. That is one ugly little girl.

by Anonymousreply 265Last Sunday at 8:43 AM

Charlotte already is a try hard and awfully smug and self satisfied for someone her age. She will become a monster as she gets older, a la her grand-auntie Margaret.

by Anonymousreply 266Last Sunday at 10:39 AM

R266 - agreed. Nasty kid.

by Anonymousreply 267Last Sunday at 11:11 AM

[quote] She will make sure that Archie is pushed forward and gets what belongs to him.

Which is what, exactly?

by Anonymousreply 268Last Sunday at 11:13 AM

With the exception of some Sussex loons, literally NOBODY will give a fuck about Archie or his parents when George, Charlotte and Louis become teenagers. William and Kate will become Prince and Princess of Wales and they as well as their offspring will outshine all the minor royals.

by Anonymousreply 269Last Sunday at 11:17 AM

"She will make sure that Archie is pushed forward and gets what belongs to him."

Archie possesses nothing and is entitled to nothing except his father's subsidiary titles right now, and his father's primary title when Harry dies IF Harry is still in possession of it when Harry dies, which I suspect may not be the case if he makes his bed in America and stays there.

The BRF owe Archie nothing, nada, zilch, zero. Anything he has, his father and mother have so far bought him with Charles' money. When Charles dies, that stops. If Archie is lucky, Charles will have left him a modest trust fund, which is by no means certain.

The Harkles don't own Frogmore Cottage, they don't own the land under it, not even Harry has the slightest legal claim on Charles' wealth, or the Queen's, and certainly not William's.

Archie will get whatever his father leaves him. Any claim to anything else is strictly in the minds of nutjobs who think that because Archie is Charles' grandson, he's automatically and legally "entitled" to something from Charles.

And not for nuthin;, if Meghan really had Archie's future interests at heart, she'd have stuck it out in the BRF so that Charles could have some real relationship with Archie.

You know - like he has with George, Charlotte, and Louis.

You can't love a grandchild you only see on a computer screen a few times a year the way you do the ones you can actually pick up and hug regularly.

by Anonymousreply 270Last Sunday at 11:20 AM

Archie will be about as relevant as Princess Margaret's children.


by Anonymousreply 271Last Sunday at 11:27 AM

Insider who knows a moderator on LSA has just informed the watchdog group who is monitoring the Anti Sussex trolls that a whole new batch of paid trolls has landed on the Meghan Markle unpopular thread. All the new members are being paid by someone. Today all the new members posting on that thread are allegedly being paid to troll the Sussex. Go take a look. A media watchdog group is locked on target now and working with the media who are sniffing around the thread.

by Anonymousreply 272Last Sunday at 12:38 PM

I don't know, R272. We still hear a lot about the York girls. Eugenie got a big wedding, and she gets to live in a very nice place for a very low rent. Their dad has a 100-year lease on the property he stays at; after he dies, both sisters can live their with their families. They probably would have preferred to be full-time royals, but it was reported that Charles nixed that, so they must work for a living. They actually have a pretty good set-up; they have access to the castles, celebs who want to be their friends because of their link to the Queen; invitations to the big royal events, but they can have their own careers, and they don't have to do the supermarket openings.

by Anonymousreply 273Last Sunday at 12:48 PM

[quote] Which is what, exactly?

Same as the York Sisters. The right to be called Princess.

by Anonymousreply 274Last Sunday at 12:48 PM

R273 here. In my post above, "live their" = "live there". (Oh, dear.)

by Anonymousreply 275Last Sunday at 12:51 PM

R273, the York girls are in the UK and grew up here, they are also the grandchildren of the current monarch. Archie is going to be a stranger to the British public and to his father's family. It's unlikely that Archie will be an adult when his grandfather is on the throne, he'll probably still be relatively young when his uncle ascends to the throne. Then he'll be in the same position as Margaret's children.

by Anonymousreply 276Last Sunday at 1:35 PM

Charles has more of a relationship with Camilla's grandchildren than he does with Archie

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 277Last Sunday at 1:51 PM

R267/R277 - You are insane. What has Charlotte done that is so terrible? She's like 4 years old.

by Anonymousreply 278Last Sunday at 8:04 PM

R278 - I think they are saying she is unattractive and looks spoiled not that she has done anything.

by Anonymousreply 279Last Sunday at 9:07 PM

I’d be so pissed off if I was entitled to be HRH Prince(ess) and my parents decided that I shouldn’t use it. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Lady Louise turns 18 and was like, Hey, I will take that royal title after all.

by Anonymousreply 280Last Sunday at 9:55 PM

The one who's going to be pissed off that his parents didn't let him have the full royal experience is Archie.

by Anonymousreply 281Last Sunday at 10:25 PM

To the ones saying Kate has no sexuality, you don't know that. She seems happy and always smiling. I had a similar colleague attorney lady like her, who we later found out was having affairs all the time, but she was so prim and proper none of us suspected that is what led to her divorce.

by Anonymousreply 282Last Sunday at 10:53 PM

That little boy looks like Louise Anderson.

by Anonymousreply 283Last Sunday at 11:07 PM

R266 and R267 appear to be giving us an illustration of what it Takes To Know One.

by Anonymousreply 284Last Monday at 12:14 AM

Fuck off, r270, you anti-Meghan/Harry loons are insane.

by Anonymousreply 285Last Monday at 1:20 AM

[quote]She seems happy and always smiling

She seems phony. Kate’s a cunt, and she’s decided to start showing it.

by Anonymousreply 286Last Monday at 1:21 AM

R286 - why? I haven't heard anything negative about her.

by Anonymousreply 287Last Monday at 1:31 AM

These threads are a great way to block lunatic fraus.

by Anonymousreply 288Last Monday at 1:38 AM

R260, I think Archie will grow up very famous, not due to his place in the royal succession but because of his parents' fame/notoriety. I see him hanging around with and dating Kardashian/Jenner kids and other celeb offspring, or doing goofy things like Jaden Smith. And if he ends up growing up in England after all, he'll be falling out of clubs with famous offpring/aristocratic scions there.

by Anonymousreply 289Last Monday at 1:52 AM

I just love how to MM haters can read Meghan’s mind and be so sure of her every move - even before she does.

Your tin hats are quite fetching.

by Anonymousreply 290Last Monday at 2:15 AM

Because she's so transparent, r290.

by Anonymousreply 291Last Monday at 2:18 AM

R289, Archie won't grow up like Peter Philips because his mother will want to pimp him out and exploit him (see already the case "Archie" is bringing against the paps), but I don't think he'll be particularly famous either. His parents really have nothing to do with Kardashian/Jenner types. A better comparison might be the Schwarzenegger/Shriver kids, except their parents were much more famous and had actually achieved something and are better integrated as a family into American society.

Archie's parents will be aware that they have to avoid trashy celebdom and aim for some kind of "dignified" engagement, befitting their "royal/woke" status. I already feel sorry for Archie though, I think he's going to have a fucked up life and a tragic family situation.

He's not going to end up growing up in the UK and I think that in both the US and the UK there will be a kind of embarrassment surrounding the Markle family. People won't really know how to approach them, they will be seen as opportunists in every situation and no one of any credibility will be willing to get too close to them, especially because that could be construed as siding against the BRF. And they have no real friends.

by Anonymousreply 292Last Monday at 2:27 AM

Tattler won't be able to get enough of Archie when he is in his teens and starts spending part of his summers castle-hopping in the UK. He will be a grandson of the King.

by Anonymousreply 293Last Monday at 3:06 AM

R278 - Oh, don't even ask, she might answer you.

Sheer envy. William daughter is an HRH, she was part of the rumours about how angry Kate got at Meghan at the wedding rehearsals as Meghan screamed that that child was going to ruin her wedding and the "tights" issue for the little girls . . .

She has silky straight hair, she's obviously going to be tall, slim, leggy, and beautiful when she grows up, and likely her father and grandfather's darling . . .

So she must be torn up in spite whilst the same creature doing that shrieks about how people "pick on" Archie.

by Anonymousreply 294Last Monday at 4:50 AM

Archie won't be spending part of his summers "castle-hopping" in the UK and even the Tatler knows not to go after teens.

by Anonymousreply 295Last Monday at 4:55 AM

You people have no idea what Meghan is thinking.

by Anonymousreply 296Last Monday at 7:18 AM

it's pretty obvious that Corona has messed up Meghan and HArry's plans. And in a way it's good, a blessing in disguise. Gives them a chance to calm things down and have better control over how they want to be seen. But it also handicaps them from accepting lucrative speaking engagements and being high profile celebrities. They are going to become the Sarah Fergusons of their generation if they aren't smarter.

by Anonymousreply 297Last Monday at 9:44 AM

R297 they seem committed to shooting themselves in the foot.

by Anonymousreply 298Last Monday at 10:18 AM

R296, we actually know a number of things about her thinking, based on her own statements. The Instagram "edict" she issued with Harry at the beginning of the year established that they wanted to be part in the RF, and part out, because they wanted to make money (be "financially independent") and be "progressive." We also know that she is preoccupied with her coverage in the British tabloids. She's filed several lawsuits against them; in one she accused the Daily Mail of pursuing a negative campaign against her. She also issued a formal statement to the tabloids themselves ironically announcing that she and Harry would not talk to them any more. This predictably triggered more articles. She herself established that she is concerned with money and her public image, just not necessarily in an effective way.

by Anonymousreply 299Last Monday at 10:36 AM

Well either Meghan is going to continue to get hysterical and sue everyone who looks at her cross-eyed, or she is going learn from her missteps and outgrow this need to retaliate, or comment on, respond to every real or imaginary slight. She needs to calm down and not be seen to importune her way into every public discussion.

And she is going have to be seen to be taking good care of Harry who has been for all these years since he was born, a beloved member of the RF. With all his fuck ups he has lived his life very publicly, his feelings on his sleeves, with an unusual amount of candor. So she needs to understand her public role, at least in the early years must be someone who looks out for Harry and is loving, not demanding. She cannot always act like the injured party.

by Anonymousreply 300Last Monday at 4:57 PM

[quote]or she is going learn from her missteps and outgrow this need to retaliate, or comment on, respond to every real or imaginary slight.

She's almost 40 years old (and some rumors say older) and she's not going to outgrow anything at this point.

by Anonymousreply 301Last Monday at 5:07 PM

Meghan is going to try to exploit that baby or go for a second pregnancy (if she still can at this point). Archie will grow up Hollywood and tell stories and if he isn't pretty enough, there is a whole lot momma can do.

Prince George will be cute while young like his dad but probably more reserved like Prince Edward. Princess Charlotte will have her mom's hair and legs, but her great aunt's unlikable personality already shows. Prince Luis will be the one that keep his looks as he favors the Middletons who have at least aged with hair and seems to be a funny little guy.

by Anonymousreply 302Last Monday at 5:13 PM

"Her great aunt's unlikeable personality"????

Anne, I'll have you know, is a DL FAVE. She's such a breath of fresh air.

by Anonymousreply 303Last Monday at 7:30 PM

Anne is also actually popular with the public in the UK. It's well known she's the hardest working Royal, in the sense that she has hands down the most working engagements, and she never gets less than glowing reviews from people who work with her on her engagements. Friendly, smart and down to earth. That's her overall reputation.

by Anonymousreply 304Last Monday at 7:43 PM

R303 - I meant Princess Margaret. And Anne is a bitch in private and was a monster to Diana.

by Anonymousreply 305Last Monday at 9:35 PM

Meghan targeted Harry just as Kate (and her mother) targeted William. Kate went to William's schools; Meghan went to Africa.

But Meghan faltered once in possession of her prize. Her ego simply could and can not act in deference to another woman, be she Queen or future Queen.

So now, instead of being beloved and visible members of the BRF, performing charity work in the name of Diana, the Sussexes are attending LA events, hats in hand, seeking paying but pointless speaking engagements.

Harry has seen his military life, his point of pride, come to an end.

Neither can be especially pleased with his or her lot right now.

by Anonymousreply 306Last Tuesday at 1:03 AM

The way Harry grew up he never lived a day in the real world now he has to live outside the royal bubble and I doubt he can handle it. I believe he was am easy target for Meghan.

by Anonymousreply 307Last Tuesday at 5:05 AM

Oh boo hoo, R305, everyone was mean to Diana, just like everyone is mean to Meghan.

Could there be a reason for that?

by Anonymousreply 308Last Tuesday at 5:35 AM

No r299, you know nothing. Speculation is fine, but don’t claim that you know what she’s thinking. You don’t.

by Anonymousreply 309Last Tuesday at 7:36 AM

Could Bea and Edo be planning a move to Italy to escape her father's scandal?

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 310Last Tuesday at 9:01 AM

[quote]The way Harry grew up he never lived a day in the real world

But we've continually been told that Diana took her boys to McDonalds and to homeless shelters so that they would grow up with a sense of the "real" world.

by Anonymousreply 311Last Tuesday at 9:09 AM

[quote]She has silky straight hair, she's obviously going to be tall, slim, leggy, and beautiful when she grows up

Also a whore. Those long, slim royal legs will be open for all comers. She and her older sister, Georgie, will cruise men together.

by Anonymousreply 312Last Tuesday at 11:53 AM

It's typical of rich and privileged twits to think that raising their kids as "normal" kids (meaning the plebs) is taking them to McDonald's and serving meals at the homeless shelter once or twice a year. Fuck Diana and her simplistic, patronizing views of "normal".

by Anonymousreply 313Last Tuesday at 12:44 PM

R308 - yes there is a reason. The BRF older generation are anti-Semites, Hitler sympathizers and nasty bigots so no liberal will ever fit it. Prince Philip is a racist who wanted to join Hitler Youth and Anne is his favorite.

Also, Anne looks like a man and an ugly one at that.

by Anonymousreply 314Last Tuesday at 1:27 PM

[quote] Also, Anne looks like a man and an ugly one at that.

She fucked Andrew Parker-Bowles, who then went on to marry the hideously fugly Camilla Shand Parker-Bowles.

by Anonymousreply 315Last Tuesday at 2:15 PM

[quote]Would not surprise me at all if both Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace are permanently open to the public for tours, and simply are office complexes and museums in the future. St. James, Clarence House and a few other properties will remain as residences, Highgrove for sure, and Sandringham estates.

Windsor and BP are already partially open to the public, and I can see them becoming more open in coming times, esp BP which is not favored by Charles as a residence. Highgrove, Balmoral and Sandringham are all private properties and will remain with Charles and his line going forward.

[quote]They will let the elderly, the Kents, etc. live out their days at Kensington, then make it a public building as well.

Not quite. The Cambridges have indicated they will make KP their London home for the long-term, at least until he is King and then maybe beyond that. George may very well take up residence there, as adult heir. It's long been a 'storage pad' for aging loyal relatives, it's not a stretch to believe that the York girls - if they wind up part time officially working Royals - will have small spaces here for staying in town, and pay a modest rent.

KP is already partly public, in that public tours are ongoing and space can be rented there for events. There are several royal offices operating there, and some apartments are already available for rent by the general public - finances and security profiles vetted of course. It may become more available, but the prime living space there will still be reserved for the BRF and extended family.

by Anonymousreply 316Last Tuesday at 4:49 PM

R315 - well some guys are into horses I guess.

by Anonymousreply 317Last Tuesday at 4:53 PM

[quote]but the prime living space there will still be reserved for the BRF and extended family.

Damn straight! Nobody is throwing me out of my semi-detached!

by Anonymousreply 318Last Tuesday at 5:25 PM

R314, Prince Philip's mentor was a German Jew called Kurt Hahn, who was an educator and established his own method of teaching. Hahn was persecuted by the Nazis. Philip went to the schools Hahn founded in Germany and the UK and they helped shape his personality and thinking.

Phillip's Battenburg mother saved Jews during the war and was declared Righteous Among the Nations by Israel.

by Anonymousreply 319Last Tuesday at 5:38 PM

R314, Prince Philip's mentor was a German Jew called Kurt Hahn, who was an educator and established his own method of teaching. Hahn was persecuted by the Nazis. Philip went to the schools Hahn founded in Germany and the UK and they helped shape his personality and thinking.

Phillip's Battenburg mother saved Jews during the war and was declared Righteous Among the Nations by Israel.

by Anonymousreply 320Last Tuesday at 5:38 PM

That's interesting, r319. Philip is an interesting man.

by Anonymousreply 321Last Tuesday at 5:41 PM

Yes, r319, and both Philip and William have formally visited her tomb in Israel. Did Charles? I don't know.

Note she is interred in Israel with honors. She was obviously a highly troubled but very well meaning woman who has been highly honored. quite justly. Her many problems. both physical and mental over her years, have been well documented, yet she is revered.

by Anonymousreply 322Last Tuesday at 5:56 PM

[quote]Philip is an interesting man.

When he's not trying to grab a lady's fanny.

And to you Yanks, fanny does not mean ass in the UK.

by Anonymousreply 323Last Tuesday at 5:56 PM



by Anonymousreply 324Last Tuesday at 5:59 PM

Spill, r323!

by Anonymousreply 325Last Tuesday at 6:00 PM

'She has silky straight hair, she's obviously going to be tall, slim, leggy, and beautiful when she grows up'

RACIST AS HELL! Because only women with 'silky straight hair' are beautiful, aren't they, you racist old fucker?

Shame Charlotte has a lantern jaw, hooded eyes AND eye bags.

by Anonymousreply 326Last Tuesday at 6:01 PM

William has to be the oldest looking 38 year old on planet earth. Poor Kate. They'll both be working into their 90s while Harry and Meghan retire at 60.

by Anonymousreply 327Last Tuesday at 6:04 PM

Well, r323, when Al Jolson's hit US film Hallelujah, I'm a Bum was released in the UK, it had to be retitled Hallelujah, I'm a Tramp and the title song refilmed with a new lyric. As Bernard Shaw once noted, the US and the UK are two countries separated by common language.

But all that is really off topic here.

by Anonymousreply 328Last Tuesday at 6:07 PM

R327 As you said he looks old as shit and is a smoker. He won’t live to age 90.

by Anonymousreply 329Last Tuesday at 6:43 PM

Princess Alice of Battenberg, Philip's mother, had a fascinating yet very tragic life. She deserves her own thread, if she hasn't had one. Too late for me to search right now.

by Anonymousreply 330Last Tuesday at 6:48 PM

R330 it wasn’t that fascinating she was a religious looney and got sent away to looney house against her will. That’s what they did back then. Then became a nun. The end.

by Anonymousreply 331Last Tuesday at 6:50 PM

Well, that's certainly the most simplistic way to look at it, isn't it r331. Glad to know who you are.

by Anonymousreply 332Last Tuesday at 6:53 PM

Princess Alice appeared at Philip's wedding in her monastic robes and spent her final years in retirement on one of the British Royal Estates. She was then interred in Israel with great honors;

Yeah, she was nuts. So what? She wasn't a Megan.

by Anonymousreply 333Last Tuesday at 6:58 PM

R333 Interesting story since she raised 4 nazi daughters.

by Anonymousreply 334Last Tuesday at 7:03 PM

Alice had a nervous breakdown after they were forced to flee, and remained nervous to the point of silence for most of the rest of her life, but she wasn't "mad".

She retained enough sense to save a number of Jews during WW2.

She deserves high praise for that, however much she may have stuttered when spoken to.

by Anonymousreply 335Last Tuesday at 7:04 PM

Her stutter may have been related to her being born congenitally deaf. She was nonetheless much sought after as a royal princess due to her sweetness, her looks and her intelligence. Her schizophrenia, for which she was indeed hospitalized, came later She overcame so much.

by Anonymousreply 336Last Tuesday at 7:17 PM

[quote[R333] Interesting story since she raised 4 nazi daughters.

I'm aware that most of her sisters married high ranking Nazis, since they were all highly sought after royal granddaughters of Victoria, but I've never heard that she had four Nazi daughters. Do you have a link?

by Anonymousreply 337Last Tuesday at 7:32 PM

Nothing special about the BRF. If anything they are the most vanilla of the world.

by Anonymousreply 338Last Tuesday at 7:34 PM

[quote] William has to be the oldest looking 38 year old on planet earth. Poor Kate. They'll both be working into their 90s while Harry and Meghan retire at 60.

Retire R327?


What the hell have the gritting duo Megs and Harry done?

They sponge off others constantly: al..

Would be humorous if it they - and you and your defense - weren’t so pathetic.

by Anonymousreply 339Last Tuesday at 7:41 PM

lol, Meghan and Harry would have to start working before they retire.

by Anonymousreply 340Last Tuesday at 7:49 PM

Yes, he is r321, and his early life is fascinating and troubled. "Young Prince Philip" by Philip Eade is a fascinating read.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 341Yesterday at 1:45 AM

'They sponge off others constantly: fathers......'

Same for Kate and Wills. With them, you can add in the British tax payer too.

by Anonymousreply 342Yesterday at 2:26 AM

'lol, Meghan and Harry would have to start working before they retire.'

They could retire now with the amount of money they have, and in a way this is what they've done. A few well paid speaking engagements a year while K and W traipse aroung the chilly UK planting trees in their 90s.

by Anonymousreply 343Yesterday at 2:29 AM

The difference, r342, is that most of the taxpaying British public actually like and appreciate future King and Queen Will and Kate.

The taxpaying British public have been basically slapped around, screeched at, and robbed by the entirely pointless emigres Meghan and Harry.

by Anonymousreply 344Yesterday at 2:34 AM

The majority dislike William and always have. They prefered Harry in all polls prior to Megxit.

by Anonymousreply 345Yesterday at 2:36 AM




by Anonymousreply 346Yesterday at 2:38 AM

Wills has had to work hard to rehabilitate his image. He is essentially an arrogant, disagreeable person. He and his palace aids realized how much he was disliked and have tried to present him as an amiable family man. He is indebted to Kate and the sprogs for this,

by Anonymousreply 347Yesterday at 3:10 AM

Palace aides, r347. Palace AIDES.

Not "palace aids".

But do go on and continue to inform us with your deep inside knowledge of the inner workings of KP and BP and the rest.

by Anonymousreply 348Yesterday at 3:18 AM

Harry and Meghan don't give a fuck if the Brits don't like them.

by Anonymousreply 349Yesterday at 3:37 AM

Exactly, r349, and the British taxpayers have somehow noticed that.

by Anonymousreply 350Yesterday at 3:39 AM

William has a weak chin, a double chin, a narrow arch to his jaw with receding yellow teeth and a toe shaped skull which makes his baldness deeply unattactive. Also eye wrinkles and eye bags like his children. These more natural poses disguise how ugly the whole family is by only showing bits of their faces.

by Anonymousreply 351Yesterday at 3:41 AM

R50, they aren't being paid by the tax payers anymore. They're irrelevant and so is their opinion, so shut the fuck up about them.

by Anonymousreply 352Yesterday at 3:42 AM

And all that somehow makes him unworthy of the Crown, r351?

I think you need to flesh out your argument.

by Anonymousreply 353Yesterday at 3:43 AM

Somebody doesn't know how to use this site....(whisper at the pathetic sugar r352)

by Anonymousreply 354Yesterday at 3:45 AM

Alpha Wills versus Pussy Harry

by Anonymousreply 355Yesterday at 5:12 AM

R354 That poster thinks Muriel can paywall a thread whenever he/she asks. Bless her soul.

by Anonymousreply 356Yesterday at 5:16 AM

Or possibly palisades, R348.

by Anonymousreply 357Yesterday at 5:22 AM

Like it or not, r351, William will be King.

Meanwhile Harry has relegated himself to squatting in a cheaply made Hollywood McMansion, reliant upon the Kindness of Strangers.

by Anonymousreply 358Yesterday at 5:23 AM

R351 William should have gotten a hair transplant a long time ago. Now he will be the baldest and probably fattest king since Henry VIII.

by Anonymousreply 359Yesterday at 5:25 AM

Yep r359 William is definitely on his way to severe obesity.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 360Yesterday at 5:29 AM

All Henry viii ever cared about was his 'dancing legs', meanwhile:

"As a young man, Henry was inordinately proud of his fine calves, displaying them by use of a garter fastened around his leg just below the knee (Figure 1). The same legs were to torture him for the last two decades of his life, described by Chapuys, the Spanish Ambassador as: '… the worst legs in the world'

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 361Yesterday at 5:29 AM

R360 Give it 15 years , he is well on his way.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 362Yesterday at 5:32 AM

Will and Kate call hospital workers in BC to mark Canada Day.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 363Yesterday at 5:46 AM

Harry, r362?

Yes. He is.

by Anonymousreply 364Yesterday at 5:46 AM

R360 posted a picture of Wills when he was a twenty something. We all look better then than we do now...

by Anonymousreply 365Yesterday at 5:55 AM

Poor William. No muscles. Never exercises. Eats all day.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 366Yesterday at 6:02 AM

Swipe for photos of Clarence House, the residence of Charles and Camilla.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 367Yesterday at 6:15 AM

I doubt William and Kate will work into their 90s. Charles might, but only because he'll come to the throne so late. William and Kate will reign for a couple of decades until they are in their 70s, and then pass it over to George and his spouse, just like most of the European monarchs do. It's a sensible system that keeps someone reasonably energetic on the throne and allows the older folks to enjoy a retirement.

by Anonymousreply 368Yesterday at 6:49 AM

This is probably is for a separate thread, but I'm watching all these riots (not judging, sympathetic however) and seeing all these symbols to conquests, cultural imperialism, economic supremacy and political power and I can't help deep down inside think "Are the BRF next?" If I was the Queen, I tell you I'd be thinking real hard about what's going on outside the castle walls. As another poster said (on another thread, I think), the U.K. is broke. B.R.O.K.E. How does a broke nation look at its books and not for a moment, ponder where to trim the "excess." or the"fat." You look at Pedrew, look at Harry, look at Fergie (still mooching and squatting at Royal Lodge), and you have to ask yourself....why are we scrimping and saving, out of work, depressed, hungry, no future and these characters are complaining about too many duties or what have you. There's a kind of psychic numbing among the populace when it comes to being honest and frank about the BRF and maybe, just maybe these riots and societal uprisings are harbingers of an attitudinal shift towards the royals and an expression of a deeper societal malaise, one that is slowly, quietly but steadily questioning the viability of these lavish royal royal lifestyles. May not happen. But when the Queen passes, I'd say Charles is in for some choppy waters.

by Anonymousreply 369Yesterday at 7:01 AM

You think this hasn't happened before, r369 and been FAR worse when it did?

I mean really, really, far worse.

Does no one study the long history of Iconaclasm in the U.S.?

Do you not know what total, constant violence precedes you, or do you just think the world merely sprung up in the relatively peaceful country in which you happened to be lucky enough to be born?

by Anonymousreply 370Yesterday at 7:35 AM

I think that's given, r370. Lighten up.

by Anonymousreply 371Yesterday at 8:08 AM

Fuck off, r371.

If you understood so much as the concept of history, you'd have something constructive to say, rather than just blather your blandness.

by Anonymousreply 372Yesterday at 8:19 AM

What people like r369 don't get is that it's precisely when the country is in a shit shape that the people look to the royal family as a source of stability.

by Anonymousreply 373Yesterday at 10:51 AM

Oh, dear. I see our Klan Grannie Troll, displaying the comprehension yet again of an amoeba, as responded to the long straight silky hair comment.

Which was, in fact, a response to the poster who asked what Princess Charlotte, who is a child, had ever done to the KGT?

That Meghan Markle hates Princess Charlotte because she represents everything Meghan Markle wishes she were and had: long straight silky hair (which Meghan tries to have), and long beautiful legs which Meghan Markle will never have, and is moreover a Princess of the Blood, which Meghan can never be. Meghan's kid is a commoner; Kate's kid is an HRH; and Kate and Kate's kid have the hair and leg Meghan wants.

So, pet, it's really Meghan who believes that long straight silky hair is what makes a woman beautiful, or she wouldn't be trying so hard to copy it. Only she can't.

The KGT knows this perfectly well, and so is carrying Meghan's Hate Water for her by spewing sexual perversion at a five-year-old.

Who, no matter what filth the KGT spews out here, will still be what Meghan wishes she were: a real princess, tall with beautiful legs, and the hair that Meghan wants so badly she's destroyed her own hair to make it look like she has hair like Charlotte's.

I hope that clears it up for the poster who asked what the KGT had against a four year old.

by Anonymousreply 374Yesterday at 12:50 PM

So R374, you are saying that black women and biracial women all want to look like a dull, decent-looking (nothing more) white woman?

by Anonymousreply 375Yesterday at 1:58 PM

Five year olds are not described as “women” by rational people.

by Anonymousreply 376a day ago

R374 - I mean Princess Charlotte had baby legs back when Meghan got into the family? And most women in Meghan's life has straight hair? And, in fact, Meghan could have had cute curls but instead simply has a hair person who hates her.

by Anonymousreply 377a day ago

R374 = weird analogy. WTF? A "woman", "long legs"? She is just a baby and not an attractive one either but anyway, babies are cute. I think the quarrel was about what dress Princess Charlotte should wear and control freak Meghan had her own ideas and Kate was going with the most "safe" choice. They argued so the kid cried when she saw them argue. Kate was hormonal after pregnancy and that set her crying too....all in the life of a woman.

by Anonymousreply 378a day ago

There is some major crazy on this thread, even for a British Royal Family thread.

by Anonymousreply 379a day ago

[QUOTE] Five year olds are not described as “women” by rational people.

Yep, I'm appalled by all the creepy paedophiles on here salivating over a five year old's 'long slim legs'. Nearly all young children have skinny legs.

by Anonymousreply 38016 hours ago

[QUOTE] Who, no matter what filth the KGT spews out here, will still be what Meghan wishes she were: a real princess, tall with beautiful legs, and the hair that Meghan wants so badly she's destroyed her own hair to make it look like she has hair like Charlotte's.

Well here you are out in the open, you nasty racist cunt. If Meghan wanted hair like Charlotte or Kate, why wasn't she colouring it auburn like theirs? Meghan's occupation on her marriage certificate is the same as Kate's, 'princess of the UK', but two years showed her how tedious that kind of life was. Meghan didn't want another four decades of waving, smiling and travelling to damp English towns. If she'd valued her princess status, she would have stayed.

by Anonymousreply 38116 hours ago

[QUOTE] Kate was hormonal after pregnancy and that set her crying too....

What a weak, milksop idiot Kate is. The temps for Meghan's wedding were in the 80s, but Conventional Katie thought it was her place to say the bridesmaids should swelter all day in tights. Of course Meghan hit back and poor timid Kate started to weep. Pitiful.

by Anonymousreply 38215 hours ago

William's horrible yellow goat's teeth.

by Anonymousreply 38315 hours ago

[quote]The temps for Meghan's wedding were in the 80s

So Meghan could have avoided the whole issue by not stealing Eugenie's planned spring wedding date and demanding it for herself. But, she's Meghan, and of course, what Meghan wants Meghan gets.

by Anonymousreply 38415 hours ago

R376 - Our Klan Grannie Troll is irrational. Imagine if this were FB or Twitter and she started to talk about a five year old's "legs being open to all comers"!

Especially given we know who it really whose legs were open to all comers as she climbed the greasy pole in show biz.

And who won't admit that it it MEGHAN MARKLE WHO HATES HER AFRICAN HAIR.

Meanwhile, Meghan's solicitors have submitted new papers naming the PEOPLE Five and bringing the BRF into the lawsuit by stating that she felt totally unprotected by then, and repeating that she had absolutely no idea her friends were giving interviews to PEOPLE and asserting that she only glancingly mentioned that she was going to write to her father and that they never discussed their interviews with her or what they were going to say or told her that they were going to reference the letter . . . an assertion so ludicrous that Martians are probably cracking their ribs over it.

The actual names are available only in the confidential section of the papers; publicly, they are listed as A, B, C, D, and E.

One can only imagine the discussions now occurring amongst Clarence House, Kensington Palace, and Windsor Castle about whether or not it is finally time to admit the obvious and take the bitch's, and her enabling dimwitted pathetic drugged out husband's, titles and HRHs away for real and for good, and to put stops on all the cheques from the Bank of Charles.

This is going to get very juicy, children, very juicy. Especially as the ungrateful spiteful golddigging bitch has had the gall to try to cast some of the blame on the BRF, who are the only reason she isn't by now a has-been d-list actress pushing hard on 40 with no husband, no kids, no title, and nothing but some modest savings and a closet full of old clothes.

Lay in a large store of popcorn before the next COVID surge strikes.

by Anonymousreply 38515 hours ago

[quote] Meghan didn't want another four decades of waving, smiling and travelling to damp English towns. If she'd valued her princess status, she would have stayed.

Markle was offered the option to NOT accept a title and continue on with her life upon marrying into the BRF.

But NOOOO. She insisted upon a title. And completely mucking up on the job and making a complete fool of herself in the process.

Like the idiot she is, showing how she could not hack being in the BRF.

Just like her appalling acting skills, she revealed to the world her appalling behaviour on the world stage.

And the dislike of her by the ever-increasing-world-majority has nothing to do the the level of melanin in her skin. It is the result of her revolting behaviour.

by Anonymousreply 38614 hours ago

I disliked both princes and thought they were entitled areholes, but William grew up after marriage and parenthood.

DickfaceHarry is still a dick at nearly middleage. He is balding and nasty and trying to appeal to "the kids" makes him look even more ridiculous.


by Anonymousreply 38712 hours ago

In Harry's latest video instructing everyone else to not be racist or greedy, it appears he is sporting some kind of hairpiece, and that he has dyed small Homie the Clown tufts on either side of his head a darkish red. Have you seenthat?

by Anonymousreply 38812 hours ago

r388, Aren't they super christian and bessie mates with Welby? He needs to just shave it into a tonsure aas he is nearly there.

by Anonymousreply 38912 hours ago
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